Willing slave....from her point of view

For the first part of this story, see Willing Slave, by dj_oh.

My bedroom was ready for him. It's his playground. I always lay all the toys out on the end of my bed. Rope, wrist and ankle cuffs, clothespins, nipple clamps, a couple of dildos, anal plug, wooden spoon, a plastic plumbing tool he likes using on my ass. There's always a red candle lit. I never know what he is going to use or how.

He has me lie down across the bed, face down. I'm wearing only a garter belt and thigh highs. Everything else has fallen away. He pulls my legs apart and ties each ankle to a leg of the bed. My pussy is wide open to his view. I can't hide. I don't want to.

He moves around the bed until he's standing in front of me. He ties each wrist to a leg of the bed. I can't move now, can't get away. I'm completely at his mercy. He doesn't usually have much.

He is standing in front of me. He is still fully clothed and somehow that makes me feel even more naked. I can see the bulge of his hard-on through his jeans. I want to rub my face against it. I want to feel the hot hardness of it against my cheek. I can't reach it. He knows that's what I want. He doesn't give it to me.

He moves back around behind me. I quiver, not knowing what he is planning to do. I can feel the wetness growing between my legs. Suddenly I feel the hard slap of his hand on my ass. The bl**d rushes to my head. I hear the swish of something in the air and then feel the sharp smack of his belt on the same spot his hand just hit. I raise my ass to meet it. I want more. The belt swishes again. And again. I feel the welts rising on my ass. He pulls my ass cheeks apart and hit the tender area next to my asshole. Hard. I bury my face in the quilt. My clit is tingling. I can feel my orgasm building as he continues to hit me. Suddenly I feel the sharp sting of the plumbing tool on my ass. The pain is focused, I know there are bright red stripes rising. He uses it on my back and shoulders too. Then, unexpectedly, I feel its sharp caress on my face. Not as hard as on my ass, but I feel it. It scares me, but it also increases my excitement.

Suddenly the blows stop. He's switching gears. I don't know what's coming next. I wait, pussy dripping. He pulls my ass cheeks apart and I feel him spit in my asshole. Then I feel him start to push something in. It's big and hard and it begins to stretch me wide open. It's the big black anal plug. He uses his spit as lube and works it all the way in. I'm grinding my pelvis into the bed, fighting to release the orgasm that is coming. He pulls the plug out slowly and then pushes it in again. Deeper. My ass stretches receive it. I squirm, the intensity of the feeling overwhelming me. I struggle to move away, but can't, my wrists and ankles are securely bound. I can't get away from the plug and he begins to push it in and out, harder, faster. I can't hold off any longer.

"Master, may I please cum?" I ask breathlessly. There's no answer, just the feeling of the plug, going deeper every time he pushes it in. I feel owned, completely submissive to his will. I will give him whatever he wants, let him do whatever he wants, I just want him to let me cum. "Please" I ask again, having trouble getting the words out, "Please, Master, let me cum." Still no answer. He reaches underneath me, and begins rubbing my clit, still ramming my ass hard and deep with the plug. My back arches with the intensity of it, it's like an electric charge goes through me. I try desperately to escape his fingers, but he is relentless. I can feel my ass glowing, striped with welts on the outside, burning with the invasion of the plug on the inside. It's overwhelming me, I can't hold it back any more. "Please, sir, please, please let me cum."

Finally, I hear his voice, strong and commanding, "Now. Cum now, Laurie" And finally I feel the hot rush of orgasm wash over me. My head goes somewhere else, my whole body convulses, I can't hear his voice anymore, my head is spinning and I am lost in the sensation. As it begins to recede, his fingers move on my clit again and another wave overtakes me. I hear myself groan as I cum again. Still he doesn't stop. Wave after wave of orgasm takes me away, until I am left motionless, completely spent, the bed wet from me cumming beneath me. He gently pulls his hand away, and slowly pulls the plug out of my ass. I feel his hand gently caress the welts on my ass. They will still be there tomorrow. That will please him. And me.

I lie still while he unties my ankles first and then my wrists. I am free to move. I don't.

I'll share what happened next in another installment.
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4 years ago
A super first chapter!Good start!
4 years ago
Dear fellow submissive.
I do hope you pride yourself on doing as your master bids. Also in retun he still favours you in many ways thank you for sharing this with us all
your fellow subbie
r xxx
4 years ago
Wowwwwww this was real HOT,i'm wet...damn!
4 years ago
4 years ago
i love the story Laurie
4 years ago
oh my
4 years ago
mmmmmmmmm i love this story
4 years ago
my Master routinely practices orgasm denial on me. But your Master has taken you to a higher state, total orgasm control, making you climax on command. Lucky girl! i hope i have it in me to reach that stage with Master's guidance.
4 years ago
nice to hear the story from the other point of view
4 years ago
Good girl Laurie. You did well.