Willing slave....from her point of view, conclusio

My Master is dj_oh, and these stories are true.

He tells me to go downstairs. I obey. There is a big red armchair in my living room with a matching ottoman. He sits in the armchair and I bring him his drink. He is relaxed, confident, powerful. He looks like a king in his throne. I sit before him on the ottoman. He surveys his property: me. He is watching my face. He likes what he sees. I have no resistance left. I have submitted completely. He knows he can do whatever he wants, and I will take the pain. I will not pull away, I will not ask him to stop.

He leans forward and takes my breasts in his hands. He squeezes and twists them, hard. He pinches and pulls the nipples, letting the weight of my breasts dangle from his hands. It hurts, but I am beyond the pain now. He slaps them, hard, watching me the whole time. His eyes are intense, piercing and I can't look away. His hands leave bright red welts, I can feel the heat as they rise. He pulls me toward him by my nipples and takes one of them into his mouth, biting and sucking it, pinching and twisting the other relentlessly. I moan, it's an exquisite combination of pleasure and pain. He loves abusing my breasts, and he revels in my complete submission. I am nothing more than an instrument for his pleasure and I know it. I can see his cock rising again.

He tells me to stand up and bend over the ottoman, so my ass is in the air. His fingers roughly probe my wet pussy and then his hard thick cock shoves into me. I have been waiting all night for this. He pounds into me, I can hear the sound of his cock slapping in and out of me, I can feel my own wetness on my pussy lips and thighs. He holds my hips and fucks me mercilessly. He slaps my ass viciously with one hand as he pounds in and out. I use the muscles of my vagina to pull him as deep into me as I can. I milk his hard, thrusting cock. I feel my orgasm building intensely, I am going to cum, hard and fast. I feel the bl**d rushing to my head, the feeling overwhelming me .... and he stops. I groan, I was so close, I want nothing more than to cum. But my pleasure is not what's on his mind. It's his own pleasure that he is after now. And I am nothing but an instrument that he uses to get it.

He pulls out and I feel his cock probing at the opening to my ass. He doesn't wait for me to adjust, his cock is wet with my pussy juice and he just pushes in, hard. He is not gentle, he doesn't care if I am ready or not. I cry out, but it's not with pain, it's with ecstasy. I cum immediately, shouting out my pleasure. I love the feeling of his thick cock filling my ass up, stretching me wide open. He fucks my ass as hard as he was fucking my pussy. He is relentless. I cum again, it's so intense, I can't hear or see anything, I can only feel the waves of pleasure radiating from my ass to my head and back again.

He pulls out and holds my ass wide open with his hands. He loves looking at my wide open asshole after he's been fucking it. He spits in it, and then plunges his cock in again. I don't want him to stop. There is no other place I want to be at this moment but on my belly on this ottoman with his cock deep in my ass, his hands leaving their mark on my white skin, bruising and twisting my flesh. He owns me. I exist for his pleasure.

He is getting close to cumming, I can feel it in the intensity of his rhythm. He pulls out of my ass and orders me to kneel in front of him and clean his cock with my mouth. I do not hesitate, I lick up and down the shaft, cleaning myself off of him. I lick his balls, and taste my own juices. Then he grabs my head, and starts fucking my mouth hard. I reach my hands around to his ass and pull him deeper into me. I push a finger between his ass cheeks and run it around his asshole. He groans and I can feel his whole body going tense. He is very close. His cock is deep in my throat, my face is buried in the hair of his belly. Saliva is streaming out of my mouth, I am struggling to breathe, but I know he won't stop now. I don't want him to. I push the tip of my finger into his asshole. He throws his head back, his whole body goes rigid, and he cums. He is so deep in my mouth that I barely taste it, the cum goes straight down my throat. He thrusts several times into my mouth, riding the waves of his own orgasm. I hold still and receive his cum, my reward for my submission and obedience. I hold his cock gently in my mouth as he starts to come down, I caress it with my tongue as it grows softer. He rests his hands on my head, he is breathing hard. I lick gently at his cock and balls, I want every last drop of his cum.

He is done. He leans down and kisses my forehead. I have done well. He never stays long after he is done with me. He dresses quickly, and I walk with him to the door. I know what he sees in my eyes. I want him to stay, I want the pleasure of sl**ping next to his tall, strong body. But I know that he won't. I am his sexual slave, and he owns me completely, but I have no claim on him. I stretch up on tip-toes to kiss his cheek, it is the only affection he will allow. And then he is gone.

I am already looking forward to the next time he calls and tells me to be ready for him.
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2 years ago
really like this story
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great story