X marks my cock, cum slut surprise pt.2

I brought Alicia into my room, she still had no clue who i was. I poured her a warm bath and a glass of red wine, I knew she loved smoking pot so i also rolled her a joint. I usually wouldn't do this but I knew she could handle herself so I sprinkled some incredibly beautiful MDMA into her wine. I told her to enjoy herself, I was going to go get some supplies and I would come get her when i was ready.
There was an adult store only a couple of blocks from the hotel so I went and purchased some fun toys. I bought some poppers, a see through silk nightie, a couple of different size dildos with attachments for connecting them to a chair or a wall. Some ropes and a few other odds and ends. I also picked up a few pornos to watch and gave them a quick view in the back booth. I was so high and horny, I saw a guy jacking off through a gloryhole and when he slid his cock through the hole, I even jacked him off and when he was about to cum, I opened my mouth and allowed this stranger to shoot into my mouth. I swallowed his cum and it was actually pretty tasty. I exchanged numbers with him and went back to the room and had a quick shot of whiskey to wash his taste away and smoked a bowl of crystal then set up my little playroom.

I lit some candles, put on a disk of 3 hours of my favorite cum swallowing porn scenes, a mix of gang bang, bukkake, gloryhole, bj party and cum cocktail scenes. popped another Cialis, stroked myself hard and walked into the bathroom to retrieve my pet slut. I had had her wear a blindfold in the tub and was playing her a mix of portishead, aphex twin and other great mood music. I asked her how she was feeling and she blissfully exclaimed heavenly. I dressed her in her silk nightie I had gifted her. She pulled me to her mouth and kissed me deeply for a few minutes. "If I wasn't married i would so fuck you silly right now she said, but the deal my husband and I made was that I am only allowed to suck cocks of other men."

"Oh, no worries, we will have plenty of fun, but first i want to know why he is ok with you sucking strangers cocks?" It turns out that when she was pregnant he decided to get a vasectomy. The doctor fucked up a nerve in the surgery and he wasn't allowed to have any sexual activity for 6 months. During her pregnancy she had suddenly developed serious cravings for swallowing cum. She tried ignoring them and it was becoming to much of a distraction that she could barely sl**p or eat. He began to worry that this wasn't good for the baby and after discussing it with a few female friends they decided that she must be needing something in the semen. He couldn't imagine her being with anyone they knew so they checked out some swinger forums. They had found a group of guys who would jack off for her into a cup or condom and after they would leave she would drink it down. She was satisfied for a couple weeks but there is nothing like getting it from the source, so after watching a bj porno he said he would try watching her with the guys, he really got turned on by it and ate her pussy for hours afterwards. They would invite those 4 guys over every other weekend. He began to get curious about it and since he couldn't usually get hard and have sex with her they made a deal that he would always eat her, or fuck her with strapons, she would invite the guys over to suck, one day they all came in her mouth at the same time and she held it until they left and spit it into his mouth. He got rock hard and they had the most intense sex they had ever had. So the new deal is, that they invite groups of guys over and she sucks four and he sucks four and then enjoy a night of passionate sex. It was weird for a bit but she has really come to enjoy the arrangement.

She was always adventurous when we were together and would usually do what i asked, so this wasn't to surprising. I told her that she was going to be my cum slave tonight, i explained that when i smoke crystal and eat a dick pill I can cum several thick loads. I had always wanted a cum slut to suck me and swallow my cum all night long. I brought her to a chair but first bent her over and lubed her ass up then placed a butt plug inside her, I sat her down and tied her up with her legs open and her clit exposed, I moved a remote vibrator close to her pussy and placed in either hand controls to move the vibrator around as well as control the speed. I said to ask if she needed anything and then pressed play on the video, also I slipped a type of container underneath her pussy that would collect what ever juices she leaked as she watched and played.

I sat next to her but a little out of her view and began to stroke my cock as we watched the video. I had a glass that I would use to catch my pre cum that would drip out, I would rotate between smoking and stroking occasionally I would have her lick and suck my cock or just leak cum into her mouth, she took a while but was enjoying the control of the toys she had. She was forming a nice size pool of pussy juice in the container beneath her. After filling up half of the tummbler with my spunk I pulled her head back, french kissed her deep told her that I made a deal with her husband that she was mine for the week and she would be rewarded if she followed my directions as i told. I poured the cum into her mouth just as she began to cum herself and then pulled off her blindfold, I tilted her back and plunged my cock into her soaking pussy. I told her she has amazed me, and it felt sublime to be fucking her pussy again after all these years. She opened her eyes in confusion and when noticing me I said, I have dreamed of this moment and have a week of exploring everything we always fantasized about. "Yes Sir" was all she said as we both came in unison.

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