x marks my cock, cum slut surprise pt. 1

I was on vacation last month visiting the California coast, seeing how my old college stomping grounds were. I went to the bars I remembered being hot spots when I was in town 10 years back. Things had changed a bit, I ran into an old friend though and partied for a bit, he hooked me up with some stuff to take back to my room with me. I figured since I wasn't getting laid that night why not take advantage of my hotel room and blow some clouds and have myself a marathon j/o session.

After a few hours I decided to check out the local swinger chat rooms. Just as i was about to call it quits, I saw an ad for a married couple, husband 48 wife 30, they wanted some dogging action, the hubby wanted the wife to go dogging and have someone film her suck off a few cocks for him to watch when she returned. I sent them a picture of my 7 inch girthy cock, nice mushroom head and a spill a heavy flow of precum, they sent a pic of the wife an asian/american mixed woman with large d cup tits and a beautiful face, i paused and took another look, awww...struck, it to my amazement looked just like my college girlfriend Alicia from 10 years ago. She did give and love to give me head back then and I had fantasied about watching her suck cock.

I told them I would gladly film for them if I was allowed to pick her up and she sucked me on the way, then I would film, she would suck me after and I could take her back to my room for a few hours before returning her. Also I was shy and needed to be discrete so would were dark glasses and a hoodie, she would be waiting for me when I arrived and immediately get i my car and start sucking. They readily agreed.

I couldn't wait, I planned on giving her a nice surprise when we returned to my room that night.

I pulled up to her house in the BMW I had rented. There she was as beautiful as ever, granted she had gained weight from having a k** with the guy, still sexy though. She was wearing a light dress with no bra or panties, Her tits were bigger then i remembered. She got into the car, and I had dropped a cialis earlier, so already had my hard cock out and waiting for her.

"Yummy cock, just how i like it, ready and waiting for me with a pearl of cum to start my night with. May I?"

I just grabbed her head and pushed it into my lap and pulled away. She still gave great head, and I knew she loved her mouth being fucked and her hair being pulled. I would pull her head off my cock and push it to my balls, because i wanted to last, at stoplights, i would grab my cock and slap her face. Also have her head in my lap and leak my precum onto her tongue and not let her swallow until there was a nice amount for her to swallow. We pulled up to the lookout pull off at the top of the summit. I saw some guys hanging out on the far side, so pulled into a dark area and had her get out of the car, I gave her a cushion to kneel on and then had her suck me until I was ready to cum and then jacked off a thick load into her thirsty mouth, spraying her chin in the process. She swallowed it down and then sucked my cock clean. The cum on her chin i made her keep there. I played with her very wet pussy for a bit then flashed the lights for the guys.

Her husband had prearranged with 4 older gentlemen to get serviced by Alicia. The first guy took out his veiny, cucumber rod and she engulfed it with her cum covered mouth. I had one of the other guys film as i played with her pussy and called her names, saying things like "suck his cock you cum slut" I would have her look at the camera and say what a naughty cum craving cock sucker she was and how she would suck me off anytime I wanted. After 5 or so minutes the first guy filled her mouth and she showed us the cum and swallowed. "Next" she said.

What a willing slut she became, she was so innocent when she met me and I introduced her to kink, I think I created a monster. She took all of 20 minuted to suck off each cock and swallowed each load. Just as she finished and the guys were hinting for round two. i saw a cop rolling up and said maybe next time guys. She hurriedly got in the car, smiling with a few ropeds of jizz hanging from her chin and asked if I was ready for my next one. I had her wait until we were safely on the road and away from the cops. I scooped the cum from her chin and fed it to her. then said get to work my cock loving slave whore.

I let loose a torrent of semen just as we pulled up to my hotel. She gagged for a second but swallowed it all like the good girl she was.

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2 years ago
Great way to get reacquainted with old schoolmates.
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