Konquering Krista

Jaspur sat on his bed listening to the sounds coming up from downstairs. His younger s****r, Krista, and her friends were making lots of noise. How three teenage girls could make so much noise he had no idea. What he did know was that they were seriously getting on his nerves. It was bad enough that his parents had made him stay in tonight to 'baby-sit' the girls. It was made worse by how their noise interrupted his evening. He had planned to stay in his room, watching T.V and playing on his games machine. What he had not counted on was how much noise they would make. Playing their music, dancing and singing along. Then doing something in the garden that seemed to involve huge amounts of screaming.

OK, normally he did not mind his s****r. If anything he liked her a little too much, he found her fit. Even though he knew he should not. She was his little s****r, he should not think of her like that. Unfortunately he could not help it, she was fit. With her long, mousey brown, hair, and her pretty face. With deep red-brown eyes, sweet little nose and full mouth. As well as her cute little figure, with a small pair of breasts. Her crowning glory had to be her shapely legs and the sweetest ass he had ever seen. Oh yes she was fit, and so out of bounds. On so many levels, not just because she was his s****r. Also because of her age, she was only f******n. Her next birthday was not for months.

Not that any of that stopped him fantasising about her. Imagining what it would be like to fuck her. How her young cunt would feel around his cock, or her tight little ass. Unfortunately, his s****r did nothing to help the situation. As she seemed to always want to be around him. Sitting next to him on the sofa. Walking close to him when they went out. Often wearing small skimpy tops and skirts around him. Driving him to distraction with her closeness. He had learnt to keep himself under control, there was no way their parents would understand his feelings towards Krista.

He put his can of beer to his mouth, only to find it was empty. Glancing down he saw that he had finished all of the beers he had brought up. He decided that he needed another beer to handle the giggling, screaming teenage girls downstairs. With a muttered curse he paused his game and headed down to the kitchen. Halfway down the stairs he looked into the kitchen. Then he caught sight of Krista in the kitchen, and froze in place.

She had her back to him so could not see him, which was good. As she was almost totally naked. The only thing she was wearing was a pink thong. She half turned, Jaspur choked down a groan as he saw her naked body. Her small breasts, with their large pink upturned nipples. Her toned stomach from all the gymnastics she did at school. Her long shapely legs, that looked like they belonged on a woman not a f******n year old girl. And, or course, her sweet ass. Not even covered by the thong, exposed for him to look at.

He felt his cock hardening in his jeans. His mouth went dry, he f***ed himself to swallow. He stared at her for several seconds. Then turned to head back upstairs. There was no way he could go into the kitchen with her like that. He would not be able to control himself. He doubted very much if her friends would appreciate him fucking Krista in front of them. Back in his room he collapsed onto his bed, staring at the ceiling without seeing it. All he could see was Krista's naked body. Images flew across his mind, of her riding him. Her bent over letting him fuck her ass as hard as he could. Without realising it he began to undo his jeans and wank himself off. Imaging fucking Krista hard.

“Whoa, I guess Krista is wrong about you not liking her then.” A voice said from the doorway. Jaspur jumped in shock, quickly whipping his hand away from his cock. He turned to face the speaker. It was Amanda, Krista's best friend.

“W.What are you doing?” He asked her, his voice shaky.

“Watching you wank off over your s****r. Unless there is another Krista you were muttering about. I'm guessing that the mutant on the computer screen is not called Krista.” She said pointing to the game on his TV. Jaspur shook his head. “I thought not, which means you're thinking of fucking Krista then. And she was telling us that you're not interested at all in her. In spite of her efforts to get your attention.”

“She what?” Jaspur gasped.

“You haven't noticed that she's been chasing you for the last six months at least.”

“Erm, no I hadn't realised she was doing that.”

“God she'll be so upset by that. According to her she's done everything but throw herself at you. And you've shown no interest at all. Poor Krista, she is downstairs now trying to think how to get over you. Wait till I tell her you are interested.”

“You can't, we can't.” He said sharply. Amanda looked at him, raising her eyebrows in surprise.

“Why not, if you both want each other.”

“Because, she's my s****r and she is only f******n. I'm eight years older than her, too old for her. It's i*****l on so many levels.”

“Fuck that, you want her and she wants you. She's been moping around for weeks thinking your not interested. You have no idea, how boring it is listening to her moping over you. And now I find out you're interested, you think I ain't going to tell her. I'm almost jealous of her."


"Yeah looks like you've really got the hots for her, from the look of your cock. I bet she's in for a real fucking. But, as I'm not into guys it's no skin off my back." Jaspur looked at her in shock for a moment.

"You're a lesbian?" He asked, she nodded.

"I'm surprised Krista hasn't told you before. And before you ask I'm not interested in your s*s, she's a friend nothing more.”

“She smiled softly, then gave him a calculating look. “Out of curiosity which of her outfits she's worn has turned you on the most.” She asked carefully, he answered without thinking.

“Her school uniform.” Amanda blinked, her turn to be shocked.

“Her school uniform...” She said slowly, Jaspur nodded quickly.

“God yes, she looks so fit in it.” He told her. “Every time I see her in it I want to bend her over and do her.” Even though he guessed why she had asked he could not stop himself from answering.

“Out of all the short skirts and tight dresses she's worn, you're more interested in her in her uniform. I don't believe it, and I doubt she will when I tell her.”

“You can tell her and I'll deny it.”

“If you want to lie to her you can, but I'll tell her anyhow.” She turned to the door. “Of course it's up to you.” She said as she walked out the door. Jaspur sat on the bed, doing his trousers back up. He stared at the door after Amanda, not sure what to do. He heard the girls talking down stairs. Then they came back upstairs, going into Krista's room. As he sat, he thought of all the reasons why this was a bad idea. All the things he was going to tell Krista why they could not do this. He had a nice long list by the time he heard them leaving her room.

As they moved down the landing he climbed to his feet. For some reason he wanted to face her on his feet. Amanda entered first, followed by Krista. She entered slowly, almost nervously. Her eyes were on the floor, she lifted them to look at him. At the sight of her all his arguments went out of his mind. She wore her uniform. A emerald green blazer over a white blouse, with a green and white tie. Her pleated skirt was emerald green as well. She had her hair up in two small pig tails. She was even wearing her usual white ankle socks. However, he guessed that the high heeled wedge sandals with the cute thin ankle straps were not part of the uniform. He could see the fear of rejection in her eyes. There was no way he was going to tell her that Amanda had lied to her. Not when she looked so hot. Amanda took one look at him and quickly stepped around Krista towards the door. As she left all she said was.

"I'll leave you two alone then shall I." With that she left, leaving Krista alone with Jaspur. Krista looked nervously at her b*****r, but it was a different form of nerves now. When Amanda had first come downstairs, had told her that Jaspur was interested she had been sceptical. After all she had spent the last six to nine months trying to attract him to her. With no apparent reaction from him. Now out of the blue Amanda was telling her that he was actually interested in her. Then her scepticism grew when Amanda told her to put her school uniform on. She had a lot hotter outfits than her uniform, but Amanda had insisted. From the look on Jaspur's face it seemed that Amanda knew what she was talking about. When she had first come in she was expecting him to reject her. However, the look in his eyes told her exactly what he was feeling towards her. So, now she was nervous about what would happen next. Not that she was an inexperienced virgin, but, she was not a experienced slut either. Her sexual history involved a couple of rushed efforts in a park, and a short time with a lad two years above her at school.

Jaspur was just staring at her, his eyes seeming to burn her where his gaze moved over her. Krista felt herself blushing, her face burning. She took a deep breath, found that her lips were bone dry. She licked them without thinking, the reaction from Jaspur caught her totally by surprise. He moved across the room towards her. Grabbing her waist he pushed her back against the wall behind her. His eyes blazed as he looked down at her. He lowered his mouth down to hers. Pressing his lips hard against her mouth, crushing them to her lips. Krista gasped softly in shock at the power in his movement, in his kiss. For a second she could not react. Once her shock ended, she kissed him back. Responding in kind to the power in his kiss. She felt his tongue pushing between her lips, quickly opening her mouth she let him push his tongue inside.

She felt his hands running over her body. Up her back, then down again. Firmly cupping her buttocks, before he slid them up her sides. Moving them to her hair. She felt him fumbling at her hair, then realised he was undoing the pig tails. When he had undone them he softly fluffed out her hair.

“I always preferred you with your hair down.” He told her in a whisper.

“That was Amanda’s idea, she was trying to make me look like had just been to school.” Krista replied in a matching whisper.

“That’s my fault, I told her that I find you so hot in your uniform.”

“Oh great, so all those different outfits I’ve brought were a waste of time. I should have just put on my uniform and tried to seduce you.” He smiled down at her.

“Trust me they weren’t a waste. You look hot in all of them. You have no idea how often I’ve fantasised about you in one of those outfits.”

“Then why didn’t you do anything about it.”

“Because you’re my little s****r. And I had no idea that you were interested in me like this.”

“What did you think I was wearing them for?” She snapped her voice climbing in volume.

“I thought you were just being a average teenage girl. But now I know different don’t I.”

“I hope you do.”

“This is a bad idea.” He said softly, “what will you friends think when they hear us fucking.”

“Oh they all went home apart from Amanda after the water fight.”

“Water fight?”

“Yeah why do you think I was naked when you came downstairs.”

“I had no idea.”

“My clothes were soaked, the others all ganged up on me. They headed home to get dried off. Only Amanda was staying anyhow tonight. She already knows, and I doubt if she’ll tell if we do fuck.”

“And talking of that.” His voice was suddenly thick with desire. Krista found her eyes pinned by his gaze. The heat in his eyes made her shiver, she took a deep breath. That just attracted his gaze to her breasts. Her nipples instantly went hard. He slowly lowered his head down. Pressing his lips against hers in a deep, lingering kiss. Heat flashed through her body, coming to rest between her legs. She had never had a reaction to kissing a guy like that before.

This time when he pushed his tongue into her mouth it was in a more controlled manner. She felt him wrapping his tongue around hers, tasting her mouth. His hands pushed her back against the wall. They slid up to her breasts, softly squeezing them. She could feel the heat from his hands through the thin material of her blouse. His finger almost clawed at her breasts as he squeezed them hard. His kiss growing stronger, harder, more passionate. Krista responded in kind, kissing him back with equal passion.

She reached down between them, rubbing her fingers against his cock. He was so hard, and felt so big. Bigger than any cock she had felt before. Not that she went around feeling up guys. However, she was no innocent girl. She quickly undid his jeans, reaching in to release his cock. It felt so thick, hard and long in her hand. She broke away from the kiss to look down. Her eyes widened at the size of him. He looked huge compared to what she was used to. Her hand seemed tiny by comparison. Feeling his gaze on her she looked back up at him. His eyes looked quizzical at her reaction.

“You’re just so big, bigger than I’m used to.” She told him, rubbing her hands along him.

“Used to?” He asked his eyebrows rising.

“Yes, sorry I ain’t a virgin. But I’ve not been with anyone in months. Not since I started trying to get you.” He lent down to kiss her on the lips.

“That’s alright.” He told her,” it’s probably better that you’ve had some experience. I’m not sure I could be as gentle as needed with you.”

“Lucky me then.” Krista said dropping down to her knees. She had quickly decided to suck him off, somehow it seemed right. She lent forwards and slipped her lips over the head of his cock. Slowly lowering her mouth down him. She heard him moan softly as she did.

“No, lucky me.” She pulled her lips back up to the tip of his cock. Before beginning to slide them up and down him. Sucking on him as she did. She was not that experienced at doing this. Only having given two blow jobs before. Yet, somehow, she quickly began to know what he liked. That he liked it when she sucked harder, or licked her tongue over his cock. How he reacted when she held the head in her mouth and licking it all over. Or sank her mouth as far down him as she could. She felt his hand on the back of her head. Sensed that he wanted her to take more of him in her mouth. She was too unsure of herself to do it, and he did not push it.

Instead she increased the speed of her movement. Sliding her lips along him quickly. Sucking firmly on him. At the same time rubbing her hand up and down the base of his cock. He moaned deeply, his fingers wrapped in her hair. She heard him murmuring her name.

“Krista, baby, yes that’s so good. Keep that up and I’ll be cumming soon.” That raised an instant quandary for her. She had never let a guy cum in her mouth before. From what she had heard at school it was not nice. But she could guess that he wanted her to do it. He was her b*****r after all. And, she had been trying for this for so long. What if she did not like it though? Would he want it the next time. As she quickly debated this she continued to slide her lips along him. Sucking firmly on him, rubbing his cock with her hand. Then she felt him throbbing in her mouth. His fingers tightening in her hair. She knew instinctively that he was about to cum.

“Oh baby, I’m going to cum.“ He hissed to her, her decision was instant. He wanted to cum in her mouth. There was nothing she would not do for him. She pulled her mouth up until only the head was still inside. Sucked hard and waited. A second later he was cumming. Pumping his sperm into her mouth. Even with the warning she was startled by the power of the flow. She gave a single startled squeal, which cut off as her mouth was filled by his cum. She swallowed as she felt it starting to clog her throat. It slipped down, like warm jelly. It was not as bad as the girls at school had said, but it was not a great taste. However, she knew that from that moment on she would always swallow for him. Just from the deep moan of pleasure he gave as she let him cum in her mouth.

As soon as he had cum he was pulling her back up to her feet. Krista swallowed the last of his sperm, licking her lips clean of the final speck. Just in time before he kissed her. Pressing his lips hard against her. Then pushing his tongue into her mouth. She could feel how much he had enjoyed what she had done. That thought sent a thrill of delight down her spine.

“Krista that was fantastic.” He murmured as he kissed her. She smiled a small smiled to herself. His enjoyment was obvious in his voice. Then she felt him undoing the buttons of her blouse. Starting at the bottom and moving upwards. When he reached the top button he pushed the material aside. Leaning back to look down at her naked breasts. Now she was glad she had not bothered to put on a bra. His eyes went wide, and he gave an a****listic groan from deep in his throat. Lowering his face down he took one breast into his mouth. Krista gasped sharply at the feel of his lips around her breast. She had been concerned that they would be too small for him. The size of her breasts was a constant worry for her. She kept hoping they would grow bigger, but they just did not. However, he was seemingly trying to devour them. Moving from breast to breast. Licking and sucking on them with gusto. The fact that they were only small, not round and had a strange habit of turning up seemed not to bother him.

Jaspur was in heaven, he could not remember how often he dreamt of been able to suck on Krista’s sexy breasts. They might not be the biggest, or the perfect round globes of porn. Instead they were real, hers, totally Krista. He loved the way they pushed out like two small mounds. The way each on seemed to push upwards. Especially, he loved the two hard nipples at their peak. Pink buds of hard flesh. He licked them, sucking the breasts into his mouth. He would have been happy to spend the rest of the night just sucking on them.

He could not though, it would not be fair. Krista had sucked him off, swallowed even though he had felt her reluctance. That required he returned the favour. The difference was that he was going to enjoy it. He dropped down to his knees in front of her. Pushing her legs apart he lent forward to plant a soft kiss against her cunt. Only the small thong blocked him from her most private place. He ran his hand up her thighs until her reached the thong. With a slow movement he pulled it down. Deliberately adding to her anticipation by taking his time removing the thong.

Once it was gone he moved closer, further between her legs. Krista parted them for him, looking down at him. Her brown eyes flashing with lust and need. Her face showing her anticipation of what he was about to do. He kissed her cunt again, then ran his tongue up the outer lips. Krista gave a soft hiss. Reaching up he used his fingers to part her lips. Then he pressed his face against her, began to lick at her. Pushing his tongue into her cunt. Krista moaned softly, he felt her leaning back against the wall. She lifted one leg up onto his shoulder. He doubted if she even knew she did it. It did however give him better access to her.

He took that better access as a chance to lick deeply into her. Tasting her juices as he did. She was sweet, fresh tasting like a young wine. He licked at her, tasting her deeply. Loving having her juices on his tongue. Krista’s moans grew deeper, he felt her pushing herself into his face. He continued to lick at her, pushing his tongue into her. Simply enjoying tasting her, for enjoyments sake. Finally he knew he had to move away from her cunt, upwards those few millimetres to her clit.

The moment he flicked his tongue over her clit, Krista gave a sharp cry. A sort of low mew of pleasure. Jaspur smiled to himself, and flicked his tongue against her clit again. This time her mew was more high pitched. He began to run his tongue over her. Licking at her clit with rapid movements. Using his experience to repay her for the fantastic pleasure she had given him. From her rapidly increasing mews and gasps of pleasure he guessed he was succeeding. When she grabbed the back of his head to push his face into her he knew he was.

He licked at her clit, running his tongue over it and round it. Circling it rapidly so his tongue never lost contact. Then flicking at it with the tip of his tongue. Krista’s mews were now cries of passion. High pitch sounds of pleasure.

“Yes, yes, oh god baby, yes, please more.” She cried as he continued to lick at her. He ran one hand up to cup a breast. Squeezing it firmly, twisting the nipple between his fingers. Krista gasped then moaned. Pushing her body against him. Urging him to keep going with his actions. He could tell that she was close, right on the edge of cumming. He knew one sure fire way to tip her over. He quickly pushed two fingers into her cunt. Sliding them rapidly in and out of her. He felt her body react, tightening around his fingers.

“God, god, oh shit yes, yes.” She gasped then cried out as her orgasm hit her. Jaspur quickly pulled his fingers out of her. Replacing them with his tongue. Licking at her as she came, tasting her orgasm. Krista was making repeated cries of passion as her orgasm swept over her. Jaspur licked at her until her felt it beginning to die down. As it did he pushed himself back upright. Hooking the leg off his shoulder into his hand. Quickly he positioned himself against her, his cock pushing at her entrance. When he saw the flash of realisation in her eyes of what he was about to do, he rammed up into her. Thrusting his cock deep into her cunt.

“Oh god!” Krista squealed as he rammed into her. He pulled out and slammed in again, and again. Repeatedly ramming his cock up into her cunt. Krista gasped, crying out at the sensations he was causing in her. Jaspur moaned softly as he felt her tight, warm cunt opening around him. It was everything he had ever fantasised about, and so much more. This was Krista, in the flesh. Her cunt wrapped around his cock. Her moans and cries of pleasure as he fucked her. He slid one hand up to cup her breast, squeezing it hard. His other hand hooked under her thigh. Feeling the firm muscle moving with each thrust.

“Krista, you feel so good.” He gasped to her.

“So hard, you’re so hard in me.” Krista gasped back. He lent forwards to kiss her hard. His tongue pushing into her mouth, matching his cock. She kissed him back, curling her tongue around his. He felt her pushing forwards towards him, meeting his thrusts. His cock was pushing deep into her, he could almost feel it hitting the top of her cunt. Each thrust made her shake softly. Made her cry out in pleasure. Her cries growing harder, shriller, as he continued to pound into her.

“Yes, yes, oh god yes.” Krista squealed as he thrust up into her. “God, I’m going to, Jaspur baby, fuck yessss…” Her words faded into one long loud squeal as she came. Her body seeming to shatter around his cock. The only thing that kept her whole was the feel of him thrusting up into her. Ramming himself deeply into her body. After the orgasm he had given her before this one shook her totally. If this was the way it was going to be with him she was glad Amanda had pushed her to try it on. He continued to thrust hard into her as she came, adding to her pleasure. Sending ripples of feeling through her that acted like a counter point to her orgasm.

Jaspur suddenly slid his hands down to grip her buttocks. She was lifted off the floor as he carried her across the room to his bed. Dropping her down onto her back. Krista lay gasping as the orgasm’s final tingles died down. Jaspur stood between her legs. Staring down at her, his eyes flicking across her body. She could feel his cock resting against her thigh. It felt warm against her skin, and still frighteningly hard. He reached up to reverently run his hands over her breasts. Then down her stomach before returning them to her breasts. His expression was one of almost disbelief, as if he could not fully grasp that this was real. Krista knew the feeling, she still could not believe that he had just been fucking her. Only now she wanted more.

Reaching down between them, she took hold of his cock. It felt slick under her fingers as she rubbed them along it. She realised that it was her juices she was feeling. He gave a sharp jolt, as if waking up. Then looked down at her with eyes that burned with lust. Krista put her hand to her mouth, licking the juices off it. His eyes flashed deeply. He reached for her, pulling her towards him. Krista felt him pressing his cock against her pussy. Then with a hard thrust he was in her again.

If she had thought his thrusts were hard before, they were nothing to now. He slammed into her, pushing his cock totally into her. Each thrust ramming him as far inside her pussy as he could possibly go. Shockwaves of pleasure shot out with each thrust. Taking her breath away. She gasped hard with each thrust into her. Unable to, and unwilling to, resist the growing heat between her legs.

“Krista, god yes, baby. Fuck you’re so tight.” He grunted as he rammed into her. Krista could only moan and mew loudly in reply. The f***e of his thrusts had stolen the power of speech from her. Her brain could not function under the massive assault of pleasure. The heat became an inferno, her pussy felt like molten fire. She writhed on the bed, crying out in passion as he brought her to the edge of another orgasm. A third time in one go. Never had anyone made her cum more than once. Now she was on the edge of a third…

“OHMYGODFUCK!” Krista screamed as her body shattered totally. All awareness went as every cell seemed to fire at once. She was sure that her body was splitting apart the orgasm was so strong. She screamed wildly, rolling, twisting on the bed. Only Jaspur’s grip on her hips holding her down. As he continued to ram into her. Fucking her hard and fast through her orgasm. As the orgasm began to die she dimly heard him gasping.

“Krista, so close to cumming.” He hissed, she pulled her thighs tight around him.

“Yes, cum baby, cum for me.” She told him in a quick gasp. With one final hard thrust, he slammed his cock up into her. She felt the head hitting the top of her pussy. Then felt him cumming inside her. The sensation jolted her orgasm back into full passion. She cried out, calling his name as the orgasm swept through her again. She heard him gasping her name back as he came in her. His body shuddering with his orgasm. He held himself stiff for several seconds, before pulling out of her and collapsing beside her on the bed. Krista lay still, gasping hard for breath. Just letting the orgasm die down within her. Then she rolled over to look at him.

“Jaspur you can do that to me any time.” She said with a soft smile. He looked up at her and laughed, a short gasping laugh. Then he reached up to cup her face.

“Any time you want baby, any time you want.”

“I’ll remember you said that.” She said teasingly.

“Good, I meant it.” He smiled up at her, she smiled back. Then frowned as she had a thought.

“How is this going to work around mom and dad.” She said, it was something she had not really thought about until then.

“Easy, how often are they home. They’re always off doing something to do with work. Like this weekend, they’re away until late tomorrow. They both go out before we even get up, and I can’t remember the last time they got back before nine. We could have a relationship right under their noses and they’d have no clue.” Krista thought about it for a moment, then nodded. Everything he had said was true. Hell her mom did not even know she had been on the pill for a year. Whenever she wanted clothes she just asked for the money, her parents never went shopping with her. Yes they had a nice big house in the country. Fancy computers and gadgets, but they never saw their parents. Jaspur began to run his hand gently over her buttock. Softly rubbing his fingers against her skin. She smiled and looked down at him.

“So we can basically fuck all we want and they’d never know.” She said, he nodded.

“Hell, we could have a whole relationship right under their noses.”

“That’s good, because I think I want more than just sex.” He lent up to kiss her.

“Me too Krista, me too.”
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amazing story
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mmm so hot, very good and well written. SO horny through out it yes more please
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Very nice, well written and I was waiting to see if Amanda came into the picture at all....Thanks for sharing
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