closing the deal

I’m not a pimp! At least I don’t think of myself as a pimp. But, I do like getting my way, and having nice things, and if using sex as a tool to get what I want works – fine! Using a woman as stunning as Nicole, with her sophisticated manors, the attraction of a highly trained educated mind and slut desires to grease life’s little needs made me a what? Not a pimp exactly! How about a facilitator - for mutual gain?

Chapter 1

Thinking back to how all of this had started and how I had gone from a being a relatively successful designer / consultant / business man to having a sexy seductress partner who was making us over $30,000 a week tax free. It all seemed to just happen. Well, it certainly wasn’t something I had planed!

I had met Nicole on a plane to Las Vegas four months ago. I was going to Vegas for business meetings (yes people do go to Vegas for business) and Nicole had been on the same flight. I had watched her walk on board the plane in Indianapolis as she walked past my first class seat. She was a hot little number about 23 to 25 years old and a body all men have fantasies about. She had caught my watching her and looked back with the most beautiful green “cat like” eyes I had ever seen. She smiled and winked. I quickly looked for a wedding ring and saw none. But, as pretty as she was there was most likely some Army Ranger meeting her flight in Memphis.

The hop to Memphis was just a little more than an hour and I had planned to do some work on the plane for my upcoming meetings, but I couldn’t get the little girl with the “cat like” eyes out of my head. I stared at the computer screen with no comprehension at all. Instead my mind was filled with the image of my sliding that little cream colored silk dress up over the young woman’s head and soft auburn brown hair to reveal that lush little body standing on cream colored sling back strapped high heel sandals, dark hose held in place by a cream lace garter belt, without panties and all of this topped with a matching lace bra.

It had only been a glance, but I couldn’t get her out of my mind. And, those eyes – what eyes!

‘Heck Dan, leave the thoughts alone, she is young enough to be your daughter! And, she is going to be met by some 6’-6” stud who won’t take kindly to you ogling his squeeze!’

The plane had pulled up to the terminal in Memphis and as I was in First Class I was off the plane and inside the terminal before most of the passengers on the plane had gotten their luggage out of the overhead. I checked the flight departure board for my flight to Vegas and then set out for the next gate.

There was about 45 minutes before the flight so I was just leaning against the column near the gate when the ticket agent made an announcement, to those of us in the waiting area that the incoming Las Vegas flight was delayed and would not depart for about two and a half hours.

“Damn!”, I heard from just behind me.

I glanced around and noticed it was the little green eyed cutie from the Indy flight.

“Sorry!”, she said with a shy smile sort of looking at me from under her eye brows like she was afraid she had offended me.

“Time to spare – go by air! It really isn’t that long!”, I said hoping to make her laugh.

“I know!”, she laughed. “I just hate waiting around in airport terminals!”

“Well come with me to the club lounge then!” I offered.

“The what?”

“The airline club lounge it is just down by the security check point at the end of the concourse. It is still a waiting area but much nicer, calmer, and they have free drinks and snacks!”


“They have departure boards and they will let us know if there are any more updates!”, I said to help her decide.

“Ok then! I’m Nicole!, she said with a smile.

Over the next two hours we had some wine, discussed our lives and why we were going to Vegas. Most of what she told me I later learned was made up to cover the fact that she was distancing herself from a nasty divorce.

I watched as she relaxed and I told her it was nice to spend time with a very pretty young lady who could be my daughter.

She grinned and said, “Isn’t it good then I’m not your daughter! Because then I would think you are contemplating i****t!”

I had almost choked on my drink as she said, “Relax you’ve been a perfect gentleman! Then reaching over and squeezing my crotch she added with a giggle, “But, your friend here is telling me he would prefer not to be a gentleman!”

I looked deep into her green “cat like” eyes and watched as they changed before my gaze to “softened kitten eyes” just before she dropped her chin and then lowered her line of sight almost differing to me.

“What would you do if he wanted to have his way?”, I asked softly.

She didn’t reply with words but she spread her legs a bit and her fingers pulled the hem of her dress up just far enough so that I could see where the lace of her stocking tops ended and the garters attached. I suddenly realized my imagination on the last flight had been brought to reality and my cock became harder than I remember it being in years.

“Give me your ticket!”, I said.

She tilted her head and said, “Why?”

“I’m going to change your seating arrangements!”

I had the desk in the lounge up grade my “traveling companion’s” seating and then change Nicole’s and my seating to two seats together.

Nicole clearly liked the change in status! Having attentive service, a meal and constant drink refills was a life style she could revel in. She didn’t drink all that much but she certainly liked “First Class” attention.

During dinner I had absently rubbed the back of my hand along the outside of her left thigh so that I could feel the garters with the back of my fingers. She never stopped me, and once the cabin darkened, with her tray still covering her lap, I became a bit bolder.

I pulled back the hem of her dress and slid my fingers along the stocking top inside of her left thigh until I felt the lace and then soft warm skin above. As if to reassure me, she leaned forward to take her wine glass and let the outside of her left breast rub against my upper arm.

“Humm!”, she whispered and spread her legs further apart for my pleasure.

I brought my hand to the top of her thighs expecting to feel lace panties. However, what I felt was a hairless pubic mound.

Wow! More of my fantasy had become a reality!

I slid my finger into the top of her slit and found her clitoris and rubbed the tip of my finger around it and then over its tip.

She drew in a sharp intake of breath and said, “Wait a second!”

Pushing my hand away she grabbed the cloth napkin still sitting on the tray from dinner and stuffed it under her crotch.

“If you’re going to play there………….”

“You don’t want to have a wet stain on the back of your dress!”

Again she smiled and dropped her eyes in that differential way that made my cock get even harder.

My hand went back to exploring her little girl smooth pussy. And, as I explored deeper I could see why she had grabbed the napkin as her slit was slick with love juice.

Sliding first one and then my two fingers into her vagina, I curled my little finger so that it rode her clitoris. She turned her upper body so that my upper arm nestled between her breasts and she began to ride my arm and hand.

I watched her biting her lower lip and start shaking her head back and forth as her body tensed and then went through a series of jerky spasms.

“Yes!”, she whispered in my ear.

Thinking she was done I was starting to pull away when she started to ride my hand and arm again.

She put her head on my shoulder and wrapped her hands around my upper arm keeping it tied between her breasts. I did as much with my fingers and hand as possible but she was effectively doing a pole dance around my right arm and hand.

She glanced up at me and I could see her eyes were glazed and that she was in a trance of pure lust.

Then as her body began to jerk and spasm in a huge climax she bit my shoulder through my polo shirt. It hurt but not so much that I had to cry out in pain. I knew what was happening. She was using my shoulder as a way of reducing the waves of her climaxes into little grunts others could not hear over the noise of the plane.

Just as Nicole’s body went totally still the First Class Flight Attendant stepped up and started topping off our wine glasses. She looked at Nicole curled around my arm face into my shoulder and smiled asking, “Newly Weds?”

I smiled back as said, “Yea, sort of!”

She smiled again and said, “That’s so sweet! You have just enough time to finish your wine and we will have you on the ground for your honeymoon!” With that she moved on.

Nicole turned her head to look into my eyes and whispered, “I want your cock inside of me!”

“Unless you want to make a very public spectacle, we better wait until we get to a hotel! Where are you staying by the way?”, I asked.

“A small hotel they said was just a few blocks from ‘the Strip’!”

“We’ll cancel it when we land. I have a suite over at the Hilton and you can stay with me tonight at least. Is that ok?”

“Whatever you say Sir! But, I need you inside of me real soon!”

When everyone was buckled in and the flight crew was strapped in for landing I extracted my arm and hand from her grasp. I leaned over toward her and licked my fingers tasting her juices.

“Yummm, I can’t wait to lick you to another climax!”, I said.

She then took my hand and sucked and licked it clean before griping my hand in both of hers.

After we had landed and as we were about to pull to the gate she reached between her legs and wiped as much of her juices up as she could before removing the napkin. She was starting to put it in the pouch in the seat in front of her when I reached out and took it away from her.

“What are you going to do with that?”, she asked thinking I was going to give it to the Flight Attendant.

I folded it in on itself and tucked it into my computer bag under the seat in front of me. “Keeping it as a memory of the best in flight service I have ever had!”

She giggled and did the little shy submissive duck of her head and eyes again.

We reached the luggage area after Nicole had made a brief pit stop whispering that she was leaking down her thighs. I admitted I was not very bothered by this admission which had brought on another shy head bow and a staged little girl pout.

I saw a fellow in a chauffeur’s livery holding up a sign with my name on it and told Nicole to give me her luggage claim receipts. He went over to wait for the bags and had a skycap put them all on a cart as he radioed for the car to be brought to the curb.

Nicole’s eye widened as the chauffeur he lead us out to a big black Limo pulling up to the curbside pickup.

“I’ve never been in a Limo!”, she whispered to me.

“Welcome to Las Vegas sweetheart!”, I said.

Chapter 2 – Sunday Night in Vegas

Nicole, like a shy little girl, had watched the whole checking in process, and the fact that the hotel desk clerk knew me on sight.

I asked the Concierge to cancel Nicole’s other reservation and accepting my tip she simply said, “My pleasure!” That is what I love about Las Vegas – no raised eyebrows or questioning smirks.

We rode up the elevator up to our suite with the Bellman working the buttons and Nicole and I at the back of the elevator car. I put my arm around Nicole and began tracing her spine, with the tips of my fingers, from just below her bra down. When my fingers slid into the little inverted dimple in the small of her back, Nicole twitched and jumped like I had touched her with an electric wire. Interested, I ran my fingers up and down that dimple and watched the same reaction each time until she turned toward me and stuck out her tongue. I realized I had just located a pleasure point!

The Bellman took us to our suite and placed our bags in the two separate bedrooms dividing the bags as we directed. Looking around Nicole smiled as she saw the large living area, a bar, sofas and chairs and a desk in the corner of the room. She wandered over to a tall sofa table that held an ice bucket with a bottle of champagne cooling and two glasses on a tray. I watched as Nicole absently ran her fingers up the curve of the bottles neck and then traced around the stopper at the top.

I moved beside her as the Bellman returned to where we stood. He asked, “Shall I open the champagne for you?”

I said, “Please!” And we moved to give him access to the bottle. Finished and accepting his tip he departed with a little bow.

When the door clicked locked behind him, Nicole stepped in front of me and threw her arms around my neck and pulled my head to her lips. I closed her body into my arms and felt the heat from her little body as she pressed against me.

It was the first time I had been able to wrap this little minx in my arms and she felt really good. I let my fingers trace down her spine again until they found that little vertical dimple I had located on the elevator. I ran my fingers into the vertical depression just above her fanny and set off more reactions like electric shocks hitting her from behind. Her crotch slammed into my upper thigh and she tried to wrap her one leg around mine to pull me even closer.

I tried to get my tongue into her mouth for a French kiss and was amazed to feel it sucked in so deeply that that it actually hurt just a bit. My mind leaped back to my c***dhood as the only thing I could compare it to was once as a boy in 4H we were told to let a young calf suckle our thumb. I would never forget the power of the calf’s nursing instincts. Now my tongue was the tit!

Then Nicole slid down my leg squeezing it with her thighs. On her knees she started to unbuckle my belt and unzip my slacks. As she unhooked the catch at the waist band I thought, ‘Thank God I wearing something more interesting as underwear, than some tightie whities!’

I needn’t have bothered worrying about underwear choices as she grabbed the waist band of my slacks and underwear as one and pulled them to my knees. Then she sucked my cock, in one motion, down her throat until her nose pressed into the base of my cock and her hands came up to cup my balls.

Then she started sucking my cock with the inside of her throat milking it. It was like nothing I had ever experienced before in my life. I took the clip holding her hair back off allowing her long pretty auburn hair to fall free. My hands were around the sides of her head as my fingers laced through that soft long smooth auburn strands. I was amazed that she didn’t bob forward and back much at all, but the inside of her mouth and yes even her throat were nursing on my cock like a milking machine.

Moaning I said, “If you keep that up I’m going to cum in your mouth!”

With that the sucking actually increased. Talk about a “Deep Throat” blow job! How could she breathe?

I was just trying to decide how much longer I could hold off before exploding when she started running her finger nails up and down my balls. That did it! I yelled, “Oh fuck yessssssssssss!”, as I shot my cum deep down her throat.

She milked my cock until I had offered up everything I thought I had and she never pulled away or tried to avoid swallowing all of my sperm. As she let my manhood slide out of her mouth she showed me a teaspoons worth of cum on the tip of her tongue before she rolled it back and swallowed it.

“Christ! Where did you learn to do that?”, I stammered.

She didn’t answer and only grinned and said, “You taste good! Now undress me and fuck me pleeeasssseeeee!”

“Let me catch my breath! You may have just drained me for the night you know!”

“We’ll see about that!”, she replied with another teasing grin, but she seemed willing to be patient.

I lifted her up and started to lift her dress like I had in my imagination when she said, “No silly! Like this!”

With that she unhooked the back at the top and then unhooked a piece connected to the front that formed a neck collar and then the whole dress slid to the floor forming a little circle of cream colored silk fabric around her feet. I took her hand as she stepped over the dress and then I lifted my hand so she twirled around in a dance turn for my inspection.

Wow! This was my imagined image on the plane, cream color lace bra and all! The only things I had not imagined was that she was totally without pubic hair and ……………….. she had a little pearl stud in her belly button. The stay clip was just below her inney so that the pearl nestled like a miniature egg in a nest.

“Nice!”, I said. “And I like your smooth little girl pussy!”

“Why?”, she asked cocking her head to one side but turning back and forth so I could inspect her naked pussy from different angles.

“Why do you care? It is just hot!”, I replied.

“This was the one thing my over sexed and under faithful ex-husband ever showed an interest in. Otherwise his only desire was wanting me to play an over sexed wanton harlot!”

“So you have been shaved for a long time?”

“No actually, it is my revenge!”, she grinned.

“How so?”

“The divorce was finalized this morning and I went to the spa and had all of my hair waxed off just after lunch! He’ll never get to see the one thing he wanted to see so badly! In fact you got the fist look!”, she added with an impish smile.

“His loss!”

“You bet! So, why do men like a hairless pussy so much?”

I thought about it a moment and she stomped her foot saying, “Tell me please!”

“I think the first reason is the innocence it represents!”

“Why innocence?”

“Most of us men started noticing the difference between boys and girls just before crotch hair begins to develop. The little girls we could sneak a peek at - naked - had no hair there and we could see the way they were different. Older women, like mothers, had hair there like they were hiding the difference.”

“So boys wanted to fuck their playmates, s****rs or cousins?”

“In a way we all did, but mostly we wanted to explore those differences. Older women seemed not to want anyone to show that difference. So, at least on some level, we wanted to touch and feel those younger friends and relatives!”

“Are there other reasons?”

“Yes! The shape of a women’s crotch is very erotic! That is why tight jeans, shorts and bathing suits are so much of a turn on!”

“Ok?”, she said indicating so what.

“Pubic hair is curly and when a woman is naked all of that erotic line / shape whatever Danishes from sight.”

I could see she was trying to visualize that so I added, “Think about it! At the very moment you should be able to see the ultimate erotic prize – it simply vanishes! What a letdown!”

The image was becoming clear in her mind.

“Finally a man’s cock and balls protrude beyond the mat of hair so you can easily see when they are aroused. You noticed that this evening in the lounge.”

She giggled her assent and nodded.

“A drop of pre-cum will visibly form on the tip of a man’s cock like the ultimate flag. But, a woman’s sex, clit, and even her juices are not visible behind the mat of fur. Only your smell is there as an indicator and we want to “see” if you’re really that excited!”

“We give off a fragrance?”

“Why do you think I glanced up as you walked by getting on the plane in Indy?”

“Oh! And now with my bald pussy?”

“I can actually see you’re dripping on the carpet!”

“Then stop talking and play with me!”, she said stomping her little foot again.

I had kicked off my shoes, pants, underwear and socks while we had been talking. So, I kicked them over by Nicole’s dress and moved into her letting my hands caress from her neck up and over her shoulders then down the outside of her arms. Then I took my finger tips and traced the top edge of her breasts just at the point where they curved away from her chest!

Nicole moaned and wiggled her hips in response to the soft movement of my fingers and hands. So, I put my hands just below her bra on the side of her ribcage and slowly ran my thumbs under her breast following the line of the under wires and the soft roundness of the breasts form. This gained me a shudder and a deep moan as she threw her head back and I started nibbling and kissing her throat from her chin to her collar bones.

She pressed her hips against me and I backed her up against the sofa table and let her back down onto the table. Then picking up her legs just behind the knee I rolled her hips up so I could kiss her smooth pussy.

Running my tongue into her slit and up toward her clit, I got my first full taste of her. Her juices were light and sweet with a slight musky flavor that complemented the related aroma that had driven me wild all evening.

I gently bit her clit with my front teeth and she jerked her hips toward my mouth. Then I went back to her vaginal opening and buried my tongue as deeply as I could inside her. I licked sucked and took little nibbles from the bottom of her pussy to her clit and then I just rolled my tongue around her clit and sucked on it like a little nipple moving it between my lips.

Nicole’s body tensed and her hips began to jerk so that I had to stay with her.
Three more jerks and then she arched her back and froze with just tiny jerks of her pussy against my mouth. I looked at her eyes which were huge but focused on my face in her crotch. She smiled and started to relax her back but I kept sucking and licking her clit. She said through gasps, “Hold on a moment!”, but I kept on! And instant later she tensed in climax again and I kept on, knowing now that she was multi-orgasmic, I wanted to get her into a rolling orgasm where one builds on top of the last!

I got what I wanted and after about six wild climaxes her eyes were completely glazed over and her hips and pussy were jerking involuntarily and her thighs griped my head like she was going to squeeze it off my neck.

I let her come down from the high, but every few seconds I would flick my tongue over her clit just to watch her spasm again.

When she released my head from her death grip I reached over and picked up the open bottle of champagne. I put my thumb over the mouth of the bottle and shook it twice. Then putting the neck of the bottle into the entrance of her vagina I pulled my thumb back and shoved the bottle into her tunnel!

I watched as her eyes opened wide and she looked at me in amazement and climaxed again!

Removing the bottle, I smiled and raised her hips up and began to suck the wine out of her cunt. Once I had d***k some of the wine I said, “You make a sexy champagne flute!”

She grinned at me and as I poured more champagne into her now open hole I said, ‘Use your vaginal muscles and squeeze out swallows for me!”

And for the next few minutes I refilled her and drank as she functioned as my wine dispenser. After a bit I put the bottle back in the chiller and licked her pussy and thighs clean.

She said, “I want to feel you inside of me!”

I said, “I don’t have a condom! I can’t get you pregnant, but I don’t have a condom!”

She said, “Just get inside of me pleeessssee!”

I was amazed that my cock had gotten hard again after the milking she had given it, but in fact if anything it was even harder and bigger! How had this young woman brought a drive I had forgotten out in me?

I thought, ‘I know I’m clean, but what about her? What are the risks that she might have STDs or HIV? Well if the divorce was just final today – most likely pretty slim! And with the body fluids we have already exchanged tonight, what the hell!”

I rubbed some of her still fluid pussy juice up and down her slit and along her ass crack. When everything was very juicy I circled her anal passage with my finger and she said, “Not there silly – in my pussy!”

I took my very hard cock and rubbed it up and down and then put it at the opening to her cunt and pushed a bit and backed away. I put it in the passage again and pushed it in a fraction further and pulled away. Again, I did this and this time she tried to push into me to keep me from getting away! She must have known I was teasing her because the next time I lined up and started to push a little she used her hands and arms to pull herself toward me to drive me inside her up to the totality of my length!

She looked at me and smiled, and then I felt the muscles of her vaginal walls grip my cock like a hand.

I began to move forward and back amazed at the tightness of her pussy and the grip she held me with. We found a rhythm together and then increased the pace as my thumb and forefinger began to pinch and roll her clit. I began to slam into her with each drive trying to get deeper and deeper inside of her.

Then she grunted once and stiffened as her vagina gripped my manhood hard and she climaxed jerking her hips several times. I tried to keep moving inside of her but the grip she had on me was so tight I exploded as my hips jerked and thrust into her.

She must have felt my juices or my pulsing cock because a lusty smile crossed her face and she began to message her lower abdomen just above her pubic mound! We stayed like that for several moments. Occasionally my body would jerk and I could feel more juice spurt into her.

A shiver made her wiggle her whole body, but she looked at me and a big smile spread across her face. My cock was shrinking and it slipped out with a soft pop! She looked me in the eyes and formed a little pout that I knew was a tease.

Then she raised her hips and said, “Drink that wine out of me lover! Turnabout is fair play!”

And, for the next ten or fifteen minutes with her pushing and my licking and drinking down our mixed sex juice I cleaned her pussy and vagina. Then when there was no more juice I pushed her hips higher and with my tongue I rimmed her little ass hole. She jerked and then she slapped the top of my head as she laughed.

We showered together and without unpacking. I left a wakeup call for 10:00 am and we climbed into my king sized bed.

She snuggled up against my left side and put her head on my shoulder while I stroked my fingers through her long wet hair.

“Where did you learn to suck cock like that?”, I asked.

“My husband!, she replied, well my ex-husband.”

“I’ve never seen anything like that before!”, I said.

“He read about it in a magazine and he kept insisting I try it! So, to please him I did! You were supposed to learn to breathe through your nose and learn by swallowing a banana whole down your throat. I learned to breathe through my noise, but I couldn’t pull the banana in with my throat muscles without gagging!”

“Well you seem to have overcome that now!”, I said.

“Yea! He took me to a Hypnosis Ther****t to try to help me control may gag reflex. It took four or five sessions but I finally was able to make it happen! I was so excited I could finally please him!”

“With a skill like that how could he divorce you?”, I asked.

“The shit! From about a year into our marriage on he kept pressing me to be his little whore. He made it a sex game playing ‘Hooker and James’. I went along because it seemed to please him! Then he started pressing me at bars and clubs to go pick up some guy for his amusement! I always said no! But, not long after I found I could swallow a whole banana, we were at a bar and he pressed me about picking up a guy as a hooker.”


“I don’t know why but I did it for him!”

“Then everything changed!”, she added.

“How!”, I asked!

“The next week I his attorney came to my office and served me with divorce papers! He told me as I was nothing but a common whore and prostitute and they could prove it, as they had photographs! He said I had no claim on any of my husband’s money or his f****y’s money! And, if I protested - what I was would become public knowledge at the hearing!”

“I only did it to please him!”, she protested.

I continued to stroke her drying hair through my fingers.

She raised her head by planting her chin on my chest and looking at me said. “I later learned he had been screwing my best friend for months, and she asked for a divorce at about the same time! And, now I hear, through mutual friends, that he has taken her to see the same Ther****t! I’ll bet he wants her to be able to swallow a banana whole. Ha! I could do it! His loss.”

She snuggled her head back into my shoulder and I went back to stroking her hair thinking about what she had said.

Her breathing became soft and regular and I knew she was falling asl**p. As I still stroked her hair I thought, ‘I wonder what else he had the Ther****t put in your pretty head? You can’t make a person do something against their will with Hypnosis, but he had been playing that hooker role as a sex game for a long time. I’ll bet he even paid her the household running money that way! All that the Ther****t would have to do would be to make a stranger acceptable for the game!’

As I lay there thinking about it the madder I got! “Yes, I had benefited from his requests! But, he had treated her like a disposable! And, I’d bet the former friend was going to get the same treatment once he was done with her! The creep!’

I joined Nicole in sl**p as I thought, ‘The rent will come back to haunt you, creep!’

I kissed the top of Nicole’s head and drifted off to sl**p!

Chapter 3 - Monday

I woke the next morning to the feel of Nicole’s fingers running through my chest hair.

“They’re gray!” she said aware that I was now awake.

“Yes, and they were last night to! Hell I’m old enough to be your father!”

She rose up on one elbow and looked at me. “How old do you think I am?”

“I don’t know 23 or 25 - early to mid twenties!”

Nicole smiled and said shyly, “I’m 32!”

“Well that makes me feel marginally better! At least I’m not robbing the cradle!”

“I’m still old enough to be your father!”, I added with a huff.

“You're certainly not a beach boy!”, she admitted, “But last night I had the best and most satisfying sex I have ever had!”

“So did I!” I said.

“So that makes you a stud! Gray chest hairs or not! Do you want to play some more?”, she added grabbing my stiff member.

“No! I said not if you don’t want to kill me!”, I said jumping out of bed. “What I need is to use the bathroom and get some room service breakfast!”

She put on a pout, but she was giggling and I could see the laughter in her pretty green eyes.

“I’m a vegetarian!”, she added as I headed for the bathroom.

I turned at the bathroom door and said, “And I’ll bet you’re a frig’n Democrat to!”

She nodded and smiled.

I closed the door behind me as I thought; ‘Now you’re truly fucked!’

We shared brunch at a room service rolling table. I had thought she was going to be offended by what I ordered, but she seemed only concerned that she had her vegetarian choices.

“How many times have you done that thing with the champagne bottle?”, she asked.

“Did you like it?”

“It was fantastic!”

“Actually, I’ve never done that before last night!”

“What made you decide to do it?”

“When I watched you trace the bottles shape with your fingers and then circle the cork at the top! I realized how sinuous the shape was and how the popping of the cork was symbolic of a male climax!”

Her eyes got big and she said, “That is funny, because that was exactly what was going through my mind at that moment! You must read minds!”

“Or you were giving off strong vibes!”, I countered.

“And, telling me I was your champagne glass where did that come from?”

“Your bald pussy actually! I would never have noticed it if there was hair, but your pussy lips flared like the flutes they usually serve champagne in. So I guess we have your ex-husband and your revenge to thank for that!”

“If he could have seen that it would have driven him nuts. Too bad he couldn’t - it would serve him right!”, and she wrinkled her nose in a grin.

I looked at her sparkling green eyes and said, “I’m glad you were on that flight yesterday!”

Her eyes turned a darker shade of green and she dropped her chin to stare at her hands. Then she said, “I have a confession to make! I used you!”

“You little Minx, we have used each other and your free to go if you like!”

She looked up almost in a panic and said, “No, that’s not what I mean! I used you on the flight!”

“That’s alright, as Platinum Elite flyer they try to accommodate my upgrade requests!”

She shook her head and as her eye turned kitten like she said, “ You still don’t understand! I’m terrified of flying!”


“I was determined that I was going to get away from Indiana and out to Las Vegas, but on the first flight I was barely able to hold it together! That is why I was so mad that the second flight was late. I just wanted to get it over with!”

“So how is that using me?”

“When you invited me to go get a drink I thought I would get some liquid courage. I figured if I got d***k you would get me back on the plane. But you were so nice and classy I just couldn’t stick you with a d***k in your own club!”

I nodded.

“You had them put me next to you and I tried to gain confidence from your calmness. But, my finger nails were digging into my palms until the food arrived and I realized I had to relax my hands to eat or you would notice. But, then you reached over and let your hand stroke the inside of my thigh and it was perfect.”


“Because you gave me something else to focus on. I had my dinner but was totally focused on your fingers and the sensations they were giving me! Then when the lights went lower and you found my clit, I tried to imagine only my clit, your fingers and the strength of your arm!”

“So that’s why you gripped my arm and rode my hand!”

Nodding she said, “I don’t remember much else about the plane ride except a napkin you kept just before we got off the plane! I’m sorry I thought if I told you I would panic even more!”

“Well you can use me like that anytime you want because I had fun!” I smiled and said, “The flight attendant asked if we were newlyweds; thinking I’m sure that we couldn’t wait to get to our Honeymoon!”

“She did!”

“Yep, and I just let her think she was right!”

“You’re not mad?”

“Hell no! It got you here and started some of the best sex I’ve had since I don’t know when! Probably ever!”

Then I added. “And you don’t owe me anything! Your free to go if you want to!”, thinking, ‘Please don’t leave!’

With her head tilted down and looking at me from under her eyebrows she said in a very shy voice, “Can I stay with you?”

My heart leaped and I said, “For as long as you like!”

Her eyes sparkled and her face broke into a big smile like I had just given her a new pony or a sports car and she said, “That might be a while!”

“Poor me!”


I had that day free so after brunch we unpacked. I looked at the things she had brought and aside from a bathing suit some black jeans and a white top I stuck everything else into a drawer and said, “Let's go shopping! You need some Vegas clothes girl not Indiana married matron clothes!”


“No buts! Get your butt in gear! The only dress you own that could be worn in this town was the one you arrived in!”

She looked at the wrinkled dress she had laid over the back of a chair and made a face.

Watching her I said, “Put that in cleaners bag and I’ll put it out on the door knob. It will be back clean and ready by morning. Wear the black jeans and the top, but wear hose and those spiked heeled shoes from last night so you can try on dresses!”


The thing about Las Vegas is that even if you are a winner they don’t want you to leave with any money, so there are shops with fashions, accessories and jewelry from around the world, designed to let the big time spenders prove their worth. They of course were more than happy to assist Nicole not only to select items that flattered her but made for my appreciative nod.

We bought dresses, flared little skirts, shorts, tops that flattered her figure, some nice tight designer jeans, several pairs of spiked heel shoes that made her ass look outstanding, and one evening gown. I suggested a few alterations to enhance the fit of some, but we were assured that they would all be at out hotel by 7:00 that evening.

Next we went to a very upscale lingerie shop where we spent almost two hours selecting all kinds of undergarments from sexy hose to garters, bras and panties. Being Vegas the staff had no problem with my sitting in her dressing room as she tried on different items for my inspection. The lace and split crotch panties were very different from the undergarments I had thrown in the drawer at the hotel. The only similar items had been the ones she had bought after the divorce was finalized and had worn on the plane!

I went out and looked around now that I knew her sizes. I came back to the dressing room with six different bras that had 1” open circles at the tip of the cups. She giggled and said, “But my nipples will poke out!”

I told her that was the point and that when she saw what happened under some of the tops we had bought she would understand!

She said she wasn’t sure she could wear them in public and I replied, “You’re not in Indiana any more Dorothy!”

“Apparently not if there are this many to select from!”

“And, think what you’re ex would do if he could see you in those!”

She grinned and with that thought clearly making the decision, she tried them all. Her nipples were angled down slightly so only one was shaped to her breasts so the cups perfectly match her protruding nipples. The others were cut to high or to low!

I told her to put the one that fit perfectly back on and turn around for me. She did that and as she turned I let me fingers trail over her nipple points. She laughed as she watched her nipples react and stiffen, and said. “Don’t keep doing that if you don’t want me to jump you right here!”

I was tempted as it was a bit of a fantasy to have sex in a dressing room with all the risks implied, but I had other stops I wanted to make.

I told her to leave the bra that fit on and cutting the tag off I went out and asked the sales girl to get us one of every color of that bra style. The one she had on was a soft white like the top she had come in wearing, but the salesgirl soon came back with flesh tone, red, black, cream, pink, steel gray, three shades of green and blue ones in two shades, lavender and purple. I held each up to Nicole’s shoulder so I could judge then against her coloring and selected 4 more. One of the green ones was an almost perfect match for her eyes.

I took the ones I selected and the underwear, panties and garters we had selected and had the girl match all the colors, plus the soft white she was wearing with matching panties, garter belts, and half slips.

I returned to the dressing room as Nicole started to put on her top over the new bra she said, “We’re buying all of those?”



“And, no nightgowns?”, she said with a little pout.

“There isn’t a shot that I’m going to let you wear a nightgown and cover up that body in bed!”

“I might get cold!”

“I think you know how to fix that!”, I said with a little laugh.

“Ya think!”, she said dipping her head with that shy smile playing across her lips again.

As Nicole pulled her top down her body the fabric rubbed across her nipples and they hardened to attention.

I told her to turn around and look at herself in the mirror.

When she did she said, “That’s …………. Wow! …….really sexy!”

I smiled and said, “It sure is!”

Directing that the lingerie to be sent to the hotel as well, I lead Nicole down the street to a huge porn shop and up the stairs, above the videos and DVDs, to the toy and sex clothing floor.

Her eyes widened and she said, “I’ve never seen anything like this! Look at all the different stuff!”

I watched as she wondered around looking at different items. I followed watching to see what she touched and what she seemed to focus on. I had seen a sliver bullet vibrator in the items I had put in the drawer and there has also been a slim dildo there as well!

She walked along a wall of dildos and looked at them all. One big one that was jet black and said it twisted from battery power seemed to fascinate her.

I asked, “Do you want that black lover?”

She jumped and said, “Are you serious?”

I said, “It is your shopping trip!”

I went and got a small carry around basket for each of us and handing her one I said, “Pick what you like and I’ll pick what I like.”

She looked into my eyes and said, “Ok!”. Then her eyes changing color she added, “But, not anal! I don’t like anal!”

I shrugged and wandered off thinking, ‘I wonder why?’

After almost an hour we met near the cash register each of our baskets nearly full. She said, “This like Christmas!”

I smiled and said, “You may decide to leave before we can explore all this stuff!”

“Or I may just keep you as my Sugar Daddy!”, she returned planting a kiss on my cheek.


All of our purchases with the exception of the sex toys we were carrying were waiting in our suite when we returned.

We spent some time arranging her new wardrobe in the closet and dresser drawers. Then we went to shower before dinner.

We probably should have used the separate showers in the two bedrooms, but after we undressed we drifted into the biggest bathroom and turned on the water.

Nicole stood in front of the full length mirror examining herself. Then she said. “It feels funny to wear panties and not have pubic hair!”

I walked up behind her and began to massage her shoulders and neck. “Did it feel funny when you were little and didn’t have pubic hair?”

”Well no, but I’ve gotten used to the way it feels to have it!”

“Well get used to it the other way again because your being bald turns me on and you look really sexy that way!”

She looked at my face in the mirror’s reflection and said, “Yes sir!”

It was funny but for all of the sexual contact we had experienced I had never just explored her body and this was the perfect opportunity. I lifted her long hair tracing the line where her hair stopped at her neck with my finger tips. She must have liked the sensations my fingers created because she reached back and twisted her hair and pulled it up into a bun at the back of her head held by both hands.

I rubbed and felt her ears careful to not pull on her pierced ear studs. I traced the line of her long neck with the backs of my fingers and then put my two hands around her neck. She stiffened a moment before yielding and leaned back against me. She was watching me in the mirror as I was watching her. I tightened my hands just a little and watched as she opened her mouth into an “O” and closed her eyes yielding to me.

Letting my hands go slack as I then traced the line of her collar bones. Feeling the softness of her skin, I let my hands slide over her upper chest and then down to explore the outline where her breasts rose off of her ribcage.

Nicole’s head was on my left shoulder as I cupped her breasts in each hand and began to rub and manipulate her nipples with my thumbs. I watched in the mirror as her nipples stiffened and then became hard as little erasers bouncing as my thumbs flicked over them.

I opened the shower door and moved Nicole into the large shower letting the warm water rain down over us. Grabbing a bar of soap I began lathering up her back, shoulders letting the silkiness of the soap make my hands slide over her body. Still behind her I reached around from behind and soaped her chest giving special attention to her breasts and nipples causing her to moan and grind her ass and hips back into my pelvis.

Realizing she was about to climax I slid my hand down her stomach and into her slit sinking one finger into her hot pussy and pulling her tightly back into me. She jerked once then again and then as a series of climax pulses surged through her body she turned her head toward me and bit my left earlobe. It wasn’t a hard bite but I knew it was leaving a mark. Her mark!

With the soap on my hands her smooth hairless pussy was even smoother. I rubbed until she climaxed again and doubled over at the waist putting her hands on the tile wall in front of her for support.

As Nicole spread her legs I recognized the offering she was making and so I slid my cock into her pussy. I held her suspended between one hand that was still under her rubbing her clit as the other held her pinned with pressure at the small of her back.

I was so excited I slammed into her feeling her spasm and using the feel of her climaxes to spur me on to try to get deeper and deeper inside of her. She started to make a guttural growl and groan as she slammed back into me until I couldn’t hold back any longer and cried, “Oh Jesus, YEESSSSSS!” shooting everything I had into her grasping virginal chamber. This caused her to slam back into me and set off a series of climaxes of her own each punctuated with “Oh Fuck!, OH Fuck, OH FUCK, and OHHHHHHH FUUUCCCKKKK …. YESSSSS!”

We stood like that for several moments with little spasms jerking our bodies. Her strong vaginal muscles squeezed my cock milking it as my body pumped every last drop of cum into this mix of vixen and minx!

As I slipped out spent; she turned around and slid her arms around neck kissing me with such f***e that I was afraid I would loose my balance. She found my tongue and again sucked it with enough f***e to cause a moment of mild pain!

When she broke the kiss she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Thanks for the gifts! I’m yours, bought and paid for!”

Holding her in my arms I wasn’t sure if she was referring to the purchases we had made or the sex juice she had received, but I was not about to question or complain.

She spent the next ten minutes washing me from head to toe like a Japanese Geisha, paying careful attention to small details and tracing then kissing every scar.

I tried to return the favor, but after I spent several moments circling and kissing her nipples she laughed and pushed me out of the shower saying, “If you keep that up were going to run out of hot water!”


I shaved and dressed in a light butterscotch cream silk “T” and matching slacks and pulled a black sports jacket from the closet.

Nicole had done her hair and makeup and then having noticed what I had selected she selected neutral colored hose that had a slight glittering sheen and a sea foam colored garter belt, bra and panties which she put on over the garters at my suggestion.

I had actually suggested she not wear any panties, but she had pointed out that she was leaking my juices and it might ruin the dress.

She selected the soft green dress that we had purchased, that complimented her eyes, holding it out for my inspection. After she noticed that the fabric clung to her body she added a half slip. I had again suggested that the skirt just wanted to make love to her and show off her figure. She stuck out her tongue at me and said, “The way the fabric sliding all over my nipples makes them poke out for inspection we have enough of a show going on.”

She said she only needed to apply her lipstick and as she turned she flipped the skirt of the dress with her hand showing me a flash of her lace hose tops and garters. Watching in the mirror to make sure I hadn’t missed the show she smiled at me seductively.

Knowing she was a vegetarian, I took Nicole to the best Italian restaurant at Creasers Palace. As we waited for a table at the bar, sipping some very nice wine, who should walk up to me but James Dixon.

I introduced Nicole, as my Marketing Assistant, to James and explained to her that James was the man we had come out to Las Vegas to meet with about the contract for the Convention Center - Expansion. Nicole never skipped a beat when I provided her with a title she just favored James with a big smile.

James had not missed any of Nicole’s charms including her hard nipples displayed under the dresses top.

He said to Nicole, ignoring me, that he was meeting with others working on the Convention Center Expansion and that we should join his table. As he went off to have the table seating expanded, I quickly explained my firm’s role on the expansion design team and that James had been playing hard to get hoping I would reduce the 1.3 million dollar fee.

We were ushered to James’s table and I noticed that James seated Nicole next to him while placing me near the other end of the table next to his attractive if vacuous wife Rebecca. All through dinner James focused his attention on Nicole. The conversation was out of ear shot at a table for twelve, but his focus was very apparent, so I returned the favor with Rebecca.

Glancing over at one point I watched as James reached for a wine bottle with one hand while the back of the other closer to Nicole just happened to slide across her nipples. Nicole just rewarded James with a big smile and held out her glass for a refill.

At that instant I felt Rebecca’s hand slide up my leg and grab my crotch! She leaned in and said, “I see your friend can grow to meet expectations!”

As the dinner party was coming to a close, Rebecca gave me a big hug and pressing a piece of paper into my hand, she said, “Call me! I’d like to show you some of the sights of Las Vegas I know you’ve missed!”

Yea right! Like I was going to screw the wife of the guy who signs the billing invoices over for payment! That was a sure path to disaster! James might think anything in a skirt was fair game, but I would have bet money on the fact that he would take another view if the skirt was on – well may be off – of his wife.

Looking at me as we departed, James said, ‘Something as bitten you on the ear lobe! You might want to have it looked at!”

“I’ll do that!”, I said looking at Nicole with a smirk!


When we were back in our suite Nicole stripped off and hung up her dress. Then stepped out of her panties, tossing them aside.

Noticing that she had been deep in thought since we left the restaurant, I was afraid James’s attentions had aroused her again and she would want more sex. I thought., ‘God as hot as she is, I don’t know if I can get it up for the fourth time in 24 hours!’,

But, Nicole went over to a full length mirror and standing there looking at herself as she wiggled her hips in a flirty fashion she said, “James wants me to come to his office at 1:00 pm tomorrow to discuss the contract!”

Then searching for my eyes with her own in the reflection she added, “He wants me to come alone!”

“I think he wants more than just a discussion!”

“I know what he wants! And, I want to get that contract for you!”

“You don’t have to do that! You don’t owe me anything – and certainly not to have to sell your body to benefit me!”

She kept staring into my eyes in the mirror’s reflection as if she couldn’t face me directly and said, “But, I want to ………. Want to get this contract for you!”

“You’re a big girl and you can do what you want to – I don’t own you!”

Then acting like a little boy in a pout I added, “Besides he will probably turn out to be a better lover than I have been anyway! Have fun!”

She walked over and turned me around so that our eyes met directly, and with a flashing quality in her green eyes I had not seen before she said, “I told you earlier in the shower, I’m yours, bought and paid for!”


“Hush!” And with that she went over to the drawer where she had dumped the sex toys and dug around.

As she walked back to me, looking like a perfect sex toy herself, I noticed two things. One there was a gleam of fluid along her cunt lips. And, two that she was holding a 2” wide pink studded neck collar in both her hands.

She dropped to her knees in front of me and holding collar up she said, “I’m through with the lie of marriage, but………..! I want to be your slave and have you as my master and protector!”

I knew what she was offering! She was giving herself to me! And, that if I put the collar around her neck she would belong to me!

I stroked her long hair with the back of my hands and thought, ‘If you refuse her now – you will never see her again!

I must have hesitated longer then she assumed I would because I heard her whimper.

I took the collar and whispered, “Lift up your hair!”

Her hands flew to her hair … lifting it as she looked up at me and nuzzled my cock through my pants.

I carefully opened the collar and put it around her neck and buckled it closed noticing that it did not have a tang to go into a hole but a solid half ring over which a slot slipped to close the loose end. I walked over to my suit case and took a luggage lock from it and came back.

I pulled her up and walked her back over to in front of the big mirror! Standing behind her I turned the collar to face front and slipped the lock through the ring and snapped it closed.

She turned around to me with eyes so soft and deep I could have drowned in them and then she began to undress me.

We made love with less passion than any of the other three times, but at the same time it was the most passionate love making of all. It was slow, tender and deep. There had only been one climax – but it had been at the same time and it consumed us both.

As we lay there, Nicole snuggled against my left side, my left leg tightly gripped between her legs. She kissed and nipped at my left nipple. I laughed and said, “Stop Minx and go to sl**p!”

She said softly, “Do you have the contract James is looking at on your computer?”


“Can it be re-printed down in the hotel’s Business Center in the morning?

“Sure! Why?”

“Add a 10% marketing fee!”

“That is $130,000.00 dollars!”

“Let’s see how bad James wants what he wants! Besides, it isn’t his money!”, and she snuggled closer to me.

“If he is forking over that kind of money to explore you, he won’t like that little pink collar around your pretty neck!”

“Then you’ll just have to come up with a slave collar for me that only we know what it represents! And, by noon!”

'So was this a chance encounter'?, I thought .... then ....... 'If it was fate may have just offered me the most amazing opportunity of my life ............. both personally and financially, as I have no doubt this minx will close the deal and get the contract signed.'
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2 years ago
perfect!! I want a slave right now!! :)
3 years ago
excellent tale, the right decision made about the deal. anxious to read more...
3 years ago
really really nice story
3 years ago
awesome a part 2????
3 years ago
love it, is there more?