Tami Caught At The Park Past Midnight

Tami sat on the park bench, bored. It was two in the morning, and she couldn't sl**p. It was a cool spring night, and the park was completely deserted. Tami had wore a white sleeveless collared shirt with a black and white checkered tie, and baggy black shorts. Her 32C cup breasts were bare beneath the thin fabric of her shirt, her nipples tingling whenever she moved. Tami had went to the park, thinking it'll take her mind off of things.

She had just started college, and it was tough for her to balance her part-time job and schoolwork in the few hours of the day. Her manager, Jake, kept her up many nights during their steamy sessions, fucking her in exchange for things Tami wanted, like a raise or something. Thinking of Jake made Tami excited. She closed her eyes and leaned back on the bench, her hands reaching under her shirt and massaging her firm, round breasts. She imagined that it was Jake's smooth hand rubbing her flesh, his fingers pinching and rolling her nipples. Tami moaned softly into the night, her arousal growing stronger. Her other hand unbuttoned her shorts and reached under her white panties, touching her shaved pussy. Her forefinger found her clit and rubbed it in slow, circular motions. Her middle finger traced up and down folds of her labia, which were slippery with her juices. Still massaging her clit, Tami inserted her middle finger into her pussy, slowly pumping in and out. She moaned, picturing Jake kneeling before her, his tongue slurping at her pussy. She inserted another finger and pumped faster, humping her hips on her hand.

Meanwhile, two men drove by the park, on their way home from their girlfriend's party. They were slightly d***k and still horny as they passed by Tami's bench. The driver's partner, James, nudged his friend, pointing at Tami.

"Yo Johnny, take a look at that!" James smirked, his cock twitching in excitement. Johnny looked, and braked suddenly. They two young men were both jerked forward, but they paid no attention. They were both rubbing their cocks to the masturbating girl in the middle of the park.

Tami still had her eyes closed, and was unaware when the two men showed up. Her pants were dropped to her ankles, and her underwear stretched around her knees. Her bum was lifted from the bench, and she had three fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. Tami was close to a climax, when a voice called out to her.

"Ooh baby, you are such a sexy whore," James laughed, reaching a hand out to touch her exposed clit. Tami gasped and opened her eyes, her fingers flying out of her hole. She saw two tall men towering over her, an undeniable bulge in their pants. The one who spoke had dark skin and multiple piercings in his ears. He wore a tight dark t-shirt that showed off his muscles and the tribal tattoo on his left forearm. His friend had lighter skin than him, and had the same built. He wore a loose white shirt and baggy jeans. They both stared down at her with dark, lustful eyes.

Tami felt shame burn her cheeks. What was she thinking, masturbating in public?! And now she was caught by two horny men, who no doubt wanted to fuck her. She quickly tried to pull her pants back up, but the tattooed man stopped her, pulling her arms up roughly, jerking her into a standing position.

"Hey! Stop that!" she cried, squirming under his grasp, but he was too strong. "Hey, no!" the other man began to remove her pants completely, lifting her legs and pulling the shorts from her.

After he removed her shorts and panties, Johnny stood up and pulled on the girl's tie, smirking widely. He untied it and pulled it from her neck, handling it like a whip. "You know what we do with whores like you?" he asked, nodding at James. James spun her around and pushed her against the bench, forcing her to kneel on the seat as he pulled her arms back.

"We tie them up and punish them," he finished, bounding Tami's wrists together with her tie, pulling tightly. Tami winced and cried out, her arms aching.

"No please," she begged, "please don't do this." She knelt on the hard wooden bench, twisting her head back to look at the two men. They were both pulling their pants down, freeing their raging cocks. Tami gasped at the size of their sex, and started pleading again.

James walked over to Tami's mouth and pulled his dick up to her face, poking her lips. Tami clamped her lips together and shook her head to the side, but James smacked her on the face so hard she almost toppled sideways. Johnny steadied her from behind, his large hands gripping her hips tightly, His prick rubbed along the length of her dry pussy. Tami's fear had taken away her arousal, which Johnny found to be unpleasant.

"This little whore ain't wet anymore," Johnny complained, rubbing his dick while still keeping it pointed at her opening. James had managed to f***e his cock into her mouth after he slapped her, and groaned in response. Johnny sighed and shrugged, and rammed in anyway.

The sudden intrusion on her dry pussy make Tami scream, her sound muffled by Jame's thick cock. Tears spilled over her eyes and down her cheeks as Johnny pounded her roughly, tearing in and out of her pussy. Johnny pushed her shirt up, and reached over to free her breasts. He fondled them as he fucked her, pulling on them like reins. Soon, Tami could feel herself turned on again, and the pain in her cunt disappeared, replaced by pleasure.

James pulled his cock out for a second, letting Tami take a breath, then f***ed it in her mouth again. "Hey little whore, lick my cock on your own," he panted, holding it inches from her mouth. Tami stretched her neck and tongue out, struggling to lick it as James kept pulling away, teasing her. Tami groaned in frustration. If only her hands weren't bound...She finally got her tongue on his shaft, and she slurped over it frantically.

Johnny rammed into her hard, enjoying the squishing sounds as her juices surrounded his cock. He pulled out and quickly found her anus, the tight puckered hole. Without warning, he pushed in, Tami's pussy juices his only lubricant. Tami screamed, but James muffled her by ramming his cock down her throat, making Tami gag. More tears rolled down her cheeks as Johnny's thick cock pumped in and out of her tight asshole, stretching the canal as far as it could go.

James pulled on Tami's brown hair, pushing her face down to his balls, making Tami jerk as she tried not to gag. "Oh yes baby, suck that cock. Yes, little slut, suck it. Shove it down your throat and swallow it, oh yeah baby..." he moaned, humping Tami's face.

Johnny started to alternate between fucking her ass and pussy, thrusting into each hole for a few seconds, then switching to another. This made Tami even more aroused as she felt herself close to a climax. She started to shake, and felt as if an envelope of heat as surrounded her. Her vision blurred and stars burst before her eyes. Her cunt muscles contracted, and her cum squirted from her pussy. Johnny had been fucking her ass, but when he saw that she was coming, he quickly rammed into her pussy, thrusting quickly for a few times and releasing his load into her.

James had been holding back for a few minutes, and now he shot spurt after spurt of cum into Tami's open mouth, splattering it on her whole face. Tami coughed up the cum and it spilled down her chin, dribbling down to the dirt. Johnny finished coming and pulled his cock out, sighing contently. Tami collapsed, sitting on her feet, her stick face pressed against the back of the bench. The two men wiped their cocks clean on her back, and pulled their pants back up. Before they left, James untied the tie and wrapped it around her neck. He gave her ass a kiss and followed his friend out of the park, laughing and slapping his back.

Tami stayed on the bench for another hour, resting her tired arms. Slowly, she pushed herself from the bench, pulled on her shorts, fixed her shirt, and walked home slowly. As she walked home, Tami sobbed silently, her tears mixing with the cum on her face. Secretly though, she hoped she would see those two men again. Maybe teach them a lesson for messing with her. Her hand went down her pants and swished her fingers in the stranger's cum.
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