Bored Whore Gets Loads On The Road

 We had just finished checking into the hotel and my wife, Jess, a beautiful blond about 5'2" and a perfect set of 36c breasts met me at the door with a wild look in her eye, we had been on the road all day due to a flat tire about 20 miles out of this little mid west town. She was very quiet on the ride to the hotel and now I know why. She told me that after I had left with the tow truck driver to get the tire fixed, she had gotten out of the car to stretch and look around, then............... 
“I was wearing denim shorts and a tight little pink tank top. My bra was getting uncomfortable so I decided to slip out of it, and with no one around I took off my tank and then unbuckled my bra, the warm sun felt great on my bare breasts as a slight cool breeze brushed across my hardening nipples. I stood in the sun for awhile then noticed a truck cresting the hill a couple of miles up the road so I threw my tank back on and climbed into the car.
The truck roared by, then I heard it brake suddenly, fearing the unknown I rolled up my window, and locked the doors. The truck pulled in behind and I closed my eyes hoping they would leave me be. I heard footsteps but no voice, so I cracked my eye to see a young guy staring at me. Then he began to wave at the truck for his buddies. three more men walked up, now I could hear them speaking. The oldest said we should go or well be late, besides old Joe just passed us so I'm sure it'll be fine. Then I heard one say, "Man look at those titties, what I wouldn't give to blow my load allover those". I felt all of their eyes peering upon her.
My nipples began to harden and push against the fabric of the tank. They began describing all of me and the things they'd like to do to me. I could feel my body starting to heat up, and I began to writhe back and fourth in my seat. I opened my eye slightly again to see them standing there peering in at me while they rubbed at their crotches. Before I knew it, my hands were finding their way to my tits, rubbing and pinching my nipples, and exposing my flat sexy stomach. They watched eagerly as I played with myself, imagining their hands allover my body. Finally I opened my eyes and focused in on the guy who was talking about my tits, I sat up and pulled off my top.
 I began to squeeze my tits and pulled on them. The oldest guy said hey Jimmy that's for you, what are you gonna do for her? He stepped forward and unbuckled his pants, and pulled out his hard cock! As I played with my tits he stroked his cock harder and harder. By now my pussy was very wet and all I could think of was the load he was going to shoot.  I decided to risk getting out of the car.  Slowly opening the door and at the same time watching the 3 men, I moved to the front of the car and lent back against the bonnet. I was both excited and very nervous but couldn't take my eyes off the hard cock the first guy had in his hand.  As I continued to stare, he walk up towards me. His eyes were on my tits.  I continued to cup and squeeze them, pulling hard on my erect nipples.  He was breathing hard and stroking his cock fast.  I lowered myself down so that I was kneeling in front of him, my tits at the same level as his cock.  He moved in closer and started rubbing the head of his cock all over my nipples, looking down, I could see the trail of precum he had made.  He slapped his cock all over my tits and nipples and without warning and within a few seconds he blew a huge load all over my tits.
Before I could react or do anything about the load of cum sliding down my tits and onto my stomach, the next guy moved forward and mouthed the word pussy.  Mmmm! I thought and then slowly stood up, undid my  shorts and pushed them and my panties to the ground.  I could feel my juices flowing.  My pussy lips and inner thighs were wet.  I pushed myself back up onto the bonnet of the car and spread my legs wide, exposing my smooth, wet cunt to this total stranger. I began fingering my now soaked pussy, massaging my clit and pushing my fingers in and out, willing myself to hold off from cumming. The second guy  pulled out his dick for me. For a long time, he just looked at my cunt  but couldn't fight the urge for long. Moving up to the car, he pressed the head of his cock against the opening of my dripping pussy.  I thought he was going to push his cock deep into me, so I readied myself for it but instead, he did the same as the last guy and just rubbed his cock all over my clit then ran the head from of his dick all the way down to my ass hole and back up to my clit over and over.  This guy blew his load just as fast as the 1st guy, coating my clit and pussy lips with his load of thick white cum.  It was all happening too fast for me and pussy was wanting action.
 Now for the third guy, I know what you want, I thought so I stood up, turned around and leaned over to the bonnet of the car  and raised my ass up high.  I pushed my fingers down between my legs and coated them with a mix of pussy juice and cum then I rubbed my ass spreading my cheeks for him exposing my tight little ass hole. I was so horny I began rocking hard back and forth when he pulled out his cock, nearly knocking the car off the jack stand. His cock never even touched my asshole, instead all I heard was a loud grunt then felt a continuous warmth squirt all over my asshole and inner thighs. He to came quickly.
I settled back down against the bonnet and then seen the forth guy the oldest of the bunch step up he pulled out his 12 inch cock and point at my  face. squatting down in front of him, legs spread wide, my fingers rubbing my cunt and clit hard, he pushed his cock against my mouth. I Licked feverishly at it pressing my mouth over it, I swore this guy was going to choke me with the length of his cock as he pushed it in deep. As he fucked my mouth, I rubbed my clit hard and fast.  It only took a few strokes and I could feel myself cumming, making me suck this guys cock harder. As I moaned loud, he pulled his cock out, held it over my face then I saw him begin to shudder and then he let go. His cumm didn't squirt out like the others but it was more like it poured out, coating my face then running down my chin and dripping to my tits.   When he was finished he stepped back with the others, talked quietly for a time then nodded and they all walked off and got into their truck.

I stood there quietly for a while, trying to take in what had just happened, then when I was ready, went to the car, found a towel and cleaned myself off and got dressed and got back into the car. I was sexually charged by what had just happened but also felt very unsatisfied.  I laid my head back against the seat, closed my eyes and my thoughts went to one man that new how to truly satisfy me.  He knew my body inside and out, literally!  My husband was an incredible lover.  He knew how to read my body.  I could feel my clit start to swell again and my pussy getting wet, just by thinking about the way he makes his mouth and tongue, play over my pussy.  The way he sucks on my clit and at te same time, flicks his tongue over it.  John's cock, when hard, is big and fat and I love the way it stretches my tight wet cunt when he enters me.  Sometimes he rams it into me fast but there are also a lot of times when he slowly inches he cock into my pussy, so I can savor the feel of his cock stretching my pussy open.  He too enjoys the feeling of my pussies tightness, closing around his hard cock.  Tonight, when I tell John about what happened when he went to get the tire fixed, I know he is going to get as turned on from hearing it, as I was experiencing it and only then, will I be truely satisfied.”

When my Jess had finished telling me the story, she lowered her head to my now very hard cock and began to suck on it. Licking the head and shaft and then pushing her mouth all over it and down so the head was deep in her throat.  I felt like I was in heaven.  I knew her pussy was on fire from her cum covered experience with the truckers.  Why they didn't fuck her silly beats me but I know I will.  Her mouth roamed over my cock and balls and her throat got a very good massage with my fat cock.  I reached over and started to rub her tits and squeeze her nipples as she sucked my cock.  I wondered if she was here or back with the truckers as she sucked me.  She loves her adventures but also loves to come home to tell me about it.  It turns into a marathon of sex.  Licking and sucking and fucking for hours.  I have some adventures that Jess loves to hear about but nothing like hers.  I once met a black woman at a bar and she took me into the apartment with her friends above the bar for a few great fucks.  Jess was totally turned on from hearing my story but told me, that next time, she wanted to be there to watch my cock slip into those black pussies.  We haven't since.  Someday we will.
My hands rubbed her soft tits and hard nipples as she groaned at the pleasure.  One hand went up to her back and rubbed up and down the spine.  I could almost reach the crack in her ass.  I felt like I was about to cum from this beauty sucking my cock.  I raised my hands up over her head and pushed her face into my groin.  Her throat was full of cock.  She was turning a little red and gagging a little.  I released her and let her get her breath.  She loves my f***e fucking of her throat.  When I cum she loves it deep inside her throat or that sweet wet pussy.
I fucked her mouth now by shoving her head down on my cock.  Faster and faster my cock slipped between those lips.  Jess loves to be fucked in the mouth.  My cock loves what she can do to it with that sweet mouth.  My hips arched up and my cum was boiling up from deep inside me.  She knew what was cumming.  My cum bucket was ready for a heavy load.  She clamped her lips around my cock tight and I released a load of thick, hot, white cum into that mouth.  She sucked and licked it until my fat cock was empty.   She loves eating cum.  She released my cock from her mouth and we lay by each other, holding each other for a moment.
Jess finally said that she loves a good meal of cum after a good cum bath.  I think she liked the way the truckers had spent their load as well as the way I gave her a good meal.
My hand went to her pussy as my lips went to hers.  She moaned and said, " I need a fat cock to fuck me." I felt her hand reach for my soft cock and rub it.  She knew that my cock would respond to her touch.  She rubbed and stroked as my fingers rubbed over that wet cunt and clit.  My fingers found that the wetness had dripped over her ass as well.  When I rubbed her sphincter she moaned loudly.  She has a very sensitive ass hole.  I pulled my lips from hers and asked, did a truckers cock touch that ass hole today?”  She said, “yes, his cock was hot and it felt good. I don’t know why he didn’t fuck my ass but when he came on my ass hole, I was a little disappointed I couldn’t taste it like I did the old man’d cum on my face.  I did taste the cum from my tits and pussy.  Why didn’t they fuck me?  The trucker was so close to my wet, slippery cunt.  I should have grabbed his cock and pulled him into me.  Please fuck me now John, my cunt needs a hard cock in it.”
My lips went back to hers and I continued to finger her cunt.  I had 3 fingers in her now and she moaned.  Her hand rubbed up and down my cock.  God she knows how to make a cock respond to her.  I felt the precum oozing and her fingers finding it and rubbing it over the head.  Her fingers parted my pee hole like it was her tongue and her hand felt as soft as her mouth. 
She pulled away from my lips and said, “Fuck me the way the truckers should have.  You’ve already fucked me like the old man should have.  Don’t cum until you are deep in my ass.”
I knew what Jess wanted and it was a little bit of cock in all the places the truckers were with a big finish in that tight ass.  I straddled her tits and she wrapped the soft flesh around my now hard cock and I began to pump as she spit on my cock and her tits to lube them. I pumped my cock between them as I leaned forward.  I know my hot ass was on her belly and I could feel her heat as I slipped up and down her chest.  She moaned and started talking like I was one of the truckers.
“please be gentle, my husband will be here soon…..Why are you doing this to me…….oh!, your cock is so hard……It feels so good between my tits…………Cum on my tits you fucking bastard…………..Cum all over my little nipples.”  She was moaning and talking so hot that my cock was about to burst.  She had me stop because she wanted to finish with her ass filled.
I lifed off her tits and her head came forward as my cock went towards her mouth.  She started sucking the head and licking it.  God I love this woman.  She looked into my eyes and said, “Don’t fuck my pussy Mr. Trucker.”
I lowered my body down hers until my cock was poised at that wet opening.  I asked her, “ Was this little cunt this wet for that trucker’s cock?”
She looked up at me, “yes, it was very wet.  I don’t know how his cock didn’t slip inside me like I want it to now.”  Her hips pushed up and I rubbed the head of my cock against the clit, cunt lips and ass hole as the trucker did.  She said, “you were listening,  that trucker rubbed his cock against my ass and my clit and slipped right over the place I wanted it to stick me.  Can you do what he did not do?”  I slipped my cock between those wet lips and pushed.  It didn’t take much.  Jess’s cunt gets so very slippery that I slid right inside.
Jess gasped and said,  “hold it there.  I want to feel the trucker inside me.  I want you to slowly fuck my cunt mr trucker.   I want it to feel good inside me….now fuck me harder….fuck me you bastard trucker….fuck this hot cunt…….make us both cum with that little prick.”  With that she pulled forward.  My cock slipped out of that wet little cunt. She rolled over and put her ass in the air.  I positioned my cock at the crack of that fine ass.  Jess started talking as if it wasn’t me, “My ass is for my husband you nasty trucker.  Why do you want to fuck my ass?”
The whole time she was talking she rubbed pussy juice in her tight ass hole.  My cock was rubbing up and over that tight hole. She said, “don’t fuck me with that, don’t cum in my ass.”  It was a taunt for any red bl**ded cock to fuck that tiny ass hole.  With that I pushed my cock head in and let it settle the muscles. She, screamed, “It hurts, it’s so big, take it out.”  I pushed in another inch.  “you are hurting me you trucker bastard, take it out?”  I pushed it the rest of the way in and started to stroke the inside of her ass.  “Please be gentle…’s so big… are a big trucker cock……… feels good now……….fuck me now, fuck me a little harder………..Fuck my ass you asshole fucking trucker……………fuck me harder……….Fuck this tight ass.”
Jess was rubbing her cunt and clit as I fucked her ass.  She came in a shudder and her body collapsed as my cock shot it’s load deep in her ass.  I pulled out and a trail of white hot cum slipped out.  She reached back and rubbed her ass to make sure I had not split her in two.
She was smiling as she rolled over to look at me.  I lay beside her and held her close.  She looked at me and said, “Those truckers could have had more but I’m glad you were here for the finish.  Hmmmm, I wonder what the next highway adventure might be?”
We both know that anything goes but when the day is over, our love holds us together.  She’ll have other adventures just as I will but we’ll share them all with each other whenever they happen.
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