My Best Friends s****r

One year, back when I was still in college, my friend invited me to fly to Orange County for a summer, we had become great friends and he wanted me to meet his f****y and friends. I was 23 and a few years older then him, having worked for three years before applying for school and I had never been to the west coast so I was super excited about it even though my friends f****y were born again christians, his father produced shows for CBN, so from stories, and pictures I knew their house was pretty epic. I had seen pictures of his mother and his younger s****r, I loved busting balls telling him the dirty things I would do to them. He was a good sport and would usually just laugh it off. Then he usually would remind me of their Christian Life Style and say how proud he was for his s****r, she had vowed to not have sex until she married and was pretty devoted to the church.

His parents picked us up from the airport and were extremly friendly and funny. When we arrived at his house, (more like palace) they called his s****r down to introduce us, she was hot but seemed very shy. During dinner I tried making conversation but she gave short disinterested answers and then excused herself to go to her friends house. That night I woke up around 3am and after being lost for 15 minutes found a bathroom. I finished taking a piss and got some on the seat forgetting to lift it, I had just finished wiping the seat and i was at the sink to wash my hands when i felt a hand quick, smoth and silently cup my balls and another reach around and slip inside my sweats grabbing my cock. Then a voice whispered don't make a noise or I will tell them you tried to **** me. In a sort of shock I slowly turned around. My mouth dropped as I realised it was Kev's little s****r Holly. I knew she was yet to turn 18 so technically still i*****l to be with. Seeing that she was naked gave me an instant errection. She ordered me to my knees.

"Do exactly as i say and no one will know i not only agreed, but this was my idea." "I shook my head and whispered "ok" not wanting to be accused of ****, and curious to hear what she wanted. She explained how she had been strictly following her promise but her friends had been giving in and telling her all about it. She was having more frequent sexual urges and even tried masturbating for her first time a month ago and was becoming hooked. She wasn't interested in any of the boys in school enough to give it up to them, plus didn't want to become part of the gossip in class as the rest of the girls had. That night she had been reading erotic stories on-line and one story she read gave her this idea. If I didn't say anything to anyone about this and did as she said, then she would use me as her sex educator. I would have to do the things she was curious about. "Why me." "Because you're cute and since you are older I imagine you are kind of experienced, i've heard stories about you from my b*****r and he always talks about your way with women. Plus you are stuck in our house and i'm sure wouldn't want to piss off my f****y. I took the liberty of inviting some church friends to spend the summer and they arrive this weekend, so tomorrow i'll suggest we clean out the upstairs of yhe garage, it used to be a guest room but now is just storage. It's seperate from the house and practicaly an apartment. It has a fridge, microwave, sink and bathroom with a tub." "What about your b*****r?" "He didn't know my friends were coming and since I am preaching to them for conversion, I can't go take care of my Nana like I was supposed to. I will suggest he go for the first week and we can figure it out from there."

"So if you are in agreement,I think it's time for you to eat my pussy." What could I do? so i ate it like she was mana from heaven. Her pussy tasted so fresh, clean, and nice. Not wanting to make to much noise she snuck me to the entertainment room downstairs and two stories away from the bedrooms. I threw her down onto the couch, kneeled to the floor and continued eating her until she came. She burried her head in a pillow so no one could hear her moans. She told me to stand up and let her watch me jack off. I stood up and took out my cock. I asked her to spit in my hand and showed her how I stroke my cock. It wasn't going to last to long as the excitement had my cock raging hard. I told her to watch out because I was about to cum. She was grinning ear to ear as her mouth hung open a bit. "Do it, I want to see." Fuck it, she asked for it, I said to myself. I stroked back all the way to my balls and held it for a second allowing the pressure to build. Aimed it at her open mouth and let it fly. It was a direct shot into her mouth and then as she laughingly moved her head, I hit her chin, cheek, forehead, breasts and belly. "Wow, that was so hot." She said laughing. "Tastes pretty good as well, a lot better then most of my friends make it out to be." She remarked as she scooped some from her chin and sucked it off her finger. "We better clean up and get back to bed," she said' "next time I want it straight from the source though." "That would be my pleasure." I said. "I bet it would she laughed as she scooped more into her mouth.

She went back to being distant around me but also was working to set her plan in motion. Kev appologized to me for having to leave. I said it would give me time to catch up on some reading and maybe some hiking. "You could always help my s****r out with her bible study group." he joked. "Sounds fun and all but I think I will pass." I, not wanting to seem to anxious replied. His mom had just came into the room with bedding and overhearing said. "Well myabe you could at least help her practice her sermons, she can come recite them to you and practice memorizing them. How about an hour or two after supper? Who knows maybe you might learn a thing or two." "If she needs the help, then sure, why not, it is the least i can do for your hospitality." Kev made faces at me and when his mom walked out, laughed out loud and teased me about being stuck everynight listening to the bible. I mocked disappointment even as my cock twitched and my mind raced at how perfect things were falling into place for us.

We began our bible studies that night and to my disappointment, nothing more went on then bible study. Kev left that friday as her friends arrived, she spent all her time with them that first weekend, barely uttering a word to me. I was totally confused. Maybe she decided against it, maybe it was a joke. I was becoming so horny, I just had to get laid.

I went for a walk to a cafe, ordered a soda and sat down. All of a sudden this REALLY REALLY hot woman sits down beside me. "You must be the new cute guy in town visiting for the summer, i've been hearing about." Blushing, I said, "Ummm...I guess so, my name is John, I've been staying with the Bakers, I go to college with Kevin. Who's been talking?" "In a town like this everyone talks, so why are you alone?" I explained the story in the non detailed kind of way. She asked if I wanted to see something cool at the beach." Why not." She said her name was Julie, that her f****y was out of town until tomorrow and asked if I could help her carry this thing she found over to her house. When we got down to the beach, she guided me over to a hidden cove. It was getting dark and i could see a duffel bag hidden in the brush in a smallish kind of cave opening. She asked me to grab one side and she would grab the other. It was heavey and I could tell it was filled with several things. "What is it?" I asked. She told me that I would see when we got it to her place. "Do you have a girlfriend John?"She questioned. "I have a few girls i date but no one steady, just enjoying college life and playing the field." "I heard your a little ladies man" she kept asking me personal questions and as we were talking all of a sudden the subject somehow rolls over to sex.
We soon arrived at her house. She opened her garage and after we entered and the door was closing, she said that she taught religious classes at the church school. The bag contained all of the pornographic videos, books, letters and magazines confis**ted in and around the school grounds in the ten years she has worked there. A week prior someone snuck in after school and stole the bag. That evening with no one around she decided to go for a walk when she happened upon it, she was about to call a friend when she saw me and seeing that I looked lonely sat down to talk. "And here we are,." "What are you going to do with it?" "Tell the k**s that we had the cops fingerprint it and know who the person is but will give them until the end of the week to turn themselves in and be suspended or we will turn the matter over to the police and they will be arrested for breaking and entering." "For Real." "Of course not, but we have a feeling the person will turn themselves in." "Isn't that lying?" I joked. "Maybe I should be punished to then, what do you think?" She winked at me. For being such a help, how about you pick out a few things from here and keep them. I bet a ladies man such as yourself living in a house of christians, in a town of christians, must be feeling lonely and frustrated." I turned beet red and hesitated a bit to long. "Well if your to shy I guess I will pick them for you." she teased. She unzipped the bag and it was mindnumbing, the amount of porn inside. She began reading me the titles and showing me the pictures. "Hmmm can't judge a book by its cover, so why don't you pick a few and I'll fix us up some dinner and a couple of glasses filled with the bl**d of christ and we could preview a few, that should help, ok." Where am I, I thought, can this get any more bizarre. Fuck it instead of feeling uncomfortable why not reverse the rolls and pick out the nastiest ones and she how she reacts.
When I entered the living room, she was wearing a bathing suite top and pink sweat shorts. "Hope you don't mind that I slipped into something a bit more comfy." "Not at all" i said as my cock rose immediatley to attention. "I guess not" she giggled staring at the outline in my shorts. "I can see why the ladies like you" she cooed "Wht did you choose then big boy?" Taking the vids, she read. "Cum Hungry Cougars, Milf Hunter, Gangbanged Wives, real Mother son i****t videos, Slut wife training, Womans b**st friend2 dog day afternoon and finally Cum Slut Wives First Time Gloryholes." "Overcoming your shyness I see. Well let's start at the beginning then Cum Hungry Cougars. So how old are you Johnny?" "23" "perfect" im pretty sure is what she said. She asked me if I've ever been with an experiensd woman or i guess cougar they say? "I was with a few 27 year olds when I was a teen I told her." She had me tell her the story as we watched the video, it was about 2 women who were bored with their marriage and went on a girls only weekend vacation, they were playing a game to see who could blow the most different guys by the end of the weekend. I told her about my neighbors love for giving oral and she told me she used to enjoy it but her husband was never really into it, and sometimes she missed giving them. She asked if I enjoyed getting them. "Hell yeah, all day every day." I said kind of immaturely. She asked if I'd like to receive one now from her.""Seriously, SURE, I would love to! So she gets on her knees and procedes to give me head with passion, I could tell she was getting off as much as i was. It was one of the best blowjobs ever. She was definatly experiensed! She bobbed her head up and down and sucked really hard. I told her when I was soon close to cumming. She just moaned and worked faster and faster and faster until she took the first shot in her mouth. I just about screamed my head off with pleasure.

For the finish she removed her warm mouth and let me watch as she swallowed my cum. "Yumm all gone." "That was fun, I'll tell you what, fuck me with that nice cock of your's and I promise to suck your cock to completion at least once everyday that you are in town on vacation, deal." I must have truly found heaven.

She put on the next video and then removed all of her clothes. Whew, smoking. I thought she was hot outside in clothes, she kind of resembled Kev's s****r but older! We watched some more of the movie and then seeing my cock standing on its own she climbed on top of me and rubbed my dick on her smooth pussy.Seeing a pearl of spunk bubble up she licked it off and then she slipped her pussy down on it and shoving my stiff hard andfully erect dick inside her sweet hot pussy. OHHHH, IT FEEEELLSSS SOOOOOOOOOO FUCKING GOOD!!!!!!! I tossed her down and grabbed her by the hair as I started to slowly thrust for her depths. I would rotate speeds, and hold her head up to the screen, so she could see the sluts swallowing strangers semen just as she had and would continue while I was around. Finally I pulled out and blew a thick creamy load over her face and hair. Opening her mouth she grabbed my cock and squeezed out as much spunk as she could. "We aint done yet my boy." She sucked me throughout the night or had me jack loads into her hungry mouth as we watched each video. Around 6am we showered and before bringing me home she sucked me hard once again. Needing to fuck i f***efully pushed her head into the wall as i agressivly plowed her tight pussy. She started making lots of noise by this time. I loved it so i started to go even harder. She let out a very loud series of squeels and began to shutter as i continued pumping harder and faster until she let out a wimper. "Please stop, I can't take it much longer. I love it but you will ruin me, your driving me crazy. Once more she softly moaned plz, stop. I will need it always if you continue. hearing her words sent me wild, Suddenly i blew my load deep inside her and left her in a heap in the corner of the room as I put my clothes back on. She dropped me off before anyone had gotten up for the day at Kevs.

When I opened the door to my room and to my surprise ran into Holly and her friends seeing if i wanted to go get breakfast. I was starved but still smelled of sex. "Sure just give me a minute to change." "Where did you stay last night." "Went to the beach and fell asl**p." "Cool, so where did my aunt find you?" "Who?" "My Aunt Julie, the person who dropped you off this morning." "Oh, uh she saw me this morning when she was taking a walk on the beach, she said I better leave before a cop sees me. She asked were I was staying and I said here, she said she knew of the place and gave me a ride." She looked at my eyes for an uncomfortable moment and said. "Wow, you got lucky, didn't you?" "No, what do you mean." "I mean lucky that my aunt found you and not a cop, why so jumpy?" "Still sl**py I guess." "Well hurry up and lets go get some food, you must be starved." Then grabbing my cock, she said, "Seeing as though you aquired some porn, I want to watch you jack off to it tonight during bible study, leave the door unlocked and be naked on your couch already watching one of these movies." gulping I said "Your wish is my command."

That evening as I heard a car pull out of the driveway I undressed and put on the gloryhole video. I couldn't wait to teach her how to suck cock. Hearing the door open expecting to see Holly walk in and to my very embarassing surprise it was Holly's friend Michelle. "Hey Holly had to go to church for an unexpected pta meeting. She asked me to come keep you company until she returned." Seeing my Cock and the action on the T.V. she remarked. "Thank you Holly! Well what do we have going on over there." She said as she looked at the video. I could feel my face turn ruby red as my cock followed suit. "Unfortunetley we can't fuck but i for one am a huge fan of mutual masturbation, so if you don't mind I am going to remove these annoying pants. Mind giving me a hand."I couldn't get them down fast enough. Oh yes she was ready her pussy emanated lust. Hertongue was in my mouth before I could say a thing and her hands were rubbing my hard erect cock thank god I had already applied some lube. She said we only have an hour or so till Holly will be done. Then she grabbed my hand and said I should do for her what she was doing for me. We watched the video and she was such the perfect chick to watch a porn with, very vocal, saying what turned her on and what not. What she would like to try, how she wished it was her on screen. She even asked me questions and seemed generally interested in my responses. Just before Holly was expected home she begged me to cum in her mouth, i happily obliged. She continued to stroke me until Holly came through the door. "Sorry about that, hope Michelle wasn't a bother."

I said not a problem she can keep me company anytime you want her to. Perhaps but now I'm so ready to cum. So let's start this over for now and let lesson one begin. She sat naked down beside me and told Michelle that she will call her when she's finished with me. She said she would be ok with her keeping me company on day's when her parents are at work and when she also leaves for obligations that may arise. What a night, i couldn't believe how quickly Holly adapted her throat to deepthroating my cock. She practiced that night and for the next three as well.

That Thursday after her parents went to work, she said she had some errands to run and told me I should go keep Michelle company. But she wanted me to film it. Slipping into her room, i startled her, she was to scared to mess around in the house, in case someone came home.
I said lets go to my room Michelle said ok but this time I want to fuck you on your bed. What could a man with a hard cock say to such a horny lady's request?

Michelle is 5'8" maybe 110# soaking wet, a former stripper, I just found out, and a clean shaved pussy and a nice tight ass that hasn't had a penis inside either in 2 years. "So Holly tells me she will no longer be a virgin come Thursday" "If that's her wish, but how about we just focus on this moment." We where both naked by the time we hit the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and knelt beside her head as she knew just what to do and started to suck me off as i rubbed her pussy that was already soaking wet. We got ourselves into a 69 position as we voraciously went at it. I told her she better stop unless she wanted to get a large mouthful of my cum. She said thats what she always wants. As you would expect, thats just the thing I needed to hear.These born again bitches sure do love to swallow cum, I happily continued supplying. Just as we were about to fuck, my phone rang, it was Julie begging me to come over now, she had the place to herself for the next three hours. "Ineed to shower first." I told her. "Not enough time, I will be there in 5 minutes to pick you up." Well I guess i should give her a little gift then, i said to myuself as i slid my cock in and out of Michelles cunt quickly, letting loose a quick cum before throwing on pants and heading to Julies car. "Til next time" I yelled to Michelle who was laying on my bed with cum leaking from her used vagina.

I no longer think I know, I must have died and went to heaven ! Julie was in dressed in a skirt and a loose top. Sliding over she told me to drive. I said whatever makes her happy, she pulled my cock out and went right to work sucking on it, "Who was the lucky lady" She questioned but continued on sucking Michelle's juices off of me. She tastes good but I bet she wouldn't suck your cock knowingly with the scent of another pussy that it just pulled out of.
"Michelle, i wouldn't bet against it?" I said smiling. She laughed and said I couldn't drop enough loads for this deprived town of female sex fiends, could I? As again she locked those soft lips back on my cock and I felt that snaking tongue licking my balls. I pulled her to me and began to grind my already hard cock against her pussy. She pulled away and said meet you in the bedroom as she slipped off into the other room. I raced to the bedroom leaving my clothes behind as I chased her down the hall. Laying naked on the bed she looked ravishing as I entered. her body looked scrumptous wearing a white lace half bra that her pink dime size hard nipples were exposed in and white homemade crotchless pantyhose and 3" white pumps. I was speechless as i reached out to rub her nylons and brush across her pussy. She twitched to the touch of my fingers findeling her pussy. "I've never been so turned on before." She said. I laughed and said "see this rock hard cock, that should tell you about my feelings as well." I sat on the side of her bed and pleaded for her to walk around and model for me, like a good slut would. She willingly obliged and gave me a sexy walk until she returned back in front of me and said I want you to enter me. Now. Please fuck me. I grabbed her and turning her around mad her bend over. caressing her building up the tension my hands moved to her ass and rubbed her inner thighs enticing her to spread her legs wider.

"What a sweet and juicy ass Julie. Think it can take my cock up it. "I told you I would do what ever you wanted me to do." Her fingers moved to her pussy as she rubbed her lips slowly up and down, moaning and rolling her hips as i looked on. I could feel how wet she was already, as her pussy juice leaked on my leg. Grabbing her I set her down on my hard cock as we both let out moans. She road me like I was a wild stallion pumping my cock with intent, slipping it in and out of her as I tried to hold the moment in mmy minds eye. she stuck her tongue into my mouth and placed my hand onto one of her small hard nipples. I was pushing hard up on her and we where both going at it seeing who would break first. I could hear the wetness of her cunt sqishing around my shaft, her nectar was rolling and poolingdown around my sack. Just as I began to cum, I heard clapping, looking at the doorway, Holly was watching. "Hi Aunt Julie, mom asked me to drop some paperwork off for you, seeing that the door was open a bit, I let myself in. Hope you don't mind." Julie tried to say something, but I just lifted her off of me and told Holly to get over here and lick my cock clean of her Aunts juices. Now Julie was in even more of a shock, what a site that was seeing her niece on her knees licking her juices off of my hard cock. Oh how I have jacked off fantasying of this kind of scenario and now it was happening. I had Julie ride me once again and Holly go back down and lick me clean but this time I shot my load in her mouth as she swallowed it all and sucked me till i was drained without loosing a drop.

We all fucked and sucked for 2 more hours. First time in a long long time I was able to cum 3 times like that" Julie said. I never did fuck her ass that day but eventually did further down the road.

to be continued......
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Haleluja! :-) that's the closest I've been to religion in years but might take it up. :-) nice, hot story.