My Best Friends' Fiance

I never wanted to hurt Thomas, my boss and friend since c***dhood, in any way, so i never told him our secret. I knew who his 4 k**s father really happened to be. 2 boys, 2 girls, all beautiful and all my k**s.

Melissa was one of the sexiest white chicks i had ever seen, she always told Thomas that on their wedding night he was gonna be her first. She went looking for bridesmaid dresses but because the maids were all at work, she had them give her their measurements and called for Thomas's limo driver (me) to pick her up and drive her around to pick them out. I grew up next door to Thomas, as c***dren we were inseparable, he came from a wealthy f****y and mine was more lower class. I was the more athletic, smarter, personable and explorative of the two of us, but he had wealth, connections and was educated in finance management, therefore he went to college and had a wall street job waiting for him when he finished. I went to community college, traveled and sold d**gs, we lost track of one another for a few years but thanks to facebook and to the little compassion he had left, after we reconnected he gave me a job being his driver. Melissa knew we had been friends since c***dhood. She was cordial when he was with her but when alone or with her friends was kind of cold, distant and some times belittling. She was his girlfriend and i was raised to respect your friends and f****y's possessions, though the rest of the world was fair game.

That summer night, Melissa was in a talkative mood. From the moment I picked her up i couldn't stop looking at her, she was wearing a loose fitting sun dress, she talked about Justin's business trip to Bahrain and he must be sending this heat wave we were having. I said she should remind him that he should make the heat dry then and not as humid as it is. She laughed and commented that it was so sticky hot that she was only wearing the dress because anything more was way to uncomfortable. She asked me if since her friends couldn't help, be her second eyes and opinion with choosing their dresses. Even though I told her that i had no sense of fashion and would be just as useful as no one, she joked that then I should pick and she will know to go with the opposite, and then pouting said that she has been so lonely and could just use some company, someone to talk to. She said that she would make it worth while and depending on my ability to help would tip me throughout the night.

"You don't have to do that, I wouldn't mind tagging along, it would be nice to get to know the woman my friend is marrying anyway. This would be the perfect opportunity." I told her. "I better not disappoint then." she quipped. She asked me to tell her stories about us as k**s, and not wanting to say anything that would get him in trouble, i kept it to stories of my craziness and the times he helped me out. She kept making flirty remarks about bad boys and how she had a thing for bad boys until they met. She had been drinking champagne as we were driving and seemed to be catching a decent buzz. She asked me to tell her more of my stories. "Well if I am going to be revealing my whole life to you, wouldn't it be fair for you to reveal some of yours to me?" "Well that really isn't much to say, my life has been pretty much planned and plain, but if you would like me to reveal myself." She leaned back and spreading her legs lifted up the front of her dress. Her pussy was perfect, shaved, pink, looked like it was a gift of the goddess. I think I may even have noticed a drop of moisture fall from her cooch onto the black leather seat. All this revealing that she wasn't wearing any underwear made my cock start to engorge. "Lookout." she yelled. Looking at the road i saw we were in the wrong lane and before crashing, I swerved back into the right one. Laughing she said, "Was that revealing enough for you." "Very unexpected, I better keep my eyes on the road from now on, wouldn't want to kill my friends fiance on him while he is away." "Here we are anyway, that was fun, OK come be my sidekick."

She tried on her first dress and didn't like it then asked me to come help her with the second one. "I better not, Thomas would be pissed if he found out." "Grabbing my arm and pulling me into the dressing room she said, "Who's going to tell him, plus I know what goes on during these types of business trips, he probably is getting his dick sucked by two 14 year old sex slaves from some sheiks harem at this moment. I have a father and a few older b*****rs, I've heard stories, and you're just being of help to me." "If I didn't know him it would be one thing, but I don't disrespect my friends." "Friend, you should hear him talk down about you to his workmates when you are not around, they make an oath to their "b*****rhood" to take on a charity case, but behind close doors they laugh about them as being their toys. Think about some of the silly things he's had you do when his business partners are around." I started flashing back and remembering and began to fume. But just because he had lost his morals to money didn't mean that I had to lose mine to hearsay or anger. "I still don't think it would be right.: I told her. "OK, I'll just tell him that you were high when you picked me up, made sexual passes towards me and almost got us killed as you were driving was so erratic." my face dropped and I didn't know what to say. What I thought though is at least they seem to make the perfect couple. Needing the job and feeling threatened, I said, "Fuck it, just promise you won't use this against me in the future, please." "Of course I wouldn't, now get in here you bad boy." I knew that I was pretty screwed at some point, either she will use it for blackmail against me or as a weapon against him.

She changed in front of me and i tried to keep my eyes closed and not to look, but she just continued to talk as she stood there naked and tell me to look at her when she talked to me. She was gorgeous and i felt my cock start throbbing.

After the second dress change right in front of me i had an uncontrollable hard on, she loved teasing me, she asked me to wait for a second and stepped out to talk with the sales lady. I heard as she whispered something to her and then they locked the the door to the room we were in. I saw her clothes come off and the sales ladies as well, the curtain opened and they both walked over to me, both completely nude. This is my friend Amber, she will be your first tip for being such fun for me today.

Amber kneeled down in front of me and unzipping my pants pulled out my stiff cock, Melissa looked over her shoulder and said to Amber "See, I had a feeling, isn't it pretty girl, now stroke it for him, I want to watch, but first let me help." Amber was smiling as she help my cock. Melissa bent over the top and bending down just over the tip, she lightly blew on the head. A dollop of pre-cum bubbled up from my slit. Then i felt a warm moist drop of saliva fall from Melissa's mouth onto my spongy helmeted mushroom shaped cock head. Amber mewed seductively as she stroked on my dick, getting it nice and slick. Then pointing it towards Mellisa who pulled it over and began to do this flickering thing with her tongue, licking all around the head, shaft and finally balls.

"So I take it Thomas lied to me when he told me that you were saving your virginity for your wedding night?" "No, he wasn't lying, but that doesn't mean I haven't sucked on my fair share of cocks or played with women before." She lustfully grinned just as he engulfed my cock with her mouth. I've never seen or felt a blowjob, such as they gave me, ever before, they were succeddingly amazing. I let them know that I was going to cum soon, and saw Melissa take my cock away from Amber and put her mouth back on top. Right as i erupted and was cumming she stuck all 8.5 inches inside her mouth and began deep throating all my shaft, down to my ball sack. Then she moved back to the very top and collected the last couple of spurts. When I heard my cock pop out from her lips grasp, I stood and picking her up, spun her upside down so i could lick her clit as she looked face first at my still throbbing cock, she opened her mouth and dripped some cum onto my shaft, then pointing to Amber and back to my dick. Amber understood and sucked and licked the semen from me and swallowed. They continued with this until Amber had ingested every last drop. I licked Melissa until she writhed in orgasmic pleasure and begged me to put her down because of the bl**d running to her head. I then placed her sitting on a bench and told Amber that i wanted to watch as she licked and fingered Melissa's pussy.

I got behind Amber and impaled her clammy moist cunt with my girthy cock. Having already cum once I was showing incredible stamina and Melissa watched as i sent Amber into one orgasmic convulsion after another. "Fuck I need to feel some cock, is their anything here I could use." "No"Amber said, "but since you've used and i have used on you several large dildos, Thomas knows he won't technically be breaking your cherry, why not feel the real thing, if he wears a condom it will be just like a dildo, seeing how there is no skin contact." "Convincing enough for me", Melissa said,"anyone have a condom?" "Nope" we responded "fuck, I need to feel your cock, OK, you can fuck me as long as you don't cum inside me OK?" I had come this far and not only would love to feel that pussy, it would kind of be satisfying that for once I got to try something before Thomas did. I got between her thighs and played with her teasingly rubbing my head on her clit and up and down her lips. She said "fuck me with your huge and beautiful bad boy cock now. You will be mine to use for now on, anytime I want,OK, or I will tell Thomas you f***ed me." "Whatever you say Miss."

I slowly pushed the head into her pussy, then when she was relaxed and ready i thrust in hard. I pounded her relentlessly, until she was squirming and howling, I flipped her doggy style and had Amber sit in front of her and had her lick Amber's cunt, we used her again and again for about 4 exciting hours. I withheld from cumming all night and finally, when I was ready, forgot about the plan and since we were lost in orgasmic bliss, drenched her inner vag and cervix with a torrent of jizz. After realizing what happened I pulled amber to her pussy and made her suck it out, then I looked at Melissa and said, "How did you like being my whore you snobby bitch." "I loved being a whore for you, Thomas isn't back for 2 more weeks which means I want to be your whore, more, more, more. I'll do anything for you, if you make me feel like this baby." "Anything?" "Anything." "OK. Tell me that you are my cum slut and always will be even after you are married, and then I want Amber to suck out all the rest of my cum and fill your mouth up, you aren't allowed to swallow until she finishes and I say you can. If you do this then we have a deal." "mmmm, I love being naughty for you, let's do it." Amber took her time and slowly filled Melissa's slutty mouth. I had her drip some on her face as well. Seeing her being treated willingly like this made me hard once again, and when Amber spit the last load into Melissa's almost full mouth. I said I wanted to add one last shot for her. "Ready." She shook her head yes as tears streamed from her eyes. I jacked one more thick load into her mouth and as it began to overflow I said to swallow, still squirting some into her face during the process. She said yum and then showed me the inside of her mouth, to show she did as told. We got dressed then i took her home to and since Thomas wasn't home, she opted for us to take a shower, i approached her differently this time and taking charge from the get go, i took another of her firsts, as I fucked her ass. she was crying about the pain at first but then when i got her hole lubed up nice to fit my dick she was purring like a happy pussy. i was sucking on her titties, and told her i was about to cum, she slid her ass off my dick, cleaned it with her mouth, then mounting me, she put it inside her pussy. She said she loved feeling me squirt inside her and that tomorrow she would get birth control. We fucked hard until I filled her up once again, then we both collapsed, and the phone rang, it was Thomas saying that he would be home early.

She headed to the shower and I back to the car. When i got down there, I found a note underneath my windshield wiper. It was from Amber, a number telling me to call her, she said she had a gift for me and if I was nice she would share it.

After calling and getting her address and driving over to her, she said that she had been used by both Thomas and Melissa as i had been and had a way that we could benefit from it. She then showed me a copy of the tape she had made of our escapades with a hidden camera. She said she was going to do it by herself but had enjoyed me and could tell that i was a good hearted person put into a shitty spot just as she has been again and again, and asked if I wanted in. "yes" I said with a devious smile. "Then let's seal it with a fuck." I loved this girl, I thought.

The next day Thomas called me to come get him and had me come in for coffee while he changed. Melissa came to me and told me to be back that afternoon because she had plans for me and I better do them all as she said or else. I grabbed her by her hair and explained our new situation, and that I would be back that afternoon and she should be ready because I had all kinds of fun planned for her. Then I pushed her to her knees and had her suck me off, just before i was going to cum, I spun her around and pulling down her sweats, shoved my cock inside her pussy and exploded a river of spunk. I heard a door close upstairs and hurriedly zipped up and helped her pull her pants up. We were both fully dressed by time he came in he walked over to kiss her. He said she looked different since he returned, like hotter different. As long as she keeps getting my dick, I know she wont tell him a thing.

One day, Thomas gave me the weekend off and said he was going to Vegas with the guys to celebrate Melissa being pregnant. The amazing thing is that he had been told that he was sterile but never had the heart to to Melissa and had been ingesting strange potions from around the world such as Bull semen because he heard that they would give him back his virility, "I guess they really do work, he smiled." "Guess so I laughed."

After dropping him off at the airport, I called Melissa and let her know that she was mine for the weekend. Time to Celebrate.
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awesome. you may do stupid things , but you got his bitch & hes got your kids
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That was fucking hot.
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For a turn
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damn dawg