Demean Bitch Gets Degraded

There were twelve of them. All friends and out for a night of drinking and clubbing. They had gone out that Saturday afternoon and by the time they arrived at the Dew Drop Inn at eleven thirty they were all pretty d***k. Dew Drop Inn was not a classy establishment, not even close. It was a rough pub, in a rough area and the people in the bar were that bit older than these twelve rowdy, twenty something's. The reason the friends had gone there was simple: it was on the way to the club they intended to spend the rest of the night in and it had a karaoke going on (which the girls wanted to use).

So they drank a few more shots, sang a couple of songs and then made to leave. Unfortunately, due to a combination of the amount of Swill imbibed and the number in the group and the fact she was not in any of the couples of the group, Marissa was at the toilet when the rest left. They didn't miss her immediately and were in the club before they missed her, they assumed she was somewhere in the crowded club with others from the group and left it at that.

Marissa Dandy stared in the cracked, stained mirror at her reflection and groaned. She had just been sick in one of the disgusting cubicles and was attempting to properly clean her face before heading back to the group. God, she hoped they hadn't left, who'd want to be here alone! What a shithole this dump was, no seats on the toilets, the floor a mess, the bins overflowing and the stink, god! Why did they ever come here? And the locals weren't much better, like an urban version of Deliverance.

She applied a final touch of lipstick and appraised herself in the mirror. Not bad at all she thought as she pulled in her stomach and stuck out her breasts. What she saw was an attractive, 25 year old with shoulder length, light blonde hair. She was veluptuos at 5'6", a trim figure with a nice shapely ass and (her best features) a great big pair of natural breasts. Marissa was proud of her figure and would always wear outfits that showed it off. On this night she had a tight, silver miniskirt and a silver tie back top that hung from her neck on two thin straps to the material that barely covered her nipples and showed a canyon of cleavage before tapering down to her pierced belly button. A perfect outfit for going clubbing, picking up a guy, then getting a good hard fucking. That was how Marissa spent most Saturday nights. She was a slut and loved it. As she put the lippy back in her small handbag the door to the toilets banged open and in walked Julie. She carried a glass of beer, walked up to the mirrors, stood behind Marissa and without warning poured it all over Marissa's hair and face.

Julie was a regular at Dew Drop Inn, she and her friends spent Saturdays there getting d***k and hanging out. She was a scary woman. Six feet tall, dark haired with a hard, unforgiving face. She was in her early forties and not particularly good looking. She was from that area of town and hated it when people 'slummed it' there.

So that night after a bit more than usual to drink she had sat getting increasingly annoyed at the group of attractive youngsters laughing and having a wild time in the corner. Every time they laughed she felt they were laughing at her and her friends. So when she saw the rest of the group leave the bar with their friend still down the stairs at the toilet she said to her friends that she had a great idea. Her friends were equally up for it and the three women descended the stairs and as Julie entered the restroom, her two mates stood guard outside to prevent anyone else entering.

Marissa shrieked as the cold beer hit her, she jumped back and looked around to see what had happened. What she saw was a grinning Julie, standing behind her with an empty glass held over Marissa's head.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Marissa yelled at her larger assailant as the beer ran down her hair, face and shoulders to lower areas.

Julie had d***k quite a bit herself that night and shouted back angrily.

"You k**s think you're the fucking bomb don't you? You come in here dressed like fucking tarts, acting like fucking sluts, sitting in the corner in your mini-skirts with your tits stuck out laughing at the rest of us. Well fuck you slut, you're nothing but a stupid bimbo. I'll fucking show you what you're good for."

With that Julie lurched forward and Marissa cowered back, realising through the fog of drink that she was up against a very big, very ugly and very nasty looking woman and that her best bet was to get away as quickly as possible. Picking up her small hand bag she made to squeeze past Julie and to the door. As she walked past Julie grabbed a hold of Marissa's soaked hair and pulled her back.

"Where the fuck are you going?" demanded Julie.

As Marissa was pulled back her shoes hit the wet floor where the beer had been spilled and she slipped, falling back first onto the tiled floor of the bathroom. Marissa scrambled on the slippery floor, trying desperately to get to her feet, her skirt riding up until her skimpy white G-string peered out and further annoyed Julie. Julie reached down and once again griped Marissa's hair, this time pulling her to her feet by it. Marissa squealed and thrust her arm out at her attacker, causing her to break her hold. Julie reached out again immediately to re-establish her hold, missed Marissa's hair and hooked her flimsy top. It had no chance and within seconds the tiny straps keeping it on had snapped and it came away in Julie's hand and Marissa stood topless before her.

Suddenly, whatever bravado Marissa had evaporated, she was out of her depth here and knew it, she didn't want any trouble and topless or not she raised her arms and pleaded with Julie, dropping her handbag in the process. As it hit the wet toilet floor it came open and small bags of white powder fell out. Julie looked at them enraged.

"A junkie! You're a fucking junkie! Hey girls get the fuck in here!"

Maybe Marissa wasn't quite the innocent rabbit in the headlights she had first appeared. Julie was just thinking that when the door burst open and her two drinking buddies, Sandy and Pia J came rushing in, thinking that Julie might be in some trouble. Not a bit of it, instead they entered to find her towering over the topless young blonde holding up the bags of narcotics for them to see.

"Look at this girls, the little slut is a fucking junkie! I think we should call the cops!"

Topless or not Marissa was starting to get really worried now, she was no junkie, in fact the bags were for selling and with a previous conviction for supplying, police involvement here would be disastrous for her.

"No! Please! Don't do that! Please, you can't! Please don't Please, I'll do anything....!"

The desperation and fear in her voice was all too obvious and these were three women who had been around enough to know these things. They were also petty, vindictive and mean spirited, things which Marissa was about to learn first hand.

Julie's brain was already working overtime trying to see an advantage to this situation, she needed to buy some time so she and the girls could think this through. She stood over the blonde (who seemed to be shrinking in confidence with every second that passed) and finally hit on what she thought was a good idea.

"Seeing as how you spilt my drink (yeah, funny way to spill it having it poured over your head!) I'm going to have to buy a new one, aren't I? Still waste not want not, as my old ma used to say. Why don't you drink what's left of my pint?"

She finished by pointing to the beer stained tiled toilet floor at Marissa's feet. At first Marissa was clueless to what Julie meant, she stood there pretty much like the dumb blonde she was looking lost and clueless, afraid to shrug her shoulders for fear of upsetting the larger woman. The misunderstanding was quickly cleared up as Julie pointed to the puddle on the tiles and mimicked licking with her own tongue to the slowly understanding blonde.

"Drink it fucking up you, junkie, whore, while we decide what to do with you or do you want us to go and get a copper?"

The look that Marissa gave, that suggestion told its own story and as Julie released her hold on Marissa's hair, the topless blonde began to lick at the spilt beer from the ground. Julie smirked and joined her two friends by the door. Sandy and Pia J were actually very similar, physically to Julie, although Sandy was dirty blonde compared to the others dark hair. All were big in every way imaginable, tall, fat and each with huge tits. They were very common and spoke in rough accents and despite thinking themselves wearing fashionable clothing it was, in reality, anything but. Julie joined them in a huddle and sneered as Marissa followed her orders and made horrified faces as she continued to lap away at the sour floor.

"Let's have some real fun with this little slut girls. Did you see the look on her face when I found the d**gs? I think she'll do anything we tell her, anything! You saw the way her and her friends were acting earlier, they thought they were such fucking hot shit! Made us feel like garbage, didn't they? We'll lets teach her a lesson she's not likely to forget in a hurry!"

Marissa, meantime, was dabbing her tongue tentatively at the wet floor cursing her bad luck at having been left behind and wondering what in the hell had been on this floor, it sure didn't look like it had been washed anytime lately. But fear kept her down there, fear not only of being arrested but of these three big, ugly women, what the hell had they in store for her?

"Don't stop drinking you stupid little cunt! We're still watching you!"

Barked Sandy, taking undue pleasure in speaking like this to the cocky little bitch. Seconds later Julie broke from her two friends and they walked over to stand in a line before Marissa, her looking up as a sticky dribble fell in a trail from her bright red lipstick covered lips.

"Tell you what slut, you do what we tell you and allow us to have a little fun and we'll forget this little hassle, shall we?."

Julie held up the d**gs baggie and Marissa had nothing to consider really and all four women knew it, still she hated giving herself up like this to them and the look on her pretty face showed that.

"Yes, I guess so, OK."

"Sure about that bitch? You have to do whatever we tell you, exactly how we tell you, make no mistake you are going to have to pay for this, crack whore! No arguments, you agree to do this, whatever we say?"

Marissa had guessed as much and mournfully nodded her acquiescence.

"That a good little bitch. Well you can start by standing up and taking off the rest of your slut outfit!"

For a few seconds the command seemed not to register and she stayed kneeling in the remnants of the beer and whatever coated the floor looking up at her three 'bosses' for the night like a dumb blonde. Then as Sandy made a move towards her, angered at her inaction, Marissa struggled to her feet and pulled off her tiny miniskirt and her skimpy panties, holding them in her hands as the three older women viewed her nubile body.

"Look at that! What a surprise, the slut shaves her pussy bald!"

"Yeah, and look at those tits, they've gotta be fake, surely, feel them!"

"What a fucking skank!"

Marissa was fuming about the comments and wanted to fire back insults at the old bags, there was certainly enough material to go on, but wisely she bit her lip and took the stick. Finally, Julie gave Marissa's right nipple a squeeze and looked into her eye as she handed back Marissa's ripped top.

"Drop your slut clothing. Go on, drop it!"

Marissa did as told and dropped her top, skirt and panties into the puddle of beer at her feet.

"Now get down on you hands and knees and I want you to pick them up, one by one, in your slut mouth and crawl into that cubicle and deposit them in the bowl in there!"

"What? Are you...Ok, OK, I'll do it. OK."

To smirks and snickers the young blonde dropped to her hands and knees and first retrieved her white panties with her teeth and crawled on the slippery wet floor into the stall and dropped them in the bowl, only as they hit did she wonder what the hell she would end up wearing to leave this hellhole. Skirt and top followed suit and Julie made Marissa look on from close range as she flushed the bowl and watch some disappear and the rest clog up the bowl.

As they stood there the white of Marissa's panties bobbed back into view on the surface of the toilet water. Julie smiled and pointed to them.

"You'd better take those out, don't want to get into trouble from the landlord do we? (like he was going to care about another blocked toilet in this dump!) Ah ah! Don't use your hands, just use your mouth like before."

What a gross prospect, but Marissa was by now grudgingly accepting her fate for the night, anything would surely be better than being arrested and facing the d**g charges. She scuttled forward and looked into the fairly deep bowl, it was obviously white at some time in the past but that must have been some time ago, and as her head strained over the edge and lowered (her usually perfect hair falling down past it and into the water below) she thought she was going to be sick again. But she wasn't, indeed blocking out what she was doing she managed to open her mouth and pluck her sodden panties from the grimy water and getting her head out of there. The three women stood back, still smirking and allowed Marissa to crawl out of the cubicle and back to the centre of the restroom, her soaking panties clamped between her teeth.

Just as she reached the middle of the room the door swung open and in walked Judy, a 60 year old whose weekends tended to centre around the bar and who was usually d***ken by one in the afternoon and spent her evenings singing to herself while nursing any glasses of gin she could badger out of passing customers to the pub. She looked at the bizarre scene confronting her, that of three big women surrounding another one who was naked and crawling on hands and knees with her wet panties in her mouth and gave a laugh walking over to Julie.

The old woman was obviously inebriated but still took the time to stoop and pat Marissa's head like she was a pet. Then she staggered past them and into the cubicle they had just left. It was so demeaning for 'it girl' Marissa to be seen like this by such people and her cheeks burned with embarrassment. But that was an emotion she wasn't really in a position to afford herself, and she was given a prod in the backside by the tip of Julie's cheap shoe.

"Don't stop there you silly bitch, go and crawl over to the bin and drop your knickers in there."

A clear instruction that Marissa followed to the letter, just wanting this to be over. But when she reached the thin mesh bin next to the line of sinks and her head hovered over it ready to deposit her load the three women called to her.

"What are you doing? You stupid slut? We didn't mean that one, we meant the one in the men's room! Go on get going, crawl like the dog you are and get in there as quickly as you can!"

Again the look that spread across Marissa's face suggested she wanted to jump up and tell them all to fuck off but a quick thought of her predicament saw her accept what they wanted and she crawled across the tiles towards the door, which Sandy rushed over to mockingly open and allow her out into the corridor. As she emerged from the harsh bright florescent lights of the restroom on hands and knees it very suddenly began to dawn on Marissa of the hell that she was in. Both Ladies and gents toilets in Dew Drop Inn were down a steep staircase and the rooms were at either end of a dark corridor that Marissa now moved along. The carpet in the corridor was old and worn and covered in stains and debris and cigarette butt ends. Back there in the Ladies had been a comparative oasis of calm, where the noise and voices from upstairs barely entered but out here Marissa could hear everything and was only too aware of how she looked and felt and while she might have felt that she was too good for a place like this and would certainly not be returning here the thought of more of these inbred, loser locals seeing her like this was too horrible to fathom.

Fortunately she managed to crawl the length of the dim corridor with out being spotted and when she reached the door to the Men's room, Sandy was on hand to swing it open and as she entered, Marissa started praying it was empty! She was lucky in one way, the room was deserted, however, the condition was an absolute disgrace. Actually, she didn't know what was worse, the nauseous smell that permeated the place or the horrible brown colour that everything seemed to be in here. It must once have been clean and white but which previous decade that had been was not obvious. She had paused in the doorway slightly too long and for that received another boot to her backside, encouraging her to get a move on and get inside. Taking her cue and not wanting to antagonise her 'rulers' further Marissa scurried inside and the three followed her and as the door slammed shut behind them she had made it to the identical mesh bin and deposited her wet pants in there.

"Well done bitch! Now for our next amusement you can get over by that row of urinals and you are going to ask to give a blow job to the next guy that comes in here, OK?"

"What! No way, enough is enough, no fucking way am I doing...."

She broke off as Julie pulled the bags of d**gs from her pocket and goaded Marissa by waving them about in front of her. The implication was the same as before, do it or get handed in, and the result was the same too, annoyed acceptance. This was really going to be an eye opening night for Marissa. So she moved over to beside the foul smelling line of old urinals and waited. The waiting was hellish. They all seemed to hold their breath and wait, and wait then wait some more. It must have been a full five minutes before they heard feet descend the stairs outside and come in their direction. By then Marissa was sweating. What the hell was she doing? How on earth could this have happened? And then the heavy door swung inwards and she took a deep intake of breath....

Into the toilets stepped Joseph, another regular at the bar, he was old looking but in reality his age could have been anywhere between forty and sixty. He had a weathered, down beaten face that a beard somewhat covered. No one knew what he did or anything much about him, just that every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night he usually spent getting inebriated in Dew Drop Inn. He was tall but his stoop tended to hide that fact and had untrusting dark eyes that seemed unable to stay focussed on one thing for very long. He stood still as he took in the four inhabitants of the toilets and seemed to pick up on the fact that although there was a gorgeous blonde babe naked and kneeling by the urinals that it was to the three older women he need to look to for some kind of explanation. Julie just pointed, knowingly, towards Marissa and she soon got the message.

"Hi Mister do you want a blow job?"

Oh good god, she could not believe she had just said that to this pathetic specimen of a man. She was a renowned man-eater and had some of the hunkiest, fittest guys in the city chasing and fighting after her. Every week she seemed to have a new, younger beau making a fool of himself over her and now these wicked old crones were making her do this. Urgh!

Joseph looked pretty confused by all this, not helped at all by the fact that he was half way to being half cut. He screwed his eyes shut then opened them wide, as if he was checking to make sure his eyes were not playing cruel tricks on him. But no, the lovely blonde was still there looking to him with a look of appeal on her face (which he took to mean she was appealing for him to take up her offered and it certainly wasn't that!). He did a comic double take and looked towards the other three as if to say 'is this for real?'. They nodded and gestured for him to accept.

"Well I was needing a piss, but I guess that can wait Missy!"

He seemed to find this hilarious and opened his mouth to laugh and reveal a serious lack of teeth. The sight made Marissa want to puke but with her tormentors standing by the cubicles laughing and egging her on she knew she had to go through with it. But if the sight of Joseph's mouth was a turn off, when he unzipped his trousers then she was f***ed to revised her definition of horrible. She actually recoiled somewhat as his disgusting, hairy cock leered out from his trousers and instantly began to stiffen, unfortunately for Marissa her bare heels were already right up against the grimy tiled wall of the toilet and all she succeeded in doing was banging her head slightly against it. She winced and moved her head to the right and found it resting against the nearest urinal. Urgh! And as she looked up she found that Joseph was now right in front of her, looking down with urgent, lecherous dark eyes, his cock now sticking out from his body at right angles towards her mouth and his sleazy voice saying.

"Come on girly, get on with it, I gotta take a piss soon!"

And with that admission he leaned forward and pushed fully five inches of his sweaty, smelly cock into Marissa's unhappy mouth She hated being treated like this but still she was after all a cock sucking slut and deep in her dumb mind that slut took over and started giving Joseph the best oral sex he was ever likely to experience in his lifetime. Her head bobbed forward on it, her lips and mouth sucked his meat in deeper and her tongue rolled teasingly on the underside of it. She had the perfect cock sucking technique (and there were plenty of guys around town who could testify to that) and was putting it into full deployment, confident also that she could get this disgusting man to cum real quick then hopefully this horrible experience would be over with at last.

Still it had not escaped Julie and her friends how enthusiastic that Marissa looked and they weren't slow with a volley of crude comments as to her taste in men and sex acts.

"You're enjoying that you dirty bitch, aren't you?"

"Go on you skank, drink his seed!"

Joseph was smiling like a madman as his manhood was being treated royally and turned smiling to the women.

"Hey girls, I've had some good times down here of a weekend but this sure beats the hell of out of most!"

He chose to cap his glee by putting his dirty hands on the young blondes head and thrusting his penis further into her mouth. Marissa took it and actually increased her sucking and in seconds her mouth flooded with a sticky, watery, sour substance that as soon as some slipped down her throat, had the blonde choking and coughing and spluttering and desperately trying to free her mouth from his slippery dick. Mostly, she was unsuccessful and as her face came away from Joseph's crotch her mouth was filled with his foul seed and it spill from her exquisite lips.

This amused Julie, Sandy and Pia J no end and they hooted and hollered as Joseph stumbled away and shuffled over to the nearest urinal to have his much delayed piss. Marissa remained on her knees coughing and spluttering more and trying to spit out some of the filthy cum. By the time she looked up Joseph was finished and shaking at the long sticky trails falling from his cock.

"Hey bitch, looks like Joseph's having some problems there, get over there and suck his cock nice and dry!"

Marissa looked at Julie but had already resigned herself and crawled over the tiles and sucked his shrivelled cock clean. Why not? She was feeling just about as shitty as she had ever felt anyway. But Joseph didn't prolong Marissa's humiliation as he had gone almost ten minutes without alcohol and for Joseph, on a weekend, that was almost unheard of. As he skulked from the toilets he nodded to the three women on his way out and with the door swinging behind him they were left to turn their attention to Marissa once more.

"Did you enjoy that slut? Or was he not your normal type of guy? I'll bet! Hey girls what should we do with out toy now?"

Marissa stayed obediently on her knees by the disgusting row of urinals and tried to ignore the horrible taste in her mouth and stayed silent as these three wicked old hags suggest all sorts of degrading things they could have the blonde do. And worse she knew by now that she would do it, and so did they.

While the three witches discussed her fate and all the 'fun' they could dream up for her Marissa knelt there half listening and half in a world of her own. She was past the point of bemoaning her fate, past the point where she had wished it had been one of her friends that she was out with that had got cut off from the group and accosted in the Ladies, past the point of telling herself that she would never sell d**gs again (she knew she would she needed the money to maintain her relatively lavish lifestyle) and was pretty sure even if the big bitch hadn't found her stash they would still have done this. Then the three seemed to come to an accord and split from their huddle and Julie pulled off her long coat and threw it at Marissa.

"Here, put that on, but don't bother to zip it up just holds the ends together!"

Dumbly the blonde did as she was told.

"Right we're going to go back up into the bar and you'll make your walk to the door at the far side of the bar, that leads into the pool room, it hardly ever gets used, certainly not on a Saturday so we can have some more fun in there!"

Marissa didn't even allow herself to contemplate what that would be and, relieved to at last have got something to cover her modesty she stood up moved to follow Sandy who held the door open. She was glad to be leaving the grim depression of the stinking, grimy toilets.

"One other thing slut, you pass anybody, and I mean anybody in that corridor or stairs out there you have to flash at them. That's right like the whore you are just pull that coat apart and give them a thrill!"

Marissa shrugged on the coat, not bothering to turn up her nose at the stink of cigarette smoke that came from it or the cheap nasty material it was made from. She would certainly not normally be seen wearing such a tacky rag. Still she was thankful at least for the cover and to once again be on her feet and moving back upstairs. Maybe she could make a break for the door once she was up there or there would be someone that might help her out, whichever anything would surely be better than spending any longer down in the toilets which had proved such a trap to her. She followed Sandy and Sandy out of the door with Julie behind and was immediately confronted by two men coming along the corridor, having just turned off the staircase headed to the door they had just left. Julie prodded her in the back and she knew what she had to do. She held her coat tails and pulled it wide open flaunt her sexy body to the two men and stopping their conversation stone dead. She supposed after what she had done already this should have been nothing but it was burning her up with embarrassment.

The two men stared at her young, nubile body and then cheered d***kenly and shoved past to the toilets while Marissa and her entourage moved on. They passed one other patron, a girl who would barely be twenty and already looked like she had k**s and was an alcoholic and once again they stopped and Marissa had to flash at her, how degrading it was to her to be flashing at such a fucking loser and the girl seemed to recognise this and sneered at her and spat in Marissa's face.

"Eeh, fucking filthy bitch!" she commented before barging past to the facilities.

From there they hustled Marissa up the remaining steps and back into the raucous atmosphere of the bar, it was full to almost overfilled and music boomed out from the wall mounted speakers and around the bar people chatted and shouted and laughed. No one seemed to pay any attention to the four women as they emerged into the throng. Seeing her chance, Marissa pushed Pia J forward and sprang away from Julie behind her and started to make her way

Marissa went for it and half ran and half shoved her way through an unsuspecting throng in an effort to reach the exit, she could have made it too, Julie, Pia J and Sandy were left in her wake and as she went she saw the big swing front doors get nearer and the crowd at the bar thinned here she was only ten yards from the door when a hooked walking stick snaked out and speared between her ankles and brought Marissa smashing down on her front. By the time she had made it to her feet the three women were on top of her and dragging her to her feet and frog marching back toward the rear of the bar. Julie stopped to speak to the old woman at the end of the bar who was busy placing his walking stick down by his feet.

"Thanks Mary, sorry she escaped."

"No problems Julie, just make sure she doesn't again."

Then as Sandy and Sandy dragged Marissa out of earshot she leaned in closer to Julie and hissed at her.

"And make sure the little slut gets what is coming to her, I don't like cocky tarts like that in my bar. Tell you what, Big John and his friends are drinking at the back table there, from what I hear they'd definitely be up for showing her what can happen to stupid little girls who need to learn some life lessons."

The pool room was in a smoky darkness that the switching of the overhead light did little to disperse. Marissa was crying now, realising her efforts had been for naught and in fact the escape attempt would likely have only served to antagonise her captors further. She pleaded and begged and apologised but was greeted with no more than three hard stares and being pushed back until she bumped into the pool table behind her.

"Give me back my jacket you dumb cunt!"

Julie's voice was as harsh as it had been and there was an edge to it that betrayed an even meaner side than Marissa had already encountered. The blonde was slow to react to her command so she wasted no time grabbing the garment and physically hauling it off her, sending Marissa sprawling on her face on the dirty baize of the table. As she lay there and slowly lifted her face up she saw 'Big John' and his two friends walk languidly into the room having been informed that their presence was required. Marissa, of course, didn't know who they were but seeing the three tall, muscular, black guys all in their forties. They were all intimidating but especially 'Big John' and it would only have been worse if Marissa knew his reputation. The other two guys were called Sal and Vince and all three were pretty shady characters but no-one really knew what they did, just that they spent most Saturday nights in Dew Drop Inn and by the end of the night had got themselves a woman for the night. And that was one woman, not three. John stepped up to Julie smiling.

"I hear you got some entertainment for us?"

Julie indicated Marissa backing slowly away atop the pool table, a tactic that halted when Cal walked around the table behind her.

"Yeah John, this is the bitch, we caught her with d**gs down stairs and she's agreed to entertain us, done good too, until she made a run of it. Wondered if you and the boys wanted to put on a display for us, show us why you're called 'Big John', know what I mean? Stretch her holes a bit."

He smiled slyly and nodded.

"Sure, me and the boys were just gonna go and look for a bitch for the night, this one will do nicely."

In fact Marissa was a considerable step up from the boys normal Saturday night fuck hole, usually they were slappers who had d***k too much and hardly knew what they were doing and woke up the next day wondering why their holes were bigger than they had been the day before. Marissa was about 10 to 15 years younger than their normal fare and was fully conscious and aware of what was going on, and as the three women took a few steps back to enjoy the action the men started to appreciate the young slut's physical assets.

John pulled Marissa forward so that she was sitting on the edge of the table before him, his shovel like hands exploring her prime, fleshy natural breasts, kneading them like bread before pinching her nipples between his fingers. Then his hands sloped down her body to ease her thighs nicely apart and show her neat pussy and with a hard rub against her pussy he started to get her wet, but no sooner had his hands moved downwards than they were replaced by another pair of rough hands feeling her tits from behind. While John and Vince did this, Sal was busy stripping off and if Marissa didn't know it before, when she saw him naked she knew she was going to be in for a hard time - he was hung like a donkey. She gave a little gasp of surprise when she spotted the thick cock only for John to catch her chin in his hand and warn.

"You think that's big wait 'til you see mine!"

As the other two continued to grope her like a piece of meat Sal got up on the table and Marissa found her face just inches away from his stiffening penis. He held it at it's base and waggled it in Marissa's face, rubbing it across her lips, slapping it on her chin and forehead before saying to his comrades.

"You guys wanna go airtight on this bitch? I reckon she ain't ever had anything like it in her life!"

"Hell yeah, lets do it!"

Marissa wondered only for one moment what 'airtight' meant before it's implications dawned on her but as she opened her mouth to complain it was seen as an invitation to be invaded by Sal's thick, mucky cock to slip between her lips and begin to mouth fuck her. Compared to the cock she had just sucked in the men's room this was a fucking monster and Sal had great expertise in using it to fuck white bitches mouths. He allowed Marissa to catch her breath and got some saliva on it before pumping in and out at a pretty harsh rhythm.

With one hole amply filled the other two guys laid off fondling Marissa's body and wasted no time getting naked, to much praise from Julie and her friends. Once they were naked there was something of a re-positioning (but somehow Sal managed to keep up the prolonged fucking of Marissa's face throughout) and Vince managed to lay himself flat on the baize of the table and, with some spit for lubrication, speared his lengthy dick right up and into Marissa's arsehole.

Marissa had seen anal action in her sexual exploits in the past, she was no novice, that was for sure but this double spearing was new to her and her body struggled to cope with being trusted into at both mouth and arsehole. And the Big John got on the table between her legs and used his finger to part her pussy lips. Straining to see beyond the chocolate rod pistoning into her mouth she caught a glimpse of the huge member between John's muscular, black legs. It was massive, she had never seen a cock like it, it must have been at least twelve inches long and as thick as a baby's forearm, It was already stiff as he shuffled in close to Marissa and gently slid it inside her pussy.

So there she was all three holes filled with black cock, and being bounced up and down with the pounding of Vince's cock from below and being pinned back by the efforts of John while struggling to get a breath with her mouth filled with cock too. The three women were really enjoying the show too, not only were they getting to see some hot guys naked but that stuck up blonde was getting a real seeing too and while a cock hound like her might have enjoyed it they didn't really think so in these circumstances. They had even bought a round of drinks and were sitting back enjoying Marissa get fucked like a pig before them. But still Julie was think of fresh ways to humiliate their prey.

"Hey John! Why don't you guys dump your loads on the sluts face, I want to see her ugly face obliterated in cum!"

"Whatever you want bitch!" was his answer.

Which was nicely timed because Sal was starting to strain in Marissa's mouth and he knew himself that he was on the very edge of cumming. He quickly whipped his dick from her gasping mouth and held it aiming to spray his seed all over her surprised face. And boy was he carrying a load! It came out in five big bursts and soaked Marissa's face a dull white colour. Two of the spurts splashed into Marissa's blue eyes and coated her eyeballs immediately, another sprayed up her nose and the other two splashed across her lips, she was already covered with just the one load!

The other two guys were not so near cumimng yet and continued to pound into her pussy and ass hole, feeling their cocks separated by a thin stretch of skin. Marissa would have desperately liked to have wiped some of the semen from her face but anytime she lifted her hands they were grabbed and held back, they all wanted to see what she would look like covered in all three men's cum. They did not have t wait too much longer, and to exclamations from Julie and he others both other men emptied their heavy balls over Marissa's despairing face. As the last spurt hit her features were obliterated in cum, her eyes unrecognisable and her lips caked in cum as it spilled from them and trailed down her chin. The three guys were losing interest in their slut by now and dismissively wiped their dicks in Marissa's blonde hair before heading back to the bar to get another round of drinks. But for Marissa the night was not over yet.


The next morning a tramp was staggering down the alley beside Dew Drop Inn when he heard a low moaning coming from beside a dumpster. He investigated and found a pretty blonde, her hair dishevelled and naked and staring up with her face and chest crusted with drying cum. He was momentarily stunned before a massive grin started to spread across his face.......... It would be a long morning for Marissa too!

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2 years ago
it always feels good to be abused like this.
2 years ago
Poor marissa.. Come to me and be my slave darling.. :D
2 years ago
this is MY kinda story
3 years ago
Wish i was maissa the whore and abused like this
3 years ago
love this filth xx