When the Cats Away, Pussies Cum Play

Alica my girl was out of town for the night. I was horny as hell. I laid in the bed on top of the covers, naked. Fantasizing, stroking my dick. Remembering the feeling of her pussy wrapped around my dick. My cock becoming harder and bigger with each stroke. Massaging my balls with one hand. I was in such a deep trance of self satisfaction. My girlfriends roommate Jade who didn't know I was in the room burst through the door. Looking for hairbrush or something she had just got out of the shower. She only had on a pair of panties and a sexy baby doll nightgown.

Shocked but not ashamed both our eyes locked in on one another. Her eyes got big as she stared at my swollen rock hard cock. Much to my surprise instead of running from the room she slowly walked closer. "Don't mind me" she said. "I know how it is when your horny and your
baby is not around. Sometimes ya just gotta take matters into your own hands" she teased with a laugh.

" Ya gotta relieve the pressure one way or another" she added. Still starring at my dick she continued. "Do you mind if I watch? It really turns me on to see a guy jack off. It could be our little secret".

How could I refuse? I was naturally an exhibitionist so her offer to watch only turned me on more. She was sexy and hot to look at. My mind now erased the image of my girlfriend and replaced it with her beautiful, nice big breasted roommate. She had the most awesome pair of
dick sucking lips as well.

As she stood beside the bed watching as I stroked my fat cock up and down. Her eyes were fixated on my every move. Licking her lips she started breathing heavily. After a few minutes her hand found its way between her legs. Rubbing her pussy through her panties I could see a
wet spot growing on the front of her soft pink panties. She had a nice pair of pussy lips that strained against the material of her panties. Beginning to feel my orgasm approaching my grunts and groans became louder. By this time she had pulled her nightie up and was playing with her tits.

Screaming out, "I'm gonna come!" She rushes over to the bed, grabs me by my cock, throws her lips around it and starts giving me one of the best cock suckings I've ever experienced in my life. Sucking the head into her mouth with a hard pucker. Her tongue moved side to side as her mouth went up and down my stiff pole.. Holding my balls in her hand she worked her magic all over my throbbing schlong.

Taking it out just in time to mutter, " I want you to cum in my mouth! I want to swallow all your hot cum. I love to taste thick creamy spunk in my mouth!."

I howled as she frantically sucked me to a frenzy. My dick spurted and splattered a thick hot creamy load of goo into her waiting sexy mouth. She seemed to love the taste of it as she gobbled it up. Taking care not to let a single droplet of my jism escape. Sucking the remnants of my creamy filling up so good it sent me over the edge again releasing another stream of jism. It sprayed out all over her face and neck as she flicked her long narrow tongue along the underside of my dickhead. I was in love.

Wiping me off with a hot towel she said she wouldn't mind servicing me again if Alicia was ever out of town, or if I ever just felt horny and wanted my cock sucked. She also told me that she was a bisexual and liked to share.

It happened again on another lonely weekend. Alicia was away at her mothers for the weekend. Flicking through the channels there was nothing on the tv. Turning the tv off I listened. I thought I heard sexual moans coming from th next bedroom. I quietly walked out into the hallway for a better listen. I was right. They were at it again. Alicia and I had fucked many nights to the sounds of their lesbian lovemaking. I'd always wondered what it would be like to join in the fun. Tonight was going to be that night.

As I quietly crept closer I could see that they had left the rooms door open. I had an amazingly clear view. Her lover was laid in a spread eagle, her long legs high in the air and holding onto her ankles. Jade was kneeling on the floor, with her ass to the wind, eating her lovers pussy out like it was the last meal on the planet, nibbling, sucking and slurping the lovers hot juices as she works over her clit. Jade fingered her own pussy as she devoured her lovers sweet nectar. As I stood in the doorway they both looked at me and beckoned me toward the bed without saying a word.

They had planned it all along. I obeyed as they extended the invitation of a guys lifetime. The lover tells me to wet my dick in the roommates pussy and fuck her in the ass as she continues to get her cunt consumed.

There is nothing like having a hot threesome. Especially when the guy is number one with two hot girls. So I pushed my thick hard dick into Jades shaved, dripping wet and gaping pussy. Getting it nice and slippery wet after a couple of strokes, I unsheathed it from her cock pocket and jabbed that thing quick and hard into her ass, causing her to smack down on her lovers pussy. The image of her lapping away at the other bitches pussy and all that juicy beautifully big ass staring me in the face, it was just too much. My head began to spin as my balls tightened up. Pulling out I shot a creamy hot load of man juice all over her ass and back. She told her lover to lick it all up, off of her, she hesitated for a second, so I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her over and said "she told you to eat it." She voraciously sucked it all up and then showing us her cream smeared face, smiled and swallowed. Jade attacked her and sucked the rest off of her lips.

We continued to fuck like this throughout the rest of the night. Two bi and beautiful cum sluts and one elated pussy eater of a man. By the end of the night we all had aching mouths and sore stiff jaws. Alicia is heading down to Florida with her mother for a couple of weeks, next month. I could only begin to imagine what fun will be surely had.
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Sounds like a great setup.. Maybe you should get your girl and Jade in a threesome...