Dog Day Weekend

Chapter I:

It is safe to say that Alicia wasn’t expecting anything like this to happen over our three day weekend together. We had been planning the weekend away for months and finally it was here. It was mid-morning on Friday and I had just picked her up from her office. She is a VP of marketing for a bank and has a pretty fearsome reputation as a hard-driven woman in pursuit of success.

As we drove to the house, ostensibly to pick up our things, she didn’t know that I had made alternate plans for our time together. Plans which I was now going to put in motion as we pulled into the driveway of our house. Almost all the supplies I had ordered had arrived and all I needed was the right opportunity; which she gave me almost immediately after entering the house. "I’m thirsty", she said, at which I offered to get her a glass of cool water. My anticipation peaked as she drank deeply from the glass I handed her. You see, I had added a sedative to the water which would put her to sl**p for four to six hours. A short time later, I was carrying her to our room to put into practice the plan I had rehearsed in my head for weeks.

Alicia is a cute, trim brunette with large brown eyes. She’s about 5' 6" tall with medium length hair and is very photogenic due to her somewhat square and elegant jaw line. In spite of her reputation at work, around me she has a gentle and slightly submissive personality, which I hoped would play into the situation I was about to create. I stripped the blankets off the bed and covered it with an old green flannel sheet before laying her down and ducking out to get my supplies.

I re-entered the room and went to work. Starting at her toes, I began to paint her body black. Working my way up her smooth legs to her crotch, which I painted white. I continued up her torso with a tapered white stripe which widened out to about 6 inches before narrowing again at her neckline. I then painted her sides, shoulders and arms black to match her legs. After the paint had dried, I rolled her over and once again started at her feet, painting her entire backside jet black. Lying on her back once again, I returned to the white paint, taking it up across her chin, around her mouth and up her nose and forehead just into the hairline. As before, the black paint followed up the sides of her face and neck, all over her ears and into the hairline about an inch. All that was left was for me to paint her lips and the tip of her nose black, which I then did, connecting her new doggy nose to her lips with a small stripe down the middle. Forty minutes into my project she was off to a great start.

Next came the fangs. I had purchased them last Halloween, but never used them. They were the professional type, which usually adhere to one’s real teeth with denture glue. As I mixed the epoxy glue I was going to use, I idly wondered how we’d ever get these off of her later on. With the five minute epoxy ready, I placed a dab in each tooth, dried her eye teeth off as well as I could, and pressed them into place, holding them carefully until the glue had set. I then rolled her up onto her side and removed a 2" circle of the paint right at her tailbone. Retrieving her black leather tail, I proceeded to super-glue it to the exposed flesh, once again, holding it carefully in place until the glue had set. I then re-painted the surrounding flesh to match the rest of her body.

After clasping her black leather dog collar around her neck, I stepped back to look at my handy work. There, curled up on our bed, was my beautiful wife, looking very much like a dog. I can’t really explain what happened next. Let’s just say that I got caught up in the excitement of the moment, but the next thing I knew, I had a pair of scissors in my hand and I was cutting off most of her hair, except for two areas on top of her head, which I fashioned into dog ears, using some of the remaining epoxy, which I had thinned down with acetone. I now had no idea how we would undo some of these changes by the end of the weekend.

Looking at my watch, I realised that she would be waking up soon. In fact, she was starting to move around a bit and her eyelids were beginning to flutter. It was then that the fever of the moment seized me again. Running to the workbench, I returned with some black duct-tape. Upon my return to the bedroom, I grasped her ankle on her right leg and pulled her foot back until it was touching her right buttock. I then taped her leg in this position with twelve or so wraps of the duct tape before repeating the process on her other leg. She was starting to make some noise now as she continued to regain consciousness. Quickly, I grabbed her right hand and bent her arm at the elbow until her hand was resting on her shoulder. As with her legs, I securely taped her arm in this bent position with numerous wraps of tape. She was awakening just as I finished taping her left arm in place. I stepped back and sat down to watch my new quadruped, dog-wife awaken from her d**g-induced sl**p.

As you might expect, Alicia was completely disoriented at first. Trying helplessly to extend her legs and arms, not realising what had happened while she was out. Eventually, she awakened fully and began to assess her situation, still oblivious to my presence in the room. "What the… why are my arms taped?" she said. I did not respond, but waited to see what would happen next. "My legs! what the hell is going on here?" It was then that I stood up, walked over and clicked a leash onto her collar. "Get up" I said. She looked at me in wonderment, then rolled over onto her elbows and knees. "What is going on here?" she said, with some fear creeping into her voice. "See for yourself" I said, pulling gently on her leash and causing her to awkwardly turn towards the large mirror facing our bed. As she pivoted on all fours, her tail gently wagged in the air. She had turned out better than I had ever hoped.

At first, she actually said "where am I?" when she looked into the mirror. I didn’t say a word, but waited and watched as the reality of her situation slowly dawned on her. After several moments of silence, she said weakly "that’s me, isn’t it… you’ve secretly turned me into a dog."

Chapter II:

"Actually, you’re a border-collie now" I said, barely able to contain my excitement at her predicament. "If you’re a very good doggy for the weekend, I’ll turn you back into a woman before Monday morning" I said, "but for now, you are a pet dog. Now that you look like a dog, I expect you to act like a dog, eat like a dog, go to the bathroom like a dog and even think like a dog for the next two days. "

"Fuck you!" she said, "let me go!". I had anticipated an initial anger reaction, and began to gently pull her leash, forcing her to walk toward the edge of the bed like a dog being led. "What are you doing?" she asked. I didn’t answer, but just kept leading her helplessly towards the edge of the bed. "Stop it!" she said nervously. I kept pulling until her elbows were just at the edge and she was in danger of falling off. "Now", I said calmly, "you must see the situation you are in. Whether you like it or not, you’ve been transformed into my pet dog and I can do anything I want with you. Just by pulling on your leash I can make you perform like a dog. You are completely under my control and you need to accept that. From here on out, I expect you to stop resisting, stop speaking and adopt all the mannerisms of a dog. If you don’t, I’ll be f***ed to discipline you." At this I held up a rolled up newspaper. "Now look at the dog you’ve become in the mirror again and make your decision." She slowly turned her head to look at herself sideways in the mirror. Her black back gently swayed as she did so and her tail wagged softly. She studied herself carefully in silence, then turned her unhappy canine face towards me and said "Arf! Arf!".

"Good girl Leash !" I said, petting her on the head. I then lifted her off of the bed and proceeded to lead her down the hall towards the kitchen. She panted softly as we walked down the hall, somewhat slowly, as she adjusted to walking on all fours. As we passed the bathroom, she began to wine. "What’s the matter girl? Do you need to go to the bathroom?" At this, she barked in the affirmative. I walked her into the bathroom and lifted her into the bathtub. She then carefully shifted her legs apart and peed into the drain. I wiped her off and lifted her out of the tub.

"Next time, you do that outside" I said, reaching down to clean her up. As I wiped her (painted-white) pussy dry, I noticed that it was wet from something other than urine. Exploring further with my fingers I discovered that she was in heat! "Well, well, it looks like someone is enjoying herself quite a bit after all!" I said. Lifting her out of the tub, I carried her into the f****y room and placed her on the carpet. Her back arched as I explored her wet pussy with my fingers. I said "Pant like a dog", which she obediently did. "Speak", she barked. "Sit up an beg", she sat back on her haunches and wined. "Lick balls", she nuzzled my crotch, wining like a dog until I unzipped and produced my rock hard cock. She then proceeded to lick my balls and suck my cock. "Time to eat" I said, grabbing her leash, I pulled her forward, and f***ed her to drink as I shot hot semen into her mouth.

This was a first. She had never really enjoyed giving me oral sex, and had never even come close to swallowing my cum. Yet there she was, looking up at me with her dog face, a thin trickle of my sperm running down her black lips. "Did you like that girl?" I asked. "Arf! Arf!" was her reply. She was smiling up at me now. Looking at her canine teeth, sticky with cum, I was struck by the fact that she could truly be mistaken as being a dog if someone were more than 10 to 15 feet away. Feeling flushed, I reached down and grabbed her collar and began to pull her towards the back door of our home. At first she played along, until I swung the door wide open and she realised that I intended to actually make her go outside. Then, she freaked out. "No, no, no, no no!… please don’t make go outside like this!" she begged and dug her "paws" in at the threshold to the door. This earned her a wrap on the nose with a rolled newspaper. "Outside, NOW!" I said. Trapped on her elbows and knees, she had no choice but to comply.

Tears welling up in her eyes, my puppy-bitch wife voluntarily walked on all fours out into the sunlight, her leash dragging behind her, between her legs. Watching her tail gently bob back and forth in the air, I could hear typical neighbourhood sounds, the guy next door was mowing his lawn, the lady behind was yelling at her husband. "Turn around" I said to my dog. She obeyed. "Sit up". She sat back on her haunches. "Speak!" I commanded. At this, she gave me a pleading look. No one had seen her yet and she didn’t want to draw attention to herself now that she had been transformed into a dog. I held up the newspaper threateningly. "Arf" she whispered. "You know, I can leave you out there all day if you don’t co-operate" I said. "ARF! ARF! ARF!" she barked loudly. So loudly, in fact that my neighbour turned off his lawnmower and began coming over to take a look.

"You can come in now" I said, and she scrambled back through the door just as he peeked over the fence. He caught a glimpse of her ass and tail as she went through the door and gave me a quizzical look. "New dog" I shouted. He nodded, waved and went back to his work. Going back inside, I told Leash "you passed inspection, our neighbour saw your ass and thought you were a dog". Even through the black and white paint on her face I could see her horror, shock and above all, humiliation. By this time I was rock hard again, so I told her "pussy up!". Having no choice, she responded by waddling around on all fours and presenting her ass to me in the air, ready for a good screw. To my surprise, she was wetter than before. "Hmmm… you seem to have enjoyed your trip outside after all" I said as I penetrated her from behind. To this she responded by panting and whining like the dog she had become.

We spent the rest of the day in much the same fashion. She learned to fetch my slippers, chase a ball, eat and drink from a bowl, shake hands like a dog, etc.. It was surprising how quickly it had happened, but I think that both of us were actually starting to acclimate to her being a dog by the end of the day. I fucked her numerous times during the day, during which I had to discipline her twice with a newspaper for talking, but she quickly fell in line.

The only problem was that a some of her paint had rubbed off during the day’s activities and she was now looking a lot more human than I wanted her to. I could tell that she was also getting stiff from being bound all day on all fours. So, around 9:00 pm or so I said "that’s enough for today, you’ve been an excellent pet" and walked her to the bedroom. I poured a bath for her and gently lowered her into the warm water. As the paint washed off, I snipped the tape so she could return to being a bi-ped. She gratefully stretched her arms and legs out and smiled at me. By the time the tub was over, she had lost all traces of being a dog except for her dog’s ears, canine teeth and tail, all of which would require chemical solvents to undo.

Chapter III:

Back in the bedroom, "Can I speak now?" she asked. I paused a moment, then told her "ok". "That was the most erotic day of my life" she said. "I had no idea that I wanted to be a pet so badly!" We chatted about it a bit more, but she drifted off to sl**p from exhaustion after a short while. I was so stimulated from the day’s activities that I couldn’t sl**p and lay there thinking about all that had transpired. The one disappointing thing about the day had been that her paint job had worn off so quickly. I was also still wondering how we were going to do her hair and get the fangs out of her mouth before Monday morning. I was musing about how well she had done as a quadruped, when I got an idea… a nasty, awful, twisted sort of idea… an idea that drove my cock to attention and caused me to slip out of bed to put it in motion.

I turned off the house alarm and went out to the garage. We have an art studio out there with a pretty good selection of paints, inks, etc.. After a short while, I found what I was looking for. A gallon jug of jet-black Indian ink. My prize in hand, I returned to the house, grabbed some more of the sedative I had used on her earlier and returned to our bedroom. I quickly dropped the sedative in the glass of water she keeps at her bedside and went back to bed to wait. My getting back into bed caused her to stir and she leaned over as she does almost every night to take a deep drink of water before going to pee. Within moments of her returning to bed, she was completely out.

With my heart pounding in my chest, I lifted her out of bed and laid her out on the tiles of our bathroom floor. Taking Vaseline from the medicine chest, I proceeded to "paint" a trail of grease along the same pattern that I had painted the white paint earlier in the day, up her stomach from her crotch, past her breasts and up around her "snout" of a mouth. I then put two slanted ovals above her eyebrows similar to a Doberman or Rottweiller.

With this in place, I carefully lifted her into the bathtub, donned some rubber gloves and opened the ink. I soaked a washcloth and applied it to her hip area to see how the ink would take to her skin. I was shocked at how quickly and deeply the ink penetrated her epidermal layer. When I pulled the ink-soaked cloth away, she had a shiny black splotch on her hip that wouldn’t rub or wash off. Breathing heavily from my excitement, I proceeded to work the ink deep into her skin from her hips down to her toes. I knew this was wrong, but couldn’t stop myself. I then deeply stained her torso and arms, with the Vaseline protecting her "white" area. I applied the ink right up to her neck, where I stopped and stepped back.

There she was, sl**ping soundly with no idea what had happened to her. Her entire body was now stained black except for a shock of white flesh up the middle. It would last for months perhaps, which caused me to hesitate at her face. How would we handle this? Everything I had done so far could be covered with clothing until it wore off. Even her black stained hands could be explained away by an art project gone awry. But her face? That would be impossible to explain…

"Fuck it" I thought, as I bent down and applied the first blotch of ink to her forehead. Once again being careful of the Vaseline covered area, I proceeded to dye the skin on her face jet-black. Now there was no turning back. After allowing the ink to soak in, I actually applied a second and third coat to her face, just to seal her fate further. I then turned on the water in the tub, washed off the Vaseline coating and rinsed the excess ink down the drain. The question now was what to do with the shock of white flesh she had running up the middle. It really didn’t complete the effect very well to see skin showing there in its natural color.

Then it came to me. She had recently been complaining about a quick tan/stain product that had turned a test spot on her skin a dark orange-brown color, which took four weeks to wear off. I rummaged in the bathroom drawers to find it. Luckily, she hadn’t thrown it away, but instead had dropped into the abyss of the bottom drawer, which was full of junk and rejected cosmetics. The rest was easy. I applied a liberal amount of the product to what remained of her exposed flesh and watched as her skin turned dark orange-brown. I let the product sit for 30 minutes, then against the instructions on the bottle, re-applied it twice more, driving an even deeper shade of color. After another hour and a fourth coat of the product, I washed her off and laid her out on the bed to examine my handy work. As before, all that was left was to stain her lips and nose black, which I then did with a q-tip, fully completing her transformation. Laying there Alicia now closely resembled a Rotweiller dog. Only this time the color would not rub off and could not be removed with soap or solvents. Exhausted, I fell asl**p on the bed beside my newly, semi-permanently transformed pet.

I must have given her too much sedative, because when I awakened at 9:00 am, she was still sl**ping. I silently slipped out of bed and renewed my efforts to turn her into a dog for a second day. I quietly and quickly re-taped her legs into their quadruped position, but decided to try something different with her front legs this time. Grabbing a large bottle of super glue, I bent each finger until the pad of her finger tips were touching the upper part of her palm, then I applied a liberal amount of glue to hold each finger in place. With all her fingers glued, I then placed glue in between each knuckle, effectively gluing her hands into "paws". I concluded the operation by securely gluing her thumbs against the side of her index fingers.

Chapter IV:

The effect when she awakened was extraordinary. First she stirred a bit, then her eyes opened and she stretched her paws above her head. She immediately noticed her blackened arms and paws and said "what the fuck?" She looked down at her body and legs and sighed "one more day of this eh?" I said "maybe a little more than one more day" "What do you mean by that?" she said, struggling up onto all fours. She turned toward the mirror and saw herself. "Wow, you must have used better paint this time. The color is much more realistic. I’m… a Rottweiler now, aren’t I... and the paws, I can’t believe you gave me paws!"

She stared intently at herself for several moments then said "wait a minute, I recognise the brown color on my face and chest… it looks just like that instant tan product I tried a few weeks ago! Tell me you didn’t use that on me!" I then responded by replacing her collar around her neck and re-attaching her leash. "You bastard!" she said, which earned her a rap on the nose with a rolled up newspaper. She still hadn’t realized the full extent of her troubles until I picked her up off the bed and set her on the floor. Once there, she was able to see into the bathroom and could see the gallon jug of Indian ink on the floor. She stared at it dumbly for a moment, then said "you wouldn’t!, you didn’t!, you couldn’t!" she walked on all fours over to the door-frame to the bathroom and rubbed her harm against it. Nothing happened, the door frame was still clean and white, her skin was just as shiny and black as it had been a moment before. "Oh my god!", she whispered "you really did it to me… do you know how long this will take to wear off? I’m going to look like a dog for months!"

At this, she broke down and started to cry, tears dripping off of her new canine teeth before hitting the carpet. "My career… everything I’ve worked so hard for… all reduced to nothing because you decided to turn me into a dog as part of a sick fantasy! I’ve never been so fucking humiliated in my life!" At this, she completely broke down and curled up on the floor. I probably should have felt bad, but frankly, I was too turned on just by looking at her in her transformed state. Her complete humiliation heightened my passion to an almost frenzied state. After a while, she stopped crying and sat up on her haunches, tears still glistening off of her black cheeks and breasts. "Ok", she said, trying to take charge, "first you have to get some solvents and untape my legs so I can do everything possible to get back to normal. Maybe we can reduce the intensity of the color to look like a dark tan or something." I responded by walking across the room and smacking her on the nose with my rolled up newspaper. "Owww!" she cried, only to receive another smack, this time a little harder. "Stop it, you asshole!" she yelled, which earned her an even harder smack on the ass.

"You know the drill" I said, "you’re my pet Leash and dogs don’t talk." "But…" she said, trailing off as she saw me raise the newspaper again. She thought better of it and said "Arf! Arf!" instead. "Good girl, Leash " responded. "Now, let’s go and get you some food." She sighed heavily, but walked ahead of me to the kitchen as I held her leash without resistance. Her tail gently wagged back and forth as she walked down the hall on all fours. With her new front paws, she was able to move much more quickly and naturally. As she ate from a bowl in the kitchen (a combination of bacon chunks and cubes of french toast) I drank my coffee and read the Sunday paper. When she was finished, I guess she had decided to accept her situation for another day, since she had absolutely no choice. She came over and laid her chin on my leg, just like any real dog would do, and whined softly. I looked down to see a single tear trickle down her freshly-minted Rottweiler face.

"Come on now" I said, "you love being a dog, so stop whining. I’ll call your office and tell them that we’re taking a two-week vacation. That will give you plenty of time to adjust to being my pet, then we can figure out our long-term plan." At this, she sat back with a shocked expression on her face. "You can’t keep me this way forever!" she exclaimed. At this, I gave her a little smack on the nose with my paper. "Remember your place!" I said sternly. "You are going to remain a dog for as long as I want you to!" She managed to hold back the tears this time, and sulked off on all fours to the make-shift bed of blankets I had rigged for her the previous day.

In a short while, she was sl**ping peacefully. Lying on her side with her legs stretched out in front of her, I couldn’t help but think how successful her transformation had been. Someone in passing could easily mistake her for a dog. Little did I know that my theory was about to be tested.

Chapter V:

While Leash slept, I called her office, intending to leave a message informing them that she would be out for at least two weeks. I was startled when her assistant, Ezmerelda, answered the phone and began fumbling through my message when she said "Ah!, she can’t take off yet. I have to get her signature on the Regency contracts before she goes!" Before I could stop her, she said that she was coming right over and hung up the phone. She must have really dashed out the door, because my attempts to call her back only got me the answering machine. I sat numbly for several minutes, wondering what to do. Alicia’s office was very close, almost walking distance, so Ezmerelda would be here any moment. Just then, the doorbell rang, telling me that she had, in fact, arrived.

I moved to the front door, almost like a robot. I intended to keep her outside, take the contracts, forge Alicia’s signature, then send her on her way. Like so many other things that had happened in the past five minutes, this too, went wrong. "Alicia has to sign these in front of two witnesses", said Ezmerelda. "I thought that you and I would just watch her sign, then I’d be on my way". I stood there at the door, looking into the eyes of this blonde-haired, blue-eyed twenty-something woman and totally ran out of ideas. I stepped out of the way and ushered her inside, my mind racing frantically. Ezmerelda walked quickly into the house calling "Alicia" loudly. In the other room, Alicia, now "Leash " must have heard her and awakened. In her sl**py, confused state, she called out "Yes, in here" to the familiar sound of her assistant’s voice.

As I chased Ezmerelda down the hall, I couldn’t help but notice that she was an extraordinarily beautiful woman. She had an hourglass shape that looked wonderful in the white skirt and navy blue blouse she was wearing. She entered the room where Leash was lying down, scanning for her boss. I caught up just in time to see her face as her eyes fell on Leash , who was now sitting up in the corner and looking ahead in shock. "I didn’t know you had a dog!" said Ezmerelda, who reflexively moved forward to pet Leash . As she crossed the room, she suddenly stopped dead in her tracks. "Wait a minute… what the… ohmygod… Alicia! Is that you?!" At this, Leash just hung her head down, unable to maintain eye contact.

Ezmerelda sat down with a thud on the floor, staring in disbelief. After a few moments, she said "well, we all knew you were a total bitch at work, but I didn't think it was true at home too!" I watched in silence as Ezmerelda stood up and walked over to Leash . She looked at me and asked "what is your pet’s name?" "Leash " I answered numbly. "Well, Leash , I have to tell you that you make for an absolutely wonderful dog." She then reached for the end of Leash ’s "leash", looked at me and said "may I?" "Yes, certainly" I said. At this, she picked up the end of Leash ’s "leash" and tugged gently to get her moving. Leash did not respond at first, so Ezmerelda gave a much harsher pull to let her know that she meant business.

Reluctantly, Leash responded. I spent the next five minutes watching Ezmerelda walk my wife around the large room like a pet. "How long will she be like this? She’s a Rottweiler, yes?" Ezmerelda asked excitedly. "Well, at least for a month" I responded. "Awesome!" said Ezmerelda, scratching Leash behind the ears. She then walked over to me and gave me a deep french kiss. I was too stunned to move. "You must be one hell of a man to have gotten this bitch into her true form." She then bent down, pulled Leash ’s leash tight and began to finger Leash ’s pussy from behind. "Oh my god… she really likes this. She is positively dripping down here." Leash lowered her head in shame, but began panting like a dog just the same.

Ezmerelda spent the night with us, never bothering to go home. She was having too much fun playing with Leash . The next day, I really slept late. It must have been the rigour of the past several days that did it – it was noon by the time I walked into the kitchen. What I saw there was a sight to behold. Leash was laying on the floor at Ezmerelda’s feet (Ezmerelda was now wearing Alicia’s clothing). Her front paws had been taped together and she was completely immobilised. Ezmerelda was busy at the counter with the Indian ink. "This arrived in the mail this morning". She held in her hand, a latex dog’s snout that I had ordered weeks before, but had not arrived in time for Leash ’s adventures. "Leash here didn’t have much interest in wearing it, so I had to restrain her", said Ezmerelda. Ezmerelda was just finishing up staining the appliance black to match Leash ’s skin tone "There, all finished". The appliance itself looked very realistic, with a hinged jaw, whiskers, red gums and ivory-colored teeth.

I watched in amazement as Ezmerelda straddled my dog-wife and expertly attached the snout using crazy glue. The feathered edges of the snout blended seamlessly with Leash ’s black skin. When Ezmerelda stood up again, Leash lay there helplessly, having undergone the final step in her transformation into a dog. "Well then", said Ezmerelda "Don’t you just make the perfect pet!". She bent down and cut the tape from Leash ’s paws and directed her to get up on all fours. "See how wonderful you look!" said Tina, holding up a mirror for Leash to see herself. Leash ’s eyes locked in the mirror on her own reflection, unable to recognise herself; seeing only a dog instead of her familiar face.

"Now for the final test" I said. I clipped her leash in place and led her once again to the back door. I walked her outside onto the grass and tied her to a small fruit tree at the far end of the property. "You can come in again after you’ve gotten some air, maybe gone to the bathroom". At that I returned to the deck to sit and watch with Ezmerelda. Leash just stared after me, completely motionless, trying not to attract attention to herself.

My neighbour, once again was working in his yard, this time trimming the hedges that border our property. After a while Leash realised that she actually did have to go to the bathroom and assumed her squatting position with us looking on. Just as she began to piss, my neighbour called over to me "Yo! New dog eh?". Leash froze in terror, but couldn’t stop as her bladder constricted compulsively to push her urine out. "What breed is that anyway?" asked my neighbour. He was some distance away, and was squinting to see Leash better. "It’s a Rottweiller, answered Ezmerelda brightly. It was hit by a car, so it’s slightly deformed, but we’ve decided to adopt it". We walked over to the fence, where I introduced Ezmerelda, indicated she was my new girlfriend and said that Alicia had suddenly left me for a new life. After a brief chat, Ezmerelda walked over, untied Leash and we walked back into the house.

"Well Leash " I said, "You passed the acid test. You are now unequivocally the dog of the house; even our neighbour says so". Leash then broke her silence and pleaded "but you said you were going to turn me back, right? I mean this isn’t going to be permanent, right? You promised…". Moving behind Ezmerelda, I slipped one hand up under her blouse, cradling one of her wonderful breasts. The other hand slipped down her skirt, where I stroked her wet, warm pussy. "Things change" I said flatly.

Seeing Ezmerelda there, in her old clothing, with me fondling her was too much; Leash began to sob uncontrollably. Tears streamed down her snout and splashed on the floor near her paws. "But I don’t want to be a dog!", she wept "I want to be a woman again!". Her head jerked up suddenly, as Ezmerelda reached down and began to massage Leash ’s pussy. Her dog mouth opened wide and I could see her tongue lolling about inside. Slowly, amidst the tears, Leash began to moan. She began grinding her hips against Ezmerelda’s hand, panting loudly and making guttural sounds. She was trapped by her own buried sexual urges to be submissive.

I un-clipped her leash and she began to accelerate her pumping against Ezmerelda’s fully-submerged hand, eventually building to a frenzy of orgasmic screaming that she couldn’t contain. It was as if the past two days of being a dog and all the pent-up emotions had driven her over the edge sexually. Being viewed in full sunlight, pissing on the lawn and accepted by a stranger as a dog was the final stroke. She climaxed with her entire body spasming and crashing to the floor. After, she lay on her side like a dog, drool running out the corner of her mouth, tears streaming out of her glazed eyes. "That ought to just about do it" said Ezmerelda quietly, withdrawing her dripping hand from Leash ’s black cunt.

Chapter VI:

Ezmerelda was right. Something in Leash ’s mind snapped at that moment and somehow she accepted her new position as the household pet. Six weeks have passed since she became a dog, her coloring is showing no signs of wearing off and her calf muscles are beginning to atrophy after being taped in place for so long. The other day, I released her legs and she was unable to straighten them, so she is well on her way to becoming a quadruped on a permanent basis. She has become quite used to her role as a pet and hasn’t spoken a word of English in over four weeks. Ezmerelda now lives with us full-time and has assumed Alicia’s old position at work since Leash went out on stress-related disability (it was remarkable to watch Ezmerelda push the paperwork through on that one). So, my wife is permanently my pet and her former assistant, now my mistress, takes her for walks on a daily basis around our property. Leash fetches my slippers, barks on command, performs dog tricks and seems to show no signs of tiring. Looking at Leash’s firm round ass, I’m beginning to think that it would look good with a male dog fucking her. I think I could get used to the idea of having two dogs around the house…

The end?

83% (30/6)
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9 months ago
Fantastic,,,now please please bring in a real dog to fuck her
1 year ago
Please, please make a sequel
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This sucks
1 year ago
Very nice.
3 years ago
Fantastic. A real bitch!
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we need the next installment!!
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Fantastic writing, very imaginative well done and thank you