Taming Tamara 2

She knelt in the darkened corner of the room,
her wrists enclosed in leather bracelets, and her black,
studded collar chained to a ring in the brick wall.

She was for Him to use as He saw fit. That was what her training had
taught her. Taught her to the point of her knowing that it was all she
wanted. This is what she had been born for. The pain that she
had been conditioned to receive was now her life f***e.
An entree' in the feast of His desires.

As she faced the wall, she was aware of the light from the opening door,
and she recognized the well-paced, deliberate steps of her Master. His hands
softly caressed her black hair, seemingly in admiration.

"You have done well. You have cut it to the perfect length."

"Thank you Master. I was afraid it might still be too long for your purposes."

"Its perfect. Long enough to be used for gaining your attention, yet short
enough to not be a hinderance."

She smiled meekly, and dipped her head slightly in a demure fashion.
She only knew that her Master was desirous of her hair being just at her shoulders,
but wasnt told the purpose, nor did she ask.
It wasnt her place to ask.

Her Master's hands had gone to her breasts now, caressing them softly,
rolling each nipple between thumb and forefinger until each was as firm as a pebble,
and eliciting soft moans of pleasure from her.
Her breasts were small,
yet firm and well shaped, and her small, dark nipples stood out from the paleness
of her skin.
She stiffened, clenching her hands as He did what seemed to please
Him considerably.
Her Master had discovered the wonderful agony of working her
nipples to maximum hardness,
and then pressing them in as hard as possible,
until He could literally feel her ribs as he rotated them.
She would often cry in pain when this was done,
but her tears were what brought out her beauty for
Him, as He had often said.

He bent over her, gently placed a finger under her chin, and tilted her head up
to look at Him.
"You are the light of a thousand suns.
Aphrodite hides in shame at your approach.
The rose closes itself as you pass by."

Almost embarassed, she replied, "Thank you Master."

He stepped forward, and taking a key from His pocket,
unlocked the chain that held her collar to the wall, raised her to
her feet, and e****ted her down the hallway toward the dungeon.

Upon stepping through the dungeon door, she saw two padded,
leather suspension cuffs hanging from the hoist. Laying on the floor were two
ankle cuffs, attached to a spreader-bar. Without hesitation, she walked to
position herself under the hoist and over the spreader bar.

"You are to attach them to your own ankles now."

"Yes Master", she replied, and bent over, first securing her right ankle in one
cuff, then spreading her legs as far as possible to accomodate the width
of the spreader-bar in attaching the cuff around her left ankle. Silently, her
Master raised her left wrist to the cuff,
making sure that the leather palm piece was perfectly placed to allow her fingers to
grip it for maximum suspension time.
She watched in silence as the
three metal buckles secured the straps.
The right hand saw the process repeated, until she was presented in an "X" fashion.

"You must listen to me carefully," He spoke as He faced her.
"I commit to you
that if at any time you wish to end what is to be done,
it shall be terminated
immediately for if it isnt your wish and desire, it cannot be done."

"My wish and desire Master is only to please and love You.
I am yours to use
as you see fit."

"Understand, My Beauty, the reason I decided that your hair should be no
longer than so is that it might not get in the way,
for I intend to whip you
until you bleed."

Looking down at the floor, she intoned, "Master, I am yours.
Do with me as you desire."

"You understand that you may cry 'Mercy' and end it as you will?"

"I do Sir."

He stood before her, holding her face in His hands, and kissed her long, slow,
and softly. "Then I shall begin."

Walking to the wall, He selected a medium-length, cat-o-nine tails in which she
had at one time been told to tie three knots in each strand. Now standing before her, He made several passes,
the cat hissing each time it cut through the air.
Her body was betraying her, she feared.
The trembling was as much her arousal as it was her fears.
And now He was behind her.

She didnt hear the cat, but her back burst into flame as the first stroke
found her skin,
and her fingers clamped tightly around the leather in her palms.
Her lips tightened as a second strike hit and wrapped around her chest,
the ends of the strands catching her right breast and nipple.

"Unhhh...." The third blow hit the exact same spot as the previous, and she
could feel welts rising on her right ribcage.
The next srokes came at such a
rapid pace that she was unable to react to one single blow, let alone count them.
Her Master was using forehand and backhand strokes,
criss-crossing her back and
sides with stripes. "Oh! Umph! Ayiee! Ahhh! Unhhh! Augh!"

"Now for some special attention," He said, and the cat tore its way up,
between her legs, past her labia with the tips at her stomach. Both of her knees bent
pulling her feet off the ground in a macabre dance.
"Yes, Beauty! Dance for
me", and again and again the leather strands found her nether lips.

She was soaked in perspiration, and though her eyes showed tears, her pride
showed even more. "We are getting there," He assured her. You have some nice

Looking at Him through half-opened eyes, she whispered, "No Mercy".

Her Master returned to the wall, replaced the cat, and selected a black, six
foot long buggywhip. "This, I am sure, will be more than adequate."

Her eyes at first grew large as saucers, and then as He walked behind her to
position Himself again, she closed them.

Every muscle in her jumped to attention, and she screamed as the sensation of a
razor tearing into her flesh brought her to her tiptoes.
A second and a third
stroke, and she bit her lip to prevent from saying what she couldnt allow herself
to say.
Stroke after stroke, strike after strike, bit into her flesh, and she was
aware of a warm dampness on her ass.
Now running down her legs. She had given
Him what He had desired.

"Oh, My Beauty!! How radiant you are this night!",
He praised as His hands explored her nude, soaked and shaking form.

Raising her head, barely conscious, she intoned, "No Mercy", and sunk to
being suspended by her arms alone as she lost consciousness.

She awoke to the sensation of her entire body enveloped in
dampness. Opening her eyes she saw that she was in the Roman style tub in the
master bath. "I dont remember coming here, Master."

"You lost consciousness, Beauty. I carried you here and have been
attending to you. Why did you not ask for Mercy? You could have at any time."

"What if I had, Sir? What would that have proven?"

"Oh, Dear One! You feel you have to prove something to me?"

Now she took His face in her hands and kissed Him.
"No Master, to me."
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