A Tease No More, Now She's Missy, Cum Whore

My younger s****r was dating a guy named Bucky. He was an alright guy but what I really liked about him was his s****r, Missy. A 24 year old lil hottie with a body that wouldn't quit. She was a real slut that was married to a real asshole that treated her like shit and was like 47. He had a great job and made lots of money. I am sure that is the reason that she stayed with him.

Anyway – when she would come over to visit with her b*****r and my s****r, she would tease my b*****rs and I. In turn we would all but m***** her. This continued for about 6 months. I would play with her tits and she even started letting me rub her twat both outside and inside her clothes. She would always wear very tight sexy clothes in order to get us going. When she would leave she would be very wet between her pussy lips. She usually would get off at least once a night from letting me fingering her twat. But when I would beg her to help me get off, she said that that would be cheating, and would leave and then call me when she made it home and would call me and have me talk dirty to her and jack off until I came.

Missy came over one hot afternoon and was showing everyone the new bikini that she had just bought. I was gone when she arrived and she was just getting ready to leave when I arrived home. She told me how she modeled her bikini for my b*****rs and that it was a shame that I had just missed it. I told her that I wasn't going to miss the Missy show. As I led her to my room, she was complaining that she had to get home before her husband did. I told her to stop complaining and get to modeling, or I will send your hubby our phone call I happend to record last week. her Eyes got big and she was about to say, whatever, go ahead, when I pressed play on a file i had on my computer. Her mouth was hanging ajar so I said. "You've left me hanging one to many times and I think it's about time that I got off. Now you little cheating bitch, are you going to do what a say or should I hit send. "Ok, ok, i'll model for you and let you jack onto my titties." She opened up her bag and pulled out the bikini and headed for the door. I stopped her and asked her where she thought she was going. She said that she was going to the bathroom to change. I pointed her to my walk-in closet and she reluctantly went in.

While she was changing into the bikini, I grabbed my camcorder and tripod. I had it set up and ready when she came out of the closet. She was wearing a hot little neon green bikini with a thong bottom. When she saw the camera she stopped dead in her tracks. I told her to relax as no one else would see the video. She agreed to allow me to film her as long as she could delete all the blackmail I had on her. "Ummm...Ok...Deal." Stupid slut, like i would abide to those rules.I made it fast. I had her stand next to my bed as I started the camcorder. Then I had her lay on my bed on her side facing the camera. She started to get up and I quickly locked the closet door with her clothes and purse inside. She immediately started complaining and I told her that she was welcome to leave at any time but she would have to go as she was, and I would send the messages. Since her purse had her car keys and she couldn't explain walking home in her bikini. She agreed to what ever I said.

I told her to lay back down & get to posing. I had her slowly start removing her bikini until she laid there naked on my bed with her legs spread. After several more minutes of filming her posing I had her start playing with her tits and twat. She was reluctant to do it at first but she soon warmed up to it. Women can't resist the camera. I held out as long as I could before I just had to climb between her legs and start eating her tasty twat. She moaned as she squeezed and pinched her nipples. I ate her through several small waves of pleasure. She begged me to stop and I just kept licking. I removed all my clothes as I licked and started licking my way up her body. Once I reached her small perky breasts I sucked them for all I was worth. As I did I aligned my dick with her twat. She kept saying that we shouldn't be doing this. I let go of her nipple long enough to tell her that she could leave at any time but that she would be leaving as she was. I said that I was just going to rub my cock head and rub it around and up and down her clit and pussy lips while I stroked it and then would cum on her face, she was soon begging me to fuck her. I was all too happy to oblige.

As I entered her I sank balls deep in one stroke. She was so wet that even as tight as she was there was little resistance. I was soon pounding her for all I was worth. The whole time I was filming the action. I was pounding her pussy when she told me not to get off in her pussy as she was not on the pill. I pounded her a little longer until I was close. I pulled out after another few minutes and moved the head to her ass. She screamed "NO!" I ignored her and started pushing harder into her ass. Once inside, I stopped for a moment. As soon as she started relaxing, I shoved the rest of my dick in her ass. She cried out again which only spurred me on more. I slammed that ass for about 10 minutes before I pulled out and grabbed her hair pulling her mouth to my cock and told her to open up, she was trying to fight it, and I said if not in your mouth, then all over your face and I would send her hubby the video. She opened up and I began spurting forth the heaviest, thickest load i think I ever shot, she leaned forward and took the head in her mouth and just drank it down, I pushed her head down to my ball sack and she gagged a bit as I finished. I saw tears running down her cheeks and released her head, she continued to suck out every drop though. Even as she willingly and wantingly licked all up and down my cock on her own, she cried. So I pulled away and She was still crying when I opened the closet and tossed her clothes to her. I told her to get dressed and go home but that she was to return every day after her hubby left for work for and either be my suck slut for the afternoon, or fuck me and then she could leave, she would do this for one month, and that would be sufficient for the amount of times I had gotten her off over the past year. If she chose to test me and not, then I would show her hubby the video of us together. She wiped the tears from her eyes and nodded her agreement. "So which one will you do tomorrow? "The first one I guess." "Tell me into the camera what you want to be for me tomorrow and i know you do want to so say it like you mean it. So once again, hey Missy what are you doing tomorrow morning?" "I was hoping that uhhh...I could come over here and spend the afternoon....uhhhh...sucking your cock." "You love sucking cock don't you." "yes I do and I love swallowing cum, I knew I was a cum slut but I have been fighting it because my husband tells me it is gross, but I want to be your cum slut, every day he goes to work, I will come straight to you and suck cock and swallow cum all day long for you." "Yes, yes you will." "Now leave me. I have a date I need to get ready for, Be in my room and naked at 8 am and no later." "Yes sir, thank you."

Our relationship continued like this for 2 years until I met my current wife and ended it. Thanks for the great fucks and the amazing blowjob expositions you gave for me Missy. You are still the best slut that I have ever had the pleasure of fucking.
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3 years ago
I think I would have found a woman that allowed me to still have my cum slut and maybe join me andmy wife.....