Pete whores out his wife and now he wants her back

A group of friends and I have a poker night and one night our friend Peter was a bit more intoxicated than usual and started talking about his wife Melissa. He said that they had been talking about checking out a swing club for awhile and decided to give it a shot a few days earlier. They thought it would be hot to watch other couples fucking and to be watched as well. They had been their for about an hour and the site of all the fucking had them turned on. Melissa said she wasn't ready to be naked in front of a bunch of people yet and asked to go find a secluded spot. All the rooms had been taken and just as they thought they were out of luck a closet opened and a woman walked out and as she wiped off her mouth said the blowjob closet was available. It's kind of weird that no one else walked out with her he thought but figured the guy must have left a little before and they just didn't see him. They got inside clicked on a light switch that said occupied and began to kiss, they were so hot that he just tore her cloths of passionately and began to kiss and fondle each other, he always talks about how much Melissa loves to suck his cock and swallow cum, she went to her knees and told him she needed her fix, she pulled his cock out and had been sucking him for a few minutes and he told her he needed to feel her pussy and that she could suck his cock as many times as she wanted when they got home but he needed her pussy then. She pouted and made him promise because seeing all this hard cocks had got her craving in high gear, you know it he told her and said he would even take a Viagra, to guarantee her jones would be satiated. Melissa smiled and told him he was the best and as she got up he spun her around and slipped his cock inside her very wet pussy and once inside began giving her a thorough and steady pounding, she put her hands on the wall in front of her and as he was fucking her, her hand slipped and something clicked and a panel moved showing a hole in the wall, she was getting pounded to much and was moaning and he was lost inside her pussy to hear what she was saying. She could see a guy stroking his cock in a room on the opposite side and he was black with a nice sized cock. This was turning her on to watch this guy jack off while getting fucked, and since he wasn't listening to what she was trying to say, figured she would enjoy the free show, he began to pick up the pace of his thrusts, making her moan louder, and closing her eyes for a second, well the guy must have heard and looked through the hole and stuck his dick through, she had never seen a black cock up that close and still craving cock and cum went to ask him what she should do, but he thrust deep into her as she opened her mouth to talk and it pushed her forward, gagging her as the cock slid into her mouth. The black guy figured she was into it so began fucking her throat, she had never been with 2 guys at the same time before and the fact that she was unintentionally cheating on her husband he was kind of forcing her to do it by not paying attention and his thrusts were kind of making her move her mouth. She was loving the unexpectedness and excitement that she started gushing on Pete's cock, allowing him to push faster and deeper causing her to get throat fucked deeper, and she began to orgasm intensely and gag at the same time, finely his attention was drawn to her head and he saw the cock and thought what the fuck, but got so excited at the same moment, having never seen his wife suck another mans cock, and the fact that it was black made it more taboo and therefore more excited. He couldn't take it and shot his load deep inside her womb causing her head to be pushed forward that the black cock was burried deep in her throat which made the black guy cum right into her stomach, he pulled back and she pulled back gasping for air and as the cock came out of her throat he could see a long strand of saliva and semen trail with it and then snap and sling back into her face. He grabbed her head and pulled her face towards him so he could see it and she thinking he was going to lose it had a scared look, he said "Baby I don't know what just happened but it was one of the hottest things I have ever seen", then used his already re-hardening cock to scoop the cum that was dripping off her chin and told her to suck it off of him. She smiled and engulfed his cock and made sure to get all of that semen swallowed.
"Yumm, don't know what it is but the taste of his and your cum mixed with the taste of my pussy juice sure is delicious."

Next thing they knew another black cock slid through, and he told her to turn around and this time he wanted to watch her as she sucked this random guy off. She ended up sucking 15 black cocks that night and it was so amazingly hot he told us. We were all just sitting there in shock, and I said,

"Well call that slut wife of yours up and have her come service us then, fucker, caring is sharing and aren't we more deserving then a pack of strange black men."

All the guys started chanting to call her, after some deliberation and us promising not to tell any of our girlfriends, wives or anyone else for that matter she would do it. For him he said that since the buy in was 100 for our poker nights, if he got to keep the pot he would OK it.

"Isn't that like making your wife a prostitute and you her pimp."

"Not if she doesn't know about it, he laughed."

"You sure are a dirtball, but fuck it, if she wants to suck me off I'm down."

We all laughed and she sucked the five of us off, each 3 times, because we said we wanted to see her repeat the feet from the other night, she told us it would be kind of hard because their cocks were bigger and probably lasted longer and shot more cum then we would, with 4 of the five guys she was right, but she said I made the grade.

Well apparently one of the guys slipped him a card and told him if they ever wanted a repeat performance he knew of a few places he could take her and plenty of guys he could provide for them. he pulled me aside and whispered that it was kind of a turn on to watch and without her knowing he might be able to make some serious cash from it as well.

He set it up with the guy and explained the situation of the money, asking him not to let his wife know that side, he said he wouldn't for a cut and for a couple hours alone with her once a week. He agreed. he was making pretty good money off of her but the nights she would go visit James, the black guy, she kept getting back later and later, so he followed her one night and after she went in he saw a few cars show up and a whole lot of guys get out and go into the same house. after they were all in, he snuk to the side of the house until he found a window were he saw his wife getting gang-banged by how many guys, he couldn't tell, he got pissed and burst in to the front door, and was soon surrounded by a lot of naked angry black guys. He said that this wasn't part of the deal.

"it is now mother fucker." They told him. "Seeing as though, you've been pimping your wife out and making some decent cash off her without her knowledge, I had to tell her, she said, well if that's what i am to him then fuck it, let him make some cash and when i come over to you have the guys come over for a freebie, well word has got around and she said that the more the merrier.

"So tell you what, will give you a couple choices, we'll let you make a little bit of cash one night a week at our place, but we get to come over your place when we want and you have to watch us fuck her. Or we kick your ass now, and she stay's with us and you never see her again." Pete chose choice number 1.

The next poker night, he asked us what he should do and if we would help him get her back.We told him that we favor his wife and give her our support, as she becomes a whore. Why, it's because Pete deserves it! It was his fault she began having sex with other men, and now that she enjoys her lust with these men, he finds himself jealous and nervous. His wife returns to him with a look of lust and desire in her eyes. It is simply too bad now, when they come around her she has to cross her legs. Because as soon as she sees them, her panties grow wet...she knows she is about to be fucked!

One night I went over to hang out when the door bell rand and three guys came in and she said she would be down in a minute, they asked if I was there to watch or participate, and I hear Melissa shout from the doorway, "Participate!!" Pete said, "at this point go for it man, have fun" "You know you love to watch me get fucked Melissa said as she grabbed my cock.
Pete sat down in his chair as she sunk to her knees and pulled out my cock to suck, I looked over and could see he was breathing heavy, because he is excited and also jealous at what is about to happen. Right now...she is vulnerable, she is wet...she belongs to us...she knows everyone is hard!

She is not really married at this moment....not right this moment...she is their whore! No, she has not spread her legs yet for the well hung black men that were at the house tonight, she actually just met them. But their presence in the house has taken over Pete's lovely delicate wife. They have taken his wife from him, she is now their captive, and they have not yet undressed. But they did not do it all by themselves, and she did not become a whore on her own, it was at her Pete's direction. He encouraged his wife's lust for other men...fed it ....created it! She kneels, sucking my cock and writhing in anticipation of what the black guys will do to her....realizing.. there is nothing her husband can do about was all his fault! She became aware something new was happening that was out of his control...she loved it...that was the moment she slapped his face! She was completely their whore now..... she slapped his face, because her husband was no longer in control..of what was about to happen..she feels so.. good! She was a whore, but it was not her fault!
She slaps his face..he begs forgiveness for making her a whore..he kisses her feet..will she forgive him? "Forgive you, for what? You've made me the happiest woman on the planet you fool.
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no mention of anal what a suprise
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Great story,thanks for posting it
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good story
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nice story
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