Debt of 1000 BlowJobs

"Get in the car."

Greg didn't have to be told twice. Greg knew why these two huge men in dark suits were

waiting in his driveway, and Greg knew who sent them.

It seemed like a good idea at the time. Greg and Tammy his wife got caught up in the Real

Estate frenzy that had spread like wildfire across the country. In their area, the houses

were ripe, theirs for the taking. They'd flipped half a dozen houses before the bottom fell

out of the market.

They did the best they could, but they were down to the small, two bedroom cottage that was

their first purchase. The problem was, they still weren't out of the woods. They were twenty

thousand dollars in debt, with the banks closing in.

As Greg said, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Mr. Giovani, "Call me Jake," came

recommended by a close friend. "Loan Sharks are a thing of the past," he'd said, "Jake's

filthy rich, he only loans money to friends, and since you're a friend of mine, he'll be

happy to help you get out of debt. The price of houses will come back quickly, just wait and


Well, as you know, the prices only dropped further as the foreclosures increased. Greg knew

these two thugs were taking him to see Jake.

They were barely through the front door of Jake's mansion when they grabbed him and stripped

him naked in a matter of seconds. One punch in the gut and Greg was dropped to the floor.

One grabbed him by his hair and led him on all fours through the house and into a large room

in the back. There, cowering naked in the center of the room, was his wife, Tammy.

If that wasn't enough, the room was filled with professional video equipment. The bright

lights and the reflecting shades directed at Tammy created a luminous glow to her pale white

skin. The bright lights made her long brown hair and the soft fur concealing her little

pussy shine like a raven's feathers. She was sobbing quietly. Greg was unceremoniously

dropped next to her on the floor, where they huddled together.

"This is the part of his business I find so regrettable." Greg could hardly see him with the

bright lights blinding him. "It's been three months, and not a word from you, Dick." A phone

call would have prevented this situation, but I never heard back from you."

"You've seen enough movies to know what happens to those who can't repay a personal loan."

Greg could see enough to realize that there were two other men with Jake. Both were as big

and menacing as the two who'd brought him here. Two other men and a woman expertly operated

the camera equipment. Needless to say, Greg was terrified. Greg looked at Tammy, to see if

she had been harmed, but she wouldn't meet his eyes.

"As you can see," Jake continued, "I have provided a solution to your predicament. You can

work off your loan, interest free, or they can deal with this in the traditional manner.

Which would you prefer, Dickhead?"

"What would I have to do?" Greg gulped.

"They're going to make a movie and you and your lovely wife will be the stars. Have you ever

had sex with more than just you and the Missus?"

"No, sir."

"Don't worry; just consider this a life experience. Who knows? You might even enjoy

yourselves, and the time will pass quickly until your debt is paid. I'm giving you a break;

the interest will be financed by this little movie. They're filming your decision, so which

ever choice you make will last the duration of your restitution."

Greg looked at Tammy, and was about to ask what she thought about his proposal, when Jake

said, "This is a husband's decision, as it should be in any household. Besides, you will be

the one responsible for paying off the debt the hard way."

The thought of having his arms and legs broken left no doubt in his decision. "We'd be happy

to make a movie for your, Mr. Giovanni."

"Please, call me Jake. Now, you have to decide which of you will do the sucking and which of

you will do the fucking to pay your debt. The choice is yours, Dickface. Are you ready to

have your ass reamed, or would you rather give the boys a blowjob before they fuck your


Greg had always had an intense fear of anal penetration. The thought of having anything up

his asshole was terrifying. He'd never had a prostate exam because of this fear. His wife

was aware of his fear, and moaned and whimpered at what was about to happen. The two men

who'd dragged him through the house stood in front of them. They dropped their trousers and

wagged their monstrous cocks in the air. Tammy gasped at the size of their cocks. They'd

never really discussed their former lovers, but he was sure that she was aware that his four

inch erection was unusually small.

"There is nothing Bruce loves more than having his cock sucked before intercourse; it

enables him to maintain an erection longer, Isn't that right, Bruce?" Bruce merely grinned

like a jackal and stroked his big tool. "Dave, on the other hand, likes to pound his cock in

a tight pussy or asshole, he really has no preference. What's your preference? If you'd

rather pay your debt by sucking cock, crawl over to Bruce and kneel in front of his cock.

This means, of course, that your pretty little wife will be expected to offer her pussy for

any and all who want it. She has a pretty white bottom, with a tight little asshole,no

doubt, but I'll be a nice guy and leave her restitution to her pussy. So, the choice is

yours; if you'd rather spend the next few weeks having your ass pounded, crawl to Dave and

assume the position, with your forehead on the carpet and your ass in the air. Don't keep

them waiting."

"I'm sorry, Tammy," Greg said to his wife before he crawled over and knelt in front of


"You can start by licking his balls, wimp; just remember that it doesn't count if you don't

make him cum." Greg held the big cock in both hands and raised it so that his bulging balls

were dangling in front of him. It only took one cuff of Bruce's hand on the side of his head

to make him begin lapping his balls with his tongue. After a minute or two, Bruce simply

grabbed his cock in one hand and holding his head in place with the other, he started

fucking his face and ordering him to suck harder. The sound of him gagging on his giant cock

was just as humiliating as the act of taking his cock down his throat.

"Come on, cocksucker, make some noise for me. I love the sound of a bitch getting skull

fucked!" He tilted his head back so the cock slid easily down his throat. Greg was

humiliated by the guttural sounds he made as he swallowed Bruce's massive cock. It wasn't

long before he stopped fucking his face and deposited an incredible amount of semen into

Gregs waiting mouth.

"Show the cameras that you let him cum in your mouth." Greg held his mouth open to display

the load Bruce deposited, then swallowed it in one gulp and stuck out his tongue as ordered.

"Not bad, for a first timer, or have you done this before? Now, let's see you get him hard

again. It looks like your little wife is ready for her first customer."

While Greg took Bruce's cock into his mouth again, Greg could see one of the other men

playing with his wife's pussy. She whimpered as the man mauled her little titties and

fingered her cunt. When the cock in his mouth was hard again, Jake clapped his hands and

said, "Okay, Bruce, let's see you fuck her like a bitch in heat."

As Tammy was roughly placed on her hands and knees, she began to plead with their captors

not to fuck her. "Somebody gag this bitch. Her husband will be doing all the sucking, and I

don't want to listen to her begging." With that, Tammy's mouth was stretched and filled with

a ball gag. It was fashioned like a harness. Her eyes peered between the leather straps in

terror and dread. She moaned as the saliva drooled down her chin while Bruce fucked her for

what seemed an eternity. With a satisfied grunt, Bruce finally withdrew his cock from Greg's

wife's pussy and smiled in satisfaction.

This went on for hours, until all four men had taken first his mouth, and then Tammy's

sloppy, gaping pussy. They were told to dress and leave. Before he handed him the keys to

Tammy's car, Jake said, "You will report here every Friday night at seven. When you ring the

doorbell, I want the both of you naked, with you bodies clean shaven and on your knees. Your

wife will be wearing her ball gag. Women should be fucked and not heard." This brought a

gale of laughter as they left the house. The saliva was still drooling between her gag and a

trail of semen ran down her legs. Greg was f***ed to leave with a face covered in drying

sperm. Back home, Greg attempted to console his wife.

"I'm so sorry, Tammy, I never dreamed it would come to this." Even though the ball gag was

removed, his wife had little to say except, "I don't want to talk about it, I just want a

hot shower and a warm bed. I'd rather you slept in the guestroom tonight. In fact, I think

we should sl**p in separate beds until this is over." Dejected, Greg resigned hisself to the

spare room and wondered if she would ever forgive him for placing her at the mercy of Jake

and his brutes.

* * * * *

Their ordeal continued for weeks. Every Friday night was spent under the bright lights as

they fucked and sucked for Jake and his cameras. Sometimes, there were additional men, but

very few were interested in his blowjobs, preferring to screw his wife as she gazed

balefully between the straps of her harness and moaned. Then one night, after another

marathon round before the cameras, Jake made an announcement.

"I have good news! our little cum bucket, Tammy, has fucked her way out of her portion of

your debt. Her ten thousand dollars has been paid in full, if you'll pardon the pun. Bruce,

please remove her ball gag and let's see what she has to say."

Greg was still reeling from the news that their twenty thousand dollar debt had been split

between them, but Greg was even less prepared for the first words that came from her lips.

"I want cocks; I want ALL of your cocks, please!" Jake was as surprised as him.

"But your debt is paid; you don't have to fuck any more men."

"i want a cock in my mouth," she said. I want to suck on a big fat cock. I want to suck

every cock in the house!" Jake shrugged and wagged his cock in front of Greg's kneeling

wife. "That's fine by me. Let's see if you suck cock better than your little hubby."

After all they'd been through during the long weeks of their indentured servitude, nothing

compared to the shame and humiliation Greg felt as Greg watched his wife greedily sucking

Jake's fat cock. She gobbled his meat hungrily, and then pulled it out quickly with an

audible plop. She moaned around the shaft as he held her head and fucked her face, using her

mouth like a willing cunt. The noise
Greg made when he serviced these men was nothing compared to the lewd gagging sound of

Tammy's mouth on Jake's cock. The saliva hung in copious cords that landed on her breasts

and trailed down to her belly button. Her moans as her head bobbed up and down revealed her

lust obscenely.

She offered no protests when Dave knelt behind her and placed her on her hands and knees.

She took Jake's cock from her mouth long enough to turn around and say, "Not in my pussy, I

want it up my ass! Give me your big dick, Dave! I'm not a chicken shit like my worthless

husband. Give it to me, Dave, fuck my asshole!"

Greg lost all track of time as he watched his slutty little wife being gangbanged by four

well hung men. Allowed, hell! Tammy was barking orders, demanding more cock. Greg sat on the

floor at Jake's feet while Jake's men took turns ravaging Tammy's mouth, pussy and asshole.

As Tammy's entire body shuddered in orgasm, Jake leaned down to his ear and said, "From the

look of things, it's a safe guess that your services are no longer required, don't you

agree?" Greg gulped and said, "I guess not."

"That presents a problem, my boy. Tammy has fulfilled her commitment, but you haven't

sucked off nearly enough men to pay your share of the loan."

"How much do I still owe, sir?" Jake consulted a small memo pad.

"Let's see, Tammy received one hundred dollars for every load deposited in her piggy bank."

He laughed at his own joke before he continued. "That means that she has been fucked exactly

one hundred times, not counting the freebies she's giving the boys at the moment." They

paused to observe his wife wantonly devouring Bruce's cock while straddling Dave as he sat

in a chair. She bounced up and down, fucking her ass on his rigid cock while a third man

f***ed his way into her dripping pussy.

"As for you," he continued, "You've sucked off exactly twenty-three men. Since a blowjob

only pays a modest ten dollars a load, you still owe nine hundred and seventy seven blowjobs

to repay your share of the loan." Jake saw the look on his face and said, "You didn't expect

a blowjob from a man to pay the same amount as a good fucking from a fetching little cupcake

like Tammy, did you?" Greg was too shocked to answer.

"I know what you're thinking, Greg; how can you possibly repay me when your wife is

sucking and fucking for free? Well, don't worry, wimp; I think we can work something

out." He called to Bruce, who withdrew his cock from Tammy's ass and said, "Yeah, Boss?"

Jake put away his memo pad and said, "Greg needs a ride downtown."

"Sure thing, Boss." He looked down at him and said, "Come on, Greg, get in the car."

* * * * *

Greg wasn't allowed to put on his clothes. Once he was dressed, Bruce grabbed him and

manhandled him roughly out the front door and threw him into the trunk of the Lincoln Towne

Car. Crying softly, Greg awaited his fate.

When the car stopped and Bruce dragged him out of the trunk, Greg saw that they were in a

dimly lit parking lot. Greg could see the silhouettes of several men standing around,

talking and smoking. Bruce grabbed him and bent him over the hood of the car. His cell phone

went off and after a brief conversation, he placed the phone to his ear and said: "It's for


"Hello, fucker, how's it hangin? Now, I know that we agreed that once you decided to suck

cock rather than getting buttfucked, there would be no turning back. But since your wife is

being such a good sport, I'm going to give you one last chance to change your mind. You can

pay off your debt tonight, if you choose. All you have to do is let ten men fuck you in the

ass. That's a good deal, Greg. A thousand dollars a fuck is certainly better than a thousand


"Please, sir. I don't want to be fucked! I'll do anything you want, but please don't let

them fuck me!" Greg could hear Jake sigh. "Suit yourself, cocksucker. Tell Bruce you want to

go inside."

Bruce grabbed him by his hair and started walking him across the parking lot. He held his

head so that Greg was f***ed to bend at the waist. Greg saw very little, but Greg could hear

the catcalls and whistles as he dragged him through the door.

It was a bookstore, an adult bookstore with a row of video arcade booths. He stopped at the

counter, and Greg listened as he spoke to the man.

"Hi Bill; here's another cocksucker from Jake. He wants you to lock him up in booth number

nine." After a brief conversation with Bill, Bruce dragged him over to the booths and f***ed

him on his knees inside. The booth was lit by harsh, bright lights. Greg knew the lights

were for recording.

"It's very simple, Cuck boy. You see that hole in the wall? Every time a ten dollar bill

appears, you take the bill and feed it into the video machine. When the cock appears through

the hole, you suck it off. Unless he cums down your throat, you open your mouth and look up

for the cameras. Swallow the load and lick your lips. Don't forget to clean the cock and

thank him." With that, he closed the door and locked it from the outside.

It wasn't long until a ten dollar bill appeared through the hole. Greg took the money and

fed it into the machine. A gay porno movie flickered on the screen while a cock was thrust

through the hole. Greg was mildly surprised at its size. Although it was almost twice the

size as his own, it was nowhere near as huge as the cocks he'd been sucking during the past

Friday nights. Greg took it into his mouth and coated it with saliva before he let it down

his throat, until his lips touched the duct tape that covered the rough edges of the hole.

Greg licked and slurped, lapping the underside of the head and bobbing up and down. When

Greg felt it grow even harder, he backed off enough to twirl his tongue until it filled

his mouth with hot semen. No sooner had Greg finished making the customer cum, a voice spoke

to him through a speaker.

"Open your mouth, cocksucker, and give me the money shot." Greg did as instructed and held

the man's load until the voice told him to swallow. Greg licked the cum and saliva off the

wilting cock and thanked the man as the spent penis slipped back through the hole.

"Congratulations, cocksucking boy. That was blowjob number twenty-four. Only nine hundred and

seventy six loads to go."

Greg could hear the laughter as another ten spot was presented through the hole in the dirty

wall of booth number nine.

He doesn't remember how long he spent in the video booth, but he knew that he was now one

hundred and thirty dollars closer to paying off his ten thousand dollar debt to Jake, the

loan shark.

Thirteen blowjobs at ten dollars apiece; thirteen ten dollar bills, followed each time by a

dick poking through the hole in the wall. Thirteen cocks of all different sizes and color.

Very few were considered huge by conventional standards. None of them were as small as his

own tiny penis, which hung flaccid between his legs like a wet noodle.

The most common were the cocks he'd learned to call chubbys. These were about five inches

long, circumcised with a fat, plum shaped head. Greg found that these were the easiest to

take down his throat while using his tongue to stimulate the underside of the crown. They

came quickly and were easy to clean, unlike the uncut dicks, with their slippery foreskins.

Greg was sitting patiently, waiting for the next ticket to freedom to appear through the

glory hole. Eventually, the door to the booth opened and Bruce once again grabbed him by his

hair and dragged him through the bookstore and threw him into the trunk of the car. Despite

the fact that there was nothing to prevent his neighbors from seeing him naked and

struggling to keep up with his captor, Greg was glad to be home.

Bruce watched him with amusement as Greg went through the house and took in the changes that

were made while he was servicing the strangers at the bookstore. There was no furniture.

The curtains were gone. The towels in the bathroom were missing, as were the sheets and

pillows on the only remaining piece of furniture, the guestroom bed. Greg knew before his

opened his closet that all of his clothes had been taken. All of his shoes, socks and

underwear were missing. Tammy's clothes were gone, as well.

"welcome home, cum slut. As you can see, there is nothing here to conceal your little

penis. They even took the dish rags. Jake knows that you wouldn't dare leave your house

without his permission, but as you wait until next Friday, you will remain naked and

exposed. There is no phone, no television and no computer to occupy your time. All of the

lights have been disconnected or had the bulbs removed. You will spend the week naked and

alone, with nothing to do but think about sucking cock and wonder what your wife is doing at

Jake's mansion." He laughed as he closed the door and left him standing naked in a house

that was just as empty and naked as its owner.

* * * * *

Greg grew more depressed and lonely as the weeks passed. his only contact with other people

was the cocks he sucked off every Friday night and there were relatively few. One would think

that sucking off a dozen or so cocks in one night was a mighty task, but at this rate, it

would take forever to reach his goal of one thousand blowjobs.

Greg was sitting in his booth waiting for another sawbuck to appear when a new movie began

on the video screen. Greg watched in horror as he recognized the action. Flickering on the

screen was the movie Jake had made of his wife, Tammy, and Greg. It was beautifully edited,

showing in explicit detail how his wife was turned into a wanton slut and him a worthless

cocksucker. It was humiliating enough to watch him begging their captors to fuck his wife

while Greg sucked their cocks, but Greg couldn't bear the sight of Tammy's eyes peering

between the straps of the harness gag as her pussy was repeatedly taken by these huge men.

his shame was complete when her gag was removed and she pleaded to suck their cocks.

Greg didn't think it could be any worse than this when Tammy removed the massive rod she'd

been sucking and turned to look directly into the camera. While another cock was still

pounding her ass as she knelt on her hands and knees, she smiled sweetly and said. "Hello,

all you horny low ballers! Even if you could afford me, you can't have me, but my husband

would be more than happy to suck your cock. He's waiting for you now in booth number nine.

Don't forget to bring him a ten dollar bill." With that, the movie changed to shots of him

inside the booth and sucking a load of semen into his mouth.

For the rest of the night, Greg could only listen to the movie as cock after cock appeared

through the hole. He'd sucked so many that he lost count, and they kept coming, They came

in his mouth, they came down his throat, and some splattered his face and ran down his chin.

They must have been as excited as Greg was humiliated to see his wife on the screen, begging

for more cock while Greg pleaded not to have his ass fucked.

* * * * *

It was a bright and sunny Wednesday morning. As usual, Greg was naked in his empty house

and lying on the floor. Try as Greg may, he couldn't overcome the fear of being spotted

through the curtain-less windows. Greg found that by staying as low as possible, he could

avoid being seen. Greg was dozing on the living room floor when he heard the doorbell


Greg crawled to the front door and saw two men and a woman waiting on their doorstep. Greg

slipped the chain lock in its slot and opened the door. Hiding behind the door, Greg asked

them what they wanted. The man in the gold blazer spoke through the partially open door.

"I'm with Goldman Real Estate," he said, "We've come to take a look at the house."

"There must be some mistake," Greg said, "The house isn't for sale."

"You must be Greg," he replied. "Jake said to tell you to let us in."

Humiliated beyond belief, Greg reluctantly opened the door and let them enter. They appeared

mildly amused at his nudity. The couple, however, seemed more concerned with the house.

"They're just going to have a look see," said the Realtor. "Why don't you pick a corner and

go and stand with your face to the wall while I show the house?"

Greg stood in the corner and listened as the Realtor gave the couple a tour of their home.

They whispered excitedly as they examined every room and cupboard. Eventually, the Realtor

allowed him to come and stand before them while they discussed the potential transaction.

"Does this come with the house, as well?" The woman reached forward and fondled his penis.

Greg looked down in shame as his little dick hardened to its full four inches. "Never mind,"

she said, "I'm afraid this is too small to fit my needs. The house is also much too

small." They all laughed at her little joke.

"Here's my card," he said, "Give me a call if you change your mind." When the couple drove

away, the Realtor came back inside. When he turned to Greg, he saw that he had unzipped his

fly, revealing a large, fat cock. He waved a ten spot in his face and pushed him to his


"Ah, he grunted as Greg bobbed up and down and slurped the semen that erupted in his mouth and

ran down his chin. "Jake was right; you are an excellent cocksucker. Here's another ten. If

you give my balls a good licking, I'll be ready for another blowjob in no time." While Greg

sucked the man off for the second time, he wondered where he would live once his home

was sold right out from under him.

* * * * *

The next Friday evening, or should I say, Saturday morning, Greg was putting away the

week's groceries Bruce had bought for him. Greg nearly jumped out of his skin when he came

up behind him and started to feel him up. He turned him around to face him, and Greg fell to

his knees in front of him. To his surprise, he lifted him back up and put his arms around

him. The next thing Greg knew, he was kissing him. He held his hand to the back of his head

and kissed him passionately, exploring his mouth with a greedy tongue. With his head held in

place, Greg could do nothing but stand there and return the kiss.

Bruce picked him up in his strong arms and carried him to the bed in the guestroom, where they

made out like a couple of teenagers. He lay on top of him, preventing him from resisting as

his tongue danced in his mouth and his hand toyed with his penis until Greg came all over

his hand. Greg started to protest when he wiped his semen on his asshole. Greg was about to

beg him not to fuck him, when he kissed his way down his stomach and took his flaccid cock

into his mouth. Greg was erect again in seconds, but he ran his tongue down his hairless

balls and found his tight hole with his tongue. He circled his anus with his tongue until

Greg came again. He wiped his cum on his chest and looked him in the eye.

"We're going to see Jake," he said, "Get back in the car." Once again, Greg ran naked to

the trunk of the car and climbed in, hoping that his neighbors hadn't seen him.

* * * * *

The recording studio in the back of the house was filled with lights, cameras and busy

people. A man was fucking another woman while his wife sat on Jake's lap. They all paused as

Jake spoke to Bruce.

"What a pleasant surprise, Bruce. What brings you here on such a fine day? Has Greg paid off

his debt?" Bruce smiled.

"Not even close, Boss, that's what I came to discuss with you. I'd like to buy out his

contract. I've sorta taken a liking to him. I'd like to make him my bitch."

Jake shrugged and said, "What kind of deal do you have in mind?"

"I'd like to buy the house and have Gregy become my personal cum slave. Can you arrange the paperwork?"

Jake looked at Tammy and said, "It's up to you, sugar; would you like to divorce this wimp

and keep the profits on the house?"

"Of course," she said, "I have no use for him anymore."

"Well I do; I can make a bundle making movies with him. I'll tell you what, Bruce, you buy

the house at a fair price and we'll split the revenue from the movies."

"Just one problem, Boss. You promised the twerp that he wouldn't have to take it up the ass.

If he's going to be my bitch, he's gotta give it up."

"That's enough!" Tammy said, "I'm going to take care of this, once and for all. Somebody get

the dildo stand and the harness gag."

Greg was kicking and screaming, but it was useless. his cries were stifled around the ball gag

as the top of the harness was attached to a rope from the ceiling. his wrists were also

strapped to two large rings above him. Greg watched in horror as a large dildo, attached to

what resembled a microphone stand was placed between his legs. Tammy slapped him on his ass

and began to lube the dildo.

"Rise up on your toes, asshole." Greg could do nothing as she adjusted the height of the stand

and placed the head of the phallus until the lifelike head was inserted in his clenched

rectum. She stood back and admired her handiwork.

"Your predicament is self explanatory, but I'll spell it out for you. Soon, your feet will

tire of standing on your toes, and you will have no choice, but to lower yourself onto the

dildo. Whenever you're ready, my cuck, you can go fuck yourself!"

Greg held his stance as long as he could, but his toes grew tired and he lowered himself

down on the dildo. Greg howled as his ass was filled for the first time. He raised himself

up again, only to impale himself again when his toes could no longer support him. As the

cameras rolled and the snapshots were taken, his audience screamed in laughter as they

watched him fucking himself in the ass.

As Greg bounced up and down on the dildo in his ass, he thought of all the blowjobs he

had given, all for nothing. He thought of all the shame and humiliation he'd been through,

and he thought about the life he was soon to lead as a bitch for Bruce and a porn star

for Jake, but one thought took center stage as he fucked himself in the ass:

Greg was beginning to like it.
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