Party To Extend All Parties

It was just another e-mail from my boss, Johana, mixed in with the rest of the e-mails that hit my inbox during that day. I usually glance over the subject headers to pick out the urgent e-mails, dealing with the rest later. This one caught my eye; subject: The Party To End All Parties.

I opened it and read on. It was an invite to my boss's country property for a party, Saturday evening in a few week's time. She went on to explain that it was a great opportunity to mix with a few of my work colleagues, as well as to meet other business associates and start networking. I had only been with the company for three weeks and was still finding my way, so it sounded like a great opportunity. I couldn't help wondering though what Johana meant by 'The Party To End All Parties'.

Although Johana's property was only a bit over an hour out of town, she suggested we make a weekend of it and avoid having to rush home early to relieve the baby sitter. Johana explained she didn't have room to put us up for the night, and suggested a cosy bed and breakfast near by. I checked with my wife, Tammy, that night. Although she wasn't overly enthusiastic about the party, she agreed it would be great to have a weekend away without the k**s, and promptly arranged for the k**s to stay with my mother in-law. I didn't tell her about the e-mail subject description since I didn't know what was meant by it.

The next day, I went to Johana's office to accept the invitation. I knew I couldn't turn down her offer.

"Tammy and I will be coming," I accepted. "What do you mean by 'The Party To End All Parties'? Do we need to bring anything?"

"You may find out. It's really up to you," she replied with a sly grin. "Just bring yourselves."

At that point she answered her ringing phone and waved me out of her office.

Johana is the owner and CEO of a small consultancy firm I recently joined as a senior consultant. She is a magnificent woman who oozes sexuality and power. She has a captivating good looks and an air of authority about her, set off by a strong, smooth, somewhat deep voice for a woman that is welcoming and yet commanding at the same time. She is tall with a beautiful curvaceous figure. She has long auburn hair, framing a long face with a strong jaw line, high cheekbones, a wide mouth with luscious thick lips, her smile revealing a set of perfect white teeth. Her hazel eyes are deceptively soft and accentuated by her long black eyelashes and gold eye shadow. Her neck is long and elegant, rising from a set of broad square shoulders. Her breasts are very generous without being oversized. Her torso tapers to a slim waist with a flat stomach, then swells out over the womanly spread of her hips complemented by a firm rounded behind. Her legs are long and shapely with firm thighs, elegant calves and beautifully manicured feet. All up, for a woman I guess to be in her mid to late forties, Johana is a stunner who obviously takes great pride and care in her appearance.

It was Johana who interviewed me for my position. She was dressed in a long tight black skirt, with a tight blouse through which you could just make out the floral lace of her bra where the blouse was stretched over the swell of her breasts. Her nipples produced two obvious bumps protruding from under her bra and blouse. She interviewed me three times before offering me the job. In the first interview I felt somewhat intimidated by her. I couldn't help but feast my eyes upon her face and gorgeous tits. My concentration was continually broken by fantasies about this stunning woman sitting across the table from me. She caught me off guard on a number of occasions, forcing me to ask her to repeat the question. I fantasised about her all the next week before she called me in for my second interview.

In the second interview she gave me a real grilling. I had no time to fantasise as Johana fired all manner of questions at me. Some of the questions were quite bizarre, baring no relation to job as advertised. I answered as best I could, but started to feel hot and flushed as the interview progressed and the intensity of her questioning increased. Her final question floored me.

"Do you eat Pussy?" she casually asked, staring me in the eye.

I wanted to say the question was completely out of line and none of her business, but as she didn't break her stare all I could answer was, "Yes."

The interview finished and I left feeling somewhat shattered and confused by the whole interview process. I though with hindsight the correct response to the final question was to be firm and remind her it was completely out of line, and totally inappropriate in a professional interview. I thought she was testing me in a difficult and uncomfortable situation.

I was stunned and excited when a week later I was called back for a final interview with Johana. She told me she was hiring me. There was no opportunity for me to consider the offer. Johana looked me straight in the eye, and told me to resign from my current employer and start with her in four weeks. Of course, all I could do was to thank her.

The Saturday of the party arrived. My wife, Tammy, wasn't thrilled about going to a party full of people she didn't know, but was pleased to be going away for a weekend without the k**s. The party was kicking off late afternoon. We checked into our accommodation, a very comfortable country retreat with a lavish spa bathroom. We both looked forward to a long soak when we returned, which usually led to passionate sex.

We were running late, and arrived at Johana's property after most of the guests had already arrived. The house was set way back from the road, at the end of a long avenue of Eucalyptos trees. The avenue opened out into a large gravel courtyard, most of which was now taken up by prestige cars. I felt a little in-adequate rolling up in the f****y Scion or as we called the toaster.

The house was an enormous two-storey affair resembling a country manor. I thought she would have had plenty of room to put us up for the night, but actually preferred the B&B for a little more privacy. The front door was open and we could hear plenty of chatter from inside.

We wandered in to an enormous entrance hall, with three sets of double doors leading off to other parts of the house, and a wide staircase leading to the upstairs section of the house. Johana was welcoming another couple before she turned to us. I introduced Tammy to Johana, who complemented my wife on her hair and made her welcome. We were ushered through to the patio and pool area at the back of the house where a large barbecue was in progress.

I would guess there were probably in excess of 100 people milling around, drinking, chatting and enjoying the late afternoon sun. The other guests were of varying ages, although on average they would have been a little older than us. What struck me was how attractive most of these people were. They also had an air of affluence about them. Both Tammy and I couldn't help feeling a little out of place. Whilst we are both attractive and well groomed, we certainly don't see ourselves as affluent or tend to mix in those circles. We wandered over to join up with a few of my work colleagues. During the course of the evening we mingled with quite a number of the guests. They were all very friendly towards Tammy and me, and many seemed genuinely interested in getting to know us. Whilst we both had a good time, neither of us found the party adventurous and were puzzled by Johana's vague explanation, "You may find out."

Tammy Recalls

By 9:00 PM I was ready to leave. I had met a lot of interesting people, but their names had become a blur now. I had d***k a fair bit although I wasn't d***k, and I was longing for our long soak in the spa back at our accommodation. The crowd had thinned, and we could see Johana through the hallway saying farewells to guests as they departed through the front door. John's work colleagues had all departed. We were now conversing with people we didn't really know, and probably wouldn't meet again. John doesn't normally like to stay on once the crowd starts to thin, so I suggested it's time to leave, and he agreed. We bade our farewells and made for the front door.

Johana put on a big fuss that we shouldn't go just yet, that she hadn't had a chance to come and talk to us. I squeezed John's hand to confirm we were leaving, as Johana went on about having a coffee and sobering up for a little, besides the fun part of the evening was yet to begin. John had kept insisting we really must be leaving but wavered at the suggestion of sobering up and agreed to stay a bit longer and have a coffee. I dug my heel into his foot to register my annoyance. I was pissed off he caved in. He didn't need to sober up. We had the chance to leave, but now we were stuck to participate in the fun which no doubt would be turning up the music, and downing more booze. We returned to the patio and chatted politely with another couple a bit younger than us whilst we sipped our coffee.

About half an hour later Johana came over to us with a tall dark haired, ruggedly handsome man she introduced as Marcus. Marcus looked like he belonged in Hollywood adventure movies. Actually, he was awesome. He was probably in his late forties and had that air of worldliness about him. I couldn't take my eyes off him. I straightened up a bit, put on a cheerful face, and thrust my boobs out a little. Johana explained the remaining guests were staying for the fun part of the evening. They were swingers!

I felt as if my stomach had fallen to the floor. I was horrified and wondered what we were being dragged into. She went on to explain that we had been chosen to stay on. There had been a number of couples asked to the party to be vetted by the members of her swingers club, but we were the only couple deemed suitable. I don't know what their criteria were, but I couldn't help feeling a little flattered, but scared. That feeling quickly gave way to fury, as I knew John must be in on this. He had set me up. There was no way I was going to swing. I enjoyed sex. In-fact I loved it, but at that point I loved it strictly within my marriage. I turned on John, but the look of horror on his face suggested he didn't know what was going on either.

Johana and Marcus both picked up on our reactions and explained we were under no obligation to stay, then set about persuading us to at least stay to watch. We could leave at any point, and there was no compulsion to participate. I felt very uneasy about watching a group of about 40 to 50 people taking part in a mass orgy, yet I could feel butterflies starting in my stomach and a few twinges of excitement just thinking about what we might see. I turned to John, who this time was left speechless. He was in an awful situation. How could he say no to his boss, who just happened to be drop dead sexy and had him completely smitten, when she was offering to let him watch her have sex? Before John could answer, Johana took John's hand, Marcus took mine, and we were led over to the bar. Marcus handed us both a Scotch. I don't normally drink Scotch, but a strong drink certainly helped me settle my nerves. We were then led back inside to an enormous lounge room at the back of the house to join the rest of the group as they moved back in to the house. It was a done deal. Without having agreed, we were staying. John looked as nervous as I felt, however I couldn't help a growing feeling of excitement and naughtiness from welling up inside me. I was stepping over a line that should never be crossed, even though I had no intention of participating in any group sex.

A bell started ringing. A tall blond man entered the room ringing the bell announcing it was time to freshen up and get changed. John and I remained behind as the other guests departed for the various bathrooms and the pool house to shower and get changed. About 20 minutes later people started to filter back into the main lounge room. The women were all dressed in revealing lingerie, exotic latex outfits, leather bondage outfits, or naked. A petite girl in her mid twenties was naked except for a collar around her neck and leather cuffs restraining her hands behind her back. She was being led by a man in his late fifties wearing a leather g-string with a zip down the front. Many of the men were wearing a g-string of one type or another. Others wore tight Lycra shorts that accentuated their buns and genitals. Three men entered wearing full dinner suits, Marcus being one of them. The guests were all gathering in the lounge, quietly chatting, except for the slave girl, who stood silently, eyes downcast, as if waiting for more orders. John and I just sat quietly on the sofa, checking out the outfits.

Eventually Johana entered the room clad in a latex and Lycra cat-suit that highlighted every curve of her body. The torso of the suit was latex with latex half cups supporting her breasts, which were barely restrained by the Lycra top section of the suit, her large protuberant nipples standing out under the Lycra. I couldn't help but envy her body. Johana stepped into the centre of the room and was about to speak when she looked over at John and me on the couch. She swiftly came over.

"Sorry guys, you're going to have to strip down too," she curtly told us. "Even if you're just watching you have to be suitably attired."

I was ready to leave.

"I didn't come dressed for this!" I spat at John, loud enough for Johana to hear.

Johana hissed, "Quiet."

She turned and called to a young couple to come over to assist.

"Stephanie and Nick will help you out," Johana said in a gentler tone. "Don't worry, lingerie can look sexy without revealing more than a swimsuit," she soothed, looking me in the eye.

I felt a little better. The last thing I wanted was to parade around in my cotton undies and mismatched bra in front of the exotic and erotic outfits others were wearing. Nor did I desire showing more of my body, to a crowd of strangers, than one would see at the swimming pool.

John Recalls

I thought Tammy was going to cry. There was real venom in Johana's tone when she hissed to be quiet. As Stephanie and Nick came over to us, Tammy turned to me with a look of daggers.

"I don't like this. I'm only doing it for you so you owe me big time," Tammy spat through gritted teeth.

Stephanie came over, took Tammy by the hand and led her out of the room. Nick motioned for me to follow him out of the room in the other direction. He led me down a long corridor, turned left and entered a massive room with indoor pool, spa and sauna. There were showers over by the sauna.

"Change and shower while I get you something to wear," Nick ordered.

"I'll skip the shower, we're not participating tonight," I replied.

"Yeah right. Just have your shower mate," he affirmed, then walk out of the room.

I sensed Tammy and I were losing out control over our situation. I was totally intrigued by what was to come, so not wanting to cause any trouble that might be reason for us to leave, I complied with Nick's command and showered. I was towelling off when Nick returned.

"Wear this and return to the lounge room," he said as he threw me a small black lycra garment, then turned and left the room before I could say anything.

I picked up the garment, which turned out to be a black Lycra g-string. Somewhat reluctantly I put it on. I had no real option, unless I stormed out, grabbed my wife and left. In fear of Johana, I had to go through with this now.

I returned to the lounge to find only a handful of guests still there. Marcus was standing by the fireplace talking to the tall blond man who rang the bell earlier. As I walked over, Marcus noticed me.

"Is that all they could find you?" he boomed across the room at me.

I shrugged and I'm sure I blushed as I continued over to Marcus. He introduced me to the tall blond guy, Antonio, who was also dressed in a dinner suit. He was about my age, exceptionally handsome even in my opinion. I felt very self conscious standing there with my buttocks exposed and my cock standing out in the genital hugging lycra, talking to two guys in dinner suits. Tammy was nowhere in sight.

"What's with the suit..." I started to ask Marcus.

He cut me off, "We,ll wait here for Tammy, then I'll arrange for each of you to be shown around."

Antonio went over to the bar at the end of the room to get us another round of drinks, whilst Marcus and I just made small talk.

Antonio returned with the drinks just as Tammy walked into the room e****ted by Stephanie. Tammy looked sensational. She was dressed in a burgundy satin bustier with suspenders. The bra cups were satin, fringed with lace, with a large vee of lace down the front of her body as far as her navel. She had a matching pair of burgundy panties with a small lace vee in the front panel that just revealed the top of her pubic hair. Tammy wore sheer black lace topped stockings on her long shapely legs, and black high-heeled patent leather stilettos. Despite having had 2 k**s and lost a little of her youthful figure, Tammy still has a fine sexy body. She is slim and tall with broad square shoulders. Her breasts are ample and, although they hang a little lower these days; they still have a great shape topped by large perky nipples.

I couldn't help feeling great pride in my sexy wife as she entered the room and walked over to join us. Stephanie hung back a little way from us and patiently waited. She was a cute petite girl I guessed to be in her late twenties to early thirties, with straight shoulder length black hair and a svelte figure clad in near see through bra and g-string and impossibly high platform shoes.

"Wow," exclaimed Marcus as he admired Tammy approaching us. "John's a lucky man, you're sensational Tammy."

Tammy was blushing but seemed to be relishing Marcus's compliments.

"Turn around. Let's see all of you," Marcus commanded.

He turned Tammy around making complementary whistling noises through his teeth. Tammy, whilst still obviously nervous, was starting to look like she was enjoying the experience. She hadn't paraded for strangers in her lingerie before and seemed to relax a little and even enjoy the effect she was having on Marcus. Her outfit was sexy without being too revealing. Marcus patted Tammy on her behind and asked why she didn't select a g-string to wear. Tammy just shrugged her shoulders. I knew it was a big step for Tammy to go as far as she had tonight. To be any more revealing was really asking too much of her.

"Sexy, elegant, almost provocative, but not quite enough flesh on show. You get to see more on the beach these days," commented Marcus as he spun Tammy around again. "John's more in the spirit of things."

"He's hardly got a thing on," Tammy observed.

Without warning Marcus reached up and pulled down the bra cups of Tammy's bustier. Her tits tumbled free. Tammy tried to reach up and cover her breasts with her hands, but Marcus grabbed her wrists and held her arms to her sides.

Staring her in the face he said, "You'll see. You'll feel much more comfortable this way."

"Let go of me! How dare you..." Tammy started to protest.

"Relax," Marcus demanded. "You have great tit's, so let's put them on display. You'll see people of all shapes and sizes here, all sexy in their own way. You're in great shape, so why not flaunt it?"

I was a bit worried that Tammy would storm out as soon as Marcus let go, but Tammy started to relax again, and when Marcus released her wrists, Tammy just adjusted the bra cups to fold up more neatly under her breasts.

"That's the spirit," Marcus praised her.

Marcus went over to the bar to pour each of us a glass of champagne. I turned to Tammy.

"If your not OK with this then let's go," I whispered.

"Oh what the hell," she replied. "We've come this far, let's see what they get up to here."

I think we both felt a nervous excitement growing within.

Marcus returned with our champagne and proposed a toast to our inauguration. We sipped our champagne, both trying to settle our nerves.

"Spin around slowly for me Tammy, Marcus said. "I want to admire your magnificent tits from all angles."

Tammy did as she was asked. Marcus just watched appreciatively, then gently traced a finger around the shape of each of her breasts. He took Tammy by the hand and led her over to a coffee table, and helped her step onto it.

Feeling protective of Tammy I followed them over to the coffee table. Stephanie also joined us and took my hand as we watched. Again, Marcus asked Tammy to turn around, this time standing close enough that Tammy's nipples nearly brushed his nose.

"Make them swing for me," Marcus commanded.

Tammy leaned forward and swayed from side to side. I noticed Marcus's left hand reach in under his dinner jacket and start to massage his cock. He brushed her nipples with the back of his right hand as her breasts swung through. Marcus was rubbing his cock more vigorously now, and my own cock was growing, bulging in my Lycra g-string, as I watched my wife's pendulous breasts swaying from side to side, brushing Marcus's hand.

I found it highly arousing to see my wife being treated like a whore, performing every wish for this older man. Whilst Tammy was swinging her breasts, Marcus turned his right hand over and cupped Tammy's left breast. Tammy straightened up a little. Marcus leaned forward and sucked Tammy's left nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard, and I could see Tammy's nipple and aureole being drawn into his mouth. Tammy visibly tensed up then relaxed again, closing her eyes and slightly parting her lips.

Stephanie let go of my hand and started to massage my cock through my g-string. I tried to move away feeling a bit embarrassed, but she held tight.

"Relax and enjoy the show," she whispered.

I briefly turned to her and ran my right hand over her tight arse, then turned my attention back to Tammy. The sight of my wife totally subservient to this man we only met less than an hour before had me totally transfixed. Marcus switched to her right breast to repeat his nipple sucking. Tammy opened her eyes momentarily and caught sight of Stephanie massaging my cock. She looked a little shocked, but as Marcus sucked her right nipple into his mouth, she lightly bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes and tilted her head back as the initial pain of her nipple being extended gave way to pleasure. Her mouth parted again and she started to run her fingers through Marcus's hair. Her left nipple was long and swollen. Stephanie continued to squeeze and rub my cock, which was fully erect and aching to be released, as I gazed in awe at my Goddess wife suckling this stud.

Antonio wandered back into the room, and took in the scene.

"Marcus, Marcus, stop mauling the guests and give them a tour. They're only here to watch remember. Let them decide when they're ready to play," said Antonio.

He turned to me and to explain, "He's always been a tits man."

Marcus stopped and helped Tammy down from the coffee table.

"Yes right. Just giving our guests a teaser in preparation for their tour," he joked. "I'll take Tammy on a tour of the downstairs bedrooms. Steph, you take John on a tour of the pool and games rooms."

Tammy Recalls

I couldn't believe I had let this stranger totally seduce me in front of my husband. At first I was furious when Marcus exposed my breasts, but his withering good looks and dominating stare quelled my protestations. The excitement I had started to feel in my belly was growing and I could feel my sex start to moisten. When he made me turn around, swing my breasts and dangle them for him I began to feel an intense desire to be taken by this man. He sucked my nipples so hard it initially hurt like hell, but the pain was exquisite and my juices really started to flow. I wanted to resist, and felt pangs of guilt as if I was cheating on John, yet at the same time I craved more. Anyway, I saw John having his penis rubbed, so stuff him, I wasn't going to feel too guilty about that little breast-fondling episode.

Feeling totally aroused I was quite excited to see what was taking place in other parts of the house.

As Marcus led me from the room Antonio called out in a stern voice, "Remember Marcus, they're here only to watch. Hands off."

Marcus didn't acknowledge the reprimand as we left the room. We entered the corridor to the bedrooms and I started to unfold the bra cups to cover my breasts again. Marcus slapped my hand away and folded the bra cups back under my breasts, pinching each nipple quite hard.

"They stay exposed." He commanded.

I followed along helplessly feeling a little humiliated, yet still feeling highly aroused, with butterflies in my stomach. My excitement was mixed with nervous tension about where the evening would take me.

An attractive couple, who were obviously in the advanced stages of foreplay, occupied the first bedroom we came to. He was on his back whilst she lay beside with a leg across his legs. His fingers were pushing into her pussy whilst she was stroking his erection. I wanted to stay and watch having never watched another couple make love before, but Marcus took me by the hand and led me on down the corridor. He explained that the doors were usually left open, as voyeurism was all part of the experience.

The next bedroom was quite busy. A very muscular looking blond woman was lying on her back on a large four poster bed, with her butt right on the edge at the foot end. Her legs were up in the air resting on the shoulders of a young looking guy, totally naked except for the cuffs being used to restrain him spread eagle to the posts at the foot of the bed. His thick cock was pumping into her in long slow strokes. The third of the three men wearing tuxedos that evening was kneeling on the bed beside the woman's head. He was massaging his long erect member whilst the woman licked and sucked the head of his cock. The woman had her right hand down in her pussy, massaging her clit. All three were letting out soft moans of pleasure. I looked around and saw about a half dozen others in the room watching the action.

I stood next to Marcus watching. The scene was erotic beyond anything I had ever experienced. Instantly I felt my pussy twinge and start to moisten again. Most of the other spectators acknowledged our presence. A handsome grey haired man I guessed to be in his late fifties wandered over to us.

He whispered to me, "Do you like what you see?"

I nodded my approval. He then turned to Marcus with a pleading look. Marcus acknowledged him then turned to me.

"Ron is also a tits man," he softly informed me. "He has my permission to play with your tits."

I was taken aback, since I was the only one to give that permission, but again the authoritative voice and stern look from Marcus prevented me from protesting.

Ron stood behind me, reached around and cupped both breasts. He massaged them for a while. It was quite pleasurable, and added to my increasing state of arousal. I was intently watching the slave's thick cock stroking in and out of the blond woman, imagining how it felt to be her. Ron started to tweak and pull at my nipples. They instantly hardened up, sending pleasure signals to my head and my clit. I was feeling quite wet down there and desperately wanted to stroke my swollen lips and clit. Ron moved around in front of me, leaned down and started to suck my left nipple whilst he continued to pull and tweak the right. Looking around I noticed all eyes were on the action on the bed. Two of the women watching had a hand under their lingerie stroking their pussies. One of the guys had his erect member out of his g-string, slowly stroking it up and down.

I slipped my right hand down to my groin and slid my fingers in under my panties, into my pussy. The sensation was electric. I stroked a few times, but felt I would come if I didn't stop. I wanted to prolong this feeling so I pushed my fingers down further towards my opening. The guy in the tuxedo started moaning and thrust his penis deep into the woman's mouth. She raised her head slightly to take more of him while she reached up and pumped his penis. As the guy pumped his load into her mouth I moved my soppy fingers back over my clit. Ron continued sucking and pulling my nipples, as I stroked my clit. I was only seconds from orgasm, when my hand was violently wrenched out of my panties, and my face slapped. I was stunned. Marcus dragged me from the room.

"No one gave you permission to pleasure yourself," he hissed.

He grabbed my right hand and proceeded to lick my juices from my wet fingers.

"Remember, you are only here to watch, not play," he commanded.

This seemed incongruous, considering he played with me and let Ron play with me. This time I felt totally humiliated. I felt tears welling up, and would have left if he hadn't had such a firm grip of my arm. He stormed further down the corridor, dragging me with him. Two doors down we entered another bedroom.

John Recalls

I watched with alarm as Tammy departed the lounge room with Marcus. I had never expected us to be separated, and after watching Marcus seduce my wife I certainly didn't have any faith in him adhering to the no touching rule Antonio had just called out.

Stephanie took me by the hand and led me back out to the main entrance hall. My concerns for Tammy subsided a little, as I looked Stephanie over again. She certainly had a fabulous firm body I would love to run my hands all over.

On the way through, Stephanie pointed to a closed doorway.

"That leads to the dungeon where we keep the slaves," she said.

"Who are the slaves?" I asked.

"People who like being subservient," she replied, then added, "And new members who need to complete their initiation as a slave. We keep them down there until a free member wants to use them."

This sounded amazing. A source of sexual partners you could pick and choose, as you desired. My cock started to swell as I briefly fantasised.

We stopped in the entrance hall, and she pointed to the large staircase leading up to the next floor.

"Upstairs belongs to the Masters and Mistresses. You don't go up there uninvited," she informed me.

"Who are the Masters and Mistesses?" I asked.

"Marcus and Johana and a few others are the privileged ones," she replied.

Stephanie led me back through to towards the lounge. As we approached the cellar door I quizzed her again about the slaves.

"What sort of people like being slaves?" I asked.

She stopped us, looked up at me and suggestively asked, "Would you like to see?"

"Yes," I answered.

"Wait here," she commanded, then opened the cellar door, stepped through and closed the door behind her.

I waited, somewhat uneasy about standing around, loitering at the cellar door dressed only in a skimpy g-string. Whilst I waited Antonio came through.

"Deserted are we?" He asked.

I explained I was waiting for Stephanie to return. He too descended into the cellar closing the door behind him.

After a few more minutes the door opened. Stephanie stepped through leading a tall girl with long blonde hair. She was stunning. I guessed her to be mid twenties, about 5' 10" although she was standing much taller in a pair of black high heels. She was naked except for the shoes and leather cuffs around her wrists.

"This is Clare," Stephanie said.

"Hi," I said in a friendly tone.

Clare looked at me but didn't say a thing. Clare had a superb figure. Long well toned legs, tight round buttocks, a thin stripe of trimmed blonde pubic hair, slim waist, square shoulders and perfect medium sized tits that hung with slightly upturned nipples. Her nipples were pierced with a ring through each. A short light chain connected her nipple rings. Stephanie held a riding crop in her right hand, while her left hand had one finger hooked under the chain as she led Clare.

Stephanie led us back through the lounge and down the corridor towards the pool. As we passed through the lounge I looked around to see if Tammy had returned, but couldn't see her. My anxiety briefly returned as I wondered where she was now. I followed behind Stephanie and Clare, eyes glued to Clare's arse. The sway of her hips and her gorgeous tight round arse had me mesmerised.

We entered a room where a woman I guessed to be in her mid to late thirties was tied down on her back on a table. Three men were variously licking the woman's pussy, fucking her, or pumping their cocks in her mouth. There were 5 or 6 others standing around watching the action. I instantly felt my cock start to swell. Clare and Stephanie were in front of me, but Stephanie stepped back and started to massage my cock. I didn't complain, it felt great.

"Run your hands over Clare," she suggested to me. "She's for you to enjoy."

I ran my hands over Clare's shoulders, down her back to her waist, but I started to feel uneasy about handling another woman, particularly in front of others who probably knew we were just meant to be observing. I also worried about my wife catching me as she could walk in at any time as she was being shown around the house. I put my hands back to my sides.

"Go on, feel her tits and arse. Sink you fingers into her pussy," Stephanie prompted me again.

"I can't. Not here," I replied.

She stepped forward, hooked Clare's chain, turned, grabbed my hand and led us briskly from the room. She led us down the corridor, turned left and entered the pool room. She led us over to the sauna, opened the door and we all stepped in. The sauna wasn't on thankfully, and Stephanie closed the door behind us. It certainly was more private. It was a decent sized sauna with two tiers of wooden slatted seats around two sides.

Stephanie turned Clare around to face me and simply said "Now."

I needed no further prompting. I ran my hands all over Clare. Over her arms, shoulders, back, waist, hips, legs, stomach and finally her tits. Stephanie removed the chain, so I could play more freely with Clare's tits. My cock was swelling and Stephanie once again began to massage it for me. I pulled Clare into me and ran my hand down her back and all over her tight round arse. She had a stunning face with luscious wide lips. I kissed her gently on the lips, which parted slightly, so I kissed her more deeply pushing my tongue into her mouth. Clare reciprocated, but seemed like she was just going through the motions.

I felt Stephanie pulling my cock out of my g-string and start to pump it for me. It was wonderful. I felt a moment of guilt as I thought of Tammy, then a wave of jealousy swept through me as I hoped she wasn't involved in a similar session elsewhere in the house. I couldn't bare the thought of someone else giving or receiving pleasure from my wife. Stephanie eased me apart from Clare, then tapped her on the thigh with the riding crop. Clare parted her legs.

"Taste her," Stephanie suggested, putting her hand on my shoulder and pushing me down.

I lowered myself to my knees, and slowly moved my face closer to Clare's pubic region. I gently licked her skin on each side of her thin stripe of pubic hair. I pushed my tongue in under her to lick across her lips. I flicked my tongue back and forth along the front of her pussy lips. She was clean shaved and felt smooth and silky. This sensation added to my highly aroused state since I had never gone down on a shaved pussy before.

I tried to push my face in deeper between her thighs to lick the full length of her lips.

"Wider," Stephanie commanded.

Clare parted her legs a little more. I heard a loud crack as Stephanie whipped Clare's thigh with the riding crop, and Clare parted her legs much wider, giving me full access to her pussy. Her lips were swelling and parting. I ran my tongue the full length of her slit several times, then swirled it over Clare's clit.

Clare moaned and I heard the crack of the riding crop again on her thigh. Obviously Clare had to enjoy in silence.

I continued to lick Clare's pussy, thrusting my tongue deep up into her hole to taste her juices. I could feel the slight acidity of her inner reaches on the tip of my tongue while my nose was filled with the heady musky aroma of her scent.

Stephanie reached down and pumped my cock for a bit. My cock was rock hard and aching to be inserted into Clare's pussy. Stephanie seemed to realise this and pulled on my cock to make me stand up. I withdrew my face from Clare's pussy, dragging my tongue over her clit one last time. I looked at Stephanie who had removed her g-string and bra. She had small perky breasts with small fully erect button nipples that just looked so inviting to be licked and sucked.

Stephanie ordered Clare to face the wall and place her hands above her head on the wall. Clare obeyed. Stephanie tapped her on the buttock and Clare parted her legs a little. Another sharp blow of the riding crop to the left buttock and Clare parted her legs wide. She arched her back and fully exposed her pink moist pussy to me. I crouched down to give her another quick lick. Clare moaned and received another lash from the riding crop.

Stephanie reached down and pumped my cock then pulled me back up to a standing position. She rubbed the tip of my cock up and down Clare's slit a few times coating my glans in juices. She placed the head of my cock on Clare's opening and I eased my cock in, feeling the warmth of her pussy engulf my cock. I placed my hands on her hips and proceeded to pump my cock in and out. The feeling was wonderful, and the sight of this stunning blond with my cock inserted in her was awesome. Stephanie crawled in under Clare and started to lick my balls. The sensation was exquisite. I could feel my balls tightening and my cock felt like it would burst as another surge of bl**d engorged by swollen member. Stephanie moved up and started to lick my shaft as I continued to pump Clare.

I could feel my orgasm building, but didn't want to come just yet and end this heavenly experience. I slowed my pace a little and Stephanie seemed to sense my imminent eruption so she must have moved her tongue to Clare's clit since Clare suddenly started to buck her hips and moan wildly. I expected to hear the crack of the riding crop, but Stephanie was too preoccupied with Clare's clit. Within a few moments Clare was obviously orgasming as her body shuddered and she let out one long continuous moan. I continued to pump her slowly as Stephanie returned to my side. She pulled my cock out of Clare, crouched down and proceeded to lick Clare's juices from my cock. It was pleasurable but I couldn't help feeling cheated not being allowed to come in Clare. As Stephanie was cleaning my cock, Clare remained standing facing the wall. Stephanie dropped her right hand down to her pussy and played with herself whilst licking my cock. I knew there was more to come.

Stephanie finished, stood, and moved over to the benches. With her back to me, she knelt on the lower bench and held onto the top bench to support her body. She spread her legs wide and arched her back, jutting her arse back towards me. I had full view of her tight little pussy. She had luscious engorged pussy lips framed by wisps of black pubic hair.

I needed no further invitation. I moved in behind her and rubbed the tip of my cock up and down her pussy. She moaned a little each time I ran the tip of my cock over her clit. I placed the tip in her opening and gently pushed. It didn't slide in easily due to the tightness of her pussy. I repeatedly pushed gently in just a little and withdrew, each time going a little deeper. Slowly she was opening up to me and admitting my cock. The warmth and tightness of her pussy was driving me wild. My thrusts grew more powerful and I ran my hands all over her body, reaching around to brush my hands over her perky tits.

I could feel my balls tightening, my cock swelling and my orgasm fast approaching. I slowed my pace to prolong my session with this gorgeous nymph, but Stephanie commanded "Come now." I needed no more encouragement. I doubled my pace and within a few more strokes I felt three massive convulsions in my groin as I pumped the main load of my cum deep in Stephanie. She turned sliding off my cock and took it into her mouth, pumping more and milking me dry. She told me to sit on the top bench, which I did. She knelt on the bench below me and continued to suck and lick my clock.

She stopped for a moment, and in a commanding voice she ordered Clare to clean and satisfy her. Clare moved in behind her, kneeling on the floor and proceeded to lick Stephanie's pussy. Stephanie started to sigh and moan. She stopped licking my cock and rested her head on my thigh with my slackened cock in her mouth. Her tongue was lazily brushing the tip whilst she moaned and murmured in her pleasure. Clare continued to lap at her pussy, gradually increasing the pace. Stephanie was clearly building up to her orgasm. She started to suck quite hard on the tip of my cock and I felt it swelling up again. As her moaning and sucking increased my cock went rigid again. She swirled her tongue around my cock then lifted her head clear, closed her eyes and convulsed for several seconds. Clare slowed her licking and stood up when Stephanie commanded her to stop. No one moved for a few moments.

We left the Sauna and returned to the lounge. My cock was still half-erect and bulging in the g-string. There were a few people sitting around on the sofas. Stephanie told Clare to wait by the door, then took me over to a couple, introduced me as a new guy just having a look, at which point she giggled and sat me down. She then returned to take Clare back to the cellar.

I chatted with the couple who asked me if Stephanie was being a good host. I could tell they guessed what had been going on, but I just played along. They asked me if my wife was enjoying herself. I said I hadn't seen her since she left with Marcus, and asked if they had seen her. They said they had seen her watching a session in one of the bedrooms and that she seemed to be having a really good time. I didn't know how to take that. My feelings of jealousy swept through me again as I pictured Marcus, kissing my wife, with his hand in her pussy, then pushing her on to a bed and fucking her. Despite having just fucked two gorgeous women myself, I couldn't tolerate the thought of my wife being fucked by someone else.

Stephanie returned, sat next to me, and we continued to chat with the other couple for a while until they left for some more action. Stephanie sat on the edge of the sofa. Every so often she would slip her hand under her g-string to mop up juices as they dribbled from her pussy, then she pushed her fingers into my mouth for cleaning. I found this highly erotic, and my cock swelled. After a few goes I told her stop in case my wife caught us. I was also scared Tammy would smell Stephanie's scent on me, and warned Stephanie not to say a word about our fun in the sauna when Tammy turned up.

Tammy Recalls

I was on the verge of tears as Marcus dragged me into another bedroom. There was a small gathering of spectators watching the action. A full figured mature woman was squatting on the rug, surrounded by three guys. They were standing around the woman while she alternately sucked their penises. A young woman lay totally naked on her back with her arms bound above her head, and her legs bound at her ankles. Her head was positioned directly under the older woman's pussy, which she was eagerly licking.

My senses instantly took in the scene, and I had the sensation of total arousal sweeping my body again. I've never had a bisexual experience and found it strangely erotic to watch a woman receive a tongue lashing from another woman.

"Sean, come and check out Tammy," Marcus called to a young guy standing on the other side of the room.

Sean moved over to join us. He looked me up and down as Marcus turned me around for him.

"Awesome body," Sean commented. "How old are you babe?"

From a guy who looked no older than twenty or so, I was offended by his disrespect asking my age, and didn't answer him.

"Sean has a thing for older woman," Marcus informed me. "She feels every bit as good as she looks," he said pushing me gently towards Sean.

I felt humiliated being treated as Marcus's plaything, passed around to his mates, particularly this young cocky guy.

"Hey I'm not some piece of meat for you guys to pass around," I protested.

Slap. Marcus smacked my arse.

"While you're with me, I'll do what I please with you," Marcus warned me.

Sean grabbed my shoulders, spun me around, wrapped his arms around my waist, and started kissing my neck. I struggled to remove his grip, but Marcus stepped forward and grabbed my wrists. I withered in his glare as I felt Sean's hands start to roam over my body.

"Watch the show," Marcus commanded as he turned my head to face the woman on the rug.

I was shaking from fear and excitement. I was being groped by a complete stranger whilst watching the most erotic scene I have ever witnessed. Sean reached up and stroked my breasts with his left hand, while he massaged my behind with his right. All the while he continued to kiss me around the neck. My senses were raging and my pussy was sodden. I ached for more, but still felt I couldn't compromise myself and ask for it.

Sean spun me around to face him and kissed me full on the lips. His tongue f***ed it's way into my mouth. There was nothing for it but to kiss him back and enjoy the power of his embrace. My emotions were out of control. His tongue continued to swirl around mine. I ran my hands down his back and squeezed his tight bare buns. I felt wicked and deceitful to John, yet lustful and daring to be engaging in this way with strangers. Sean's free hand started to travel down my waist, over my hip towards my pussy. I desperately wanted him to stroke my aching swollen labia and clit, but I wasn't ready to ask for a stranger to do it for me. My guilt just wouldn't allow me to let go. We were only supposed to be watching, not participating.

Marcus slapped Sean's hand away. Marcus had been watching.

"She's only watching," he said grinning at Sean. "We can't have her coming."

Sean moved back behind me and continued to run his hands all over me, paying particular attention to my breasts, buttocks, and kissing my neck.

The three guys being sucked off were reaching their climax. As each in turn tensed and released his load, the mature woman sucked every last drop from his penis. She didn't appear to swallow, just kept taking more until all three of the men had come. The men moved back. Two of them held the woman by her arms to help her balance above the slave. She leaned back a little and slowly let the cum dribble out and splash between her breasts. A river of cum started oozing it's way down her body to her hairless pussy. As the cum slid over her mound, down between her pussy lips, the bound girl went into a feeding frenzy, lapping at her pussy driving the older woman wild. She began to moan loudly and rock back and forth over the girl's face.

It was all too much for me. Without thinking my hand slid down to my pussy and I ran a finger over the outside of my panties, over my mound towards my clit. As the cum soaked woman reached her crescendo I was suddenly jolted out of the room and roughly f***ed down the corridor to an empty bedroom.

Marcus f***ed me face up against the wall, pinning my hands above my head. I struggled a bit to get free, but couldn't loosen his powerful grip.

"You just don't listen, or maybe you're ready to play?" he growled.

He f***ed my arms down and behind my back, grabbing both wrists in one of his enormous powerful hands. He roughly pulled my panties down as far as my knees. I struggled frantically and spread my legs to stop my panties going any lower.

"Let me go," I screamed and tried to wrench my arms free from his grip.

"Keep struggling babe, it makes more fun," Marcus laughed at me.

He pushed my wrists higher up my back. The pain was terrible and I ceased struggling as my eyes filled with tears. He lowered my wrists and pushed my panties right to the floor, lifting my left foot clear of them. I heard his fly being undone, then felt the tip of his member against my leg. I looked over my shoulder and caught a glimpse of his enormous cock.

"No. No. No! We're just looking tonight," I pleaded.

He just laughed. Oh God. He was going to have me. I was highly aroused but not ready for a stranger to fuck me, yet the thought of being taken by this stud was wildly exciting.

He f***ed my legs further apart. I struggled again to get free. I could feel his hot breath on my neck, and my struggles grew weaker. I knew he would have me and I longed to be taken. The hot tip of his penis pushed between my legs. I struggled more to keep up the pretence of being a good and faithful wife to John. Marcus slapped me really hard on the buttocks. It stung like hell, and I stopped my struggle completely for a moment. He grabbed each of my wrists in his powerful hands, and placed them one on top of the other on the wall above my head, then pinned them there with his left hand.

I was on the verge of tears again and gave one last struggle. Marcus slapped my right buttock really hard and I held still. He gently eased his huge cock into the opening of my pussy. I was so well lubricated he slid straight in.

"How does that feel?" he murmured in my ear.

I could feel the tip pushing up inside me, filling me with his member. His cock was huge and felt like it was ripping me in two. I struggled again, but this time waves of pleasure swept through me as Marcus's huge cock started to rhythmically pump in and out of my pussy.

I gave in. The pain subsided as I relaxed, arched my back a little, and pushed my behind out to receive more of his enormous cock.

He leant in and murmured in my ear, "Enjoying play time?"

All I could do was moan. His cock was sliding in so deep now, his strokes strong and powerful. His free hand was pulling at my right nipple and caressing my breast. The pleasure was intense, but I longed for my clit to be stroked.

As if he read my mind he moved his free hand down to my pussy. His fingertips brushed my clit and I felt my knees start to buckle. A few more caresses like that and I was gone. His fingers roved all over my pussy, but he didn't touch my clit again. I closed my eyes lost in my pleasure. His hand left my pussy. Then, he f***ed his fingers into my mouth. I licked my own juices from his fingers. The taste of my own musky scent drove me to a frenzy. I pushed back hard to meet each thrust of his cock. My breasts were swinging freely under me. Marcus's hand kept stroking my pussy, then returning to my mouth with a fresh load of musky juices. He repeated this several times, driving me out of my senses. At last he released my right hand.

It was an involuntary action; my right hand shot straight down to my pussy to stroke my aching clit. Within a few stokes I collapsed into convulsions of ecstasy as my orgasm took complete control of my body. My pussy went into spasms clenching Marcus's cock. My knees buckled, and Marcus collected me in his arms, gently lowering me to the floor, slowly pumping me with his member. I slid off his cock as he lay me down on the floor. I slumped in a heap with a deep feeling of satisfaction.

I lay panting on the floor for what seemed like several minutes. Slowly I gathered myself together and sat up. Marcus was standing in front of me. I looked up at him. He had removed his jacket, but otherwise remained fully clothed. His handsome face was looking down at me with a broad grin. His left arm was by his side while he slowly stroked his huge cock with his right hand.

"Finish the job," he commanded.

It was clear what his command meant. I knew what was expected of me without any more direction, but I'd never sucked such a monstrous cock before.

An intense feeling of guilt swept over me. I had no idea how I could face John again after fucking, and now sucking this stud. I knew it was a swingers club, and sex with strangers was supposed to be OK here, but I wasn't ready for it. I wasn't ready to cheat on John, yet in a way it didn't feel like cheating here. I had just had the most powerful orgasm I could remember, and I couldn't help feeling a wild excitement at the thought of taking Marcus's enormous member into my mouth. I grappled with my feelings for a moment whilst looking at Marcus stroking his cock.

He let go and his cock just sat there, pointing straight out from his trousers. John's fully erect cock points straight up, but the weight of this enormous cock kept it at the horizontal. He grabbed me by my hair and pulled me up into a kneeling position in front of him. Everything about this man was raw power. He could be sweet and gentle when seducing you, but when he wanted something the brute in him shone through.

With my hands at my sides, I leant forward and let the tip of his cock rest against my lips. It was slightly moist, and I flicked it with my tongue, picking up a faint taste of my juices mixed with his pre-cum. Twinges of excitement swept through my body, sending a tingling sensation right down to my pussy. Slowly I opened my mouth wider and drew him in. I could barely get my mouth around the head of his cock, and struggled to keep my teeth clear. I bobbed my head slowly back and forth so that the glans of his cock slid in and out between my lips. Each time his cock entered my mouth I swirled my tongue around the underside. Marcus undid his trousers and let them fall to his ankles. With no underwear, his balls hung free and were in direct proportion to his cock. He was mostly shaved with just a tuft of pubic hair above his cock.

I reached up and started to stroke his cock with my right hand while I gently massaged his smooth balls with my left hand. I could feel the thick veins down the length of his shaft as I slid my hand from the base to mid way up his shaft in time with my sucking. He seemed to like this as he let out a few soft moans. This excited me and I could feel my pussy getting wet yet again. I don't normally recover so fast, but this whole experience was far from normal. I started trying to take his cock deeper with each stoke. Marcus obviously enjoyed this as he started to pump in time with my rhythm. I slowly took a little more of his cock in with each stroke. My mouth was as wide as it could go and my jaw was starting to ache. Marcus was moaning softly, obviously enjoying my remonstrations, however I could tell Marcus was no where near coming.

He started to thrust his cock harder, encouraging me to take him deeper. Having never learnt how to deep-throat, I couldn't take any more. One particularly hard thrust from Marcus banged the head of his cock against the back of my mouth causing me to gag. I removed his cock to recover and take a bit of a break to ease my aching jaw.

I continued to pump his shaft with my hand whilst I flicked and licked the tip. I completely covered the head in copious amounts of saliva and then wrapped my left hand around his glans and proceeded to twist and turn my hand all around his swollen knob. This was obviously delivering sensory overload.

"Too much," he groaned, and gently removed my hand.

I couldn't put him fully back in my mouth again as my jaw was still aching, so I straightened up on my knees and pushed my breasts around his cock. I looked up at Marcus to find him smiling as he started to pump my breasts.

"Oh yes," he moaned over and over again.

I bent my head forward so that on each up thrust the glans of his cock could enter my mouth. I let plenty of saliva dribble down the shaft to lubricate my breasts.

I found this whole experience a terrific turn on. I could tell my pussy was flooded with juices again, aching to be fucked. I longed to feel Marcus's fabulous cock pushing up inside me.

Marcus started to increase the pace of his thrusting. Using my left hand I held my breasts around Marcus's cock, releasing my right hand to stroke my pussy. I touched my clit, which instantly sent jolts of pleasure through my body. I moved my hand deeper into me, coating my fingers in my juices. Marcus leaned down and pulled my right hand out of my pussy. I feared another slap coming, but relaxed as Marcus lifted my hand up to his lips and proceeded to lick my juices from my fingers.

His thrusting increased in tempo. I continued to suck and swirl my tongue around the head of his cock. He finished licking my fingers and let my arm down.

"More," he said.

I dropped my right hand down to my pussy again, coated my fingers in juices stroking my clit a little. Marcus took my hand again to lick my fingers. His cock was noticeably swelling. His moaning increased, and I continued to pass him my juices, each time stoking my clit as I coated my fingers.

Marcus's cock started to twitch. I knew he was on the verge of coming. His thrusts were fast, and powerful. I struggled to keep my balance as Marcus made one last major thrust and held his cock in my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head and felt his hand press down on my head as he burst in my mouth. Three powerful blasts of semen filled my mouth to the back of my throat. I struggled not to gag. I let go of my breasts and pumped his shaft with my left hand. My mouth was full of cum. I had never particularly liked the taste of cum and normally spat John's out, but I knew that wouldn't be acceptable here. I pumped the last drops of semen out of Marcus's cock, then slumped onto my back, eyes closed, driving my hand deep inside my pussy, then sliding my lubricated fingers back and forth over my clit.

I held Marcus's cum in my mouth and swirled it around. Strangely, the taste and tingling sensation, and fact that I had a stranger's cum in my mouth gave me a wonderful feeling of wicked debauchery. I opened my eyes to find Marcus kneeling beside my head, pumping his slackening cock down towards my mouth. A drop of cum was forming on the tip. I opened my mouth and Marcus lowered his cock for me to lick and suck the last drops of his delicious semen. I lay there on the floor masturbating, sucking this gorgeous mans penis, and slowly letting his cum trickle down my throat. I felt my second orgasm for the night building up. Delicious surges of ecstasy started sweeping through my body. Marcus's hands were sweeping over my body and breasts. The multiple sensations tipped me over the edge. My whole body convulsed for several seconds as my orgasm obliterated all other sensations. I sank into a semi-conscience state of ecstasy.

As I lay there, eyes closed, I vaguely heard a woman's voice.

"Nice performance Mal."

I opened my eyes and turned my head to look up behind me where the voice came from. A woman dressed in a tight black latex mini dress, with knee high black boots, was leaning against the doorway. She held a video camera in her hand pointed directly at me. I panicked. The last thing I wanted was video of me having sex being passed around. Who knows where it could end up? On the Internet? I sat up and covered my breasts. The woman lowered the camera and introduced herself.

"Hi I'm Anita. It's OK love; this footage never leaves here. I'm just buzzing around capturing the best sex for play back later. You were sensational. I'll show you later."

"Please delete it," I said. "I can't have John seeing that."

"He won't unless you both join our club, in which case he will be proud of your performance," she replied and then departed.

Marcus helped me off the floor.

"You were exceptional. That's the best tit fuck I can remember. For tonight you can be my personal assistant. You belong to me, and will obey everything I say. Understood? If you perform well you can skip being a slave when you join the club," he explained.

I wanted to remind him that we were only there to watch, but it seemed pointless now. I certainly hadn't decided we would join this club, but in a way it looked like Marcus was deciding for me. It thrilled and appalled me at the same time. I just couldn't say "No", to this man. I didn't know how I was going to face John. What if he didn't want to join? I thought it best to keep up the pretence that nothing had happened and see how things worked out.

Marcus went on to explain a bit about how the club worked. New members always joined as slaves. If they behaved and performed well they could be promoted to the normal ranks, although some preferred to remain subservient. There were 3 mistresses and 3 masters who ran the club. Everyone answered to them. Johana was a mistress as was Anita who I had just met, and the mature woman we saw sucking the three guys earlier. The three guys in tuxedos were the masters; Marcus; Antonio and Quinten who we had seen pumping a young lady full of cum. Marcus explained that by making me his assistant I was very privileged and could skip being a slave. But, as far as I could tell I would wind up effectively as his personal slave if we joined the club. For us to join, John would have to agree to be a slave. Looking at Marcus as he explained this I couldn't help thinking, "Yes lets join so I can have your cock pumping me time and time again." I started to wonder how I could convince John to be a slave.

I bent down to pull up my sodden panties. They were still caught around my right stiletto. Marcus bent down, I assumed to assist me, but took over and completely removed my panties. He held them up to his nose briefly, then suggested we find some fresh ones for me. He led me out of the room and down the corridor. I felt over exposed as we passed a couple coming the other way. Here I was, the new starter on her "only watching" try out, breasts hanging out, bare buttocks and pussy on show, being led down the corridor by one of the masters. I'm sure they knew what had just happened. It was funny. I didn't care, just so long as we didn't bump into John.

We entered the bedroom suite where I had originally got changed. Marcus sat me on the bed, then went to the lingerie drawers, and after a short search, returned with the g-string to match my bustier. I didn't think John would approve and started to object.

Marcus commanded, "Put them on".

I obeyed and we set off back to the lounge.

John was sitting on a sofa with his back to me as we entered. Marcus told me to go and sit with John while he fetched us some drinks. I quietly walked up behind John and swung in next to him on the sofa before he realised I was approaching. This avoided me displaying my bare buttocks to him. He had been chatting to Stephanie, but she promptly got up to leave us alone. No doubt to let us chat about our experiences.

We chatted about what we had seen. John was very concerned about how Marcus was treating me. He wanted to know if he had touched me any more. I told him about Ron and lied that I didn't like it and asked him to stop. John was quite upset that Marcus had offered my breasts to someone else. He asked what else happened. I lied and said "Nothing", and went on to describe the sex we had watched. He asked if I was OK or would I like to leave. I said I was fine so long as no one tried anything with me, and actually found it exciting watching the action. He seemed to accept this, and didn't seem eager to leave either. I noticed he had a full erection in his g-string when I sat down, which made me wonder what he'd been doing. I could also smell the musky scent of sex and wondered if it was John or I. It worried me if it was John. I didn't like the thought of him being unfaithful to me.

Johana appeared from the doorway that led to the entrance hall. She looked around the room and moved over to the bar to chat to Marcus and Stephanie. After a few minutes she came over and sat down on the sofa opposite us.

"You two appear to be enjoying yourselves. Not so hard is it once you relax, could even be fun if you get more involved," Johana suggested.

"I think we prefer to watch for tonight," I replied.

I didn't like where this could lead since she had just spoken to Stephanie and no doubt got the full run down of our little session. The last thing I wanted was for Johana to reveal my major indiscretion in the sauna.

Johana turned to Tammy, "Pity, I'm sure you would love to suck Marcus's cock, and I would love to have your husband eat my pussy."

I thought that would be it for Tammy, but she just sat there and replied "Not tonight thank you," with just a hint of smugness about her.

Johana responded, "Marcus has your drink over at the bar if you would like to join him Tammy".

To my surprise Tammy, turned to me, kissed me on the lips, then got straight up and headed for the bar. I gaped as I saw my wife's bare arse swaying away from me.

"Hey," I called after her.

She turned and I realised she had changed her panties for a g-string.

"What happened to the panties?" I asked.

"Marcus insisted I wear a g-string like you," she replied.

Marcus really had me rattled. He appeared to have complete control over my wife. I started to get up but Johana commanded for me to let her go. As I watched Tammy head over to the bar Johana started to fill me in on the details of how her club worked. She explained about the slaves and who could use them, the hierarchy amongst the free club members and how the 6 masters and mistresses were ultimately in charge. Most new members became slaves or liked to be slaves or something like that, and you had to perform well to work your way up. She informed me that anything goes so long as no one suffers any major or permanent physical harm. She talked about dress rules and other house rules and so on.

I was barely listening as I kept glancing at Tammy over at the bar. She was sitting legs crossed on a bar stool between Marcus and another man, about the same age, dressed in a pair of red Lycra shorts. Marcus was fondling Tammy's tits again, caressing them sucking them and lifting her tits up by the nipples. Tammy didn't seem to mind at all. I also noticed Marcus stroking her thigh. The other man also began to participate and Tammy leaned back with her elbows on the bar.

Two guys walked over and Marcus appeared to introduce them to Tammy. They looked about my age, both average sized, good muscular bodies, one either bald or shaved, the other with thick dark curly hair. The bald guy was holding a large black vibrator that even from this distance I could tell was shaped like a penis. They started to joke around with it, pretending to fallate it, and then placed it between Tammy's tits. Marcus leaned in and squeezed her tits around it while one of the guys appeared to switch it on. Tammy laughed and threw her head back as the bald guy pumped it up and down.

Tammy for all appearances was really enjoying it and did nothing to stop them. After a short while the bald guy removed the vibrator from Tammy's breasts and nestled the tip in Tammy's groin between her crossed legs. She smartly lifted her head up as Marcus pushed the vibrator back up to her tits and they resumed the simulated tit fuck. At that point two couples walked in and moved over to watch the action and completely blocked my view. There was an increase in the chatter and laughter coming from the bar so I presumed there was more simulated sex taking place with Tammy the main subject.

A woman in a tight black latex mini dress, that barely covered her arse and pussy, joined the crowd. She had a video camera and was variously holding it above people's head and then moving in around them to get a better shot. I wanted to get up and see just what they were doing, but I knew I couldn't while Johana was explaining the club's operation to me. Johana finally stopped, realising I wasn't listening. She turned around to see what was distracting me, watched for a moment, then got up. I started to get up too, but she commanded me to stay.

I watched as Johana went to investigate, and couldn't help lusting after her goddess like figure clad in the sheer cat suit. She stood there watching the others for what seemed like ages. The laughter and chatter continued, until eventually the two couples moved away. I caught a glimpse of Tammy with the vibrator still between her breasts. The bald guy removed it and went around behind the bar to fix himself a drink.

Tammy stood up and teetered in her stilettos for a moment, then walked over to me. As she walked towards me she smiled and laughed "Boys, toys and tits," she exclaimed. "I'm going on a tour of the rest of the house", she explained as she leant down and kissed me on the lips. "See you soon", she said as she headed back to the bar for her e****t. She walked with small steps, swaying her hips a little more than usual, allowing me plenty of time to admire her lovely bare arse as she returned across the room. I caught a strong smell of sex as she leant down to kiss me. Tammy's scent. I assumed she must have been seriously excited by the vibrator tit fuck. I watched as Tammy departed, with Marcus and Stephanie, heading out to the entrance hall. Johana returned to me, motioned for me to stand and follow her.

Tammy Recalls

I was a little relieved when Johana told me to join Marcus at the bar. I was afraid I would give myself away at any moment, or John would find a spot of cum on me, or pick up on the smell of sex I kept noticing. As I stood up and moved away from John I completely forgot about the g-string I was wearing. John stopped me in my tracks when he noticed, and didn't seem to like my explanation. I panicked a little when he started to get up, and thanked God when Johana stopped him. I composed myself again and made my way to the bar. I felt dead sexy walking over to the bar, parading myself like this in front of strangers and my husband.

Marcus was talking to another guy he introduced as Lucas. Lucas was about the same age, late forties, with thinning grey hair, not that good looking in the face, but he had a lean, well-toned, body that was tanned and totally hairless. Lucas wore a sexy red pair of Lycra shorts that left little to the imagination. Stephanie was standing behind the bar getting herself a drink.

Marcus motioned for me to sit on a stool between him and Lucas. I perched myself on the stool and crossed my legs. Marcus started up again about how great my tits were, and how he just loved my nipples. He started to caress and fondle my breasts, sucked my nipples until they were hard and erect, then pulled on my nipples, lifting my breasts right up. Lucas then joined in and it really felt quite pleasurable. I leaned back on the bar as these two men lavished their attention on my tits. I caught sight of John over on the sofa. He kept glancing over at me and I knew he didn't like seeing me fondled this way. What the heck, it was no worse than the exhibition Marcus had me put on earlier. I felt Marcus's hand rubbing my thigh; slowly working it's way up to my pussy. I didn't want him going that far in front of John and was relieved when two guys came over to check me out.

Marcus introduced them as Terry and Chris. They were both good-looking guys, average height with great bodies. They obviously worked out without going overboard and developing the body builder look. Terry's head was shaved which really suited him. Chris had lovely thick dark brown curly hair.

Terry lifted up a big black vibrator he was carrying and started going on about it. He called it The Interrogator, and went on about how it would help reveal all of my darkest secrets. He carried on cracking jokes, pretending to fellate it, and was really quite entertaining. He went on about how it could make people talk, placed it between my breasts and said, "Now talk!" Marcus leaned in and squeezed my breasts around the vibrator. Terry switched it on and started to pump it between my breasts.

I went along with their play pretending it was driving me crazy. Terry removed the vibrator from my tits and poked it at my groin saying "If I can't make you talk, then I'll make you moan." I went to remove it but Marcus pushed the vibrator back to my tits saying "Not yet", to Terry. I didn't like the mischievous way he said it. As Terry resumed the vibrator tit fuck, two couples walked up to check out what was going on, and Anita turned up with her video camera. Marcus told them to crowd in to block John's view and keep talking and laughing, the show was about to begin. Anita worked her way in between the others to get an uninterrupted shot.

Marcus turned to me and said, "Spread your legs." I just looked at him. "Do I have to repeat the command", he said. I spread my legs wide. Terry moved the vibrator down to my crotch. He positioned it just over my pussy and said "Moan time." He proceeded to rub the tip of the vibrator over the outside of my g-string, along the length of my slit. I really didn't like being in this position in front of all these strangers, but the sensation was quite pleasurable. Terry continued doing this for a short while then turned to Marcus and said "Not working Boss."

Marcus reached down and pulled my g-string aside, revealing my pussy for all to see. My pulse quickened, and I actually wanted to run but didn't dare. Terry pushed the tip of the vibrator into my slit and ran it up and down between my lips. The sensation was very pleasurable, particularly as he ran the tip over my clit. I threw my head back and gasped as Terry pushed the length of the shaft up against the whole of my sex. The sensation was extremely intense. "Getting somewhere now Boss", exclaimed Terry. He moved the vibrator up and down my slit, adding to the pleasure. I felt my juices flooding my pussy.

Terry continued to move the vibrator up and down, and started to angle it into my hole at the end of each down stroke. It was a big vibrator and felt really tight entering me. I looked down and saw more and more of the vibrator disappearing inside of me. I couldn't believe I was being fucked with a vibrator while my husband was sitting in the same room. I was scared John would come over at any point and catch me in this debauched situation.

The others watching me continued to chat and laugh as Marcus had instructed, but they were all obviously highly aroused. Lucas had his long thick cock out the leg of shorts, stroking it slowly with his right hand while he rubbed the swollen purple head of his cock with his left hand. Chris also had his cock out, beating it quite rapidly. I hoped they didn't expect to fuck me right here in the lounge with John sitting just nearby. The two women both had their hands under their lingerie massaging their pussies. Their partners both had their cocks out pumping slowly as they looked on. I had never seen so many cocks. The sight was thrilling yet scary. They all seemed to be preparing to fuck me.

Lucas moved a little closer to me, placing his cock in my right hand. I squeezed and pumped his fabulous rod as Terry pumped the vibrator in and out of me. The sensation wasn't as extreme as before, and I wasn't gasping any more. Stephanie moved in next to Lucas, and bent down to kiss and lick the head of his cock while I pumped him.

"Time for the heavy artillery", said Terry. I got ready to fight thinking the guys were all going to try and fuck me, but Terry got down on his knees, moved in closer and started to lick the top of my slit as he pumped me with the vibrator. I dropped my head back and let out a long soft moan as I started on the way to my third orgasm for the night. I pumped Lucas vigorously as Terry was driving me to paradise. Suddenly I couldn't give a damn who was watching. Lucas kissed me on the lips, forcing his tongue in and swirling it around my mouth. It was bliss. I didn't care I was tongue kissing another stranger. He had a wonderfully sensual way of kissing. I relaxed and concentrated on the sensations in my pussy. The waves of my orgasm were mounting. Lucas broke off our kiss and softly started to sigh. He pushed my head down to his cock, and standing on tip toes he f***ed it into my mouth just as he came, spraying my tongue with his cum. Stephanie took his cock back to finish draining him. The taste of his cum sent me to the edge. I started moaning loudly and just as I felt the wave about to break, someone commanded "Stop".

Terry immediately stopped. Stephanie released Lucas, who promptly put his cock away. I was left short of my third orgasm, feeling cheated, and blurted out "Don't stop". I opened my eyes to see Johana standing at the back of the gathering. I panicked expecting John to be standing nearby watching, but it seemed that only Johana had joined us. Marcus told Terry to place the vibrator back between my breasts. As Terry pulled the big black vibrator out of me, Marcus produced a much smaller vibrator from his jacket pocket, switched it on, and reached down to insert it deep into my pussy so that nothing was left poking out. It felt great although a bit loose after the black vibrator. He adjusted my g-string, crossed my legs, and then reached up to press my breast around the black vibrator. This time covered in my juices, it slid smoothly between my breasts, and I could smell my scent rising from my chest.

The two couples left and then Terry removed the vibrator and went around the other side of the bar to get a drink. I could now see John sitting by himself on the far side of the room. It must have looked like I had one long tit fuck with the vibrator. I felt a bit sorry for him being left out of the action. Despite the constant challenge of the situation I was having an amazing time. Marcus told me to go and give John a kiss goodbye, as he wanted to show me the rest of the house. I stood up and felt the small vibrator slipping out of me. I did all I could to clench my pussy to keep it in. With some difficulty I walked over to John and kissed him goodbye. I thought he would probably notice my scent but he didn't say anything.

Marcus took me by the hand and led me out towards the entrance hall. Stephanie fell in behind us. Marcus stopped short of the hall and told me to go and wait by the stairs. I obeyed. Looking back over my shoulder I saw Marcus speaking softly to Stephanie. I waited by the stairs and Marcus appeared only a few moments later. He led me up the stairs, as I struggled not to lose the mini vibrator.

We followed along a corridor and into a beautiful, sumptuous bedroom. A magnificent four poster bed that was at least king size if not bigger dominated the room. Antiques were dotted around the walls of the room, and I presumed the second door led to an en-suite. Marcus closed the door, and told me to remove my g-string. Nervous again, but elated at the thought of another pounding from this hunk I eagerly bent down and removed the garment, all the while clenching the buzzing vibrator within me. Marcus pocketed the g-string, then led me over to a small desk by the wall motioning for me to sit on it. With my back to the desk, I lifted my self up to sit on the edge. Marcus lifted each of my legs in turn, removed the stiletto and held my heel up on his shoulder, forcing me to lean back against the wall.

"Take out my cock", he commanded. I leaned forward, undid his fly and reached for his cock. He was semi-rigid making it difficult to bend and manoeuvre through his fly. At last I released him, and I gently pumped his cock as it engorged with bl**d swelling to its massive size. I desperately wanted to remove the vibrator and feed his cock into me. He told me to rub the head of his cock up and down my pussy. This only heightened my longing to plunge him into me. Every time I ran the head of his cock over my clit I could feel my orgasm approaching. I looked up at Marcus. He had his eyes closed, a relaxed, almost serene expression on his face. The head of his cock was coated in my juices, sliding easily up and down between my pussy lips.

I stroked his cock faster, hoping he would reach the point where he needed his cock deep inside my slippery pussy. Each time his cock reached the bottom of my slit, I tried to pull him forward and stick his cock into my hole. He let me get the head just snug in my opening but no further. It was no use anyway; I still had the vibrator buzzing away inside me. He was driving me insane with desire, longing to ride his cock again. I thought of taking the vibrator out, but didn't dare without his command. I rubbed the tip of his cock hard against my clit building me to the brink, backing off at the last moment since I wanted to come while I engulfed his member.

I looked up at his face and noted the beads of sweat at his temples. His cock was so stiff; the veins bulged down the sides of his shaft, the head, deep purple and glistening with my juices. He whispered to coat my hand in my juices and rub the tip of his penis the way I had earlier. I ran my left hand though my pussy, then curled my fingers around the head of his cock and started to twist and turn my hand. He threw his head back and started to moan. I tried to caress his glans more gently so as not to make him come, however he kept moaning. I desperately wanted to stop and sink him deep inside me.

As if he heard my thoughts, he looked down and told me to pass him the vibrator. I quickly plunged my fingers deep into my pussy and retrieved the vibrator for him. I pushed his cock down to my hole and tried to pull him into me. He eased forward a little and pushed. I could feel the pressure around my opening and held my breath waiting for his first thrust into me, but he pulled back and told me to rub the tip of his cock again. I wrapped my left hand around his cock and started twisting again. "Fuck me!" I pleaded. "Fuck me", I begged looking up at him. He was licking the vibrator and moaning. "Harder", he whispered, and I tightened my grip almost sobbing now to be fucked. "Faster", he whispered, and I pumped faster with my right hand, increasing the twisting with my left. With a loud grunt he sprayed a stream of hot pearly cum, hitting my cheek just below my right eye. Two more jets sprayed out hitting my breast and coating the bustier. In desperation I pushed his cock down to my pussy but he wouldn't move forward. I rubbed his huge convulsing cock frantically against my clit, covering my pussy in cum, trying to retrieve my own orgasm, but the moment had passed. I felt tears of frustration filling my eyes.

Finally, Marcus put his hand on mine signalling for me to stop. He stepped back a little, lowered my legs to the floor, squatted down, lifted each foot, kissed it and replaced the stiletto. He straightened up, took each of my hands and pulled me up off the desk. With his finger, he mopped up the cum running down my cheek and wiped some onto my lips, then bent forward and kissed me, pushing small drops of his cum into my mouth with his tongue. I kissed him passionately, longing to get his cock hard again for my turn. He backed away a little, placed his hands on my shoulders and gently pushed me down. I squatted down, excited again, eager to suck his cock back to life. He spoke gently, "Lick me clean." I felt shattered and humiliated, but I obeyed. I desperately wanted to please this stud and earn another ride to ecstasy on his cock. I licked the end of his semi rigid member, removing all traces of my juices and his cum. A few drops were still forming at the eye of his penis, so I sucked him into my mouth, wrapped my hand around his shaft and squeezed the remaining cum from the base to the tip of his cock, swallowing another a few drops of his juice.

He told me to stop and stand up. He looked at me approvingly. He said, "You're doing so well tonight. Look at you now. To think you didn't want to stay earlier." He stared into my eyes; "Do you want to join our club?" Before I could even think about it I answered "Yes". "Of course you do", he said, "But I have a task for you tonight to prove yourself worthy. If you do it well, I will recommend to the Masters and Mistresses you be allowed to join as my personal assistant, and I'll reward you before you leave tonight." He backed away to the door, opened it and motioned for me to join him.

Marcus lead me back down stairs and through to the lounge. There were many more people in the lounge this time as people were taking a break and having a few drinks. The conversation sounded quite excited as people were discussing the sex they had just had or observed. I felt all eyes were on me as we walked through. I had cum splattered on my face and down my body. My wet, matted, pubic hair was on full display, and I could feel cum running down the inside of my thighs. It was such an erotic experience. They all knew I had been broken in to their club, that Marcus was my master, and there was no going back for me now. All the apprehension and guilt I had felt earlier had vanished. I desperately wanted more. Whether John liked it or not, I had decided we would be coming back.

We stopped next to the bar, and I looked around the room a bit more. There was a crowd over by one of the lounges where a woman was having her pussy licked by a slave. Stephanie came over to me and started to lick the cum off my face. She proceeded to follow the dribbles down my neck, and cleaned my chest before moving to my breasts. She cleaned my breasts, paying particular attention to my nipples then pushed me back a little to sit on one of the bar stools. She sucked a few spots of cum on my bustier, then knelt down between my legs and proceeded to clean my pussy. I have never been interested in women sexually, and have always felt a bit turned off by the thought, however that night I didn't care. Her tongue felt wonderful, and I was quickly back on the path to another orgasm. She knew just how to flick my clit, and slide her tongue around my lips, driving me wild. I was watching the other woman on the lounge drifting along her own path to ecstasy as I was fast approaching my own climax. Once again I was on the verge of orgasm, when Stephanie abruptly stopped. Marcus took me by the hand and led me off down another corridor I hadn't as yet explored.

John Recalls

After Tammy had gone off with Marcus and Stephanie, I followed Johana out the same way towards the entrance hall. We passed Stephanie coming back the other way just as we were leaving the lounge. I thought we might be following Tammy and Marcus, but there was no sign of them. Johana stopped outside the door to the cellar, and told me to wait for her to return. She went out to the entrance hall and turned right out of view, followed by the sound a door being closed. I waited for what seemed like 5 or so minutes before she returned. "Interested in having a look down here?" she asked with her hand on the cellar door. "Yeah sure" I answered, and if I knew what I was in for at that point I'm sure I would have declined. I've always been fascinated by B&D, more as a voyeur than a desire to participate.

She led me down a flight of stairs that went surprisingly deep under the house. The stairs opened into a long corridor with exposed brick walls. We turned left down the corridor and walked along, passing a number of closed doors. The doors were all rough heavy wooden doors with large iron hinges. Obviously purpose built to resemble a dungeon. We turned left down a short corridor then right along another corridor. This corridor was lined with little square cells, each with an iron grill door.

We passed about 8 or 9 cells, most with an occupant sitting naked on the floor when Johana stopped and motioned me into a cell. I protested and said "No way. I'm not ready for this. Just looking tonight." She smiled at me and reached into the top of her suit between her breasts. She pulled out two small photographs thrusting them at me saying, "I don't think you have a choice if you don't want your wife to see these." To my horror the two small grainy photos were of me fucking Clare and Stephanie. I was unmistakable. Trapped. By the angle of the photos, there must have been a spy camera hidden up near the ceiling in the corner of the sauna. I couldn't bare Tammy finding out so I reluctantly stepped into the cell. "Now slave, remove your clothing and hand it to me." She commanded. Clothing was a bit much for a g-string, which I removed and handed to her. She pulled the iron gate shut and left. I stood there all alone, naked in my cell, wondering what would happen next.

I didn't have to wait long. Two women turned up and peered into the gloom of my cell. They both shook their heads and smirked at me, making me feel a bit ridiculous. One of the women, a young slim girl with wavy shoulder length red hair, about 5' 6" tall, wore a black satin bustier, buttoned down the front, black lace topped stockings suspended from the bustier, black g-string, short black stiletto boots. She wore a black studded choker around her neck and carried a short whip, about 12 inches long with several leather tails of the same length. The other woman was blond, about mid to late thirties, with a curvier figure. She wore a red bustier with black lace trim, with push up bra cups that barely covered her nipples, and a red g-string. She had plain black stockings suspended from the bustier and wore a pair of black high-heeled stilettos. She was holding some items in her left hand I couldn't quite make out.

The blond woman introduced herself as Diane and the redhead as Megan. Megan explained "We're here to train you for Mistress Johana", and told me to put my arms through the bars. I didn't move at first and she whipped the bars threatening to get Mistress Johana. I thought I had better play along so I put my hands and wrists through the bars. Diane put a tight fitting leather cuff around each wrist. Megan told me to turn around and put my wrists together behind my back. I complied and Diane reached through the bars clipping the cuffs together, binding my arms behind my back.

Megan opened the gate and told me to step out of the cell. I obeyed, and Diane pushed me face first up against the gate of the adjoining cell. Standing against the cell gate was a petite Asian girl with died blonde hair. She looked up at me and smiled through the bars as I felt her hand grabbing my cock. I immediately started to harden, as the pretty Asian girl smiled up at me and Diane put a large leather belt around my waist, fastening it at the back. By the time the belt was in place, my cock was semi rigid. Diane pulled me away from the gate, but the Asian girl didn't let go of my cock. Megan whipped my buttocks, which stung like hell, then moved closer to the gate and whipped the Asian girl's wrist. She recoiled, letting out a muted scream.

Megan turned me around and squatted down in front of me. To my surprise, she took my semi-rigid cock into her mouth and started sucking and nibbling the tip. I quickly rose to a full erection as she started to bob her head up and down on my cock, taking me deeper and deeper into her mouth. She started stroking my balls, then pulling them down, gently at first, increasing the tension and stretching. I started to feel pain in my testicles and groaned as she gave them a particularly vicious tug. She stopped pulling my balls, and to my disappointment she stopped sucking my cock. She stood up, turned me around and whipped my arse 3 times telling me never to make a sound again. Diane mentioned we should get going, squatted down and fastened a small collar around my scrotum, fastening it quite tight so that it f***ed my balls to hang a bit lower. She attached a thin leather lead to the collar, stood and gave the lead a tug. I was wondering whether to step forward when another more f***eful tug that squeezed my balls indicated I should get moving.

Diane started leading me back the way I had come in. I tried to look into the other cells as we walked up the corridor. A savage whip to my buttocks from Megan and a stern reprimand to only look at the floor when being lead prevented me from catching a glimpse of any of the slaves. We reached the stairs and I paused, not wishing to return to the main part of the house for fear of Tammy seeing me like this. Megan picked up on this "I wouldn't worry about your darling wife seeing you like this, she's much too busy right now." That last comment got me really rattled, but strangely the thought of Tammy being trussed up like me was highly arousing and my cock started to swell back to full size again.

A sharp tug on my scrotum encouraged me to follow Diane up the stairs. At the top of the stairs Megan told Diane to wait a moment. Megan reached around from behind me and started squeezing and pulling my cock. She said she wanted me rock hard when we went through the lounge. It felt fabulous having this sexy young red head playing with my cock, there was no problem getting my cock to full attention.

Diane led me into the lounge room. I briefly looked up, fearful I would find Tammy in the lounge. A sharp whip on my buttocks reminded me to keep my eyes down, although I had time to note there were quite a few people milling around, chatting and having a drink. Diane led me over to the coffee table where Marcus had paraded Tammy earlier in the evening, and motioned for me to step up onto it. I obeyed. Megan told me to turn around. As I turned to face her, she reached out and grabbed my cock, squeezing it tightly around the base. My cock swelled, the head turning very red as it became totally engorged with bl**d. Megan began to flick the end of my cock with her tongue, then licked all around the head. A number of people began to gather around the coffee table. I felt embarrassed standing in front of these strangers, yet felt exhilarated having my cock licked and squeezed by this gorgeous red head.

Megan stopped and turned to a group of three women who had come up for a closer look. "Want to try some?" She asked. A mature blond woman I guessed to be mid forties stepped forward and grabbed my cock. She pumped me for a bit whilst she massaged my balls. I looked her over whilst she was fondling me. She was in good shape for a woman of her age. A full firm figure with largish breasts, accentuated by the white corset and shear white stockings she was wearing.

She leaned forward over my cock and started to suck the head, bobbing her head up and down in a slow rhythm. I felt my cock making it's way deeper and deeper into her mouth. She flicked the underside with her tongue at the top of each stroke. The sensation was exquisite. I could feel my legs start to tremble as she swallowed my pole, deeper and deeper until I was entering her throat and her lips were massaging the base of my cock. I started to sigh and groan as I felt my orgasm approaching. Megan lashed me on the back of the legs with her whip, reminding me to stay mute. I bit my lips as I felt the most powerful orgasm welling up, about to erupt into the throat of this expert cocksucker. I felt my cock start to twitch in preparation for the first shot of cum. The blond woman sensed this and suddenly spat my cock out. She squeezed incredibly hard around the base of my cock, with one hand whilst squeezing my scrotum tightly with the other. I tried to orgasm but the pressure she was exerting stifled my cock. I felt two powerful contractions in my groin, and then the moment passed, leaving me feeling highly charged and unsatisfied.

The blond woman held my cock tight and pulled me down off the coffee table, over to the couch nearby. She sat down and spread her legs wide, then pulled me down by my cock. I didn't move fast enough, copping another lash from Megan. I got down on my knees, and felt Megan pushing my head down between the blond woman's thighs, and forcing my face into her pussy.

The instructions were clear, and I started to run my tongue over the woman's pussy lips. They were swollen and moist, and easily parted by my tongue. I plunged my tongue deep into her vagina several times, then gently licked up and down her slit, brushing my tongue over her clit at the top of each stroke. She began to rotate her hips up and down, chasing my tongue with her pussy, trying to get me to concentrate my attention around her clit.

I was getting really turned on; my cock hard as a rock, desperate to be stroked, sucked or fucked. I was lashing the blond woman's pussy when suddenly a hand grabbed my hair and yanked my head up and back. Megan leant down and said "Look who's here", turning my head toward the entrance from the hall. I caught a glimpse of Tammy being led back into the lounge by Marcus. That was all I saw as the blond woman pulled my head straight back into her pussy, smashing my nose into her mound as she ground her pussy hard up against my mouth.

I continued to lick her pussy as images of Tammy flashed through my mind. I could have sworn she had lost her g-string, and her boobs seemed to glisten in the light as if she were sweating. The thought of her engaging in sex with Marcus or someone else at the house kept going through my mind, driving me crazy with jealousy and lust. I knew she wouldn't do anything, but that glimpse of her in the doorway had burnt a permanent image in my mind. It ran against what I knew of my wife. I was also fearful she would catch me pleasuring the blond woman, who was now holding my head tightly, so that it couldn't be removed from her pussy again. I continued to lick her pussy and suck her clit for what seemed like ages. I started to feel like a bit of a failure, until she starting to moan and buck her hips as her orgasm approached. A hand reached under me and started to pump my cock. As the blond woman was becoming more frenzied I too was becoming highly aroused aching for the hand to pump my cock harder and bring me to a climax. The blond woman started to convulse violently, gripping my head with her thighs, then finally pushing me away and holding still for a few moments. I was on the verge of blowing my load when Megan, who it turned out had been stroking my cock, pulled me away from the couch and told me to stand up. I obeyed, leaving the blond woman lying on the couch; eyes closed in her post-climax bliss.

A bit of a crowd had gathered around, and I noticed Johana pushing her way through to us. She came straight up to me and grabbed my swollen member, wrapping her beautifully manicured fingers around my shaft. "Having a good time I see", she said with a wry smile. She slid her hand down my cock, over my balls and gathered up the lead attached to my scrotum. Without any warning she started back through the gathering, tugging my balls hard as I did my best to fall in behind Johana at her pace. She led me over to the corridor leading to the bedrooms. Megan was following, lashing my buttocks again when I forgot to keep my eyes down. I didn't catch a glimpse of Tammy, Marcus or Stephanie, so I assumed they had not stuck around in the lounge. My thoughts wandered again to where Tammy might be and what she could be doing. With my eyes cast down, I was watching Johana's fantastic arse swaying in front of me. My cock stayed rock hard in anticipation for what was to happen next.

We proceeded down the corridor to one of the bedrooms. I was aware of Megan and Diane entering the room as well, and sensed some others had also entered. Johana lead me to the centre of the room and told me to stand there. She faced me, reached down and started to pump my cock, complementing me on my hardness. I was being driven out of my senses. Here I was totally naked before my boss, completely at her mercy while she masturbated me. She reached up with her free hand and pushed my chin up so that my eyes met her gaze. She was grinning and told me to be a good slave, obey her every command and I would be rewarded. I felt like I was already receiving my reward.

Johana ordered Diane to remove the top of her cat suit. To my amazement, Diane reached around and unzipped the front top section of the suit, removing the bra cups and the Lycra covering the top of her chest. Johana's ample breasts fell free. They were magnificent large rounded breasts, with long hard nipples set in smooth wide aureole. The sight of her tits drove me wild. I could feel my orgasm building, and a large drop of pre-cum formed on the tip of my cock. Johana noticed this and stopped pumping my cock. She collected the drop of cum on her finger and wiped it on her right nipple and told me to lick it off. I bent down and took her nipple into my mouth, tasting my own cum whilst I sucked and licked her bud. I felt highly erotic and I desperately wanted her to continue pumping my cock.

Johana told me to stop and get down on my knees and put my face in her pussy. I couldn't believe I was going to get a chance to lick her pussy. I was going to bury my face in the pussy of this sex goddesses who also happened to be my boss. I was on the verge of coming in anticipation, without any one touching my cock. I was looking directly at Johana's crotch, hidden from my view by the tight shiny latex of her suit. She shifted her legs wider apart, reached down and undid a zipper that ran from just below her navel, between her legs and up to her lower back. Diane reached down to pull the zipper up from behind. The latex suit parted and I could see Johana's neatly trimmed bush. I felt a hand on the back of my head pushing my face into her crotch. I needed no further encouragement. I gently ran my tongue over her pubic hair down towards her labia.

Johana suddenly grabbed me by the hair, wrenched my head back and slapped my face. "I only told you to put your face in my pussy. I'll tell you when you can taste me!" she reprimanded. She shoved my face into her crotch. I could smell the heady scent of her sex. She spread her legs a little wider, and stepping over me a bit more she rubbed my nose up and down her slit a few times. Her pussy was shaved silky smooth, with just a small patch of pubic hair above her mound. She was moist and her lips already parted in anticipation. . I desperately wanted to sink my tongue deep into her, lap up her juices and lick her into a frenzy. My nose was drenched with her juices, and even when she eventually removed my face from her pussy I still had the full scent of her sex in my nostrils.

Johana ordered me to stand. As I stood up I caught a glimpse of the room. It was a large room with king size bed and an assortment of other bedroom furniture. Nick, who had shown me where to change earlier, was standing next to another couple I hadn't met before. To my horror, the other guy had a video camera pointed directly at me. I was about to protest, but Megan had spotted me looking and lashed my buttocks really hard, leaving me in considerable pain with a stinging arse. Johana ordered Diane and Megan to get on the bed and present their pussies to me. They both willingly complied with the command, mounted the bed, and whilst remaining on hands and knees they both spread their legs wide and reached through to pull their g-strings to one side. Diane had a beautiful clean-shaven pussy, highly aroused with very moist puffy lips. Megan was also very wet, with a thick thatch of dark pubic hair, contrasting the bright pink of her pussy. Johana grabbed my cock, which was rapidly returning to full erect size, and led me over to the bed.

Johana stood me right behind Diane. I watched as Diane's fingers played all over her pussy, spreading her lips, sliding into her tunnel, and flicking across her clit. Johana removed the lead from my scrotum and positioned me in close behind Diane and started to rub the head of my cock up and down Diane's slit, coating it in her juices. She rubbed my cock over Diane's clit. Diane arched her back and dropped her head and chest to the bed, spreading her legs wide and opening her pussy right up, begging for my cock to plunge deep into her. Johana was gently pumping my cock as she slid it up and down Diane's pussy and swirled the head of my cock over Diane's clit. I could feel my orgasm building up, my balls tightening and my cock swelling, getting ready to blow. Johana sensed this and commanded me not to come. I desperately tried to fill my mind with mundane non-erotic thoughts.

Johana lifted my cock clear of Diane and pulled me over to Megan. She repeated the same process, stimulating Megan's pussy with my cock. Megan was moaning and rocking back and forth a little, as Johana pumped my cock gently whilst sliding it up and down Megan's slit. I knew I couldn't hold on much longer. My cock, looking more swollen than I had ever seen before, glistening with Megan's juices, was starting to twitch and ooze a bit of pre-cum. Johana positioned the head of my cock at Megan's opening and helped me ease just the head of my cock in. I was on the very edge of coming. Johana stopped pumping me and just ran her long fingernails of both hands up and down my shaft, whilst the head of my cock sat just inside Megan's silky tunnel, gently being squeezed by Megan's vagina muscles. The sensation was extraordinary, tipping me over the edge, releasing a torrent of cum into Megan as my orgasm exploded through my body and head, leaving me shaking and drained.

Johana held me there for a short while, then removed my now semi rigid cock from Megan. Johana ran her hand over the length of my cock, wiping off Megan's juices mixed with my cum. She licked her forefinger, then f***ed her hand into my mouth, compelling me to suck her hand clean of my own cum mingled with Megan's delicious juices. Despite having just come, I found this quite a turn on.

Johana told Diane to move aside, and then pushed me onto my back on the bed between Diane and Megan. She ordered Diane to sit on my face. Diane climbed over me, straddling my face, and lowering her swollen moist pussy down to my mouth. She rubbed her pussy over my mouth and nose and commanded me to lick her. I obliged, flicking my tongue around her slit then plunging deep into her hole. I felt someone grab my flaccid cock and start to stroke it. Instantly I felt myself hardening up again. I started working my tongue all around between Diane's pussy lips. She was sighing heavily and squirming around on my face. Rubbing her clit on my nose while my tongue dived into her hole. She slid her pussy down so that I could massage her clit with my tongue. Her sighs were turning into moans and she grabbed my head with both hands pushing my face hard up into her then holding me off again so that all I could do was flick her clit. My cock was rock hard again, getting an expert work out from whoever it was (I hoped it was Johana) sucking my cock. Diane suddenly clenched my head tight with her thighs as she shuddered into her orgasm, grinding her pussy down hard onto my mouth. I sucked her clit hard as her hips continued to buck, then she raised her-self up, as her pussy became too sensitive to touch, and she climbed off the bed.

I could now see it was the other woman I didn't know sucking my cock. She was doing a sensational job. She seemed to know exactly where to rub her tongue on my most sensitive points. Nick was kneeling on the bed next to Megan who was sucking his cock. Johana ordered Megan to take Diane's place. She stopped sucking Nick's half-erect cock and climbed over my face. As she lowered her pussy slowly down to my face she started to drip warm juices over my mouth and nose. My cum was flowing out of her pussy, and as she lowered her pussy to my mouth I was f***ed to drink the remainder of my cum from her. The taste of my juices mixed with hers was strangely highly arousing. I lapped at her pussy, sliding my tongue as deep into her as I could, cleaning her up inside and out. I licked Megan's clit, then tried to plunge my tongue back into her hole, but she kept moving to keep my tongue on her clit. I got the message and sucked and licked her to a shattering orgasm that left her quivering over me.

The experience was erotic beyond my wildest imagination. My cock responded, returning to its rock solid state as I exploded in another powerful orgasm, filling the mouth of the woman sucking me. She continued to pump me dry. I heard Johana from the other side of the room. She commanded the woman to save my cum and bring me over to her. Megan climbed off me and helped push me back up off the bed.

The woman who had just sucked me off was very attractive, about mid to late thirties with shoulder length brown hair, and a very shapely figure. Taking me by the cock she led me over to Johana, who was reclined in a large leather lounge chair. Johana reached up and pulled the brown haired woman down to kiss her, transferring my cum to her own mouth. They parted, and Johana grabbed my cock and f***ed me to fall into the chair next to her. She manoeuvred herself more or less on top of me and proceeded to kiss me with an open mouth, pushing my own cum back into my mouth and swirling it all around with her tongue, as she stroked my flaccid cock. We kissed passionately for what seemed like ages, as bit by bit, I was f***ed to swallow my own cum. My cock was rock hard again by the time she withdrew and hauled me out of the chair.

Johana told Nick and the other couple to leave. She then turned to me and commended me on my excellent behaviour as a slave, and told me I was now a member of the club. I was keen to join, but knew Tammy would never let us get involved with this swingers club on an ongoing basis. I was sure she wouldn't be adventurous enough to take part in the action here, and said as much to Johana. She just grinned and said, "I wouldn't be so sure. Let's go and see if we can find her." My pulse quickened as thoughts of Tammy fucking strangers flashed through my mind. Diane attached the lead to the collar around my scrotum again and handed it to Johana. We headed back for the lounge room, looking in each of the bedrooms we passed. Couples or groups occupied two of the rooms, in various stages of sex play with a number of onlookers, but Tammy wasn't among them.

Marcus led me back to the bedroom where I had changed earlier. I was a bit of mess, wearing only my bustier, stockings and stilettos, and the remnants of Marcus's cum evident as damp patches on my bustier and in my pubic hair.

"How about you freshen up. Take a shower. I'll be back in ten minutes," Marcus suggested as he led me over the en-suite.

I looked around the rather lavish en-suite as Marcus left the bedroom, and decided to strip off and take a shower. I pulled the shower head down to keep my hair dry and stood under the hot water, facing the wall, letting the water run down my front, then swivelling my shoulders to spill water down my back. Closing my eyes, the events of the evening started to swirl through my head. My hands wandered over my body, one drifting down between my legs, my fingers sliding between my pussy lips and over my clit, taking it slowly, and enjoying the sensation. I turned around to let the water run down my back, opened my eyes to find the soap, and froze. Someone was standing outside the shower watching me. I rubbed the steam off the glass to discover Sean looking back at me, grinning.

"Don't mind me, I'm just enjoying the view," he said.

Initially I was angry as my privacy had been invaded, but I couldn't help noticing the bulge of his erect cock in his Lycra shorts. I was obviously having an effect on this young guy, and quite frankly it made me feel hot and sexy. I grabbed the soap and ran it up and down my front, lathering my tits and tummy. I closed my eyes again as I slid my hands over and around my tits, dropping my right hand back to my pussy. I half opened my eyes to catch Sean stroking his cock through his shorts. Closing my eyes again, I drifted back into my own fantasy for a while. My nipples were rock hard, and my pussy was slippery with my juices and soap. I took another peek at Sean. His cock was out of his shorts, and he was slowly pumping it while he watched me playing in the shower. His cock was beautiful; a long thin smooth rod, with a gentle upward curve, topped by a smooth purple knob. His pubic hair was shaved, giving him a nice clean neat appearance. I closed my eyes and turned my back to him. I was buzzing with excitement.

Leaning in against the wall, I arched my back, pushing my pussy out towards Sean, hoping he could see my fingers pushing deep into my vagina. I felt wickedly excited knowing this young stud was watching me play with myself. I heard the shower door open then felt his hands glide over my hips. The head of his cock brushed against my arse cheeks, then pushed against my hand as I stroked my pussy. I moved my hand up to my mound and felt Sean's cock glide deep into me. He slowly pumped his cock into me whilst his hands explored my body, reaching around to fondle my soapy breasts. The feeling was delicious, but I wanted him to stroke my clit. It would only take a few strokes to send another orgasm exploding through me, but I wanted him to do it.

I grabbed his right hand and started to guide it down to my pussy. He started to thrust with longer strokes, and just as his hand was about to reach my pussy, his cock slipped out of me. I quickly reached down to guide him back into me. As I was trying to guide him into my hole he kept pumping and his cock missed, sliding up between my lips and brushing against my clit. I moaned and held his cock up against my pussy as he pumped it between my lips and fingers, each time the head just brushing over my clit sending cascades of hot pleasure through me. My orgasm was building with each stroke. Sean obviously liked the sensation of his now soapy cock gliding though my pussy and brushing between my palm and my clit. I was close to the point of no return, my pulse racing, eyes closed, sighing and moaning.

"Who gave you permission?" Marcus's voice boomed.

Sean stopped and hastily withdrew his cock. I could have cried. Yet again I was taken to the brink and robbed at the last moment. I turned around. Stephanie had opened the shower door and was handing Sean a towel. I quickly washed the rest of the soap off, turned the water off and also took a towel from Stephanie. Marcus helped me dry off then turned me around to face Stephanie and Sean. Sean, still rock hard, was being pumped by Stephanie.

"I think you had better finish what you started," said Marcus.

I stepped towards Sean not knowing how they wanted me to finish him off. Stephanie got down on her knees in front of Sean and motioned for me to do the same. She started to suck his cock, licking the head and then sinking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. I watched in awe as she devoured two thirds of his cock, which was at least seven inches long, if not more. She withdrew and motioned for me to try. I licked and sucked the beautiful smooth swollen head of his cock, then tried to take as much as I could, managing to take about half of his length into my mouth. Stephanie proceeded to lick his balls as I sucked his cock.

We swapped positions a number of times, alternating between licking and sucking either Sean's cock or his balls. I was still really horny, and sucking Sean only made it worse. Sean was obviously close to coming as he started groaning and fucking our mouths quite f***efully. I felt Marcus move in behind me, then felt his right hand slide down into my pussy. He knew just how to stroke me, driving me wild but backing off each time I felt like orgasming. Sean suddenly grabbed Stephanie's head and held her on his cock as he blew the first two pumps of his load into her mouth. He quickly shifted his cock to my mouth and emptied the rest of his load into me. I swallowed the lot and sucked as much as I could from his deflating cock. Marcus continued to stroke my pussy as Stephanie pulled my face over to her. She kissed me with an open mouth, and to my surprise she still had Sean's cum, which she pushed into my mouth. With Marcus stroking me, and the taste of Sean's cum in my mouth, I was pushed right to the brink of orgasming, but once again I was cheated. Marcus removed his hand just as the first wave of my orgasm was about to break.

"Noooo," I screamed. "Let me come. Take me. Fuck me. Please," I sobbed.

I tried to reach for my clit, but Marcus grabbed my arms and held them firm while my orgasm melted away.

"The more you want it, the better it's going to be," he whispered in my ear.

Marcus led us all back into the bedroom. While Sean donned his shorts again, Stephanie helped me get dressed. At least, that's what she called it. She made me put on a black satin and mesh bustier with 1/2 bra cups that just supported under my breasts whilst leaving them exposed, black silk stockings suspended from the bustier, black high heeled shoes and the tiniest satin g-string. Checking myself out in the mirror, I looked like a whore, making me feel oh-so-sexy. I just knew I was heading for more action, and started to feel incredibly horny and wet once again. Marcus grabbed my arms and f***ed them behind my back. Stephanie fitted leather cuffs around my wrists then clipped them together.

"Hey. No way, let go," I protested as I realised what they were doing and struggled to break free.

"Quiet", Marcus hissed. "I want you to feel the thrill of being completely at my mercy."

I felt very uneasy and powerless, but the anticipation of what was to come added to the thrill. Marcus produced two small nipple clamps, joined by a short length of fine silver chain, clamping them to each nipple, which hurt at first but subsided to a mild tingling. Stephanie attached a short silver lead to the chain between my breasts and led me out into the corridor.

Marcus led us back to the lounge room. The room was darkened and a crowd had gathered at one end of the room, watching sex videos projected on the wall. As we drew closer I recognised Lucas in the video and realised the videos were of the club members, and shot at Johana's house. We moved in close. There were couples occupying a couple of couches, others lounging on cushions on the floor, and several others standing around. I stood with Stephanie as Marcus went over to a guy in the corner who appeared to be running the show from a computer.

After a few minutes, the video of Lucas came to an end and the screen went blue. Another video started with the camera jerking around wildly, pushing through between a number of people before settling on a pair of breasts and a vibrator. The picture zoomed out and I realised it was my tit fuck session from before. I felt embarrassed watching myself being stimulated by Terry, kissing Lucas and sucking his cock, and having my genitals up on the big screen. The crowd seemed to enjoy it though, cheering as Terry pushed the vibrator deep into me, and again when Lucas blew his load in my mouth. As the scene ended, with Johana stepping in to call a halt to the action, a number of the people in the room turned to applaud me.

The screen went blue before another scene started. I took a few moments to take in the action, but soon realised it was John, in a sauna, fucking some woman from behind, up against the wall. For a moment I was devastated, but reality came back to me. I remembered the fun I'd had so far, and watched with undivided attention as my husband drove his cock into a young woman with long blond hair. The video was fairly poor quality, obviously shot by a small, concealed camera up near the ceiling of the sauna.

As I watched the scene, Stephanie started to stroke me through my g-string. I flinched at first, still not being used to having a woman touch me, but I was so horny that after a few moments I relaxed and parted my legs a little to give her better access. I watched as on screen Stephanie got down and licked John's balls whilst he fucked the blond woman. I started to feel incredibly turned on, watching John fucking whilst Stephanie sucked his balls, as the very same woman was stimulating me. Some guy came up behind me and placed his cock in my hands. I stroked the cock as the stranger reached around to play with my tits. The blond woman on screen orgasmed, and Stephanie climbed onto the sauna benches. I watched as John entered Stephanie from behind and proceeded to fuck her. I should have felt anger, but all I sensed was a delicious erotic pleasure welling up inside me, fuelled be Stephanie's fingers which were now probing underneath my g-string. I watched as John came and Stephanie sucked his cock clean, then ordered the blond girl to lick her clean.

The scene ended, and another one started. The computer guy called out that he had a live feed. It only took a moment to make sense of the scene as it flashed up on the wall. I watched in awe as Johana pumped John's cock whilst she held it just inside a red headed woman's vagina. John came as Johana stroked his cock with her fingernails.

Next, she made John lie down on a bed while a blond woman straddled his face. While he licked the blond woman, another woman moved into the scene and started to suck John's cock. I was horny as hell and swivelled my hips around, trying to get Stephanie to focus more on my clit, whilst I pumped the cock I was holding behind my back. Someone behind me pulled my g-string down, and I obligingly stepped out of it and spread my legs. The guy behind me removed his cock from my grasp and pushed it down between my arse cheeks searching for my pussy. I spread my legs wider, and pushed my pussy out to receive his long rock hard cock, which easily slipped into me.

On screen, a guy stepped into the scene, pumping his cock furiously. He placed it in the red headed woman's vagina and shot another load of cum into her. The red head then swung around to suck him dry, whilst John brought the blond to her climax. I felt other hands on my body, supporting me, feeling my tits, stroking my thighs, straying into my pussy, as the stranger behind me continued to pump the full length of his rod deep into me. On screen, the blond had climbed off John and the red head was moving into position, straddling John's head and lowering her cum soaked pussy onto his face. This was all too much for me, watching my husband eat another man's cum from another woman's pussy. I was pushing back hard as the guy behind rammed his cock into me. Stephanie and others continued to stroke my pussy, but only teasing around my clit. I was aching for my orgasm to be released.

"Fuck me, Fuck me hard. Stroke my pussy, ohhhh, mmmmm," I shouted and moaned.

All eyes were on me, but I didn't care.

"Let me come. Make me come now," I begged.

John was bringing the red head to her climax, whilst mine was tantalisingly close. The red head on screen orgasmed and John released his load into the mouth of his fellator. The guy fucking me was moaning, on the verge of coming. Stephanie touched my clit sending jolts of ecstasy through me, as the guy fucking me suddenly pulled his cock out, placing it back in my hands. I squeezed his cock as he pumped it in my hands, blowing his load over my back and arms. On screen, John was now lying in a chair passionately kissing Johana. I was suddenly filled with an intense jealousy, longing to wrench John away from his seducer. Someone touched my clit again, jolting me with pleasure.

It was Marcus. All the others removed their hands from my body. Marcus turned and headed from the room. Stephanie collected up the chain connected to my nipples and fell in behind Marcus. As the chain pulled painfully on my nipples, I stumbled to keep up with Stephanie. Cheated yet again, as Stephanie led me from the room, I felt an irrational and uncontrollable lust for more sex with strangers to get even with John. As we left the lounge a small crowd followed us from the room.

John Recalls

Johana and Diane led me back to the lounge, where there was quite a gathering at one end of the room. The lights had been dimmed and a video projector was running sex videos. As we drew closer I realised they were videos of the evening. I recognised the woman who had just sucked me off a few minutes earlier, in an encounter with three very large cocks. One she was fucking while she alternated between sucking cum from the other two. A guy over in the corner had a computer from where he was running the videos.

"Has anyone seen John's wife, Tammy?" Johana asked the crowd.

"Oh yeah, we've seen her all right," a young guy spoke up. "She's having a good look around," he laughed.

"Marcus just took her to see the Games room," a woman responded.

Johana turned to head for the games room, and a sharp tug on my scrotum from Diane had me start in the same direction.

"I got a video of her if you wanna see it?" the computer guy called out.

My heart missed a beat

"Let's have a look. Could be interesting," Johana replied.

I wanted to see, yet at the same time I was frightened of what I might see. The current scene had just come to its conclusion. The projected image went blank for a few moments then a shaky scene appeared, showing a crowd standing around as the camera operator made their way into a small gathering. After a few moments I recognised the scene, and sure enough Tammy appeared with the vibrator between her tits. It was the tit fuck session from before and I relaxed considerably, since I was in the room at the time and knew what was going on.

I watched as the bald guy ran the vibrator between Tammy's tits, but instantly became alarmed as he moved the vibrator down to her crotch. I watched as Tammy's g-string was pulled aside and the bald headed guy began to run the vibrator up and down Tammy's slit, then fuck her with it, and then lick her whilst the vibrator was fucking her. Tammy had looked startled at first but was clearly enjoying herself. She had her legs wide apart, a guys cock in one hand while she kissed him.

I was stunned. This had happened whilst I was only metres away. I couldn't believe I was watching my wife in the horniest movie I had ever seen. My cock was rigid again and Johana was gently stroking me as I watched my sexy wife being driven to wanton abandon. The scene ended with Johana calling out for them to stop, just after Tammy had swallowed a load of cum and looked like she was about to orgasm.

"I got another, Johana" the computer guy called out.

"Let's see it Steve. Let's see what else John's slut wife can do."

I was about to object to the derogatory reference to my wife when the new video came up on the screen. It started with a shot running down a corridor, then stopped at an open bedroom door and looked in. There was Tammy, held up against the wall by Marcus. I watched as she struggled desperately to free herself from his grip. It looked like he was about to **** her, and she fought vigorously until finally he got his cock into her. At that point she seemed to give up the fight allowing him to fuck her until finally she collapsed on the floor. Next she sucked Marcus's massive cock, then gave him a tit-fuck whilst sucking the end of his cock until he blew his load into her mouth. My own cock was rock hard again. I desperately wanted to fuck someone whilst I watched my wife being had by strangers.

Steve called out, "I got a live feed from the Games room, and it looks hot. Wanna see it?"

"Yes," I blurted out, only to be rewarded by a sharp whip on the legs.

Most of the audience also called out to stick it on. My mind was totally blown as the next scene started. I couldn't believe my wife, who had wanted to leave only a few hours before, and would never have willingly taken part in an evening like this, was now engaged in a situation that by it's end was the most erotic live scene I had ever witnessed.

I was transfixed by the projected image of my wife. Tammy was being paraded around this room, which to me looked like a B&D chamber. She looked sensational in black lingerie and high heels. She was blind folded, had no panties or g-string, her hands were restrained behind her back, and she was being led by a thin chain connected to her nipples. Stephanie was leading her around the room in front of a small crowd, mainly men, who were reaching out and feeling her arse, tits and pussy as she passed. The guy in the red Lycra shorts, who was at the bar with Tammy and Marcus earlier in the evening, had his cock out and was stoking it, eyes fixed on Tammy.

Tammy wasn't resisting or flinching from any of the men touching her. There was club music playing in the background, and you could hear the burble of excited chatter from the onlookers. Stephanie led Tammy over to what at first looked like a birthing seat. It had a support for a person's torso, and what looked like stirrups for the legs. Stephanie helped Tammy to kneel on the stirrups, and proceeded to strap her face first onto this rack like apparatus. She secured Tammy's legs to the stirrups with straps around her knees and the tops of her calves. Stephanie then placed straps around Tammy's torso and strapped her onto the main body of the rack so that she was supported from just under her breasts down to her abdomen. Using a lever, Stephanie lowered Tammy's torso so that she was lying forward about 45 degrees from the horizontal, exposing her arse to the men standing behind her. Stephanie then pulled a second lever that spread the stirrups, and therefore Tammy's legs, wide apart, opening her pussy for all to see. The camera zoomed in on Tammy's glistening, saturated, swollen pussy, begging to be fucked.

Directly in front of Tammy was a small platform that would put her head about waist high to the average man standing in front of her. It was obvious where this was leading. Marcus, still dressed in his tuxedo, stepped up onto the platform right in front of Tammy. Stephanie moved to Marcus's side, unzipped his fly, extracted his cock and started to suck and stroke it. The camera focussed on Tammy for a moment. She showed no emotion but must have been anticipating what was about to happen next. The camera pulled back and roved around the room. The guy in the red shorts had his cock fully erect now and had moved in closer, eyeing off Tammy's arse and pussy. The scene was amazing. My blindfolded wife, strapped to this rack, dressed in erotic black lingerie, surrounded by a small crowd of onlookers, one guy ready to plunge his cock into her pussy, while Stephanie was bringing Marcus's cock to a full erection right in front of Tammy. My cock was fully erect again, throbbing and aching from the action so far that night. I was amazed at how hard I was since I had already come three times that evening.

The camera focused back on Marcus. His huge cock was fully erect now, and must have been at least 10 inches or more, and thick. He moved his cock in close to Tammy and brushed it against her lips briefly. She craned her neck and opened her mouth to take him in, but she only got to touch his cock with her lips before he pulled it away. Marcus teased her again with his cock, tapping her on the cheek and moving it away before Tammy could get her lips around it. Johana grabbed my cock and started to stroke it for me. I was horny as hell again watching Tammy play with the monster cock. The camera zoomed out and took in the whole scene. The guy in the red Lycra shorts was rubbing his cock up and down Tammy's pussy. Marcus leant down to speak to Tammy, but I couldn't hear what he said.

At that point Johana pulled hard on my cock and manoeuvred me around in front of her so that my back was to the screen. She pushed down on my shoulders so I got down on my knees. I heard Tammy begging to be fucked, using coarse language I had never heard from her before. A loud moan from Tammy suggested she got what she was begging for. I tried to turn around to see the action, but Johana grabbed my hair and Megan lashed my back to remind me to behave. Johana pushed my face into her pussy and just held it there. I didn't move, or try to lick her; I just breathed in her delicious scent as I listened to my wife who I assumed was now sucking a monster cock while the guy in the red shorts was fucking her. I desperately wanted to stroke my own cock, but my hands were still restrained behind my back. I could hear sucking and slurping noises from the video, with the occasional moan from Tammy.

The sound of Tammy sucking cock, plus the thought of her getting fucked at the same time was exhilarating. It made me desperate to sink my face into Johana's pussy, plunge my tongue into her, taste her juices and pleasure her, but she just held my face in her crotch for what seemed like ages. I could hear a guy from the video grunting and sighing, obviously releasing his load. I wondered where Tammy received it. I could hear several voices encouraging Tammy, egging her on to go deeper, take more, suck it and so on. Every now and then the crowd would applaud, and then encourage her on again. All I could think about was her gorgeous lips wrapped around Marcus's cock.

Johana wrenched my head back by my hair. "If you're good and do as you're told, I'll let you taste me later on," she said.

I nodded yes. Without letting me look around, Johana swapped places with Diane. Diane however opened her legs wide and pushed my face into her pussy. I ran my tongue over her labia then straight up her slit and swirled around her clit. She responded by sliding her pussy up and down over my mouth and nose. The action on the screen sounded like it was reaching a crescendo with the unmistakable sounds of Tammy orgasming. I thought Megan must have taken pity on me when she crouched down behind me and started stroking my cock.

Diane suddenly parted her legs even wider; she pulled my head from between her legs and assisted some guy to enter his cock into her from behind. I watched from close up as the cock stroked in and out of her pussy. Diane pushed my face back to her crotch. I resisted, but Megan assisted in forcing my face back into Diane's pussy. There was nothing I could do but go back to work licking her, concentrating on her clit, while the cock fucked her. I could hear Tammy on screen protesting, calling out for someone to stop. She was quite vocal and sounded very alarmed for a moment, but then went quiet except for the sounds of sucking and fucking. I desperately wanted to see what was going on with her. I continued to suck and lick Diane's clit for some time while the guy behind her kept sliding his cock in and out, slowly increasing his speed. Megan kept stroking my aching swollen cock, taking me so close to coming again.

Diane began to moan and buck her hips. The guy fucking her took that as his queue and started to really pound her, whilst I kept licking her clit. The two of them came and I tried to pull my head out before his cum could ooze out, but Diane and Megan held me there. The guy removed his cock.

"Clean her pussy, Slave," Johana commanded.

I felt like gagging at the thought of it. I couldn't bring myself to do it, and just stayed still. Megan slipped her hand down around my balls and savagely squeezed them. I tried to pull away and fell on my side on the floor. As Megan released my balls, Johana pulled me up to my knees by my hair and slapped me hard across the face.

"You must never disobey your mistress", she roared.

As Megan pushed me aside and plunged her own face between Diane's thighs, Johana pushed my face back down to the floor and held me there with her foot on the back of my neck. On screen I could hear Tammy moaning and begging for more, like she was on the verge of another climax. I desperately wanted to see the screen but couldn't move while Johana pinned me to the floor.

"Stand," Johana ordered.

I struggled to get to my feet, unable to use my bound arms to assist me. Johana grabbed my cock and led me from the room, preventing me from getting another glimpse of the screen. Megan and Diane followed.

Johana led us down the corridor towards the pool. She stopped halfway along outside a closed door and turned to Megan.

"Wait here and keep the Slave's cock hard."

"Yes Mistress," Megan replied.

Johana opened the door, and I could hear music like that playing in the room where Tammy was fucking and sucking. Johana and Diane both entered, closing the door behind them. Megan leaned against the wall next to the door, spread her legs wide and pushed me down to lick her. I obliged and plunged my tongue into her for the second time that night. I could still faintly taste semen from our session before. I licked and flicked her pussy for ten minutes or more until she finally climaxed and slid down the wall. Noticing my cock was only semi hard; Megan started to stroke me back to a full erection.

We had both just stood up when the door opened and Diane came out. She gathered up the chain lead attached to the collar around my balls, and led me into the room. There was quite a crowd of people, many more than appeared earlier on the video screen. Tammy was still blindfolded and strapped to the rack, but her hands had been released. She was sucking the cock of the guy in the red Lycra shorts. Marcus was sitting on a chair directly in front of Tammy, his cock fully erect, with Stephanie slowly pumping it and occasionally licking and sucking the head. Diane led me straight up behind Tammy.

I looked down over my wife's body. She was hot and sweaty, and looked so erotic and sexy trussed up ready for fucking. Diane pulled me in close and rubbed my cock up and down Tammy's slit. Tammy moaned and let go of the cock she had been sucking. She just bowed her head and quietly moaned and sighed as Diane rubbed my cock all around her pussy then guided me in. I started to pump her slowly, knowing I wouldn't last long if I went any faster. As I was stroking in and out, the guy in the red Lycra shorts lifted Tammy's head and brushed his cock against her lips. She took him back into her mouth and started to suck him whilst she pumped his cock with her right hand. The sight of my wife sucking some guy while I fucked her from behind was too much for me. I quickened my pace, thrusting with long strokes. Just as my orgasm erupted, my cock slid out of her pussy and sprayed cum over her pussy and arse.

I held still for a few moments dribbling cum, then Johana stepped forward and grabbed my balls.

"Clean out your slut wife," she whispered in my ear as she slowly squeezed my balls.

"Yes mistress," I said urgently to stop my balls being crushed.

I got down below Tammy, facing back out toward the onlookers. Tilting my head back I reached up and licked Tammy's slit, sucking up fresh gobs of my own cum. I hoped no one else had come in her, as I slid my tongue around her pussy. Tammy was obviously enjoying my remonstrations, and started to push her pussy down onto my face. My cum continued to dribble down her pussy, and I lapped it all up, tasting my own juices mixed with hers. I kept licking her pussy, slowly concentrating more and more on her clit.

Suddenly I was aware of someone standing astride me, and the next thing I felt was the tip of someone's cock pushing my face out of the way as the owner hunted for the opening to Tammy's tunnel. I watched in awe as the head of an enormous cock found her hole and slowly f***ed its way in with ever lengthening strokes. Tammy was screaming then sighing, in pleasure and pain. Her pussy slowly consumed this cock. I felt a hand on my balls, slowly crushing them again. Taking this as the signal to get back to work I returned to licking and sucking the front of Tammy's pussy. We were slowly driving her wild. I could sense she was pumping and sucking the other guy's cock harder and faster as I lashed my tongue over her clit. The guy fucking her was driving his rod home really hard, slamming her pussy into my face with each of his strokes.

Tammy was moaning and screaming continuously, rising slowly to a climax. She was thrusting her arse back at the guy fucking her then driving her pussy into my face. I heard the other guy she was sucking grunt and moan as he came, then Tammy's hips started to twitch uncontrollably as she too worked up to her climax. The guy fucking started to pump her fast, as I lashed my tongue rapidly over her clit. Tammy screamed as she reached her climax. The guy fucking her reached his climax a moment later, pumping her full with a fresh load of cum.

The crowd in the room cheered and applauded. Tammy lifted her pussy away from me and the guy who just fucked her removed his cock, dribbling cum and pussy juices over me. I felt someone pulling on my cock, commanding me to get out from under Tammy. I stood up and turned to look at Tammy. Her blindfold had been removed, but she didn't turn around; she just kept watching Marcus and Stephanie. Stephanie had mounted Marcus and was riding his cock with long slow strokes. Rising up until the head of his cock was just sliding out of her tunnel, then sinking back down she completely engulfed his member. Megan turned me around again, grabbed my lead and led me back to the dungeon, shutting me in my cell without a word, and left me there, hands still restrained behind my back.

Tammy Recalls

As I was led from the lounge room a blindfold was slipped over my head. I felt unsteady being led without seeing where I was going. I could tell we were in a corridor, then entering a room. Dance music was playing and I was aware of other people around me. I was led around the room, being paraded for the audience. Hands were grabbing me, stroking my arse and tits and even trying to reach between my legs. Someone then made me kneel up on some contraption and my pulse quickened as I was strapped onto this rack, blindfolded with my hands still tied behind my back. My pulse started to race with excitement when I was tilted forward and my legs were spread wide apart. I had no doubt about what was coming. My pussy felt hot, wet and exposed. My whole body felt tingly with nervous excitement.

I should have been worried, but all I could think about was taking Marcus's cock again. I could hear Stephanie and Marcus right in front, and from their sounds I guessed Stephanie was working on getting his cock hard. I suddenly felt the head of a cock brush against my lips. Hoping it was Marcus I craned my neck and tried to take his cock in my mouth, but only managed to kiss the head. He pulled his cock away, then teased me with it, tapping me on the cheek and whisking his cock away. Someone started to rub his cock up and down my slit. It felt delicious as his cock parted my lips, brushed my clit and threatened to plunge into me. Then Marcus dropped the bomb on me.

"Satisfy all the men in this room, then you too can have another go on my cock."

Instantly I had butterflies in my stomach. I had no idea how many men were in the room.

Someone's cock kept sliding up and down my pussy, driving me wild with anticipation.

"Fuck me. Fuck me now," I begged. "Slide your hot cock into me."

I felt hands stroking my face, then a cock brushed against my lips. I parted my lips and allowed the cock to slowly slide between them. The owner started to pump my mouth, as I took him deeper and deeper on each stroke. He removed his cock for a moment, teasing me. Then I moaned loudly as the guy behind me gripped my hips and sunk his cock into me, stroking in and out, pushing deep inside me. I concentrated on the sensation, and clenched my vagina muscles around the cock. Someone released my hands and guided my right hand to his cock. I started to squeeze and pump this third cock while my left hand took hold of the cock already in my mouth. The guy fucking me slipped out of my vagina every now and then, rubbing his cock over my slit, stroking my clit, then plunging back into me.

I was in heaven, moaning every time he stroked my clit. My fantasy to have a cock in both ends had come true. I stroked and sucked and flicked my tongue all over the head of the cock in my mouth, slowly increasing my pace. The owner stroked my face as I bobbed up and down his shaft. He started to thrust hard into my mouth, making me gag occasionally, obviously getting close to coming. I felt his knob swell in my mouth, then blast a stream of thick creamy cum to the back of my throat. I had no option but to swallow as he continued to pump my mouth. I heard the onlookers cheering as I sucked the guy dry and he stepped away.

Immediately the other cock I was pumping was thrust into my mouth. The guy fucking my pussy increased his tempo, gripping my hips really tight, thrusting deep into me with long powerful strokes, which ended in three really deep thrusts as he released his load deep within me. As I continued to suck the second cock, I stroked and gently massaged the owner's balls with one hand while I pumped his cock with the other. I could hear him murmuring his approval of my technique. The cock in my pussy slid out, and I assumed it was the same guy who then climbed underneath me and started to lick me clean. I could feel his tongue running all around my pussy, cleaning up the mixture of our juices. Every time his tongue flicked over my clit I moved from heaven to pure ecstasy. My climax was building. I was increasing the pace and intensity of the blowjob I was delivering. The guy I was sucking started to moan and push down on my head, but I was thrashing around to much as the intensity of my pussy being licked was driving me wild. I couldn't help letting the cock slip from my mouth. I pumped it furiously and thrashed the head of the cock over my lips while I flicked it with my tongue. The guy licking me had his tongue deep inside me, then he moved up to suck my clit into his mouth and ever so gently flick it with his tongue. The sensation was exquisite, and as the guy I was masturbating blasted cum all over my face, I exploded into the most powerful orgasm I had ever experienced.

I could vaguely hear the room applauding. The moment the two guys moved away from me others replaced them. I sucked another three guys off; one of who fucked me for a while before letting me finish him off in my mouth. I swallowed cum, had it sprayed over my face, and two guys fucked me and sprayed their cum over my back. I was sucking my sixth cock for the session when another guy blew his load deep into me. He too got down and cleaned me out, paying special attention to drive me to another orgasm, although not as powerful as the first licker had delivered. The next guy who moved in to fuck me started trying to push his cock into my arse. He pushed hard against my sphincter, starting to f***e his way in. I moved my hips around as much as I could to prevent him entering me there."

"No," I screamed. "Not there. Get away from me."

I heard Marcus call him off, and felt his cock move down to enter my pussy, giving me another great fuck, bringing me to a great orgasm by stroking my clit while he fucked me.

I lost track of how many cocks I sucked and fucked in that session, but apart from the attempted arse fuck, I loved every moment. I felt slutty and wanton, debauched and wicked, and deceitful as I thought of how I knew John would be thinking I could never do anything like this. Just before the end of the session, someone wiped all the cum off me. The blindfold was removed and I saw Lucas in front of me, his long cock fully erect. I slowly licked his rod from base to tip before sinking my mouth over him and swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. I could taste my own juices on his cock, and knew he must have been one of the first to fuck me. I took great pleasure in pleasing this stud who I assumed was probably the one who earlier took me to the height of ecstasy I had never reached before. Someone replaced the blind fold, and I was plunged back into my dark fantasy world. I felt another cock being rubbed up and down my slit, teasing me, making me hot again, and aching for another fucking.

I stopped sucking Lucas' cock for a few moments and bowed my head down enjoying the gentle caresses of my pussy. The guy behind me eased his cock in and started to slowly fuck me. Lucas lifted my head and brushed my lips with his cock. I went back to work sucking and pumping him. The guy fucking me quickened his pace and shortly released his load a little too quickly for my liking. He slipped out just as he came, sparying cum over my pussy. I hoped that meant another licking and I wasn't disappointed. This guy was an expert and seemed to know how to drive me wild.

I was thrashing around on his face when I felt a pair of hands hold my hips steady whilst another cock was guided into me. I felt my pussy being stretched wide as an enormous cock was thrust deep into me. This was beyond my wildest dream, a tongue on my clit, a huge cock in my pussy and a superb long cock in my mouth. I couldn't help screaming out in pleasurable pain, as I felt I was being split in two and licked into heaven. I sucked Lucas' cock, pumping him and lashing my tongue over his knob with ever increasing vigor as my orgasm started to build yet again. The guy fucking me was slamming hard against my arse, banging the head of his cock against my cervix. Lucas grunted and shot a stream of hot thick cum over my tongue. His taste was delicious and heightened my pleasure as I hungrily sucked the rest of his load from his rod. The guy licking me was flicking his tongue rapidly over my clit. I was on the brink of climaxing, pushing back as hard as I could to meet each thrust of the guy fucking me, moaning, screaming and thrashing around. As the most intense orgasm swept through me I felt the guy fucking me pump his load of cum deep into me, whilst the guy licking me held his quivering tongue on my clit. I was delirious with ecstasy, shuddering through a massive orgasm that left me contentedly exhausted.

As the guys servicing my pussy moved away and Lucas stepped to the side, the blindfold was removed to reveal a view of Stephanie riding Marcus's shaft. I had just had more cock than I had ever dreamt of, yet the sight of Stephanie riding the prize cock left me jealous and lusting for more. Stephanie was sliding down to the base of his cock then rising until I could just see the tip nestled between her pussy lips. After a few more strokes, Marcus lifted her off, stood, and came over to me. He brought his cock right up to my face, and without hesitation I ran my tongue from his balls to the tip. The taste of Stephanie's juices was strangely exciting. I slid my tongue all around his shaft and then all around the head of his cock, paying special attention to the underside of the glans, seeking out more of Stephanie's juices and replacing them with my own. I started to work my mouth over the enormous head, flicking him with my tongue. Suddenly he pulled back.

"You will get your reward tonight," he said, "but I think you need to relax for a bit and recover."

To my great disappointment, Marcus left the room. I was unstrapped, and Stephanie and some of the other ladies e****ted me to the spa where we spent the next hour relaxing, chatting, and drinking. The ladies were praising my performance for a newcomer, particularly for someone who was just looking!

John Recalls

It seemed like ages I was left in the cell. It was mostly quiet, with the occasional sound of someone leaving or being returned to his or her cell down the other end of the dungeon. Eventually I heard people approaching my end of the dungeon.

"Let me come you bastard. Lick me, fuck me, do anything. Make me come," a woman was begging as she drew near to my cell.

"No, no, no. Don't leave me here," she shrieked as the door to the cell next door opened.

It sounded like she was struggling. The loud crack of a whip and a muted shriek from the woman ended her protestations.

"Ok, then let's see where else we can put you," I heard a male voice say.

A tall well-built guy approached my cell and peered in through the bars. I didn't recognize him but he smiled, and dragged the girl in front of my cell. It was the petite blond haired Asian girl. She was wearing a black corset, black stockings, and black shoes. She had a slim taught body with firm perky nippled tits. Her hair was a bit tussled, and her hands were cuffed in front of her. She really looked quite exotic with her dyed hair and sexy outfit. Her master opened my cell door and pushed her in.

"You can fuck him if you can get him up again," he said laughing as he turned to leave.

I was lying stretched out on the floor, hands cuffed behind my back, with my head and shoulders resting against the wall of my cell. The Asian girl looked me over, smiled and introduced herself as Susie. I awkwardly introduced myself, and made small talk about the events of the evening. She moved over to me and gently wrapped her hands around my cock. She started stroking it whilst telling me of her adventures that evening, and boy had she been working hard. Her only complaint was that no one had let her come. She was horny as hell and itching for more cock. She was doing a good job bringing my cock back to life. There was no doubt she was going to try and satisfy herself on me.

I soon had a rigid cock that was aching quite painfully from all the fucking earlier in the evening. Susie straddled me and guided my aching member into her. Her pussy was hot and tight, and felt fabulous sliding up and down my cock. She placed her hands on the wall above my head and lent down to kiss me. Her tongue darted into my mouth. I could smell semen and faintly taste it as I kissed her back. She parted from our kiss to adjust her position slightly and I noticed damp patches in her hair and on her corset that I assumed to be cum from the guys she sucked off earlier. She kissed me again, more deeply this time and ground her tight little pussy down to the base of my cock. The taste of her mouth, the smell of semen and the remnants of her perfume were an intoxicating mixture to the senses. She was moaning between kissing me and starting to thrash around wildly on my cock, grinding her pussy and clitoris into me. She was rubbing her pert little tits and long erect nipples into my chest as she probed my mouth with her tongue. I couldn't believe my response as I felt my cock swell back to be fully erect.

"Oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," Susie was moaning.

I was swivelling my hips to thrust my cock up deep into her pussy. She leant back with her hands on my stomach while I bounced her on my cock. Her beautiful pert tits were jiggling about as she writhed and ground her pussy down on my cock. My senses were going into overload as this sexy nymph gripped my cock in her tight pussy. In a matter of moments I reached the point of no return, sighing deeply as I shot a small load of cum deep into Susie.

"Nooooo," she screamed in despair. "No, no, no. You bastard," she exclaimed.

She thrashed wildly on my cock as it started to soften. She angrily climbed off me, dragged me from the wall, and sat on my face before I had a chance to move out of the way. She reeked of semen. I hoped it was only mine, but really I knew otherwise. She was clean-shaven, and felt silky smooth against my face. She f***ed her clit down onto my mouth, but I couldn't bring myself to lick her. She thrashed around on my face a bit.

"Lick me you prick."

I just lay still.

"Fucking lick me," she angrily demanded.

I didn't respond. She stood up, turned around and sat her pussy right back on my face, with my nose pushing into her opening. This time as she f***ed her clit onto my mouth I felt her grab my balls and start to squeeze. I tried to throw her off me, but she squeezed harder, causing me some real pain. I lay still and she relaxed a little.

"Now you're gonna lick me."

I didn't respond, but this time she pulled and squeezed my balls so hard I got that sick feeling in my gut. I was groaning into her pussy, until she eased up again.

"Better get started," she said as she started to crush my balls again.

I had to do it; lick out her cum soaked pussy. I stuck my tongue into her folds and ran it down to her clit. She arched her back, and started to rock her pussy back and forth over my mouth, squeezing my balls every time I withdrew my tongue. With a mixture of her juices, my juices and God knows whose juices running over my tongue and cheeks, I gave up resisting and plunged my tongue deep into her pussy. The taste of her, my cum, and the smell of semen was strangely erotic. I lapped at her clit, slithered my tongue all over her pussy lips, and plunged my tongue deep into her time and time again, slowly spending more time on her clit with each round. She released my balls and started to stroke my cock, which to my astonishment was getting hard again. Suddenly Susie started moaning and thrashing around wildly on my face before screaming in ecstasy as she came. She lifted her pussy clear of my face, but stayed astride me, stroking my cock, then leaning down to suck it. She was an expert, and soon had my cock rigid again, throbbing and aching from the pounding it had received over the evening. She sucked me for a few minutes before lowering her pussy back onto my face for another lashing.

I took things slowly at first, gradually lifting the tempo and concentrating on her clit again more and more as I worked her towards another orgasm. All the while she sucked and stroked my aching member. After what seemed like ages she came again, then slumped down on me with my cock still in her mouth. She lay still for several minutes, gently sucking my cock, until we both heard footsteps approaching.

Johana appeared in front of my cell.

"Stand up," she yelled as she unlocked the door and threw it open. "Out," she spat at me.

She then stormed into the cell and slapped Susie's face, abusing her for having played with me. Susie slumped to the ground sobbing. Johana stepped back out of the cell and slammed the door shut.

"You never play with anyone without my permission," she hissed at me before slapping me hard across my left cheek.

I was stunned and unable to move or respond. She grabbed my now semi rigid cock, turned and dragged me back up to the ground floor of the house. Megan was waiting for us in the entrance hall.

"Mind my Slave while I go and fetch a surprise for him," Johana instructed Megan.

Megan stood in front of me and started to stroke my cock, but I was struggling to get it hard again. She squeezed and pumped me for a while, but I didn't manage to get any more than semi rigid. She told me to wait where I was and ran off towards the lounge room.

She was back in a few moments, returned to stroking me, then produced a blue stretchy rubber cock ring which she stretched over my cock, releasing it around the base of my shaft. She then got down on her knees in front of me and sucked my cock rigid once more. It felt great and I closed my eyes for a few moments to enjoy the sensation, and wondered what Tammy was up to. I was snapped out of my wondering by the sound of Tammy's voice approaching from the lounge room. I felt a surge of panic as I opened my eyes to catch sight of Tammy and Marcus coming towards me Johana and another guy (who I later found out to be Quentin). Tammy was completely naked. The men still had their tuxedos on, but Marcus had his fully erect cock out of his trousers. Tammy's gaze was fixed on Marcus's cock, which she was stroking as they walked towards me. As they moved into the entrance hall Tammy looked up and finally noticed me.

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds. I looked at Tammy, stunned at what I was seeing. She looked at me with a fairly blank expression for a few moments, then gave me a wry smile as she watched Megan sucking my cock.

Johana spoke, "Well look at you now. Pleased you stayed?"

"Yes thank you Mistress Johana," Tammy replied. "The most amazing party I've ever been to."

"Well John's having a great time too. Come and thank John for bringing you."

It was clear what Johana meant. Still gripping, and slowly pumping, Marcus's cock, Tammy stepped closer to me with Marcus in tow. She knelt down in front of me, gently pushed Megan aside, and took my cock into her mouth. The sight of my naked wife sucking my cock whilst holding an enormous cock in her left hand was wildly awesome. It was a picture I had never dreamt I would ever see. It was so out of character for the wife I knew. I felt a powerful mix of jealousy, lust and love. She sucked me and stroked my cock with her right hand, while pumping Marcus with her left. Quentin knelt down behind Tammy, and reached around to fondle her tits before slipping his hand down to her pussy. She slowed her sucking for a moment, just holding my cock in her mouth, then, eyes closed, tilted her head back releasing my cock. She had a broad smile on her face as Quentin stroked her pussy and she slowly pumped Marcus's cock and my cock.

Marcus reached down and touched Tammy under her right arm. She instantly let me go and stood up.

"Your wife has entertained us all fabulously tonight. Come and watch her receive her reward," Marcus invited us.

He led Tammy to the stairs and they started to ascend with Quentin following. I watched Tammy climb the first few steps, her naked arse and hips swaying as she lifted each leg. Marcus stopped and half turned to face Tammy as she stopped one step lower and to his side. Tammy reached out again and stroked Marcus's rock hard member. He touched her on the top of her head and she instantly half squatted to take his cock into her mouth. Her arse and pussy were fully exposed to those of us down below. She bobbed her head and stroked Marcus as Quentin moved up close to Tammy and ran his left hand over her arse while he released his cock from his trousers with his right hand.

Quentin had a long slender cock. He moved up behind Tammy, but one step lower, which put his cock at just the right height to engage with Tammy's pussy. He stroked the head of his cock up and down her slit a few times, coating it in her juices, before he positioned it at her opening. He grabbed her hips, and pushed his cock into her. Tammy paused and moaned. He pulled his cock almost right out again, then in one quick thrust he sunk his cock into her until her arse cheeks were pressed hard against his body. Tammy squealed, but continued to suck Marcus as Quentin started to piston his rod deep into her. I was amazed she could take such a long cock.

The show only went for a minute or so, when Marcus again signaled for Tammy to stop and she let his cock go. Quentin withdrew his cock, climbed a step higher than Tammy and commanded her to clean him. She leaned forward, and proceed to lick her own juices from his nine inch organ, from the tip right down to the base, paying attention to any stray juices in Quentin' trimmed tuft of pubic hair. Marcus then led them to the top of the stairs and off out of sight. The picture of my naked wife being e****ted by these two studs in tuxedos, rigid cocks jutting from their trousers, was beyond my wildest fantasy.

Johana asked, "Shall we follow?"

I couldn't help blurting out, "Let's go."

Tammy Recalls

As I finished cleaning Quentin's cock I caught sight of John. He was just staring at me, with a broad smile and an incredulous look on his face. His cock looked rock hard. I turned to follow Marcus and wondered if John would be brought up to watch me receive my reward.

Marcus led me back to the room we had visited earlier that evening, and took me over to the bed.

"Onto the bed," he commanded, pushing me face first onto the bed.

I crawled onto the bed on all fours. Quentin grabbed my ankles and pulled me back so that my knees were on the edge of the bed. He rubbed his fabulous cock up and down my slit again, sending me straight back to the pleasure zone. I dropped my chest and head onto the bed, arched my back, spread my knees wide and pushed my gaping pussy back to receive Quentin's cock, but he only continued to tease my, rubbing his slippery cock head all over my soaked pussy lips, occasionally brushing over my clit. Each time he brushed his cock over my opening I pushed back to try and capture his cock.

"Fuck me," I begged, but he just kept teasing. "Fuck me. Slide your long cock into me," I begged.

I felt cuffs being attached to my ankles, and then Marcus climbed onto the bed in front of me and started to attach cuffs around my writs. I grabbed his fantastic cock and tried to pull him into my mouth, but he pulled my hands away each time, and moved his cock just beyond my reach. He let it swing back in front of my face a couple of times, but each time I got the tip of my tongue onto him, he moved back out of reach.

"Onto your back," he commanded me.

As I turned over, I saw John, Johana and the redhead girl watching us. I felt a thrill sweep over me knowing John was watching as Marcus and Quentin fastened restraints to my cuffs, tying me spread-eagled on the bed. Marcus pulled me across the bed so that my head hung over the edge, before they secured the restraints. I let my head fall back and lost sight of John. Quentin placed a couple of pillows under my butt so that my pussy was raised, opened wide, for all to see.

I felt a tongue lick the length of my slit, sparking a flood of lust to sweep through me. I tried to thrust my pussy back to drive the tongue deep into me. I lifted my head to see Quentin teasing me with his tongue, and then climb onto the bed to tease me again with his cock.

"Come on, fuck me. Fuck me," I begged.

At last Quentin started to ease his cock into me. He slid easily into my wet, juicy pussy. Marcus's cock brushed against my lips. I craned my neck and caught the head of his cock, sucking him in, stretching my jaw as wide as I could. I felt as horny as hell, drawing as much of Marcus's cock into my mouth whilst Quentin increased his tempo until he was slamming his cock into me. I was moaning and thrashing around to grind my hot slippery pussy up hard to meet each of Quentin's thrusts. It was great, but I couldn't help fantasizing about how much better it would be the other way around. Marcus tried to jam his cock further into my mouth, but three inches of his enormous member was all I could manage.

Marcus withdrew his cock.

"I think it's time for her reward now," he suggested to Quentin.

The two studs changed places, and my pulse quickened until I thought my heart would burst. I couldn't wait to be stretched wide by Marcus's massive cock. I ached for him to start feeding it into my pussy.

"Tammy, you've performed excellently tonight. I know how much you've been craving to have my cock again. Now comes your reward, but you still have to work to receive it," Marcus advised me.

"Ok, just hurry up and fuck me," I pleaded.

"You're only going to receive my cock when Quentin's is buried in your throat."

"No! I can't," I protested, having never deep throated before.

"But you will if you want me to fuck you," Marcus continued. "It's not gonna be easy, but relax and enjoy as best you can."

"No, that's not...," I was cut off as Quentin started to ease his cock into my mouth. I felt Marcus's cock head being rubbed delicately around my pussy, but always avoiding my clit. Quentin was starting to pump his cock into my mouth, going slightly deeper on each stroke. I was thankful his was no where near as thick as Marcus's was. He brushed against my tonsils, and I felt myself start to gag. I tried to relax, and concentrate on my pussy as Marcus teased me to distraction. Each time he positioned the head of his cock at my opening I tried to f***e myself down onto him. I felt wicked being teased by Marcus whilst sucking Quentin's beautiful cock in front of my husband. John would never have thought me capable of this, but he had never managed to coax my true fantasies out of me.

Quentin suddenly thrust hard into my throat. I gagged violently and shook his cock from my mouth. Marcus removed his cock from my pussy. I lifted my head to complain and he just smiled at me, and I got the message straight away. I had to deep throat Quentin. I caught sight of John. Johana was stroking his cock while they watched the action on the bed.

Quentin eased his long rod back into my mouth, and slowly stroked it deeper and deeper into me. I was taking more than I ever had before. I almost gagged again, but managed to relax enough for Quentin to slide his delicious cock past my tonsils and into my throat. Marcus brushed his cock over my clit, sending jolts of pleasure through me, then positioned it at my opening and started to stretch me wide as he pushed his throbbing cock into my pussy. I craned my neck to receive more of Quentin's cock. The deeper I took Quentin, the deeper Marcus jammed his cock into me. I was wild with lust, pleasure, and ecstasy. My pussy was being split in two. I could feel Quentin's cock deep in my throat. Quentin would pump for a few strokes and withdraw to let me breath, then sink his succulent cock back down my throat.

Marcus was slamming deep into me. The pain of his massive cock hitting my cervix was strangely erotic and exciting. I was pushing my hips back to meet each of his thrusts. Quentin's balls were slapping into my face as he sunk his entire length into my mouth and down my throat. Each time Quentin pulled his cock out to let me breath, Marcus fully withdrew his. I got my breath back as fast as possible to continue the fuck of my life. Quentin was moaning and starting to ooze pre-cum. I could taste him each time his cock head passed over my tongue. My pussy was also oozing, lubricating Marcus. My clit was aching to be stroked. Quentin started to stroke my throat so that I swallowed on his cock. He moaned loudly each time. Marcus's incredible hard cock was massaging my insides.

Suddenly Quentin released my right hand. Involuntarily, my hand plunged straight for my clit. Within moments I was writhing around on the bed. Marcus's huge cock slamming into me, Quentin's long cock buried deep in my throat and my finger going for broke on my clit. Quentin grunted loudly as a hot spurt of cum flooded my throat. He continued to pump spurt after spurt deep into me. The sensation was amazing as I felt his warmth, my screaming need to draw breath, and then Marcus exploding deep in my pussy. My orgasm erupted as I was on the verge of losing consciousness. Quentin withdrew his cock, leaving a trail of cum over my tongue. I swirled his cum around my mouth as wave after wave of my orgasm continued sweeping through me. My pussy was clutching Marcus's cock as he emptied the rest of his load into me, before finally pulling out, leaving me feeling open and empty, lying there in post orgasmic bliss.

Johana led Megan and me up the stairs, along a corridor to one of the upstairs rooms. We entered a large sumptuous bedroom that was dominated by a king size wrought iron bed in the center of the room. Tammy was already perched on the edge of the bed in a kneeling position. Quentin was standing behind her, rubbing his cock up and down her slit, teasing her. Marcus was on the bed fastening cuffs, firstly to Tammy's ankles and then to her wrists. As he moved in front of her, Tammy kept trying to grab Marcus's cock and feed it into her mouth. Like Quentin, he kept teasing her, pulling his cock away just as her tongue would reach the head. She kept begging to be fucked. God she looked hot.

Marcus turned Tammy around and made her lie on her back across the bed. Both Marcus and Quentin then secured her arms and legs to the frame of the bed, such that her head hung down over the side of the bed. Quentin placed a couple of pillows under her arse, lifting her and opening her legs wider. Her dripping pussy was on full display. Quentin knelt down in front of her and flicked his tongue over her engorged lips.

"Mmmmmm, aaahhhh, yesss," she moaned loudly and tried to thrust her pussy into his face.

Quentin stood up again and ran the head of his cock back and forth over her pussy, then placed it just at the entrance to her tunnel. Tammy thrust her hips back as much as she could and managed get the head of his cock into her. Quentin held steady as Tammy continued to thrash around.

"Come on, fuck me. Fuck me," she begged.

Slowly Quentin started to feed his cock into her, as Tammy sucked Marcus's cock into her mouth. Johana started to massage my cock for me. I was rock hard watching my wanton wife getting fucked, and sucking off Marcus's monstrous cock. I was totally stunned to see my wife willingly participate. I never thought of her fucking anyone but me, so to see her like this just blew my mind. Johana's hand felt fabulous on my cock. My pulse was racing, my emotions were out of control, and I was totally overcome by my jealousy and lust for my brazen, sexy wife.

"I think she's ready for her reward now," Marcus said as he moved around to swap places with Quentin.

Marcus was going to make Tammy deep-throat Quentin if she wanted to be fucked by Marcus's massive cock. As Quentin sunk his cock deeper and deeper into her throat, Marcus started to push his cock into her pussy. I was on the verge of coming when Johana slipped her hand down to my balls and gave them a firm squeeze.

"Get down and eat my pussy," she commanded.

I could have wept. I was torn between wanting to watch my wife getting reamed by Marcus and Quentin from both ends, or eating out my boss's pussy. But I had no choice. Hands still secured behind my back; I got down on my knees and plunged my face into Johana's pussy. Her delicious juices flowed out onto my tongue as it flicked up between her swollen lips and over her throbbing clit. I could hear Tammy moaning, and Marcus and Quentin grunting from their exertions. I licked and sucked Johana's pussy for all I was worth. I tried to bring her to orgasm in the hope I could return to watch Tammy. Johana's juices were smeared over my face and running down my cheeks and chin. She grabbed my hair and roughly guided where she wanted my attentions, first to her clit then my tongue deep in her pussy. The action on the bed was reaching a crescendo. Tammy was moaning loudly and by the sounds of it, thrashing around on the bed.

"Get up," Johana ordered.

She hauled me up by my hair as I struggled to stand, and spun me around to face the bed. Tammy was thrashing around with Quentin's cock buried to the hilt in her mouth, and Marcus driving his cock deep into her pussy. She had one hand free, vigorously stroking her clit. I was mesmerized by the action. Quentin grunted and came deep in her throat. Tammy was struggling for breath and frantically trying to reach her own orgasm.

Marcus moaned and jerked violently as he released his load of cum into my wife, tipping her over the edge into her own shattering orgasm. She continued to convulse for several seconds as Quentin and Marcus withdrew their cocks. She lay exhausted on the bed as Johana's hand grabbed my rock hard cock and pulled me towards the bed.

"Lie down next to Tammy," she commanded me.

I climbed onto the bed and rolled onto my back, hands still restrained behind me. Johana straddled me and my heart stopped for a moment as she slid my cock into her pussy. I was in heaven, fucking this Goddess while beside me lay my exhausted wife. If I hadn't come multiple times already that night, I'm sure I would have lost my load right there and then. I pumped my cock into Johana's velvety hot pussy, and rocked my hips to stroke my cock in and out of her slippery tunnel.

"Release her bonds," Johana said.

Marcus released Tammy's restraints, and she just lay there.

"Kneel up beside us, Tammy," Johana said.

Tammy did as she was asked. She had a few drops of cum on her cheeks, which dripped onto her breasts. Johana pulled Tammy towards her and started to lick the cum from her, first licking her tits, then moving up to clean her face. She slid her tongue over Tammy's cheeks, and up over her eyebrow to retrieve a stray drop of cum. She moved back down to Tammy's lips and gently ran her tongue across them. Tammy needed no more encouragement, and opened her mouth to receive Johana's tongue.

The sight was driving me wild. I felt on the verge of coming, pumping Johana as much as I could, but couldn't quite get to the point of release. Tammy was finding it an awkward position, partly leaning over me to kiss Johana, so she straddled me. I lost sight of what they were doing as my view was taken up by Tammy's cum soaked pussy just inches above my face.

"Let John taste you," Johana suggested to Tammy.

Tammy started to drop her pussy onto my face. I tried to struggle out of the way, but was effectively pinned to the bed. I was horrified but strangely stimulated as the fresh load of cum now dripping from her pussy was being lowered onto my face. There was no way out, and as her pussy came into contact with my face I plunged my tongue deep into her hole. I could smell cum mixed with her juices, and although I tried not to swallow any, I could taste the semen mixed with her musk. I ran my tongue all over her pussy, working her back into a state of high arousal. Slowly I paid more and more attention to her clit. The aromas, taste and Johana's superb pussy were all keeping me constantly on the verge of orgasm. Tammy started to moan and jerk her hips erratically as her orgasm approached. I concentrated on her clit and brought her to another shattering orgasm. Her pussy tightened, squeezing a stream of cum from her.

Tammy collapsed on her back beside me. Johana hauled me back up to a kneeling position. She released my hands, placed two thick pillows under Tammy's arse.

"Now fuck your wife."

I positioned myself between Tammy's legs. The pillows had raised her arse so that I could fuck her from a kneeling position. I slid my cock into her pussy and pumped my aching member deep into her.

Johana straddled Tammy's head, facing me, and lowered her pussy onto Tammy's face. To my utter surprise Tammy didn't flinch or complain she just started to lick Johana's pussy, timidly at first, but gaining confidence as she got used to the taste of another woman. Johana leaned forward to kiss me while my wife licked her, and I fucked my wife. I was lost in my own ecstasy as I participated in a sexual act that until that night I would only ever have dreamed about. It was Tammy's first time with a woman, but she quickly had Johana writhing around on her face, bucking her hips, biting her lips, moaning. She returned to me for another deep kiss, probing my mouth with her long tongue as I probed hers. Finally she threw her head back and started to moan wildly. Her large tits were heaving up and down as she ground her pussy onto Tammy's face.

The sight was too much for me and finally I passed the point of no return, experiencing a long and totally exhausting orgasm. I could feel my cum surge past the cock ring and fire deep into Tammy's pussy. Johana reached her climax just after me, gripping Tammy's head tightly between her thighs and controlling any further attention from Tammy. We all collapsed on the bed and just lay there panting.

Tammy Recalls

Without saying a word, Johana, the two guys and Megan left us there on the bed. I rolled over into John's arms, and he held me in a snug, warm embrace, gently kissing me and running his tongue over my lips. Neither of us moved or said anything for what seemed like ages. I don't know what John was thinking, but I was totally lost in my fear of where that evening had taken us. I knew our relationship would never be the same. I had done things I would never even speak about, yet I didn't feel ashamed. Quite the contrary, I was thrilled with how liberated I felt; yet I knew John and I would have to work through how our own sex lives would now need to change. A whole world of sexual adventure had opened up for me, and I hoped John felt the same way. Whatever happened, I knew I would be back.
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8 months ago
What a ride great life experience thanks for sharing
10 months ago
Lucky ones :-)
11 months ago
OH MY GAWD!!! this story kept me hard from start to finish...loved it. one of my all time favorite reads.
2 years ago
Great story!! One of my all time favorites!!
2 years ago
great story.. i just hope they will stay together. Enough for them to enjoy that one time. Sorry guys.. I love happy and endings and I don't like stories where one of the partners would be leave. Cheers!
3 years ago
that was one of the best hope it was true
and was there a part 2 on the next time they whent back
3 years ago
WOW!!! that was great
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hey, I think your story is amazingly great, I know this is going to sound like shit, but I think you should become a writer for this kind of stuff... I dunno what the editors will think but who cares... you've got a talent and it needs to be seen :)
3 years ago
Great story.