Taking My Whore Of A Wife On Vacation

Alicia and Joe went on a vaction to Memphis, TN, the first evening they were swimming in the pool and 2 guys already were there, they didn't see any women, so after about 30 min, Alicia made a comment to Joe that they must be by themselves because they kept staring at her and watching her very close. Joe had noticed that one of them was standing against the pool with one elbow on the side and the water was only up to his waist and his other hand was rubbing his cock, Alicia had noticed this too she had on a one piece bathing suit but it was really thin and u could see her pink ariolas and her nipples were swollen and hard. Joe asked her if it was because of the cool water and she said partly but partly because the 2 guys were watching her and rubbing their cocks and it was making her wet and she thought they were good looking. Joe told her, she needed to give them a show and see if their cocks will get hard, she asked Joe what if things get hot and they come over and want to join in so Joe asked her, "if they do would you like to fuck them?" She said she really did want to let both of them use her if Joe didn't care but she didn't want Joe there watching because it might make her nervous. She said she would turn the video camera on so they could watch her and them later. It would be like souviners thats when Joe pulled her over to him with her back against his while they were facing the guys. Joe put his arms around her and started playing with her tits while he was kissing her neck. It wasn't long befor she was horny as hell and breathing hard. Joe rubbed her ass with one hand and her tits with the other and then told her to rub her own pussy for them. After about 10 min of this Joe noticed that the two guys had their hands in their trunks rubbing their cocks. Joe slid his hand around to see if Alicia was rubbind her cunt and found that she had the crotch of her suit pulled to the side and was rubbing her bare pussy for these guys, Joe slipped the top of her suit down and played with her bare tits then Joe noticed that the two guys had moved over by us then Alicia let out a loud moan, Joe found out why when Joe looked down and one of them had his hand on her pussy and was sliding his finger in her. Alicia started begging Joe "Please baby can I take them back to the room, I need to get fucked really bad, Please baby I need their cocks, Both of them are so hard and feel so good." Thats when Joe noticed that she had her hand in one of their trunks playing with his cock, Joe told her that they needed to head for the room before things really got out of hand and they got in trouble, Joe asked the guys if they wanted to go back to the room with her and use her pussy for the evening they looked at Joe funny and said your wife is hot as hell and Joe said shes horny to, so I'll wait here while you guys give her what she wants, one of them said damn man you really going to let us use her all we want and Joe said as long as she wants you too. They climbed out of the pool sporting hard ons then they helped her out. She grabbed her towl and the room key then told Joe that she would let him know when he could come to the room, she bent down gave a kiss and said she loved him for letting her fuck these guys. And off she went. About 3 hours later Joe was sitting at one of the tables by the pool in the dark when he heard Alicia call his name. Joe looked up at the second balcony walk way and there was Alicia with just a towel around her. She said he could come up now, when he got to the room she was nude again her pussy was swollen and red and covered with cum. She said she knew Joe wanted to get comfortable and lay down but she wanted to spend some more time with the 2 guys so she said they were coming back to ger her and take her back to their room. If Joe didn't mind and Joe said this is your vacation to and I want you to enjoy it just make sure to get some vids of it. She smiled at Joe and said she loved him then pushed Joe back on the bed and climbed on top of him and worked her way up until she had her soaked pussy over his face then she slowly spread her legs and knees wider and wider until her pussy was on his mouth the whole time she was saying see my pussy baby, its full of other mens cum, strangers just used your wife's pussy for their own pleasure, this is your pussy baby its all yours don't you want to taste it please baby eat this pussy. lick it Joe, clean it up, show me that you love me make me cum and fill your mouth. Thats it baby lick it, it feels so good Joe promise you will have more for me later if you want baby, the whole time Joe was licking her pussy and sucking on her clit it only took a few min for her to have a huge climax in his mouth. About 15 min later while Joe was kissing her and fingering her well used pussy the two guys knocked on the door and they told Alicia that they had a surprise for her. That they had found four more guys to join the party and they were waiting in their room she looked at Joe with those please honey I want to eyes and Joe told her to have fun. She grabbed the towel and started to wrap it around her when Joe grabbed it from her. she looked at him kind of funny and Joe told her that if she wanted to be a slut tonight, that she had to go with them totally nude and she had to come back that way, the 2 guys laughed and took her by the arms and said you heard what your old man said now come on with us like a good little slut, we have a gangbang party waiting for that sweet ass of yours and off they went. She woke Joe up about 7 the next morning when she came in, she looked like she had definately been rode hard and put away wet, her tits were swollen and sore especially her nipples, her pussy lips were really red and swollen. And she was covered with cum that was still running out of her pussy and the insides of her thighs were caked with cum. She climbed on the bed, layed on her back, looked at Joe, smiled, then she spread her legs real wide and said, "see like I promised I brought your pussy back full of strangers cum, Please baby cum and eat me and lick my pussy clean you know that makes Joe cum so hard watching you lick Joe clean, please baby eat this then fuck me real hard. Joe slowly worked his way up her legs licking and kissing until he got to her pussy and then he started teasing. She couldn't take it and grabbed his head and pulled it into her pussy as she shoved her cunt against his face and let out a loud moan. Joe started eating and cleaning her pussy in earnest as soon as she had a huge orgasm Joe slid up and shoved his cock deep in her wet strectched pussy and got another moan out of her. They then fucked as fast and hard as they could and she came 3 more times after Joe dumped his load of cum into her sopping wet pussy. He layed on top of her for a few minutes. Alicia whispered in his ear, "baby I want you to go down and eat your cum out of my pussy while I watch." Joe gladly did and with a smile. It must really turn her on because she had another big screaming orgasm. She said it was a vacation she would never forget, from what Joe found out later their wereabout 10 guys that showed up while she was at the guys room and she said it was the first time she ever had more than 2 guys at once. They truly would never forget this vacation.

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8 months ago
I broke in several couples to the gangbang whorewife lifestyle when I lived in the Keys for 10 years and they were there on vacation. All but one I turned into SlaveKunts. 2 of the CuckHubbies I forced to bekum cocksucking kumcleaningsissycuckslaves. The one couple I turned into ytue gangbang whores. Both of them. They stayed for a month and once turned then into gangbang cravers I advertised them to service weekend long parties on a houseboat. Sure do miss the Keys.
2 years ago
3 years ago
HOT! Lets see the videos now! lol
3 years ago
3 years ago
Hot. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Sounds like fun, and a dutiful cuckold hubby too.
3 years ago
What a vacation!
3 years ago
Great vacation hope you have more you can share with us