Eat The Rich, Tame That Bitch

Katy was a total bitch. Everybody knew that. If only she wasn't so pretty, then people would have more wicked things to say about her.

Born with a silver spoon in her mouth, her father was a business tycoon who rarely came home. Listed under Fortunes' Top 50 Richest Men in the world, who can blame the old geezer for swapping mistresses and wives when he felt like it?

Katy's mother, a true blue socialite who graced the covers of magazines and not to mention hundreds of tabloids and gossip columns loved her pills more than her own daughter. Solely depended on these d**gs, Katy's mother sometimes sl**ps for days on and stays hush in her private country spa.

This leaves Katy, dubbed as the "Poor Little Rich Girl" who could have everything she wanted and yet end up with nothing. Not a warm embrace from a parent, not even any close friend she can rely on. She prowled her huge mansion treating all the servants like slaves and walks around school campus spreading fear to whoever she feels like picking on.

But Katy, slender and beautiful with delicate features she got from her mother has many followers in her school. This is primarily due to her fame, fortune and the uncanny ability to manipulate people.

"Krista!" Katy called. Krista felt her breathing stop. "Oh no," she thought, "not Katy"

"Heard you went out with Erick last night? You mean Erick Joyner. MY Erick Joyner!"

"But you broke up last year and you even said that Erick was way below your standards! You discarded him like trash." Krista protested.

Katy was outraged. "If I say he's mine, he's mine! Got it? I don't like people taking my scraps. And besides, I called Erick last night. He's meeting me after school and we're going to spend some time. Who knows, we might even do something extra..." Katy loved making people feel like crap. She couldn't care less about Erick. All she knew was that she wanted whatever people wanted. And taking things away from people empowered her.

"Katy you bitch! You always do this to everyone. You know you never liked Erick. You played and toyed with him. But now that we're seeing each other you decided you wanted him back! You're a bitch! Go to hell!" Krista couldn't believe herself. She totally lost it in front of Katy, the girl who can ruin her entire reputation in high society.

Katy looked cold. Nobody dared talk back in front of her. Nobody.

"You're officially off our sorority. And I will give my assistant a call to blacklist you from the Spring Clubhouse. Oh and by the way, I almost forgot that your dad is almost bankrupt. And that my dad is the major stockholder of your dad's dying company. I think that will all change..." Katy left just like that and Krista burst into tears.

At home, Katy was in high spirits that she asked the maid to bring her some of her favorite crème brulee. "You idiot, disgusting low life!" she spat on the poor maid. "I said not too warm!" And threw the bitten tart at the maid's face. "Erick better be here soon" Katy thought.

Erick showed up with flowers and a huge grin on his face. "Hi Katy. Are you ready?" He said, thinking that he will finally get lucky. Katy promised him that she will give up her virginity for him tonight and he just didn't want to pass the chance. Katy loved to tease men of all ages. She will deliberately show them her undies or spread her legs a bit wider so they can have a look at her silk Gucci panties. She loved showing off her perfect body and the idea that no matter what these men do and no matter how much they make a fool of themselves, they can never have a piece of her.

She led Erick into their entertainment room, gave him a drink and slowly stripped off her Channel dress. Erick could not believe how perfect her body was. She was now left with only her bra and panties on. She led Erick to the couch and slowly crawled on top of him like a pro. In truth, she never went beyond second base in her life. How she hated men.

Erick devoured her mouth and grabbed her breasts greedily. His crotch was bulging with the sight of a perfect 10 on his arms. He will be the envy of the school. He will plunge his cock in her virgin pussy in just a few minutes if only he can keep his hands steady. But his vision was blurring and his speech became slurred. "Whas habbenin?" He slurred and struggled until he passed out on the couch.

Earlier, Katy slipped some of his mom's pills in Erick's drink. She quickly grabbed her lipstick, undressed Erick and wrote a big LOSER on his forehead. She laughed at the poor sight of Erick while taking a few photos of him and headed straight to her room where she got the best sl**p she ever had.

She was awoken the next morning with a loud knock on her door. "Fuck!" she screamed and opened her door. The sight of a tall, well-built man with broad shoulders greeted her with a cold hard stare. She didn't recognize him at all. "Who the fuck do you think you are?!" she screamed.

"I'm your new nanny and in charge of keeping you in control." He said coldly. He grabbed her by the arms and sat her on the bed. Katy kicked and resisted as hard as she can but the man was strong and f***eful. "If you behave, things will be easier. Now calm down before I slap your face!" Katy froze. The guy looked like he meant business.

"Your parents hired me to keep you in check. Your friend in the entertainment room has now been sent home and his photos have been destroyed. The horse you took from an unfair game has now been given back to the real owner. Krista will remain in your sorority and all of your servants have been given some days off. Basically, all of your bullshit has now been cleaned up" Katy was infuriated with this news. Who the fuck does this guy think he is. "And now for your punishment..."

Katy's eyes widened. "Nobody punishes me!" She yelled and started to hit the man's face. The guy held her by the wrists and led her to the spacious living room. She was kicking and flailing like a lunatic while the guy ripped off all her clothes in the process. "Aaah! I'm naked you fucking idiot. How dare you?!" He sat down and grabbed Katy by the waist.

"Now come here and lay that face down on my lap you little cunt!" he ordered. Katy didn't move much. She was terrified of the man's strong grip. The man rounded her smooth ass hungrily and spread her legs with his fingers. "You need to be spanked little lady" And with one hit, Katy felt her body thrust to one side. The man spanked her a few times until her ass stung. She screamed with every spanking.

"Fuck you!" She wailed "I'm dying!"

"After 5 hits? You're fucking dying? You little spoiled bitch" He groped her reddened buttcheeks and moved the tips of his fingers down to her moist slit. "Something tells me you're actually enjoying this..."

"No I'm not you asshole! " She screamed as the man tightened his grip on Katy's hair and quickly plunged his middle finger in her tight cunt. "Aaah! You son of a bitch! That hurts"

"Shut up!" The man ordered while pulling Katy's hair tightly. He alternated his middle finger with the insides of her pussy and her clit. He felt her squirming on his lap but he didn't stop until Katy was soaking wet. "Now get off me!" He commanded. Katy fell back on the floor embarrassed at her plight. To Katy's shock, the man unzipped his pants and let out a huge thick cock. She's never seen anything so big that she started screaming. "I said shut the fuck up!" The man roared. He put Katy in a kneeling position and stuffed his massive cock in her mouth.

Katy felt the man's cock touch her throat. He fucked her mouth in and out that her eyes began to water. She couldn't take it all in her mouth even if the guy f***ed her too. Finally the man pulled her head back. "Please mister, Sir," Katy said humbly, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone" She saw the man's glistened penis, soaked with her saliva and the man's wild eyes staring at her nakedness.

"You need to be taught a lesson." He said softly and pulled Katy towards him as he sat on the couch. He pulled Katy on top of him and he licked and sucked her precious nipples. His mouth was busy with her breasts, while his arms were clutching her ass cheeks heavily.

"Gross!" Katy couldn't take it anymore. She was being violated by this b**st. "I will call my father and have you executed, you motherfucker!" And with that, a group of hooded people came in, grabbed Katy and f***ed her on top of the marble table. Each limb was pinned down by a person and they f***ed both her legs apart. "Who are you? What are you doing to me?" She cried. The man approached Katy and pressed his thumb against her clit. He rubbed her until he felt her quiver and buried his mouth in her pussy, licking her clit furiously. "Mmm...Why, you are dripping wet little bitch. It's time you get pounded"

Katy tried to get away but the grip on her limbs was too strong. She felt the man's cock slide up and down her slit until it entered her pussy in one blow. "Argh!" she cried. The man fucked her hungrily. She felt every thrust rip her pussy open. It was so humiliating and yet she's never felt this excited before. It was so sickening and yet it felt so good. She was never gonna let it show that she was enjoying this. Finally the man gave out a long sigh and pulled his cock out. Katy felt something dripping from her cunt. "You put your load in me! Fuck you!!!" she screeched. The man grinned and started putting his clothes on.

One of the hooded figures showed a video camera that had been playing the whole time and another who was taking photos of Katy's naked body and her cum filled pussy. "It's time you learned your lesson Katy." A familiar voice said.

Katy was left in a daze. They were all in on it, against her. But who?

"If you do anything stupid or act like a bitch again, we'll post all these in the internet and show your daddy what a whore you are" another familiar voice said.

They all left her stunned, naked, and wanting more.
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Awesome.. Sometimes a bitch just needs to be taught a lesson...
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so hott... love d little whore
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