Sorority Party Pledge Initiation

Chapter 1: The Initiation

Alicia couldn't remember the first time she'd tasted cum.

She'd been with a few guys in high school. She had slept with a football player or two, not to mention Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher. Some of them had cum on her, and surely she had gotten a few drops in her mouth in her first attempts to suck cock. She'd learned quickly that once she felt the guy tense up, she had to take him out of her mouth right away or risk him forcing her head down and trying to pump his spunk into her.

She wasn't the kind of girl to swallow cum. Only a real slut would do that, she told herself. And she wasn't a slut. She just enjoyed the feeling of a hard cock inside her and cum was an afterthought for the guy to worry about.

But her first memorable experience with that sweet-salty taste had been in her freshman year of college. There was a party her future sorority s****rs had arranged. It was a pledge rite all the girls went through ... or so they'd told her.

She'd arrived at the house with Melissa, one of the other pledges, unsure of what to expect, but sure that Lauren and Tammy had planned something degrading. It had been like that all week long.

First Alicia had to walk to all of her classes dressed in fishnet stockings and a leather skirt that barely covered her ass, with a low-cut blouse and no bra carrying a sign saying "Ask about my low, low prices." She had been f***ed to clean the sorority house's bathrooms with her toothbrush (and was threatened with being f***ed to brush her teeth with it). And that was just the start of the humiliation.

The whole week she had been a servant to s****r L and M, getting their drinks, washing their cars, cleaning their rooms, the whole works.

But that was OK, because Alicia new that these things were necessary to get into a sorority and have the "full college experience" her parents and high school counselors had told her about.

Now she was at the door of a two-story suburban house well-away from campus and about to be confronted by who knew what. Tammy had been a Cheshire cat when she had told Alicia and Melissa about the party.

"This is it pledges," she'd said. "Come to this party and perform well, and you will be the newest s****rs of Alpha Beta Tau. Don't be late. Have fun."

Alicia wondered why she and Melissa were the only ones told about the party, but didn't worry about it. Lauren and Tammy seemed like they had taken a liking to her. And Melissa too, for that matter.

Melissa was a nice girl, very flirty with long brown hair, hazel eyes and full lips. She looked like an Idaho beauty contest winner - in part because she was. She had won her local county fair twice, relying in part on the switch in her step as she strutted across the stage. The walk accentuated her rock-hard ass, tapering down to firm legs, which ended in soft-looking, perfectly manicured feet. She had shapely C-cup breasts and a tanned complexion of any man's (or woman's) farm girl dreams.

Alicia was no slouch by comparison. Milky white complexion with a light dusting of freckles, her hair was a fiery red, balanced by light blue eyes. Her breasts were only Bs, but they were pert with quarter-sized nipples that tightened at the lightest breeze. Her ass was phenomenal, the kind a boyfriend had told her he could spend hours kissing and licking. He had, in fact, until she had gotten so worked up she begged him to fuck her.

Alicia reckoned this neighborhood hadn't seen a pair like them in a while. They were both dressed in stylish dresses that showed off their best features. And they chatted nervously as they waited for someone to open the door.

A few moments after ringing the doorbell, a casually-dressed man answered the door. He was attractive, with the latest GQ hair and dimples that gave Alicia shivers.

"Ladies," he said in a smooth baritone, "welcome to my humble abode."

The girls walked cautiously into the house, scanning the entryway to try and get some clue as to their purpose there. The house was well-appointed with oak paneling and tasteful carpets.

"You girls find the house OK?" the man, who now introduced himself as John, asked.

"Oh yeah, no problems," Melissa said.

"Good, this way," John said, extending his hand to the entrance of the living room.

The girls followed his gesture and entered the room, where they found eight men sitting around talking about the Clinton impeachment hearings.

"All I'm saying is that the Oval Office is no place ... well, hello," a blond business major type was saying before noticing the girls enter the room. "It's good to see our honored guests have arrived."

"We're the ones who should be honored," a brown-haired guy in his late 20s, said, coming off more oily than charming.

Each of the men introduced himself, pointing out his major or occupation. They were all relaxed, with drinks in hand. John, the host, offered drinks to Alicia and Melissa, which they gladly accepted.

After about an hour, Alicia began to loosen up, talking to the guys about current events and her studies to be a journalist. Melissa had been surrounded by a few of the other guys and seemed to be having a good time as well.

"Well, I just loved being the center of attention," Alicia overheard her saying. "To be up on stage, with everyone's eyes on you. That's the best feeling ever."

At that, Alicia thought she saw a wink and a nod from the blond guy to one of the black guys in the room. She figured she might just be imagining it, though, and put it out of her mind.

Thirty minutes more went by, and Alicia was beginning to feel a little tipsy, when s****rs L and M walked in the door.

"Well, well. The party is already in full swing," Lauren said. "Well, not 'full swing,' but a start."

"Well, let's see if we can get the real fun started," Tammy said.

As if on cue, all the guys in the room stood up and greeted the new girls, some showing what Alicia thought might be inappropriate affection - she saw Tammy's ass cupped during more than one hug.

With the greetings out of the way, Lauren moved to the couch where Alicia was sitting, sat down and took her hand.

"OK, this is it," she said. "One last task and you are a s****r for life." Alicia nodded, confused.

"Pick a guy, any guy," Lauren continued, as Tammy instructed Melissa to do the same.

"For what?" Alicia asked.

"Well, you are going to fuck him on this couch while we all watch and Melissa does the same thing," Tammy interjected.

"What?" Alicia gasped. "You're crazy. I won't."

"All of the s****rs have done it," Lauren explained, curling a lascivious smile in the direction of the guys. "These are current and former frat b*****rs. They are all safe and discrete. And besides, it's the only way be part of us. Are you going to let a lifetime of s****rhood and the opportunity at such great connections to walk out the door because you're too prudish to follow one of our traditions."

"We'll give you, what, say 30 seconds to think it over," Tammy said, looking at both Melissa and Alicia.

Alicia was still in shock. How could they expect this from her? What kind of freakish joke was this? Did all of the s****rs really do this? What if someone found out? Why hadn't she heard about this before? The questions swirled through her head, and the alcohol didn't help.

She was just about to stand up and walk out the door when she saw Melissa stand up, drop her dress to reveal matching black bra and French-cut panties. She moved toward one of the black guys.

"Come on darlin'," she said. "If we are going to do this, let me see what you've got."

Without missing a beat, he unzipped his fly and pulled his semi-hard member out.

"Not bad," she said.

"Melissa?!?!?!," Alicia called out.

The brunette turned to her as she reached out for the now-hardening black cock and said, "Alicia, I've got to be part of this sorority, no matter what." She began to turn back, then stopped saying "Besides, I've never had a black guy. And he won't ask to meet my daddy."

The guy gave a comical shake of the head and everyone laughed like it wasn't odd to see a woman about to suck off someone in the middle of a room of people.

"Tick tock," Tammy said to Alicia, who was still sitting, frozen on the couch. "Pick a guy or leave. Newbies always get the first pick and I am ready for some fun myself."

Summoning all of her courage, Alicia stood and tried to walk to the door, but instead walked to John.

"Alright, if I have to do it, you seem nice," she said.

"OK," he said, turning her back toward the couch. "I'll be gentle."

When they reached the couch, John turned her around and began kissing the back of her neck as he unzipped her dress.

Alicia was visibly uncomfortable, but she tried to concentrate on the sensation of his lips on her neck. They felt good. Warm. Slightly moist. And his breath caressing her gently.

Closing her eyes, she felt the dress slowly slipping off her shoulders as a breeze from the central air conditioner wafted across her bare skin. She felt her nipples harden beneath her bra, partly from the cold wind, but there wsa something more. She could feel it between her legs as John began to knead her breasts and nibble her earlobe. She was turned on, and not only by the motion of John's strong hands. She was turned on by the idea of other people watching her.

Alicia arched her back, burying her ass into John's lap. He was getting aroused too, and she ground her butt into him as he slipped his left hand to her tight abs.

His right continued to massage her breasts, then reached between them and unclasped the bra, which joined her dress on the floor. The feeling of the fabric grazing her nipples as it fell sent a shiver through her body and she ground into John even harder.

He turned her around then and kissed her neck from the front, tugging slightly on her hair to expose more of her neck. Bending at the knee and putting both his hands on her back, he traced his tongue down between her breasts before moving his mouth to her left nipple.

John engulfed her breast, twirling his tongue around the areola as he pulled her into him, she in turn pulling him closer as well. She put her hands onto his head and began running her fingers through his hair.

Her juices were flowing as he moved to the right breast, pulling on it with his mouth like he was going to get milk out of it.

Her breathing heavy and her eyes shut tight with pleasure, she forgot that she was surrounded by a group of men and women, most of whom were now rubbing their crotches.

Had she opened her eyes, she would have seen that Lauren had unbuttoned her blouse and was stroking her right double-D with her fingertips. And Tammy had lost no time unzipping the brown-haired man's pants and was caressing his cock. But Alicia did not open her eyes. Instead, she was enraptured by John's touch and lifted his head to kiss her full on the lips.

She began kissing his neck and slid her hands to his crotch, where the bulge she had felt before was growing ever-larger. Unzipping his fly, Alicia reached into his slacks and felt his cock hardening. Pulling to free it, John had to step back to give his member room to move. His half-hard cock flopped into the air and Alicia felt its size for the first time.

Surprised, her eyes popped open. But her tunnel-vision was trained on his crotch and nothing else. It was about 10 inches long and two-and-a-half inches thick. Now semi-erect, it was the second-largest cock she had ever seen - the largest belonging to the aforementioned English teacher.

But now her lust took over completely and she dropped to her knees, pulling him into her mouth with the f***e of a tropical storm running aground. Slathering his rod with her saliva, she massaged his cock with her tongue as her lips moved rhythmically over the shaft.

John unbuckled his belt, allowing his pants to fall near the pile of Alicia's clothes, then stepped out of them as she cupped his balls with her left hand and stroked his cock with her right, her fingers following her lips closely to accentuate the feeling made by the multiple ridges. From time to time, she lifted his cock out of her mouth and, reaching between his legs to grab his ass and pull him closer, she licked his balls, appreciating their being shaven - not unlike her pussy, which only had a small tuft of hair above her lips.

"He must get these licked a lot," she thought to herself.

Alicia looked up at John, who was looking down at her as well, with a look she couldn't quite make out. He pulled her to her feet and kissed her before turning her around and reaching into the front of her purple t-back panties and feeling the heat coming from between her legs.

She felt his fingers glide between the folds of her pussy and graze her clit. At the same time, John wrapped his other hand around her neck and squeezed - not tightly, but firmly nonetheless - while also nibbling her earlobe.

John released his grip and slipped Alicia's panties over her hips and down to the floor, quickly biting her ass as he passed by.

John widened her step and bent her toward the couch as he stood up, his now fully erect member rising between her legs and banging against her thighs as he did.

Feeling him stand behind her, Alicia reached between her legs and guided him into her. Sparks immediately shot out through her body, and she remembered the feeling of being bent over the hood of a truck parked on the 50-yard-line after her senior prom. Lance had been the first guy to fuck her doggy-style and she discovered it was the position for her - seemingly submissive, but still in control.

But John's cock was much bigger than the high school tight end. And his rod spread her as it entered, pushing slowly at first, then after pulling back, speeding up. The rhythm increased as she relaxed into the motion. In. Out. In. Out. Stroking deeper and deeper.

He began thrusting harder, and she matched his movements, backing into him as he pushed hard into her. Her legs quivered each time he pulled back and she was so worked up that she felt like she was dripping onto the floor.

She came with a loud groan and went weak in the knees before regaining her composure.

John pulled out and she dropped to the ground, returning her mouth to his cock, which was now covered with the taste of her own insides. She loved that taste, and sucked his cock even harder.

This time though, she looked around the room. She saw Tammy completely nude and riding reverse cowgirl on the brown-haired man while simultaneously sucking off another man. Melissa was being stuffed by her first black man and loving every minute of it. She was lying on her back and, reaching across her chest to squeeze one breast, sought to slow the jiggling of her other from the f***e of the man's stroke.

Two men stood at Lauren's right side as she sucked the swollen rod of one of the others. A fourth man had his face buried between her legs and was shaking his head wildly. The two standing men looked at Tammy or Melissa, sometimes returning their gaze to Lauren's chest, which she was still massaging with a free hand. They had dropped their pants and were stroking their cocks, Alicia figured, in anticipation of fucking Lauren or Tammy.

Then, almost in unison, the two men turned and looked at her and the thought occurred to her that John wasn't the only guy she would be fucking tonight. Under normal circumstances, the thought would have sickened her. She wasn't a slut, after all. But these weren't normal circumstances, and now she was intrigued by the idea of having two or three men in one night - maybe at the same time.

But John was not finished with fucking her. He lifted her off her knees and told her on to lie on the couch, with her head in the middle. He put one leg at the couch's back and then positioned her so she would be in-between his legs, face to face, forming a right angle.

Sliding his cock in again, be began to stroke her clit with his right thumb as he moved in and out. And with his left hand, he began massaging her right breast.

"Oh god," she said. "Fuck that feels good."

She closed her eyes again and relished the sensations his thumb made on her clit. Arching her back to f***e more of him into her and give him better access to her love button, Alicia was in the clutches of a second orgasm when she felt a third hand begin to kneed her left breast.

She kept her eyes closed tightly, but was soon greeted with the feeling of a cock at her left cheek. Instinctively, she turned her head toward it and opened her mouth, pulling the cock into it. She reached over and began to stroke the rock-hard man meat as she bobbed her head as best she could. Opening her eyes, she saw it was one of the guys who had been standing near Lauren. The other guy had moved to Tammy's spot on the floor. She had turned around and was now taking on all three of them, sucking off the new guy while riding another. The third guy was just inserting his cock in her ass when Alicia looked over.

Alicia was surprised that she was still a little shocked by that. She had heard about anal sex, but had never seen anyone do it - certainly not with two other men already in her. This was a whole new world to her.

The cock Alicia now sucked was not as big as John's, but in this position it was big enough to cause problems, ramming the side of her mouth instead of sliding in smoothly.

"Wait," she said, pulling the oral member out of her mouth. "Let's change positions."

"OK," John said, breathlessly. He was getting tired and Alicia could feel it. She took control of the situation and standing up, returned her mouth to his cock and presenting her pussy to the new member of their little private couch party.

The return to doggy-style felt good, even if the man now in her pussy was a bit smaller than the first.

Alicia reckoned that John would be able to rest and then could resume plowing her with his larger farm gear. But John needed a real rest and he told her he wanted to cum.

She wanted more cock, but told herself she had seven other guys to help her out if she needed it. And so she began sucking him harder than ever, squeezing his cock in a way that she knew would get him off quickly.

The new guy, seeing this, began pumping harder. And even though the sensations she was feeling slowed her mouth around John's cock, he began to tighten. She began to move away and use only her hand, but John's cum shot out faster than she had planned and sprayed her mouth and chin. She couldn't help but swallow some. It wasn't so bad.

She continued to stroke him as the man behind her held her in the position.

"I want you to clean me up," John told her as he guided her head back to his now softening hard-on.

She was in no position to argue. And besides, tonight had been a night of firsts, so she began licking the quickly cooling white-clear cum that was dribbling down the head of his cock.

She cleaned the spot off of her chin with a finger and, more for him than her, began to suck the finger before returning her mouth to his cock.

All the while, her second lover of the night continued to pound away at her pussy, making small circles with his thumb on her little brown pucker. For a while, she wondered if he was going to try and fuck her ass, but soon he too announced he was about to cum.

He pulled out, told her to get on her knees and stroked his cock until he sprayed all over her tits. Without even being asked, she began to clean his cock as she had John's.

And when she was done, the man moved out of the way to reveal two other men standing behind him. They had been fucking Lauren this whole time, but were now stroking their cocks in preparation for Alicia.

The first presented his cock to her and she grabbed him without hesitation, guiding him into her mouth and quickly realizing that for the first time, she was tasting another woman's pussy, although it was one step removed by the dick its juices remained on.

It was a strange sensation, but Alicia enjoyed it and looked over at Lauren for approval, which she got with a sly smile from both Lauren and Tammy who had joined her on the love seat. They sat there, legs intertwined and slowly rubbing one another's breasts and pussies.

Tammy's suitors were taking turns with Melissa now, one cock in her mouth as she rode another and stroked the two at her sides. It was like she was an old pro at this. She had taken to it even more readily than Alicia.

The cum of her second lover was cooling quickly on her chest as she sucked the cock in front of her and stroked the other man's with her right hand. She wanted to feel them inside of her, maybe even both at the same time, but she could sense they wanted release.

So, she pulled every trick she had learned in her short life to make them cum as soon as possible, juggling their balls, taking the cocks deep into her mouth and changing from one swollen rod to another, back and forth until the men were driven insane with a need to explode.

And explode they did, right onto her face and chest, the gooey man juices running down her cheeks and into her mouth.

She relaxed from her knees, sitting on the floor and looking over at all four men gathered around Melissa, shooting ropey jets of cum all over her. The sight was amazing, Melissa just sitting there, enjoying the attention being paid her by all of these men. She was perfectly at ease covered in cum. That was when Lauren spoke up.

"Well ladies, you look like perfect messes," she said. "Why don't you help each other clean up?"

But that is a whole different story.

Chapter 2: Girls gone wild

"Well ladies, you look like perfect messes," s****r Lauren had said. "Why don't you help each other clean up?"

Covered in cum and still reeling with the thrill of her first orgy experience, Alicia felt like she was up for almost anything and she was sure her fellow pledge, Melissa, was willing to do whatever it took to get into the s****rhood of Alpha Beta Tau. But this was going a little far.

Sure, she was surrounded by eight naked and spent guys - four of whom had just cum on her with her naked sorority s****rs watching. But what Lauren was asking seemed beyond the pale.

Alicia had "cleaned up" four cocks tonight, licking the cum off of them after they had exploded onto her. She had never seen so much ropey white love juice in her life, much less had so much in her mouth.

She had always relegated women who liked cum in or on them to the level of slut. But here she was, with four men's end result on her. And now, Lauren was asking her to "clean up" Melissa.

It wasn't that she had not noticed how hot Melissa was. The former Idaho county fair beauty contest winner was nothing if not attractive. With long brown hair, firm C-cup breasts and a rock-hard ass, Melissa could turn heads at a paraplegics' convention.

Still, Alicia had never even kissed another woman, much less licked her naked flesh.

But this was no ordinary night. Alicia had experienced things this night that she could not have imagined in her most deviant 19-year-old fantasies.

And she had tasted another woman already tonight, even though it was one step removed from that woman's body. Sucking the cock of one of her multiple lovers tonight, she had tasted Lauren's pussy.

It wasn't that different from the taste of her own – a taste she had come to love after many nights of masturbating to the New k**s on the Block, or Jason Priestly, or Matthew McConaughah, or any of a hundred other crushes she had had through the years. She couldn't help but lick her fingers before and after the act to taste her excitement and thinking that is what her lover would have tasted had he really been there.

But, even though the taste of another woman was not completely foreign .to her anymore, she was not sure she was ready to make that leap into bisexuality.

Tammy, sensing Alicia's hesitation, gave her an unexpected way out.

"It's OK s****r A," she said, elevating Alicia from pledge to "s****r" for the first time. "You've proven your willingness tonight, and you don't have to do anything you don't want to do now. But you have come so far tonight. Don't stop yourself now if you've ever wondered."

Alicia was surprised by the sincerity of Tammy's tone. Here was a woman who had done nothing but humiliate her for a week in the name of "s****rhood," and yet she was now talking to her as an equal about opening new sexual doors for herself – and doing it while wrapped in the naked embrace of another woman.

Lauren and Tammy had ended up on the love seat of the modest two-story home after warming up a couple of guys apiece to finish off on the pledges. They had sat on the leather seat, caressing one-another as the men took their turns with she and Melissa.

Even as she spoke, Tammy had cupped one of Lauren's double-D breasts, and Lauren rested her hand on Tammy's inner thigh. The two were obviously no strangers to one-another's bodies.

"I promise, it's OK," Tammy said, before kissing Lauren slowly and sensually. "Trust me."

That was all Melissa needed. The more sexually adventurous of the two pledges, she had taken to the orgy with gusto. And now, she was made her way over to Alicia.

Without saying a word, she kissed the redhead. And to Alicia's surprise, she accepted the advance without pushing her away. Melissa's lips were soft – softer than any man Alicia had ever kissed, and noticeably without stubble.

The two melted into an embrace with Melissa on top, moving from her lips to Alicia's neck, kissing it even more softly than her first lover of the night, John, had done. Melissa's touch was no comparison to his. Where he had been strong yet gentle, Melissa was light and almost angelic.

The warm breath on Alicia's rapidly-cooling cum-covered skin, though, was all of the impetus she needed to make her nipples spring to life. And realizing this, Melissa moved to them quickly.

Alicia gasped as Melissa took her left nipple into her mouth. As it had been with her kiss, Melissa's lips imparted new feelings throughout Alicia's body. Her mouth enveloped Alicia's nipple in a warm embrace, as the brunette's tongue made tiny circles around the areola.

Alicia felt Melissa's other hand caress her right breast, tracing her fingers in the gooey white residue slowly dripping down the side of her b-cup. Melissa applied more f***e now and her hand slid as it massaged Alicia's fleshy mound.

For the second time that night, Alicia began to run her fingers through someone's hair as that person pleasured her breasts. And she couldn't help but remark on the differences.

"I love the way your hair feels falling on my skin," she whispered. "And your mouth is wonderful."

With that, Melissa gave her a little flick of the tongue and then switched her liplock to the left breast, pausing only to lick the cum from the valley between Alicia's molehills. Giving the left breast the same treatment as the right, Melissa went lower to retrieve driblets of cum that had fallen on Alicia's stomach, before returning to lick the goo from her face and plant a deep kiss on her.

Alicia was a little disappointed that Melissa had stopped at her belly, aching to feel that mouth in her most private (at least until tonight) place. She guessed that, despite Melissa's willingness to experiment, she was still a little unsure of taking that final step.

By this time, though, Alicia's bl**d was running hot and she wanted to go all the way. Having already had the second-hand scent and taste of one woman in her mouth, nothing less would suffice tonight. She wanted the full experience.

After breaking from the kiss, Alicia rolled Melissa over onto her back and proceeded to lick the cum droplets gracing her neck. Interchanging licking and kissing, the area was "clean" in no time, but Alicia wanted to prolong the sensation for Melissa, knowing the feeling that someone playing with her neck caused in her.

Alicia kissed Melissa's left ear, and realized she had found a sweet spot when Melissa arched her back with pleasure and forcing her breasts into Alicia's, spreading the cum on each other's breasts.

Having never been in this situation before, Alicia decided to try rubbing nipples with the brunette, but the result came out more comical than erotic, being f***ed to grab the c-cups and position them so that they met her Bs.

Both of them giggled with the attempt, and Alicia soon returned to licking Melissa clean. Putting the handholds she had on the reclining woman's breasts to good use, Alicia licked and sucked every inch of her chest – concentrating on the nipples, but also running her hands between the breasts in that area guys almost always forgot to pay attention to.

Having worked on Melissa's upper body for several minutes, Alicia decided to give her lower body a workout as well. Slowly she traced her tongue down Melissa's taut abs, pausing to lick the cum that had collected in her belly button, then kissing just inside her pelvic area. As it always did when men did it to her, the kisses tickled and Melissa jumped slightly.

And now was the time of truth.

Alicia opened Melissa's legs wide and then used her index and middle finger to spread the girl's outer labia for better access to the treasure that lay between her legs, then dove tongue first into the opening.

The taste was close to that of her own pussy juices and those of Lauren's that she'd tasted earlier tonight. But this was warm and more pungent and somehow more inviting. She relished it in ways she never thought she could have before tonight.

And the reaction from Melissa only turned her on more. Between the fleshy folds, Alicia found Melissa's clit quickly. It seemed larger than her own and made a good target for Alicia's tongue.

Working the mini-falus back and forth, she was driving Melissa crazy with pleasure. Licking left to right, Alicia tried to remember the way that Mr. Harris, her senior English teacher had eaten her out. That had been the best head she had ever gotten, cumming almost instantly and repeatedly before he even put his cock in her.

He had gone straight for the clit as well, but then backed off to lick her whole pussy, examining every crack and crevice with his slippery tongue. And after a while, he would return to her clit for more massage work.

And so, Alicia followed his example, spreading her tongue to wet as much of Melissa's pussy as possible, then – with the tongue still flattened – returned to the swollen erectile tissue at the center of the issue. She began moving her head back and forth rapidly, giving herself a slight headache, but giving Melissa the feeling of a human vibrator – another trick she had picked up from Mr. Harris.

The technique worked like a charm and Alicia's chin was soon flooded with a creamy blast from between Melissa's legs. Melissa arched her back and grunted with the orgasm, clutching the back of Alicia's head and shoving it deeper into her pussy.

That only made Alicia lick harder, trying to give Melissa another orgasm on top of the last. She decided to insert the thumb of her free hand into Melissa's pussy to aid in the process.

The world outside of their bodies had fallen away, and Alicia at least, had forgotten about the eight men and two women watching them. That is, until she felt a soft hand on her back, making its way down to her ass.

Alicia looked up to find Tammy on her knees beside her. Tammy bent down and kissed the newly anointed sorority s****r and take in the taste of the other.

"That looked so good that I had to try it," she said after the kiss. "But Melissa shouldn't get all of the attention tonight."

And with that, Tammy guided Alicia to the ground, then swung her body over the redhead's body with her smoldering-hot pussy over Alicia's mouth. Lowering herself onto Alicia, she found an eagerly-awaiting tongue that began exploring her right away.

Melissa kissed Tammy and seemed to consider eating out Alicia, but then moved on to the other side of the room, where most of the men had regained their erections and Lauren was trying to keep them all occupied by masturbating for them. Melissa jumped in the middle of the group and began making out with Lauren as the guys crowded around.

Tammy was hovering over Alicia's face and rubbing her pussy with a wetted middle finger, and admiring the little tuft of red hair on Alicia's crotch.

"God, you've got a pretty pussy," she told the reclining redhead. "I'm going to have fun with that."

That got her a couple of deep appreciative licks, to which she could only purr, "Mmmmm," and then said, "That was good. Do me a favor and lube up my ass a little." And then to one of the black guys who had fucked Melissa earlier, "Oh Stephen, I need something from you."

He didn't have to be told twice. He was there as fast as his feet could carry him. And by that time, Alicia, in the throws of passion, had dug her tongue at least a half-inch deep into Tammy's little brown pucker.

Stephen was already hard from watching Tammy and Melissa, but needed a little lube himself, and put his dick into Tammy's pussy for a few strokes, then into Alicia's mouth before setting up the battering ram at Tammy's back door.

Tammy leaned forward to give Stephen more access to her ass and so that she could begin working on Alicia's pussy. s****r M was a master at the art of cunnilingus, or Alicia soon learned. A few flicks of the tongue and middle finger, and Alicia was cumming harder than she had all night.

Some of it had to be the build-up from all of the pussy licking she had been doing, but Alicia recognized talent when she felt it and determined to learn Tammy's secrets before the night was through.

Of course, it was hard for Alicia to concentrate on what Tammy was doing to her pussy and continue licking at the same time, not to mention the massive cock that was now slamming into Tammy's ass right in front of her face.

Tammy's moans of pleasure from being ass fucked periodically interrupted the bliss of her tongue on Alicia's pussy and the feeling of her wetted fingers making tiny circles on her virgin asshole.

Again and again she came, rocking her tiny frame repeatedly, until all of the sudden Tammy leaned up. Unable to see what was happening, she got the idea when someone's cock slid into place. With all of the buffet-style cunnilingus going on, Alicia had not even considered calling over a cock to fill her void. But now, someone had answered her non-call.

She couldn't see who it was, but he had a good-sized member, which filled her nicely after getting in position - sitting on his ass with his legs on the outside of hers. He rocked back and forth, and even though that position didn't allow for much movement, it gave him enough to get the job done.

She was cumming again after only a few minutes. And her contracting sugar walls - combined with the build-up that the mystery man had surely experienced in the circle with Lauren and Melissa – made him explode into her and sending shivers through her body.

Stephen came soon afterward and the four of them collapsed onto the floor in a heap of flesh. It had been an exhausting session and they all struggled to catch their breath – all except the stranger, who had come late to the party.

Alicia recognized him as soon as she removed Stephen and Tammy's legs from around her head.

"Mr. Harris?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

Chapter 3: Mr. Harris

James Harris had taught English at Henry Williams High School for years.

He'd taught it to all grades and all skill levels, from basic sentence structure in remedial freshman English to reviews of the classics in his upper-level classes. But it was his senior study sessions that really got him through the year.

Most of the 18-year-old senior girls knew about them and all of the ones who did fantasized being asked to visit his desk. Rumors floated around the school about the size of his cock and the skill of his hands. His oral exams were the stuff of legend.

And Alicia had experienced them all first hand.

Now, sitting crumpled on the floor after a marathon fuck session with a group of strangers, she was able to see the last cock in her had been his - and God had it felt good.

"Mr. Harris?" she asked. "What are you doing here?"

She was more than surprised. She was flabbergasted to find him at an orgy - her first orgy and the first time she had felt a woman's touch.

Still, it was Mr. Harris, so she ambled over to him on her hands and knees. She hugged him, both of them naked and her covered in the sticky remnants of cum that had been licked from her.

"Hey darlin'," he said. "I heard you were going to be the guest of honor tonight and I knew I couldn't miss it."

"But, how ..." Alicia started to ask as she hung with one arm around his neck.

James was ready for the question and had begun to answer when she spoke.

"I'm a former member of Lambda Alpha Beta frat, and I have been to a few of these initiations before," he told her in the baritone of authority she had come to love in English class. "Remember, I told you about the 'full college experience?' This is a part of it for all of the members of my frat and our s****r house, the one you are pledging."

Looking to Tammy, she confirmed it.

"It's true. He was at my initiation, but I haven't seen him at the past two," she said, putting on a mock frown. "We had a good time, but I missed that monster cock of yours. And Lauren never had her turn with you either."

It wasn't that Lauren minded. She was busy on the other side of the room entertaining seven other guys by tongue-fucking Melissa's ass while being drilled doggy style by a succession of suitors.

"Sorry sweetheart, I couldn't make those two," he told her, then turned to Alicia. "But I couldn't miss my girl's big night. I decided to come late so you would pick another one of the guys for your first of the night. I didn't want you to deprive yourself of a new experience. Having fun so far?"

"Oh yeah, and now the party can really begin," she said, reaching for his flaccid member and beginning to stroke it.

She leaned down to suck his cock and remembered the first time she had felt him in her.

* * *

Leaning across his desk one day to hand in a graded mid-term paper, she had seen him peering down her shirt. Although she only had b-cups, Alicia knew how to accentuate them and that day she was wearing a tight v-necked blouse with a golden heart-shaped locket in the hopes of finally enticing him into the first move.

"Anything else you need from me?" she asked, smiling sexily at him.

He knew he was caught, but that was OK. Each year he chose a new "assistant" to help him with his workload. And each year that girl developed a special bond with the 40-plus year-old teacher.

Choosing the girl was the important part of the yearly ritual. James had to find the type of girl who would be intelligent enough to be discrete and old enough to be legal - if not ethical, and certainly not moral.

Alicia fit that bill easily as a 4.0 student with a bright future ahead of her and a killer behind to the rear. Flowing red hair and perky tits with alabaster skin, he told her later that she had played through his daydreams for months before that December day.

"Let's see, anything I need?" he had said, his lips curling into a naughty smile.

"Anything," she said breathily, trying to use her not-yet-perfected feminine wiles. "Anything."

"Alright then," he said, standing up from behind his desk and walking to her. "Come here."

He took her face in his hands, kissing her hard on the mouth and she melted against him, her back arching so that more of her body could touch his. Her nipples, hard beneath her blouse, tingled as the rubbed against his chest.

He kissed her earlobe, then just below it, on her neck. He continued on to the front of her neck, and she felt his breath hot on her skin as he moved a hand to her ass, lifting her loose skirt and grabbing firmly but not squeezing too hard.

She loved the feeling of his strong hands on her body, the loving caress of his left hand at her cheek and his right hand on her backside, inviting her to raise one leg and wrap it around his.

She did that then, and he drew his hand back along her thigh, the feeling of his rough older hands tracing along the skin driving her wild with desire. She had watched these hands each day and imagined them on her body. And now they were.

She began kissing him back then, feeling the 5 O'clock shadow against her cheek as her lips made their way along his jaw and back to his mouth. And kissing his mouth, she felt the hair of his goatee on her lips again.

It was a strange feeling. She had kissed boys, but this was a man. His facial hair wasn't just some patchwork of poorly groomed stubble. It was defined with age and she realized that was only one of the differences in his touch.

He now turned her so that she had her back to the desk and, grabbing both ass cheeks, lifted her onto it, where she spread her legs and wrapped them around him, her skirt bunching in the middle and feeling his hardening cock against her aching mound.

She had begun unbuttoning his shirt, feeling his hard body beneath. He may have been older than her normal partner, but he was easily as fit.

He reached for the back of her skirt and unzipped it as he continued to kiss her neck. Pulling her shirttails free from the skirt, he lifted the soft material over her head, freeing her breasts, and then tossed the blouse aside.

He lowered his mouth to her breasts and began to kiss them, allowing his mouth to journey from one to another, making little circles with his tongue as he did. The right nipple, already hard from excitement, jutted into the air as he worked the left. And as he switched, from the left to right, a cool breeze accentuated the saliva covering it.

As she shivered from the feeling, James reached behind her and clutched a handful of hair, tugging her backward into a recline. She allowed herself to be pulled, her back curving and her breasts jutting into the air.

He trailed his tongue down her chest, to her stomach, then lifting her legs and skirt; he curved his fingers around the sides of her black French-cut panties. A wet spot marked the place where her pussy had been and the smell of her sex was pungent with excitement.

Alicia lifted her ass as he pulled her panties down, moving her legs up around his head and together, above her with her high-tops and quarter socks still on. The movement brought her cheeks together, giving James the view of her ass she knew he'd wanted for the past few months.

Pink puffy pussy lips poked through the seam created by her legs and ass, and although she was sure he was enjoying the view, he pulled her legs apart - just slightly at first, kissing the inside of her calf. He moved on to the back of her knee, tickling it as he licked downward toward the sweet release at the V of her legs.

Reaching her pussy, he dove in deep, driving his tongue into her sopping folds. They had ached for his touch since she the first day of school, and now they were ready for him.

Using his tongue, he searched every crevice, driving deep, then pulling back to play a little with the lips, nibbling her clit and then sucking it into his mouth. He bobbed his lips up and down on the fully engorged little phallus, then began to move his tongue from side to side trying to touch every part of her clean-shaven pussy.

Believing that day would finally be the day he would take her, she had cleaned herself well. And, when she could open her eyes to look down at him between her legs, he seemed to be enjoying her taste, taking his time with his face in her golden triangle.

He slipped his index finger into her, curving it downward and moving it up and down inside the silky slit. Continuing to lick and suck her clit, he soon worked his middle finger into her, changing to an in/out motion. She was tight against his fingers and wondered if she could handle his cock, which was rumored to be a foot long and thicker than her arm.

She squeezed her tits and pinched the nipples as he worked her, imagining that his hands were kneading her flesh. She knew they soon would be.

Finally, she could not contain herself anymore.

"Please," she breathed huskily, "I want you in me now. Please."

Looking up from between her thighs, he said, "Your wish is my command."

Wiping her juices from around his mouth, he continued, "but be careful what you wish for," before pulling his cock from his boxer shorts. He had unzipped his pants as he was tasting her.

She realized why when he pulled it out completely. It wasn't quite a foot long, but it was close, and looked like a solid three inches thick. It must have hurt straining against the denim. And she worried it would hurt her as well.

"I, I don't know if ... I don't know if I can take that," she stammered.

"It's OK," he said, sliding the head up and down her sopping slit, driving her wild with pleasure. "I'll take it slow at first."

And with that, he pushed the bulbous head of his cock into her, slowly as he had said. Still, there was pressure and a little pain. But she wasn't about to ask him to stop.

He worked in and out of her shallowly, then deeper and deeper, filling her like she had never been filled before. The feeling was exquisite, colors flashing through her mind each time he pulled out, only to thrust back in and bring back the beautiful pain, blindingly wonderful and almost orgasmic.

Had she looked down, she might have seen small trickles of bl**d along his shaft from the tearing. But that did not matter. She felt sure that she would be able to take him in completely, and relaxed into the sensation.

He reached up and began to massage her breasts as he pushed into her, his large right hand resting in the valley of her bosom, moving from breast to breast and thumbing her nipples as he stroked her skin.

She was soaked with sweat by the time he began to pump hard. Her body had given him the room he needed to move, and her pussy had adjusted to his cock. Now it was pure pleasure.

Her body matched the rhythm of James's thrusts, sliding into him, the sweat on her ass allowing her to slip on his desk as she moved. He was all the way in now, her body unable to take him up to the balls, but deep enough that their skin was slapping against one another.

He kissed her left calf as he pumped into her, tasting the salty flesh, then telling her he was about to cum.

That was OK to her, because she was verging on the precipice too. It had been building for what had seemed like an hour. And now, she was ready to pop.

"Cum in me," Alicia said. "I want you to cum in me."

"You sure?" he asked. "You don't want me to pull out."

"No, in me," she said, even as worked up as she was, not comfortable with the idea of a guy cumming on her.

"OK," he said. "Here I ... uuuugggghhhh."

And with a final thrust, he filled her with his hot spunk, triggering her own orgasm, squeezing her sugar walls around his cock. James pumped a few more times and then grabbed her, pulling her into a kiss with his cock still inside her.

She noticed that she could still taste herself on his tongue and she pulled him close to kiss him deeper.

As he pulled out of her a string of cum trailed along with his cock. He lifted her off of his desk and set her down on the floor, noticing for the first time that she was still wearing her skirt.

"You get an A for the rest of the semester," James had joked breathlessly.

"Well, then you get T&A," Alicia remembered saying, trying to be witty, as they walked to his chair, him sitting down and her sitting in his lap, still naked save the tennis shoes and skirt.

They had sat there, cooling off for a while before collecting their clothes and calling it a night.

The two had enjoyed several trysts since then, finding a spare classroom or a motel to fuck in. It had been purely physical, although she did love him in a way.

* * *

That is what made his appearance at the party so wonderful. And she decided she'd have to mark the occasion for him as well, allowing him to try something with her that they'd never done before.

Sorority Party Ch. 4: Alicia's A+

Alicia's time with James Harris had been wonderful.

For the last half of her senior year of high school, the two had enjoyed each other's bodies and brains. She had the inside track on all of the English quizzes - not that she really needed any help there. And he had been able to mold his nubile young student into one of his favorite lovers.

It's not that he'd had a special student-teacher relationship every year he had been at Henry Williams High School, but he'd had more than a few, and Alicia was a special girl. She had been more than willing anytime he called on her. And she had always followed his lead - on all but one thing.

Their first time together had been a whirlwind, although they had both seen it coming. Alicia had ended up with her legs spread on his desk on afternoon after a mid-term grading session, her pussy stretched by his massive member and squealing with delight as be pounded into her.

Since then, he had opened all kinds of doors for her - sexually speaking. Alicia had enjoyed showering with him, as well as masturbating in front of him (something she had only done under her covers and alone in the shower) and allowing him to use a vibrator on her.

Her first experience with exhibitionism had been under his guiding hand - wearing no panties and a short skirt, they had slipped into a noon show at a movie theater in a nearby town, sitting in the back row and trying to be quiet as their hands explored each other with people a few rows down watching a bad foreign film.

She'd lent her body to almost every experience he had asked her to, and enjoyed the exploration immensely. But she had drawn the line at anal sex.

James was much too big. The pain of his cock in her pussy had been sharp at first. And even though it had evolved into pleasure, she had never forgotten the tearing feeling it had caused before she got used to his size.

Besides, it was just so "dirty." She had thought about it before and had been intrigued, but her ass had remained off-limits for Mr. Harris and every other man she had been with.

But tonight was different. Tonight had already seen so many sexual firsts for her - full-on exhibitionistic sex, multiple partners, and her first lesbian experience. She decided to break down that wall tonight as well, so to speak.

After sucking him hard again, she leaned up to him and said, "You know that lesson you always wanted to teach me? Well, tonight's the night as long as you promise to be gentle."

"I was hoping you would say that darlin'," Mr. Harris said. "I came prepared with a present."

He stood up and walked to the front hallway to pick up his briefcase, his hard-on swaying as he walked. Opening the briefcase, he pulled out an 8-inch blue rubber dildo and a tube of Astroglide.

Alicia greeted him with a quizzical look. She liked the present, but didn't put two and two together until he said, "I know you were worried about how big I am. This will help a little."

The rubber cock was not small by any means, but it was thinner than James' rod, which was now jumping as the bl**d pumped into it.

"That's kind of a relief," she said, grabbing his cock. "But you're gonna be in me before the night is through."

She reclined, spreading her legs and began to stroke her pussy, then patted it in a come to dinner signal.

James didn't dawdle, but he soon felt a hand on his arm. And on turning around, he saw a black-haired beauty with big double-D breasts and a warm smile. He didn't know her, but she evidently knew him.

"Excuse me, James?" she said with a tilt of the head. "But you are going to have to wait your turn. That ass is mine for now, but feel free to use me to keep that hard-on hard in me."

And with a little wink, Alicia's new sorority s****r Lauren took the lube and dildo from James' hands and knelt before Alicia's waiting body. She leaned forward and kissed the redhead hard on the mouth.

Alicia could taste another girl's pussy on Lauren's tongue and she sucked her mouth with a ferocity she hardly knew she had left. She'd wondered when she would get her turn with Lauren as she had watched her and Melissa tongue-fuck each other. And now, she was going to let the onyx-haired harlot loosen her ass for its first cock.

Lauren kissed her way to down to Alicia's pussy, spending precious little time on the redhead's swollen nipples and cum- and sweat-soaked chest. Reaching the well-used organ, she began lapping at the pink lips and bathing the shaven skin between Alicia's legs with her spit.

"You taste even better than you look, strawberry," Lauren said, lifting her head for only a moment before returning to the task at hand.

After making sure Alicia's love hole was nice and slick, Lauren pushed her new sorority s****r's legs up and apart, giving her better access to the ass she planned on working for a while.

James had stood there for a few minutes, watching the scene unfold before him. But now, as he saw Lauren begin to prepare Alicia, he decided he should get involved before someone else did.

Kneeling behind Lauren, he stroked her pussy for a few seconds, and realizing it was wet and ready, put the head of his cock at the velvet curtains presenting themselves before him.

Feeling him behind her, Lauren arched her back and pushed backward, inviting him inside. The feeling was wonderfully filling, but she was still concentrating on the view in front of her.

Spreading Alicia's legs, she could see the virgin pucker ready for her. So, just as she had with flame-haired beauty's pussy before, she dived right in.

It was a sensation Alicia had never imagined. The wet warm skin of Lauren's tongue exploring a place she'd never believed a tongue mouth should be. And as it happened, Alicia felt Lauren's right hand reach up and begin to play with her clit again.

Alicia held her legs up and apart to give Lauren unfettered access to her nether regions, and a cool breeze blew across the saliva-covered skin between her cheeks. Lauren's hot breath also danced around her ass, and the senior s****r's fingers had found just the right spot on Alicia's pussy.

Alicia ground her pussy against Lauren's busily-working fingers for a short time before Lauren decided to move to phase 2. Removing her mouth from below, she began licking Alicia's pussy again, sucking on the reclining girl's engorged clit as she dipped her left thumb into the folds just below.

After working her thumb around inside Alicia for a short while, Lauren removed it and began slowly working it back and forth on the newbie's wide-open rosebud. Pushing slightly, she worked the tip in, then up to the first knuckle and finally the whole thumb, allowing it to rest inside of her conquest.

Alicia could feel her sphincter spasmodically contracting around Lauren's finger. If this was what all the fuss was about, then she didn't understand it. In fact, if it hadn't been for Lauren's mouth on her pussy, she didn't think she'd feel any pleasure at all.

But as Lauren began rocking her thumb back and forth, Alicia began to feel something else. It started as a tingle, then became more intense as the moments passed.

Using her free hand to grab the nearby lubricant, Lauren removed her thumb and applied a dab to it before beginning to smear it on Alicia's brown round.

Alicia jumped at the sensation of the cold liquid touching such a sensitive area. But then she realized what the feeling was and spread her cheeks as wide as she could.

As Lauren slipped her thumb back into Alicia's rear, she felt James do the same to her. He had been inside her for a little while, guiding her with his hands on her tanned cheeks as he slipped in and out.

And now, he applied pressure to her sphincter until the tip of his thumb passed it. Figuring she was no stranger to anal sex, he pushed it all the way in. Far from jumping, she pushed back and took it in.

James could feel his thumb on his cock, the nubby digit providing a ridge that he felt on its head. And as he stroked in and out, he worked it around inside of her, loosening her ass as she did so.

"Oooooh, don't tease me," Lauren growled back at James. "Fuck my ass."

He didn't have to be told twice. Pulling out, he grabbed the lube and rubbed it all over his cock, then on her asshole. His head pressed against her back door for a few seconds before he could slip in, his girth making it a tight fit. But hey, that's the point.

"Oh God, fuck" Lauren screamed. "Fuck, it's big. Oh God yeah. Oooooohhhh."

In her ecstasy, Lauren stopped paying attention to Alicia's ass - a fact noticed quickly by the redhead. Alicia moved her hand to her pussy and began stroking between the folds. And then she realized that she wanted to feel something in her ass again.

She grabbed the blue dildo and put it in her mouth to wet it, before moving it to her spread cheeks. Unsure but anxious, she pushed it into her slowly. It was much bigger than Lauren's finger and she had just put it in.

She began to work it in and out, feeling the slick rubber pass over excited nerve endings she never knew she had before. She'd had dildos in her, but this was different. It wasn't as pleasurable as when she had something in her pussy, but the pressure from the rubber phallus was stretching and increasing the sensations in her pussy while also delivering a jolt of its own.

She was working the dildo with her right hand and playing with her clit with her left, when someone touched the dildo.

"What do you think your doing with my ass," Lauren asked, but not to James. "That's my ass you're playing with."

And with that, she took control of the dildo, wresting it away from Alicia and freeing her to concentrate on her pussy - which Alicia gladly did. Working her pussy with one hand, Alicia reached up and pinched her nipples with the other.

"Oh, that feels good," Alicia heard herself saying, hardly aware she was speaking.

The dildo was almost buried in her now, having been worked in and out of her ass for what seemed like forever. And so Lauren, having already cum once with James' help, decided Alicia was ready.

Pulling the blue cock from Alicia's ass, she turned to James and said "Your turn." And then to Alicia, she said "turn over."

Alicia did as instructed, getting on all fours as James approached her. But before he entered her, he asked for the lube.

"We need to make sure you are nice and ready to go," he said.

Lauren grabbed the lube and poured some onto Lauren's ass, the cold sensation again making her jump. Then, after rubbing it in and pushing a couple of fingers inside, Lauren turned to James.

"You too," she said, and then began stroking his cock, before pulling the mighty trunk into her mouth to wet it. "Gotta make sure you are up for the task."

"Don't worry," he said. "I've been waiting a long time for this."

And when, after a final jiggle of his balls, Lauren released him, he aimed straight for Alicia's upturned and waiting ass. Lauren moved to one side and kissed Alicia deeply.

Alicia didn't even mind that she was kissing a girl who'd just sucked a cock that had been buried in her ass only moments earlier. She was just enjoying the feeling of Lauren's tongue in her mouth, when James' cock head popped into her ass.

As with the first time she had fucked him, the pain was there. But as with that first experience, she felt something more. The idea of him being in her was driving her crazy with lust.

The pain was only temporary she knew. And as James worked his rod in and out of her, she began to top the hill. The pain was now becoming pleasure - pleasure only intensified by her right hand on her pussy.

Alicia worked her clit quickly with her middle and ring finger as James' pace increased. Deeper and deeper, he slid into her. And she found herself pushing back on him as he slid into her.

She could feel him filling her and then retreating. The pressure and pain of his hard flesh piercing her would come to a sharp point, only to be replaced by the release and exhilaration of his withdrawal.

"You feel so good," James told her. "You doing OK?"

"Uh huh," she said between clinched teeth.

"OK, then I want you to try something," he said, then pulled his cock out completely.

Although he had been pumping in and out, he had remained inside her the whole time. Now, with his cock completely removed, she felt her sphincter spasm as it tried to close and the cold air entering her ass as it gaped open.

"Ooooohhh fuck," she said, feeling her legs quiver.

James stood and moved over to the couch in front of them, grabbing the lube and applying it to his cock. Then he motioned to her to join him.

Standing on shaky legs, Alicia walked over to the couch, on which she now saw Lauren sitting, masturbating with the blue dildo. Her black hair framed a wide smile.

"That 'a girl," she said. "He's got a great cock doesn't he?"

"Oh yeah," Alicia said, then looked at James for further instruction.

Grabbing her arm, he turned her so that she was facing away from him with his legs to either side of his.

"Stand up on the couch," he said. "I want you to ride my cock with that beautiful ass."

Alicia understood. He wanted her to ride him "reverse cowgirl," and so she did as he asked. She stood on the couch, and then lowered on herself onto his cock.

The gape of her ass had closed, but she was still loose enough to take him in readily. And once he was inside her, she put her feet on James's legs to give herself some leverage.

James braced her back, allowing her to raise and lower herself on his cock. The sensations were different in this position, with her in control.

Her legs spread wide, her pussy was now exposed to the open air and a breeze blew across it. She found herself surprised that she was still so wet. She didn't remember touching her pussy for a while, but she was soaked to the point of dripping.

Sore but exhilarated, she continued to ride James's cock. Sliding up and down on it, taking it even deeper than he had been pushing into her.

Faster and faster, she rode him, slipping from his legs from time to time, but always concentrating on his cock. The sensation of him filling her was amazing. She only wished she didn't have to balance herself with both hands, so that she could pay some attention to her clit.

But then, as if she was reading Alicia's mind, Lauren was in front of her, licking Alicia's nipples and rubbing her clit. The feeling was exquisite, but her pussy was a moving target and hard to hit, so it was only sporadic.

"Fuck me," Alicia told Lauren, locking eyes with her although sweat was dripping down her forehead and semi-blinding her.

Lauren knew what she meant and placed the dildo in front of her. When Alicia stopped on top of James, Lauren slowly inserted the rubber dong licking the redhead's sopping clit as she did so.

Now, with both her pussy and ass filled, she began to ride both cocks. It was something she had never felt before, as if her body was floating in warm water. The pain was gone and only pleasure – the feeling of total control and complete satisfaction – remained in her.

James too. The added pressure of the dildo inside her was pushing him over the edge as it was doing the same to her. It was only a few minutes before he called out to her that he was about to cum.

Hearing this, she knew she was close too. And she increased her speed, until she felt his muscles contract inside of her, pouring hot, white cum into her ass.

The jerking and spurting inside of her caused Alicia to cum as well. And as she sat down on his cock, Lauren removed the dildo and locked her mouth around Alicia's pussy, forcing her tongue inside and being splashed by Alicia's juices.

Breathing deeply in a state of ecstasy, Alicia fell back onto James's chest with Lauren still working her pussy as James shriveled inside her. Grabbing Lauren's face, she brought her up for a kiss and tasting her own pussy on Lauren's tongue.

Standing, she felt the cum draining from her ass and dripping down her legs. Turning, she began sucking the cum off of James's cock, then felt Lauren behind her, burying her tongue deep into the gaping hole of her ass.

Alicia jerked as her brown eye closed around Lauren's tongue, which was searching for every drop of cum.

Satisfied she had done her job, Lauren bit Alicia's right butt cheek and stood up. The three of them fell into a pile on the couch, the girls kissing each other, and then kissing James's chest as they cooled down.

Looking around, Alicia saw that people were still fucking in all corners of the room. Melissa was being fucked doggy style by one black guy while she sucked off another one. And Tammy was taking two guys in her pussy and one in her mouth.

"So this is sorority life?" Alicia asked, breathing heavily as she recovered from her latest experience.

"Only if you want it darling," James said.

"But even if you don't," Lauren said, "you can be my s****r anytime."
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