Taming Tamara The Bar Tramp

Tamara awoke with a mind-splitting headache. Quickly she realized that her arms and legs were shackled to a huge ring with her in the middle. She was naked as the day that she was born. A fast look at her bonds and she knew that any possibility of escape was useless. The room was mirror polished panel beside mirror polished panel. Her flaming red hair fell down her back and seemed to have a life of its own with each breath that she took as she hung there waiting for whatever had taken her.

Her wait was short. One of the panels opened and a person walked in. The stranger walked toward her with the purpose of a military officer. The long black robe and hood that covered their body didn’t let her in on the identity of her captor. A black leather gloved hand came from the robe and lightly, almost lovingly, touched the right side of her face tracing down her body and wrapping around her left breast. She had been scared there when she was learning to cook years earlier. The hand now caressed that scar and withdrew back into the robe. A mechanical voice began to speak. It was piercing into her soul. “You have been brought here. No one knows where you are. Everyone thinks that you’re dead. You had a beautiful funeral. You have been purchased. You will be trained to our client’s specifications. You will learn to be happy and grateful of the life that you have been brought into. You will NOT fight. You will NOT argue. You are now PROPERTY. A THING. An OBJECT to be bought, sold, and traded. You are a SLAVE.”

“But what about my c***dren? I have a little boy and girl. What about them? Who will take care of them?”

The robe spoke, “They are no longer your concern. You will never see them again in your entire miserable life. But to show that we are no completely heartless, I will tell you that they have been placed in very well run boarding schools by the same client. They will receive a proper education and go onto to good jobs. Which is more than I can say for what you had to offer them? Your daughter would have ended up a bar slut just like you. She will learn to mind her manners or at eighteen, she will join you here. Your son is broken inside from you constantly ignoring him. He would probably have committed suicide before he finished high school. He will have confidence and a strong will instilled in him. They will be productive members of society. What have you done with your life so far? Two c***dren by different fathers, a string of failed relationships, and a selfish attitude. You were destined to come here. We will straighten you out. You will love us when we are done with you. You will care. You will love. You will give these to others as their slave.”

“We have been training slaves for over six hundred years. We have never failed. We NEVER will. You WILL be trained.” The word seemed to hang there in the air and then fall with the weight of the world. Relief washed over her at first that her c***dren were safe. The other words stung and bit into her. She had not been born with red hair but she had the temper to match. Bound as she was she couldn’t do much, but she did what little she could. She spit right in the middle of the hood. It disappeared into the darkness and then shortly slithered back into the light and onto the robe. She glowed with pride at this small accomplishment. That pride allowed her to stand up a little taller and snarl at this robed inquisitor,”I will NOT be trained. I WILL get my c***dren back and I will leave you in a twisted pile on the floor in that shit stain of a robe. I WILL NOT BE ANYONE’S SLAVE! NOT NOW, NOT EVER.”

That same calm cool mechanical voice came back from the abyss of the hood, “I have heard this before many times. All were brought to heal like a good dog. You will be too. You will be trained. You will never leave. You will like it.” The robe spun on an invisible boot and marched out. The steps crashed on the stainless steel floor like the march of the damned sounding out the finality of her fate. The panel closed and darkness fell on her.

Time has no meaning to a slave. She hung there for an hour or a day. She still is not sure which. The lights came on and the panel opened. Two Robes entered the room. The ring moved slowly. She shifted with it from standing up to lying down. The Robes moved to each side of her. She heard the whir of motors behind her. She tried to turn around but her bonds held her. She was only able to catch brief glimpses. Two floor panels were sliding back into a hidden compartment.

“This is a sensory deprivation tank. It will help you to concentrate on your training. You will not be able to see, hear or feel anything except what we want. When you come out you will be ready to begin the practical part of your training.” It was that same cold mechanical voice. “But we have additional tools specifically for our purposes.” The Robe on the left went to the wall, opened a panel, took a silver case out, and then closed the panel. It brought the case over to her. She hung above the tank of water suspended by her bonds. The Robe opened the case, worked inside it for a little bit and then pull out a thick flat coil. The light danced off it. It wasn’t a specific color; rather it changed color as the light danced over it. Robe brought it over. The other one spoke as it shaved her head. The red hair that was her pride and joy was being taken from her. “You will learn that you are for pleasure. You will live on it literally. You will feed on cum. It will be the only food or drink that you need. You will also be in pain if you go too long without pleasing your master. We will begin this transformation while you are in the tank.”

“How can you do something like that to me? That’s not possible.”

The robe replied,”We do not have the ethical limitations that have prevented your scientists from the same discoveries. We have mastered genetic re-engineering and much, much more.” The hood raised and looked at the other Robe. “Put the leach on her.”

She turned her head quickly to see the coil unwind and in a flash over her. She felt it covering her face, down over her bare breasts, over her shaved cunt and wrapped its self through her legs and covered her ass. She felt it violate her sex as it probed into her. It touched her ass. No, it felt more like it was licking it. She felt the sweetest suckling on her small breasts. Her mind screamed out NO. No she couldn’t enjoy this. This is wrong. But her mouth opened with a gentle tickling. The tickling moved from her lips onto her tongue. And she felt it flow into and fill her mouth. Her body was aching and calling already to surrender. It liked the almost loving feeling that she was experiencing. Only her mind screamed NO, I will not be a slave. I will not enjoy this. I can’t. Her bonds were released and she fell into the tank. As she fought to get it off, the tank closed and the Robes left laughing. “She will be the best one yet”. The door closed and there was darkness.

She fought for a while. She even managed to get the leach off of her head once. Just as quickly, she realized that it was what was allowing her to live in the tank of water. It gave her food and oxygen. She let it have its way with her. She told herself she would fight later when she got out of the tank. She could fight when she got out.

In the room above her, he walked in and knelt over the plates above the tank. “I told you that I would have my revenge, my dear. I waited patiently until your venom was gone from my bl**d. Now, you will serve me as a slave as you refused to do as my wife.” His black leather glove touched the plate. He rose to his feet and left the room. The room went dark.

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3 years ago
more please and soon
3 years ago
waiting for part 2... keep me posted :)
3 years ago
very good start
3 years ago
Good beginning to a wonderful story. Hope that there is more