Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

My wife, Rhonda, and I have been married for 7 years. We
are both 33 years old. She is an extremely attractive
natural redhead who measures 36-24-35, with between a B
and C cup, depending on the time of month, flat belly
that indents from her hip bones, a narrow waist, and
when laid back has a very prominent pubic mound. In
other words, she is a very hot dish for which I am
extremely lucky. She comes from a very strict Catholic
upbringing and was a virgin when we got married.
Because of her upbringing she was very prudish in her
behavior, even to the point that on our wedding night
she was reluctant to let me see her naked. She is now a
changed woman because of what happened about a year

We had been on vacation in the Carolinas and had
thoroughly enjoyed a week of frolicking at the beach.
Even at secluded beaches with no one around I was
unable to get Rhonda to loosen up for a little petting.
She said that there was no way I would get her to go
topless on the beach and that our sex games would have
to be restricted to the bedroom. Near the end of our
vacation we got caught out in a summer rain and Rhonda
ended up coming down with a cold. The day we were due
to go home she was really suffering from a stuffy nose
so I went to the pharmacy to get some cold medicine.

I picked up various cold products so Rhonda could have a
comfortable ride back North. I gave her a couple
teaspoons of Formula 44 and a couple of cold tablets. I
wasn't worried about the warning on the labels that
they could make you drowsy since I normally drove. What
I didn't realize when I gave her the cold tablets was
that the instructions said to only take one every 12
hours. When we started home we had about a three-hour
drive before reaching the Interstate. It wasn't long
into the ride that Rhonda said she was tired and was going
to lay back and rest. Before getting on the interstate,
I stopped at a gas station for a couple of sodas. I had
trouble waking her and when I did she sounded d***k.

However, I thought it time to give her a couple more
cold tablets, which seemed to be keeping her breathing
clear. We had been on the interstate for about 30
minutes when I noticed that Rhonda was really out of it. I
became a little concerned and tried to wake her, but
she was dead to the world. It was then that I decided
to fulfill a fantasy of mine and see if I could expose
her to the truck traffic going up the highway. I always
traveled with a CB radio so I figured I could hear what
truckers reactions would be to seeing a little flesh.

It was a warm summer day and Rhonda was wearing one of her
sundresses that buttoned down the front. I opened the
windows and initially raised the hem of her dress until
her panties could be clearly seen. Just exposing her
panties gave me such a hard on I thought I was going to
cum in my pants. I traveled up the highway slowing up
as I passed trucks. A couple remarked on the seat cover
in a four-wheeler that matched my car.

I decided to see how far I could push this situation so
I pulled off at the next rest area, far enough away
from the restroom facilities that I would not be
noticed. I again tried to wake Rhonda – nothing. I went
around to the passenger side, opened Rhonda's door,
completely unbuttoned her dress and removed her bra and
panties. I was initially thinking of leaving her nude
but was concerned she would wake up and really bitch me

I put her dress back on set her sunglasses on her face,
turned her head toward me, and pulled back out on the
highway. As I got back on the highway I heard these two
truckers talking away and decided to see if I could
locate them to fulfill my fantasy. It took me a couple
of miles to learn the identities of the trucks and soon
saw them up ahead of me.

I reached over and unbuttoned the buttons on Rhonda's
dress down to her waist. I had not exposed her breasts,
but the gap in her dress was enough so you could see
she was not wearing a bra and the hem of her dress was
just below where here pussy could be seen. I drove
slowly past the first truck I came too and lingered
long enough to give him a view of my wife. His call
sign was Virginia Gentleman, and as I moved out I heard
him tell his partner that an interesting sight would be
coming up on his left so he should be paying attention.
He also stated that it would have been a much better
sight if there was a bit more exposure.

Before reaching the second truck, I opened her dress so
that her breasts were completely exposed. As we passed
the second truck I heard him whistle and admire the set
of headlights that were staring him in the face and how
really mouth watering her nipples looked. Well this set
off the Virginia Gentleman because he said he didn't
see any tits when we went by him and it was a shame he
missed the sight. I smiled and decided to slow down and
pull in behind the second truck, waiting for the first
one to catch up.

I unzipped my pants, took out my cock, which by now was
fully erect, and wrapped Rhonda's hand around it. I waited
until the first truck passed me and proceeded to follow
it, moving her hand up and down my shaft as if she was
playing with me. As I came next to the cab of the
second truck, I heard him tell his buddy to slow down
so he could have a better show. He must have noticed
that I had a CB antenna and said that if I could hear
him he would sure appreciate it if I would unbutton the
rest of her dress. I thought about it a couple of
seconds and decided to do it.

I released Rhonda's hand and reached over and unbuttoned
the rest of her dress while pacing the truck. When I
finished, I pulled the dress apart so she was lying
completely naked. I still remember the sun shining in
and lighting up her red bush so it looked like it was
on fire. And her hair was so fine that with the
sunlight you could easily see where her slit began. I
was then asked to spread her legs so he could get a
good look at her goodies. It took some effort, but I
was finally able to get her right knee up against the
door panel and her left knee against the center

I then slowed up and let both trucks get ahead of me. I
then took her hand and put it on her pussy and
proceeded to put her finger inside her. I was surprised
to find that her pussy was moist and the more I moved
her hand back and forth, the wetter she became. I
slowly passed both trucks again giving them plenty of
time to take in the sights. It was at this time that I
got concerned that she might wake up from getting
excited and decided to pull back and regroup.

I rearranged Rhonda's dress so that it was almost closed,
but with her pussy still showing, and put her hand back
on my swollen cock. I then returned to the side of the
truck and continued moving Rhonda's hand up and down until
I shot my load. Once I was done, I picked up speed and
pulled away from the trucks. The truck driver said
thanks until we meet again. After I got away from the
initial trucks, I again completely opened her dress and
left her exposed to the trucks the entire way up the

There were many, many appreciative truckers that day.
Rhonda was still out when we got home, so I carried her in
and put her to bed. When she woke up in the morning she
had no recollection of the ride home for which I was
extremely thankful. I knew that if she found out she
would be really, really pissed. I just hoped I would be
presented with an opportunity like that again some

I didn't understand the context of the truck driver's
message about "until we meet again" until about a week
later when I received a package in the mail with
instructions to review the contents when I was alone
and that I would be contacted later. When I did I was
shocked to see that the entire incident on the road
with the first truckers had been videotaped. I didn't
know what to do and decided to just wait until I heard
from my blackmailer.

The next couple of days I spent in agony trying to
decide what to do. I received a second package and in
this package was a series of pictures that had been
obviously made from the tape. It not only had pictures
of my naked wife, but also had pictures of my wife
leaving the house, getting in and out of the same car I
had been driving, shopping and coming out of church.
The note said that if I didn't agree to do whatever he
told me he would release both the video and pictures to
the Internet, send copies to her parents, members of
her church group, and her neighbors.

I realized that Rhonda would die if that happened and that
my marriage might be down the toilet. If I agreed I was
to contact him by email. I talked to a friend and he
gave me some suggestions. His ideas intrigued me. The
more I thought about it the more I thought I could get
my wife to forgive me since we were really, really in
love with each other and she always said that my sex
drive was going to get me in trouble one of these days.

By now a plan had begun to form in my devious mind as I
thought over suggestions on how to turn this situation
to my advantage. I decided to answer the blackmailer,
but my answer was not what he was expecting. I told him
that I would refuse to be blackmailed, but that
together we might be able to f***e my wife into
becoming more like the wife I always dreamed of having.

The first part of the plan would be to get Rhonda to
accept her situation and to go along with our demands,
providing I was there to ensure her safety. He emailed
me back that the deal wasn't what he expected, but that
he liked the idea and would cooperate with me to gain
control over my wife. He said he would be capturing
everything that happened from here on out by camcorder
and digital pictures. I agreed providing that they were
for our own use and would not be let out publicly and
he agreed. The next step was to approach my wife.

I decided that just coming out with the whole mess
would not go over well. So I decided to take Rhonda out to
a nice restaurant for a good meal, consume a couple
bottles of wine, and then confess what I had done. Wine
has always affected her in that it seemed to make her
horny and much more of a "fun" person. When she was
sufficiently loosened up from the wine I told my story.

I could see the color drain out of her face and the
anger begin to take hold. I didn't say anything about
the packages yet, but let her vent at me about how I
could have done such a thing. I explained how much I
loved her and had always fantasized about her being
naked besides me outdoors and having sex games. I went
on to explain that since she was completely out of it,
I didn't see the harm and I didn't think she would ever
know about it.

It took a while, but after a couple more glasses of
wine, I finally calmed her down to where she said she
had not forgiven me, but understood why I had done it.
At this point I knew I had won half the battle, but the
hardest part was yet to come. Once we got over that
part I said that I had only told her a part of the
story, but she would have to wait until we got home to
hear the rest. She didn't understand and persisted, but
I told her that it would be a lot clearer and easier to
explain if she waited. She finally agreed.

When we got home I showed her the videotape and the
note I had received from the blackmailer. She was
completely beside herself. She definitely did not want
any of the pictures or tape to be made public and asked
me what we should do. I said we could go to the police,
but then everything would be made public. She rejected
that option at once. She definitely did not want the
police involved.

I then suggested I email the blackmailer and see what
it was he wanted to get the tape and pictures back. We
discussed the ramifications of what this decision might
be. She finally said she would do anything necessary to
keep the material private, which was exactly the
position I was hoping she would take. I promised her
that whatever we had to do, I would be at her side.

Armed with this, I emailed the sender of the package,
who I now considered my accomplice. I told him what I
thought would be a good first test and where we should
do it. He agreed and said I would be receiving an
appropriate email shortly that I could show to Rhonda.
When it arrived, I immediately took it to Rhonda to see.
It basically stated that this would be a test to see if
we were serious about keeping the pictures private.

Rhonda was to select her shortest dress and on Saturday,
we were to go to a restaurant at a mall across town. We
were to sit on high-back stools at a bench-type table
overlooking the food court. I was to email him my cell
phone number and he would contact me with further
instructions. He gave us the time to be there and
warned that if we failed his test we knew the
consequences. Rhonda and I talked it over and decided that
what was being asked was not too bad, especially since
we would be in a public place. We went to her closet to
select a dress. The shortest one she had was an A-line
dress with a hemline that came about 3 inches above her
knees. She had worn this one before and didn't feel too
conspicuous in it. Bra, panties, hose, and low heels
completed the outfit. Rhonda then waited nervously for

Before leaving for the mall on Saturday, I suggested
that Rhonda have a couple glasses of wine to ease her
nerves. She agreed. I poured a large glass of wine, but
added a couple shots of vodka. She didn't notice the
taste difference in either glass. By the time we
reached the mall, she had mellowed out a bit. We got to
the restaurant a little ahead of time and got seated
where we were instructed. Since it was around noontime,
we ordered a sandwich and a glass of wine.

From where we were seated we were a floor above and
could see the entire food court below us. Of course,
everyone below could easily see those of us seated at
the window tables. When Rhonda sat down, her skirt rode
another couple of inches up her legs, but she was
careful to keep her knees together so no one below
could see up her skirt. We had just started to eat when
my cell phone rang. It was Bob (the truck driver who
was now working with me). He asked if we were ready and
I said we were. I passed the phone to Rhonda.

She listened for a couple of seconds and passed the
phone back. She said he warned her of what would happen
if she failed to follow his directions. I put the phone
up to my ear and nodded as if getting instructions. I
then turned to Rhonda told her that she was to scoot
forward on her seat, raise he skirt up a few inches and
let her knees fall open so he could see what she was
wearing. The extra couple inches put her skirt a little
more than halfway up her thighs. She initially opened
her knees a couple of inches, but I told her he wanted
them opened about a foot. She should also keep her feet
on the rung of the stool.

She hesitated a few moments then did what he asked,
continually scanning the food court to see if anyone
was watching. I told her to drink more of her wine and
relax. I assured her that no harm was being done so she
should act like nothing was wrong. After about a minute
I nodded into the phone again and told Rhonda that she was
to go to the restroom and remove her hose and return.
She did, passing me her hose so I could put them in my
pocket. She got back on the stool and was instructed to
resume her previous position.

As she sat there she noticed a few people looking up
and it was obvious from their pointing that they could
clearly see her panties. I spoke into the phone, nodded
my agreement and told Rhonda she was to raise her skirt
further up her legs and start swinging her knees open
and closed. Her skirt was now a good foot above her
knees. In the open position her legs spread about a
foot and a half apart. Rhonda tried to ignore the fact
that more people below were becoming aware of her
position and could clearly see her white panties as her
legs opened.

I nodded into the phone again, and then told Rhonda she
was to go back into the restroom and remove her panties
and bring them back to me. She said she would rather
not. I passed this information onto Bob who told me to
remind her of what would happen if she didn't. She
really didn't want to do it, but when I said he was
beginning to get really impatient with her and wouldn't
take much more of her delaying tactics, she did.

When she returned, she sat there with her knees
together while I put her panties on the table against
the window with the menu behind them so that people in
the restaurant would not see what was going on. I spoke
into the phone to advise that she had done what he
desired. I then told Rhonda she was to shift forward
again, raise her skirt up to where they were before and
resume swinging her knees open and closed.

After a couple of minutes of this I told her she was to
swing her knees as wide as she could and leave them
that way while keeping her feet on the rungs of the
stool. She about died of embarrassment, but did what
she was told. By now, many more people were looking up
and Rhonda realized that many were aware that her display
was not accidental, having seen her wearing panties
just a short while earlier. She was trying to carefully
to keep her eyes on the table or straight ahead, so I
nodded my head as if getting further instructions and
told to look down and briefly make eye contact with
those who were staring up at her.

I told her to reach under her skirt and tell me if she
was wet. She was beet red as she did this and was
embarrassed to admit that she was. I told her the last
thing she was to do was put one finger in her pussy and
give it to me to suck on. When that was done she could
close her legs and we could go home. She looked around,
let her hand drop between her legs, quickly inserted
her finger inside herself and offered her finger to me.
I took it completely into my mouth, let her slide it
out, and then licked my lips as I inhaled her aroma.
She then quickly closed her legs, tugged down on her
skirt, and got up to leave. In her hurry to leave the
restaurant she didn't notice that I left her panties on
the table.

On the way home I asked how she felt. She told me her
emotions were all screwed up. On one hand she was
totally in shock about what she had been f***ed to do,
but on the other she felt a certain tinge of excitement
about what had happened. I reached under her skirt and
felt that her pussy was totally drenched, her pussy
lips had pulled back to expose the opening to her
vagina and her clit stuck out like a little nub.

I took the opportunity to begin massaging her clit. She
reclined her seat a bit and I played with her clit
until she had a huge orgasm. As she lay there
recovering, I lifted the bottom of her skirt until she
was exposed and continued to play with her, running my
fingers up and down her slit, inserting two fingers
into her while rubbing her clit with my thumb. The
excitement she was feeling made her oblivious to the
fact that we were on the beltway, putting on a show for
everyone we passed that could see into our car. I
stopped when she had her second orgasm, but left her
exposed until she finally sat up. She asked what I
thought would happen next, to which I replied I was
sure we would find out soon enough.


I wanted to build on the progress we had made so I
planned the next event to happen the next day. The next
afternoon I told Rhonda that I was going out to hit a few
golf balls, and would be back in about an hour. After I
left I called Bob and told him to call my wife on her
cell phone. He was to congratulate her on passing
Saturday's test and this was to be her second test. I
was sure she would protest that I was not there, but he
was to assure her she would not be leaving her

Meanwhile, I had parked around the block, removed my
digital camera, and hid in the bushes surrounding our
house. When Rhonda got the call from Bob she was initially
frightened. After he got her calmed down he asked what
she was wearing. She told him she was wearing her
cleaning smock, bra and panties. He told her to remove
her smock and to go out into the back yard. He said he
was in a position to see if she was following his
directions and wanted to see her walking around the
backyard in her bra and panties. She realized she was
at risk of being observed from some of our neighbors
even though much of our backyard is fairly well hidden.
She pointed this out to him, but he asked if she would
prefer he require her to walk out the front door and
walk around the block. She chose the back yard.

While she was walking around, she was instructed to
remove her bra, followed shortly by her panties. She
was then told that she really needed to get on her
hands and knees to remove the dandelions that were in
the grass, making sure that all were removed. She was
then to lie out on the lounge chair and take some sun.
While she was doing this, I was busy snapping dozens of
pictures. I repositioned myself so I could see the
front of the house.

When Rhonda came back in the house she was then directed
to open the front room curtains and to stand in the
window for 5 minutes looking out into the street. If
she saw anyone coming she was not to move out of the
window. My idea was to get her used to being naked and
more so naked in places where she might be seen. From
where I was hidden, I got some outstanding shots of my
wife in the bay window. I especially liked the one with
her feet apart and her hands pushing her hair back over
her head.

Bob told her she did good and had successfully passed
his second test. When I got home she told me what had
happened and was relieved that none of the neighbors
noticed. I decided that her behavior needed to be
rewarded so I took her into the local mall, let her
pick out a piece of jewelry, went to an expensive
restaurant, and had a very relaxing evening. That
evening in bed she was very appreciative.

The next day Bob and I conversed by phone to plan our
next step. I had a lot of things I wanted to do, but
decided Rhonda wasn't ready for them. We discussed various
possibilities and agreed that we didn't want to push
her too far too fast. Our plan quickly came together
and we would use the next weekend to put it into
effect. Our idea was to get a bit more exposure in a
public and that another run down the highway might be
appropriate, but this time with more participation from

Bob's next email to me (for Rhonda to read) said that if
we continued doing as he desired he would return Rhonda's
tape and pictures with a solemn promise that no one
would ever see them. He went on to say that I was to
treat Rhonda to a nice dinner in a downtown restaurant
Friday evening. Rhonda was to dress in a skirt and blouse
set, but could not wear any panties or pantyhose. He
would contact us later with more specific instructions.

Rhonda was really nervous about this since, except for the
previous weekend, she never went anywhere without
undergarments. I reminded her of the consequences and
that after last Saturday how much worse could it get.
She finally agreed but said that no way was she going
to do anything that required her to get naked in the

When Friday arrived and we were ready to leave for
dinner, I handed her a box. When she opened it I told
her that since I knew how uncomfortable she was wearing
heels in bare feet, I bought her a pair of thigh-high
hose that would stay up without a garter belt. She
thanked me, and then tried them on. She asked how they
looked, but I told her it was hard to tell without
seeing the whole package. She smiled and lifted her
skirt until I could see her pubic hair. She blushed
when I told her just how hot she looked. I suggested
going upstairs, but she laughed and said she wished we
could but we had to get to the restaurant before she
got in trouble.

As we drove into town, I had my hand up her skirt
playing with her. As her excitement built, the skirt
came higher and her legs opened up to allow me easier
access. She said how good it felt and asked me to put a
finger in her. She jumped when I hit her clit. I played
with her until I felt her start to cum, and then
stopped. She pleaded with me to continue but I said I
wanted to wait until we could both enjoy the moment
together. By now she had forgotten that she was about
to be in public with nothing on under her skirt. And
the flush of her cheeks was a clear indication that she
was sexually aroused, which is just what I had planned.

While waiting for a table I ordered double martinis. We
had finished our second drink and just after being
seated at a table, Rhonda's cell phone rang. She answered
it, told me it was Bob and handed me the phone. I told
Rhonda that he complimented her on how nice she looked. I
answered into the phone so Rhonda could hear me that she
had not worn panties as he instructed, but that I had
bought her a pair of thigh-highs which he said was ok.

I nodded into the phone and said that yes, she was
wearing a bra, and then told Rhonda she was to remove it.
When she returned from the ladies room I could
immediately tell she was now braless. With each step
she took you could see the sway of her breasts and the
movement across the fabric had caused her nipples to
visibly harden. I couldn't tell if the flush I was
seeing was from embarrassment or excitement.

As the waiter took our order Rhonda looked nervously
around to see if she could spot someone watching her,
but with no success. As the waiter left, I nodded into
the phone and told Rhonda she was to rise up and adjust
her skirt so that her butt was directly on the seat.
She did this with some difficulty since she didn't want
to advertise to others in the restaurant what she was
doing. I told her he said well done and that she was to
put her napkin next to her plate and lift up her skirt
until the hem was sitting in her lap. Tears started to
show in her eyes as she complied. I tried to console
her by saying that she wasn't really showing anything
but the tops of her legs. She nodded her head and dried
her tears.

When the waiter brought the salad, he couldn't help but
notice how much of Rhonda's legs were showing above her
hose. His eyes lit up when he looked over at me as I
gave him a slight nod. I knew we were going to get
special service the rest of the night. Rhonda's eyes were
on her plate, but I finally got her to start talking to
me and she appeared to be forgetting the state of her

I nodded into the phone and told her to unbutton her
blouse. Her eyes pleaded with me and I began speaking
into the phone. I told her that I had convinced him to
not have her completely unbutton but would be happy
with the top two buttons. With a big sigh of relief,
she happily complied. I had learned earlier that if you
push someone over the line, then retreat a bit they are
generally inclined to comply with the easier request.
This is what we had done with Rhonda.

Undoing the first button exposed her cleavage. The
second button was a few inches below the bottom of her
breasts and clearly showed she was wearing no bra when
sitting straight up. When bent forward, the blouse
opened up and exposed her entire breast. I had to
adjust my pants to make room for an enormous erection.

I saw the waiter coming with our food. I nodded again
into the phone and told Rhonda to put her elbows and hands
on the table and stay that way until after the waiter
left. As she hesitantly complied, her blouse dropped
away in front, giving the waiter a bird's eye view of
her front all the way down to her waist. Her face was
flush and she kept her eyes on her plate. The waiter
flashed me an OK sign with his fingers as he served the

When the waiter left I spoke into the phone saying that
I was sure Rhonda would appreciate that and that I would
pass on his instructions for the next day and hung up.
When she asked what was going on I told her that Bob
was impressed with her willingness to comply with his
wishes and as a reward she could button up the lower
button, but she was to leave her skirt as is, which she
immediately did. She was clearly relieved and did not
appear to be concerned about how high her skirt still


The previous evening we were given instructions that
Rhonda was to dress in the same sundress she had on
originally, no underwear, and on Saturday morning at 9
am we were to drive South on the interstate. He would
contact me on my cell phone and give directions as to
what he wanted. The time we picked was based on the
time the sun would provide maximum side light into the
car. Rhonda was also to remove all pubic hair except for a
one-inch stripe above, but not touching her slit.

I was also to turn my CB on so she could hear what was
being said about her as we passed other truckers. It
also contained the usual warning of what would happen
if she refused. Over the rest of dinner Rhonda and I
discussed what was being done to her at length. I told
her we should agree providing we didn't have to pull
the car into a secluded spot at any point along the
highway. She thought about it for some time, but
finally agreed. I told her I would help her get ready
for tomorrow morning.

When we got home I ran a bath for her and let her soak
for about a half hour, making sure she had a couple
glasses of wine while relaxing in the tub. Before she
got out, I lathered up her pussy and shaved it
according to the directions. We were amazed at how
young the shaving made her look. I immediately got hard
and told Rhonda that I would treat her to a massage and
rub down. As you can imagine, I spent a lot of time on
her pussy. Between eating her out and fucking, we had a
fabulous time and didn't give the next morning much

I woke up early the next morning eagerly anticipating
the morning's events. I let Rhonda sl**p in a bit then
woke her and told her we needed to get ready. I fixed
her breakfast and started her in on mimosas. She drank
almost the entire bottle of Champaign without realizing
it. She showered and I got out the sundress she had
come home from the beach in. I told her she didn't
really have to do this and I was sure we could weather
the storm that would follow. She said no, she was all
right with it, and this would go by before we realized

By the time we got ready to go, Rhonda had a slight buzz
on from the mimosas. I gave her a glass of wine in a go
cup with a couple shots of vodka to drink to further
relax her. I had already filled Bob in what I wanted
Rhonda to do and I knew we would be pushing the envelope.
We got out on the highway heading south. I saw Bob's
truck in the rest area as we went by and watched as he
pulled out behind us.

I slowed down slightly to let him catch up and then
heard him on the CB asking if we were ready to play. My
wife looked at me and nodded. I flashed my brakes and
waited for his call. I expected him to call my cell
phone, but he chose to use the CB to communicate with
us, realizing everyone in range would be able to hear
what was going down. It was still rather early so he
told me to pull into the center lane so he could come
up beside us, which I did.

He told Rhonda she looked really nice this morning and
told her to nod her head if she was ready to begin,
which she did. He had her open her window, put on her
sunglasses and lay her seat completely back. He then
had her turn her head to him, smile, and slowly
unbutton her dress to her waist. She hesitated for a
few moments then began fumbling as she started on the
buttons. When she finally got them undone he told her
to open her top until both breasts were exposed.

We heard other truckers asking where we were located
and Bob relayed our position and speed. He told them to
speed up or slow down and he would share his treasures
with them. Rhonda's face was red. She had heard the entire
conversation and realized she would be on display for
everyone we came across. I also sensed she was somewhat
excited by being f***ed to expose herself because of a
change in her breathing pattern.

He then told her to start playing with her breasts
until the nipples stood out hard. It only took a few
minutes because her nipples are very, very sensitive.
He then had her unbutton her dress the rest of the way
and open up the sides so she was completely exposed.
This was exactly the position she had been in a couple
weeks earlier. The then had her pull the sides together
from the waist down, slip the dress off her arms, let
her top drop down around her waist, and for her to
start rubbing her own breasts, pinching them then to
make the nipples stand out farther. I could tell from
the color that was coming into her cheeks and the fact
she was breathing still faster that Rhonda was being
turned on. He told us to fall in behind his truck and
to follow him down the highway.

Rhonda didn't understand why until he swung into the
center lane and began calling down the highway to
trucks in front of him to see the sweet package in the
four-wheeler at his back door. Rhonda could hear the
complements she was getting as we passed truck after
truck and with the alcohol she had taken was beginning
to enjoy the attention. This went on for a few miles
and he again pulled back into the right lane and told
us to come up beside him. When we were pacing him he
told Rhonda to pull her dress back open and lay back as if
asl**p. This went on for a couple of minutes then he
had her spread her legs for him. Rhonda didn't realize it,
but she was doing what I had done to her the week
before only now it was her, not me doing it.

After we had traveled for a few more miles he told her
to pull her dress out from underneath her and to throw
it into the back seat. She was hesitant for a couple of
seconds until Bob told her to DO IT and she did. She
was lying there totally naked, exposed to this stranger
telling her what to do. He had her smile and wave at
him while he was capturing the entire thing on his
hidden camcorder. He had us fall in behind him again
and we went through the follow him routine again, only
this time he slowed as he passed each truck asking how
they liked his little slave girl.

It seemed like every trucker was begging him to have us
pull off the road so they could fuck her. This
embarrassed Rhonda even more and she kept her head turned
toward me. Every once in a while he would tell Rhonda over
the CB to wave at his buddy and blow him a kiss, which
she reluctantly did. After a few more miles he pulled
back to the right and had us come along side again.
This time he had Rhonda start playing with herself,
inserting first one, and then two, then three fingers
in her. He then told her to start rubbing her clit
until she came. It only took about three or four
minutes and she went into an orgasm. Her butt came off
the seat and she started screaming that she was coming
until fluid filled her hand. I am sure Bob was
capturing her voice as well as the video.

Bob then told her to take my cock out, kneel on the
front seat with her butt toward the window, then to
give me a blowjob until I came. I had never come in her
mouth before, but Bob insisted that he better see cum
coming out of her mouth when I was done or she would
not be happy with being put out to walk on the highway
in her present state. I was so excited that it didn't
take me any time at all before I was shooting my load
into Rhonda's mouth. She didn't swallow it all, but she
was a trooper in her efforts.

When she was finished she lay back in her seat and Bob
again congratulated her on a job well done, but there
was one more thing she was to do. We were to drive on
ahead down the road and keep him advised of the mile
markers as we went. When we were three miles ahead of
him he would tell us to pull over. I was to pop open
the trunk.

Rhonda was to get her dress from the back seat, get out of
the car, go to the trunk and put her dress in it. She
was then to bend over as if searching for something
until he passed us, at which time she could get back in
the car, but without her dress. She initially said she
wouldn't do it, but I reminded her of the consequences
and said she would only be there a maximum of two to
three minutes. She wasn't happy about it, but she did
it. I was glad we were not the cause for an accident
because people sure took their eyes off the road as
they went by honking their horns.

Bob went by and said we were free to return home, but
with her dress in the trunk. She would not be allowed
to get dressed until she was in our house. He said he
would have someone watching to make sure she followed
his instructions. I took advantage of Rhonda's state of
mind and lack of dress to play with her pussy all the
way home. I think she realized I was slowing down as I
passed each truck but didn't voice any objection. When
we got home she was so excited we never made it past
the entry way. She grabbed me and said she had to have
me in her right then and right there. She put her legs
around my waist and we fucked standing up with her
pushed against the wall.

After we were finished I asked her how she felt. She
said she was nervous at first, but that the drinks and
the excitement began to get to her and she was
experiencing sensations she had never felt before. She
was feeling more alive than she had in a very long
time. I tried to hide my smile and said I was glad she
was becoming more comfortable with the situation and
that I was sure that in short order we would be free
again. She said she thought she would take a relaxing
bath and take a nap. I brought Rhonda a glass of wine to
enjoy with her bath and let her sl**p for about an
hour, taking pictures of her naked form as she slept.

During the following week our sexual activity took a
significant turn upward. About Wednesday I mentioned
this to her and she said she didn't know why but found
herself reliving her experiences of the previous
weekend. She said she was surprised, but found the
episodes somewhat exciting. I said I didn't know about
her, but the last couple days had been really great for
me. She smiled and said maybe things will get even
better – we would just have to wait and see. That
caused me to smile.

As the weekend rolled around I asked if she had heard
from our new found "friend". She said no and I said
that maybe things would blow over and that perhaps we
should go out Saturday evening if she wanted. I
suggested we go out to a Mexican restaurant we liked
and hit this country western club I had heard about.
She liked the idea. I suggested she wear the outfit she
used to square dance in. She laughed remembering how I
liked to spin her and the skirt would sometimes flare
out to waist level. Of course, she planned to wear the
frilly panties that went with the set. She just didn't
know what my plans were.

On Saturday morning I suggested going to the community
pool for a couple of hours. I fixed up a batch of pina
colatas to take with us liberally laced with vodka. In
the couple of hours we were basking in the sun she
downed the entire batch, never realizing that I was not
drinking. When I judged she was slightly tipsy I took
her home. While sitting around the house I fixed her a
couple more drinks to keep her buzz going.

She laughed and accused me of trying to get her d***k
to take advantage of her again. I just laughed it off
and agreed that she had found me out. Before going out
I fixed us both a martini. She doesn't normally like
these but I told her I had bought a new gin and wanted
her opinion. I make my martinis 6 to 1 and each glass
is essentially a triple. When we finished our drink we
headed out for the restaurant. Rhonda held on to my arm
and snuggled up to me as she walked. It was obvious
that all the sexual attention and the booze were
causing her to lose some of her inhibitions.

When we got to the restaurant we ordered my wife's
favorite drink – Margaritas. I got up to go to the
restroom and intercepted the waiter. I told him to
triple up on the tequila in my wife's drink. We laughed
and had a great time over dinner. She also had her
second drink while sitting there. It was about nine pm
before we left the restaurant and she was holding on my
arm to keep from falling. I went to open my wife's door
to the car. When she turned I began kissing her with
some passion to which she immediately responded.

I took advantage of the situation, reached under her
skirt, ran my hand down into the panty set she was
wearing and began finger-fucking her until she was on
the verge of an orgasm. When she told me I had better
stop or she would jump my bones there in the parking
lot, I removed my hand from her panties and pulled them
to her knees. She laughed and told me I was being a
naughty boy, but she stepped out of them as I went back
to rubbing my hand up and down her slit under her skirt
until she was ready to cum, but stopped again.

Even though she was in a highly excited state and was
obviously feeling the days booze, it still surprised me
that she helped me remove her panties. At any other
time I could have never gotten away with this public
display. We broke apart and she got in the car. As I
went around the back, I opened the trunk and threw her
panties in. By the time we reached the club Rhonda was
feeling no pain and forgot that I had removed her
panties earlier. She would put her hand on my crotch
and gently rub my cock, making jokes about the work out
he seemed to be getting. Meanwhile, I was running my
hand from her knee to her pussy, keeping her on the
edge of orgasm.

We got to the club about 10 and found an open booth
near the dance floor. I followed into the right side of
the booth so we were sitting side-by-side. I ordered a
beer for me and another margarita for Rhonda. While
sitting there I lifted up the side of her dress and
continued stroking her leg and pussy. By now her legs
were wide open affording me easy access. I also noticed
a couple tables across the dance floor that was
watching what was going on under the table. I was not
sure they could actually see my wife's bare pussy, but
it was obvious what was going on under her skirt.

After Rhonda finished her drink I ordered her another and
asked her out to for a slow dance. By now she wasn't
too steady on her feet and I had to initially hold on
to her until she got her balance after which she seemed
to be okay. On the dance floor she put both hands
around my neck and pressed her body up close, grinding
against my hard cock. In my excitement I reached my
right hand under the left side of her skirt and began
to caress her bare butt.

I was beside myself with excitement. Here I was with my
prim and proper wife playing with her in a public
place. The band started playing a faster tune and Rhonda
pulled away and started swaying to the music. When she
spun around the edges flared up like they always did,
but this time she was showing much more than the frilly
panties she normally wore. People on the sidelines were
getting a much better show than I was so I reached for
her like we do in a jitterbug and spun her around a
couple of times myself such that I had a view of her
bare pussy when it flared up.

After the dance we returned to our booth. Rhonda took a
bit more of her drink and then a guy from across the
way come over, introduced himself and asked if he could
dance with my wife. I gave my permission and they made
their way out on to the floor. By now Rhonda was really
blitzed. Her speech was slurry and she had to hang on
to something or someone to stay on her feet. She might
have thought she was still dancing with me because she
put her arms around her new partner and laid her head
on his shoulder. It was obvious that she was also
grinding her pelvis into the guy she was with and he
was holding her tight and rocking his cock back and
forth across her outthrust cunt. When the song finished
he returned with Rhonda to the table.

He said he was by himself and asked if he could join us
for a bit. I agreed. Rhonda got into the seat next to me
and he proceeded to get in beside her. Rhonda was now
sandwiched between us. His boldness surprised me, but I
decided to let things play out a bit to see where they
would go. He said he name was John and was a computer
programmer in a local company.

Since I was involved in computers myself we were
engaged in shop talk when I noticed his left hand had
dropped under the table and Rhonda was starting to lean up
against him. Her breathing had changed and I realized
that John probably had his hand buried in her pussy. At
least that was the way she was acting. I wanted to see
if my suspicions were correct so I told him I needed to
hit the head and would he mind watching over my wife
while I was gone. He said no problem so I departed the
table and headed for the restroom.

As soon as I was out of sight I circled around the bar
to the other side of the dance floor where I could
watch my table unobserved. As I suspected, John had
taken advantage of the situation. From where I stood, I
could see that he had raised the front of her skirt to
where he could look down and see my wife's pussy and he
had his fingers buried into her slit while Rhonda was
humping his hand. I watched for a couple of minutes
then made my way back to the table. When he saw me
coming, he dropped Rhonda's skirt and brought his hands
back to the top of the table as if nothing had

I could see Rhonda was still squirming in her seat. I said
that given her condition it would probably be a good
time to take her home. John asked if he could have one
last dance and I figured what the hell and agreed. He
helped her back out onto the floor for the next slow
dance. Rhonda again put her arms around his neck and
snuggled back up to him. It only took me a few seconds
to realize that this time he had dropped one of his
hands up under the front of her dress and was busy
finger-fucking her while she ground against him.

Suddenly Rhonda stood straight up and the look on her face
told me she was having an orgasm right there on the
floor. The song soon ended and John asked if I needed
help putting her in the car. I accepted his help and
together we got her in her seat. As you can imagine,
her dress rose up a number of times as she got in the
car and when she was finally buckled into her seat, her
seat belt had pulled the bottom of her skirt up so she
was slightly exposed. I adjusted her seat back so it
laid completely back which caused the seat belt to
raise the skirt above the pubic hair stripe.

I left her that way while I thanked John for his help.
While he stared at her exposed position I explained
that I was training my wife to be my slave and she was
in the initial stages of training. He gave me his card
with his phone number and email address and said he
hoped we would come out again another time and offered
to participate in her training. I promised we probably
would and would see him then. Rhonda was just laid back in
her seat during all this, completely out.

Rhonda woke up the next morning with a tremendous
headache. I asked if she had a good time last night and
she said she vaguely remembered most of it, even the
part of me playing with her under the table until she
reached an orgasm. I thought about it for a moment and
decided to tell her the truth.

I told her about John joining us, me going to the
bathroom and finding John playing with her. I further
told her that I was going to make an issue of it, but
that she had told me she was really enjoying herself
and thanked me for her having a good time. I even went
on to tell her about being on the dance floor with the
front of her skirt pulled up until she had what looked
to be a fantastic orgasm.

She blushed and asked if I was all right with what she
did and I said sure, as long as she got enjoyment out
of it, so did I. She looked at me closely to see if I
really meant it. I told her I was not completely happy
with the fact that some other man had caused her to
reach a climax, but I also found it exciting at the
same time. I went on to say that as long as I was with
her, I had no problem with anything she did. Her eyes
misted up and she told me how much she really loved me,
would never do anything to hurt me, and really wanted
me to be happy with her.

Sunday we spent in the back yard sunning ourselves. I
brought cocoa butter over and said I would massage her
if she would like. It wasn't too long and I had her
bathing suit completely off and in the process had a
very passionate bout of sex there in the grass. I just
wish I had had my camera when I got the idea to go in
and get it while she was lying there nude.

When I came back out and she saw what I had, she
started to object. I told her that she was so sexy
laying there that I would really like to take some
pictures of her and that they would be only for me. She
finally relented and allowed me to pose her in some
very erotic positions. One of my favorites is her lying
back with her feet against her butt and knees spread
wide. She was leaning up on her elbows, but the thing I
remember most is the way her hair trailed over her
breasts and that her pussy lips had spread and the
entrance to her cunt had opened to a degree you could
clearly see about three inches into her vagina. The
sight turned me on so much I couldn't help but bury my
tongue in her and lapped at her juices until she came
again. I was very pleased with the way my wife's
attitude toward sex and sexual activities were
beginning to change.

On Tuesday I received another package in the mail. It
was from Bob. He had taken the tape he had first made
and combined it with the film he had shot the week
before. With his editing it looked like Rhonda was in
control of the whole situation and would never convince
anyone she had been sl**ping and that she was unaware
she had been stripped and exposed. The note said he was
sure we would like this version better as well as all
her friends and f****y.

When Rhonda replayed the tape she realized how deeply
trapped she was and started to shake with tears. It
took over an hour for me to calm her down enough to
read the note with the tape. The note with the package
said that the next Saturday we were to go to shopping
at the mall. She was to wear a short straight line
skirt, a silk blouse, no bra, panties or hose except
thigh highs, and had to visit at least three shoe
stores. At each store she had to try on three pairs of
shoes. More if she wanted. I could go with her for the
first two stores, but the third she had to do on her
own. She was to make sure that she exposed herself to
whoever waited on her. He would have someone watching.

As Saturday approached, Rhonda began getting nervous. She
said she didn't know if she could do this. She said it
was different when there were all sorts of space
between her and others, and that the last weekend
didn't count because she was too d***k to realize what
was happening. But this time the guy would be up close
and personal. I told her not to worry and to go with
the flow.

She might surprise herself and find she was enjoying
the fact that some guys are going to have a bulge in
the pants that will make it difficult for them to walk
upright. I reinf***ed the fact that I would be there to
watch out for her and that if at any time she was asked
to do something she absolutely couldn't do, we would
tell Bob to pound sand and live with the consequences.
I said we could always move and start a new life
somewhere else.

My words must have allayed her fears because she seemed
to settle out a bit. I said that Bob wanted her pussy
free of hair and I would volunteer to do it. She said
that since the hair was gone, so was the urine smell
that seemed to linger after she had to pee. I laid her
back on the bed and proceeded to remove the stubble
that had grown back as well as the one inch stripe.
When I had finished her pussy looked like a p*****ns.
I complemented her on how really sexy she looked.

On Saturday, we went through Rhonda's closet looking for a
skirt that would meet the requirements laid out. We
finally settled on one she had not worn in a few years
because it came just over the top of the thigh highs
and she thought it too short. I told her it would be
perfect. Rhonda put on some lipstick and perfume and
followed me out the door. We got to the mall around

This time I did not provide any alcohol. I wanted her
fully aware of what was going on. Rhonda was very aware of
how vulnerable she was dressed and hoped she would not
run into anyone she knew. She was continually tugging
at the hem of the skirt and the blouse accentuated the
fact she was wearing no bra. The blouse was a button
down V-neck where the first button began at the center
of her breasts.

As we walked to the first shoe store I commented that
she was a real knock out with her nipples sticking out
in that silk blouse. She reminded me of how sensitive
her nipples were and that the silk rubbing back and
forth were sending shivers down to her loins and back
up. I pinched one and found that it was hard as a rock.
She said she didn't have to touch herself to know that
she was wet.

We went into the first store, which only had one other
customer. A salesman approached and asked if he could
be of some assistance. I said that my wife was looking
for something in black heels, gave him her size, and
pointed to a bench for my wife to sit.

The first thing I noticed when she sat down was that
the skirt rose up three to four more inches to just
below her pussy, with what seemed a very large expanse
of skin between the top of her stockings and bottom of
her skirt. I got up and walked in front of her and saw
that anyone in front of her could look up her skirt and
see bare skin. She tried to keep her knees together,
but the bench that the salesman would sit in positioned
her feet on either side.

The salesman returned with three boxes, sat down on his
bench and put the shoe boxes next to him. He then
looked up and I could see his eyes widen a bit. Without
missing a stroke, he reached into the first box and
removed a shoe. He put his hand on Rhonda's calf, raised
her foot up and removed her sandal. He then started to
put the shoe on Rhonda's left foot, moving her leg back
and forth to get the heel in.

Both Rhonda and I realized he was spreading her knees much
more than he needed to as he fit the shoe to her foot.
He put her foot down in such a way that her legs were
now open about eight inches. He then did the same to
the other foot and at one time had spread her knees a
good foot and a half. One of the other salesmen noticed
what was going on and took up a position where he had a
good view of Rhonda's slit. Rhonda stood up, walked around,
commented on well they looked and said she would like
to try the second pair.

By now I had gotten up and went to stand beside the
other salesman. When Rhonda sat, her salesman proceeded to
remove her shoes in such a way that his arms kept Rhonda
from closing her legs. I commented to the other
salesman that it was quite a view, to which he readily
agreed. I told him I was trying to teach her not to be
so prudish. I told him she needed to have a pair to
wear with a mini dress she was going to receive. He
smiled and suggested when she tried on the next pair
she should stand in front of the mirror and raise her
skirt up a bit so she could see what they would look
like with more leg showing.

As she was looking at the third pair of shoes in the
mirror I told her that the salesman suggested raising
her skirt so she could get the full effect of the shoes
with a shorter skirt. She nodded ok and began raising
the skirt from the hips. She raised it a couple of
inches, but I told her that I thought her dress would
probably be higher and to raise it a couple more

When the dress was just below her pussy slit I asked
what she thought. What she didn't realize was that the
tilt of the mirror gave a perfect view of her entire
pussy, well above the pubic hair I had removed. I told
her to drop her skirt and that we should look at a
couple more stores before making a decision. As she
went back to her seat I whispered in her ear that as
the salesman was removing her shoes, absent mindedly
let her knees fall wide open, which would be a thank
you gift for helping you. When she did that I noticed
that her pussy lips were turning as red as the flush in
her cheeks and the slit was starting to spread open, a
clear sign that Rhonda was excited.

We went through the same routine at the second store.
But by this time Rhonda's slit was open about a half inch
and clearly wet from the juices coming out of her
pussy. Her clit had popped out from under its hood and
stood out, begging for attention. I could see her
squeezing her legs together as we headed for the third
store. The last store was slightly different in that
rather than the seats facing the side of the store,
they faced out into the mall.

I told Rhonda that she would really make me happy if she
could make sure I could see her pussy from my seat in
the mall. This, of course, meant that everyone walking
by the store while she was there was treated to the
sight of my wife's naked, wide-open pussy. She bought
the last pair she tried on and we exited the mall.

When we got home I asked what had happened in the mall.
She was first nervous, but by the end she was a true
exhibitionist. She chucked and said that when she
initially sat down she felt completely vulnerable. With
the skirt up as high as it was she would be on display
and unable to control what was happening. As soon as
the salesman sat in front of her, his expression told
her he realized her condition and the bulge that
developed in his pants was clearly visible.

She initially tried to ignore the situation, but as she
allowed her legs to be opened she began to realize she
really was in control and could permit or not permit
him to see her. She said she knew that when I had her
stand in front of the slanted mirror that everything
must be clearly in view and the knowledge she had three
horny men lusting after her sent shivers to her pussy.
By the time she reached the third store she was
enjoying the shocked expression of many of the people
who stopped to admire the view she was providing. She
finished by saying she was so excited she had seriously
considered taking me into the restroom for some fast
and furious sex.

On the way home she laid the seat back, raised up the
front of her skirt and began running her fingers up and
down her love canal, applying circular pressure on her
clit. She said that I had my fun and that it was now
her turn. After she had her orgasm she begged me to
continue rubbing her clit because she wanted me in her
as soon as we got home. I happily complied. To my way
of thinking, the shopping trip had been a complete

On Wednesday a package arrived from Bob. Rhonda opened the
package. In it was a black mini dress with a front
zipper I had spotted at the mall the previous weekend
and a pair of black lace panties that had three snaps
to hold the front and back together at the crotch. He
said he wanted her to save the outfit for another day
and went on to say that he wanted us to go to a movie
the next Saturday evening. He said he wanted her
dressed in a black miniskirt that was at least eight
inches above her knees. She was free to wear bra and
panties of her choice.

If we were agreeable I should email him back and he
would give us the location of the movie house and time.
Since I had already sent an email to Bob, I knew what
would be in this note. I showed it to Rhonda and asked if
she was still willing. She was again a little hesitant,
but said that as long as I was with her she would
agree. I told her I would send our agreement, but that
we would have to go shopping. I also sent an email to
John, told him what was going down and invited him to
join us. He happily agreed and asked if he could bring
a friend with him. I agreed.

That evening we went down to the mall to buy Rhonda a mini
that met the stated requirements. Most of the ones Rhonda
selected were too long. Since she is a size 8 I
suggested we try in the youth section. There we found a
wide selection. I had her try on a few I was interested
in. The one I finally settled on was a frilly type that
came about 4 inches below her butt. She thought it was
a bit too short, but I finally convinced her it was
what was required. I also noticed a couple outfits that
showed promise and decided to come back later and
purchase them without Rhonda's knowledge.

One was a really nice scoop neck black mini dress with
a hidden zipper down the back, and a really short
gingham outfit that young teens were wearing now. It
was designed to ride below the hips with a v cut in the
front that looked like it stopped just above the pubic
hair line and a matching puffy sleeve halter top that
was designed to wear off the shoulders that reminded me
of something Daisy Mae would have worn.

The note we received back from Bob told us to be at a
certain movie theater by 6 pm on Saturday. We were to
sit in the third row from the back and in the center of
the aisle. I emailed John and told him where we would
be. I started Rhonda drinking in the middle of the
afternoon. By the time we were ready to leave for the
theater she had downed about a bottle and a half of
wine and a couple bourbon and cokes. She wasn't d***k,
but she definitely showed the signs that I recognized
as "feeling friendly". When we got to the movie theater
we found that they were showing an X-Rated film.

Rhonda commented that she had never seen a porno film so
this should be a new experience. If only she knew how
true this would be. When we entered, the show had
already started. While taking our seats I noticed there
were about 20 or so guys and one other couple. I saw
John and another guy in the next aisle over. As we
watched the movie Rhonda commented she had heard about
these kinds of films in college, but had never seen
one. I told her to sit back, relax, and watch the show.
A few minutes later my cell phone rang. It was Bob. I
told Rhonda who it was and she was to lay back, keep her
eyes closed until told other wise and just do what she
was told. If she was willing to do that I was to tell
him ok. She nodded and I said ok.

A few minutes later Bob came over and sat on the other
side of Rhonda. He was a handsome man in a rugged sort of
way somewhere in his mid thirties. He told Rhonda how
really nice she looked and how much he looked forward
to this evening. The first thing he did was to take a
black silk cloth from his jacket and proceeded to
blindfold her. He asked her if she was afraid to which
she answered yes. He told her to relax and that nothing
would happen to her that she did not wish to have
happen. He asked her if she understood and did she wish
to continue. She said she understood, but although she
did not really want to continue, she would. He then
told her to relax and open her legs as wide as she

When she did this, her skirt raised up to expose her
white panties. He put his hand on her knee, which
caused her to jump. He told her to relax and started
making lazy circles with his hand on the inside of her
right leg and told me to do the same with her left.
Blindfolded, she was hearing the moans of the girl on
the screen and feeling two hands on her legs making
increasing large circles up the inside of her legs. I
could feel the goose bumps our travels were causing and
the increased breathing each time we got close to her

He asked if what we were doing felt good and did she
want us to continue, to which she said yes. Bob finally
reached her panties and drew his finger across her slit
and asked if that also felt good. She again jumped when
his hand made contact with the wet spot that was
clearly visible on her panties, but she said it had
felt good. My hand running up her slit and across her
clit followed this. She started to close her legs to
trap our hands at her pussy, but Bob stopped her and
had her d**** her legs across ours.

He asked again if she wanted us to continue and she
again said yes. Our hands retreated back down her legs
and began all over again. We kept this routine up for
about 10 minutes and watched dampness spread across her
panties. Rhonda's breathing began to get ragged and her
fluids flowed much more freely. Rhonda was on a sexual
high. Bob put his finger under the elastic at the leg
and began rubbing up and down her slit until Rhonda let
out a low moan.

I didn't need to feel the wetness of her panties,
because by now they were almost transparent from the
fluids running out of her. We returned to the leg/pussy
routing until Rhonda began raising up each time we
approached her pussy trying to make stronger contact
with our fingers. By now her panties had been pushed up
into her crack creating completely exposing her swollen
red pussy lips.

Bob asked Rhonda if she was still enjoying the sensation
and did she want us to continue. She said yes, then
added please. He told Rhonda that if she wanted us to
continue that she had to remove her panties to allow us
better access to her. Without hesitation, Rhonda closed
her legs, lifted her butt, put her thumbs on either
side of her panties and drew them down to her knees.
Bob told her to continue until they were off and to
hand them to him. When she did, Bob d****d them over
the back of the seat in front of her like a white flag
to signify her surrender. I looked over at John and
motioned for him to come join us. John sat on Bob's
right and his friend slid into the row of seats in
front of Rhonda.

She was told to put her legs over ours and the circles
on her inner thighs began again. Only this time when we
got to the top of her legs we were directly attacking
her wet pussy. We spent a lot of time teasing her by
almost touching her, then began running our fingers in
and out of her very wet hole. While I began rubbing her
clit, Bob began playing with her asshole. He wet his
finger with her juices and used the slickness to gain
access. He only went in to the first knuckle, but the
effect was immediately evident.

She reached to push my hand harder against her clit but
Bob grabbed her hands and told her to leave then on the
arms and not remove them unless told to. She started
begging us to touch her harder and started moaning loud
enough to catch the attention from some of the other
guys nearby. A few guys, having heard Rhonda were
attracted by the sight of the white panties that seemed
to glow in the reflection of the light from the screen.
It was like moths drawn to a flame. Little by little,
we had an audience of four guys in the row in front of
us watching what was going on.

Bob then told her that he was going to ask one final
time if she wanted us to continue and that if she did
she was committed to doing whatever she was told, to
which she replied, "Ohhh yesss, please doooo!"

Bob told her to reach down, unzip her skirt and release
the catch on top. She reached to her side, undid the
skirt, lifted up, slid her skirt off her and let it
drop to the floor. Bob retrieved her skirt and handed
it to me. He removed her blindfold and told her to open
her eyes so she could see the attention she had drawn.
She was shocked to see the guys in front and initially
froze up. I whispered to her that I was there and
reminded her of her commitment and Bob's promise that
nothing was going to happen she didn't want to happen.
She nodded. Bob then told her to unbutton and remove
her blouse. Her bra soon followed this. She was now
sitting completely nude surrounded by seven men in the
middle of a movie theater watching a girl on the screen
in the throes of an orgasm from the guy buried between
her legs.

Bob then got down on the floor in front of Rhonda. He told
her he was going to do to her what she was seeing on
the screen until she exploded in his mouth. John took
Bob's seat. John and I began massaging her breasts and
squeezing her nipples while Bob went down on her. The
effect his tongue had on Rhonda was immediate. Her butt
rose up off the seat to meet his tongue and she began
to moan as her climax began building. Just as she was
about to come I leaned over to kiss her and stifle the
scream I knew would follow. When he was finished he
told John to take his place.

When they had switched positions, he told Rhonda to unzip
our pants and take out our cocks. Then as the John
began licking Rhonda's clit she begin jerking us off. She
had a hard time keeping up a rhythm on us because of
the sensations she was feeling from the tongue lashing
she was getting between her legs. When we both shot our
loads, we were replaced by two of the other guys in
front. She began stroking the other two guys while the
John continued to eat her out.

She finally came again, then finished off the guys on
either side. I asked her if she had had enough or did
she want to continue. She said she needed to feel me
inside her so I turned her around with her back to the
screen and sat her down on my cock that come to life
again. The guys that had been left out reached around
and played with her breasts while she rocked back and
forth on my cock. We came about the same time with
explosive orgasms.

She fell forward against me while Bob told the guys to
get lost. He told Rhonda she had done a fantastic job and
only had a few more weeks to go. He told Rhonda to get
dressed and disappeared. She put her bra and blouse on,
but we couldn't find her panties. I believe one of the
guys took them as a souvenir. She put her skirt back on
and we left the theater with my cum running down her

When we got home I fixed Rhonda a strong drink and told
her how proud I was of her performance this evening.
She asked if I thought she was a shameless slut and I
began reassuring her that nothing could be farther than
the truth. I said I was proud to have a wife that was
so gorgeous that no one could resist her. And that what
she had just done was about the most exciting thing I
had ever seen in my life.

I asked her how she felt and she said completely
drained. That the orgasms she had experienced seemed to
come from her inner core and that she had never
experienced anything close to that before in her life.
We began stroking each other as we talked and gently
make love to each other. I knew then I would eventually
have the wife I had always dreamed of having.

Sunday I surprised Rhonda with a new thong like bikini I
had bought her. She thought it might be a bit skimpy,
especially since the string in back disappeared between
her butt cheeks, but I told her that I bought it to
highlight the fantastic figure she had. She put it on
and admitted it did give her a sexy look.

She put a cover up on and we headed to the beach. I had
packed a picnic lunch and had a cooler full of wine
coolers, some of which I had doctored up with vodka
before recapping. I knew exactly where I wanted to take
her. The spot I had selected was somewhat secluded, but
also had a number of people who liked to stroll along
the beach. We laid out our towels and began drinking
our coolers. I had Rhonda lay face down and I proceeded
rubbing her down with sunscreen. I untied the back of
her top and gave her another cooler to drink.

The combination of sun and coolers had its effect and
Rhonda fell asl**p. She had been asl**p about ten minutes
before I got her to turn over. While still asl**p, I
untied the string around her neck and removed her top.
I positioned her legs so they were open a couple of
feet, then proceeded to pull the top of her suit up
until the string in the back exited the top of her
pussy. Except for the small section of suit above her
pussy, she lay there completely exposed from top to

I got out my camera and began snapping pictures. She
lay there for a while when I noticed a couple of
college aged guys running up the beach in our
directions. As they were passing us, one of the guys
pointed out my wife and they stopped. They came over
for a closer look. I put my finger to my lips and asked
if they enjoyed the view. They took a seat on ether
side of my wife while I explained that I was trying to
loosen up my wife by putting her in situations she
would not normally do by herself.

I asked if they would be willing to help me take some
pictures while she was sl**ping to which they agreed. I
took a few pictures with them on either side of my wife
as if they were chatting her up. Then one of the guys
suggested untying the bows and laying the top of the
suit on the sand between her legs. The sight of the
suit seemed out of place so we arranged a towel to
cover the suit thereby making it look like she had no
suit at all.

I took a picture of one guy between Rhonda's legs with his
tongue in her exposed pussy. I also got some pictures
of the other guy with his cock on Rhonda's lips while the
first guy licked one breast while squeezing the other.
I thanked them for their help then got Rhonda's suit back
on her. When she woke up she said she was tired and
would like to go home, which we did. While she was
napping, I uploaded all my pictures to my computer and
sent a copy to Bob.

On Monday, Bob sent me an email with a bunch of jpg
attachments. The images were of Rhonda at the movie
theater. Bob said he had a friend of his with a high-
speed camera that volunteered to take pictures for him.
They were fantastic and captured the action perfectly.
I thanked him for the photos and together planned the
next step in our strategy.

On Tuesday, I told Rhonda to meet me at the mall for a
surprise. When we met, I told her that I was so proud
of the way she had held up under the strain and had
conducted herself over the past few weeks that I wanted
to treat her to another piece of jewelry. I told her to
pick out any necklace she wanted, just keep it under
$1000 dollars. She was so excited she was like a k** in
a candy store. It took her about an hour to select the
one she wanted. I told the salesperson she would wear
it, paid for it, and left for supper.

Throughout dinner I told her I could not believe the
change I was seeing in her and how pleased I was with
the transformation. I told her I didn't know what was
going to happen over the next few weeks, but I was
there to support her, what ever lay ahead. She said
that what had happened over the past weeks had been eye
opening, but that if I was ready for the future, so was

I smiled and asked her what she was wearing under her
dress. She laughed and said just panties. I asked her
to reach under her dress and give me her panties. She
looked around, saw no one paying attention to us, and
then proceeded to reach her hand up under her skirt and
with a great deal of difficulty remove her panties and
hand them to me. I put them to my face, took a deep
breath, commented on how fantastic they smelled, and
put them in my pocket. This was a major victory for me.
Prior to Bob, she would never have done what she just
did. I told her I loved her and we went home.

On Wednesday I received an email from Bob. I showed it
to Rhonda. She was to wear the black mini dress and black
lace panties he had sent earlier and for us to meet him
at a named restaurant the next weekend.

That Saturday I started the evening with cocktails at
the house. I fixed some snacks and a martini for both
of us and we sat there and chatted. I told her it was
so obvious she had been turned on by the experiences
the previous week I was curious how she was thinking
about it now. She said it was the lust she saw in the
eyes of everyone that really got to her. That they
wanted her bad was evident from the bulges in their
pants and the thought of the effect she was having on
them fueled her emotions. I kissed her fingers and told
her I was the luckiest guy in the world to have a girl
like her.

As the time to get ready arrived, Rhonda went into the
bedroom to get ready. When she came out I couldn't help
but give her a wolf whistle. The dress fit her like a
glove. It came about three inches below her butt and
with her hair in a French twist she was an absolute
knock out. The necklace I bought for her completed her
outfit. I asked her to show me the panties and she
raised the dress to her waist to give me a good look.
She was definitely a tasty dish.

On the way to the restaurant I began running my hand up
her leg and across her panties. I continued playing
until she was on the edge of an orgasm then backed off.
She wanted me to continue, but I told her anticipation
was half the fun. Bob was already at the restaurant
when we arrived. He had selected a four person table
part ways toward the back. He held the chair out for
Rhonda to sit. What appeared to be a gentlemanly gesture
hid the fact that he wanted Rhonda facing the front of the

During dinner he was witty and seemed to be charming
Rhonda. She appeared to be relaxing and enjoying his
company. With our dinner we had two bottles of wine. Of
course, between Bob and me, we kept Rhonda's glass filled.
By the time dinner was over, she had consumed over a
bottle. Bob already knew the effect wine had on her and
as we started our third bottle, Rhonda was back in her
"feeling friendly" mood. Bob suddenly switched the
subject and asked how Rhonda had enjoyed the movie. She
said that surprising enough she had a good time. He
asked if she would like to do something like that again
and she said yes.

Bob said he would give it some thought and see if he
could come up with something a bit more interesting.
Bob put his hand on Rhonda's left knee. He asked if she
had enjoyed his hand on her leg during the movie. She
said not at first, but then yes. He asked if she would
like us to do it again. She looked at me and I nodded.
He said if she wanted us to start she had to move her
knees where we would have easier access, at which time
she spread her legs wide open.

She forgot about how short her dress was and when she
opened her legs her dress rode up to the top of her
lap. Anyone who could see under the table would
appreciate the picture of black panties against almost
alabaster skin. We both started the leg routine we had
practiced at the movies. I could tell every time Bob's
hand reached her pussy because of her intake of breath.

I didn't know exactly how much pressure he was applying
to her pussy when he reached it, but I kept mine light
enough for her to feel it but not get the pleasure I
knew she wanted. Her cheeks got red and her breathing
quickened. We slowed down to let her come back off the
edge. We also noticed a few tables enjoying the show
that was going on. Bob asked Rhonda if she realized that
people could see what we were doing, to which she
answered yes. He then asked that knowing that, did she
want us to continue. She again said yes.

We had a little more wine, and started again. When I
reached the top this time I found that the center snap
had been undone which allowed us to reach a small part
of her pussy lips. A few moments later, Bob had
unsnapped the one on his side, which caused her panties
to slide over to the side giving an open view of her
bare pussy. When I reached the top next time I
unsnapped the remaining one and the front of her
panties popped up, exposing her entire pussy and shaved
pubic area. A sharp intake of breath told me that Bob
had found her pussy.

Bob had her lift up so he could raise the bottom of her
dress to her waist. Bob asked if we should stop and Rhonda
shook her head no. He then told her that if we were to
continue she had to remove her panties and give them to
him, which she did. We went back to playing with her
legs and bare pussy until she was at the edge again,
then we stopped.

The show she was putting on now was much better than
before because her dress was at her waist and she was
naked from the waist to her feet and was a fantastic
display for anyone looking, and from what I could see,
everyone was looking. I told Rhonda she must have a dozen
people looking at her bare pussy, and she just said,
"Let them look." We were ready for the next part of the
evening. Bob told Rhonda to lower her dress and we were
ready to go.

Bob rode in the front seat with us. I didn't know it at
the time but his associate had been taking pictures and
followed us to the club. By the time we got to the
dance club, Rhonda was feeling in an extremely high state
of excitement. All the way there, Bob was playing with
her leg and giving her pussy a lot of attention. Every
time I thought she was going to cum Bob backed off. We
definitely got everyone's attention when we walked in
and took our seat in a semi-circular booth a couple
tables off the dance floor.

I ordered a margarita for Rhonda and Bob and I ordered a
beer. When the band started up, Rhonda and I went out for
a slow dance. When Rhonda put her hands around my neck,
the dress raised up to about an inch above the bottom
of her ass cheeks. People who noticed didn't know if
she was naked underneath or was simply wearing a thong.
When we returned we put Rhonda in between us, had her open
her legs again, and continued our attack on her legs
and pussy.

Bob asked if she was enjoying herself to which she
replied she would be enjoying herself much better if we
would quit teasing her and make her cum. Bob told her
to be patient and told her to raise the zipper on her
dress a couple of inches so he could have easier access
to her ass while dancing. She did as she was asked and
the next slow dance Bob asked her to dance. As they
made their way around the dance floor, I could see that
Bob had raised the back of Rhonda's dress and had his
hands on her fully exposed cheeks.

By now there was no question. Rhonda was wearing no
panties. Rhonda was on cloud nine and I would have bet she
would do what ever we asked so long as she could get
sexual release. They returned to the booth and I
noticed that the zipper on Rhonda's dressed had been
raised a few inches. You still couldn't see her pussy,
but the opening wasn't too far below. I took Rhonda out on
the floor next and while dancing asked her to raise her
zipper another few inches. When I put my hands on her
ass, the front had flared out and was open enough to
barely show the bottom of her slit. While the fast
dances played, we played with Rhonda.

By now she had started begging for release. She said
she would do anything we wanted, but Bob told her again
to be patient. He told her to raise her zipper another
couple of inches. It was Bob's turn to dance with Rhonda.
Her zipper was up enough in the front now that her slit
was exposed as she walked. While on the dance floor,
Bob had her raise the zipper another few inches. If she
had pubic hair it would now be on display. Her entire
pussy was exposed.

He reached down and began playing with her pussy on the
floor, but still would not let her climax. Before
returning to the booth, Bob had her raise the zipper to
her waist. The sides of the dress were now spread wide
enough to show everything from the waist down. Everyone
started looking over at our table to see what was going
to happen next. Bob helped Rhonda into the booth.

After he was seated he asked if she really meant she
would do anything if we would give her an orgasm.
Without blinking an eye she said that whatever we
wanted she would do, but to please hurry. She was ready
for release. Bob then said he was going to fuck her
there at the table and if she had any problems with
that she had better speak up now. Without even looking
my way she said she had no problems. He released his
cock from his pants and pulled Rhonda's head into his lap.

Meanwhile I had raised her dress so it was completely
around her waist and told her to unzip the dress
further to give me access to her tits. When he was
ready, Bob put Rhonda on his lap and inserted his cock
into her sopping pussy. He told her if she wanted to
cum she had better start moving up and down his cock.
It didn't take Rhonda 30 seconds before she went into an
orgasm that seemed to last minutes. When Bob had come
we shifted her to my lap so I could get off. Rhonda never
questioned the fact she had just been fucked in a
public place by someone other than myself but rather
lost herself in the lust of the moment.

When Bob got up to hit the head, I could see other guys
approach him to see if they could join the party, but
he politely refused with a promise of maybe another
time. Rhonda continued to ride my cock until we both came,
after which we proceeded to clean Rhonda up, then began
the leg/pussy routine all over again. When Rhonda was
sufficiently excited, Bob pulled her zipper down and
said it was time to leave.

We exited the club and when we got to the car Bob
turned Rhonda toward him and unzipped Rhonda's dress from
bottom to top. He slid the dress off her so she was
standing naked in the parking lot. He then bent her
over and entered her from the rear while telling her to
take me in her mouth and bring me off. He said if she
didn't do so in the next three minutes we would take
her naked into the club and offer her to the highest
bidder. She met the time limit. Fully sated, we put Rhonda
into the front seat with her clothes in the back. Bob
said she had been fantastic and only had a few more
things to do.

Before we drove off, Bob told Rhonda that for the next
four weeks she was to only wear skirts or dresses and
was not allowed to wear panties, bra or hose. He would
have people watching her and when he called her on her
cell phone, if she was standing up she was to lift her
hem to her waist to show she was naked. If she was
sitting, she would lift her skirt and spread her knees.
She would also wear loose fitting blouses that would
balloon open whenever she bent over allowing her
breasts to be seen. He said he also had something he
wanted her to do the next day, but that he would call
in the morning with instructions. I drove home and
helped Rhonda into bed where she slept soundly until the
next morning. Everything that had happened in the club
had been captured on film.

The next morning, after she had a couple bl**dymarys,
Rhonda said that if anyone had told her a month ago she
would be doing what she had done the night before she
would have thought them crazy. I told her I was going
to stop Bob from fucking her, but she was so into what
was happening to her I wanted to let her continue with
what appeared to be a fantastic experience for her. I
emphasized that everything that was done the night
before was to make her feel special. I further told her
I loved her more now than I had ever in the past. About
an hour later Bob called with instructions.

We left the house about noon and headed for a bike path
that crossed over the beltway. Rhonda was again dressed in
her button-down sundress. We pulled in to a small park
that was adjacent to the highway. Rhonda was concerned
that what she was about to do could get her arrested,
but I assured her that if she was seen we would be able
to get away before any police car could arrive. Based
on the instructions Bob gave her, I took my camera and
walked across the pedestrian bridge until I reached the
other side of the six lane highway.

When I was in position I waved to Rhonda and began taking
pictures as soon as she exited the car. After looking
around and seeing no one in sight, she faced me and
began unbuttoning her dress until it was completely
open. She then removed it and put it back into the car.
She looked around again, and then began walking across
the bridge toward me until she was directly over the
center lane of the outer beltway. She moved to the
fence facing the oncoming traffic and stood there like
a deer caught in the headlights.

After I shouted to her she began waving to the oncoming
cars then made her way to the inner loop where she
repeated waving at the oncoming traffic. As she started
back toward the car, two bicyclists came around the
bend heading for the bridge. They stopped at the
entrance of the bridge when they saw her. Rhonda initially
tried covering herself up, but soon realized how
ridiculous she was, dropped her arms, smiled and made
her way back to the car, with me snapping pictures the
entire way. On the way home Rhonda make a joke about the
shocked expression on the riders faces when they
realized she was naked and we laughed about it all the
way home. Rhonda had slipped her dress back on, but hadn't
bother buttoning it up.

Over the next week Bob was true to his word. On Monday
he sent me a complete set of pictures from the club.
Over the next week he took every opportunity to expose
Rhonda in as many different places as he could. He caught
her at the grocery store, at the fountain in the center
of town, walking down the street, on the bus, the
metro, and once even in church (fortunately she was
sitting down). I must have received at least 30
pictures of Rhonda with her skirt above her waist or her
legs spread wide open. In each shot her pussy was
clearly visible. Rhonda seemed to accept the fact that
being naked in public was no big thing.

We were entering our sixth week when another package
arrived for Rhonda. In this one was the gingham outfit I
had picked out weeks before. The note with it said that
since she enjoyed the movies so much she should plan on
Friday night for seeing another. The package also
included a nearly transparent pair of panties. A bra
would not be required. The movie theater selected was
in the suburbs and was another X-rated film. Rhonda was to
wear her hair in pigtails, no makeup, chewing gum, and
her pussy should be completely clean of any pubic hair.

This time we could go in to the theater together, but
once inside I was to hang back until Rhonda was seated in
the first row. She would see Bob in the second row and
she was to sit directly in front of him. I would sit a
couple rows behind her. The movie would have started
about 15 minutes before we were scheduled to arrive.
Our plan was to make Rhonda look like a single, barely
legal teenager looking for excitement. We picked 7 pm
as the ideal time for her arrival. Rhonda tried on the

I couldn't believe how sexy she looked in it. There
couldn't have been a foot of material from when the v
shape dropped down in the front and the skirt ended.
The back of the skirt barely covered her butt. The top
just begged for someone to slip their hands down the
front to feel her breasts. I had thought about having
her navel pierced, but then changed my mind.

I came home on Friday to help Rhonda get ready. I asked
her if she was ready for the evening. She nodded, but
was a little nervous about having to go down the aisle
alone. I told her not to worry. I would be watching her
progress from the other aisle and would only be three
rows behind her. I asked if she wanted a drink. At
first she said no, and then changed her mind. So I
opened a bottle of wine I had purchased that day.

Before leaving she had downed the entire liter bottle.
She was back in her "feeling friendly" mood. On the way
to the movies I reached between her legs and found her
panties were already wet. I didn't have to put my hand
up her skirt because it was so short that when she sat
down her panties were exposed. I told her I didn't know
what Bob had in mind but to just relax and go with the
flow. She hugged my arm and said ok.

I forgot how young Rhonda looked but when she was asked
for her ID to get in the movie I was quickly reminded.
I gave her a quick kiss and waited until she started
down the left aisle to enter the theater on the right.
There were a few more people in the theater this time
ranging from about the fourth row on up to the back.
Everyone's head turned as they watched Rhonda walk down
the aisle and take up a position in the front. I could
see Bob's head and watched as Rhonda sat in the seat
directly in front of him. A short bit later I was two
seats behind Bob and slightly to the right.

At first nothing seemed to be happening, but then I saw
Bob lean forward and Rhonda nod her head. She slumped down
in her seat and leaned her head back against the seat.
I then saw her raise her arm and drop her hand into her
blouse. I wanted to get a better view so I moved from
my position to a position that was four seats to the
right of her in the front row. Some others took this as
a signal that they should be moving closer to the

Meanwhile, Rhonda is watching the movie and playing with
her nipples. A few guys moved into the row that Bob was
in and a couple more moved into the front row to the
left of Rhonda and me. She doesn't seem to notice the
activity around her as she concentrated on playing with
her nipples. Bob leaned forward and I see Rhonda move her
hands to her panties and she begins rubbing up and
down, More guys are moving to the front of the theater
as the sounds she is making matches those coming off
the screen.

Bob leans forward and Rhonda stands up. She moves away
from the seats until her back is against the stage.
This was my cue to move to the seat in front of Bob.
Rhonda begins to do a slow sensuous dance. The light from
the screen makes her completely visible to everyone in
the theater. Soon the first two rows are full of guys
watching Rhonda dance. She slides her hands up under her
top and starts to pinch her nipples. Her eyes are
closed and the expression on her face shouts pure lust.
The girl in the movies is being fucked from both ends
and her moans and the moans from Rhonda began overlapping.
She slips her arms out of the sleeves and slowly drops
the top of her blouse below her breasts and pulls it
down to her waist.

She now attacks her breasts with a vengeance. Her
shifting hips give occasional views of her pussy slit
through the panties she is wearing. She turns with her
back to the audience and continues pulling her top over
her skirt and down her legs, bending forward so her ass
is in full view as she steps out of her top. She turns
and begins running her hands over her panties until she
lifts up the front of the skirt and places her hand
into her panties. You can see her fingers in her slit
as she brings herself closer to climax. She removes her
hand only to start removal of her panties. She leans
forward and drops them to her knees, then points to one
of the guys in the front to come forward and take her
panties down.

With her panties off the guy tries to put his face in
her snatch but she pushes him away and leaves him
sitting there to watch the rest of the show. She is now
playing with her breasts and clit until Bob tells her
to lose the skirt. She reaches behind her, slowly
unzips the skirt and it drops like a rock to the floor.
She turns, spreads her legs and bends over, providing a
tantalizing view to everyone there. She then waves me
to her. While standing there she undoes my pants and
drops them around my ankles. Rhonda drops to her knees and
takes me in her mouth. I am really getting off on this.
She feels my orgasm building. She stops and pushes me
down on my back.

She drops down on my chest and buries her totally wet
pussy in my face. She is near her orgasm when she moves
down and impales herself on my erect staff. She points
to Bob and brings him down in front of her, unzips his
pants, puts her hand around the base of his cock and
takes him in her mouth. She continues riding my cock
and bobbing her head back and forth on Bob's cock until
we both unload.

Bob is so turned on he pumps so much cum in her mouth
that it is running out the sides of her mouth and
running down her chin. When she comes I think that
people in the street heard her. It was a first class
performance for an audience of total strangers. Bob
told everyone the show was over and Rhonda began to dress.

We helped Rhonda back on with her skirt and top and let
her cool down. She had not retrieved her panties so as
she stood there the cum ran down her legs. I picked up
her panties and put them in my pocket. As we made our
way up the aisle Bob asked if she had enjoyed herself.
She said much more than the last time. It was still
early so he asked if we would like to hit a couple more
spots. We agreed and left the theater.

The first stop was to an adult store that sold books
and various toys. We wandered around the store. Bob
asked if she saw anything that caught her interest. She
was non-committal so Bob picked up a dildo and vibrator
he thought she might enjoy. It was about 10:30 when we
got to this place that was really jumping. Again, Rhonda
got carded before they would let her in. The wine she
had d***k earlier had worn off. While we were standing
at the bar waiting for a drink, I casually reached
under her skirt and began playing with her bare pussy
again. She purred and leaned into my hand as I inserted
a finger. Bob saw what I was doing and said there would
be plenty of time for that as soon as he found us a

A four-person table way in the back finally came open
and we were seated. Rhonda had d***k a margarita while
standing at the bar so we ordered her another one to go
with it. All of the music being played was kind of fast
so we decided to just sit and drink. Bob put his hand
on Rhonda's leg and without thinking she swung her knee
over to him. Taking Bob's lead I reached under the
table for Rhonda and soon had her knee up against me. We
then began teasing Rhonda. Initially, the closest we came
to touching her pussy was her pussy lips. We avoided
her clit and her soon wide-open slit. Our hands went up
over the top of her slit and once in a while just
quickly touched her clit.

After about 20 minutes of this Rhonda was begging us to
quit teasing and to put our fingers into her. I ran my
hand up and down her slit once then pulled away. Bob
did the same. She was dripping wet. Bob then reached
into his pocket and withdrew the vibrator he had just
purchased. With all the noise around us, the sound of
the vibrator when he turned it on was not noticed. He
eased it up and inserted it into her pussy and closed
her legs around it.

She came instantly. He kept it in there and soon she
was having a second one. He removed it and asked her
how she liked it. She said it was fantastic so Bob gave
it to her for future use. Rhonda was on her third drink
when the announcer said it was time for the amateur
strip tease show. I handed Rhonda her panties and told her
to put them on. We were going to enter her into the
contest and we expected her to win. The winner was
usually a girl who completely stripped and put on a
show for everyone. Bob told her what he wanted her to
do and took her to the front table to sign her up. She
again had to show her ID.

Rhonda was the third contestant. The first girl had gotten
up, did a little bump and grind, stripped to her bra
and panties then quit. The second girl was more
inventive and finally completely stripped before
getting off stage. Rhonda was the hit of the show. First,
she looked too young to be there. Second, although her
dance routine was nothing to shake a stick at, the
crowd went wild when they saw her shaved pussy. They
started throwing money on the stage when she reached
down and started masturbating.

She ended the show by humping the pole in the center of
the stage until she had another orgasm. The fourth girl
said she couldn't top that and didn't perform. For her
efforts, Rhonda won $300 and another 50 plus dollars from
what was thrown on the stage. After that we decided to
call it a night. By now Bob was becoming a regular part
of our sex life. Rhonda was still not to wear any panties
and for the next weekend he had a real neat idea that
would not involve sex. By Monday I got a copy of the
pictures taken Friday Night. I wanted to show them to
Rhonda, but decided to wait for another time. Up to now
she was not aware she was being photographed. I didn't
want to spoil it now.

At dinner Tuesday Rhonda and I had a very serious
discussion. She was back at the point that she was
concerned I was thinking less of her because of her
activities. I stressed the fact that if anything I was
more in love with her now than anytime in our
relationship. She was surprised when I told her that
the girl I was really disappointed in was the stuck up,
catholic prude I had married. I explained that I knew
she was shy and naïve about sex when we got married,
but I thought she would grow out of it.

I explained that what I now had was a sexually exciting
woman who occupied my thoughts every hour. I now see a
girl who is beginning to achieve a sexual freedom
enjoyed by most males. I told her how excited I got
when I saw the effect she had on other men, knowing
that they could only dream of having her unless I said
otherwise, but I had the real deal. The smile on her
face was radiant. I finished by saying that sex was
supposed to be fun, something she seemed to be having
over the past few weeks. I asked her how her dress-
lifting episodes were going. She explained how the
first couple of days turned her face crimson because
she usually got the call when she was around a lot of
men. But soon she started to get amused by the shocked
expressions she would see and the embarrassment wore

I asked her if she would like to have fun with me
tomorrow. I told her about this story I had read on the
internet about a girl and her boyfriend on a train. I
asked her to come up to my office around noon and we
would go shopping for a couple of outfits I would like
for her to have and to take a ride on the metro with
me. I wouldn't tell her what I had in mind, just that I
thought she was now in a frame of mind where she might
get a kick out of it. She said that if that was what I
wanted she would be there. I was going to tell her to
shave all the hair off her pussy, but by now it had
become a daily shower routing.

The next day, promptly at 11, Rhonda showed up at my
office. We went to a mall a couple stops away on the
metro. We went from store to store until we found what
I wanted at The Gap. I was amused about the store's
name as it was so appropriate for what I wanted to do –
show Rhonda's gap. For today's adventure I selected a mid-
thigh pleated school girl skirt with a very loose
fitting v-neck button down blouse. It was the type of
blouse that when bent over gave a totally unrestricted
view of a girl's breasts all the way down to her waist.
While we were there I also selected a straight-lined
micro-mini dress that zippered down the back.

I told her to try on the skirt and blouse outfit, no
bra or panties. It was perfect. A pair of dark glasses
completed the outfit. I then explained my plan to her.
Since we were way before the rush hour the trains only
had a few riders and by selecting the last car we would
generally find the target I would be looking for. The
idea was that she would take the last seat at the back
of the train, kick off her heels and turn sideways in
her seat with her knees drawn up and skirt tucked in
under her. It was just the pose that would attract
attention without giving anything away.

With her sunglasses on she would lean her head back
against the window. And when I gave her the sign she
would let her head tilt as if asl**p and let the
rocking of the train slowly dislodge one leg so it fell
to the floor in front of her. Given the shortness of
the skirt and the bent position of her knee, her entire
pelvic area would become exposed when her leg dropped.
I would take it from there. She just had to remain
"asl**p". She thought the idea delicious and could
hardly wait to put it into action. She kept the skirt
and blouse set on and we went back to my office to drop
off her packages. The next stop – the metro.

We caught the blue line that would give us about a 45-
minute ride to the other part of the city. We boarded
the last car and Rhonda took the last seat in the back. I
took the seat in front of her. She got in position and
the train moved out. It only took a couple stops for a
person to board that took the seat directly across from
Rhonda. He looked to be in his fifties. He looked over at
Rhonda for a few seconds then began reading his paper.

I was hoping he would be on the train for a few stops
and I cleared my throat, which was the signal for Rhonda
to fall asl**p. I had turned in my seat with my arm
over the back admiring the cut of Rhonda's exposed legs.
The guy across tried not to notice, but I could see him
stealing glances from time to time. Rhonda did even better
than I expected. On one particular curve, she let her
outer knee swing over until it made contact with the
back of my seat. This caused an exposure much greater
than I expected with her leg on the floor.

I loudly inhaled which caused the guy to look over. He
had a much better view than I and he was completely
mesmerized. I changed my seat to be in front of him so
I could enjoy the better view. I commented to him about
how tasty the girl looked. He dropped the paper in his
lap to hide the erection that had popped up. I
suggested we wake her up, but he said why ruin a good
thing. I commented on the fact that she really looked
out of it.

I shifted back to my original seat and quietly tried to
awaken her by calling, "Miss!" Of course, she didn't
respond. I then told the guy I wondered just how out of
it she was, so I reached over the seat and put my hand
on her knee. No response. I lifted the hem of her skirt
so the whole thing dropped around her waist. Again, no
response. I then reached for the top button of her
blouse and loosened it.

The other guy was initially opposed to this, but
quieted down when I loosened the second, then third.
The train eased into the next station, but no one got
on. I took the opportunity when the train started out
to loosen the button on the skirt and pull the front of
the blouse out from the skirt. I then finished
loosening the buttons and spread the blouse wide open.
Rhonda was now complete exposed and I could see her pussy
opening and the moisture began to show.

I touched her breast and Rhonda let out a moan. The guy
was petrified she would wake up and begin yelling ****,
but when nothing happened he quieted down. I then
reached down and put my hand over her cunt and gently
pressed my middle finger into the opening that was
spreading wider. Rhonda responded with another moan and
moved her hand to cover mine. She squeezed her knees
together then released them. This time her leg dropped
to the floor.

I gently removed my hand from under hers and pulled the
skirt back up to her waist. I then placed my hand over
Rhonda's and started moving her hand back and forth. The
other hand I put on her breast. I then suggested we
move up to the center of the train and watch from
there. I offered the opinion that she would wake up in
that condition and think she had done it herself.

We of course could always testify to that affect if
ever questioned. As we left I whispered she was free to
get herself off, wake up when her orgasm began, then
realize where she was and begin a rapid recovery. It
happened just that way and when she sat up she looked
at us in a coy way. We both smiled. The guy got off a
few stops later and I went back to sit with Rhonda. She
commented on how much fun she had and said it was a
shame we didn't have pictures to remember it by. I told
her that was a great idea and that maybe another time
we could recreate it on film.

We reached the end of the line and started back. We
pulled it off one more time on the way back. When we
got back to my office, Rhonda said she was still excited
and locked my door. Disregarding the fact that the next
office building was less than 100 feet away and that my
blinds were open, Rhonda stood in the window and got
undressed. She pushed me in my chair and eased herself
down on my cock with her back to me, but facing the
window. The fact that no less than five offices noticed
her activities spurred her on. When she finished she
got dressed and said she would see me for dinner.

Bob called on Thursday and said we were on for the next
night. He explained that a friend of his owned a bar
and had come up with a unique idea for generating
business. He called it naked waitress night. The idea
was he had a couple girls come in on Friday nights, get
naked, and would draw and serve beers to their
customers. Their customers were not supposed to
manhandle the girls, but the older ones seemed to get a
grope or two in during the evening. He thought this
would be a good experience for Rhonda, besides it paid $50
an hour plus tips. I decided not to tell Rhonda about the
plan until we got to the bar.

When we did arrive at the bar, she saw the naked
waitress announcement and asked what that was all
about. I then proceeded to explain her role for the
remainder of the evening. The place was packed and the
cheers went up when Rhonda stripped next to the bar. The
owner showed her how to draw a beer and said she was to
take orders and deliver them to the tables in the bar.
She was free to be as friendly as she would like, but
that sex in the bar was not an option. He said the
friendlier she got, the bigger the tips.

Well for the next four hours, Rhonda and the other girl
working with her were kept hopping. Rhonda seemed to be
the favorite because she did not object when the guys
touched her breasts or ran their hands between their
legs. Once in a while she was invited to sit on
someone's lap that seemed to turn the both of them on.

By 11 pm Rhonda was visibly tired and I decided to call it
quits. I had taken many, many pictures during the
evening to add to my growing collection. Everyone
wanted her to stay, but we declined, collected our
stuff and departed. Rhonda counted up the money she had
and was amazed by the amount. She had received $200 for
the four hours she had worked, but had over $800 in
tips. The bills she received ranged from ones to
fifties. She was so pleased with herself she couldn't
stop grinning the entire way home.

I told her I was so turned on by what she had done to
the guys at the bar that I had to have her right there.
We stopped at an overlook. Rhonda got out of the car, laid
back over the hood of the car, put her feet up on my
shoulders and we satisfied our desires. I told Rhonda to
wait right there and went into the back seat to get my
camera. I took pictures of Rhonda laid back with her skirt
up and my cum running out onto the car. I then had her
do a strip for me, finally standing by the side of the
road waving at cars as they went by. Laughing, we got
in the car and went home before someone decided to call
the police.

Bob called early the next morning and talked to Rhonda. He
told her we were to meet him at a nearby metro stop. We
were going to tour the city and all she needed to wear
was her spring coat and sandals. He had already told me
to make sure I had an empty memory card because I was
going to get many photo ops. On the train into the
Capital he positioned her in the seat at the entrance
facing into the car. We sat in the seats opposite.

Every time one of us opened our legs, she was to do the
same and leave them open until we closed ours. We gave
her a book to read so it wouldn't be too obvious she
was doing it deliberately. At least a hundred people
got to look up her coat. It wasn't obvious she had
nothing on under the coat, but it was obvious she was
not wearing any panties. I took a number of photos and
I noticed others in the train taking photos as well. I
expect we will see some of those end up on the internet
one of these days.

Once downtown, we hit all the tourist spots. I ended up
with over two hundred shots of Rhonda at places like the
Lincoln Memorial, in front of the White House, the
Washington Memorial, inside the Smithsonian and
Hershorn Art Gallery. The shots I liked the best were
the ones Bob took of us fucking on the mall with the
Capital Building in the background. Before leaving us,
Bob said we had one week left and he had an idea he
thought would really be fun. I knew what was planned,
but Rhonda was left in the dark to guess what would be in
store for her.

We didn't have sex all week. Rhonda's sex drive had kicked
into overdrive and she had wanted it three to four
times a week. However, I wanted her to be really horny
by the time the weekend arrived. Bob called on Thursday
and said we were to meet him at 5pm at the same
restaurant in the mall where Rhonda had first been
required to show herself. He said he wanted her in
something really sexy and really short. I remembered
the micro-mini I had purchased for her that zipped down
the back and said I was sure it would fit the bill.

Rhonda commented that wearing that dress was like wearing
no skirt at all since it only came to the bottom of her
ass cheeks and might have been slightly below her
pussy. I laughed and said given everything she had been
required to do over the past eight weeks I was sure she
would do fine. I said I wanted to be there about an
hour early and suggested she stop in the store for
another pair of shoes. This time, when she sat down the
dress had no chance of staying down and her pussy was
on display the entire time she was being fitted.

As we made our way around the mall, everyone's eyes
were on her. Our trips up and down the escalators
created quite a stir. As the time to go to the
restaurant approached, I began running my hand up and
down Rhonda's back as we walked, occasionally running my
hands across her butt. Each time I ran my hand over her
butt I would ease the zipper up a notch. By the time we
got to the restaurant, a small portion of her butt
crack was on display. Bob had selected stools in the
same general area we were before only this time when
Rhonda sat down the zipper inched up again and people
behind us could see a small portion of Rhonda's exposed

We ordered wine and a sandwich. While sitting there we
each took a leg and began the routine Rhonda had become so
familiar with. We knew that it wouldn't be too long and
she would be begging for relief. Our efforts did not go
unnoticed by people below us. At one table was a group
of college-aged boys who obviously was enjoying the
show we were putting on. Randomly, Bob and I would
travel the distance between her inner knee to her
pussy, making sure we covered her slit from bottom to
top, each time giving her clit a little tap. Rhonda said
we had better stop or she was going to jump our bones
right there in the restaurant. We decided she was ready
for the next part of the evening.

Without bothering to zip down her dress, we made our
way out the mall. By the time we reached the car, we
had opened her dress to the middle of her back, leaving
her exposed from above the waist on down. At the car, I
took out a blindfold and put it over her eyes. I then
unzipped the dress the rest of the way and took it off
her. I put her in the front seat of the car and laid
the seat back. Bob got in the back behind my seat.

We drove around the beltway for a while with me playing
with her legs and pussy and Bob reaching over from the
back to tease her nipples until they stood out. He then
told Rhonda she was going to feel a pinching sensation,
but that it would soon subside. He then attached nipple
clamps on each breast with a small chain that went
between them. She initially cried out in pain, but soon
came to accept the pressure they were applying.

Without Rhonda knowing it, we arrived at our house. It was
just starting to get dark as we took Rhonda out of the
front seat and guided her in the front door and into
the downstairs guest room. We laid her on one of the
twin beds and had her stretch out her arms. Bob and I,
using sections of nylon rope I had prepared and tied
her hands to corners of the headboard. We said we were
going to play a game called, "I wonder who's eating her

We slipped off her heels, d****d her feet off the sides
of the bed and secured her ankles to the sideboards.
She was now bound and helpless. We removed the nipple
clamps and heard Rhonda's moan as the bl**d made its way
back into her swollen nipples. As Rhonda explained it
later, she was shocked when she felt a mouth on each
breast and suddenly one on each leg.

When she asked what was going on, I told her I had
invited a couple of neighbors and friends in to make
the game more interesting, but she would never know who
they were. They were sworn to secrecy. If they broke
their word, I would let their wife know what they had
done and show them the video I was making of this. She
then felt the bed shift and a fifth mouth start licking
at her pussy. I explained that each of us had picked a
number from one to five. We would each take turns by
number eating her pussy and after each of us had a
turn, one of us would return and continue her oral

I asked her if she wanted to play and she agreed. I
then told her that at each rotation we would mix up the
order. Only when she got the number right would she be
allowed to have an orgasm. We each took turns according
to our number, lapping away at her hole up to her clit.
Each of us was to take her to the edge of orgasm, but
stop when I signaled them. We wanted this game to
stretch out and prolong her pleasure/agony as long as
possible. By the time the fifth one was done, Rhonda was
begging someone to please finish the job. I told her
that would be a possibility, but first she had to get
the number right.

Number three returned and Rhonda was asked to guess. She
guessed wrong. We rotated and began again, only this
time, while someone was at her cunt, two of us were
sucking on her nipples. We went through the entire
rotation and she again failed to get it right. We stood
back and watched as she squirmed on the bed trying to
somehow get pressure against her swollen cunt.

On the fourth rotation she guessed the right number and
he was allowed to bring her to the first of what we
planned to be many orgasms that night. While all this
was going on, Bob and I were busy snapping pictures,
being careful to keep the heads of the other three out
of the picture. We got through two more rotations
before she guessed right again.

Rhonda was in a frenzy by this time, squirming and
thrusting her pelvic, but finding no one there. I said
that for a reward for guessing this time she could be
pleased orally or by being fucked. She asked for
someone to please fuck her. She needed to feel someone
inside. The individual climbed up on the bed and slowly
inserted his cock into her pussy. He slowly withdrew
then rammed his cock deep inside her.

I told him to stay still and told Rhonda that if she
wanted relief she would have to do the work. She asked
to have her feet untied, which we did. She wrapped them
around the guy buried inside her and began humping up
and down until he came. Unfortunately he came too
quickly and Rhonda was left hanging. Rather than tie her
legs back up, we held them open while we cleaned her up
and went through another rotation. It took two more
rotations before she guessed again and this time she
came before her rider did.

Rhonda didn't know it, but each time she guessed the
number, we removed the winner out of the rotation and
one of us took his turn. This game went on for a couple
of hours until each person had a turn with Rhonda. By that
time she was completely wrung out emotionally so we
brought the game to an end. After everyone had gone, I
untied her arms and removed the blindfold. She
immediately wanted to know who the other three guys
were, but I told her I had given my word that I would
not reveal their identity.

I knew this would leave her always wondering if one of
the people we were with socially was one of the guys
that night at the house. I asked how she felt. Her
reply was that she didn't know if she would ever come
off the high she was presently on. She said to make
sure I thanked Bob for a great evening. I told her not
to worry; we had many more adventures in store for her
into the foreseeable future.

We spent the next couple months in what we termed as
show and shock. We took every opportunity to show Rhonda
off. Her wardrobe now consisted of skirts and dresses
of almost every length made. One skirt I particularly
liked came about two inches below her pussy with laced
slits that went to her waist. We bought a variety of
blouses that ranged from gauzy transparent to very
loose scoop neck. We also went for some midriff tops
that came to just under her breasts. These especially
came in handy for when we would stand on the metro
during rush hours holding on to the overhead support
bars. Guys wouldn't offer their seats because from a
seated position they had an excellent view of the lower
half of her tits.

One particular metro trip stands out. Rhonda was coming
into the office with me to help me catch up on a lot of
filing I had not been able to get to. Since she was
coming into the office she dressed more conservatively,
that is a dress that was slightly lower than mid-thigh.
As is usual during rush hour we were packed in like
sardines. Rhonda and I were pushed up against each other
in the center aisle with our legs apart, holding onto
the overhead rail. About halfway to work she leans over
to me and whispers that someone put his hand on her

I casually looked over her shoulder and saw her butt
was directly in front of a guy who appeared to be in
his mid-forties. I whispered back that the next time it
happened she should lean back a little and open her
legs a bit further. A few minutes later I watched as
Rhonda executed my instructions. She whispered that the
hand had returned and was still on her inner leg. I
told her to pretend not to notice and see what happens.
In a low moan she whispered that the hand was making
larger and larger circles on her inner thigh and that
if he continued the guy would soon learn that she was
naked underneath. A sharp intake of breath and the
color coming into Rhonda's face said it all.

She started swaying a bit more than the train was
moving and whispered that his hand had found her pussy
and was rubbing up and down her slit. I told her to try
opening her legs wider without being too obvious and
maybe he would take that as in invitation to take it
further. Since the leg room was limited, she squatted
down a bit, leaning up against the guy playing with her
pussy. Her eyes suddenly closed and she said he had
inserted his thumb into her and that his index finger
was rubbing back and forth against her clit.

Rhonda suddenly closed her legs and trapped the hand
inside her. She then reached down between us, pressing
the guy's hand tighter against her clit. A few minutes
like this was all it took for Rhonda to reach her orgasm,
at which time she released the hand. She then turned
around and bent down to the guy who had just pleasured
her. When she turned back I asked what she had said.
Her response was that she told him, "Thank you, I
needed that."

We had one interesting incident at an out of town
restaurant. While sitting there playing with Rhonda's
exposed pussy we noticed that the attention of the
couple across from us never strayed, even when we
looked directly back at them. The guy leans over to the
girl with him, says something to her, and she gets up
to go to the restroom. When she returns, she sits with
her dress hiked up her thighs and proceeds to spread
her legs as wide as Rhonda had hers. The guy then does to
his girl what I am doing to Rhonda.

When my hand was on her leg, so was his. When I
inserted a finger in her pussy, he did the same to his
girl. It became a contest to see who could cause their
girl to climax first. Prior to leaving, they stopped by
our table and introduced themselves. They thanked us
for an entertaining meal and gave me his card if we
would like to get together sometime. We thanked him and
said we would think it over.

We started going to a local gym to tone up. I bought
her this outfit that consisted of loose fitting boxer-
type bottoms with matching tank top. When she sat at
the equipment her pussy was clearly visibly through the
leg openings and her breasts were visible through the
sleeveless top.

I bought a variety of bathing suits. In each one of
them I removed the inner lining. I really liked the
white bikini. It fit her like a second skin and
perfectly molded itself to her pussy, to include a
small crease into her slit that looked like a camel's
toe. When she came out of the water the suit looked
like those wet T-shirt contestants. It didn't take much
imagination to enjoy Rhonda's assets, but for some reason
I was still not able to get her to strip at the beach.
I had read a story about a type of bathing suit called
a wicked weasel.

At first I thought this was something someone had made
up, but a quick search of the Internet gave me an
address at, which proved they existed.
Without mentioning it to Rhonda I bought a couple of the
Lycra shiny models. I wanted to buy the sheer but it
was so obvious I didn't think she would go for it. I
had a lot of styles to choose from but went with a more
traditional style bikini but with a t-bar back. When
they arrived I checked them out. When dry they looked
like a regular suit, but when wet, they were completely
see through. We were planning an end of summer visit to
South Carolina and I was beginning to plan how to use

One other thing I bought was a remote control butterfly
vibrator. It was designed to rest directly on the clit
and had straps that kept it in place. I liked to have
her wear it when we went out to dinner with friends or
business acquaintances and took pleasure in watching
her try to act normally as her clit was receiving
strong stimulation. At the office I told one of the
guys who had played the guess who's eating me now game
what I had been doing. I told him she would be wearing
it at an upcoming office get together and agreed to let
him use it for a while.

Rhonda knew I liked to turn it on in settings she had to
control her facial expressions, but she was totally
taken by surprise when it went off while eating. It was
like she had touched an electrical wire and a grunt
escaped her lips before she could catch herself. She
was perplexed when she saw my hands on the table. After
she settled down I whispered that I decided to let
someone else drive for a while. He must have spent the
entire evening with it on. Rhonda's color ran red all
evening and she was constantly telling people she felt

The batteries were dead when I got the remote back and
Rhonda attacked me as soon as we got into the parking lot.
She simply undid my pants, raised the front of her
dress and jammed me into her. It was a simple case of
slam-bam thank you ma'am. She rode up and down on me
for all she was worth until her orgasm hit her. After
getting in the car, she said she enjoyed the evening,
but would prefer for me to keep the remote from now on.

As the end of August came on us, we finalized our plans
for the beach. I had shown Rhonda the bikinis I bought for
her and she liked them. She thought they were showy,
but not totally obscene. For some reason, she still had
hang-ups with nudity at the beach. We started out on a
Friday morning. We didn't want to be on road all day
and would find a motel in the middle of the afternoon
and enjoy some pool time. I asked Rhonda if she was going
to wear the sundress she had worn on two other
occasions. She said she had another she liked better.
It was shorter and had thin straps rather than the

I told her I was looking forward to the road trip. I
had the CB on and we were both listening to the traffic
on the channel 19. Rhonda had laid her seat back a bit and
had put her feet up on the dashboard. Her legs were
open, but the dress came down enough that she was
covered. As we went by on trucker, he blew his horn and
commented on the radio on what a foxy redhead he had
seen just pass. Rhonda put her hand out the window and
gave him a thumbs up. The trucker then tried hailing us
when he saw my CB antenna. I asked Rhonda if she would
like to answer. She was not sure how to go about it,
but quickly got the hang of it after a couple of tries.

The guy asked what her handle was and we quickly
selected "lucky lady" as her new handle. They chatted a
few minutes and soon others were joining in. The
trucker she was first talking to commented on what a
sweet set of legs she had and did they look that good
all the way up. She turned to me, told me to slow down,
and invited the trucker to pass. She said she would let
him judge for himself and give her a rating from 1 to

He gave us a big 10-4 and sped on by us. Rhonda then laid
the seat all the way back, pulled her dress up to her
waist, dropped her feet to the floor and told him we
were coming up on his left. When we got to his side we
matched his speed so he could get a good look. He said
she was definitely on the upper end of the scale but it
was hard to tell with her legs together like that.

Rhonda chuckled, put her feet back up on the dashboard
with one knee against the door and the other against
the center console. He said that on a scale of 1 to 10,
she was definitely a 20. He asked if the rest of her
looked as good as what he could see, which prompted Rhonda
to remove the dress and asked what he thought. You
could hear the hoarseness in his throat as he commented
that she had the nicest body he had seen in a very long
time. She thanked him and we continued on our way. Of
course, everyone else she had been talking to wanted to
know where we were located, and those that were ahead
of us said they could hardly wait for us to pass them.
Rhonda got a nice start on her overall tan that day.

At around 2:30 we pulled off the road and found a nice
hotel with a room facing the pool. We had a little
lunch and I suggested a swim. Rhonda decided to try on the
yellow suit I had bought for her and I could hardly
wait. On the way out to the pool I picked up the ice
chest with the wine coolers. It had been a hot drive
and Rhonda had already had a few in the car. At poolside
she continued to drink. She seemed to like the berry
flavored ones and sometimes forget she was drinking

We sat and chatted for a little bit then she covered
her front with oil and laid on her stomach to tan her
back. I untied the straps of the top and applied lotion
to her back, buns and legs, making sure to stop every
once in a while to reach up between her legs to stroke
her pussy. Because the back was a thong type with T-bar
triangle at the back she was able to get a lot of her
body exposed to the sun. One of the accessories she
took with her while lying out was her spray bottle that
she filled with water to cool her off from time to
time. I told her to just relax and when she wanted to
be cooled off to just let me know and I would squirt.
She thanked me for being so sweet. I noticed the hot
tub off the side of the pool and thought we might take
advantage of it later this evening.

The hotel we had selected was hosting some type of
special event and the place was filled. There were
about 8 to 10 people out at the pool and they kept
looking over at my wife who looked to be lying there
practically naked. Then the time came I was waiting for
and Rhonda asked me to cool her off. I sprayed her back
and suggested she turn over to avoid getting too much
sun the first day, which she did after securing her
top. She downed another wine cooler and laid back. I
handed her the eyecups she normally wore when she was
sunning on her back and proceeded to wet her down with
her spray bottle being sure to give a lot of attention
to her suit.

The result was more than I could have hoped for. Right
before my eyes the suit went from opaque yellow to bare
skin transparent yellow. Nothing was hidden from view.
Her nipples and slit were as visible as if she was
lying there without a suit. That started a regular
train of guys walking by our chairs. I reached into my
beach bag and removed my camera to get some shots of
her in her present condition making sure to capture the
expressions of many of her admirers.

When the suit dried it want back to normal so I made
sure I kept her wet down as much as possible. Rhonda asked
if she was getting red and I said she could probably
give it another 10 minutes then we should go in. I was
hoping the suit would be dry enough by then to hide
what I had done. After it had gone back to normal I
suggested we get ready for dinner and we did.

We found a little Mexican cantina near the hotel. Rhonda
started in on margarita while we nibbled on the corn
chips that were provided. Rhonda was in a good mood and we
had a good time just chatting. With dinner I ordered a
bottle of Mexican wine, which turned out to be fairly
good. By the end of dinner Rhonda had slipped past her
feeling friendly mood and was beginning to slur her

I remembered the hot tub and thought I might be able to
have some fun when we got back to the hotel. Prior to
leaving I ordered Rhonda another margarita and asked for a
double shot of tequila. We finished our drink and
headed out to the car. Rhonda wasn't too steady on her
feet and I had to hold on to her so she wouldn't fall.
Back at the hotel I suggested soaking at the hot tub.
Rhonda initially declined saying she was too tired and

I convinced her it would do her good and proceeded to
put her yellow suit back on. I grabbed a couple of
coolers and helped her out to the pool area. It had
gotten dark by this time and she almost fell into the
hot tub. I laid Rhonda's head back on a towel and got
another wine cooler down her. The combination of the
ride, the heat of the tub and the alcohol she had d***k
did her in and she passed out. In the position she was
in her nipples were at water level and clearly visible.
I decided to have some fun and reached under the water,
worked her bottoms off her and put them next to her

I proceeded to play with my wife's pussy, putting her
hand in my suit to hold my fully erect cock. Unbeknown
to me my actions had not gone unnoticed. We had been
there for about 5 minutes when a couple guys came out
and asked if they could join us. After a couple of
minutes I moved my towel over Rhonda's bottoms making sure
my actions were noticed. We talked for a few moments. I
explained that my wife had a busy day and was kind of
out it. They complemented me on her suit and I
explained what kind of suit it was and that my wife
wasn't yet aware of it. We all got a great laugh out of

It was then that I had a nasty idea. I told the guys I
had to go to the room to use the bathroom. I asked if
they would keep an eye on my wife and make sure she
didn't slip under water. They exchanged glances and
agreed to take care of her. When I got up and grabbed
my towel I took Rhonda's bottoms with me. Our room was on
the first floor and overlooked the pool area.

As I suspected, after I left, the guys had taken
positions on either side of Rhonda. I could see from where
her knees popped out of the water that each had a leg
d****d in between theirs, leaving her pussy about at
wide open as it could get. I got my camera out and
began taking pictures. I was afraid it would be too
dark, but found that the lights over the spa area
provided more than enough light to capture what was
going on. One of the guys reached behind her to until
the straps holding her top up.

He pulled on the straps on either side of her neck
until it looked like she was wearing a bowtie with her
breasts now completely exposed. The position of their
hands made it very obvious they were both working on
her open pussy. I wasn't sure how far this would go
until I saw one guy lift Rhonda up and set her on his
buddy's lap. The next thing I know is that Rhonda is
sitting on this guy's cock and being lifted up and down
by the guy in front. I took a few pictures of this then
decided to return to the spa. I made sure to make a lot
of noise as I returned into the pool area.

When I got to the spa, Rhonda was there alone with her top
floating on the water in front of her, but still
attached at the top. I guess I was supposed to think it
had just come undone by itself. I knew it was time to
get Rhonda to bed, but I couldn't resist the urge to take
a couple more pictures. I put a nearby chair behind
where Rhonda was sitting and eased her up out of the water
resting against the chair. I spread her legs and
removed her top. I called her name a few times until
she opened her eyes, then snapped the picture. When I
reviewed it, it looked like she was awake, just showing
off her goodies for the camera. I slipped the nightgown
I had brought down with me over her head and helped her
up to the room.

To cap the evening off, I took off the nightgown once
in the room, laid her spread out face up on the bed,
opened the curtains, turned on all the lights, and went
outside to take a few more pictures. A guy came by
while I was taking the pictures and stopped to admire
the view. I explained that my wife got d***k and I was
taking these pictures to teach her a lesson. He
chucked, said she really looked great that way, and
should probably leave her that way the rest of the

I said I would but the lights would bother me and I
wouldn't be able to get to sl**p. He asked if I minded
waiting until he got his camera and took a couple
souvenir shots. So I said sure and waited for him to
return. I took pictures of him taking pictures of Rhonda.
When I went in I shut off the lights and left her lying
there with the curtains open and the outside lights
spilling in. I went back outside and sure enough, she
was still visible if you took the time to look. A
number of people stopped as they wandered past the
window as the word got around. I was woken later by
what I thought was lightning, but realized someone had
just taken a picture through the window.

The rest of the trip to the beach was uneventful. Rhonda
stayed busy flirting with truckers on the CB to include
flashing a couple of truckers she thought were cute. We
arrived at the beach a little after noon and began
unpacking. As she was unpacking she found a couple of
extra items she did not remember packing. I told her
they were just a couple of beach things I had bought
for her and threw them in as a surprise.

One item was a pair of Capri pants that had cross
stitching from the cuff to the waist on each side and
the other was a short sundress that came about 4 inches
below her butt and had the sides secured by strings
that could either be tied tight together or as loose as
desired. As currently tied there was about a half inch
opening from under the arms down to the bottom with a
deep v cut neckline narrowing to thin straps over the
shoulder. I thought the dress was perfect for what I
had in mind. It was thin enough that a light behind her
would silhouette her perfectly, and I could only
imagine what it would look like with the strings let
out. And, of course, the presence of a bra or panties
would really look out of place.

The next day was our first day at the beach and Rhonda
decided to wear the white wicked weasel. She still
didn't know what happened to it when it got wet and I
was going to do my darndest to make sure didn't notice.
We found a perfect spot down from the place we were
staying and set up our beach mats. As skimpy as the
suit was, she got looks from everyone we passed as well
as everyone that passed us where we had parked

Rhonda commented on the fact that she enjoyed the
attention she was getting and thanked me for buying the
suits for her. I told her it was definitely my pleasure
and that I was proud of being with the hottest girl on
the beach. We had been laying out for about a half hour
when Rhonda said she wanted to walk up the beach a bit. I
used this as an opportunity to suggest we test the
ocean a bit to see how warm it was and then saunter up
the beach. We only went out to about our knees. As I
had hoped, the wave action had fairly well splashed us
from the waist on down.

When I had seen that the water had done its job, I
grabbed Rhonda by the hand and started up the beach. She
had adjusted the fit of the bottoms when she came out
but had never bothered to look down. The yellow one had
given a great view of her slit, but it didn't hold a
candle to what the white one did. The bottoms of the
white one seemed to disappear and for all intents and
purposes, Rhonda was walking up the beach naked from the
waist down.

The whiteness of the suit looked like tan lines. I kept
Rhonda occupied by pointing out different sights and she
never did realize the stares she was getting from
everyone we approached and passed were because of the
transparency rather than the skimpiness. By the time we
had reached our turnaround point, her suit was
beginning to dry so I suggested we cool off again by
stepping into the ocean. This time we went out and
splashed away in the ocean, going out to neck level.
When we returned to the beach for our walk back, both
top and bottoms were transparent.

I saw a lot of cameras taking pictures of us as we made
our way back to our blanket. We took another quick dip
prior to lying down with the same results. Rhonda still
had not realized what was happening to her suit. I got
out my camera, had her raise up on her elbows and I
took a few shots of what appeared to be my naked wife.
A guy from a nearby blanket came over and offered to
take a picture of us both together. I positioned her
sitting up with her arms around her knees and asked the
guy to make sure he got a good angle.

He understood exactly what I meant because the
resulting picture was a perfect shot of her entire
slit, as well as one breast. Rhonda lay back down and I
introduced myself as I retrieved my camera. I asked if
he would like to sit for a few minutes, which he jumped
at because it put him right next to Rhonda's knee where he
had a perfect view. He said he was with some friends,
but they were out at the flea market today. As we sat
there he watched the suit go from transparent back to
white opaque. He said he had never seen anything like
that before, but before he went any further I waved him
to the water away from Rhonda.

Once out of hearing range, I explained that Rhonda was
completely unaware of the fact what happened when her
suit got wet. He found this amusing, asked if we would
be out there again tomorrow and asked if it would be
all right for his friends to join us for a friendly
chat. I agreed and he asked if she would be wearing the
same suit again tomorrow. I said she would probably
wear the yellow one, which did basically the same
thing. I also casually mentioned that my wife got in a
friendly mood when she drank wine so I would probably
bring out an ice chest of wine coolers. He offered to
bring the beer.

We left shortly thereafter.

I told her the guy that had taken our picture asked if
he and a couple of his friends could join us tomorrow
for a few hours and that I said sure if it was all
right with her. As I suspected, she had no problems
with it. The next morning we went out for a Champaign
brunch at a local restaurant. I didn't know what might
happen, but I wanted to make sure Rhonda was in her
feeling friendly mood. She went through about six
glasses of Champaign but didn't realize it since I just
kept her glass full.

She was in a bubbly mood when we got back to the unit.
I told her it was almost time to meet the guys at the
beach and suggested she put her suit on while I went
out for some wine coolers. She surprised me when she
asked which suit she should wear. I told her she got so
many complimentary looks in the white one I thought she
should wear that one again. She said ok and would be
ready when I got back. When I got back she was ready to
go. I told her how really special she looked in her
suit and that I should find some in other colors and
styles. She thought that was fine. I am hoping I will
eventually be able to get her in an open mesh one I had
seen on the internet that even dry left nothing to the

We arrived at the same spot we were the day before and
were met by Gary and his two associates. Introductions
were made all around and we arranged ourselves in a
loose circle with the coolers in the center. I popped a
berry cooler for Rhonda and took the beer offered by Gary.
We joked around for about an hour when one of Gary's
friends suggested a dip in the ocean. Rhonda had downed a
couple more coolers and was feeling mellow by this
time. We all went into the water and splashed around in
the waves for a time.

Every time Rhonda stood up, her breasts were on display, a
fact appreciated by all of us. Once when she had swum
out a little, I heard one of Gary's friends comment
that when he heard about this suit he didn't believe
it, but he was definitely impressed with it and her.
Gary said that what he had already seen was nothing and
to wait until we got back to the blanket. Rhonda was still
in a good mood when we came out of the water.

As before, she simply adjusted her bottoms without
bothering to look down. The effect on the guys was
immediate. Each had a tent pole in his suit they tried
to hide as we seated ourselves. Rhonda sat Indian style
and pulled out another cooler. Rhonda didn't seem to
notice that no one could take his eyes off her crotch.
I asked the guys if they would gather around Rhonda and
let me get a couple of pictures. After that, Rhonda stood
and posed with her arm around each guy. Gary then
announced that he had rented a dune buggy and suggested
we pack up and go down the beach to this scenic spot he
had found with a pure white beach. So we packed up,
crowded aboard the buggy and headed out for the new

It was everything Gary said it would be, plus it was
secluded. We popped another round of drinks and by now
Rhonda was having a great time. We went back into the
water and when she came out this time she looked down
and saw what she had missed every time before. She was
initially embarrassed, but soon realized that she had
been on display most of the day and asked me why I
didn't tell her about the suit. I lied. I told her I
was as surprised as she was, but since she had been
having such a good time I didn't want to spoil it.

She finally accepted the situation and asked if
everyone had had a good laugh at her expense. We all
assured her that she looked great and praised her for
what a great figure she had. She said it wasn't fair
that she was the only one exposed, at which time all
four of us removed our suits. Rhonda followed. So we sat
there drinking, telling jokes, and generally having a
good time. Rhonda wanted some pictures of her and the
three guys and the guys each wanted one of them and Rhonda
alone. I used my camera and two they had brought with

After a while, Rhonda's eyes were starting to glaze over
and she began snuggling up to me, getting a little
frisky. I warned her to stop before she caught
something she wasn't chasing. She kept it up and soon
she was messing around with all of us. I told the guys
about a game we had played a couple months back and
asked if they would be interested. I got an
enthusiastic response. The only change would be that
when she guessed right she would get her reward and the
guy involved would get a hand job from Rhonda.

I didn't think it a good idea to be pushing anything up
into Rhonda's vagina because the sand could end up rubbing
her raw and that would ruin any fun I might have the
rest of the week. We found a cloth in the dune buggy
that served as a mask and two of us took turns holding
her arms down while the guy orally stimulating her
would hold her legs down. This game lasted well over an
hour. I told the guys on her arms that her nipples were
super sensitive and they should be working on them
while the appropriate selectee was buried between her

The game was just as much fun this time as before. Rhonda
had four whopper orgasms and each of us enjoyed the
thrill of both a blow job and hand job, and when it was
over; we took one last swim, put our suits back and
headed back. The blow job was Rhonda's idea.

I suggested we spend part of the next day cruising the
mall and maybe hitting the miniature golf place up the
street after we caught some early beach time. I
suggested she wear the new sundress I had bought her so
she tried it on to see how it fit. She liked the look
but thought the strings would have to be loosened to
give her more room.

I told her not to worry, that I would loosen them for
her. She didn't have any problem with the fact that she
wouldn't be wearing anything underneath. By now she was
used to it. What she didn't see was the view I was
getting as she stood in the entrance to the balcony.
The light, showing through the fabric, allowed a fairly
good view of her body parts. While the dress was still
on her I loosened the strings to allow for about a 3 to
3 and a half inch gap on each side. She said that felt
better and removed it before I could see the effect it
had. While she was taking a shower I loosened the
strings another inch from the waist on down. I didn't
think she would notice the change.

The next morning we went down to the beach early to
catch a few rays. While there we ran into Gary and his
friends. We declined his offer to go back to the
secluded beach saying we were going to get a little
shopping and golfing in. We all kind of BSed a bit with
Gary asking Rhonda if she was going in the water in her
yellow suit. She laughed and said catch her when she
has had a few drinks. We left the beach shortly before
noon, changed into the clothes we planned on wearing
shopping and headed out. As I hoped, Rhonda had not
noticed the increased gap at the bottom half of the

As I walked beside her I couldn't believe the effect
the side gap had. Under her arms it didn't make much of
a difference. I could see the beginning of the side of
her breast, which was to be expected. But the effect at
the bottom was something else. Each time she took a
step, the gap in the side swung in such a way that at
one step I could see across her entire front and with
the other her backside came into view. I was sure the
effect was the same on the other side. I didn't need
the thinness of the material to show her off, the side
openings did that in spades.

A lot of people that we passed in the mall were totally
unaware of the view that Rhonda's dress provided. But
those that did notice were brought up short staring at
the view they were getting. The view at the mini-golf
was fantastic because each time Rhonda lined up to hit the
ball, the front of the dress swung forward and from the
side she was completely exposed from her nipples to her
knees. Many, many people watched us as we made our way
around the course. I knew that this dress was a
definite keeper.

By now Rhonda was becoming more comfortable with the role
in which I was placing her. Rhonda had become a sexual
goddess, constantly looking for pleasure. She commented
on the appreciative looks she was receiving and the
enjoyment she was getting from seeing the reactions she
was having on people – the shocked look on many women
and the bulges showing up in the pants of the men. It
was not unusual to come home and find her completely
naked from doing housework during the day, something
that would never have happened before. Since Rhonda said
she was not into pain, we stayed away from S&M type

It was Rhonda who came up with our next adventure. We had
been surfing the net and came across a chat room where
a couple described how the guy's wife would be let out
of the car naked and she would have to make her way
back home without being seen. Rhonda thought about this a
while and thought it would make for an interesting

The next evening Rhonda got completely undressed, got into
the passenger side of the car and said she wanted to be
dropped up the street a bit. I took a couple pictures
of her seated in the car, then drove out of the garage
to a place a couple blocks away. I pulled to the side
of the road. When no one was coming, Rhonda got out of the
car. I took pictures of her exiting the car and moving
out into the yard of the house we had stopped in front
of. I then drove off, turned around down the block, and
pulled over to the curb to ensure her safety (although
she was not aware I was still around).

At first Rhonda kind of slinked from yard to yard, keeping
in the shadows and hiding whenever a car or pedestrian
came down the street. The most interesting pictures I
got were her crossing the intersection. Since there was
no place to hide, she had to dash across the street in
full view of whoever happened to be driving by.
Needless to say, her condition did not go unnoticed.
When she entered our block, I drove around to get in
front of her so I would be there when she got home. To
make it more interesting, I locked the doors so she
could not gain immediate access. She first came to the
back door, but I waved her away saying she should come
to the front.

At first she didn't want to, but I said that when she
was ready, just ring the front door bell and I would
let her in. It took a few minutes, but finally I heard
the ring of the front door bell. I went to the door,
turned on the porch light, then let her in. She said I
was a real bastard, but I could tell from her flushed
cheeks that she was really turned on. My fingers on her
pussy confirmed this. She quickly unbuckled my pants
and attacked me in the foyer.

Our sex was short, but intense with Rhonda having multiple
orgasms. She later explained how frightened she was at
first, but as time went on, how her fear was fueling
her excitement, especially the fact that what she was
doing was highly i*****l and could result in her
getting arrested. She suggested we needed to do
something like this again, but maybe away from the
house. I filed this away for future reference.

The next Saturday was my birthday and Rhonda asked me if I
wanted anything special this year. Without hesitation I
said that the greatest gift she could ever give me was
to be my sex slave for the entire weekend, Friday
evening through Sunday evening, to do whatever I
wanted, to who ever, where ever I wanted and when I
wanted. She thought about it for a couple of minutes,
then with a smile agreed. She would put herself
completely under my total control for the weekend. I
then told her I had some meetings out at Colorado
Springs Thursday and Friday and wanted her to go with
me. Since she rarely went on business trips with me she
lit up and happily agreed to go.

The trip out and the time spent at the Springs was
uneventful. Rhonda spent the days shopping while I was in
meetings and the evenings were taken up with business
socials that required my wife to put up a conservative
front. When not actively engaged in discussions, I
found my mind conjuring up various scenarios for the
week end from the mild to outrageous. The one thing I
did know was that on the flight back home I was going
to join the "mile high" club.

My final meeting ended at 5 pm. I called Rhonda to tell
her I was on my way back to the hotel and that when I
arrived her weekend as my sex slave would begin. I
wanted her bathed and shaved and ready for me. During
lunch I had stopped at the Gap and selected some
outfits for future outings. The outfit I selected for
the evening was a short blue sundress that buttoned
down the front and came a couple inches below her butt
with thin spaghetti straps to hold up a v-neck top.
Although not see through, the outline of her body could
be easily seen when backlit by the sun or a strong

When I arrived at the hotel, I could tell that not
knowing what was going to happen this weekend was
turning her on. She met me at the door wearing just the
white terry robe provided by the hotel. Our hotel room
was on the third floor facing the rear parking lot. I
told Rhonda to stand in front of the window until she
caught the attention of anyone. I didn't think it would
take too long since the Western sum had the room lit up
like a spotlight.

I noticed a couple of men who were walking toward the
hotel, one of whom pointed up at Rhonda's window. I told
Rhonda to very slowly untie her robe until it fell open.
This stopped the guys in their tracks, staring up to
see what was going to happen next. I then had Rhonda slide
the robe off until she was standing there totally naked
then begin to play with herself. She was to do this
until on the verge of orgasm, but was not to cum.

She initially closed her eyes, but I instructed her to
look directly at the men and smile as she rubbed
herself and slid fingers in and out of her pussy. Just
as she was about to cum I yelled at her to stop and
walk away from the window, leaving two very excited
watchers in the parking lot. Rhonda expected me to let her
finish, but I told her that her relief would be
forthcoming soon.

I gave Rhonda the blue sundress I had purchased for her
and told her to put it on, but not to wear any bra or
panties. With her hair up in a ponytail, the results
were startling. She looked exactly like a very hot
teenager. Her nipples were clearly visible and her legs
seemed to go on forever. I gave her nipples a quick
squeeze and found her pussy to be complete drenched. I
had her lay back on the bed and buried my face between
her legs. I licked, nibbled, bit and thoroughly enjoyed
bringing her close to orgasm, then backing off. I did
this time and time again, each time enjoying hearing my
wife begging me to finish what I had started. When I
felt she was sufficiently aroused I got up and told her
it was time for dinner.

While we were sitting at our table enjoying our drinks
we saw the two guys from the parking lot enter the
dining room and sit a couple tables away from us. One
of the guys noticed Rhonda and from the way he looked at
her and pointed her out to his companion it was obvious
they recognized her as the girl in the window. I
mentioned this to Rhonda and told her to look over at them
and give them a smile. I was curious as to what their
reaction would be.

I watched them as they discussed what I was sure was
what they should do, until one of the men approached
and introduced himself. He seemed a bit nervous as he
explained he had seen Rhonda standing in the window and
asked if we minded him and his friend joining us for
dinner. I told them that we would be happy to have them
join us. Since Rhonda and I were seated across from each
other, they took the chairs on either side of Rhonda. I
asked if they had enjoyed Rhonda's show to which they
eagerly said yes.

I explained that this weekend was my birthday and that
my gift from my wife was that she would be my sex slave
for the weekend. They thought I was putting them on so
I had Rhonda confirm what I had said. The guy to my right
was named Steve. I asked if he wanted proof. When he
said he did I told Rhonda to open her left leg. I told
Steve to put his hand on her knee. When he did, Rhonda
didn't move. I told him I had told my wife she could
not wear any panties and asked him to verify she had
followed my instructions.

Steve's mouth dropped open, but took the opportunity to
run his hand up her leg until Rhonda's intake of breath
told me he had reached her pussy. As Steve played with
her I invited his associate to help himself to the
other leg. Rhonda opened up and soon had two sets of hands
playing with her legs and pussy. When I saw she was on
the edge of orgasm I had them stop. I told them I did
not want her to cum yet, but if they were free for the
evening we could have fun with Rhonda as our sex toy. They
of course accepted.

Throughout dinner I had Rhonda keep her legs open and
invited both guys to help themselves; however if they
took her over the edge, their evening was over. By the
time dinner was over, Rhonda was again on a sexual high.
Her cheeks were flushed red and she was squirming in
her seat, a sure sign she was totally aroused. I asked
the guys what we should do next and both said they
would like to take her to the room and fuck her. I told
them how boring that suggestion was and that I had a
better idea in mind. I had this place in mind that I
thought they would enjoy if they were up for it. They
paid the bill and we got up to leave.

Walking out of the hotel to the car drew everyone's
attention. Rhonda begged me to let her get herself off,
but I refused and said she would be sorry if she did
before I said it was ok. I was amazed at how aroused
she was. I put her in the back seat between Steve and
Fred and had her d**** her knees over each of their
legs. I once again invited them to enjoy themselves,
but to remember she was not allowed to cum until I gave
the ok.

When I looked in the rear view mirror, they had slipped
the top down to her waist to meet the bottom of her
dress which was also at her waist. As I drove along,
the sounds coming from the back seat told me everyone
was enjoying them selves. They were both vigorously
attacking her breasts and pussy, while they had removed
their cocks and had her jacking them off. I told them
that Rhonda really enjoyed sucking cock and that she would
be happy to accommodate them, which she did.

A few miles out of town I pulled into a little shopping
area that had an adult superstore I had visited the day
before. I reminded Rhonda that she was my sex slave and of
her promise to do whatever I said. By now I could see
that the only thing that Rhonda really wanted was to get
some relief from the constant arousal she was getting.
We all walked into the store and began scanning the
shelves. There were three or four other customers in
the store who took an immediate interest in my wife.

We went to one of the side aisles and I told Rhonda to
reach up on the top shelf and get one of the videos for
me to read. She had to stand on her toes and when she
reached up, her dress raised to expose the bottom half
of her ass. When I told her to put it back, she had an
audience of six who watched the show. I then moved to a
position where everyone in the store could see and told
her to get me a DVD off the bottom shelf. When she
started to squat down to retrieve it I stopped her and
told her to bend over at the waist to retrieve it. Of
course, this resulted in her entire butt and pussy
being exposed and the intake of her breath told me the
effect of bending had on her clit.

After having her put the DVD back we continued looking
over the products. I took her over to the vibrators and
had her pick up a few, having her fondle them like they
were the real thing. After picking out a couple I told
the owner that the day was my birthday and that my wife
was my sex slave for the weekend. He helped me pick out
a slave collar for her to wear and suggested that I
might want to check out the back room for a bit.

I already knew about the glory hole arrangement he had
in the back and agreed it might prove interesting since
my wife had been begging me and my friends for sexual
relief. He asked if she would really do whatever I
said. I turned to Rhonda and asked if there was anything
she would not do if I asked. She said no. The owner
asked if he could feel her breasts and I said to go
ahead. He came around the counter, slipped the straps
off her shoulders until her breasts were exposed, and
began fondling her breasts.

I could tell how this turned her on. He pulled the
straps back up and told her to raise the hem of her
skirt to give him access to her pussy. When she did he
immediately noticed how red her labia were and
mentioned he had never seen a clit so ready for action.
I told him what we had been doing and the effect it was
having on her.

With my permission he began playing with her clit. The
effect was immediate and Rhonda started an orgasm she
could not hold back. When she was finished I reminded
her that she had disobeyed me and needed to be
punished. I turned to the owner and asked him to select
a paddle for me. I pulled over a stool and told Rhonda to
put her elbows on the stool. Once she was in position,
I lifted her dress until it d****d around her neck like
a scarf, leaving her completely exposed from the
breasts on down. I then proceeded to give her a
spanking for disobeying me. Once her butt was a rosy
red I stopped and had her stand up until her dress
dropped back down to cover her. She had tears in her
eyes and promised to be a better slave in the future.

The owner said that a short stint in the back room was
just what the doctor ordered. I led her to the back and
entered the room that was about five by six with
mirrors on the upper half of the walls on three sides
and about a four to five inch hole in the two smaller
sides adjacent to the door. I told Steve and Fred to
take the booths on either side of us. I sat opposite
the door and told Rhonda to remove her dress.

A few minutes later we heard someone enter the room on
one side, followed by about a seven inch cock and balls
being inserted into the hole in our room. I told Rhonda
she was to fondle the cock until it was hard, then to
start jerking him off until he came. She reached over
and began doing what I had directed. I heard someone
come into the opposite booth so I had her move back to
the center of the room so she was accessible from both
sides. She continued playing with the first guy's cock
while an arm reached in and began playing with Rhonda's

I told her to stand up and bend over to suck on the
first guy's cock while the second guy was given free
access to her pussy to play with. I told her she was
free to cum on his fingers while finishing off the
first guy, which she did with a very loud muffled
scream. A limp dick was removed soon to be replaced by
another which was longer and fatter. I told her to push
the new dick back out the hole, turn around and put her
pussy up against the hole. I could tell when the new
dick was inserted into Rhonda's hole by the pleased
expression on my wife's face. She began rocking back
and forth on the new cock while sucking on the guy that
had given her the orgasm.

It only took a few moments for Rhonda to reach her next
orgasm and continued to work on both guys until each
came. Two more cocks appeared and while sitting on my
erect cock, brought each off with her mouth. After I
pumped my sperm into her I decided she had had enough
for now and didn't want her too sore and ruin the rest
of the weekend I had planned for her. I picked up her
dress, put it over my shoulder and told her to follow
me out to the car, being sure to smile and thank
everyone on the way out. As we left they cheered for
Rhonda and asked her to return real soon.

When we got in the car, Rhonda put her dress back on and
we headed for the hotel. I asked how she felt. She
admitted she was a little frightened at first, but once
she got into it had really enjoyed herself. I asked if
she would like to do something like that again some
time and she said it was a very distinct possibility.
When we arrived back at the hotel I had Rhonda thank the
guys for a wonderful time and we retired to our room.

Sunday morning she asked what was next so I told her
that I had volunteered to host my poker group that
evening and she would be there to serve drinks and
stuff. I said I had bought a special outfit for her to
wear and promised it would be a very exciting evening.
I told her to take a relaxing bath and to take a nap so
she would be fresh for the evening.

There are six of us that try to get together every
month for a friendly game of poker. We were supposed to
meet this month at one of the other guy's house, but I
got the game shifted to my place. I said I had a
surprise to show them I thought they would enjoy. The
game got started and everyone began asking about the
surprise I had promised. It was then that I called Rhonda
into the room. Their eyes about popped out of their
head when they saw Rhonda in the French maid outfit I had
her in, complete to the push up bra and frilly panties.
I told them that the day was my birthday and Rhonda had
agreed to do whatever I asked of her for the day. One
of the guys was skeptical and told me to prove it.

I told Rhonda to go over, sit on his lap and give him a
really friendly French kiss which she did. Another said
I should have her put on a strip show for us, but I
told him all in good time. Rhonda took our drink orders
and disappeared back into the kitchen. I promised them
a very good evening providing that whatever happened
there stayed there. Of course, they all agreed. When
Rhonda returned she began serving the drinks, being sure
to bend over at each person's place giving them a good
view of her breasts that were exposed to just above her

A couple of the guys ran their hands up and down her
leg and commented on how really hot she looked. It was
at that point that I called Rhonda over, reached under her
extremely short shirt and apron and removed her frilly
panties. This almost complete exposed her butt. Rhonda
blushed a bit and did a little curtsey. I then pushed
down the front of the bra so her breasts sat out on the
bra with her perky nipples sticking straight out. I
then laid down the rules for the first part of the
evening. We would play out a hand and Rhonda would stand
next to the winner of the hand while the next hand was
played out.

The winner was free to let his hand wander where ever
he wanted, but was not allowed to let Rhonda reach orgasm.
I had Rhonda lift up her skirt and showed how the
excitement of the evening was affecting her clit and
said that in this state she was very, very sensitive so
act accordingly. The game began. For the next half hour
Rhonda was teased in everyway possible. Her breasts were
caressed, squeezed, and nipples pinched. Her pussy and
ass were fully explored to the point that her slit was
spread wide open and clit sticking out like a large
pencil eraser. Rhonda reached the point of orgasm a dozen
times, but was never allowed over the edge.

When I thought the time was right, I had her do a
really sexy strip tease. By the time she was finished
everyone at the table was sporting a tent in his pants.
We continued the game for a couple more hands until I
told Rhonda to sit on the edge of the pool table. I told
her to spread her legs wide open and begin playing with
herself until she came. I then laid her back on the
table and everyone gathered around. I had two guys
start sucking on her nipples and positioned another
between her legs and had him start licking her clit
until she came. Everyone wanted to take turns fucking
her. I asked Rhonda how she felt about that but all she
said was that my wish was her command.

Everyone took turns fondling, licking, and sucking to
their hearts content. I then took her off the table and
told everyone to get undressed. Everyone was obviously
excited and I pointed out to Rhonda the effect she was
having on everyone there. I then had her pick out two
of the guys. She bent over to suck on the first guy and
the second one began fucking her doggy style. When they
were finished, two more took their place. When they
were finished I had her lay on the carpet for the fifth
guy to raise up her legs and enter her from above. Rhonda
reached out and grabbed two of the guys and started
jerking them off while the other two played with her

I have no idea how many times Rhonda came, but it almost
seemed continuous. It appeared that Rhonda had as much fun
at this as each of the guys and when everyone had been
satisfied I told her she could leave and I would be
with her shortly. I ended the game and ushered each
out. It was then my turn. Even though she had more
orgasms than I could count during the evening, it
didn't take long until she was screaming my name and
shouting, "Yes... Yess! YESSS!" We fell asl**p in each
others arms. It was a birthday I will never forget.


The next morning I told her how much I had enjoyed my
birthday present and just how much I truly loved her.
She said that except for the spanking she had a
fabulous time. She had never realized just how turned
on a person could get and the intensity of her orgasms
were beyond anything she could have imagined. She was
curious what other adventures I might have in store for

I promised her I would give it considerable thought. I
asked if there was anything she would not do if I
asked. She said she was putting her complete trust in
me, confident that I would never ask her to do anything
that would put her in danger. Beyond that, anything

Over the next few months we tended to fall into much of
the same things we had done in the past but it never
seemed to lose the flavor of excitement we had savored
when first attempted. We almost got kicked of the ski
slope when Rhonda thought it would be neat to ski topless
and the pictures I got of her as a naked snow angel
were priceless.

I now had the wife I had always dreamed about.

95% (112/6)
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5 months ago
Way too long. My attention span just isn't that sharp this morning.
6 months ago
Awesome story, if is real is perfect ;)
7 months ago
I couldn't read this all the way through; I skipped about, hoping things would be made right. Being a prude is not desirable, but this? I just can't understand enjoying such a deep betrayal and degradation of someone one claims to love, or wanting to be their pimp. The storyteller claims she began to want and enjoy it all, but one adapts to what one is forced to do when caught in a no-win situation with no acceptable alternatives. It's often aided by drugs and alcohol, as was the case here. This whole idea of it being against her will makes me shudder. I truly hope this is an entirely fictional story. We've all got our dysfunctions, but ... really? I'm just saying, I shouldn't have read any part of it.
1 year ago
Loved the story, would love to have my wife change in this way.
Very entertaining
1 year ago
firstly I am no prude but drugging the lady? drink? lost the will to live by the halfway mark, sorry
the whole job like the curates egg was good in parts.
1 year ago
Loved the story, I have shown my wife for truckers and others in restaurants but never had to get her drunk first. She was always horny and would let me do as I pleased.
1 year ago
For a fantastic lady who loves her man dearly, she doesn't seem to get the resspect that she deserves!
2 years ago
Now that's a GREAT!! story.
2 years ago
Great Story! A few problems we found: We had to stop reading and play with each other so many times!!!

I have been fucked in the front seat of a Firebird
at 4 in the afternoon, and a few more public places. I love it when me and hubby take car trips...
2 years ago
Great work...our hands cramped up a couple of times before we got through it..
2 years ago
This excites and embarasses me at so many levels and I cam reading it more than once. Thank you for sharing; it has given me several ideas. Just glad I don't drive near any American truckers!
2 years ago
Great story for as long it was. Constant arousal - very good.
3 years ago
Thank you very much for this story.
Didn't need to read it completely to come already! :)
Thanks for writing and postung!
3 years ago
Fantastic story. Glad she didn't become an alcoholic during the early training lol. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Great story but kinda long!! Are you two still in the DC area?
3 years ago
awesome i know right where in the coloraso springs area you were
3 years ago
Very good
3 years ago
WOW!!!Fantastic story!!!