Taking Tiff Camping

It was a warm summer day, and Tiffany's parents decided to go camping for the weekend. When they got to the campground, they made the tent and started to swim in the lake and play some games. Tiffany's dad, Bill, watched his daughter swim. He had not seen her much lately, and was glad that they could spend some time together. Her mother was fixing dinner while Tiffany and Bill swam together. As he looked at her in her bikini, he started to see her in a different light. She was maturing into a beautiful young woman, and he thought about what she would look like naked. As he dreamed of her, he began to get an erection in his shorts. Tiffany swam up behind him, and grabbed his neck.

As he swung around, they bumped close to each other. She felt his hard cock up against her leg, and suprisingly said, "What is that Dad?" Bill told her he had an erection, and he had got it while swimming. "God it is so hard!" Tiffany said. Bill told her that is the way it gets when a man gets horny. He wanted her to touch it, but could not think of a way to get her to. Finally, he had an idea. "Tiffany, it will embarass me if I get out of the water like this" he said. "Will you rub it for a minute and make it go down?" Tiffany looked at him like he was crazy, but after he asked her nicely again, she thought she would try.

He told her no one would see in the dark water, so he pulled down his swimsuit and she began to rub his dick. "Now hold my balls with one hand, and pull on my penis with the other" he told her. Tiffany did as he said, and after a little while, it began to shrink. "I DID IT!" Tiffany yelled. Her dad covered her mouth, and told her to keep it a secret. With them being in the water, she could not tell he had cum while she masturbated him.

Later on that night, Tiffany's mother started feeling sick. She decided to go back to the house and get some medicine. Tiffany was upset, but Bill was delighted.

She would be gone at least 2 hours, and he knew what he wanted. After dark, Tiffany and her dad sat around a campfire, and they began to talk. She wanted to know why rubbing his penis like that made it go down. He told her about what happened, and she began to turn red. "But dad, I'm not old enough to turn a grown man on like that!" she said. Bill explained to her that she was built very well, and that she is very pretty. Wanting more of what he had, he asked her if she would like to see what it does when it cums. Tiffany was shy, but told him she would. So they went inside the tent, and pulled it closed. He told her that she would have to get it hard before it would do anything. Tiffany asked how could she do that, and he asked her to take off her top. "DAD!" she yelled. "You want to see my tits??" Bill told her that it would probably get hard faster if she did, and if she wanted to masturbate him again, then she would have to.

She slowly untied her top, and lowered it down. Her tits were small, with very little nipples, only about the size of nickles. Bill took off his pants, and had on nothing but a shirt. Then he reached out and touched one as she looked at him. He was trying not to get hard yet, because he wanted to see more of her. "Tiffany, it is not hard yet, and mom is about to come back. If you take off your bottom, I KNOW that will get me hard. I really want to see you naked". Tiffany was scared a little, but was very curious about this cumming thing. So she stood up, and Bill helped her pull down her suit. Her pussy had a light patch of brown hair on it. "That is one pretty pussy" he told her.

Tiffany blushed as his dick began to get hard. "Now rub it while I touch your breast, and that should do the trick" Bill told her. Tiffany reached down and began to jack off her dad as he massaged her breast. After a little bit, her nervousness was gone, and she began to enjoy the sensation he was giving her. Part 3-- After a few minutes of touching, he began to slowly lower his hand down her stomach. She was feeling funny between her legs, and as he got to the top of her pubic hair, she stopped rubbing him. "It's okay, I won't hurt it" he said, as he reached under her crotch. She was wet already, and began to naturally spread her legs. He opened up her pussy and began to insert a finger into it.

Tiffany laid back and said, "Oh GOD, that feels good dad! Can you do it some more?" Bill told her sure, and had her lay on her back. He got between her legs, and began to massage her clit. He then inserted his finger back into her. Tiffany arched her hips and moaned. She bent her knees up and pulled them to her chest. Bill started to vigorously finger her as she moaned more and more. Tiffany was biting her lip, so Bill told her, "It's okay Tiffany, no one can hear you. Let it out, and let me know how it feels." That was what Tiffany was hoping he would say, so she began to let her emotions out. Part 4-- Tiffany yelled, "Oh shit dad, holy shit. This feels so good. Don't stop!! Finger me, finger me! Finger my young pussy!! Oh god don't stop!" Bill could not stand it anymore, he was about to cum himself. So he pulled out his finger, and grabbed her knees. "What's wrong did my cussing bother you dad?" Tiffany asked. "Hell NO!" Bill said. "I just want to show you what feels even better!"

Bill laid over Tiffany, and reached between his legs. She suddenly felt something inserting into her vagina, much bigger than his finger was. As he rammed his cock into her body, she yelled in pleasure again. "Oh YES, this is great. More more more!!" she screamed. Her dad wanted to get dirty with her, and wanted to show her how he liked her to talk when he fucked. "Your young pussy is so good baby. It's wet and tight and almost bald. Make your daddy cum tonight. Let me fuck you till I explode!!" he yelled. Tiffany joined back with him, and between moans and panting screamed, "Fuck me daddy.

Fuck me hard. Oh god keep that dick inside my cunt. Keep fucking me! Don't stop!" Bill rolled them over, and Tiffany got on top. She rode his dick like she had done this a thousand times before. "Look baby, your all the way on to my balls. Your mother can't even do that" Bill said. "Keep that tight pussy on me. Keep fucking your Daddy. Your young body is such a turn on. I want to fuck you all night!"

Tiffany just panted as she bounced up and down. Suddenly, he knew she was having an orgasm. She panted and yelled, and her pussy began to tighten more than ever. As she began to slow, he told her he was about to cum himself. He helped her off of him, then she grabbed hold of his dick and began to masturbate him again as he cummed into the air. She giggled, and kissed the tip of his cock as the last drop shot out. Conclusion-- Tiffany and her dad laid there for a few minutes together naked, then heard a car pull up.

They threw on their clothes, and when her mother entered the tent, they acted like they had been playing cards. "Mom!" Tiffany said. "Tomorrow if you get time, will you go back to the house to get my other suit?" Her mom told her yes, and her dad smiled at her. She knew what SHE wanted now! Chapter 2, Part 1-- The next morning, the f****y got up and ate breakfast. Tiffany kept on her bathing suit that her dad liked her in so much. Her mother, deciding that they would stay another night for sure, didn't mind driving back to the house one more time. She knew Tiffany would want to change suits.

Shortly after lunch, she left the dad and daughter couple alone. It would take a little longer for her to return, as she was going to get them some supper for that night. Tiffany's dad asked her if she would like to go hiking, so she put on her shoes, and grabbed some clothes. "Just keep your bikini on, dear" he told her. "I want you to prance around in it for me". Her dad grabbed the video camera, and off they walked down the shady trail. It was a warm day, but not too hot. There were several people out walking the same trail that they were. Bill was proud as he noticed every guy passing taking a second look at Tiffany. His little 15 year old was turning some heads today, just like she did his last night.

After about a mile, Bill saw a small path that led off into a wooded area.

He and Tiffany left the main trail, and went exploring together. It was a typical dad/daughter day, the two of them having fun together, when they stumbled across a cave. It was on the side of a large hill, and was very dark. "COOL!" yelled Tiffany as she ran to it. "Daddy, tape me in front of this!" she said. Bill told her he would, and turned the camera on. She talked about the cave, and how they had "found" it. After a few minutes, with the camera running, Tiffany noticed Bill had an erection in his shorts. "DAD! Your dick is hard again!" she yelled. Tiffany began to act as sexy as she could for the camera. She danced around, and talked nasty to her dad. "Oh, I'm a star now. Look at me on tape.

Let me do a show." Bill looked around to see if anyone was watching, and told her it was clear. Tiffany didn't hesitate to continue. She untied her top as Bill kept the camera rolling. "Remember these tits from last night Daddy?" she said. "Oh, look! My nipples are hard again already! Let me show you some more." Tiffany turned away from Bill, and pulled her suit down from over her ass. "Look at my ass daddy! See my tan line?? Is that sexy?" Bill's voice could be heard on the tape saying, "Oh yes, baby. Very sexy!" She pushed the bottom of her bikini to the ground, and stepped out of it.

She then looked over her shoulder, and said, "Ready to see my private daddy? Want to see my pussy again?" Bill answered yes, so Tiffany turned back around toward him. He zoomed in on her cute, young pussy. "This is what you got into last night in the dark" she said. "Did you like how it felt around your cock when you shoved it into me?" Bill just filmed as she teased him more and more. Suddenly, they heard voices coming down the trail. Tiffany grabbed her suit quickly, and jumped into the cave. She put it on, and came out just in time. An old couple walked up and asked them how they were doing. Bill replied fine, then he and Tiffany left. As they walked down the trail, Bill couldn't help but tell her, "Little girl, you really turned me on back there.

I was just about to put this camera down, and come over there and fuck you again." Tiffany giggled and told him to be patient. "We have the camera, so we can do lots of fun things!" she said. Part 3-- Tiffany and her dad returned to camp, and decided to go swimming. Tiffany told him, "Hey, let me see if I can get someone else as hard as I do you daddy. PLEASE!!!???" Bill asked her what she had in mind, so she told him, "You just hide right here behind this tree, and video me on the sand next to the water. I will do the rest." Tiffany went to the beach with her towel. She found a man about her dad's age, that was sitting there with his wife. Tiffany laid about 10 feet away from the man on her towel. Bill started filming her, then him. He could see the man looking out of the corner of his eye at her. "What a pervert" he thought.

Tiffany rolled over onto her stomach, and reached to her back. She untied her top and let it fall forward. She laid on her chest as the man started to look harder. The gentleman's wife, not hardly noticing Tiffany, just laid there with her eyes closed. Wondering what she would do next, Bill was surprised when she rolled over. Her little tits jiggled out into the open for only a second before she covered them back up. "OOOps" she told the man. He licked his lips as Bill noticed his erection growing. When it was to full size, Tiffany got up and walked back to Bill. "How was that?" she asked. Bill was embarassed, but informed her it was a real turn on for him to watch her do that. "That was cute" he told her, as they returned to the tent.

When they got back to the tent, Tiffany asked her dad if he had anything in mind till her mother returned. "Well, I sure would like to get some more of that pussy I had last night.

You fuck so much better than your mother does" he said. Tiffany laughed and told him, "Then come and get some!" as she untied her top. Bill turned the camera on, and watched his daughter undress for him. He moved the camera up and down her body, getting every inch in a closeup. Tiffany laid down on the floor, and told him, "Set that thing over there, and let's have some fun!"

Bill sat the camera on a box in the corner of the tent. He aimed it toward Tiffany, and told her, "I want to film this so I can watch it later". Tiffany didn't mind, but made him promise not to show it to anyone. He agreed he would not, and pulled down his pants. As the camera caught all the action, he went to her and laid down close. Bill began to rub Tiffany's body up and down, squeezing her flesh as he kissed her neck. His erection grew quick, and Tiffany knew he was ready. She rolled Bill onto his back, and crawled up to his face. "Want to eat it daddy?" she asked. Bill knodded yes, as Tiffany lowered her crotch onto his mouth. After several minutes of licking, Bill knew she was ready to fuck again.

Her young pussy was dripping wet, and hot as it could get. "Lay on your stomach" he told her. Tiffany got off of him, and did as she was told. Bill got on top of her, and spread her legs wide. He put his full weight on her, then worked his cock up to her entrance. "Ready?" he said, as he pushed it in a little. Tiffany moaned and rocked on her belly. "Oh yes, daddy. Oh god yes. Deeper please, put it in deeper." Bill could not wait anymore, and shoved it into her deep. He raised up, and got on his knees. Tiffany's hips naturally went up following his cock. She was now on her hands and knees, ready to get it hard and deep. Bill grabbed her hips and began to fuck her with long, steady strokes.

He would pull it all out, except for his head, then slam it back into her. As he got faster, Tiffany moaned and yelled louder. The louder she got, the more he gave it to her, and the harder he pushed. She yelled, "Fuck me daddy! Oh fuck me! YES, YES YES...!!" After several minutes of fucking, Tiffany's daddy could stand it no more. "I have to cum baby, I can't stop it!" Tiffany yelled over her shoulder at him to just let it go. Bill could not f***e himself to pull out, and began to explode into his teen. He shot several times into her, each one making Tiffany bark for more. As his orgasm met it's finale, Tiffany's pussy began to tighten. "Oh baby! Your going to cum, aren't you?" he asked. Tiffany just moaned and continued to rock back and forth on his dick. When she had finished, she fell forward onto her stomach. "God daddy, you really fucked me hard that time.

That was more stimulating than last night even" she told him. Bill just laughed and looked at the camera. "Well folks!" he joked, "You just saw the old man give it to her good, didn't you. Not bad for an old man and a fifteen year old, is it?" Tiffany giggled and reached over and turned the camera off. "Mom will be back shortly, so I need to go bath in the lake." She tossed her bikini back on and ran down to the water. Bill joined her, and they helped clean each other off. A few minutes after they were done swimming, her mother returned to the camp. Bill forgot about the tape still being in the camera, and so he and Tiffany went on like nothing had happened. Part 5-- That night, Tiffany slept next to her dad, and her mom was on the other side.

When her mother fell asl**p, Bill and Tiffany would touch each other in all the places they shouldn't. Bill got so excited at his daughter's light touch, that he came two more times before falling asl**p. The next day, they made the long drive home, and unpacked when they got into the house. As Tiffany's mother picked up the camera to put it up, suddenly Bill remembered the tape. "Holy shit!" he thought. "Maybe she won't take it out!" As he tried to get the camera from her, she saw the tape inside. "Hey, I didn't know you videoed this weekend! What did you get?" Bill gulped and told her nothing, that the battery had went dead. "Maybe you got some though" she said, and took out the tape. She walked over to the VCR and dropped it in. As she turned on the TV and hit play, Bill could do nothing but stand there. Suddenly, Tiffany ran into the room. She froze as her dad looked at her and knodded "yes". She knew what that meant, and ran off to her room.
As the tape started, her mother said, "How sweet" as Tiffany ran to the cave's entrance on it.
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Great hot story!!
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Loved this story wicked sexy
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brings back a some really fond memories
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