How to Hook A Ho Or A Horny Couple

How a Guy Can Greatly Improve His Chances with Meeting Ladies and Couples for Swinging!

Here is a step-by-step guide to help those out who may not understand how much effort and follow-through is needed to make real time connections with ladies and couples for swinging.

It’s not that difficult but does take some thought and planning on a guy’s part to be successful at it. Too many think just sending a quick one-line email with an attached ‘dick-pic’ is the answer where in fact in most cases a guy is not even considered with this approach.

My wife and I have been swinging since 2007 and I was doing it as single guy as far back as the late 90’ I have learned a thing or two along the way.

One thing I’ve learned is: Treat an email to a potential meeting with a lady or couple in the same manner as you would do a resume for a job! That may sound crazy to some....but your initial request to contact is very much like and in the same manner as you would do with seeking employment. The only difference is the positive result of actually meeting for swinging is a heck of a lot more fun!

Remember this: “A first impression is a lasting impression!” So a guy’s initial contact by email is extremely important if he wishes to be successful at meeting a lady or a couple!

The number one biggest mistake a lot of guys make when first contacting a lady or a couple (nowadays it is almost exclusively by email) is they don’t give near enough info about themselves, let alone a photo and if they do send a photo, it most often is a ‘dick pic’ which is really not a good thing for a first impression.

Often we would get emails from guys stating something such as:

“I’m horny, have a big dick and let’s get together tonight or this weekend.”

There is so much wrong with the above typical email from a guy that I have to break it down into different parts as to what all is missing from the guy’s email The following is a guide and suggestions to greatly improve a guy’s chances of hooking up for some sexual fun with ladies and couples:

1. The guy did not even state his name, or age or weight/body type, what he kind of looked like (no photo – and yes it is understandable to not show your face – one has to be a bit discreet – but the face can be blocked out or wear sunglasses).

TIP #1: Include all your particulars, the more info the better – sending a photo or two makes your chances even better and even include a phone number to contact you if you can. For those who are serious with contacting, I suggest to have a separate cell phone (called it your Sex Cell) apart from your regular cell phone – it just makes things easier to meet up.

2. He never said where he’s from? This is a huge factor and is very important to include this as we live in a very big world. So if the guy is emailing from the west coast to someone on the east coast, there probably is very little chance of a real-time meeting.
TIP #2: State your LOCATION when first emailing and contact those close to where you live!

3. He did not state what was his interests are, his past experience in the swinging lifestyle, etc.

TIP #3: Let the lady or couple know a little bit more about you instead of just a one-line reply and also the reverse is true with sending too lengthily of a text reply. One or two paragraphs are sufficient.

4. Wanting to hook up right away is usually a thing that just won’t happen. So don’t be in too much of a hurry. Making the first time arrangements always take the longest. For everyone’s sake it is also best to meet at a neutral place such as a coffee shop to see if everyone is compatible. That’s why it’s best to find someone who is close to you so you don’t waste your time travelling a long distance only to find the wife doesn’t have an attraction.

Tip # 4: Be patient and in not so much of a hurry to meet. People have very busy schedules today and especially with couples who have to make arrangements to get a babysitter for the k**s, etc.

5. If you want to ‘seal the deal’ so to speak then a guy should be willing to absorb some costs as well. Here is what I mean. When first meeting for coffee....offer to pay for everyone’s coffee, etc...and if and when you meet for some swinging fun, bring along a bottle of wine (or better still...find out what she likes best) and have it with you.

Tip # 5: Don’t be a ‘cheapskate’ and except all of this not to cost you something along the way. Nothing turns off a lady or a couple whose get the impression that a guy won’t even spring for a coffee and not even bring along a bottle of wine when finally meeting for some fun.

6. Your dress and appearance are a big factor. Don’t show up wearing a ball cap and your work clothes as if you just came from the assembly line....dress in a way that you would if going on a date....nice clothes, hair combed, shower and a little (but not too much) cologne is a good thing. Personal hygiene is such a huge factor when first meeting and with getting together for some fun.

Tip # 6: Dress as if you are going out on a special date (which you are doing in a way) and/or a job interview.

7. Accommodations can be the deal breaker as well. Let me explain.... Most couples have k**s living at home, so for them to swing they have to get a motel/hotel room and that is just another added expense. To ‘sweeten the pot’ per say, a guy should offer to pay the room or at least indicate that he will go ‘halfers’ on it. It goes back to not being a ‘cheapskate’ and with this lifestyle, a guy who is very generous (as in paying for a hotel room completely...and even covering the cost of & dining’ etc. Goes a long, long way greatly improving his chances of hooking up. It really is no different than a single guy who spends money on the ladies when regular dating....this is all just a carryover of that. Better still, if a guy is single and has his own place to entertain, he should state that in his initial email. This will for sure tweak the interest with at least the couples who see that not having to pay for hotel costs, etc. Sometimes that can be the biggest factor with ‘closing the deal’.

Tip #7: Offer to pay costs or half the costs of accommodations or if a guy can entertain, let it be known right away!

8. Last but not least, be totally upfront and HONEST. If a guy is married or in a relationship and just want to have some sex fun on the side...state this right away in the first email. This can be turned into a real positive thing. While some couples and ladies won’t consider a married man, many others will. Experienced singing couples for one know that most often a married guy will be super discreet about the whole thing and will less likely ‘boast of his conquests’ to his buddies and it is in his own self interest to keep things quiet. In addition many couples and ladies think it is safer being with a married guy for swinging as they most likely have not done this sort of thing that often compared to a single guy. While that may not be entirely true, many have this perception. Tip # 8: Just be honest, plain and simple!

Here is a point form of the above tips to use as a quick guideline:

TIP #1: Include all your particulars when emailing for the first time.

TIP #2: State your LOCATION when first emailing.

TIP #3: Let the lady or couple know a little bit more about you instead of just a one-line reply.

Tip # 4: Be patient and in not so much of a hurry to meet.

Tip # 5: Don’t be a ‘cheapskate’ and except all of this not to cost you something along the way. Bring along a bottle of wine.

Tip # 6: Dress as if you are going out on a special date (which you are doing in a way) and/or a job interview. Personal hygiene should be above approach.

Tip #7: Offer to pay costs or half the costs of accommodations.

Tip # 8: Just be honest, plain and simple!

Here is a typical email example that I have made up that can be sued as a guide:

“Hi, my name is Brad. I’m 32 years old, 175 lbs, clean-cut appearance , (see regular photo attached – I have blanked out part of my face, but you can see that I am in shape and I consider myself good looking) . I practice excellent personal hygiene and expect the same.

I am a married guy (just want to be up front and honest – and so will also be super discreet) and would love to meet with you sometime soon. If you wish we can meet socially for the first time. May I suggest a local coffee shop and I’ll pick up the tab? We can then see if there is a ‘connection’ and then go from there or agree on a time and place when we all can have some fun.

I have an average endowment and I am circumcised. My priority is to ensure the pleasure of the lady. I prefer to use a condom but can consider otherwise and this is something we all can talk over about.

I am also not camera shy, but prefer if my face is not shown. I have no problem if as a couple, the husband just wants to watch (and take pics or film) as I and his wife have fun.
I of course can’t entertain at my place but most importantly I’m willing to cover the cost of a hotel room when the time arrives to have our fun time!

The best time to meet for me is on weekends but I can be flexible to your schedule if given enough advance notice.

Look forward to hearing from you soon,

Horny and waiting,

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Thanks for the great advice!
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Great stuff.
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most of the time we have found couples that want to meet is for the wife to get the fun she has been looking for think more of her and what she wants forfill her dreams and you will meet time and time again