Thanks Mrs. Banks

My first year of Boarding School had been far tougher that had anticipated and now that I was home for the summer I wanted nothing more than rest and recreation. You know the song, Wild Horses By the Stones. 'You Can't Always Get What You Want,' well it must be true, at least for me. At breakfast on my first day of 'R&R' my mom tells me she has volunteered me to help out our neighbor Mrs. Banks with some chores around her house.

"Ever since Ron Banks ran off with that young bimbo secretary of his Rebekah needs a man around the house to take care of those manly chores."

That's my mom, she's no new age woman, she believes there are jobs women do and then there are jobs men do and as she says 'that's just the way it is.' I know there's no arguing with my mother and if I ever want some free time this summer, I'd better see what Mrs. Banks wants and get it done.

When I knocked on her door I heard her say 'come in, I'm in the kitchen' so I let myself in and headed for the kitchen. The first thing I noticed is Mrs. Banks is still in her PJs and because they're those light summer type, they're thin enough that I can see her boobs right through them. Man, her tits are huge with giant nipples sticking out, I can plainly see her areolas, and they're about the size of baseballs.

"Oh hi Johnny, I wasn't expecting you this early, please excuse my attire. Would you like some breakfast or at least a cup of coffee before you start?"

I'd already had breakfast and I don't like coffee but I sure wanted to look at her tits some more so I said I'd love a cup. When she stood up, I could even see her pussy hair right through those PJs.

Now although I've always liked Mrs. Banks I've never thought of her in a sexy way, I mean she's old, at least as old as my mom but as I was sitting here sneaking peeks at her body I was getting a boner. This was making me feel really weird but man I was getting some hot peeks and then she caught me staring at her. I guess she asked me something but I wasn't listening and then when I didn't her hear say saying anything I looked up to see she was looking right at me.

"Why Johnny Morgan, are you staring at my breasts?"

"I'm sorry Mrs. Banks, I didn't mean anything by it, please don't tell my mom."

"All right I won't say anything, just tell me this, did you enjoy what you saw?"

She hadn't moved to cover up or anything and I dropped my eyes to stare at those lose tits hanging down and those big nipples,

"Mrs. Banks, they're the sexiest things I ever seen."

"Sexiest thing I ever saw..."


"Well, never mind, so you think my breasts are sexy, I'm glad, makes me feel good to know someone is enjoying them."

She picked one up and began to rub the nipple,

"Johnny, would you like to see it up close?"

I couldn't talk so I just nodded my head as I watched her lift up her top exposing her tits right to me.

"Go ahead you can touch them if you want, no Johnny don't pinch be gentle, that's right, oh yes, that feels perfect."

Me and my ex girlfriend, Robin Miller, had already had sex when I was just f******n but neither of of us knew what we were doing; now Mrs. Banks was telling me how she liked it.

"Mrs. Banks, can I kiss them," and when she nodded I leaned over and took a nipple in my mouth. She held my head and stroked my hair while she told me how good I was making her feel, I was afraid to tell her how I was feeling because I thought I might cum right in my pants.

When I told her I would like to see more of her naked, she invited me to her bedroom. When I stood up, she saw my hard on and just reached over and put her hand on it.

"Johnny, you looked excited, if I show you my body, will you show me yours?"

Again, all I could do was nod; she stood up and took my hand, then led me to her bedroom. She took off her top and then turned around to pull the bottoms off and I could see her bare ass. Now I'm telling you she didn't have a sexy body, her ass was big and her tits sagged and she had wrinkles everywhere but I didn't care she looked hot naked. She got on her bed and spread her legs to give me a good view of her snatch. She told me if I wanted to look up close I could and that's just what I did, I got so close I bet she thought I was going to crawl up inside her. She pulled herself apart so I could look up in her, which was something my old girlfriend would never let me do. She showed me her clit and showed me how she liked it rubbed and then she told me how she hasn't had any sex since her husband left. I blurted out without even thinking, "Mrs. Banks, how about letting me fuck that snatch?"

"Why Johnny, that would be fuckin' lovely, why don't you take your clothes off and join me in my bed."

Believe me I set a record for stripping and I climbed right up on top of her and then I came in about three strokes. I was embarrassed and I told her I was sorry but she didn't seem to care and as we lie with our naked bodies together, I got hard again in no time.

We did it three more times that day and almost every day all summer. My mom was so proud of how much I was helping Mrs. Banks that when dad bought her a new car she made him give me her old one. Oh and another thing I found out, having sex is a whole lot better than rest and recreation.

When I came home for Christmas, I knew what present I wanted and that was more time with Mrs. Banks. Alas it was not to be, it turns out her husband's secretary ran away with his boss so he came crawling back. I could tell she felt weird talking to me like she was guilty or something but I understood, you know the funny thing I think I was jealous of her husband.
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3 years ago
A great awaking and a great summer.
3 years ago
lucky to have her for a summer
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks.
3 years ago
loved the story
3 years ago
Very good