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It started as a typical day, I got my list of repairs and set out to fix the customer's phone service one by one. The first stop was a Mrs. Mayer and her problem sounded as if she had a broken wire somewhere, the system worked but it had a lot of interference on the line. Before I went to her house, I started on the pole just to make sure it was at her house and not the connecting line. I plugged into her line only to find she was using the phone. I am not some lurker, invading people's privacy by listening to their phone calls but I wanted to hear the interference she had in order to understand her problem. I didn't need to hear much just some talking but the first thing I heard left me with a need to hear more.

"Irene Mayer, what you need is to go get laid, just because your husband left does not need to mean that it's the end of your sex life." "Georgia, I'm forty-eight years old, who'd want to sl**p with an old lady."

"Age is just a number; I wished I looked as good as you. You need to find somebody, have some sex, and start living again."

"Damn, there goes my phone again, that noise is driving me crazy, listen I'll have to call you back. I have the repairman coming sometime today and I hope he can do something with this phone."

"Hey put on something sexy maybe he can repair your sex life while he's at it."

"Sure, very funny Georgia, I'll call you later, bye."

I was so turned on I feared my hard-on would make it too difficult to climb back down the pole. An affair I had been having with my neighbor had just ended when after three months her husband decided to come back to her. She was the best sex I'd ever had and I'd been wracking my brain trying to find another middle-aged woman to sl**p with.

I climbed down the pole, went across the street, and knocked on her door. She opened it with a surprised look on her face; I guess she didn't think I'd be there that early. She had on a robe, untied and she held it closed with her hand.

"Mrs. Mayer, hi I'm Johnny, from the phone company. I understand you're getting static on your line and I need to check all the wiring in the house."

Her friend was right she didn't look even close to fifty in my eyes. Oh sure she had a few lines in her face and I could see she had plumped out in a few spaces but to me she looked hot. If I had my way, she would soon have that robe off and me on top of her.

"Nice to meet you Johnny, I was just about to have a cup of coffee, can you take the time to join me?"

I accepted and she led me to her kitchen where we sat me at her table while she poured.

"I know you repair men are always in a hurry to get to that next stop but surly you can have a cup of coffee."

"Mrs. Mayer I can be here all day if I need to be, believe me you are my most important customer today."

I thought I saw just a hint of a blush on her face at that comment but what I didn't tell her was I had already spotted the problem and it could be fixed in an instant. Now if I got lucky with her I could write it up as a line search room by room and sometimes that could take all day.

We chatted as we drank our coffee, I told her about joining the army and then the phone company after getting out. She talked about her grown c***dren both in school and then on to her marriage falling apart last year when her husband ran off with a woman he worked with. With our talk, she became more relaxed around me and I don't think she even thought about it as she took her hand off her robe to brush a crumb off the table. Under her robe, I could see she was dressed in what my last lover had called a foundation garment so I knew what it was and I was trying to stare without being caught.

Of course, all you women already know we men can't stare at you unnoticed, it must be radar or something, but I wasn't that smart. When I finally looked up to her eyes, I could tell I had been busted. Embarrassed by my gawking she stood to clear our cups and I put my hand on her arm to stop her.

"Mrs. Mayer I'm so sorry to invade your privacy like that, it's just, it's just, I find you so attractive I couldn't help myself."

She stood and now clutching her robe with both hands,

"Young man what are you talking about I'm old enough to be your mother, I..."

I knew it was now or never so, I stood up and kissed her. She tried to pull away but I held her close and when she realized I was serious, she relaxed and began to kiss me back. I pushed her into the counter and she let go of her robe and put her arms around me. I put my arm inside her robe and felt the naked flesh of her back with my hands.

"I know you must think of me as a masher but I want you badly."

Her answer was to take my hand and lead me to her bedroom. I left my tool belt on the kitchen table as we left. In her bedroom, I took off her robe to feast my eyes on not only her flesh but also her mature underwear. She had a shy look of innocence on her face as I spun her around but she heated up as we kissed again and now she was unbuttoning my shirt. Next, she put her hand on my erection as I pulled my shirt off my arms. I think once she realized just how excited I was her inhibitions seemed to vanish and she struggled with my belt as she tried to undress me. I finally had to undo my pants but once open she pulled them to my knees as she sank with them.

She marveled at my cock as if it was the first she ever seen. She held it in her hand, while she looked it over almost in awe. When she put it in her mouth, I was the one in awe as she sucked me like an expert. She stopped just in time, as she seemed to know just before I had gone too far. I lay on her bed with my dick in my hand as I watched her finish undressing. I'm not trying to say she looked like a playboy bunny or anything close but to me she looked sexy as hell. I couldn't wait to get my hands back on her body and once naked she climbed up on top of me. My cock still wet from her expert blow-job slipped right inside her and as she leaned over I put my lips to her breasts. She held my hands over my head as she began to rock on my erection and I just prayed I could hold on long enough to give her some pleasure. She began to ride me up and down and the sound of our bodies slapping together got louder and louder as she kept going faster and faster. Just as I knew I could no longer hold on, she screamed she was cumming and we came together. What a rush it gave me and I pulled her close to me so we could kiss. Both sweaty and tired we lie there for some time only to be disturbed by her phone ringing. She reached over to answer it, and then handed it over as she said it was for me.

It was my boss wanting to know why I wasn't answering my cell. I couldn't say I left it in the kitchen so I told him I must have lost it under the house because I didn't have it with me. He then asked how much longer I was going to be and I answered I was almost finished but I had told the customer I would return the next day with a courtesy call to make sure it was still working properly. He complimented me on my customer service and told me to hurry to my next call. I not only went back the next day I showed up for the weekend as well. Yes I was planning to give this customer regular service for a long time.
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3 years ago
wish there was work here as i also do house calls
3 years ago
Yes,I am electrician that does house calls also,,some good calls,,,mmmmmm.