Bikini Beach Bimbo; Pete's Whore Wife

Pete wheezed, wiping sweat off of his forehead. It was such a terribly hot summer day. He had arrived nearly an hour ago, yet his wife had failed to show up. Pete always tried to have infinite patience with her but he was beginning to grow tired of waiting out in the roasting sun. Frustrated, he sat down at a nearby bench and stared outwards at the waves. It was no soon after he had taken his seat when he felt two hands slide around from each side of his head and cover up his eyes.

"Guess who!" giggled a voice that could only belong to Tamara. Pete gleefully spun around, happy the wait was over. "So sorry I was late hun, I got a little hung up. You know how that goes." Tamara said softly to him. Pete's eyes bulged open at the sight of his wife. His voice stammered.

Pete could hardly believe what his precious wife was wearing. Skin tight, her two piece cream-colored bikini seemed very out of character for the typically aloof Tamara. In the three years they had been married, Tamara had usually dressed quite conservatively despite her 34c cup breasts. But today her bikini top was extremely skimpy with most of the flesh of her chest hanging out in plain view. The thong bottom was equally revealing. Not a style that was usual for her. Pete had never thought Tamara would be the type that would wish to show off her ass and breasts. All he could do is stare in disbelief.

Tamara waited for Pete to respond. "What? Why are you staring at me?" she whined. "I said I was sorry! I just want to have a fun time at the beach. No fighting!" Tamara proclaimed. She slipped her arm around Pete's and began to drag him towards the beach.

"It's fine that you were late, Tamara. It's not that, it's just that…" Pete was distracted by Tamara's swaying breasts. It was difficult to concentrate with them bobbing back and forth. Pete shook the thoughts from his mind. He didn't want to seem like he was being perverted. "That bikini…"

"Oh!" Tamara exclaimed to him. "Doesn't it look great on me? I went clothes shopping during the week. The guy at the swim wear was helping me pick out something nice and he suggested this one. I thought you would like it." Tamara giggled.

Pete tried to shake the thought of some pervert at the swim store gawking at his wife. Although Tamara looked absolutely gorgeous in the swimsuit, Pete was not thrilled with the idea of her wearing such a revealing outfit out in public. He wanted to tell her she looked slutty but he didn't want to come across as a big jerk. "It's just, well, I would have expected you to dress a little more conservatively."

Tamara lightly sighed in annoyance. "Oh, come on Pete. You sound like my father! I saw you ogling me before. You know you like me in this! Now stop being so over protective!" Tamara let go of him and trotted out into the wet sand, letting the water flow in and tickle her feet.

Pete shrugged his shoulders and tried to ignore it. He yanked off his white t-shirt and sat it down on the dry sand. Clad only in a pair of green swimming trunks, he joined Tamara out on the sand. Despite his best efforts to ignore Tamara's suggestive attire, he couldn't help but ogle her every chance he got. Every movement she made would cause the flesh of her chest to heave or jiggle. It didn't take long before he had an uncontrollable erection. He waded out further and tried to squat down as much as he could under the water while he talked and played in the water with Tamara.

As the day wore on, Pete calmed down a little and did his best to concentrate on things other then Tamara's body. They walked across the beach and waded around in the water. Pete couldn't help but notice that he was not the only one ogling his wife. Everywhere they went, she would draw the eyes of men and often women as well. From young boys, to old men, they all gawked at Tamara's skimpy bikini and exposed flesh. All the attention she was getting made Pete feel uneasy but he didn't want to embarrass her by pointing this out.

Tamara and Pete ended up sprawled out on a couple of beach towels. The day had cooled down somewhat so sunbathing was now a feasible activity. "Thank you for spending this day with me Tamara. I had a wonderful time." Pete spoke softly to her. He leaned over and smiled at her. She giggled and fluttered her eyebrows at him. Slowly they leaned closer together. Pete could feel her warm breath pressing on to his face. He moved his lips toward hers. Before they could kiss, a shadow fell over them and Tamara pulled back and blushed. Pete blinked and then looked up to see two people standing in front of them.

"Hi, my name is Adam." said one of the figures standing over them. He was a boy who was looked like he was around 20 or 21 years old. He had dirty brown hair, long eyelashes and was shorter and a little more muscular then Pete. "And this is my friend Tom." Adam explained and pointed to his friend with dark hair, sunglasses, and tanned skin. "There is a youth volley ball tournament going on a little ways down the beach. You can probably hear the music. Why don't you come check it out?" He looked specifically at Tamara.

The boys watched as Tamara sat up from the towel, her cleavage jutting out like candy for their eyes to devour. "I'm flattered boys but I happen to be 31 years old." she said. Tamara pushed herself up off the ground resulting in her cleavage to bounce. Her breasts had almost come out of their skimpy top.

Adam shrugged as he stared straight at Tamara's chest. "31 years isn't too old. It is being sponsored by 88.2 and they are giving out free beer." Tamara nodded in agreement with the boys. She quickly picked up her towel from off of the sand.

Pete wasn't nearly as excited. He didn't want these boys gawking at his wife and he was upset that they had ruined his moment with her. He quickly stood up to protest but the sudden movement caused the bl**d to rush to his head and he got dizzy. By the time his eyes cleared up, Tamara was walking away with the boys. She turned back towards him and yelled "Come on Pete!".

Pete regained himself and quickly ran up to join Tamara and the boys. Pete could see Adam and Tom practically drooling all over her bouncing breasts. They were barely contained by the stretched out bikini top. It was like the boys were not even trying to be discreet. Adam explained as he ogled "It isn't exactly a tournament. It is more of just a party with pick up volleyball games." As the approached the event, Pete could hear the music getting louder and louder.

They finally arrived at the spot and it was mostly filled with a lot of college k**s hanging around and blaring music playing. There were at least a couple of girls clad in bikinis similar to the one that Tamara was wearing. Some athletic guys were finishing up a game of volleyball. Pete wanted to ask Tamara to leave the beach with him but there was no discreet way of asking her with the loud music playing.

A short and muscular guy with a shaved head had the DJ cut off the music so he could talk. He announced another pick up games and said they needed one more volunteer to play. Adam and Tom immediately suggested that Tamara volunteer. The thought of her hopping around the volley ball court with her breasts bouncing back and forth was obviously appealing to them. Tamara shouted enthusiastically "I will!".

The short guy shook his head. "No, we need someone taller and more athletic." He turned his attention toward Pete. "Hey, you look like you would be a good candidate. You should play." He nodded his head, spinning the volleyball on the top of his finger.

Pete disagreed "Thanks but I am tired. I'm not interested in playing right now." Tamara and the boys urged Pete to play despite his protests. Eventually, after Tamara agreed to leave with him if he played the game, he stepped on to the volleyball court.

Pete was paired with a tall and thin volunteer with short black hair. His opponents were the short guy who had recruited him and a tall and large blonde. The game started out with shorty serving the ball and Pete receiving and knocking it back to hit the sand at the other side. His partner then served the ball and after a few volleys back and forth; they scored the first point.

As the game went on Pete became increasingly anxious about all of the male attention Tamara was receiving. Adam and Tom were sitting so close to her they were practically on her lap. Several other guys were around talking to her; some of them looked d***k. Nearly all the boys took every change they got to give her breasts and ass a look over. She hardly seemed to be paying attention to the game at all.

Pete and his partner reached the score of half of what was needed for victory. The other team was only one point behind them however so they still had a lot to go. Pete went to serve the ball again. Right before he connected, he noticed Tom slide his hand on to Tamara's right buttock and give it a firm squeeze. It distracted Pete and caused him to hit the ball into the net. The other team got the ball.

From what Pete could see, Tamara didn't mind or even react. She simply continued to talk. He wondered if she even had noticed. He didn't know if he should quit and go talk to her. As he debated his dilemma, the ball came toward him and fell in front of his feet. The game was now tied. When Pete looked back, Tom had left and Tamara was just innocently talking with the other boys.

Pete remained paranoid for the remainder of the game. He missed several chances to return the ball and fumbled when he tried. The other team soon forged ahead and Pete could hear his partner complaining about his performance under his breath. Pete only became increasingly self conscious and anxious at how horrible he was doing in front of the crowd and especially Tamara.

The short guy performed the winning serve. Pete's partner returned it and the blonde smacked it toward the corner, winning the game. Pete was simply relieved for the game to be over despite the fact that he had lost. Finally, he could go home with Tamara. When he went to the spot where she had been watching, she was no longer there. Most of the boys with her had dispersed or were absent from the crowd. Pete franticly looked through the crowds of college k**s for her but could see her nowhere.

Eventually Pete came across one of the guys he recognized as talking with her. "Did you see where that blonde girl went?" He asked. The guy shrugged his shoulders and suggested that she might have gone to the parking lot with some of the other guys but wasn't quite sure. Pete quickly headed in the direction of the parking lot. When he arrived he found Tamara sitting in the back of an old station wagon with Adam, Tom and some other boys.

Tamara stood up and waved at Pete. "Hello, Drew! Did you win your game?" Tamara smiled innocently at him. Pete simply shook his head and gestured that he wanted to leave. "Pete, Adam and Tom have invited me to a party they are having. Of course you are invited as well but I thought you might be too tired." Pete couldn't believe she would consider going to a party with a couple of boys much younger then her whom she hardly knew.

Pete tried to convince her to leave with him but she insisted on going to the party and accused him of being irritable because he lost at volleyball. Although he did just want to sl**p, he didn't want her going to a party with the boys all by herself so eventually he agreed to go. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for Pete to ride in the station wagon with the boys and Tamara. One of the boys, Larry, agreed to take Mamoru in his truck. Pete insisted on going with Tamara but Larry only had one seat in his truck and everyone else wanted to go in the station wagon. So it ended up that Tamara went with the boys and Pete and Larry followed behind in the truck.

As they drove towards the party, Pete kept a close eye on Tamara in the backseat of the station wagon. At around half way through the trip, it appeared to Pete like Tom and Adam were fondling Tamara's chest. Pete asked Larry if he also noticed this but Larry said it was difficult to tell. Larry tried to pull up closer but another car turned in front of them and Pete could no longer see what was going on. Eventually their car got stopped behind a red light and the station wagon sped off. The traffic bogged them down and Larry ended up taking a wrong turn and getting lost.

Larry finally arrived at the party and Pete quickly exited the truck. The house the party was at was full of people. Music blared and masked all other sound. Alcohol was being passed out all over the place and moving through was very difficult because of the sheer concentration of people around. Pete looked all over for Tamara but couldn't find her anywhere. He shoved through crowds and crowds of people to no avail. Eventually something covered up his face and he became disoriented. He pulled off some material from his face. Closer examination revealed it to be the cream-colored bikini top that Tamara had been wearing. Pete looked up to see a set of stairs leading to several rooms.

Pete shoved quickly past groups of people to reach the stairs. He clamored up them as fast as he could, sliding through those blocking his way. He opened one of the rooms but it was empty. He opened the next room and it was empty. He moved further down the hall and noticed a big muscular guy standing out in front of one of the doors. Pete tried to slide past the large guy but was quickly shoved away from the door.

"Don't go in there!" screamed the guy through the music. Pete tried to reply back, screaming "My wife is in there." It didn't appear the big guy could even hear him. Pete tried one more time and the big guy grabbed him. Pete tried to elbow the guy but ended up getting punched in the stomach. The huge guy dragged Pete to the room next door and tossed him inside. Pete jumped up and ran to the door but the guy shut it fast and he could hear it being locked from the outside. Pete was trapped in the room.

Pete began to violently bang on the door and tried to yell. It was futile. He tried to slam the door open but this also failed. Eventually Pete stopped when he heard moaning noises coming from the room next door. He began to worry about Tamara. He noticed a few holes existed in the wall to the next room. He wondered if they would allow him to see through. Slowly he crept to the holes and looked through.

What Pete saw was shocking. Tamara laid naked with her back on the bed and her legs spread open and hanging over the side. Adam was stuffing his cock in and out of her causing her to moan and wither. Her large breasts were completely exposed and bouncing back and forth. Another boy whom Pete recognized from the beach was receiving a blowjob from her. Tom sat on the other end of the bed. His penis was limp and judging from the cum stains on Tamara's face; he had already gotten off. Another couple of guys lustfully watched with hard-ons.

"Aren't you worried about your boyfriend arriving?" Pete heard Adam ask as he pumped away at Tamara's dripping wet pussy. Tamara's reply, through moans and slurping noises, was "Why worry about him? He is not going to give me this kind of pleasure!" She laughed and happily resumed sucking. Adam let out a long moan and blew his load inside of her.

>>>>>> Part 2

Pete paced around the room he was trapped in. Tamara had been a foundation in his life. They had been married for three years! Everything had changed, how could he think of her the same way after witnessing her blowing and riding a room full of complete strangers. Pete shuttered at the thought. 'What if she picked up diseases' he wondered? Was this the first time she had cheated on him? Pete collapsed into a nearby chair. He folded his hands and pushed his face into them. The booming music going on caused Pete's head to ache and he was completely exhausted.

Some time passed. It was difficult for Pete to tell because of all that was on his mind. Eventually he heard the door unlock and a boy looked in. He saw Pete sprawled out in a chair and promptly said "Sorry!" and shut the door. Pete looked up and stared for a second. Finally, he regained control over himself enough to stand up. Pete headed to the door and found that it was unlocked. He slipped out into the hall.

The party was still going on as it had been when Pete arrived. It appeared even rowdier now. The alcohol was obviously building up in people's systems. The burly guard to Tamara's room was absent and in his place was a mob of boys waiting to get into the room. The door was open but Pete could not see inside and the music made what was going on inaudible. Pete tried to forge through the crowd waiting to move in but he was shoved backwards. Eventually a few boys came out of the room. Pete could see them zipping up their flies on the way out.

Pete waited as some more trickled out and the line moved closer up. Some tall boys stood in front of him so it was difficult to see what was happening although he could imagine it was more of the same. Eventually he got far enough in the room to see Tamara sprawled out on the bed. What he had seen previously through the holes in the wall did not do what was happening justice. Tamara's well developed breasts bounced up and down every time her current partner pushed his cock deep inside of her. Her body glistened due to the sweat from all the physical activity. Her vagina was swollen with cum oozing out. Similar cum stains were all over her face, particularly around her mouth and some in her hair and on her chest. Previously an innocent and naïve princess, she now looked the part of an orgy queen.

Tamara didn't notice Pete in the room. She was too preoccupied with the loaded cock she was sucking on. Pete watched in amazement as her head bobbed back and forth. From the movement inside her cheeks, he could tell her tongue was whirling around the shaft. Pete had never done anything sexually out of the ordinary with Tamara. They typically had normal sex and occasionally did oral. He had never thought she was capable of something as large scale as an orgy. Tamara deep-throated the cock in front of her and when she pulled away it started to vibrate. Four large globs of cum flew out and hit Tamara in the cheek. She responded by giggling and looked over to the boys for a new volunteer.

Pete shoved his way through some of the boys in front of him while they were distracted. "How about me!?" he said angrily to Tamara. She looked up at him and jumped back, the cock inside of her slipping out. Pete watched as her skin turned as pale as snow. "Drew!" she squeaked at him. Embarrassed, she tried to cover up her chest and private parts. For a while the two stared at each other until one of the boys yelled "Are you going to fuck him, or what?."

"Everyone leave!" shouted Tamara to the boys. She heard groans and complaints and someone had yelled "whatever bitch" but the boys started to disperse from the room. The boy who had been fucking Tamara reached for his boxers but Tamara grabbed his arm. "You stay." she requested. The color in her face began to return to normal and she faced Pete. She couldn't think of anything to say so she simply stated "Well, you enjoying the party?"

Pete stomped his feet furiously. "Enjoying the party!?" he yelled. He grabbed a nearby chair and violently tossed it on the ground. The remaining boy winced at the noise and slid into the corner to get away from the domestic argument. Pete continued to scream at Tamara "You slut! How could you go behind my back and screw these guys? You are my wife! I loved you and you treat me this way! Whore! I would have done anything for you, hedonist!" Pete furiously yelled at her.

Tamara clenched her fists. She was getting angry but tried to remain calm. "Drew, please shut up for a moment. I know you feel betrayed and threatened right now. It is unfortunate that you stumbled in here and experienced such trauma." Tamara explained to him. "When we were first married our sex life was wild and exciting. Now it just seems to be more of the same. My body is at its prime and it has been feeling neglected. You are very conservative and you hold a standard against me which is unreasonable and unfair!" Tamara began to raise her voice. "I think you're a sweet person, Pete, but I am not going to live a life of subservience to you. You said that you loved me. If this is true, then you will understand. You will have to live with my behavior and get over it. I am your equal, not your slave."

Pete became more and more upset now. Tears started to stream from his eyes. "Equal? EQUAL? I never cheated on you! How is this equal?" Pete demanded. His voice began to cackle and his legs shook as he spoke "Look at yourself! Plastered in the cum of who knows how many men! You are sick! This is sick! You could be diseased!" Pete looked at her disgusted. "This hedonistic orgy… it is disgusting!"

Tamara seductively ran her hands across her large, cum-covered breasts. "I am a whore and a hedonist, hmm? And I suppose you are Mr. Immaculate." Tamara said tauntingly. Tamara motioned to the boy who had been fucking her before to come back on to the bed. Tamara spread his legs and pushed her head down between them. His member was now limp but Tamara's lips quickly brought it back to life. She sucked at it blatantly in front of Pete, deep-throating it seductively. Pete became red faced and stomped on the floor.

"Stop that! You are going to ignore me now too!?" Pete declared. He was about ready to leave. This nonsense had been enough for him.

Tamara stopped sucking and looked up at him. "So, Drew. How big of an erection do you have?" Pete stopped and stuttered. "W-what?"

"Show me it!" Tamara demanded. Pete shook his head. Tamara grabbed his swim trunks and yanked them down before he could stop her. Pete's straining erection popped out. Tamara grinned slyly at him. "I guess I am not the only one who finds this exhilarating." Pete was speechless. Tamara began to suck on Pete's cock. It was the most satisfying blow job he had ever received. Tamara pumped back and forth before looking up at him and saying "Not bad, Drew. I've seen a few bigger today but this is pretty good. If you find this hedonism to be too offensive then I can stop at anytime. I think you approve though." Pete didn't object. He had been horny through the whole ordeal, ever since Tamara showed up in that bikini.

Tamara gestured for the other boy to start fucking her vagina. She moved one of her hands downward to rub her clit while she was fucked. She used the other to give Pete his blowjob. Pete quickly blew his load into her mouth. Tamara did her best to swallow as much of his product as possible. Finally Tamara had another orgasm, a final one of the many she had experienced that night. The boy who had been persuaded by Tamara to stay also got off inside of Tamara's pussy.

Pete let Tamara wear his t-shirt when he e****ted her out of the party. When they exited the room upstairs many people whistled and cheered at her. Most of the walk home was in silence. Despite giving in, Pete felt betrayed. Finally Tamara broke the silence. "I am sorry Pete. I have let you down. This is not the relationship you want." she said to him. They continued to walk in silence for a while. Tamara started up again. "It was tough for me… being married and destined to you. I wanted to experience the things I was missing by being in this life long relationship with you. Now that I have done it, I have decided I want to be monogamous. From now on, I will be completely loyal to you." she explained.

Pete reconciled with her. He gave her a big kiss which tasted like other men's cum but that was to be expected. Pete told her everything was ok. Pete wondered however, if he could trust Tamara. It is not that he didn't believe she was telling the truth. It was that he didn't disbelief she wasn't. He left Tamara at her home and went back to his apartment. He would reflect long and hard on this in the morning but now he finally could get some sl**p.
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4 months ago
You know it wont be long and Petieboy witasizingvabout seeing her whorebanged at a party again. !!!! Next time she'll force him to clean her slutfucker whoreholds cleanll be fana
3 years ago
seperate places & shes not screwing around?? lol
3 years ago
Good story. Thanks