26 swallows on her 26th Birthday

It was a warm summers day, the usual crowd was
starting to form awaiting the Hot Long Beach Cum Slut's arrival.

Tammy was on time looking beautiful as always, today
she would be turning 26 and she wanted to swallow a load
from 26 different guys, to celebrate her upcumming year,
she was wearing a short black skirt, with the hem line a
little below the cheeks of her luscious ass, black
high heels showed off her great legs and a smile that
let everyone know they were in for something special.

Tammy located her favorite booth, we found three close
by to have our members wait their turn in. The idea
being to keep three booths running, this keeps
management happy while our members play, we always let
them know when we are there playing.

The system works like this, a deck of playing cards
are used to keep track of everyone's turn, ace being
first and so on.

The order of arrival was determined. The person
holding the ace joined Tammy in the booth the 2
took the first booth and the 3 the second. All other
members were waiting outside. As each member finished
their turn, they handed their card to the next member
without a card, each person signed the card they used
for Tammy to collect at the end.

Myself and several members kept non members moving
through. It is always the same, when one or more of
the Rhino women are there to play, the non members always
start forming their own crowd, trying to get in on the
action. The one rule the management asks, is that you
be in a booth, not crowding the isle's.

The booth next to Tammy's on the other isle was
open, which I secured in a hurry taking my first peek
through the Glory Hole, this gave our group four
booths, one to play in, two to wait in and one to
watch as Tammy went for her birthday personal record.

With my cock in hand I was treated to a sensual sight,
Tammy was standing, holding her skirt up revealing
a smooth pussy to the guy's lapping tongue. Tammy
had the fabric pulled from her shoulders allowing her
fingertips to play with her nipples as she was being
licked and tongued.

This was better then any movie, that could be on the
screen above my head. I stroked my cock keeping my
eyes glued to the Glory Hole. Tammy had the guy
stand as she proceeded to remove his pants. His cock
was already hard, anticipating Tammy's velvet mouth
sucking his cock.

Tammy sucked, licked, tongued the guy's cock and
balls before getting serious about tasting the first
load of Cum. Tammy started jacking him off, that's
when I knew he was Cuming. I watched as she swallowed
every drop. Now remember, this was the first of many
more to Cum.

Several hours passed, one by one the members left her
booth with a sweet happy smile on their face. When my
turn came my cock was already dripping with precum.

Watching Tammy suck cock, has always been one of my
Sensual pleasures of life. I think the big difference
is, you know she loves what she is doing. Tammy
even calls herself a Cumslut, admitting she gets great
pleasure from sucking cock and swallowing Cum.

I sat as Tammy knelt smiling up at me with her
beautiful brown eyes. She stroked my cock a couple of
times as more precum covered the head, then with her
moist tongue she took her first taste, as she teased
and licked the head.

Tammy held the base of my cock with one hand,
playing with my balls with the other, as she sucked
the length of my cock into her waiting mouth. It was
always such a high, such a turn on, watching Tammy
suck my cock with her beautiful eyes smiling up at me
and she knew it.

Unfortunately for me, Tammy was soon swallowing my
Cum, try as I did to hold back, the pleasure of her
mouth was more then I could take.

I again took my turn in the isle keeping things
moving, as the last few members sampled the sweet
sensation, of Tammy's oral talents.

When all members had their turn with Tammy, we
counted all the signatures on the cards. 26 members
had signed the cards, 26 members had released their
load of Cum into Tammy's sucking mouth. 26 a new
record for a days play at the Rhino.

For myself I like the idea of a theater, because
everyone can enjoy all that is taking place. I guess a
theater is a little more like the group room at a
swing party, for me that was always a great turn on.

Until we can find an accommodating theater, the Rhino
will continue to be the place to meet for our members.
I should also say, that it is a great place to meet
for extended play at the Puddingstone Hot Tubs or a
near by motel.

Should any of your members be in the LBC, please
drop myself or Tammy aka. oralTcmlvr an e-mail we would
love to meet and play with you.
100% (8/0)
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Wonderful girl and a wonderful talent
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my 31st is cumming soon
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very good