Got Spunk!!!

Tammy looked up, with wide, questioning eyes. Her mouth mere inches from Jay's freed prisoner, she asked, genuinely, "Can I taste it?"

"Yeah!" Jay blurted out.

So loud, in fact, was Jay's exclamation that the couple in the car next to theirs stopped their ministrations to look. Realizing it was simply a girl giving a guy head, they went right back to their own funplay.

Tammy's tongue snaked from her mouth as she began to taste the glistening snowcap. Tammy jerked back for a moment, to the immediate sound of Jay's dismayed groan. The cream on Jay's cock reminded Tammy of the hair gel she'd tasted all those years. The gel she'd craved, unexplainably, to rub between her fingers and even f***ed herself to learn to enjoy. She preferred this to the gel. This was warm, even exposed to the night air. It came from a man, which turned her on even more.

With this though, Tammy's mind left for a time. There was no need to think now. Her craving filled her arms and body in mighty tension. Like the close-eyed shark, she focused to her task.

Jay cried out, "Ha!". His yelp came from deep within. From the feelings of danger, surprise and pleasure he experienced all at the same time.

Tammy engulfed the entire length, the engorged knob slipped down the back of her throat. One solid downward thrust, spearing her own self on it. Tammy's craving was strong. So strong it overrode her natural instinct to gag, as Jay's seeking hips 'tap-tapped' against her throat..

The musty perfume of Jay's crotch had all but faded to Tammy. Its role of clarion call fulfilled, the scent stood aside in Tammy's senses. Smell gave way to touch. Tammy sucked on the length of Jay's pipe, drinking in quickly the paltry coating that had first emerged. She had tasted from the fountain. Now, she wanted a pull from the well.

Jay's arms had become so rigid with tension, they stuck into the heated, pleather upholstery of the back seat. His legs tensed and relaxed in time with the urging throat muscles pulling between them. Jay, the person, had disappeared. His mind had fled, the intensity of feeling became too great to maintain a continued sanity. The person had been replaced by the cock. His face shook, then slumped against his shoulder. His wide eyes stared blankly at the car's dome light. The eyes dared not even to blink. As they stared off, Jay looked into a place seldom ever seen.

Onward, Tammy's mouth pulled, the feelings flowing stronger. Her tongue pulled along the entire length. Her teeth were held wide. Her strong, jaw muscles refused to quaver. Jay's mouth moved wordlessly; a fish pulled from its familiar waters. His fists, strong from holding a football, tore into the folds of the seat. If he'd run his fingers through her hair, he would've pulled whole fistfuls out. Even if that had happened, Tammy would've continued on.

Spiritual craftsmanship, that carves and hammers the fate we're all destined to, led Tammy here. Her soul's focus, by this spiritual design, allowed her to pull at the source of her craving.

Jay's breath had become shallower, and eventually stopped all together. Strangled in the intense emotions, he fought for breath, turning paler in the moon's cold glare. All too soon, his legs froze in mid-muscular stride. His entire body became rigid. Tammy took a deep breath of the flowered, musty air around her. Her moment, and his, had finally come.

Jay's body began to shake. Tammy backed up on the length, so that only the head of Jay's engorged cock was still engulfed. Woosh! Tammy's mouth filled with the first burst of thick cum. It swam over her tongue, pulled along even as it was being shot out. Jay, with above-average strength, managed a small howl in his throat. The people in the next car couldn't decide what the sound was. It didn't sound like something generated from a human. Not even something that was a living being. It was a dry rasping sound, painful. A primordial howl that not only came from inside him. It came through time, from something much older than even the act Jay and Tammy were engaged in.

Oblivious to the sound, Tammy drank. She pulled, quenching a thirst she hadn't realized she'd had. Her mind flooded with possibility just as her tongue and throat did. She drank the thick shake as a second, a third, and a fourth huge gob of the salty cream rushed into her mouth. Her cheeks swelled trying to keep the youth's spent jism from spilling from her lips. Furiously, she swallowed it all down. Her eyes flared in anger. She battled with her mouth, trying to contain the thick spunk inside. Her cheeks ached as they swelled, and still her lips held firm to the cock.

To Tammy, it wasn't about disappointing Jay. To her, this well wasn't filled with mere water. Tammy enjoyed the cream like cooking connoisseurs might enjoy a rare, aged Chianti. The kind that was 17 years in the making. Enjoying it in wads. She refused to spill a drop, and willed her mind and mouth to cooperate.

Finally, after 45 seconds of unmitigated purging, Jay took his first, real breath. It was slight, the first gasp he could manage, but the air felt sweet in his lungs. Until then, his throat muscles had constricted so greatly that someone passing would've thought he'd been stabbed.

Outside, Jay heard the leaves rustle half a mile away. He heard the wind flow through the short grass blades of the field. He heard his own heart slow its beat down, the massive flow of bl**d no longer needed. His senses were on fire, and he felt renewed.

Tammy's insistent pulling didn't cease in its intensity, even after Jay's reserves lessened. As reason returned to Jay, he spoke gently to Tammy.

"Tammy, ease off"

Tammy, hearing the calm in Jay's words, listened and slowly, her sucking lessened. Jay continued speaking, with a wisdom and a tone his years did not possess. Eventually, she was able to comply and stop altogether. Reason for Tammy had returned. Returned too late, however, to prevent the change that occurred within her.

She'd found her meaning, her purpose in life. Tammy understood a part of her that had remained hidden all her short life. She knew the person she was meant to be. Her destiny, her fate, her life's path, were set now. For the first moment in her life, Tammy understood something deeper than the words spoken by people. She laughed, loudly, and tears came to her eyes. Jay smiled, as he understood, though the people in the rocking car next door did not.

In school, Tammy'd been taught Jay's 'J' was meant to create babies. Tammy did not care what she'd been taught. She didn't care about the teachers, about the rules, even about the law. She didn't care what social morays her new cravings would break. The small minds that invented the rules would never understand the Universality she had just experienced. She felt happy now. She felt joy. Her mind, having found its goal, sought only one thing now to experience fulfillment. More cum.
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