Dreamy Dairy Cream Queen

Alicia sat in her math class barely awake. After what seemed like an eternity. She got up and ran to the locker room she changed into her cheerleading outfit and walked into the gym. Her big ass

looked great in the tight outfit and her Double-D tits were incredible, she had a flat stomach and sexy long legs. She was a senior in high school and just turned 18 years old.

Alicia started the walk home she thought about going to McDonald's she was so nervous about finals she hadn't eaten in three or four days but instead she decided to go into the 18 and up club she

had been wanting to see. She could usually get into the other clubs when she was 17 but the bouncers here didn't seem to know what a bribe was. .

Well as of last week she was 18, she guessed there would be something to eat there so she went in.

When she got in, the main room and the entrance was separated by a short hallway. When she got into the second room she couldn't believe what she saw. The room was full of naked men and women,

sucking and fucking.

She walked around and watched everything that was going on. After 5 minutes a spotlight went up, then around the room, finally it stopped on Alicia.

"Please, will you the new girl, please come up to the stage." An unseen voice said. Alicia not knowing anywhere else to go, obeyed and walked up to the stage at the very front of the room. when she

was helped up onto the stage, a tall white man walked out holding a microphone.

"Hello ladies and gentlemen tonight we will have our biggest bukkake show of the year, and you lucky lady, happen to be the winner of this years suprise prize, see all these men up here, they are

all for you." He said. The crowd started cheering. Alicia caught onto her role sort of, she was like the Dairy Queen at the 4h fair last year, right she asked, the crowed, whistled and cheered to

her, well they both involve large amounts of cream" he teasingly replied. You must kneel in the center of the stage on this matt, and you must last for a full hour, So what do you say Alicia? Do

you think, you will be able to suck Seed at this shower of love we will be pouring upon you this evening?" Ummm...I just turned 18 and I am ready for all the adventures that stand before me. So

bring it on boys, come one, come all." The crowd cheered and Alicia smiled, still not sure what her night had in store for her. Please everybody give you warmest applause to this years Blindside

Bukkake Beauty pageant cum bucket, 18 year old Alicia, she was the cum bucket, what had she gotten herselfinto?. The man asked her to strip down to her birthday suit, seeing as though this was a

birthday celebration in more ways then one. She would cum through this reborn a new girl. She didn't know about doing this, but she told herself what the hell, fuck it and then she got naked. Next

the man strapped her up on a table, in the doggy style position, her body was being projected for all to see on the main screen and all the private screens s**ttered throughout the club, she would

be given her very own dvd copy as a parting gift.

Her heart pounded as the crowd cheered and suprisingly being exposed like this began to make her feel a wettness forming deep within her 18 year old fresh Vagina. 10 men walked out from the back room and circled her, they were all stroking their cocks, Alicia was mesmerized and then one guy moved up behind her and began to squirt his cum on her exposed pussy. Then as soon as he finished the other 9 guy's began to shoot a flurry of cum loads on Alicia's pretty teen face, and hair. She started to scream like a little girl would but one of the guys, hit his mark and shot a thick spurt into her open mouth, she was about to spit it out, when the crowd cheere for her to swallow it, not wanting to risk another shot landing in her mouth, she gave in and swallowed some random load of jizz, just recently jetted upon her. Another group of ten men came out just as the others finished.. These guy's took a more hands on approach and went for broke, seeing her pussy bubbling girl cum, the guy behind her, stuffed her pussy as another stuffed her open mouth, then after he came down her throat, two more dicks were stuffed in her mouth but these were so thin it only felt like one after the girth of the previous guy.

Alicia at this point decided, she could either suffer for what would feel like an eternity, in front of hundreds of peers, or she could live out her dirtiest dreams and join in on the fun, so she began to play with the dicks that were being shoved into her mouth, and play expertly, she made them cum in minutes, streams of cum hit the back of her throat and she swallowed them all. The two cocks in her mouth were replaced by one short but fat cock it stretched her mouth wide he took control and banged her face hard.

Instead of coming in her mouth he pulled out and plastered her face with so much sperm it could have come from all 10 cocks by itself. The cum was a mask on her face she was now unrecognizable her

make-up mixed with the sperm. She could feel that her pussy was becoming completely filled with sperm, so much so that she could feel it spill out and down on to her thighs. The next group of men walked out and they were all black.

She got worried now Alicia had never fucked a black guy before, she didn't really believe what her girlfriends said about how a lot of the black guy's they fucked always seemed to be having way bigger dicks ,but it was still different for her to fuck a black guy.

She saw their cocks and they were average or a little bigger but that was all, then she noticed most of them were still completely flaccid as they started to stroke their dicks and then they grew longer and thicker. She didn't worry much as a 10 inch dick went to her pussy for it had so much cum in it.

She felt her pussy being stretched and this cock hit parts none of the white high school boys she fucked could, though they looked the same age, one she even recognized from the basketball team of a school they recently played. She looked around the room and saw they were all around her age, college k**s, high school seniors whatever, this made her feel a little better and she got into the act more too.

A huge 11 inch cock came behind, and luckily she was ready for him to enter her cunt but then she felt as his fat head pushed up against her virgin asshole. she was just about to protest but then a fat 7 inch cock filled her mouth. She felt the pressure of the monster cock as it pushed it's way up into her asshole without even lubing up first, besides for her sweat and some semen that had dripped its way onto her pink star, it was one the most painful things she had ever felt, but it simultaneously felt just so damn good.

She felt like she would never stop Cumming while the black group was fucking away at her. She had never been fucked like this in her life, and she loved it, they made her ass, match her pussy by filling it with several loads of cum, they turned her brunette hair a creamy white, and covered her big white tits with their cum and shot into jizz into her bright and beautiful hazel eyes, making them a bright pink, it seemed like their huge black ball sacks never emptied.

She lost count of how many times she came that night but it felt like she never stopped. Her holes weren't the tight little things they had been before, they were stretched to the limit by all the

cocks she had that night. Her entire body was covered in cum not an inch of her silky white skin or beautiful brunette hair could be seen. The floor around her table was covered in a layer of cum.

Three sexy women came on stage and collected all the cum, that was layered around her, then the man who called her on the stage came out.

"Did everyone enjoy this performance?" he asked.

The crowd cheered. "Well it's not over yet." He said. Now for the grand finale and to see if this sexy little slut will be the first to make it on the sperma wall of fame, the crowd cheered at her Bukkake, that must have been the key for the women, who came back out with a large mug filled tp the brim with sperm and three large empty bowls, they gave her the mug and she put it up to her lips and on her mouth then without hesitating tipped her head back, empting the cup, her stomach was already so full that she felt like she was gonna puke, and shit out all the delicious cum at the same time.

Then as she felt it coming back up. She grabbed one of the bowls and then she put it back down. Another mug was brought up.

"Looks like Alicia here gets what were planning next." He said. Alicia didn't hear him due to all the cum she was trying to keep down, and what was still filling her ears.
helped Alicia Kneel over one of the bowls and stuck two fingers up into her ass. The sperm started coming out and Alicia got the idea she began to push the rest of the sperm out and she was able to fill the first bowl to the brim, It was begining to over flow, the other women onstage caught it and put it in the last bowl.

Next Alicia was taken over to the last bowl and she pushed all the cum out of her pussy this time the bowl was only half way filled. Next a huge container that was ¾ filled with sperm was wheeled out they filled it to the rim with the 3½ bowls of cum and gave Alicia an oversized straw. She begun drinking and finished it all within an hour.

Two women walked over to her and licked the cum out of her ears, nose , and eyes.

"There you have it tonight or cum bucket was covered, filled to the brim, emptied, then filled again."

The crowd went crazy.

Alicia walked home wearing nothing but a layer of sperm. Men and women stared at her some bringing out camera's, recording and taking pictures of her. She was right, she did find something to eat she was filled now, a cum filled cheerleader.*******

brrrrrrrrrring brrrrrrrring brrrrrrrrrring

What the, Alicia awoke from her sl**p, she was in studyhall, the period had just ended, "ready to go meet the boys for lunch girls" Her friend Tammy said, remember today Milk Shales are on our dear Dairy Queen, Our Lovely Lady ALicia Cream Queen.
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Billable is the perfect gift for every girl turning 18.... But the again, why wait so long..!!
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Nice story!
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fucking hot
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very hot