Long Beach Cum Slut

Tammy Lived in Long Beach, CA and really wanted a boyfriend. She was a 25 year old white female size 36c and 5ft9. This is a True Story of how it all started in 2005. There may be some who will know of Tammy and her sexual favours she gives.

Tammy was fed up with the guy she was seeing, she thought he only used her for sexual relief and she was right. "Well fuck it" she told her s****r Tiffany "If he is going to just use me for sex, then I am going to find people for myself to use." Her s****r told her to go on one of the adult dating site she liked to use, which she did and used a popular one known as xhamster that was free to use. Tammy made up her profile saying "FREE BLOWJOBS for local guys of Long Beach at lagoon park" and put lots of body pictures on her page.

After the first day she had 2 private messages and she arranged to meet both of the guys that night. the first meeting was at 8pm and the 2nd was at 10pm.

At 7.30pm Tammy walked to the park where she was meeting her first 'date', it was an September evening so a little bit chilly and Tammy had a her long leather coat on and underneath she had a top that showed her cleavage off well.

Tammy got to the park at 8ish her first dates name was Steven and she noticed a guy waiting by the swings, Tammy walked over to him and asked if he was Steven and he nodded. "Hmm he is only about 20 and fit looking" thought Tammy.

"Would you like me to suck you off then? said Tammy.

"okay, yeah that would be awesome" replied Steven.

Steven leant back on the swing that he was near and Tammy got to her knees, she undone his zip and put her hand into his boxer shorts and pulled out quite a soft but a nice sized cock.

"Sorry its not hard its quite cold" Steven said.

Tammy started to pull back his foreskin and then leaned in and started sucking his cock.

"Just relax and cum for me" said Tammy

Steven relaxed and the feeling of this horny girl sucking his cock was incredibly good, Tammy as always, was really going for it, she was using one hand to hold the base of his cock and was going fast with her mouth and tongue sucking his cock right down to his balls.

"Gonna cum" Steven moaned

At that point Tammy released the base of his cock and pulled her top down exposing her bra and breasts and said to Steven

"Cum over my tits"

Steven started to ejaculate his warm sperm out of his cock and it was shooting over Tammy's breasts as she then put it back in her mouth and lustfully went back to sucking every last bit of cum out.

"That was amazing can we meet again" asked Steven in between deep breaths.

"Alright then but next time I will use my mouth as soon as you start cumming and swallow everything"

Steven zipped himself up and left the park and Tammy sat on the swings, she was thinking she had ages to her next meeting that night as it was only 8.20pm so she opened her coat and undone her jeans button and started to put her hand down her jeans. She could feel the spunk over her breasts and started to rub her finger over her clit going in circular motions and was getting pretty turned on with her other hand Tammy scooped up some of the cum on her breast with two fingers, it was cold now but she was feeling horny and wanted to taste more of it. Tammy felt herself starting to cum and licked her fingers clean of the cum she had on them and her other hands fingers were going faster and faster as she was so close to her orgasm, she then felt fingers going through her hair and Tammy looked up to see an older man maybe in his early fifties standing right next to her, one of his hands was running through her hair the other he was using to undo his buttons to his jeans. Tammy looked at him whilst she fondelled herself and was getting even more turned on, the older guy pulled out a slightly smaller than average penis, maybe just 5 inches and it was very hard. "Her's dinner you nasty cum slut" he said, then he pushed her head to his cock and Tammy opened her mouth and allowed this total stranger to start to thrust his cock into her mouth,

"If you cum before me luv you will have to make me cum again after I've fucked your mouth" the stranger told her

Upon hearing this Tammy could not delay her orgasm any longer, she started to cum using her own fingers, she loved being used and abused. So the stranger greedily took advantage of this and f***ed his cock as far inside her mouth as possible and menacingly told her to suck really hard my new whore. Tammy on finishing her orgasm while still voraciously sucking this older mans dick she started to taste what she had recently began to crave, a strangers warm salty cum entering her mouth, she sucked and sucked, then heard him tell her to swallow it all like he knew she wanted. The old perverted guy was forcing her head down onto his cock even though she had it all inside her mouth already. After spurting his load down her throat he roughly pushed her to the ground and told her that he wanted his second cum.

"You aint going to fuck me, creep" Tammy told him

"You owe me another cum bitch, or are you into piss mopping?" he asked

"No, fuck you, freak"

"Well you will give me a fuck or you hold my cock whilst I have a long needed piss slut or i will call my boys over and we will have our way with you?"

Tammy stood up and nervously grabbed his penis, she aimed it to the grass and told him to piss then and get it over with, the old guy, moaned, oh thats right, soon you'll be drinking this for me, you just wait and see, he began to let it out after a few seconds, it seemed to sprinkle up instead of down and Tammy felt his warm golden piss on her hand. The man had his eyes shut and commanded that she better begin to rub the end of his cock with her thumb, so reluctantly she did this while he carried on pissing and her coat sleeve was now soaking wet with warm piss. After about 20 seconds he stopped and enquired about his second orgasm.

"What you already have cum in my mouth and pissed over my hands, I don't even know you and you want to come again!" Tammy moaned.

The older guy pushed her to her knees and told her, "Just another face fuck then and I will be off, or my friends could come over and you could suck us all"

Tammy thought about it for a second and even though it turned her on, she didn't want to get gangbanged like she knew she would, so she opened her mouth and he placed his erect penis to her lips and started to thrust in and out of her mouth. Tammy then for the first time in her life tasted some strange old mans piss in her mouth as she sucked his dirty cock. The man pulled his foreskin back and she felt a large drop go on her tongue, "That's it luv I wont be long"

Tammy started to slurp and suck on the thrusting cock in her mouth and the piss taste went and she tasted the salty precum taste. The older guy fucked faster at her mouth and she was glad he had a smaller than average dick, and once again her mouth started to fill up with warm sperm from a stranger and she found herself drinking down another load of stranger's cum.

They both sat on a bench a few feet away from where they had been. The man started talking about himself, Tammy found out he goes for a walk every evening and is single and his name is John.

"That was fuckin great, you are such a hot little cum whore, so same time again tomorrow night?" John asked

"Maybe" she couldn't believe she was thinking about it, "what time is it right now then?" asked Tammy

"About half past nine"

Tammy then said goodbye and she will think about it and he should check just in case. "Oh you'll be back, you know you will and tomorrow night you will suck off me and all of my friends that I bring, and you will love it." She knew he was right but began walking fast to get out of the park before, they made her do it now. She watched cautiosly as John exited the park and then for some reason she turned around and walked back to the swings,

"Are you Tammy" came a voice

"Yes" replied Tammy trying to see the strangers face in the dim light.

He looked like he was in his late 20s and was tall and had a cute face.

"Hi I'm Justin from San Pedro, is it alright if we get on with some sgood sucking"

Justin started undoing the zipper on his jeans, Tammy went up to him and as he got his cock out she placed her mouth on it, he had a hard penis and it was very smooth to feel, as she sucked him with her slurrping mouth Justin lifted her face to his and kissed her, he probed his tongue into her mouth and Tammy kissed him back. Justin then pushed her head back down asking her to suck him till he filled her stomach with a 2 week load of spunk he had been saving.

Tammy again went down on her knees and he pushed his smooth hard cock back into her mouth, Tammy moved her lips over his cock while he gently gyrated his hips and moved his cock in and out of her hungry mouth. This Tammy really liked and she sucked on his cock even harder then prior, So Justin then placed both of his hands over her head and got into a fast paced hip movement with his cock he bagan fucking Tammy's mouth and lips so hard his balls could be heard slapping her on the chin. It wasn't to long before he soon exploded his cum by splurting it deep inside her mouth and he held her head in place for what seemed like ages as he told her to swallow up all that fresh spunk that he had brought to share with her..

"That's right you fucking dirty cum dump, lick the end of my cock with your tongue, clean it all up and swallow every last drop" Justin said loudly in one long deep breath.

Tammy did as she was told and loved every minute of this as she circled her tongue around his cumm covered cock, she licked him for ages around his spoongy mushroom head, her lips still sucking and slurrping up and down on his yet again, strange random shaft.

When Justin released her head, Tammy stood up and Justin just turned and walked off.

"I will be expecting you again soon" came his voice from a distance.

Tammy's pussy was soaking wet, she finally found her sexual calling.
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