A Cock Sucking Couple To My Rescue

As an IT lackey, I get sent all over the country to help people fix their computers. My job makes it hard to spend time with my f****y, but all that travel has its perks too.

I’m married. Me and my wife live in California. Don’t get me wrong. I love Tammy, but my job recently brought me down to Bradenton, Florida for a month to work the kinks out of a company’s network. After two weeks, my balls were as sore as someone just kicked them. Maybe it was the fact that the weather was warm and the girls were walking around in next to nothing. Maybe it was the fact that my wife was thousands of miles away. For whatever reason, after two weeks in Florida, I was a horny motherfucker, so I headed for my old trusty laptop to scratch the itch.

I clicked through a few pictures and found myself at the all adult bulletin board checking out what people were looking for. There were plenty of ads posted by guys like me, guys who were away from their families on business and were looking for a night of fucking with no strings attached. Most of the ads that were supposedly posted by hot young girls seemed phony to me. They always led to some pay-to-play phone number or Web site.

The ad that got my attention the most was this:

Bradenton Couple Seeking Guy For Threesome

My wife and I are looking for a guy over 25 to join us for some MMF fun. Julie is very oral and willing to do almost anything including anal. We are social drinkers, non-smokers, very clean and discrete and able to host. I am straight, but my wife would like to watch me suck a cock. Who knows what can happen if the mood is right. We are ready to play tonight.

I can’t say for sure why I was so attracted. I am not usually into guys. I’m straight, but I was totally turned on by a few things. For one, I was excited that this guy was posting ads for someone to fuck his wife. I started imagining how my wife would react if I did this. Would she go for it? Would she be pissed? I started wondering if the wife even knew about the ad. Another thing that got me was this guy saying that his wife was willing to do almost anything. My wife had all sorts of boundaries, so a woman who was willing to try new shit sounded right up my alley.

I didn’t know how to respond to the ad. I usually just surf the ads. I never responded to one before.

I emailed the address listed in the ad and wrote this:

Bradenton Visitor Seeking Couple For Threesome

I’m in town on business and really want to fuck your wife. I am even willing to let you suck my dick if it gets her hot. I aim to please.

This couple must have been waiting by the computer for my response. Just a few minutes after I sent the message, they wrote back with their address and asked what time I could be there. The guy had written the message, and signed his message Kirk. My dick had been hard during this operation, but now it throbbed, as if it knew I was planning something special. I took a shower and headed to the address. Horny and hell bent, I got lost, but then found the place all isolated on a cul de sac. k**s played and life went on. It was a neighborhood just like mine in California, and I wondered if my wife ever got it on while I was away. It had never occurred to me until right that second, but for half the drive, I kept picturing her opening the door wearing nothing but one of her frilly little get-ups. The thought of her fucking guys while I was away had me so hard, I felt like pulling over and beating off, but I knew I must be close, so I kept moving. I found the place, pulled into the driveway, and saw the curtain move slightly when I pulled up.

I took a deep breath and knocked on the door, unsure of what might happen.

Then a woman answered the door wearing nothing but a blue thong and a pair of really high heels. Her tits were perfectly round with tiny pink nipples hard as little stones.

“Johnny” she asked.

I nodded.

She pulled me inside and shut the door behind me, then she pressed her tits up against my shirt and began kissing me, reaching right for my schlong, which was still hard under my pants. She unzipped my fly and started stroking.

“Well hello” she said as she grabbed my solid cock and squeezed it. Her hands were tiny and cold, but man she had a kung fu grip. Someone else walked in the room as she kissed me and hand-fucked my cock. I started to worry he’d get angry about us starting without him, but he just walked past us, sat in a chair, and put his feet up. I knew his eyes were on us, but instead of making me nervous, this fact got me even hotter.

Next thing I know, the woman was unbuttoning my pants and letting them fall to my ankles. I looked over and saw the husband, a fit guy about my age, wearing nothing but boxers. He watched us with his hand stuck inside the flap of his shorts. He waved with his other hand. I smiled and flicked his wife’s nipples. She laughed and dropped down to the floor, where she pulled off my shoes so she could get my pants off. She seemed so horny, I got why this guy was seeking help to satisfy her. Not that I was complaining. She was hot. I could tell she spent a lot of time on herself. My wife was happy with a daily shower and fresh clothes, but this woman had a golden tan all over her skinny body, she had blond hair and big dark red lips. Once she had me naked from the waist down, she started unbuttoning my shirt. When I was naked, she said, “Honey, can I suck his cock?”

“That’s what he’s here for.”

“I thought he was here so you could suck his cock?” she said as she got on her knees. Her voice sounded as if she had been huffing helium all day. The voice only added to her hotness.

“You can both suck my cock. It’s totally fine.”

They laughed.

“Me first,” Wifey said while peering up at me from behind her long dark lashes. She dropped to her knees, put her hands behind her back as if they were tied there and began to roll her tongue up and down the length of my shaft. She seemed to know exactly what she was doing as my dick actually got even harder and I felt a surge of electricity in my balls.

“Now, take just the head in your mouth and suck,” Kirk said, and she followed his fucking orders. I watched as she took my purple head in her mouth and sucked. When she backed off, she left bright red lipstick marks on my dick.

“Take each one of his balls in your mouth,” he declared and she did it, the whole time staring into my eyes. “Man, you’re a little whore,” he commented with a small laugh. “I hope you like getting it on man, ‘cause my wife can’t get enough cock. When I woke up this morning, she was sucking mine.”

Wifey giggled and the vibration made my balls swell. I was dying to cum all over one of these freaks. I looked over at the husband and saw that he was rubbing his cock again. I thought he might stop or something when I kept staring, but he kept rubbing. Then he caught my eye and held my gaze while his wife took my shaft into her mouth, hands still behind her back, and started taking long slow sips of my dick.

Her husband took his cock out and began to give himself a hand job. This got Wifey’s attention. She pulled away from my crotch.

“Don’t finish yourself off,” she said. “You promised.”

He stood up and walked over to us. He had a serious look and I wondered what the hell he was going to do, but Wifey was all smiles, so I relaxed. She sat back on the floor and the guy got down next to her and grabbed one of her tits while planting a kiss on the lips that had been wrapped around my cock a second ago.

“You going to do it?” she asked. Her voice was low and throaty. I stood there with my dick pointing at them, wondering what she was talking about. Then, they both looked at me. I was the it they were talking about.

Kirk kneeled in front of my cock. He stared at it for a few seconds while Wifey softly rubbed his back.

“You ever sucked dick before?” I asked.


“Well, I never had a guy suck my dick before, so we’re even.”

He laughed at this and seemed to relax. It didn’t hurt that Wifey began stroking his dick. She looked up at me and smiled.

“Go head baby,” she said. “I’ll talk you through it. Take his head in your mouth and roll your tongue around it.”

I could not take my eyes off of them as he slowly leaned in and did what she said. His mouth was tighter on my cock than hers had been. His tongue was more f***eful as it made its way around my cock. He reached up and held my cock at the shaft. Then he pulled his face away and let a giant gob of spit ooze out onto the head. He started jerking me off at a slow pace, moving his face closer and farther from the base of my cock.

“Now, suck and swallow,” Wifey said, and he obeyed. The sucking was so intense, I thought my dick might explode right there. Wifey was lying on the floor, reaching up to tickle her husband’s balls. I was so turned on by the whole scene. I reached down and fondled my own balls. Wifey laughed and kneeled next to her husband. While he continued his love affair with my cock, she licked, sucked, and stroked my balls. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them as they adored my cock. Kirk didn’t look at me, but after I stared at him for a while, Wifey said, “You gotta look in his eyes, baby. You gotta connect. That’s the way it was in my fantasy.”

He slowly worked his jaw to the edge of my shaft and gazed up at me while he thrust my shaft back into his throat. I was going to cum soon. I knew it. I wasn’t sure how I’d react to a guy sucking me off, but it was hotter than I imagined. Was I gay? I looked over at Wifey who was licking her lips and watching her husband. I wanted to fuck her, so I knew I was still straight.

“Now, squeeze harder,” she said. “Show him how much you love sucking hic cock.”

He did and my thighs started shaking. I wasn’t going to be able to hold it back much longer. He looked up at me again, and he sucked and swallowed. He jerked my dick from shaft to head. His wife crawled around him, spread his ass open and started licking his asshole. His cockucking grew more intense until I couldn’t hold it any more.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned him, and then I shot a load in his face. He took it and then pulled my cock from his mouth. I sprayed his hairy chest and watched my jiz ooze from his lips. Wifey popped her head up and took in a big breath when she saw what I’d done to him.

She leaned in and kissed her husband. Watching their naked bodies move together, slide over each other with my cum as their lubricant, kept me totally hard. When they got done making out, I got down on the floor and looked at Kirk.

“Can I stick my cock in your wife?” I asked.

He nodded.

So I thrust into her and she let out a little cry. I fucked her hard and fast as her husband kneeled beside us, watching our faces, touching himself, and eventually joining in. I did a thousand things I never dreamed I’d do that night. Then I went back to my hotel and wondered if it had all really happened.

My wife called that night and asked what I’d been up to.

“Nothing,” I said, “just thinking about you.”

“I’ve been thinking about you, too”

I asked her if she ever thought of having two guys at once. Her nervous laugh told me she had, and right then and there, I started forming a plan, writing my own Web ad in my head.

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3 years ago
We know you sucked his cock too! Great stuff.
3 years ago
good story! Is it true?
3 years ago
damn that was a hot ass story!
3 years ago
I would have returned the favor and sucked his cock.
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
My wife would always bring guys home for us to suck, when we were together, brings back memories.
3 years ago
mmmm very hot really enjoyed it, what about with your wife then mmmm
3 years ago
3 years ago
quite a sexy experience for all 3 of you
3 years ago
very good story.
3 years ago
Keep them cumming