Class Cut Cuties Get Crash Corse In Cum Catching

At 15, Alicia managed to find every conceivable way to
get in trouble. Most of the ways she found involved her
new friend Melissa Foster. Melissa, also 15, just moved
into the busy suburb 2 months ago. She quickly formed a
friendship with Alicia that will live in town infamy.

Today was certainly no different for Melissa and Alicia.
On this warm mid October day they decided to cut school
and enjoy what could be the year’s last decent day. They
ditched school after homeroom attendance was taken and
snuck out through the gymnasium.

Their first stop was back to Melissa’s house for some
cash. Her father was home after working the graveyard
shift at the paint factory. Alicia asked her friend, "Are
you sure this is a good idea? Won’t your dad be pissed
off at you for cutting school?" Melissa just smiled back
at her friend and said, "Don’t worry, not only will he
be okay with it, I bet he’ll give us $20 to spend at
the mall. Just be glad my mom works till 5."

They entered the simple home andMelissa’s father looked
up from his newspaper. He was wearing dirty white
coveralls unbuttoned from the neck down to his waist.
He had his boots off and his socks were lying on the
table. He said, "Let me guess, you saw what a great day
it was and couldn’t bare to spend it cooped up in that

As he spoke, he turned in his chair and Alicia could see
his uniform was actually unbuttoned well past his
waist. She could see his white briefs, similar to her
fathers but with slight discoloration. She could also
see a lump outlined in his underwear.

He asked, "So what brings you back here? You two should
be off having a gay old time. Or is that why you’re
here?" He smirked and looked at Alicia as he asked.
Melissa rolled her eyes and laughed, "Dad, you are such
a perv. Jane’s just a friend. No, we’re here because I
spent all my allowance already and we needed some

Mr. Foster smiled and said, "Damn, you must really be
spending a lot on clothes these days. Last week you
earned quite a big allowance. Oh well, I have my wallet
in the bedroom on the nightstand. Come on back and I’ll
give it to you. You want me to give it to you, don't
you?" Melissa smiled and said in a sweet little girl
voice, "Daddy, please give it to me. I need it bad."

Melissa turned to Alicia and said, "Why don’t you wait
here. I’ll just be a few minutes." As Melissa followed
her father down the back hall to his bedroom, Alicia
noticed Melissa was unbuttoning her blouse.

As she waited for her friend to return, Alicia looked
quietly around the living room. Next to the tv was a
stack of porno films. Alicia was shocked that Mr. Foster
had them right out in the open like that where anyone
could find them. Despite her better judgment, her
curiosity got the best of her and she started looking
through the tapes, scanning the pictures and captions
on the boxes. One tape was called, "Gloryhole Sluts".
On the cover was a large cock sticking through a hole
in a bathroom wall. On her knees in front of him was a
young woman with her hand around his cock. She was
pumping his creamy white sperm into her open mouth.

As Alicia read some more titles, she didn’t hear her
friend come out. Mr. Foster’s voice startled her. He
said, "Yeah, got some good shit right there. But that’s
just the regular commercial stuff. The real gold’s back
here in the bedroom if you want to see it." Before a
nervous Alicia could answer, her friend pulled her by the
arm and said, "Maybe next time, Dad. Gotta go have some
fun! Bye!"

As the girls exited the house, Alicia saw something on
Melissa’s chin. "Oh, you have something on your chin",
she said. Melissa wiped it off with a finger and then
licked her finger clean. Alicia asked, "What was that?"
Melissa smiled a wicked smile, "Call it a negotiation
point. Here’s your half of the money." She handedAlicia
$40 and licked her lips. "Tastes like success to me."

As they walked down the street and through the "bad"
part of town, Alicia thought about what Melissa may have
done to get the money but then shook her head at the
shear insanity of the idea.

The mall was 2 miles down the road, on the other side
of town. The street they were walking along was filled
with warehouses, bars a strip club and a seedy porn
shop. There was also a motel that was known for being a
den of prostitution. A year ago Alicia was walking past
it when she saw a man leaning up against a wall in the
ally with a dirty looking young white girl on her knees
sucking his cock. The man eyed her as she walked past
and said, "Hey babe, give you $50 to lick my ass hole."
She didn’t make eye contact and hurried along.

Today didn’t look to be a problem since it was 9:00 in
the morning. The whores and perverts didn’t usually
come out in public till night. Until then they stayed
in the sordid confines of the strip club and porn shop.

As they walked, Melissa stopped dead in her tracks. She
grabbed Jane by the hand and pulled her down behind a
parked car. They were in the parking lot of the porn
shop, Jake’s Love Shack. Alicia looked up and saw a police
car parked in the lot of the Dunkin Donuts next door.
He was just sitting there drinking his coffee and was
in their path.

Melissa grabbed her hand and said, "Shhh, we’ll stay low
and go back and around the porn shop." As they crept
back they heard a car door. A guy from the porn shop
got into his car, the very same car that was
obstructing the cop’s view of the girls. The engine
roared to life and started to back out of the parking
spot. "Shit!" Melissa looked around and saw a secondary
door to the porn shop slightly ajar. The guy working
the counter must have gone around back to empty the
trash. Melissa pulled her friend into the porn shop.

Once inside they ducked down in case there were any
patrons in the store. "No what", asked Alicia. Melissa saw
a dark hallway and pointed silently. They scurried to
the hallway and peeked around the corner. They saw a
row of doors, most closed. The doors that were closed
had a little red light above them that said "occupied".
A sign said "One occupant per booth".

Before Alicia could ask where they were going, they heard
footsteps behind them and Melissa pushed Alicia into a
booth and locked the door. The booth was small, like a
bathroom stall. There was a padded bench on one side
and a tv screen on the other. Behind the bench was a
hole in the wall about 3 inches in diameter.

The girls relaxed as they caught their breath. Melissa
asked in a whisper, "Ever watch a porno?" She pulled
out a couple dollars and fed them into the slot next to
the tv screen. The screen came to life with an image of
a girl on her hands and knees. A handsome man behind
her was ramming his 12 inch cock into her shaved pussy.
In front of her was a shorter man with red hair. He was
holding handfuls of her hair as she sucked his dick.

The girls giggled and Melissa changed the channel, which
brought up a scene of two women in a sixty-nine,
licking each other’s pussy. Melissa said dreamily,
"Nice." Alicia looked at her friend and asked, "Have you
ever done that?" Alicia smiled and said, "Hey, I said I’m
pretty experienced, right? There isn’t much I haven’t
done. What about you, ever think of being with another

The tension in the small booth was getting thick.
Between the adrenalin of running from the police and
sneaking into a porn shot, to the sexy pono film, to
her friend asking her if she was interested in women,
Alicia was getting dizzy with excitement. Then she
noticed something. Between them on the bench was that
hole in the wall. Something popped through the hole
like the rabbit into Wonderland.

Alicia pulled her friend’s arm and pointed at it. Melissa
laughed quietly, "Holy fuck! That’s a fucking
gloryhole!" Alicia asked, "Why did this guy stick his
thing in here?" Alicia whispered, "This is a gloryhole
booth. When someone sticks their cock in the hole, the
person on the other side is supposed to suck him off."

Alicia said, "Well I guess he’s going to have to live
with disappointment." Melissa whispered, "Alicia, we have
to suck him off. We can’t have him poking around or
anything. If we get caught in here, we’re dead. I say
we take care of him and then wait for a chance to sneak
back out."

Alicia didn’t reply but the expression on her face wasn’t
one of joy. Melissa said, "Don’t worry, I’ll do it."
Relieved, Alicia slid further to her right so Melissa
could get in a better position. She got onto her knees
in front of the small bench and leaned forward. Melissa
loved the fact that Alicia just sat there with her mouth
open. Melissa winked as she took the long hard cock in
her mouth. She was rewarded with a faint grunt from the
other side of the wall.

The wall was very thin, maybe ¾ of an inch. When Melissa
took the cock all the way into the back of her throat,
her lips brushed against the wall. On the other side,
the average looking man in her late 40’s could see her
ruby red lipstick and knew he was being sucked off by a
girl. While he didn’t mind getting free head from a
guy, knowing a girl was about to drink his spunk made
him that much harder.

Melissa worked on the cock vigorously, not using her
hands except to balance herself in the small booth. For
the most part Melissa kept her eyes closed as she
savored the large member, but then she opened her eyes
and found Alicia staring down at her. Melissa decided to
put on a show for Alicia.

Melissa unbuttoned the top 3 buttons of her white
blouse, exposing her lacy bra. She took the cock out of
her mouth and held it at her lips. She stroked the
length as she licked the head and under side. When she
felt the cock begin to pulsate, she opened her mouth
and looked up at Alicia.

Alicia was startled when the first blast of thick white
cream shot from the end of the cock and disappeared in
Melissa’s pink throat. Melissa then extended her tongue
to catch the second blast. The third shot splashed off
her upper lip. Instinctively Melissa closed her mouth
for a second and the fourth shot hit her lower lip and
dripped down onto her chin.

Melissa took the man’s cock back into her mouth and
sucked it until it was spent and only released it again
when it was wilting. The man on the other side pulled
his cock back through the hole but didn’t exit his
booth right away. A few seconds later he fished a small
piece of paper through the hole.

The girls heard the sound of the man’s door open as
Melissa read the note. It said, "Thanks for the BJ. Hope
to see you here tomorrow. Jake." Melissa laughed and
tossed the paper onto the ground. Then she used her
finger and her tongue to clean up the spunk that was
dripping from her red lips and chin.

The girls then huddled by the door and unlatched it.
They opened it a crack and saw several men standing in
the hall as though in line. Just then they heard the
door to the stall next to them close and seconds later
another cock was sticking through the hole.

Melissa said to her friend, "Shit, there must be 5 or 6
more out there. We’ll have to finish them off quickly
before any more show up." Alicia surprised Melissa when
she said, "I’ll take this one." Melissa pulled out
another couple dollars and put them into the video

Alicia squatted in front of the bench, careful not to get
her school uniform dirty. She leaned forward and licked
the tip of the man’s cock. It was not as big as the
first cock, which made Jane less intimidated. She
closed her eyes and opened wide. She took his whole
length into her mouth and then gagged, quickly
releasing it. Melissa said, "No, don’t go for the gold
on your first time. Start of with just a few inches."

Alicia nodded and returned to her task. As she did,
Melissa whispered advice. "Careful with your teeth. Use
your tongue on the bottom. Hold the base and jerk him
off as you suck. Go a little faster."

As Alicia applied Melissa’s lessons, Melissa sat on the
bench and hiked her navy blue skirt. She was wearing
light blue thong panties. She pulled them aside and
exposed her shaved pussy. Jane’s face was just 7 or 8
inches from the glissening pussy and she could smell
the aroma of her friend’s excitement.

Melissa worked a finger into her wet cunt and sloshed it
around. Then she withdrew the finger, leaned down to
Alicia and licked her own juiced off. "Oooh, damn I taste
great! Daddy wasn’t lying." Alicia stopped sucking and
asked, "You…and your dad?" Melissa took the cock in her
hand and held Jane’s head with her other, guiding them
back together. She said with a wicked smile, "Shh…you
have to concentrate on your work."

Alicia thought to herself that what Melissa just said sure
didn’t sound like a denial. Watching her friend
fingering her pussy again, added with the fact that she
was sucking a strange man off in a porn shop movie
booth, along with the imagery of Melissa being fucked by
her own father was driving Alicia crazy. Without thinking
she reached under her skirt and rubbed her own swollen

Seeing an opportunity, Melissa slid off the bench and
moved behind her friend. She wrapped her arms around
Alicia, who noticed, but didn’t object. Melissa reached
between her friend’s legs and rubbed her aching pussy.
Then Melissa lost her balance and had to put her hand
down on the wet floor so as not to fall over. After
regaining her balance she used one hand to pull Alicia
back and put two fingers into her friend’s mouth. Alicia
sighed, "Is that what I taste like?" Alicia said, "No,
that was from a puddle of spunk on the floor."

Alicia’s eyes opened as she was about to turn and yell at
her friend. Before she could get a word to form in her
open mouth, the anonymous man’s cock erupted, firing
blast after hot blast of cum onto Alicia’s lily white
face and into her open mouth. For having such an
average size cock, Melissa was impressed with how much
cum he was dumping onto Alicia’s pretty face. Alicia even
made the mistake of trying to duck, getting a blast
from her auburn hair, down her forehead and onto her

"Oh fuck", exclaimed Alicia. To quiet her friend, Melissa
pulled her friend back into her arms and turned her
face. Melissa kissed her friend’s cum soaked lips. To
Alicia’s own surprise, she didn’t resist. In fact, Alicia
was having the greatest day of her life. Just to show
her friend she wasn’t angry, she leaned forward and
licked a final droplet of salty man seed from the cock
and then turned to Alicia with her white streaked tongue
extended for another kiss.

As the morning wore on, the girls took turns sucking
off 11 men, include two well endowed black men. On one
man they decided to both work on his cock, one from
each side. Then they put their faces together so he
could paint them both with his slimy throat yogurt.

Finally around 1 pm the girls finished sucking off a
dirty old man that smelled of cabbage and feet. To
their surprise, and to the relief of their aching jaws,
there was no new cock in the hole. They peaked outside
and saw no one in the hallway. The girls didn’t even
bother buttoning their blouses. Melissa pulled off her
panties and used them to wipe as much spunk from their
faces as she could, then dropped them on the floor and
the girls made a break for it.

The man at the counter didn’t even look up from his
newspaper until he heard the slam of the door closing
behind them. With the cop long gone, the girls had a
clear path as they raced back to Melissa’s house to get
cleaned up. The mall would have to wait for another

Once back to Melissa’s house they closed the door hard
behind them, which awoke her father. The girls went
into the kitchen and Melissa got them both a beer as
they laughed about their day. In the light of the room
they could see exactly how horrible they looked with
cum dried on their skin, hair and clothes.

Melissa’s father walked into the kitchen wearing just
his briefs. He startled them when he asked, "So it
looks like you girls had fun today, huh?" Alicia blushed
and Melissa smiled as she said, "Yeah, well, we were
going to take a shower." Her father said, "You know,
there’s a charge to use the shower before 8 pm." Melissa
rolled her eyes and said to Alicia, "Okay, I’ll be right
back." Her father stopped her and said, "Well, if you
both want to use the shower then you both have to pay."

Melissa looked at her friend and studied her face. Alicia
nodded to Melissa. Melissa asked, "You know what he
means, right?" Jane nodded with a shy smile. Mr.
Foster smiled and led them to the bedroom. As he
closed the door behind them he asked, "So, Alicia, ever
been fucked in the ass before?"

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What very naughty girls.
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hot & naughty
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Why cant I ever be lucky enough to find sluts like these!
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