Fun With Female Freshman, A Cum Fiesta

One time at University of Santa Cruz here in California there was this class building closed down for remodeling, but there were a few rooms used downstairs, and there was this bathroom upstairs with a great gloryhole in the marble stall wall. The building was always open on Saturday, and one morning I brought Alicia this freshman slut who was already cheating on her high school sweetheart with me. We went in there and sat in the middle stall, the gloryhole was between that one and the first one. We got there about 10 a.m. and I told her that guys would soon start coming in to the first stall . She was nervous but excited I could tell, plus she would be getting 20 bucks for each bj she gave. She didn’t know that I was charging the guys 50, plus selling the video I would film to a German porn company for a few grand. I love naïve freshman sluts like her, wanting to experiment and act older in front of an older RA like me. It only took 3 weeks into her freshman year and I had this 18 year old hottie in a stall sucking my cock and getting ready to suck the random guys who would soon be stroking their cocks to hardness, sticking them thru that gloryhole, and cumming into her mouth.
The first guy showed up around 10:15. He was a cute slim guy with short hair but a fairly thick cock and big balls. “You know all those skinny guys have the biggest cocks!” She said with a anxious smile. I watched her as she deep throated that piece and it took him only about 3 minutes to blow a sweet load down her throat. She coughed a bit and laughed a second and I asked what she thought. “It’s weird kind of and I never thought I would do something like this, but it’s kind of fun and my pussy is so wet right now, its hot doing this and the guys not knowing who I am.”
We waited around and it was about 10 minutes for another dude to come in, short guy with a goatee and a short but nice cock. I guess I must have brought her to the right place at the right time, because She didn't have a lot of sitting and waiting time. It started being every 5 minutes or so that a new cock would appear in the gloryhole. At one point she was ready to leave after we waited about 30 minutes, thinking it was over, I fucked first and just as she was swallowing my load, her 13th of the day , then we heard the door open again and another horny student came in and stuck his cock through the hole. They were mostly students with various sizes of cocks, from about 5.5 inches on this Asian k** to a beer can thick cock dude with a beard. One black dude had at least 9 inches, and it bent to get down her throat. I think he was surprised that she could do it, and she sucked that big dick dry (and he was very vocal about it when he came). Since he was about number 17 or 18, she was already for it and I had helped her to condition her throat to take a big one by having her deep throat me a few times a day and practice on some big sausages and dildos I bought for her.. She at this point was becoming ravenous for cock and cum. I knew she would be one of these chicks, when I had her on her knees sucking my cock on the first night she was in the dorms. It was only about an hour after her boyfriend left that I had talked her into having a welcome to college drink in my room with me. And she has been sucking me off several times a day everyday of school so far. Even on the weekends when her boyfriend visits, she slips away into my room to suck me and fuck me. What a beautiful slut she was.
Next there was this dude who must have been on one of the athletic teams, well-built and with a beautiful blond 6.5 inch cock and not much hair on his balls. “Man that was nice to suck on those plums and get the load from that pretty dick“ she said. She then motioned to suck on my cock, and I let her take turns for a little while, but I didn't want to cum yet, so I stopped. I remember there were two or three times a guy came into the stall and then another guy came in and stood outside the stall waiting for his turn. It didn't take a lot of them very long to cum, and I think the quickest was about 30 seconds and the longest was about 10 minutes. Most of them would just get it hard and stick it in, moan and cum and leave without saying a word. Other times they would say thanks or "amazing BJ" or some other compliment. Anyway, this action went on for several hours. Later in the afternoon it was two guys together, 2 buddies I guess, who took turns feeding her their cocks until they both were ready to cum, one after the other, into her mouth. One had a shorter but thick dick and spewed a lot of cum, even dripped down her chin. The other guy was Hispanic, uncut but hard as a rock, very nice and long. The next guy came in with a couple of girls who wanted to watch. Once he came and since it was getting time for us to go and eat something (besides cum for her), I wondered if the girls with him would suck me off, so I stuck my cock through the hole. These two girls shared sucking my cock, taking turns till I blew a big load all over their faces and tongues. We finally left at 3:00, only because we needed to eat some real food, and her stomach was so full of cum it was upsetting her a little. I had been counting and she had eaten 36 hot loads of cum! $720 she made and she was so excited. I wonder if she would still have been knowing I made $1080 off the guys and another $2000 off the film. And you know a lot of those students were stoked and told stories about the girl who sucked off so many of them and we told them that she would be in there at least once a week and to look for a blue sign stuck to the door, that means that she would be in their waiting. A blue sign was on that door every day afterwards it’s amazing how many sluts were cum hungry or how many curious chicks wanted to experience that scene that semester and the guys just loved getting sucked off by them through a gloryhole. And that was a lucky time when no one else came upstairs to use that bathroom that wasn’t there for the gloryhole. (There were bathrooms downstairs, so they didn’t need to). I brought her back to that gloryhole a few more times and she sucked cocks/got fucked, but it unfortunately the bathroom didn’t stay in that condition very long after that first semester. And she never was able to suck that many cocks in one session again (I think the closest number was 12) She didn‘t want to get an upset stomach like she did that first time. Have you ever seen someone puke up a belly full of jizz?
It's too bad the building was completed, remodeled, and the gloryhole was taken out. But I’ll never forget my gloryhole girl and her cumfest that Saturday afternoon! How could I? I have it on tape. LOL!!!!
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3 months ago
Nothing sexier than feeding a young gloryhole slut a nice hot load of cum.
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Love it!!!
3 years ago
Great story! Very hot!
3 years ago
Nice story. Thanks for posting