Bible thumping Becky blackmails, bribes and begs t

No one would ever guess Becky's secret. Her friends didn’t know. Her students didn’t know. Her mom didn't know, and even her husband didn't know.
She lived a pretty normal life: choir practice, teaching her yuth classes at the church, and then heading over to the a****l shelter to volunteer. At night, she take care of her 2 k**s and husband in the house that they live in. But after everyone goes to bed, She get's very horny to suck cock and she starts looking for a hookup online. She would have happily just given it to her husband but being a devout christian her husband thought oral sex was unnatural and a sin against god and nature. Becky suffered for 3 years pretending to agree, and even trying to reallygive up any thought or memory of it, but she just couldn't get it out of her head.

She loved sucking guys cocks ever since she was 13 and wanted to look cool to the older boys who had a sort of gang with a club house down the stree from her parents house. Her mother told her to stay away because they were no good, but she thought they were just so cool. They said that she could come in and check out the club but she had to play a game and follow the rules strictly, or she would never be allowed in again, she readily agreed. When she entered they said no take backs, then they told her that she had to roll two dice and they would roll one, if her 2 numbers added up where different then the one that they rolled, she was free to just hang out but if they were the same she would have to give blowjobs to the same number of guys as was on the di. She thought that since the odds were highly in her favorshe wouldn't have to worry about giving blowjobs, especially since not only did she not want to but she would be very embarassed if she had to and said she didn't know how.There were 6 guys in the club, she rolled her dice and the first one came up as a five and the next one bounced and teetered for a second looking to land on the 6 and make her scott free but then it tumbled oddly and landed on the 1. She still had a good chance. Jake the leader of the gang grabbed his di and rolled, it bounced hard off the wall and flipped back towards them, spun in circles and landed on....the 6. Becky just stared blankly as the boys all cheered. they started taking out their cocks, and they told her to get on her knees and jake told her that since he was the oldest at 19 he got to go first, he said, don't be nervous, i'm sure you have probably sucked dick before, here I will help, he grabbed her by her head and proceeded to just use her mouth as a fuck toy, after about 10 minutes of this, with tears running down her face and her makeup all smeared, spit all over her face and dripping off her chin he told her to leave her mouth open because he was going to jack off into it, and she had to show all the guys and then swallow and then clean him off and continue on to the next guy, she was scared, grossed out, but trying to be cool and the guys were calling her all kinds of names but cheering her on, and she felt very wet in her panties. The guys kept her there all day just having her service them one after the next, they would also have her watch porn clips of blowjob scenes. She has been hooked ever since.

She always knew from that time She had a strong libido, although She never used to do anything about it. She’d stand in choir looking out at the congregation and getting turned on by some of the men, but She never acted on those feelings. Half of the men She was attracted to were married. And of course,She knew their wives.She had married John after high school. John had convinced her to become a christian, he was from a strong christian f****y, and all his friends were part of the church. Becky had known most of the wives almost as long. She worked side by side with them at Sunday school. And when it came down to it, knowing their wives sort of turned her on.

I was the first guy she was with. I also worked at the church, but I wasn’t a pastor or deacon or anything, just a janitor-handyman type named. She’d seen me in church on Sundays with my girlfriend, and she was very nice to me. Becky always had been a little quiet and timid even, because of her past ordeals. But one day I was making copies of my work schedule, and I felt like someone was staring at me. I turned and got chills.

Becky was staring at my crotch so intently thats he hadn’t even noticed I had turned toward her. She licked her lips and I could feel the bl**d rush up my neck and then in my cheeks and I just knew that the red now stretched down to my pole. I wondered if she could somehow know that I always spied on her from a hole I had drilled under her desk and loved to see the lacy pink panty’s she loved to wear. I felt likes he could see every inch of me because of the way she stared. When our eyes met, Becky didn’t look away as I thought she would. Instead,s he smiled at me and looked around to the right and left. No one usually came into the church office on Friday afternoons, just me to get the place ready for service and just Becky to get the curiculum together for after Sunday services. We most likely had the place to ourselves.

She came over to me and looked at my bulge again. She said “I have a very private question I would love to ask you and you could never tell anyone, if you do, I will tell them about the hole’s you have drilled around the church to give you looks up the womens skirts and the ones in the girls locker room and bathroom, also I know about the tapes you masturbate to in your office, and here you go, I have been borrowing this one,” The 100 best Amateure Blow Job scenes in porn.”
“I’ve been wondering what happened to that” I said. “Ok I’m listening”
“Well, it is about blow jobs, you see, it has been a long time since I have given one, I had kind of a bad introduction to them but also have fantasized about giving them ever since, it has scared me, and it is part of the reason I married my husband and converted to Christianity. I have thought of them as being a sin and John is a full believer in that. I thought that devoting myself to god would eliminate these thoughts from my mind, and I was almost there, but then I forgot something here one day and when I came back, I heard a strange noise and saw that your office door was cracked, when I peaked in there was your girlfriend on her knees, giving you one as you were watching this porno disk. I watched the hole thing and wanted so much to be that girl, I even masturbated as I watched, and came the same time you did, and then almost fell, and hurriedly went and hid in my office until you left.”
“That’s right, I heard a noise and hurriedly snuck out and forgot the disk in the tv. I thought for sure a teacher found it or the pastor, and that I was getting fired any day but nothing ever happened. Makes a lot more sense now.”
“Well, any time John is away and I start thinking about it, I put this disk in and masturbate almost the whole time he is away, wishing I had the real thing, I’ve used toys and vegetables, and even contemplated inviting the neighbors dog into the house last weekend, and that’s when I said I need to do something about this.”
“So, I have decided, for me to keep your dirty secrets for you, you must keep and help with mine. I will come to the church an extra hour early and leave an extra hour late each night and you will meet me here and let me explore sucking your cock and swallowing your cum, what do you say?”
“AAAAHHHHH, Well, Are you serious? I can’t believe I just heard that right, YES, hell Yes.”
“That is probably were we will end up for this but I need to do this.”
“We may be going to Hell in A Bucket babe but at least we’ll be enjoying the ride.”
Before I could come to my senses, he had my pants down and my cock out.
“You know how long I’ve wanted to suck your cock?”s he asked, unable to take her eyes off my cock. I was so pleased I’d worn no boxers that day. She buried her head between my thighs and started inhaling my cock deep down her throat.She couldn’t stop staring at my huge cock, when it wasn’t poking the back of her throat, she removed her pants. I couldn’t speak, and I loved how she took control. She was sucking and slobbering and slurrping my stiff cock like a starving fish on bait and pushed me down to the floor.
She started to beg me to fill her mouth up with my sweet load, that she needed to taste some cum, that after a decade she was going to go crazy if she didn’t taste some soon. Hearing her, miss good christian woman say those words made me lose it and I just exploded into her throat, causing her to cough and gasp and pull back, allowing me to fill up her mouth and give her the taste she wanted.
“oh my god, thank you, thank you so much, you don’t know how much I have wanted this and for how long, if there is anything I could do for you she said, let me know and I will do it.”
“Umm I think you already are.” I laughed and then she went back down and cleaned up what dribbles of my cum had spiled out and then just layed there for a bit, suckling on my cock like a baby breastfeeding. I began to get hard again.
“Get up on that desk and let me look at your cock.” She said. “It is so pretty” she said “I think I may want to stay a little longer tonight if that’s ok, it has been so long and my husband won’t be home until late tonight, would you be ok with that.”
“We can stay as long as you would like darling.” I responded as I put my hand around the back of her head and pulled her warm, wet, glorious cock sucking slut of a mouth back down on my extremely happy cock.
I never really believed in religion, but I finally had found heaven inside of that Christian Church.

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I'd love to cumm to that church.
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very hot