Lucy fully filled / Joe's fantasy

It was almost four months ago when Joe found out his lovely young wife
Lucy was a black cock whore. When he remembers about when he found out it
is embarassing because he almost handled it so badly.

He was in a mens room in the same office building where they both
worked and he noticed some graffiti with her name on it. Lucy,
his wife, worked as a receptionist for a publicity studio on the
first floor. Joe worked as an accountant for a big firm on the 21'st
and that's how Lucy even got her job. She was gorgeous then and she’s even more so now, he likes to say. That was two years ago, and now Joe can only guess when Lucy began seeing black guys behind his back, or maybe and probably more likely is that she had never even stopped.

Of course the pr firm she worked for handled lots of entertainers
and many were black artists. She was blonde eye candy at the front
desk and went out on lots of what she called 'client meets and drinks'.
“My job,” she would say, “is all about customer satisfaction.”

Even while we went out she said she had to do this because it was
expected of her in her business. So, several times a week she went out
even after they were married, and sure, Joe knew that there were black guys
there and other white girls and her boss with contracts hoping to get signed.
But somehow, he knew it sounded stupid, she was so open about it and nobody in her business ever batted an eye, he just never thought she would do anything besides maybe a little flirting.

So there Joe was washing his hands and out of the corner of his eye he sees, besides the paper towel dispenser on the tile walls amidst the usual scrofulous written invitations, advice, and suggestions, and among all the gay 'show hard' etc notes, Lucy, his wife's name. It popped right out at him And it wasn't a 'for a good time call Lucy' or like that kinda shit either. her saw her name and had to read it over from the beginning to believe it.

"All you black bruthas, that blondie bitch Lucy at Pinnacle luvs
swallowing Black Cocks!"

Pinnacle is the name of her pr firm so there couldn't be a mistake
about it. Now if someone said 'Joe Sucks' on a mens room wall it would be
an insult directed at him or some Joe, but how would Lucy be insulted, without nowing it was there he thought? Plus it had to be a guy, not a girl who put it there.

Joe unsucessfully tried to erase it with a paper towel and spent the afternoon thinking of what it implied. The next day he went down and saw it again, and now with additions.

Under the first message, someone had added in ball point with a
different writing style.

"Dis be da truth, bruthas. Loose Lucy does anytin for a mouthful, of big Black cock!"

So now Joe had a second claim about his wife being a whore. Joe was about
to erase them both but suddenly someone came in and he didn't want to be caught
and people wondering who this Lucy was, and conceivably they might
know who she was to him. Sitting at his desk he was dwelling on that all day, and truth be told, it was surprisingly striking some deep erotic
chord in him. The lobby mens room wasn't frequented too much, especially
during mid afternoon, so he found an observation position on an upper level
to look down on the entrance where he wouldn't be noticed, and took to
taking coffee breaks there. A week went by when he noticed what he thought
was his wife walking directly to the mens room door, and she was with
a large young black guy with dreadlocks, and he had his huge hand
on Lucy’s shapely bottom. Joe almost dropped his coffee as they stopped at
the door and looked around. “Okay,” Joe tried to rationalize, “he's probably just a client and he has to take a piss, and he let out a sigh of relief when the guy went inside as Lucy waited. After a short minute though, the door quickly opened and the guy grabbed Lucy by her wrist and she grinned as he pulled her in.

Now he understood that the guy went in first to check to see if it was occupied. Joe froze for several minutes, and he couldn't stand it any longer, he went down walked to the door, and opened it very quietly, he most definitely heard what sounded like some black guy gasping and groaning from a stall. On rubber soled shoes he tiptoed over to the line of stalls and looked underneath.

Bending way down he looked and four stalls away, he saw Lucy’s nylon
covered legs, as she was kneeling in front of the stall, between
the black man's legs. And he could hear them pretty good as well.

"Yeah, (gasp) yeah, honey. Darnell be right. You Black cocksuck
champion, bitch."

"(slurp) kiss, why thank you sir!" He heard his sweet wife say with a

She went back to noisily sucking him off. The acoustics in a tiled
bathroom were perfect and Joe heard everything. He heard her take her time
and bring blacky to the moment of truth, and heard her sighing and gulping
as the guy was gasping and groaning. Joe looked down towards his cock in confussion and realized that he had a seeping little hardon that was
staining his dress pants while the cock sucking went on.

After he came, Joe heard her lick and kiss him, he zipped up and
then laughed. Joe was to ashamed to confront them, especially with a cum stain on his pants. He knew it was time for him to go so he began edging over towards the door, still with a projecting hardon in his pants, he heard them as they continued with their talking,and he opened the door very quietly.

"We bet be gettin wid da goin den bitch!"

"Yes sir, (kiss) thank you!"

"Haw, haw, I forgot Darnell say you be doin dat. You always kiss de Black man's feet?"

Lucy laughed in the way Joe knew so well as he heard her kiss the guy again.

"It's just my way of thanking you sir. In the pr business it's like
tagging the product. This way,I think, it helps for you black guys to remember me."

"Haw, haw, so we be usin yo again, is dat wot you say? Nex time I get da afternoon rock, maybe I be droppin by. Dat wot you want, whore?"

She giggled, "Pinnacle pr at your service, sir."

Joe crept out and he had to hold his hand over his crotch and dash over
to some kiosks to hide behind as they emerged. The guy patted her on her butt
again as she smiled, bidding him goodbye. Her low cut blouse showed
flushed breasts and a pink face with smudged lipstick, and Joe watched her
gaze at the black man's retreating back, licking her full lips. He watched
as she took out the silver compact he gave her on Valentine’s day and touch up her makeup and then stroll on back to work.

Standing behind the newstand with a seeping cock, his world was crashing all around him, he knew that first he had to jack off, so he went back into the same mens room. He was drawn to the same corner stall, where he noticed that the seat cover was still down, and he sat on it. Joe looked down where his sweet lovely bride had just knelt moments before, eagerly servicing a black stud. The thought made his penis spray gobs of goo up into the air as soon as he touched it.

Back in his office he went through many conflicting emotions and considered many courses of action, discarding them one by one. It was still for some unknown reason to him, kind of erotic to think about. Finally he called Lucy, wondering if somehow her voice would be different with his new secret knowledge doing the interpreting.

"Oh, hi honey, it's you!"

"Um, hi dear. I just thought I'd call. How, um, is your day going?"

"Oooh," she said brightly, "not too bad, it has its ups and downs,
you know." The up and down of a thick black cock was in Joe’s mind.

Joe couldn't detect anything in Lucy’s voice and it was making him crazy.
One part of him wanted to confront her, and the other didn't want to see
what that would result in. "Are you riding home with me tonight" He
finally asked.

"Oh," she said, and he knew she was smiling by her voice, "well, tonight
my boss wants me to help entertain some new clients. I'll be home
later, honey, maybe around 12."

"Oh Okay," he said woodenly. Joe felt ridiculous as he wished her to have a nice time. But then again, he had never cum that hard before and until that moment in the rest room, as he thought of Lucy sucking on some guy’s black cock. Now he was realizing why her pussy, had begun to seem like it was becoming stretched out, puffy and drooly, over the past year of working at this new job and was especially even more so when she would come home from these after work affairs. He also realized
why she preferred him to simply just go down on her, because his
penis could never really satisfy her anymore and he had barely been able to even bring himself to climax inside her loosining cunt more so then ever these days.

He knew for certain now what he was going to be, and probably had been being served, later on that night and once again he became erect. The knowledge was sometimes difficult for him to except and when he would be at home alone knowing that she was out partying he would sob in frustration, but the fact was that he undeniably loved imagining her sucking their cocks. He sometimes would attempt to bring it up, but she seemed so happy about her life, and knowing now that she was intentionally feeding me her black used sloppy seconds after work and he could tell how much she really enjoyed it. It was so immensely that it made him want to continue to please her, without telling her he knew the truth. And so he did.

That was four long months ago, and for the first two months he never would let on to his lovely wife that he knew what she was doing, even when he brought her to repeated orgasms by tongue cleaning her sopping cunt and ass when she would come home. And sometimes she even came home after what must have been a rough night. Her face would be red with beard burns, suck marks on her neck and breasts, the scent of negroe sperm everywhere as well as her soaked panties testifying to her own copious orgams. She would always say she was way too sore for straight sex from sitting around the office all day, but would love some of his gentle lapping on her sensitive and enlarged clitoris.

It finally came to a head when he was so angry at her for not coming home for two days,and he confronted her with everything that he knew. She wasn't as surprised as he thought she would be, she said that just after their honeymoon she had went to use the computer and saw that he accidently left a window open that must have been detached from the rest. It was opened to Joe’s xhamster profile, and she was at first shocked and disdusted with seeing that his favorite videos, pics and stories all centerd around cuckolds, slut wives and black bulls. She was initially so thrown off that she called her lawyer and was going to seek a divorce but was still so in love with him that she decided to engross herself in his fantasy. Each morning after he would go to work, instead of trying to find a job of her own, she would read the stories and watch the video’s. She was finding herself becoming, and very much so, turned on with these lustfully taboo fantasy’s. She had wanted to bring it up to him and tried. She went out and bought herself a large black dildo but when she returned his s****r was at the house with her husband and k**s, the roof on their house had been severly damaged in a storm and they needed a place to stay while it was being fixed. They stayed for a month and she had put the thought away. That is until he asked her to bring him his briefcase to work that he had forgotten by the door that morning and when she got to his building, her now Boss, was in the elevator with her on her way down, he was flirting pretty heavey and said if she ever needed a job then she should bring her pretty little ass back here to his pr firm and he would have a position that he new she could fill. “Oh yeah, I actually have been searching for a job without much luck.” He had her come with him back to his office. They went inside and he led her into his private back office where he pored them a few glasses of Cristal. He told her that he was in need of a new suckretary and then pulled out the largest cock she had seen up until that point and said your position is on the floor here in front of him, on her knees and sucking his cock. She was so nervous and shocked but found her pussy becoming super moist and then found herself going to her knees and finally sucking on his cock for all she was worth. After swallowing his cum she felt a tinge of guilt, the guy offered her the job and explained how she would not only be servicing him but all of their clients and potential clients as well as his friends. She excepted and when she got home she wrote about her experience on a separate xhamster account that she had created. She had friended Joe and they had been discussing all of her adventures over these past months. Joe was the one who even gave her the idea on how to allow her husband to discover her infidelity. “So here we are” then she just shrugged as she slipped her dress off by the bed, her low cut blouse showing new suck marks on her beautiful big breasts.

“I mean what could you expect now, after knowing it was me that you have been telling about how turned on you get about the thought of eating some strange black guys cum from your wife’s cunt.”

"But, but, " Joe protested, "in the mens room, at work? I heard you in there." Her eyes widened at that, and he almost saw a blush.

"Well, I knew that, I set it up with your help, and that shouldn’t change anything. I’ve discovered that lots of girls who work or who’s husband’s work in the building have black lovers and most of their husbands eventually accept it. Frankly I figured that you would be more understanding?"

Joe was flabbergasted, she was accusing him, making him feel guilty about
denying her, her new pleasure. As he looked at her Joe thought that she looked so gorgeous, used and scented with some negroe studs lust all over her, and she knew he was unable to control his craving for her negroe creampie as well as his passion for her. She patted and kissed him on the forehead.

"Why don't we just pretend it never happened. Let's go to
bed now, Joe. I need your sweet gentle tongue especially tonight
and you know you love doing that." She smirked at his hardon sticking
out of his pants, and he bowed his head, feeling his cheeks get hot.
Ashamed and beaten, he followed her into bed, he wanted to put his face
between her legs and she knew it.

Within two weeks she had told him that orally was the only way she wanted
to have sex with him from now on, and he should relieve himself in the bathroom, giving him her used sopping panties or sometimes used condoms she would bring him for encouragement. He now satisfies himself totally with just his hand after she drifts off to blissful sl**p, sometimes after tongue cleaning her soaked panties for hours, he meets up with other cuckolds for company.

She really does seem much happier now with her life. She goes out more
often, stays out later, and doesn't even try to hide the occasional
lovebite on her beautiful breast or even sperm streaks in her blonde hair
or on her chin or the downy fur around her swollen pussy.

She now even makes him do lots of things he never thought he would, but the one he hates most is Monday mornings when he goes down to the mens room in the lobby with a flair pen, furtively looking around like a vandal.
He found out that the janitor cleans all the walls off on the weekend
and once made the mistake of mentioning it to her. Now on Mondays
He writes whatever she wants him to on the bathroom wall. This week it's:

"All Black males, Pinnacle's blonde receptionist worships Black Cock!
Ask for Lucy!"

and this is followed by their home phone number. Now he takes so many
calls for her, and has begun to even help her screen the males and arrange her dates. He has become her social secretary. She makes him find guys for her on-line and he has to suck them and sometimes let them fuck him and the ones he thinks will be worthy of her, he sets up for her dates. She once had him go walk around the Bronx wearing a shirt that say’s "I love to eat my wife’s black bull creampies."Lucy L

"After all," she said with a smile, "I learned in PR it pays to advertise."

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