Giving his student private lessons on the skin flu

Joe had had his eye on the band director job at Port Jefferson High for a long time. He was good friends with the district superintendent and He knew that when Mrs. Maxwell retired He was a shoe-in for the job. He bided his time at the Jr. High for 8 long years. He was a little surprised when Mrs. Maxwell retired a couple of years early because her husband became sick. She finished the 2004 school year and they moved to Florida. When school started in 2005, He was the new band director. He was warmly welcomed by the faculty, students and band parents.

Band and music teachers have to know how to deal with the “unique” k**s. Goths, geeks, pimple-faced nerds, and the weirdest of the weird. Everyday he has these weird misfits coming up to him, asking him odd questions. Sometimes he had to try and remember why the hell he became a band teacher.

"Thankfully," he thought "there are some normal interesting k**s in band. Some are very musically talented, and some of the young ladies are sexy as all hell. The hottest girls know they are hot. They are well aware of their sexuality and know how to "work it" to get what they want. They get a thrill out of violating the dress code, showing their bare mid sections, low rise jeans or wearing short skirts. Teasing him with their bright smiles and sitting with their legs spread wide open to give him a view of their panties and thongs.

That didn’t make going home to Crisco-Christine everyday anything to look forward to. His sourpuss ex-wife gained 60 pounds since she had their k**s. He wasn’t attracted to her any more.

He confessed to having a bit of a midlife crisis after he turned 40. Having all this good looking high school pussy running around didn’t help. He started going to a hip local bar, Pavilion regularly after school. He'd go knock back shots of Wild Turkey and chase the young girls, some too young to be served without a fake ID. Many of them know him, so having to break the ice isn’t necessary.

One Friday night after fucking one of his former students in the woman’s bathroom at Pavilion, he got home around midnight, smelling like honey suckle body spray and pussy. Crisco got up in his face and started yelling. He grabbed some clothes and told her he was through. The next week he filed for divorce and moved into a loft apartment downtown.

News spread throughout the school that he was divorced. That seemed to interest some of the little cock teasers, especially Melissa. Melissa plays the flute. She is a skinny blonde, 5'7", with long legs and the firmest, perkiest tits he had ever seen. Being around Melissa made sticking to the Code of Conduct impossible.

Melissa was a sophomore when he arrived at Jefferson. She and Joe grew close. She would occasionally hang around after school to talk to Joe. He truly enjoyed their conversations which soon turned to sex and relationships, but mainly sex. She told him how her dad took off when she was a baby. She told him that all the boys wanted to fuck her, and how lame they were. She told him how she lost her virginity to her mom's b*****r (her uncle) when she was 13 while he was living with them for awhile. She told him that she loved oral sex. Giving and getting and that the young boys didn't know how to do it right.

Last year things progressed and clearly crossed the line. They began hugging each other, with the occasional kiss on the cheek. One day toward the end of the school year, she came into Joe's office after school... "Joe," (she called him by his first name), can I ask you something?" Of course, he said. "Do you think it would be weird if I fantasized about having sex with an older man?" He was excited about where this was going...needless to say. She put her hand on his knee, and began to slide her hand closer to his package. He could feel his cock growing in his pants. Umm...Melissa, how old are you? He asked. “I'm 17... (long pause) and ½” she replied, panting. He pushed her hand away and gave her a disapproving look. “Do you realize I could be thrown in jail for what I’m thinking about doing to you right now?”, he asked. “I wouldn’t tell anyone” she snapped back. He slapped her on her ass and told her to remind him when it was her birthday.

Flash forward to November 2007. Joe was sitting in his office, swamped with paperwork. It was 2:30, and he was expecting Melissa, but she was nowhere to be found. He was getting ready to pack up and head to the bar when he heard the door in the outer hall clank. He heard the knocking of heels on the floor, and thought the principal was coming to bitch at him about something, which was just what he needed. Much to his relief, Melissa walked in wearing a SHORT white skirt that was so tight he could see that she didn't have any thing on underneath. She closed the door behind her, turning the lock. "Do you know what today is?" She asked. Joe couldn't take his eyes off of the halter top she was wearing, with her hard nipples poking straight through. "Not really" he said.. She walked around his desk, hiked up her skirt and sat in front of him, spreading her legs. "It's my birthday.." she said, putting her finger over her clit and started to rub it. "Your birthday?” Joe asked extremely enticed. "Uh huh....and I'm not.... what did you call it?….. Jail Bait anymore", she giggled.

Joe jumped up and took Melissa by the hand and led her to the insturment storage room in the back of the band room and locked the door. He lifted her skirt and sat her on some cardboard boxes and dove right in, burying his face in her soaking pussy. She moaned loudly, pulling the hair on the back of his head. He licked up from her hole to her clit, flicking his tongue, feeling her little knob on his lips. She clenched her thighs together, and now he was sucking on her clit, putting one, then two fingers inside of her. Joe couldn't wait to get his cock in her, his fingers were dripping with her sweet pussy juices.

She told him to sit down in his chair, grabbing his belt and unbuckling it. She took his dick out, which was already fully solid, and took it all in her mouth. She licked around the tip, jerking it really hard. Joe could tell she wanted him inside her bad, spitting on his dick, sucking like someone would suck poison out of a snake bite. She wrapped both hands around mhis rod and jerked up and down really slow, asking him how bad he wanted to be deep in her. Let me show you, Joe grunted, picking her up off the floor and sitting her on a counter top. She let out a scream, and when he felt his dick plunge into her, Healmost did to. Her pussy was so tight, like putting his dick in a coke bottle. He pumped in and out of her, driving his rod deeper and deeper in her. She clawed into his back, telling him how big and thick he was. It made him hotter, and he fucked her fast, hearing the smack of their skin while he plowed and pounded her petite pussy senseless. He pulled out and turned her around, pressing her face into the counter. Joe rubbed her perfect ass, smacking it hard and watching it shake just the way he loved. He drove into her again, and pulled her hair. He was grabbing one of her tits, pulling on her hard nipple, and pounding her twat with a f***e she had never experienced.

She kept telling him how good it felt to have a real man inside her, and it made him want to fuck her even harder. She started fingering her ass. It was so pink, and so small, Joe knew it had to be incredibly tight. That would have to wait. He pulled out and she spit on his prick again, taking it all the way into her throat. He could feel the tip of his dick being swallowed, which was the best feeling ever.

Joe could feel his-self about to blow, and told her to get on her knees. "You want me to swallow it?" she asked in an innocent school girl voice. He couldn't hold it any longer. When he moaned loud, she grabbed his shaft and jerked his jizz into her mouth, taking every shot of the huge load he had for her. She looked up at him and giggled, then swallowed it all without gagging. Joe couldn't believe it. Joe's cum was dripping out of both corners of her mouth and down her chin. She pulled her white panties out of her purse and wiped her face. "Now teach, you better let me suck your cock everyday before and after school." He pulled her up and kissed her with an open mouth for the first time. "Only if you swallow my dear." He laughingly replied.

Melissa's mom worked nights so Melissa never had much parental supervision. She now has been coming by Joe's apartment for private lessons on the skin flute three or four nights a week. She has even managed to come up with excuses to spend the night a few times. They have even talked about taking off to Las Vegas this summer when school is out. Melissa is crazy about Joe and his cock. "I think I could see myself marrying this sexy little cum slut." Joe was lost in imagination. "Why couldn't all students be this enthusiastic?"


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Excelllent.Made me blow
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