Training Tamara For Fellatrix Fun

As Tamara heard the bellhop leave she looked around the suite. She always enjoyed herself when she was in town and this was her favorite hotel. Ordinarily, she would relax as she had no social obligations here and felt anonymous. The suite was impeccably appointed. Out of habit, she walked to the bathroom to start a bubble bath. The staff would have prepared her room she thought, if they knew her. The bath would take a while and she needed a smoke. The bellhop had laid everything out and it took a while to find her holder. Finally she found it, fit a cigarette in the end, gracefully brought it up to her lips and lit it. As she stood there, her eyes fell on her reflection in the large segmented mirror on top of the makeup table. Her eyes began to well up. She turned and walked back to the bath. The bubbles would help her relax and possibly sl**p. The warm water and bubbles felt wonderful she told herself. She closed her eyes and drew on the holder. Somehow, she would find a way out of this little problem. I’m much more relaxed now and thinking clearly. Yes, she would fix him. Opening her eyes and looking at the ceiling, she now noticed the mirror above the bathtub. Damn it! She began to cry –no he won’t win. Room service made her delivery just as she was putting on her robe. She sat and nibbled at her dinner then went to bed. Fitful dreams woke her several times. The next morning the phone rang early.

“Yes” she barked into the receiver.

“It’s your wake-up call madam, it’s 8 a.m.”

She hung up the phone and laid there bewildered at what to do now. Order room service, get washed up, start getting ready – damn it- getting ready for him – giving him what he wants –damn it. How did he get my diaries? How did he get in, find the safe, open it – damn it! All night she tried to think of a way to deny what was there. All the dirty little secrets and out-right crimes committed by generations of friends and f****y. Going back to the prohibition era of her grandmother. Judges, congressmen, lobbyists, bureaucrats, were among the biggest criminals and victims. Only she could know all the names and details she had included there and thereby identified her as the author. Now he had the volumes she had written. No, there was no way out but his way – she had no choice. As she finished eating she began to think about the instructions he had left her in the safe. She wondered what he looked like. The instructions now lay in front of her on the table.

*You will follow these instructions exactly and any attempts at delay or feign ignorance will not be tolerated. No physical harm will come to you – quite the opposite – you will grow and develop with careful training.*

Arrogant bastard. She thought and continued reviewing.

*You will arrange your calendar for regular training sessions. You will send a copy of your calendar to the box address. Dates will be selected from your openings and less important activities. All entries will be verified. This will be mutually convenient and not arouse suspicion among your society friends. Once selected, you will never cancel any date. This would be considered as cancelation of our arrangement and selected excerpts would then be sent to key people.

You will travel to the selected hotel the night before, check in and leave a key at the front desk. You will prepare yourself the following morning and be ready to receive a visitor at a prearranged time. You will dress in the items listed and use the specified makeup.

Black heels of your favorite designer

Black ‘Thigh – high stockings, silk with seams

Black garter belt

Black lace panties – optional

Black lace bra or demi-bra – optional

Black corset, open cup

Black elbow length opera gloves

Formal earrings, longer than 3 inches, must dangle and swing with your every move

Formal cigarette holder at least 6 inches

Hair worn up so as not to cover your face at any time

Eyebrow pencil, evening makeup

Eyeliner, dark, heavily applied as evening makeup

Mascara, dark, heavily applied, must have the capacity to run with tears

Eye shadow, dark blue or green, heavily applied and feathered to eyebrows

Lipstick, crimson or scarlet red, must have the capacity to smear easily*

“Filthy bastard” She muttered to herself and began to dress. Glancing at the rest of the instructions, she began to picture the events in her mind. Agitated, she fumbled with her cigarette holder and lit it. Damn it – now her mascara was running and she would have to fix it.

Once dressed, you will practice expressions of exaggerated emotions in the mirror. Your performance must be spirited and highly emotional. You will be expected to perform and react with expression to your directions. You will practice until you receive notice from your guest of his arrival.

She looked at herself in the makeup mirrors. Her profiles were visible in the segments on either side.
“Going to the opera…” she said to her reflection with eyebrows lifted and waving her holder. The thought of a figure standing and watching brought an angry sneer to her lips. “You filthy damned bastard! You won’t get away with this…” Her brow wrinkled and lower lip trembled. “Please! Don’t, don’t do this! You can't make me do this – Please!” Her breathing became short as she thought some more. “Damn it, I won’t cry! I won’t cry for you! OH! Her phone rang and she answered.

“Yes, what is it now”

“Good morning dear lady, how did you sl**p?”

“Who is this?” she demanded

“You know who it is my dear, are you ready for me?”

“Yes, you filthy bastard!”

“Compose yourself my dear, you sound as if you’ve been crying.”


“I will give you a few minutes to compose yourself and then I will be up.”
Bang, she slammed the phone down and gazed at the instructions one last time.

Prior to arrival of your guest, you will compose yourself, fit a fresh cigarette in your holder, sit down and check your makeup. You will remain seated at your makeup table until told to do otherwise.

She sat on the low cushioned chair facing the mirror and checking her makeup. Her gloved hand was visibly shaking as she raised the holder to her lips. Smoke rose in figure eights and loops above her. Suddenly she heard someone operating the lock on the door and she jumped. A tall, attractive man dressed in black entered the room. He stood there gazing at her in silence until she thought she would scream.

“You more beautiful each time I see you! Magnificent!”

“What? When have you seen me? WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

The man set his bag down, removed his coat and hung it in the closet. He picked up the bag, smiled and walked over to the dresser where he set the bag back down.

“I’ve seen you at parties over the years, in New York during the Broadway season.”

“You’re lying, I would have recognized you from the guest lists. Unless, you were a domestic.” she said with a chuckle.

“Silly woman. You aristocrats always suspect your domestics of having lower morals than yourselves. How difficult do you think it is to wear a disguise and pose as one of your guests?”

The man opened the bag and removed two cameras and a collapsible tripod. He assembled the tripod, set it on the floor and attached one of the cameras.

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing? If you think you are going to film me for one moment…”
“Darling, you are in no position to object to anything! This is simply a training tool to show you where you need to improve.”

“IMPROVE! What do you expect me to improve? YOU FILTHY BASTARD!”

“Now, are you going to posture and argue or cooperate? If I pack up and leave, that’s it you know.”

She sat in silence glaring at him. Her cheeks hollowed as she drew on the holder. She turned her head away toward the mirror and shut her eyes.

“All right. I suppose I have no choice, do I." He shook his head no. " All right”

“Very good my dear lady! Lets begin. Lift your lovely tits up out of your bra and let them spill out on your chest.”

He turned on the camera and adjusted it. Tamara Morgan slid a black satin glove into her bra and lifted her large, creamy white breast out and let it fall over the cup. Her nipple began to tingle and swell. She did the same with the other and then hung her head.

“Absolutely breath-taking! He stood there watching her breath. Her creamy white breasts rose and fell. Her eyes darted at he refection. Now, I want you to cover your nipples and aureole with lipstick.”


"Of course not my dear, you are even worse, an AMERICAN whore."

He stood there patiently with a sardonic smile, cocked his head and winked at her. Finally, she began to move her trembling hand. Her breathing became noticeably deeper. She picked up the lipstick, opened it and stared at the red end. He began removing his clothes behind her near the bed. He watched her reflection as her eyes darted up at him and back at her nipples as she worked. An oval of heavy red lipstick covered her large aureole first on the right then on the left. He walked over to his bag, picked up the other camera and began filming her.

“Now get up and strut around the room for me my dear.”


She stood up and slowly walked toward him with holder in her hand. She stopped in front of him and he could feel her warmth. Then she turned, walked back toward the makeup table and sat down. He walked toward her while filming and focused on her reflection. She glared at him in the mirror, nostrils flared, lower lip trembling.

“Now I want you to turn the chair sideways to the mirror and face me, place the holder in your hand closest to the mirror and look up at me. I want you to arch your shoulders back and push your tits out.”


Haltingly she moved the chair around and sat. Slowly, she looked up at him. He could tell she was seething from the flash of her eyes and heavy breathing. Her shoulders arched which caused her tits to jut out presenting her swollen, painting nipples. Normally, he would just push it into her mouth but he felt less urgency and wanted to build her emotions. He reached into his briefs, pulled out his cock and guided it toward one of her nipples. The tip of it pressed just under the nipple into the more sensitive area of her swollen aureole. He pushed and the soft painted flesh easily gave way so that the head disappeared into her breast. He continued to push and her breast bulged as half his cock was enfolded into the creamy white flesh. She gasped, whimpered then bit her lip. She began to feel delicious sensations throughout her body – especially her clitoris. She felt it swell and tingle. She felt her other breast swell and nipple tingle. Goose bumps arouse in waves over her body. She imagined little sparks deep inside her brain as her lactation centers were stimulated. He began to pump slowly in and out, deeper and deeper as his cock rode up her rib cage. Her whimpers and grunts became louder and higher in pitch. Then he withdrew and stood there with the camera, filming her heaving, trembling chest. Her hand trembled so much that she could hardly bring the holder up to her now swollen, pulpy lips and draw on it.

“Now my dear lady, put an extra heavy coat of lipstick on your lips.”

Tamara shut her eyes tightly and streams of mascara tears ran down her cheeks. She turned, reached for the lipstick and began coating her lips. First several strokes across her upper lip, then more strokes across her lower lip. Her fully swollen lips were now ultimately red, glistening and arousing. She set the lipstick down and drew on her holder to stall him. She sat back with her head turned away from him, visibly shaking. He watched her reflection as her cheeks hollowed, her chest raised and fell as she exhaled, and her gloved hand gestured elegantly to one side. Her eyes darted up and back as she anticipated his next demand.

“Face me my dear and open those lovely painted lips now.”

She turned towards him with her head down, holder in hand and elbow coming to rest on the table. He reached under her chin and lifted her head. She whimpered, shut her eyes and opened her mouth. The thick red lipstick parted to reveal her quivering tongue.

“Open much wider my dear.”

She opened her mouth wider and let out a trembling breathe. He slowly pushed his cock deep into her mouth and thick strands of lipstick streaked the surface. She let out little whimpers with each inch that penetrated her mouth. He admired her profile in the mirror. Her hair was pinned up and revealed her beautiful cheekbones highlighted with blush and sculpted with light and shadow. Her lovely eyes were shut and revealed the perfectly drawn eyeliner swept back past the corner of her long eye lashes and complemented by the deep teal green eye shadow that feathered up to her shaped eyebrows. A little streak of mascara laden tears from each corner of each eye revealed the contour of her cheeks. Her aristocratic nose was upturned and nostrils flared above her opened mouth. The long, dangling earrings swayed with her breathing and pounding heart. Her heavily coated lips stretched around his member and were slightly smeared. Her little chin was wrinkled in a drawn back position. The soft white flesh below it bulged slightly like a double chin and quivered.

“I am going to instruct you in the basics of an oral technique you must always use for me. You will be awkward at first and it will take several months for you to perfect your skills. I am very patient and gentle as you will learn but I expect you to show willingness to learn. I expect some resistance at first and you will learn to feign resistance in a way that I find exciting.”

She recoiled at the statement and sat up straight. She looked up at him now with her mouth agape and panting. His cock was ringed and streaked with lipstick and saliva. A thick line of saliva dripped from her lower lip onto her cleavage. He could barely contain himself at this point.


“You still seem to be in denial about your situation at this point. Put another cigarette in your holder and calm yourself.”

Happy for the delay, she carefully fit a cigarette in her holder and lit it. She reclined and held it poised in front of the mirror. The smoke formed figure eights and loops in front of her reflection.

“Reflect for a moment my dear on what would happen if your treacherous associates knew you had detailed all their crimes and on-going indiscretions. It would cost them billions. Whole countries have been destroyed for less. I am truly amazed that you have been able to keep your diaries secret for this long.”

She sat there perfectly poised and nearly motionless. Her chest rose as she drew on the holder and then lowered as she exhaled. Her long, dangling earrings swayed and shimmered in the lights.

“PLEASE! If they suspect, my life is in danger! I, I don’t know what to do. I just can’t be the person you want me to be.”

“You have nothing to fear my dear lady. I will protect you. How do you suppose I have survived undetected for this long? These little meetings are completely in keeping with your associate’s expectations. I want you to grow, develop and eventually perhaps you will be content giving and receiving simple pleasures. If you need to escape, I will arrange it so they will think you died in a fire or other contrivance. Now, let us continue.”


“No, you are my companion, my model, my actress, my student, my possession, my odalisque. You’re degree in art-history and drama must have taught you all about how highly prized that role has been in European culture my dear lady. I think you could be the most desirable woman in the world! Enough talk now, put your painted lips back on their mark.”

She turned towards him again with tears in her eyes and obeyed. She could taste him now and started to withdraw. He held her head in place with a gentle caress.

“Say the word ‘GOOOOOO’, then protrude your lips as far as they will extend and hold them there.”

She complied with an audible sound ‘GOOOOFFF’ and pushed her lips out past the tip of her nose. Her lips extend nearly to the base of his cock. He watched her obscene display in the mirror and caught it on film. Her eyes moved and brow wrinkled as she waited for the next instruction. The sensation of her swollen, trembling lips pressing his cock began to thrill him once more.

“This position is to be held twice as long as the succeeding positions in the three-part cycle. Now, extend your tongue out under my cock and out past your lips.”

He felt her tongue glide out along the shaft. It thrilled and electrified him. He could see her profile in the mirror as the tip of her tongue popped out over her lower lip. Her nostrils flared and her breathing turned to panting. The cameras recorded her magnificent performance from two perspectives.

“Now quickly draw your tongue and lips back in over your teeth by saying the word ‘GUMMMM’. Once in that position, return back to the protruded ‘GOOOOOO’ position and hold it.”

Her lips and tongue drew back and she made another sound ‘GGGUUMMMMM’. He could see where she had smeared her lipstick further out on his member. He felt her lips press tightly and throat squeezing the tip of his cock. She hesitated, then remembered ‘GOOOOFF’ and held her lips out once more. A little string of saliva ran down onto her tits. Her nostrils flared as she sucked in air. He pushed on the back of her head and moved her lips against the base of his member.

“AGAIN! Keep cycling those movements until I tell you to swallow. Do not try to remove your mouth or spit it out. You will continue until I tell you I am finished.”

She shut her eyes and tears streaked more of her face. ‘GOOOOF’---‘LL’-‘GUMM’-‘GOOOOOF’ she uttered with each cycle. He allowed her to move her head back a little each time then pushed it forward on return. He watched how this caused the long dangling earrings sway and sparking as he controlled her. The smoke from her holder in her gloved hand made lazy circles in the air. He felt her soft palate and tongue squeeze him each time she made a ‘GU’ sound. Her lips stroked him and tightened at her final extension of ‘GOOOO’ and then again as she drew them in over her teeth. Her tongue stroked him as it moved in and out each cycle. Over and over she f***ed herself to obey his directions. Not quite getting into a smooth rhythm, she could hear him say it would take her months to develop skill. She whimpered and struggled a little against his pressure. Suddenly, her eyes bolted open and she strained against his hand.


She stopped struggling, shut her eyes and swallowed. She swallowed again and again. He watched her swallow. He watched as her smeared red lips pursed around his throbbing member. He watched as the muscles below her jaw bulged and then contracted. He watched as her neck muscles contracted. He watched as she began to cry openly and continue the cycle in broken fashion, then swallow again. Finally, he released his grip and she remained motionless with his member still in her mouth. He took her by the wrist and pulled upward.

“Come along now darling, I want you to follow me over to the sink.”

She shuffled along behind him as he held her wrist. She leaned against the counter with her head turned away towards the corner of the room. Periodically, she swung her arm up and took a quick puff from her holder. He washed the saliva from his member while carefully examining her posture and expression in the large wall mirrors. Her heaving breasts and submissive posture excited him. He was still rigid and wanted more. He turned and pushed her up against the counter. She struggled, but would not look at him. He reached between her legs and probed with his fingers. She was completely soaked and tried to close her legs. He could feel her vulva was round and swollen, lower he felt her clitoris was firm and the tissue above it tremored at his touch. Slowly he slid two fingers on either side of her opening and stroked the erect bulbous tissues. He had never felt any so swollen as hers. He reached even lower and inserted a finger. Slowly he began stroking up and back to hit her ‘G’ spot. She shuddered and moaned several times. Then he turned her around to face the mirror and bent her over. Her gloved elbows rested on the counter. He looked at her reflection. Her lips were smeared with lipstick and semen. Her face was streaked with mascara. Her creamy white tits hung below her and he could see the smears of lipstick on her nipples as they jiggled. He moved behind her and entered her swollen wetness half way. Slowly he began to pump half way in and out – lowering his approach to get under her. She moaned and her knees buckled. He grasped her hips and started thrusting violently. The flesh of her buttocks jiggled each time he slammed against them. Her breasts slapped back and forth. He pushed her closer to the counter and lifted her with his thrusts. Her heels clicked on the tiles and she bumped up and down. Her tits brushed the cold marble counter as she jerked and pumped. She yelped, screamed and arched her back as spasms swept over her. Convulsive contractions gripped her body like and electrical storm. He thrilled as the contractions of her swollen flesh squeezed, pulled and stroked his cock. She pushed against his thrusts involuntarily almost as reflex over and over. Finally, she fell limp and exhausted. He scooped her up in his arms. He carried her to the bed and gently laid her head on a pillow. He climbed in next to her and began kissing her body from head to toe while gently massaging her. Then he held her and listened to her heart pound.

“You are all I had hoped you would be my darling lady.”

Confused about her feelings, she remained silent and motionless. Waves of delicious sensation still secretly moved within her and she did not want him to know. He got up and walked over to the table where a bottle of wine sat chilling in a bucket. He removed the cork and poured a glass. He walked around to her side and lifted her up. She took the glass from him and drank. She set the empty glass down and sat rigid with the sheet pulled up around her –refusing to look into his eyes. Then she stood up, stuffed her breasts back into her bra and walked into the bathroom. He heard her start the shower. He began to collect her things strewn about and laid them out for her to start again later. Then he called room service and ordered what he knew were her favorites from her diaries. He would make her do it all again later but now he would let her clean up, rest and eat.

Tamara stood there in the shower and let the hot water pound her for all sides. She had washed her hair three times and her skin was ‘pruney’. The temperature of the water was declining and she thought to herself ‘how absurd, I’m all right so why am I still standing here.’ She finished toweling off, wrapped her hair in a turban fashion and put on the luxurious robe they had provided. Where were her clothes now –did room service or He take them? Strode out into the bedroom and looked around – everything was laid out, the soiled clothes were missing. Ah, she could hear room service in the next room of the sweet. Now she heard him talking to room service, a woman thanked him and the door closed.

“Lunch is served my dear, come sit down and enjoy yourself.”

“I-I’m not dressed. I don’t feel very hungry.”

“Come in here and try to eat something. You can dress later.”

Yes, she could dress later and she felt he would permit her to take her time. Anything to slow things down a bit, she thought. The aromas were wonderful as she stood there gazing into the dining room. He had opened the curtains and the view was lovely. He was also dressed in a similar robe. They looked like a couple she thought – no impossible! He held her chair out and beckoned her to sit. She sat gracefully and said thank you out of reflex. He slid her up and kissed her gently on the cheek. Then lifted the lids off each little treat and showed a signs of delight in her eyes. He sat and sipped his coffee, carefully examining her face. She began to nibble and sample each of her treats. She seemed relaxed as she sat back and looked out the window.

“I don’t like my head held down like that you bastard,” She stated plainly. “You nearly suffocated me.”

“When you have developed sufficient skill, you will have the ability to sense and apply the proper stimulation without prompting from me,” He stated equally plain. “I let you up to breath each time and was careful not to traumatize the back of your throat. So many clumsy, brutal men would have caused you injury. You are far too rare and special to use that way and intelligent enough to appreciate the difference.”

“Wicked, wicked you are one fucking wicked man,” she said sternly but with a half smile.

“The wickedest man in the world, some say." He quipped with a smile. "Try the coffee, it’s your favorite I believe,” he said as her poured for her. “Wicked? So do you think I should be condemned or cured? He said broadly smiling.

She looked at him sideways, then picked up the coffee in both hands and daintily sipped. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye.

“It’s all right my dear, I will not condemn you for what you confessed in your diaries. I will keep your secretes, protect you, care for you and cherish our time together. In return I want you to always show up, accept what I have to give you, give me what I want and don’t betray me.”

“I can live with that,” she said as she tilted her head and smiled.

He stood up walked over to her and reached into her robe. He cupped her larger full breast and squeezed. She lifted her head and gasped.

“Finish your coffee my darling. We’ll get dressed and go out. I want you to see the new exhibit at the museum while we are in town. I want you to learn about technique from the painter’s perspective instead of the critic’s.”
After their outing, they came back to the rooms. She was excited about what he had shown her. The techniques of the artists were far more interesting than what critics had to say. She loved to learn and the things he wanted her to learn fascinated her. It was one of her more attractive traits that drew him to her. Her intelligence, curiosity and imagination held great promise for him. She still bitterly resented his control over her life and the way he f***ed her to perform for him. Having this sophisticated, wicked and wealthy woman under his control excited him at many levels. He realized how dangerous it was to control her and that she would eventually attempt one of her scams to be rid of him. He also knew her confession to any of her friends or associates about her diaries would bring swift retribution on her for endangering them. His network of informants and equipment would help him know when to move her to the island and safety. He hoped she would wait long enough to travel and learn as much as she could about acting, art, dance, cooking and other subjects so that her life on the island would be full and happy with him.

“I think we will travel to Manhattan next. I want to you go to the Art Student’s League and meet Robert Beverly Hale. He is the greatest teacher of artistic anatomy and figure drawing the world. You will learn a great deal in his classes! I also want you to enroll in cooking, dance and acting lessons. You may want to invest in a loft in Tribecca.”

“You are very free with my time and money! What makes you think I want to learn all those things?”

“I know you darling. I know you will enjoy yourself once you start into the classes, as you did when you were at college. You will enrich your life and fulfill creative talents you did not realize you had. I will tutor you in the evenings if you need help.”

She realized what he meant by tutoring her in the evenings. She walked over to the dress and opened the drawers where they had placed her lingerie, stockings, gloves and began pulling out what she would need for the evening. Visibly agitated, he sat down in the large upholstered chair and quietly watched her. She stopped in the middle of setting out her things, strode into the other room and came back with her holder, case and lighter. Glaring at him, she took a long draw from the holder and exhaled.

“Why the hell do I have to say those ridiculous words each time, damn you! It’s humiliating enough to do that without having to speak!”

“The words themselves are meaningless my dear lady. They are a device to help you learn how to move your lips, tongue, soft palate and muscles of your oro-pharynx. It is a very basic lesson but effective. There is a whole vocabulary for a well-trained fellatrix to learn. The cadence, timing, emphasis will come later as you also learn to sense my response.”

“FELLATRIX!!!! You bastard, what the hell is that? Am I to become a whore?”

“No dear lady. There are many ways to spend time together exploring pleasures. Intimacy is a long and beautiful process between a man and a woman. As we develop our talents and learn new things, it empowers us to experience new pleasures. A teacher understands the talents of his pupil and her level or understanding such that he can present each lesson in a way that promotes learning.”

“You are wicked and perhaps a teacher but you will never make me love you. Bastard.”
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