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Debbie's story

The first time I cuckolded was after I saw the look on my boyfriend Jeff's face after a chance remark. Cum was leaking out of me after we had made love--problem was, we were walking to the car to go for ice cream and I'd thrown on a skirt but no panties. He said he thought it was sexy and I asked him, 'What if it were another man's
cum?' He got hard and had a stunned look on his face. That sealed his fate:)

A couple of weeks later, Jeff and I were at a nude beach north of Santa Barbara. The sun always makes me horny and combined with all the nudity--well! Throughout the afternoon, I'd had my eye on a black man, who was good looking, but that wasn't what caught my eye. He had an enormous, uncircumcised penis. It was really long and
really thick. This white girl had never seen anything like it and I was wet and tingly all afternoon just thinking about it.

Finally, he caught me looking and came over to introduce himself to us--me, really--and I got a closer look. Jeff was circumcised, average size, but a dwarf in comparison to Don's. Don invited us for some wine in his camper. Jeff was feeling very insecure and as though Don was encroaching on his turf by this time, but I eagerly accepted for both of us. I knew that this was playing into the basic male insecurity, but it was part of the thrill I felt
building up inside of me. On the walk to the camper, I noticed Jeff's penis had gotten smaller--sort of retracted, if you know what I mean.

We had some Chablis in the rather cramped camper and talked about the various nude beaches we had visited but the mood was getting thick and musky and we were all still naked. We were all aware of it and Jeff was wanting to go. So, without warning, I got on my knees in front of Don and put the head of his penis in my mouth, not even
rolling back the foreskin. Don let out a loud moan that must have been building up all day. I glanced at Jeff and he didn't look happy, but----he'd sprung an immediate and involuntary erection that was stretched to the max:)

I worked Don's penis 'til it was hard and then crawled backwards onto the bed motioning him to climb on top of me. He did and it was a little difficult getting him into me, but we managed. Jeff just sat there watching, so I motioned to him to stroke himself, so he did.

Don fucked me for about an hour and it was as if he wasn't going to cum--but then he did and everyone in a half-mile radius heard him do it! As for me, I was too excited to cum. When Don rolled off me, I pulled Jeff onto me and the way his small penis felt sliding into my cummy vagina gave me an instant orgasm without him even beginning to pump. I think all orgasms are psychological rather than physical and that incident seems to confirm it.

After Jeff came thirty seconds later, Don was hard again, so Jeff got out of his way. They took turns with me the rest of the evening 'til about two in the morning when we went to find a coffee shop. Then, we went back into Don's camper in the coffee shop parking lot and they took turns 'til we finally fell asl**p at about 6:30am.

That was the beginning of my commitment to this lifestyle! Jeff and I went our own ways after a few years, but I now have the same sort of relationship with Mark. We are not swingers because Mark remains monogamous to me. The term most popular on the Internet is cuckolding, so that's what we call it.

Laura goes next

Hello girls, My Name is Laura, and I am a sexy and proud slut wife.

When I first met my current boyfriend/cuckold Tom, I liked the fact that he wasn't circumcised. The uncircumcised penis looks so much more primitive and since sex is fundamentally primal, this appealed to me. But we all evolve and I came to see that this, in some small way, made Tom resemble my bulls. I always go for large, black
uncircumcised penises when I chose a bull. This wasn't a major concern, but the idea of cuckolding is to go with a bull that your cuckold couldn't possibly compare to or compete with. The bull provides the primal element in cuckolding. That's why, in my opinion, a white woman should always select as her bulls black men with the largest penises and always uncircumcised.

I want the largest possible penises for the trauma they'll cause to my Tom's psyche and to my vagina as well. The moment he sees the size of the penis that's about to penetrate me, I know he'll suffer a sharp pang, because he simply cannot compete. Tom is simply average to small for a white man. I also like what an extremely large penis does to my vagina. It stretches it out so as to accommodate the large penis and I end up with the exact opposite of what most women think they want--I get a loose vagina. Why do I want a loose vagina?

The bull is so big, he thinks I'm tight. It's so Tom wont feel anything when I have him enter me after the bull(s) finish inside of me. I only want him to have that sensation of warm, moist cum inside of a very loose vagina. Two striking and primal reminders of what has just taken place. The orgasm he will then experience will be triggered by his psyche as opposed to vaginal friction. Isn't that the best kind? I love Tom and want
only the most supreme experiences for him.

If the bull is primitive, then Tom is refined and I think he should be a reflection of intellect rather than physicality. So, I had Tom circumcised. It removed even the slightest similarity that Tom had to my bulls. And it had the added benefit of making Tom's penis look even smaller than before. More elegant, you
might say. Now every time Tom sees an uncircumcised bull go into me, he'll remember what he gave up forever and that creates just a little added torment that I can help soothe when he lays his modified penis into me after I've had my bull.

And guess what? I found a black urologist to perform the circumcision, although he'll never know the significance of the minor surgery he performed. Tom still hasn't gotten used to his new, smaller look and probably never will. But isn't that the point? The pleasure and pain must come in equal proportion.

If your cuckold is already circumcised, you wont be able to make this act a part of your scenario. But if your cuckold is uncircumcised, I think you'll enjoy having his foreskin removed. Any thoughts?

Rachel responds

"Well I'm a Jew and am always and only with Jewsish cuckolds, so all my guys are circumsized." The girls laugh.

Since entering into this lifestyle, I've noticed a number of reversals in myself. Sex used to be fun and emotionally fulfilling, but was something of an obligation I was called on to fulfill in a relationship. Now, sex is my passion and empowers me in all my relationships to the point that I set the boundaries without apology. I am no longer a pacified 'lady' but an impassioned woman.

I used to think that sex with a stranger and a Black man was unthinkable. Now I crave it as it produces a bond of true fidelity in my boyfriend Leonard that I never experienced in normal relationships where the male invariably tired of me after I was conquered.

Penis size was never particularly interesting to me. Now, it is very important. My bulls are large and uncircumcised and Leo, as I call him, is average-to-small and we had him shaved to further distinguish him from my bulls. Semen used to be a messy byproduct that somehow vulgarized the romance of sex. Now, it is the all-important symbol of my power to affect men. I used to worry about having a dainty and tight vagina for my man. Now, I purposely choose bulls with penises that stretch me and prefer sex with Leo after one or more bulls have ejaculated inside of me, offering him a very loose and slippery experience. Such a reversal of parameters!


My cuckold Pete is my love. My first cuckold set me on a course in life that would give me total freedom and control over the aspects of life that most women concede to a man. I've had three long-term cuckolds--I'm not married as I have only wanted “Loving Tender Relationships” with live-in boyfriends--and each of them would do, and have done, anything to keep me.

Wouldn't that please anyone, man or woman? Imagine that you could turn everything in life to your favor just by letting a black penis slide into you. Even if the idea were unthinkable to the woman, she'd might do it for the results it would bring to her life. Then, imagine that she not only tolerated those black 'monsters', but grew to love them. Addicted even. It thrills me to know that as a professional white woman who looks (reasonably) conservative and associates with a conservative class of PhD’s, I would never ordinarily experience the vulgarism of a 10" black penis. I can turn any situation in life around with a quick cuckolding session for my own pleasure.

I like my cuckold to watch from the foot of the bed so he can see my stretched lips and the moment of ejaculation. Also, the semen running out as he approaches to slip into me for a few moments before cleaning me. But, if things aren't going my way at my office, or elsewhere, I can bring almost any situation in life under control by making the adversary a bull right there on the spot. Most women would just give in to a frustrating day. My cuckold makes this all possible. So I thank him in ways that he understands.

All life is conflict. I now that for my cuckold to really live life, I must take him emotionally from total excitation to impotence. Whether he comes to me after watching a cuckold session with a terrific erection, or with his penis retracted to a state smaller than a little boy's, I know I've had an effect on him that is profound and will stay imprinted on his psyche forever.

What other traditional woman could offer him anything other than a routine and bland life where sex fades and resentment builds? In fact, since in a cuckold session I've just been stretched by a penis considerably larger than his, I feel very nurturing when I can help him slide his impotent penis into me so he can fell the sensation of another man's cum puddle inside of my vagina. Don't get me wrong though, I love it when he's hard and has what I call a 'stretched erection'(i.e. he's super turned-on).

A bull can be had anytime, anywhere. A good cuckold is a treasure and God help a bull who thinks he owns me. It's my cuckold that makes my life what it is and I treasure him. That's why I take pains to make certain that it is always pain and pleasure for him.

BTW, I'm always asked, so I'll save you the trouble. Nobody had to talk me into this. I once went out for ice cream with a boyfriend after we just had sex. I hadn't put on panties and I could feel cum leaking out of me and onto my leg. I told him and said that it felt good to me. He said he loved hearing about it. Like Debbie, I asked him 'What if it were another man's cum?' and he gave me a look that told me I'd found the primal key to a better life.


My hubby Greg and I have been married for over 20 years and while I have always been a slut, a bitch and a cheater, fucking behind his back since the beginning of our marriage (the first time I cheated on my man was just 2 weeks after our honeymoon) and from that point on, well, lets just say that by the time he found me out I had already cheated with over 25 men. I especially enjoy fucking married men and boys friends behind the back of their unsuspecting wives and girl friends and in some cases enticing, seducing and fucking men just before they got married to some of my friends.

I immensely enjoy the feelings of betrayal, the danger and tasting another woman’s prized possessions; I particularly enjoy the company of couples at parties and gatherings where I “intimately” know the husbands, but these men don’t know that I have also fucked a lot of the other hubbies as well and, of course, the wives or my husband are ignorant to the fact that I have fucked most males present. This tangled web-like atmosphere gives me an uncontrollable and erotically perverse & deviant feeling of unlimited proportions.

At one point, after approximately 10 years of marriage and while having a somewhat heated conversation with Greg I led on to the fact that he wasn’t the only one enjoying my juices. Needless to say, Greg got very upset and angry at the slightest hint of my infidelities. He wanted to know more and as I kept mentioning the names of friends, acquaintances, etc. with whom I had cheated on him, the more he wanted to know in detail. He was angry, but he kept pushing for more information which I found a little strange but encouraging.

I also noticed a strange look and expression on his face and at the same time I also noticed what appeared to be a slight erection that was increasing in seconds. By now, I was also having a familiar feeling of extreme emotions and aberrant pleasure as I realized that I had the endowment to inflict such mixed and powerful effect. I then purposely recounted in increasing detail the sorted tales of my slutty, indecent and kinky double life. Greg was at this point visibly shaken, touching his pants and rubbing his cock as I noticed his wetness staining the crotch of his pants.

This episode lasted for weeks, as I was being f***ed by Greg to recant again and again every aspect of infidelity over the last 10 years and every time he became more and more aroused in delightful ecstasy as the periods of anger slowly, but surely faded more distant. This in my mind, opened a new world of real and delicious possibilities, I could get this situation to evolve into numerous turn-ons that would eventually fill the vast abyss of my sexually depraved and enormously corrupt appetite. What a “pussy”, I thought, I could turn this situation into the most deviant instances of corruption, aberrant, freakish and perverted sexual wickedness for my own satisfaction.

I had saved this for last because one of the things that I discovered when I was back-stabbing the poor bastard is that I have an uncontrollable desire for male to male sex, more clearly, men sucking and fucking each other. I’d always had since I was little an inner zest for this type of male sex. This type of pornographic display makes me wild, but I never had the chance to experience it. But, I found a group a gay guys who often invited me to watch their orgies and I kept going back and watching with delightful arousal their frequent encounters and performances. I’ll tell Greg about this adventure, but not just yet, I need to find out if this guy who as it turned out, enjoys his wife getting fucked by other men, could be turned into a cock sucking fagot for my insatiable pleasure.

Our sex life will never be the same from now on, I will slowly, but surely turn him into something I could really play with and get the kind of sexual satisfaction that I desire. So I slowly started playing my fingers into his ass, and watched his reactions. At first, I thought that this would be a little problem for him, but to my pleasant surprise he was very excited by my fingers fucking his ass and little by little we graduated into dildoes, form the smallest plug-ins first to vibrators and then the really big rubber cocks that made him squirm like a bitch in heat. Slowly he developed a lust for black dildoes until one day he told me that he would really liked to be fucked by a real black guy with a large cock that he would suck to completion.

At this point I was very close to my goal of having a cock sucker and someone who enjoys getting fucked in the ass as a bottom, a real bitch I could offer some hugely hung blacks and someone that would suck the shaft and balls of my lovers as I ride their cocks in frenzy and our cum dripping into a faggot’s mouth waiting just below my wet, raw pussy. What a trip, what a rush!!!

Suffice it to say that my hubby nowadays enjoys his well deserved horns and he’s totally trained for pleasure, my pleasure.

First let me tell that I have such a wonderful pussy boy husband. I mean, there is nothing that Greg won't do for me, especially when it comes to my sexual desires and cravings.

Quite often we go to NYC for our sexual adventures and in search of new experiences. We normally go to bars and nightclubs in NYC for fun and if I happen to see someone that I find attractive I just develop a sudden hot desire to go to bed with whoever happens to be that day. There is no denying that I'm a Slutty wife and I love it. Greg loves it too, he encourages me and, of course, I want to keep my man satisfied, I fuck a lot for our own sexuality, entertainment and satisfaction, but mostly, I do it because Greg wants me to do it and I simply obey his wishes and desires, I love to do it for my baby ;-) and I love the fucking.

When we go to a bar I normally find someone to have some fun but, some jerks, I have to say, don't know how to take a hint from a woman who is ready, extremely hot and dripping wet after many dances where I kiss, touch, rub, press my pussy and ass against the fuckers' cock, grab him by his neck and push him close to my mouth, I tongue kiss him for a long time, suck his tongue, kiss his neck and ears with my hot and wet tongue and when the music stops we go to the bar, sit, place my hand on his knee and slowly move my hand up his thigh to feel his cock as it slowly but surely gets into a hard as a rock erection, I then take my potential lover back on the dance floor and start the same routine all over again; by this time when I rub his cock again and again, his pants are so wet that if it wasn't for the wet stickiness on his pants' fly I would swear that he has pissed all over, but I know better, its scum flowing like a river. I feel delighted and excited, my pussy throbbing at the smell of the man's scum as I slow dance very close to my prize and even closer to the time when I'll suck his cock and fuck him dry.

On seldom occasions the idiot will say, "Oh, its getting late, I have to go" .....Go where, I ask? .....Well, I have a wife, he answers, .....You dumb fuck, I have a husband, but you don't see me running, (little does he know that married men excite me all the more, I love fucking another woman's man. This is the true spirit of a real Slutty bitch, "fuck them and send them packing to their unsuspecting wives) Look, I practically fucked you on the dance floor and now you are leaving? Let me tell you something, I want to fuck your brains out (early on I got his work's phone number) and remember, I say, I have your phone number, so I'll call you sometime OK? OK, the idiot answers. End of conversation.

What happened? Greg asks; The jerk has to go home to mommy, it was getting too late for him and he'll probably get spanked for being late. So now I turn to my wonderful Greg and I say, OH, baby, get me a huge black cock to fuck; Greg is only too happy to oblige my request, he loves to get me what I crave, after all, I'm his Slutty wife. OK, he says, lets go to a motel! We get in our car and go to a nearby motel. While I wait in the car, Greg gets out and gets back in only a few minutes with a cab driver ready to pump his cock into my wet, throbbing and impatient pussy (Shout out, to all the cabbies that I have fucked through the years, for they are always ready for a good time). While Greg gets a room, I talk to the guy and test his instruments for size and readiness. By the time hubby gets back with the key to the room I have the cabby hard as a rock and dripping. We get into the room, I sit on the bed and drop the mans' pants to the floor, lick his huge cock through his underwear and after a few minutes of tasting his cock and underwear I take it out and suck this huge cock that Greg got for me; I call Greg to my side and I shove the huge cock into Greg's mouth, I say, baby get it ready for me, Greg starts sucking with such a delight while I undress and allow the cabby to suck and lick on my tits.

OH, baby, I think he is ready now; completely nude now I lay in bed and cabby gets on top fucking me slowly first and then as hard as an incoming train, I cum and cum and cum several times before I change positions and I'm now on top riding this guy's 12" black cock; Greg watching from the back as the man's hard, hot and throbbing rod goes in and out of my pussy, slowly at first and then fast and hard, I ride him up slowly to the head until just the tip of his cock's head is visible, I then ram the long and thick rod all the way in, I scream a lot in delightful ecstasy as this guy combines slow and rapid movements; the thought of Greg watching this guy fucking his Slutty, trashy, bitch and loving wife.

I love to see Greg watching another man's long shaft fucking my nymphomaniac pussy. Especially that I know that fucking the cabby its only part of the fun that I'll have tonight. After all the tongue kissing, tongue sucking, neck wetting, cock rubbing, cock grabbing, pussy throbbing and scum flowing at the nightclub and all this fucking, sucking and Greg's bisexual acts, I'm not nearly ready to stop any time soon, I want more, a lot more. When we return home in the early morning hours with an unwashed cunt, still full of someone else's slime I tell Greg how much I enjoyed this night out and tell all about it in detail, I tell Greg to lick and rub my wet panties against his mouth and tongue and if I am in a very nasty mood I give Greg a "golden shower" (I piss all over him), I then make hubby lick and suck my wet, dripping and heavily used pussy while I keep telling how much I enjoyed getting fucked by total strangers, especially the ones that he gets for me.

Greg has such an excellent eye for huge cock. I then tell hubby to fuck me hard and we do almost everything that I did with the other guys all over again, including every minor detail. Then we just fall asl**p totally satisfied from exhaustion, but, before we retire for the night, I make sure that my "cuckold" hubby is OK with his Slut, so I ask Greg in a very soft, sexy, slutty voice. Did you have a good time baby? OH, yes, he replies. You are not angry or anything, are you? You know, love, that I do all this because you want me to do it and because it gets you soooooo excited and, you know I want to make you happy, right? Yes, darling! hubby replies. Well, show your Slutty wife one more time how much you love your Bitch and all the fucking that I do for you! Greg, immediately gets on his knees and one more time starts kissing, licking and sucking my totally used pussy, Oh, what a delight. I've made Greg happy one more time! Good night dear, Good night my love, he replies.

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2 years ago HOT.
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My wife is like the last one renee
3 years ago
Wow i can't cum anymore i'm jack out i came four times and i just keeped on jacking off but i can't cum going to have to rest but a fantastic story thanks