Tammy's teenaged cum lust part 2

They stayed on the sofa like that for at least ten minutes, and by that
time the boys were ready to cum again. Their cocks were hard and their
balls were starting to ache. The camcorder was still running, and they
adjusted it for a wide-angle shot.

"Stand up and take off your clothes," Larry said to Tammy.

Tammy's heart thumped hard in her chest and her body tingled as she got
up off the sofa. Smiling at the camera, she pulled her top over her head,
pulling a few thin strings of cum with it, then shook her shoulders, making
her big tits jiggle like jello. Then she hooked her thumbs in the sides of
her jogging shorts and pushed them down one side at a time, shifting her
hips slowly and sensuously. After she got them down a few inches, she
turned around so her cute, rounded ass faced the camera, and leaned over
slightly. She looked over her shoulder and continued removing her shorts,
shaking her ass while she did so. A six-inch long strand of cum hanging
from her jaw caught on her shoulder as she turned her head back toward the

Robbie and Larry stood on either side of her, their hard cocks jutting
out from their bodies, and felt her up good as she took off her shorts.
Each boy had a handful of tit in one hand, and rubbed her asscheeks with
the other as Tammy pushed her shorts over her ass and down her thighs.
Their cocks rubbed against her smooth skin, leaving small wet spots dotting
her sides where their hot, leaking dickheads touched her.

"Ummmmm, yeaaahhh," she cooed, enjoying the feel of their hands and
probing fingers on her body. She could feel their hot cocks rubbing
against her body as she continued moving her ass from side to side. She
spread her legs slightly so the boys could easily finger-fuck her.

"Get this wet," Larry told Tammy as he thrust his middle finger toward
her face. She encased the entire digit in her mouth, bathing it in spit.
He took it out of her mouth and, pulling on one asscheek to open it better,
put the end of his finger against her asshole, rubbing it around a little,
pushing lightly.

"Ooooooh," Tammy moaned, her pouty, cum-smeared mouth forming an oval, as
she felt Larry's fingertip penetrate her asshole. He slowly pushed his
finger all the way in, then drew it out again. Tammy's butt muscles
squeezed his finger tightly as he began plunging it in and out of her
asshole faster and more roughly.

Meanwhile, Robbie had been stirring her pussy juices around with the
three fingers he was sliding in and out of her greasy cunt. After a few
minutes of feverish finger-fucking and tit-squeezing, Robbie and Larry
decided it was time to fuck Tammy with their cocks instead of their fingers.

They pulled their fingers out of her holes and turned her around,
pushing her to knees. Tammy was a sight to see. She sat on her wide-spread
legs in front of the camera with her back arched slightly, pushing her big
titties out. Her nipples were hard and pointed upward and outward from her
firm, rounded globes. Strings of cum that had dripped off her face laced
her chest. You couldn't see many freckles under all the squiggly white
trails and loops of jism on her face, and several strings still hung from
her jaw, slowly stretching toward her titties. One heavy string hung off
her left eyelash and connected with a white glob on her cheek. Her bangs
were glued to her forehead and several white lines glistened across her

Posing for the camera, she put on that pouty look, turning her
glistening face slightly to one side. She gazed into the camera with that
naughty girl look of hers while Robbie and Larry swung their cocks around,
bumping her face and head, smearing cum along her skin and through her
long, brown hair.

"You didn't know little Tammy was naughty girl, did you," she said coyly,
glancing up at the boys, not expecting an answer. Tammy's lusty eyes
shifted from the camera lens to their cockheads and back again as she moved
her head around, enjoying the feel of their heavy, bl**d-engorged cocks
rubbing and slapping her face.

"I wanna make you cum some more," she cooed, turning her face upward to
meet their cocks. Each boy in turn pressed his cockhead against her lips,
letting her slide her hot mouth over the head for a quick suck before he
pulled it out with a pop. Her cheeks hollowed each time she got a cockhead
in her mouth.

"Umm...umm...umm...," she moaned as she moved her head back and forth,
sucking one dickhead, then the other. Tammy held her greasy, swollen cunt
lips open with one hand while she fucked herself with the fingers of her
other hand. By this time, the cum on her face was spread out thin and was
starting to dry to a smooth gloss. Drier spots had already started to
crust a little. Tammy could feel her spunk-sprayed skin tighten up as some
of the jism dried.

"I want to fuck her doggy-style," Larry said, jacking his aching cock
and bouncing it off Tammy's face.

"Yeah, that sounds good," Robbie said. "Get up on the sofa, Tammy," he
said, watching her as she moved, his heart thumping wildly.

Tammy slowly and sensuously got up off the floor and turned around,
putting her knees far apart on the edge of the sofa. She rested her arms
on the back of it, relaxing her muscles to a sway-backed position. She
looked over her shoulder, smiling, and slowly wagged her ass at the boy's
cocks, inviting them to fuck her. Her big tits pointed downward, jiggling
a little as she moved.

Robbie moved the camera off to one side to get her thighs, ass, and face
in the picture as Larry moved up behind her, his dickhead aiming at her
shinywet pussy. Tammy reached around and pulled on her asscheek, opening
her pussy some more, to make it easy for Larry to stick his cock in.

"Oooooh, come on, fuck my cunt.....fuck it hard," she said as Larry
rubbed his cockhead around on her pussy lips, getting it wet.

"Oh, yeaahh," Larry moaned as he slid his hard cock into Tammy's burning
hot cunt, "that feels sooooo good." He began pumping, first slowly, then
faster and harder, shoving his cock into her slippery pussy up to his
balls. Larry pummeled Tammy's body, jarring it with each thrust, making her
huge knockers swing and vibrate with the movement.

Robbie got up on the sofa, swinging one leg over it so he could sit on
the back of it. His throbbing cock stood up next to Tammy's face, and she
wasted no time in attacking it with her mouth and tongue. First, she
nudged his huge balls around with the tip of her tongue, bathing his
ballsack in spit. Then she opened her mouth wide and sucked in a whole
ball, gently massaging it with her tongue. She let that one go and sucked
in the other one, working on it for a while. She couldn't get both balls
into her mouth at the same time because they were so big.

Tammy's body twitched and pumped back and forth on the cocks fucking her
mouth and pussy. After five minutes of feverish fucking, Tammy's chin and
thighs were soaked in spit and cunt juice.

"Let's have a slut sandwich," Robbie said to Larry, pulling his cock out
of Tammy's mouth.

"Yeah, sounds good," Larry replied. Tammy waited for them to tell her
what they wanted her to do, slowly rotating her ass and moaning, "Ummmmmm."

Larry slouched on the sofa next to Tammy, his shiny cock sticking
straight up, saying, "Sit on it, slut. Robbie's gonna fuck your ass while I
fuck your cunt."

Tammy's mouth formed an oval shape, a low moan escaping from her lips, as
she shifted herself over Larry and sank down on his cock. Robbie
immediately pressed his dickhead against her asshole and gently pushed
forward, feeling her sphincter relax, and sank his cock up to his balls in
her tight little ass.

"Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh, that's niiiice," Tammy moaned, feeling the two huge
cocks sliding all the way into and out of her slippery holes.

After only a couple of minutes, Robbie croaked, "Oh...oh...oh...I'm going
to cum soon."

Larry echoed Robbie's statement with, "Me too, uhng...uhng..."

"Let's jack off on her face and tits," Robbie said to Larry. Tammy smiled
at the thought of seeing those big swollen dickheads spitting jism all over
her. She needed to feel fresh cum loads raining down on her body. She
couldn't wait to get some more.

Her words came out in a jerky rhythm as the two boys pounded her body
with their hard cocks, "Oh, yeah, I wanna see your cocks shoot all over me.
It smells so goooood."

Robbie pulled his cock out of her ass at the same time that Tammy lifted
herself off of Larry's cock. She got back down on her knees, facing the
camera, as Barry and Robbie moved up next to her on each side, jacking their
cocks in front of her waiting face. Tammy reached up to fondle their balls
as she pressed her face against each cockhead in turn, swiping the heads
with her spit-soaked tongue.

"Ahhhhhh, ohhhhhh," each boy moaned, feeling their cum loads shooting up
their cockshafts, burning like a stream of fire. Their hands were a blur
on their cocks as they pointed their dickheads at Tammy's face.

When Tammy felt their cum muscles contracting, she opened her mouth wide
and stuck out her tongue, looking from one cockhead to the other, hoping to
catch the first load directly in her face.

Robbie came first with a powerful spurt onto the right side of her face,
landing in the hair by her forehead and extending down her cheek.
Simultaneously, Larry fired a thick, heavy streamer full in her face,
hitting her right between the eyes and spashing out across her forehead,
with the tail end plopping down across her nose and left cheek.

The boys aimed their cocks lower with each blast, coating her cheeks and
mouth next, then plastering her neck and chest. Tammy took her hands from
their balls and pushed her tits up as long, ropy strands of cum rained down
across them, hanging off her nipples and fingers and merging with drooping
strings dangling from her cum-covered face.

Slack-jawed with cum lust, Tammy starred into the camera, licking her
cum-blotched lips and massaging warm, sticky globs of jism into her tits.
Robbie and Larry lazily prodded and slapped her wet face with their
semi-hard cocks.

"It's your turn, now," she said, smiling at the camera lens.
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1 year ago
Lovely just great.
3 years ago
very hot & naughty
3 years ago
nice ending
3 years ago
sensual stories
"my turn?" hehe
i like the ending
3 years ago
Great story...Thanks for sharing
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Good stories