No-Strings Fun At The No-Tell Motel Highway 1

This wasn't the first time I cheated on my wife, but all of my prior hookups were very forgettable, even downright shameful. What happened to me last August was incredible. My wife hated Breanna the first time we met her at the bar. We were out celebrating a friend’s birthday, and all of us were more wasted than we had been in awhile. It was great. As I got d***ker, my wife started looking like she did back when she was happier and hotter than hell, at least, she appeared that way to me. The way she kept staring at me, it seemed like she felt the same about me and I was going to get some sloppy d***k sexy time tonight.

But once Breanna started flirting with me, all chances of me getting laid by my wife went out the window. Breanna was wearing a stretchy pink tank top that showed off her nice round tits and perky little nips. She was young and blonde with perfect pale skin—the kind of girl you couldn’t help but check out and wonder, does she shave her pussy? At first glance, I suspected this bitch did shave. Hell most Cali girls shave these days.

Anyway, she was finishing off bottles of Sam Adams like a champ. She just seemed like a cool young chick, and on top of all that, she kept looking over at me and smiling, running her tongue around her bottle when I stared back.

My wife kept flicking my ear annoyingly whenever I stared at the cute blonde, but getting the girl’s attention was worth the old ball and chain’s bullshit. I don’t get out much anymore and it’s always nice to get reminded that you still have it. Most of the night, I was walking around that place with my dick at attention just because that little cunt was playing like she was interested in me.

Later when I was at the bar getting myself another drink, I looked to my left to see my sexy young blonde standing next to me waiting for a bartender. At first, I figured I wouldn’t say a thing. She was probably flirting with half the guys there, but when we made eye contact, her whole face lit up, and she gave me a once over.

“So are you going to talk to me or what?” she said. She touched my arm and ran her smooth fingertip right down to my hand. “My name’s Breanna by the way.”

“I was thinking of getting a shot,” I told her. “You want one?”

“Bet your ass I do!”

The bartender showed up just then and I paid for the shots and her next beer, too. As the bartender put the small glass in front of Breanna, my hot young friend said, “Now I’m going to have to do something to earn my drinks, right?” She smiled. “That’s how it works with you rich, guys.”

Rich, hah! I just smiled though. “Whatever you want,” I told her. We clinked glasses and threw back our drinks. Then Breanna grabbed the back of my neck, pulled me toward her, and stuck her tongue in my mouth. She gave me a serious kiss while the hard alcohol burned our tongues. As she kissed me, she let her hands run all over my chest, arms, and ass. She squeezed my cock. The whole time she pressed those perfect, young tits up against me. After she pulled away and walked away without another word, I noticed my wife was staring at me in shock from across the room. I slowly made my way back to her.

“What the hell was that?” She asked me as she took her beer out of my hand.

“I have no idea.” I made sure to steer clear of my little blonde for the rest of the night, but I watched her when I got the chance, usually when my wife was in the bathroom. She and her friends were dancing up a storm, and my blonde loved to shake her tight little ass on the dance floor. She must have gotten a kick out of watching all of us guys drool over her. She and her friends liked to tongue kiss each other and grab each other’s tits, too. Man, girls sure were getting sluttier by the day! I knew half the men in this place would be going home to jerk off while thinking about these little prosti-tots.

When I came out of the rest room a little later, there was the blonde, and she smiled as soon as she saw it was me, and pressed herself close against me.

“Where we going?” She asked. Her breath was 100 proof.

“I have a wife,” I showed her my ring. I don’t know why. I felt like a complete dumb ass.

“I know,” she said. “I don’t care.”

I was speechless. She leaned in and gave me another kiss, but I was too nervous of getting caught to really reciprocate. That night my wife did relent to my pressure to fuck. I had whiskey dick and I desperately needed to get off, but I kept thinking of Breanna—her perky tits and sexy, slutty attitude—as I fucked my wife. I imagined that hot little slut sucking me off right up until I came in my wife’s mouth, which I knew she loved to do except when she was mad at me, but I couldn’t stop. She gave me shit about it, of course. But whatever, inside she always has been a cum slut.

A few days later, my wife and I were in a shopping center in town. My wife wanted to hit the grocery store, and I was going to pick up a few things at Lowe’s for a remodeling project I was working on. We parked by the grocery store, and then I started walking across the lot toward Lowes. As I walked, I noticed a woman who resembled Breanna walking toward me. Jesus, I thought, now I’m hallucinating the bitch. But as she got closer, she smiled as if she recognized me. Holy shit, it really was her. This time she was wearing the same kind of stretchy tank top as before, except it was blue. Her tits were as amazing as I remembered.

“How come you always wear shirts like that?” I asked as we got closer to each other.

“So I can do this.” She pulled down the front of her shirt so that her beautiful tits were right out in broad daylight. I took a look around us, but my wife was already in the store. “When are you and me going to fuck?” she asked. She pulled her top back up over her tits.

She was so free. Just standing next to her made me feel ten years younger. I couldn’t stop imagineing what fucking her would do to me. I noticed a big sign in the parking lot for a cheap motel in the shopping complex. Sure, I always knew it was there, but all of the sudden I had a use for it.

“How about right now?” I said.

Breanna grinned. “What in your car or something?”

I pointed to the motel. She laughed and started walking in the direction of the place, smiling back at me. I followed, watching her ass sway in her tight jeans. I paid for a room with some cash I had in my wallet and got the key. In the rusty stairwell, she pressed me against the wall and stuck her tongue in my mouth. This time it tasted like weed. I pulled the front of her shirt down just like she had done in the parking lot and finally manhandled those fucking tits. We kept kissing and feeling up each other as we stumbled toward our forty-dollar room.

Once inside, she stepped away from me, kicked off her flip-flops, unbuttoned her pants and pulled off her jeans. She wore a sheer black thong underneath and she was shaved clean, just as I’d suspected the first moment I laid eyes on her. As I moved closer to her, she grabbed me and pushed me against the wall. She got on her knees in front of me and unbuckled my belt. Then she opened my jeans just enough to take out my dick. She sucked the tip slowly, working up to a more intense blow job. She reached into my pants to juggle my balls.

From where I was in the room, I could see out the window, which someone had left open. I had a clear view of the whole parking lot, which made me wonder if everyone out there could see us, too. I could see the grocery store and my wife’s car. The thought of all those shoppers getting an eyeful of me getting my knob polished got me going. Breanna sensed it and jacked me off with both hands. I came into her mouth before I could stop myself. I thought she would complain about me cumming so fast, but she smiled and writhed in pleasure as I unloaded. She swallowed my semen down like she was hungry for it. She stared up at me while she did, too. She stood up and pulled off her stretchy tank top so that all she was wearing was that black thong. Then she crawled up on the bed so that I got a prime view of her smooth ass. She laid in the sunlight that poured onto the bed and her white skin practically glowed.

“Now are you going to return the favor?” she asked, licking her lips.

I dove for that pussy, licking around the edges of the thong and then pulling it down just enough to get access to that freckled snatch. I ate her out, starting with short darting licks here and there, warming her up. Man, I love eating pussy. When she started bucking her crotch up against me, I sped up my tongue action. She lifted herself off the bed as I rapidly flicked my tongue against her clit. She tightened her whole body just as she came, screaming as if she didn’t care who heard her. That bitch was loud! A few people out in the parking lot heard her and looked in the direction of the hotel. My dick was as hard as when she first exposed her tits in the parking lot.

After that, she looked at me with new eyes. “All that and you didn’t even fuck me yet,” she teased, kicking off the black thong that still hung from her ankle. She was completely naked now, although I was still dressed, just my dick hanging out. I pulled off my clothes as she watched me. She got two fingers wet with saliva and rubbed her clit in anticipation. The warm afternoon breeze felt good on my bare cock and made goosebumps flare up all over Breanna’s skin.

Entering her felt juicy and tight, like a just-ripe piece of fruit. Already cumming gave me the stamina to really tease her body. She worked up against me and I kept bringing her to the edge and then letting off. She started to sweat as I made her buck up into me again and again. She whined and slapped at my chest. I could tell she was getting frustrated, but I also knew she’d cum hard and long after all of this work. And I was right. I had to teach this young slut that I’d learned a thing or two about pleasing women.

When she did erupt, her screaming caused the people in the next room to bang on the wall. Breanna banged back. “Jesus Christ!” she yelled. “Cum on me. I want you cum all over me. I want to be your dirty little whore!”

I turned her over and spanked her ass. “Yeah, daddy,” she cried. “Spank me. Put it in my ass, daddy.” She fingered her own asshole and then let me stick it in a few times, but I didn’t want Breanna’s ass. I wanted her pussy.

I turned her over roughly and she pinched my nipples and reached hungrily for my ass.

“I want that dick again,” she begged, so I sat on her chest and rammed it into her throat for awhile. She gagged on it but didn’t complain. When I couldn’t wait anymore, I shoved my fully erect cock into her hot snatch. I rammed her fast and hard and her small little frame felt like it was splitting in two.

“Fuck me harder,” she kept screaming. “Fuck your little whore, daddy. I want you to cum in my face!” I pulled my cock out of her as I felt the jizz coming from the depths of my balls. I sat on her chest again and sprayed a huge load on her face. She reached behind me and fingered my asshole. I came hard. My balls were empty. She reached out and smeared my cum all over herself, licking her fingers and the tip of my cock.

She watched me dress and asked if we could fuck again sometime. She said I was the best she ever had, and get this—she thought her friends would want to meet me, too. She wrote her number on a slip of paper and gave it to me. I told her we should meet again soon and then left her naked in the room. She wanted to get a shower before going back out into the parking lot.

I met my wife at the car just in time to help her load the groceries in the trunk.

“I thought you were getting supplies,” she whined.

“I know what I need now. I’ll come back next week and get it.”

I wasn’t talking about the supplies, though.
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2 years ago
Nice story :)
3 years ago
hope your wifey does not find her number
3 years ago
Great story. Thanks for posting.
3 years ago
Awesome story..Will there be more chapters?
3 years ago
gteat story