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Carol Rider hated her first two weeks of college. She was a book nerd who just didn't fit in with most people. She'd been excited to go for weeks beforehand. She thought it was finally time for a new adventure. High school had been so confining, so strange. College was where she would make some real friends, read some good books, really explore the world.

Already she was two weeks in, and it was turning out to be sorta lame. She still had no friends really, except for her chatty roommate Rachel. No good books yet, just a bunch of freshman crap that one had to read. And all anyone wanted to do was to drink and do d**gs and party, all of which was not her scene. Carol was a quiet girl. She wanted to have fun, but not to be so d***k that she couldn't remember it the next day.

Carol had grown up in the country, in a conservative little town. She was cute as a button, with long blonde hair that went halfway down her back and soft features that made her look younger than she actually was. No one would mistake her body for a c***d's though. She was only 18 but she had the curves of a woman, such that when she wore her favorite outfits, most of which
were low cut cotton dresses that stopped just above the knee, she had heads turning.

But all she really wanted was someone to understand her. She didn't want the attention of guys. She usually didn't even notice. She'd had a boyfriend in high school who she'd fooled around with, even had sex once
or twice, but it was short lived. He wasn't really her thing.

Problem was, she didn't know what her thing was. She was dying to find something that she loved doing, something that would bring her together with other people. But at college that just seemed hopeless.

"I don't understand why you don't just hang out and have a beer like the rest of us," said Rachel.

Carol just nodded. She was tired of having this argument. Rachel was sitting across the room, on her boyfriend Chad's lap, alternatively cooing in his ear
and offering Carol her unsolicited advice.

"It's ok, Rachel. Really, all I want to do tonight is read or watch a movie or something. Anything that I don't have to think too hard to do."

"What are you reading?" asked Chad. He was a senior and Carol thought he was nice. Not dimwitted like some of the other guys who lived in her dorm.

"I just finished The Unbearable Lightness of Being," Carol said. "It was wonderful."

"Oh yeah? No k**ding," said Chad. "I love that book. It's one of my favorites."

Carol smiled. "You have good taste," she said.

"I like books too!" said Rachel. "I'm almost through the first Harry Potter!"

Both Carol and Chad nodded, then rolled their eyes when Rachel looked away.

"You really should come to the party at Chad's frat house later," Rachel said. "It's not so bad. There are other people there who don't drink."

"You're in a frat And you Read?" joked Carol.

Rachel was being sweet, even if she was a little dim. Carol smiled at her. "It's really not my thing, Rachel. But I appreciate the offer."

"Oh come on," said Chad, "You really should come. I tell you what, I'll make you a deal. If you agree to come to the party tonight, I'll buy you any books you want."

Now here was an offer worth considering, Carol thought. She really didn't want to go to the party. She loathed such things. But any book she wanted… Na, he
had to be pulling her leg.

"Oh really?" said Carol. "And I suppose I wouldn't
get to pick this book until after I went to the party
tonight? Nice try, Chad. But I don't think so."

"You don't think I'm being legit?" he said. Then he
gently moved out from under Rachel and stood up. "Put
on your sandals. I'll take you to the bookstore right

Carol hadn't been expecting that response. She was
speechless for a second. Then she looked at the clock
on the wall.

"It's 11:00," she said. "No bookstore is still going to
be open at this hour."

"Ah," said Chad, "this is when it pays to be an
upperclassman and to know the area. I know a great
little bookstore that's open twenty-four hours."

Now Carol was intrigued. "24 hours? Are you serious?"

"Only one way to find out," he said, holding open the

Carol couldn't think of another objection, so she agreed to go. He kissed Rachel goodbye, told her he'd meet her at the party later, and then e****ted Carol out the door.

It was a warm and breezy night. Carol was glad she'd picked a south western school where she knew she'd be able to wear her favorite cotton dresses right up to December. She clung to Chad's arm as they walked, talking about the novels they'd read. She trusted Chad. She wasn't sure why, but she did. He got something about her that other people didn't, something beneath the surface.

It was about a fifteen minute walk but they finally made it. The store looked a little seamy from the outside. But Chad insisted this was the place. They
went inside and sure enough there were shelves of books, mostly classics,lining the walls. But this was clearly not the store's main purpose. A door in the
back with a metal detector overhead lead into a much larger room where Carol could just make out what appeared to be a large "XXX" written on the wall. A man was sitting behind a desk just past the door, presumably there both to ring up customers and to check IDs.

Carol pulled away from Chad, horrified. "You brought
me to a sex shop!"

"No," said Chad, "I brought you to a 24 hour bookstore. The other half is the sex shop. And we don't have to go into that part if you don't want to. Just pick your book and we can go right now. Or don't pick your book and we'll go straight to the party. Your decision. Either way, I've held up my end of the bargain."

Carol was fuming. She couldn't believe that Chad would bring her here. But he was right. He had held up his end of the deal. She agreed to peruse the books and pick one.

"But as soon as I pick a book we're leaving!"

"Fair enough," Chad said.

The books were all in pretty good shape, some used and some new. Carol picked up a few and flipped through them. She tried to concentrate, reading through small passages, looking for a story that grabbed her attention. But she was distracted by the slight sound of moaning she could hear from the other room.

"Let me know what you pick," said Chad. "I'm going to
go check out movies in the other room."

"What!" said Carol. "You can't leave me out here. How will I get your attention when it's time to check out?"

"Just yell to me from the counter," he said. "I'll hear you."

Before Carol could protest Chad had disappeared around the corner.

After a couple more minutes of searching, Carol found an old copy of essays by Thoreau that she decided she liked well enough to own. She stepped up to the
counter. The man in front of the register had fallen asl**p. She tried to call out to Chad who was on the far side of the room. But he didn't hear her, and she didn't want to wake the man up for fear of what he might think seeing her there. She wasn't quite sure why she cared what others thought but she did. She always had. It kept her out of a lot of trouble.

Finally, after five minutes of trying to get Chad's attention, she placed the book down gently on the desk and walked to the back of the store, trying not to
touch anything along the way. She could still hear the sounds of moaning coming from the far left wall, behind a curtained door where light could barely be seen flashing overhead. The sound intrigued her, but she decided to be resolute. Whatever was going on beyond that curtain, it could only bring her harm.

"Find a book?" Chad said as Carol approached him.

"Yes, can we go now?" she asked.

"Sure thing," said Chad. "Let's go."

They started to move, but another flash of light caught
Carol's eye and she stopped for a second.

"There are movie booths back there," said Chad.

"What's that?" Carol asked.

"Just little spots where you can watch porno movies. You put in quarters in a machine. The rooms are private. It's fun. You wanna look?"

"No," she said quickly. "Of course not."

"Alrighty then," said Chad. He started to walk towards the register but Carol didn't follow. She just stood there, staring at the curtain to the room with the

"I've never seen a porno," she said.

"Do you wanna go back there and look at one?" he said. "They can't hurt you. It's just a movie. If you're disgusted we can just leave."

"Are you sure that it's just movies back there?" she said. "Not d**gs and alcohol or anything?"

"Just movies," said Chad. "Come on, we'll take a quick peak and then we can go. That way you can say that you've seen a porno."

"Alright," she said. "Just a quick peak."

She couldn't believe she was doing this. But she was curious. She really wanted to know what a porno looked like, if only to satisfy her suspicion that it just
looked like something disgusting.

They pushed through the curtain and into a small booth in the middle of several others. Carol made sure the door latched tight behind them. It was dark in the
room, until Chad pushed a few quarters into the machine, bringing a movie up with a girl having sex with two men. She was sucking on one man while another
fucked her from behind. Carol was speechless. She wanted to be disgusted. She wanted to turn and run. But instead she found that she was enthralled. Within a
minute or two she was rubbing between her legs without even thinking about it.

Without warning Carol felt something warm against her arm. She turned and looked, startled to find that a hard penis had been pushed through a hole in the wall and was resting against her. She jumped back and gasped.

"It's called a gloryhole," said Chad. "He wants you to touch him or suck him off."

"I can't do that!" said Carol. "He could be anybody."

"It's totally up to you," said Chad. "But you might try it."

"Why on earth would I do that?" she said.

"Well, you've gone this far," he said. "What could it hurt to try one more new thing."

The penis pulled back out of the hole, making the conversation moot. Carol watched the movie for a few more minutes. She found that she was really getting
into it. She rubbed herself with abandon. Before she knew it, another cock had slid through the hole to her left. She wanted to recoil again, as before. But this time she thought, What the hell. She was with Chad, and despite the evening's events so far, she still trusted him. Besides, the movie was making her soooo horny. It was clouding her ability to think straight.

Cautiously she took the hard cock in her hand. She rubbed it slowly, back and forth. As she rubbed it got harder. She could hear slight moaning from the guy on the other side. She could feel the wetness under her panties increasing. Before long she'd forgotten about the movie entirely. She was concentrating only on the cock in her hand.

"Why don't you try sucking it," said Chad.

She gave him a funny look, but she did as he said anyway, dropping to her knees and pulling the cock into her mouth. It was warm and hard and it filled her whole mouth. She licked it up and down before sucking on the head. Then, slowly, she brought the whole cock into her mouth. It tasted better then she ever imagined it would. All of her thoughts about books and other things
were sinking away amidst the attention she was paying to this beautiful, hard cock. She used one hand to steady the cock while she sucked on it, then the other to rub between her legs.

"Let me help with that," she heard Chad say faintly behind her. She wasn't sure what he meant, until she felt his hands guiding her up until she was standing,
leaning over, with her dress hiked up and her panties ripped off. Chad sunk his cock slowly into her wet, hot pussy while she continued to suck on the anonymous stranger in the next booth.

"Ooooh" she cooed as he pushed in to the hilt.

"Geez, you're so tight," he said.

It felt so good having Chad's cock inside of her. In the back of her mind she could hear a voice saying "No, this is wrong. This is your roommate's boyfriend. Don't do this." But she couldn't help it. She was too turned
on to stop.

Chad thrust in and out of her hurriedly. In no time he had cum deep inside of her while the man on the other side of the wall came all over her face. Before she had time to react, a second cock appeared through a hole in the wall on the other side of the booth.

"You know what to do," said Chad.

Carol didn't need anymore prompting. She crawled over to the other wall and began sucking on the new cock in earnest, spitting on it occasionally before again allowing it to fill her mouth. This new cock came in no
time. Carol swallowed the new cock's cum, happily licking her lips as the last drop went down her throat.

By the time she finished dick number two, another had come through on the other side. She loved it, she was lost in a world of cock, and all of them were for her. She must have went through maybe seven dicks that way in succession. By the time she finished, her face was sticky and she was dying to have another cock between her legs.

"Come on," said Chad. "Let's get out of here."

Carol hardly remembered the walk to the frat house. She was so turned on by this point that Chad could have led her anywhere. She had wiped her face clean on the way out of the store with some napkins on the front desk, so to the naked eye she didn't look any different now then when she had entered the shop. But she knew the truth. And she could feel the breeze between her legs in a way she wouldn't have been able to before when her panties were still intact.

When they got to the frat house there were guys everywhere. Some were dancing with their girlfriends, some were playing foosball, some were just sitting
around on couches and talking or drinking beer. Rachel came up and kissed Chad on the cheek, then hugged Carol.

"I'm so glad you came!" Rachel squealed.

"Not half as glad as the guys are gonna be," said Chad.

Then Chad stood up on the table. "Anyone interested in having some fun should go to the back room right now. This is Carol. She's dying to meet you all."

Chad e****ted Carol to the back room, kissed her on the cheek, and then whispered "This is what you need, k**. Just enjoy yourself."

Then he disappeared out of the room to go find Rachel.

Carol was only alone in the room for a moment before five or six guys came in. Without even speaking, two of them whipped out their cocks and offered them to
Carol who hungrily began sucking on one and then the other. By the time the first guy had cum on her face, all of the other guys had disrobed.

Carol slowly lowered herself down onto one guy as two more came forward to have their cocks sucked. She could feel her body tensing up like she was going to cum but the orgasm was elusive. She hadn't quite found the right spot yet.

Pretty soon Carol's dress had been discarded, along with her flip flops. As she held two cocks in her hands, another guy came forward and brought her feet up
against his cock. She'd never had a guy use her feet like that. She was surprised when he came over her toes, his cum coating her skin like hot wax. It was exhilarating to know that even her feet could turn a guy on like that.

Still, though, she hadn't cum. It was starting to drive her wild. She told the guys she'd try anything if it would get her off. Finally, two of the guys suggested double penetration. As she lowered herself onto one cock, another cock entered very slowly into her virgin ass. It hurt like hell for about five minutes, but eventually she got into a rhythm with it. She became intoxicated with the feeling of two cocks inside of her. By the time the guy in her ass was ready to fill her asshole with his sperm, Carol had orgasmed three times.

After that, she insisted on having a guy in her ass and one in her pussy at all times. As two guys would fuck her, more would come forward to be sucked or jerked off. She lost count of how many guys came forward to fuck her. She thought that it had to be over thirty.

The fucking went on for hours. It was five in the morning when she finally collapsed on the bed, the last guy jerking off onto her tits for good measure. She had cum so many times herself that she was delirious.

"Glad you came to the party?" Chad asked.

All Carol could do was nod.

"Good," he said, "because we're having another one next week and the guys are all hoping you'll come back."

Then he gently kissed her and said, "I think you've found your niche."

Carol smiled and closed her eyes. She knew she'd have regrets. She knew she'd be sore. But she also knew that nothing in the world could keep her from coming back to the frat house again next week, not even a sale on classic books.

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chad is great.
he did nice job
some guys were really know how to flip the girl switch
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very good