Naughty Niki: God Daughter Gets Dicked

I'm usually not given to voyeurism, but this time I couldn't help myself. Niki, my eighteen-year-old god daughter, had left her bedroom door open, and there I was, standing in the hallway outside watching her put on her nightie. The thin material of the night gown had tangled in her hair and was bunched up, covering her face. Concentrating on trying to separate hair and gown and unaware of my presence, she was oblivious to the scene she presented. And a delightful scene it was. Even though I knew it was wrong to peep like that, even though it was the forbidden fruit of my own niece I was watching, I was unable to tear my eyes away.

I could hardly believe how Niki had changed in the last several years. The last time I had seen her, about four years before, she was just a thin, straggly girl with braces on her teeth and an almost flat bosom just beginning to show the swells of womanhood. From what I could now see, it was obvious that her womanhood had not been long delayed. Niki's body was now fully developed, and she was definitely and completely a woman. Her breasts were large and firm, standing out from her body with only little jiggles to betray that they were flesh and bl**d. Brown nubbins of nipples topped them, each circled by its wide, crepe-crinkled areola. The breasts were supported by a thin waist, no more than twenty-two inches at the most.

From there her hips flared out, forming the graceful lines of her thighs, each wide at the juncture of her vee, then tapering to her perfectly formed knees and calves. Seeing Niki like that caused an unbidden arousal to surge through me. Despite her being my niece, despite Niccole's mother--my divorced older s****r--being asl**p in her room at the end of the hall, I felt myself swell, my cock becoming rigid and gristle-like. One aspect of the scene puzzled me, though. Niki, very obviously a mature, grown woman, was wearing heavy white cotton panties. Not high-cut or bikini, but full-cut panties that covered her in thick material from waist to thigh. In stark contrast to the message sent by her fully developed body, the panties imposed a virginal, little-girl aspect to her appearance.

I thought girls got rid of heavy cotton panties no later than the onset of menarche, that more feminine underwear and womanhood came at the same time. I had to admit, though: her cotton panties worked a strange magic on me. They made her concealed treasures even more forbidden, more school-girl alluring, than any silken panties could have. I couldn't tear my eyes from the scene, but continued to watch, pre-cum beginning to leak from my hard cock. Niki's nightie finally came loose and dropped around her body. When it did, she looked up and saw me standing there watching. Our eyes met and held for a moment, silently.

I came to my senses at that point and started apologizing, almost stammering in my desire to explain away my voyeurism. Niki just smiled shyly and said, "I'm the one who's sorry, John. It's my fault. I shouldn't have been changing clothes with my door open." As much to show she wasn't angry as to continue the practice she had followed since I had been in her house, Niki came up to me and gave me a goodnight kiss. Usually it was just a peck on the cheek, but this evening she kissed me lightly upon the lips instead. She must have just licked her lips because the kiss was moist and warm. Her breasts, the nipples clearly showing through her thin nightie, brushed across my chest during the kiss.

The next morning, Erica, (my best friend since grade school, as well as Niki's mom) left for work before either Niki or I awakened. I had been staying with her and Niki for two weeks and would probably be there another couple of weeks. I had taken a new job in their town and Erica insisted on my staying with them while waiting for my work to start and construction on the apartment I was going to rent to be completed. Even though I helped pay expenses and I knew Erica was pleased to have a man around the house, I still tried to take care of some of the housework and cooking. For mornings, that meant breakfast for me and Niki--Erica only had a quick cup of coffee before work.

The smell of bacon and eggs must have lured Niki out of bed because she appeared in the kitchen just as I had it ready to serve. "Your breakfast is served, princess," I told her, putting her plate on the breakfast bar. Clad more modestly now in a robe, Niccole got up on a bar stool and started in on her scrambled eggs. I sat across from her and began to eat mine. We ate in silence until we finished, and then I poured us each another cup of coffee. Sipping my coffee, I once more told Niki I was sorry about watching her the previous night. She smiled, reached out and patted my hand, and said, "Oh, shush now, Johnny. You just stop that. I just stood there with my door open and put on a show. It was my fault, and I hereby officially apologize.

I'm used to just us girls being around the place and forgot about having one of you men-folk types around. Now I don't won't to hear anymore from you about it. Especially you're saying anything to my mother. Okay?" I continued to hold her hand, stroking and squeezing it. I smiled back at her and said, "Okay. If you say so, it's a deal." "Including the part about mother?" "Especially the part about Erica," I said, smiling even wider. "But there is one more thing I would like to say about it." "There is? What's that?" "Well, as you know, there wasn't much left to my imagination last night, and I want you to know I think you have turned into one hell of a beautiful woman." Niki blushed a little and seemed very pleased. "Thank you, Johnny.

That's a real sweet thing to say, and you're very sweet for saying it." She leaned across, kissed me lightly on the lips, and said, "Thank you, again." Niki then looked down at her plate and was silent, almost pensive. "What's wrong, Nikki? Is something wrong, Baby?" I asked. "There was something bad about your seeing me like that. You were able to see my darkest secret," Niki said, looking at me with a sad expression. "Well, you did have on panties so I couldn't see everything about you, but if what I saw was a dark, bad secret, then all girls should have the same secret," I replied, laughing softly.

At first she looked puzzled, but then she put her hands up to her breasts, cupping and squeezing them. "Oh, you mean these. No, these aren't what I'm talking about. Besides," she said, starting to smile a little, "I could hardly keep these secret." Suddenly, Niki reached down and pulled the hem of her robe up to where the edge of her panties showed. "This is what I'm talking about. Cotton panties! White cotton panties! Just like little girl training panties!" she said angrily. "I'm not a little girl anymore, I'm a grown woman--a grown woman who has to wear little girl's cotton panties." "Why do you wear them, then? Why don't you get some grown-up panties?" I asked, not understanding her anger. "Because Mother still buys all my clothes for me, that's why.

You know my mother. You ought to, she's your best friend for god's sake. Conservative and practical to a fault. She still thinks of me as her little girl and buys me cotton panties." "Have you ever said anything to her about it?" I asked. "Yes, but all she does is smile and say, 'Well, cotton panties are a lot cheaper, you know.' That shuts me up because I know that we don't have much money. Between my college costs, what little she makes on her job and what I make on my part-time job, there isn't anything left over for many frivolous things. It's taking every cent we have between us to pay for college and necessities." Niki sat there, dejected, and started to cry softly. "Oh, God, just listen to me," she said. "I sound like all the selfish bitches in the world rolled into one." She looked up at me, drying her tears, and said, "I'm sorry about this tirade, John.

I'm not really selfish. It's just that every now and then, I get frustrated and blue. I sure wish I could grow up and get this part of my life behind me." "Well, I don't know whether it will help you feel better, but I can tell you this: In those cotton panties last night, you were about the sexiest woman I've ever seen." Niki reached out her hand and took my other hand so that she now had both of them. "John, you are about the nicest god father a girl could have." Then, laughing through her tears, she added, "Or do you tell that to all your naked little god daughters?" I couldn't help but laugh in return. "Since my only other god-daughter is two-year old Stella, that would be hard to do." "That a very nice compliment, and I thank you for it, but it doesn't do much for my confidence around boys.

I've had a number of dates and have gotten pretty hot and heavy with several of them, but when time comes to get down to doing the dirty deed, I think about the boy seeing me in cotton panties and back off. Now that really has been frustrating," she said, with a little rueful laugh. "Although Mother doesn't know it, I've been on the pill for two years. Except for a couple of times when I was in a bathing suit and didn't have to worry about the boy seeing my panties, being on the pill hasn't done much for me. I know it's probably all in my head, particularly since you said they are sexy, but I really feel stymied by the curse of cotton panties."

I'd like to play Dutch trader, if you'll let me," I said. "What do you mean, Dutch trader?" "Wait here," I said. I went to my bedroom, got my wallet, and took out a hundred dollar bill. I folded it into my hand and went back into the kitchen. I reached out and took Niki's hand and put the bill into it. "This afternoon, before you go to classes, I want you to go to the store and buy yourself some of the silkiest, sexiest underwear you can find.

I know you'll have to hide them from your mother, but at least you'll have them for dates and whenever else you want to feel sexy and good about yourself." "Oh, I couldn't do that," Niki said, softly. "That's why I said 'Dutch trader,' Niki. It's against the rules to say 'No' to a Dutch trader." "Oh, John, I like 'Love trader' better than 'Dutch trader.'" She put her arms around my neck and kissed me full on the lips. The kiss was hard and wet, becoming more moist as we held it. Instinctively, my lips started to part. She felt the movement and parted hers. Our tongues touched momentarily, sending a jolt to my pleasure center. Niccole quickly broke the kiss, pulling back. "God father's naughty, too," she whispered. Her eyes sparkled, and I could tell she was excited. "I can hardly wait to go shopping this afternoon," she said, leaving to get ready for school.

That evening, after Niki got home from classes, she passed me in the hall and whispered, "I got to go shopping this afternoon, and I bought some of the nicest silk undies you can imagine. In the morning, after Mom goes to work, I'll show them to you." She seemed pleased with herself, and I was pleased for her, pleased I had had a part in making her so happy. That night I dreamed about Niki. In my dream, though, she wasn't dressed in frilly underthings, but in plain, white cotton panties. The next morning, I got up and fixed breakfast as usual. Niki came in, looking absolutely beautiful.

It was obvious she had been up a while. Her hair was tied back in a ribbon, and she had put on just the lightest amount of makeup. Stunning, I thought to myself, the only possible word for the beautiful girl standing there in robe and slippers is stunning. I sat our breakfast and coffee out and sitting across from each other, we ate. Between almost every bite, Niki smiled at me, smiling as though she had a secret she was bursting to share with me. When we finished, we put our plates in the sink. Niki then turned to me and gave me a fluttery, light kiss on the lips. It felt like I imagined a butterfly lighting on my lips would feel. "What's that for?" I asked. "For being such a nice godfather," she said, smiling softly. "Being nice to you is awfully easy," I replied, smiling back.

"I'm glad you feel that way, because I spent almost all your hundred dollars," Niki said with a musical little laugh. "Now I'm going to show you what you bought for me. You wait here and I'll call you when I'm ready. Okay?" "Sure. I'll be waiting right here," I answered. I was a little perplexed by her words, wondering what she might be planning. I expected Niccole to produce boxes from the department store and let me see the undergarments she said she had bought. Apparently, she planned something else. My pulse beat a little faster, thinking about the various possibilities. "Okay, you can come look now," Niki's voice came from down the hall. Following her voice, I went down the hall to Niki's bedroom.

The door was wide open and I moved in front of it and looked into the room. Standing there, in exactly the same spot she had been the other night, was Niki. The scene was different from that night, though. Niki now stood there dressed in a pair of pale yellow, lacy bikini panties and a filmy, see-through bra of the same color. She had on just those two bits of silky wisp and nothing else. My use of the word "stunning" in thinking of Niki had been truly prescient because seeing her standing there with a demure, sweet smile on her face did in fact stun me. She was a lovely young sex goddess, perfect by any means of measure- ment. She was the vision I seen in all my boyhood wet dreams, the central theme of all my erotic fantasies, the pure personification of feminine sexuality. "Well, what do you think?" Niki asked. My mouth was so dry I could hardly speak.

I stammered, "My God, Nikki! Stunning! Absolutely stunning! But I shouldn't be doing this. What if your mother should come in, what would she think?" "Mom's never here this time of day, so don't worry about it. As far as your seeing me this way, you saw me with less than this on the other night, so you're not seeing anything you haven't already seen. I'm not embarrassed, so don't you be either. In fact," she said with a smile that was no longer demure, "I'm kinda enjoying this. Now you go back to the kitchen and let me change into another pair. I want you to see me in all my new things." As I left the room, I realized I had a raging hard-on. I was naked under my robe, and my boner was pressing against it, causing the front to bulge out. God, I hope she didn't notice, I thought to myself. By f***e of will I tried to make the hard-on go down, but had little success before Niki called for me to come back.

When I returned to Niki's room, she had on a pair of loose silken panties and a matching camisole, so sheer as to be virtually transparent. The dark points of her nipples poking against the fabric and their encircling areolas were visible through the sheer silk. I could detect just the hint of the large dark mass of her bush where the panties covered her vee. "Well, what do you think? I hope you like them, because I love them. They feel just like I imagined they would.

The cloth is so smooth against my skin. Come feel how smooth the cloth is." Almost in a trance I reached out to her and rubbed my hands over the fabric covering the tops of her shoulders. The fabric had to indeed be silk because it was so slick, so smooth, so sensual in its texture. Niccole took my hands and put them on her front, right on top of her semi-revealed breasts. "Here's where it's the smoothest," she said. "Feel here." I stroked my hands lightly and lovingly over the swells of her breasts, paying particular attention to the nipples. Niki crooned, "Ummm, yes, so smooth, so smooth." Then, taking my hands again, she brought them around so they rested on her buttocks. "Feel my panties, too.

They're even silkier," she whispered. I moved my hands all over her buttocks, feeling the deep cleft between them and then further down. She moved up against me, putting her breasts up against my chest, rubbing them over me. "Oh, Johnny, I just knew silk underwear would make me feel sexy. My God, but do they! I'm even getting wet. Here, feel my wetness." She took my hand and put it right on top of her crotch, and I could feel how right she was. The crotch of her new panties were soaked, and I could feel the dampness all over my fingers. I could also feel the contours of her pussy under the fabric--the lips swollen and very noticeable. She rubbed up against my fingers and moaned, "Oh, God, John, they make me feel so sexy.

You make me feel so sexy." "Oh, golly, John, here I am getting carried away. What you must think of me. I've got one more pair to show you, and all I'm doing is enjoying each pair as I put it on. You do your disappearing act again so I can change into my last one," Niki said. Dutifully, I went back into the kitchen to await Niki's summons. I realized that I was so filled with lust that I was panting. God, didn't that girl know what she was doing to me. The feel of her sopping sex under her panties had made me even harder than I had been and the whole front of my robe was getting wet from the flow of pre-cum soaking into it.

The girl's no virgin, I thought, so she must know enough about sex to realize that seeing her like that would cause even dead King Tut to have an erection. I stopped worrying about her seeing my hard-on and waited for Niki to bid me return. "Okay, John, I'm ready," came Niki's voice. Eagerly, I went to her room to see what her last purchase was. If it was better than what I had already seen, I wasn't sure I could resist making a pass at her. I walked into the room and Niki said, "I saved my favorite piece to last. I think this is the prettiest and sexiest of them all. What do you think?" What I saw practically kept me from thinking at all. Niki was clad in a smoke-gray, spider-web-sheer teddy. It covered her shoulders with narrow button-up straps and fell down her body in diaphanous folds, clinging and molded to every part of her body.

Her breasts pushed out the front of them, her nipples like small fingertips punching out the sheer fabric. It then d****d down to her little tummy, slightly rounded, and then down to the vee. It pulled tight in the vee, the deep crease of her vulva clearly showing through the skin-tight fabric. Soft curls of pubic hair peeked out from under the teddy's hem where it turned under to caress that secret core of Niki's femininity. "You like?" she said, turning slowly around like a model showing a new design. "Like? My God, Nikki, you're like a wet dream come to life," I blurted out. Niki laughed a musical laugh and said, "Good! It looks as sexy as it makes me feel then. Just come and feel of this one.

If you thought the other was smooth, feel this one." I wanted to feel more than the teddy--I wanted to feel every inch of Niki, explore every crevice, run my tongue over every part of her body and taste every part of her. She took my trembling hands and put them right on top of her breasts. "This part here is the smoothest," she whispered. I ran my thumbs over her nipples, and she shuddered. I circled my finger tips around the whole of each breast, and she sighed. "See. I told you it was smooth," she whispered. "Thank you, Johnny, thank you. When I wear these I know I'll feel like a woman, just as I do now.

Thank you so much." Almost as if to affirm her appreciation, she put her lips to mine and kissed me. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she drew herself up tight to me. If I had had any doubts about her knowing about my hard-on, they were gone now. My cock was jutting out against my robe and Niki was pressing herself hard against it.

This time it was Niki who opened her mouth and gave me her tongue. It licked back and forth against my lips and I opened them in invitation. Her tongue came into my mouth, exploring, seeking mine. I gave it to her in swirling motions, making love to her tongue with mine. She drew her tongue back and opened her mouth even wider, asking for me to find it. I delved my tongue into her mouth and immediately it found its goal. Both our breaths were coming faster and harder now, and her arms wrapped even tighter about me.

I dropped my hands down to her buttocks and softly rubbed and kneaded them, pulling her pelvis even closer to mine. My cock rubbed hard against her sexual center and she moaned into my mouth. She finally broke the kiss and asked, "Is it wrong for us to do this, John?" "Does it feel wrong, Nikki?" "No, it feels exactly right. If you had said 'yes' I would have died right here on the spot." She put her mouth up to my ear and whispered, "The buttons are right there on the shoulders. Undo them. I want to be naked." I put one trembling hand to her right shoulder and unbuttoned the little pearl button. The strap fell loose and down her back. With my other hand I loosened the other button.

The whole back of Niki's teddy fell down her back, hanging in folds over her buttocks. I couldn't resist running my hands over the bare exposed flesh. I made my touch soft and stroking, moving in little circles down her back. I reached the outward flare of her buttocks and caressed them, just touching with my fingertips in little feathery strokes. I moved down to the half-moons where the buttocks joined the thighs and took her buttocks in my hands and gently and softly stroked them. The skin was exquisitely smooth, smoother even than the silk that had just covered them. Niki was holding me tight now, and her breath in my ear was speeding up, almost a panting sound. "Oooh, John! That's so nice," she murmured. I moved one hand into the deep cleft between those sweet cheeks and inched it down, delving under the silk, searching for the treasure I knew to be hidden there. My fingertips brushed across her little crinkled anus and she caught her breath as I lightly stroked it in circles.

It was moist, dampened by the flow of her feminine arousal. Delving even deeper, my fingers found downy hair and then the very bottom of her vulva. It was soaking wet with the slick, hot starch she was secreting from the font hidden even deeper between her thighs. I stroked this area in a little circle, moving my finger lightly in the outpouring lubrication. Her pants now turned into moans, and she ground her pelvis into mine, moving it in small circles. Niki turned her face up to mine, her parted lips hungrily searching for mine. They found each other and we kissed wetly, open mouth to open mouth, tongue to tongue. Niki moved away from me and our mouths came apart. Until now, the front of her teddy had been held up by the pressure between our bodies, but with that pressure removed, gravity took over, and the entire front of Niki's teddy fell down.

Snow white hills, heaving up and down from her breathing, were revealed to my hungry sight. The sheer fabric fell more, falling completely off her body and to the floor. She stepped out of her teddy and took several steps backward, eager to show her body to me in its entirety. She was beautiful. I could no longer think of her as my god daughter, but only as a desirable woman that I must make love to. As in a trance, I reached out to Niki and touched those magnificent breasts. She arched her back, seeking to make them as accessible as possible. I dropped my hands lower and stroked that little tummy, drawing circles around the cavity of her belly button.

But my goal was a different cavity, the cavity of her woman essence, the secret grotto buried away in the recess hidden between her thighs. I moved my finger into the soft curls that spread fully over her Venus delta. My finger encountered the top of her crease, that cleft that started between her buttocks, moved down into the swamp of her femininity and then up to part the Mons Veneris. My finger dipped into the liquid, sopping crease and found a fleshy button--her ripe, swollen clitoris, the very center of her flowing pleasure zone. She threw her head back and hoarsely moaned, "Oh, God, John! Yes! That's the spot! Right there!" Her pelvis thrust in and out, moving her clitoris to and fro under my slickened finger. Needing to share her pleasure, Niki reached out and untied the belt of my robe. SinceI was nude underneath, I knew she'd soon be treated to the undeniable proof of her desirability.

My robe fell open and she reached up to my shoulders, pushing it off. I let it fall off my arms and on to the floor. Now we were both nude, fully visible as male and female. My cock jutted out from my body at an almost perfect ninety degrees. It was wet, slick and glistening from my flow of juices, the lubricants that had been flowing out in anticipation of the thrusting plunge into Niki's hot core. Niki was also wet. As her soaking panties had indicated, her love juices were copious, flowing over the entire area between her thighs, coating it in preparation for being loved, for being plumbed to its deepest depth.

Niki reached down and grasped my cock. It was engorged, swollen, its head ripe and bulbous. She stroked it, and it jerked and poured out some more pre-cum fluids. My hand worked in her pussy again, and I could tell from the urgency of her stroking of my cock that she was near climax. She was driving me close to my own orgasm also, and it was much too early. I wanted to defer that sweet pleasure and concentrate on Niki. I suspected she was multi-orgasmic, and I wanted to bring her to the plateau of ultimate pleasure at least once before climbing to that peak together. Reluctantly, I removed her hand from my cock and gently pushed her onto her bed. She fell onto her back, her legs hanging off and on the floor--a position perfectly suited to my planned ministrations. I knelt between her legs and spread them wide.

The center of her sex was right before me and I paused, savoring the sight and aroma of Niki's arousal. Then I lowered my head and fed on her. My tongue stroked up and down the swollen labial lips and brushed lightly over the clitoris. Niki jumped at the contact and muttered hoarsely, "My God, John! No one's ever done this to me before. It's fantastic! Oh, yessss, its sooo goood." She moaned continuously, a soft, mewling sound of pleasure. Her pelvis moved almost convulsively, up and down, in circles, as if it were not a part of her. I stroked my tongue down to the entrance of her vaginal tunnel and pushed it in, extending it to the maximum.

I ran it in and out, feverishly, mimicking the action my cock was throbbing and aching so much for. Niki arched her back and pushed her whole open, gaping sex up to my mouth. "Oh, I'm there! I'm coming! I'm coomminnngg...ooooohh." She locked her legs against my head, as spasm after spasm rocked her pelvis. I felt the heat of her climax flow into my mouth, her juices even more copious than before. I rode her through her convulsions and spasms, barely moving my tongue in her pussy as she slowly and gradually came down from her climactic peak. When she was still, I stood up, my throbbing cock standing out over her belly. It was dripping with pre-cum and a drop fell on Niki's stomach, just above her pussy. She dipped her finger into it and smoothed it over her skin.

Her hands then reached up and clasped my cock, stroking it, lightly caressing its full length. She looked up at me and whispered, "I want it in me, John. I want all of it. I want you to fill me up." She spread her thighs wide open and guided my cock down to the shadowy hole in her gaping woman sex. I pushed forward, assisting her, letting her steer me home. The head just nudged into that tight recess and entered into her. Her hands fell away. Now I was in command. With a gentle pressure, I pushed my cock into Niki's hot, soaking woman hole. Unhurried, I moved in, inch by inch, savoring the pleasure of first penetration. She was very tight.

She might not have been a virgin, but her love cavity hadn't been much used. Its walls grasped my cock as it slowly reamed its way into Niki's deepest recesses. Then, with only a small, final thrust, I was all the way in, buried to the very base of my cock in Niki's warm, wet cunt-hole. Her legs came up and wrapped around my back, her arms encircled my neck, and her mouth came against mine, open, wet, and loving. I withdrew about half my cock and plunged it back to the hilt in one sharp thrust. She gasped into my mouth and drove her tongue into it, imitating the action of my cock below.

Then I started the rhythmic motion of love, pushing my cock in and out, twisting my pelvis--reaming, withdrawing, thrusting. She took up the rhythm, matching me stroke for stroke. She was breathing hard and fast, and I was beginning to gasp and pant. She started moaning and mewling with little soft squeals. The whole lower portion of her body thrashed about and her legs pulled tighter and tighter around me. Her arms clenched tightly around my neck and her tongue was like a wild a****l working in my mouth. She was in a sexual frenzy, and it was pulling me to the feverish edge of my own climax. Niki came and came and came. Like fingers working inside her, the walls of her pussy clutched at my cock. Her pelvic muscles spasmed and shuddered, and each small convulsive movement transferred to my sliding, thrusting cock.

Suddenly, my cock jerked, and great gobs of juice jetted out, making her pussy even wetter. "Yes! Give it me! Give it all to me!" Niki shouted. My orgasm went on and on, and come still spurted out. Gradually, I came down to just the small, feeble spurts. Then, just the warmth of my cock soaking in our combined juices. I collapsed on Niccole, unable to stir, feeling as though I was turned inside-out from the massive orgasmic surge. We were both panting, gasping for breath. Slowly, we came back to earth, and I rolled off her and we laid side by side, holding each other, fondling, caressing, murmuring. Niccole didn't make it to classes that day. Instead, she made it with me. In the bedroom, in the living room, and once in the shower. Not once did she have to put on her new panties. I am still Niki's's "Nice god-parent," and she visits my apartment as often as we can work it. Each time, "This Nice little cum slut has her a new pair of panties, and each time she models them. The the new panties come off and so do we. When we're through, she leaves her cotton panties for me. At night, I hold them under my nose and inhale Niccole's redolent woman-smell, anticipating her next visit.

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