Messy Missy the Hitchhiking Hippie

This past summer I was driving back to the bay area from Vegas and i stopped off for food and gas in buttonwillow. I went to use the bathroom and then decided to grab a sandwich from Subway. After grabbing my food I noticed that most of the tables were taken but there was a sexy little hippie chick sitting by herself and looking pretty sad.
"You dropped your smile." I said.
"There look how pretty you are when you smile, thats better, do you mind if I sit with you?"
"Go ahead" she responded.
"You look hella sad, do you mind me asking what's the matter?"
"Well, my friend Lynn and I were out here from NY on Phish tour, they played in L.A. last night and they are playing in Tahoe tonight, we caught a ride with these k**s after the show and slept in the parking lot last night, i was very uncomfortable and decided to grab my sl**ping bag and take it to the field back aways and sl**p there. When I got up in the morning, they were gone and they have my wallet, and phone. I am so hungry, pissed that Lynn would do this to me and am stuck with no ride or anyway to contact people. The people here are starting to ask questions and say if they see me spange for money they will call the cops."
"Wow that is quite the predicament, I could buy you some food and offer you a ride to the Bay Area and you could call your friend from my place if you like?"
"That would be so amazing, I could do something for you, like give you a massage or something, let me know what I could do?"
"Oh no worries darlin'I can't think of anything at the moment, but I'll take the massage and if anything else comes up I'll let you know. Deal?"
"Deal." She agreed. "By the way, my names Missy" She was a cute little spitfire. about 5'1 110 lbs, Dark black hair and was white with what looked like some asia mixed in, turns out she was part Japanese. I love white/asian mixes.
We talked alot on the ride and we had a lot of things in common, she was very flirty, she asked if I had a girlfriend, "Well their are girls that I see, but I am a business man and I don't have time for a girlfriend right now, they just get in the way, I am a dealer and there are plenty of willing chicks who like to party and play, and if not, I have no shame in hiring one off the internet, hell it costs about the same as taking a chick on a date but I am guaranteed what I want, i can pick the type i am looking for and she leaves when I want her too." I laughed.
"I never thought about it that way before, but it makes sense." She laughed, "Fuck, I was thinking I might end up having to do something like that for a ride. A few perverted fat truckdrivers offered but I tiold them no thanks. Just before you showed up i was starting to get desperate, I have a few unpaid tickets in Cali and if the cops were called, I might of ended up in Jail. Now if the drivers were as cute as you i probably would have considered the offer." she smiled at me and batted her eyes.
"Oh yeah, really huh, well I'm still willing to make a deal."
"Hey, you're already giving me a ride."
"Yeah to the Bay, but I recall you are wanting to go to Tahoe, right?"
"Yes I am, I'm listening."
"Well what if I brought you there tomorrow for the show, buy you a ticket and if you want, I'll get one for myself as well and get us a hotel room so you have a place to stay."
"And what would you like in return?"
"Well, we can start with you putting those pretty lips on my cock, and giving me your best bj to seal our deal, and then you just have to be my personal sex toy for the time you spend with me, deal?"
She began to caress my leg and look at my crotch, she licked her lips and said, "Well i do love to suck cock and would love it you could show me pointers to help me be the best cock sucker I could be, as for the rest, It's a possibility but I could use some pocket cash as well."
"Are you sure you haven't done this before?" I said. Laughing and blushing she replied "I promise, but I am a little slut, and love to play roles, so I am just being the girl you want me to be."
"I like your style Missy, well how does $100 sound?"
"ummmm....I was thinking more like a couple hundred."
"a couple huh? Well ok so $200 and where will I get to cum?"
"Anywhere you would like."
"I like the sound of that, well Missy," I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hardening cock, "why don't you come over here then and make me cum into your pretty little hippie slut mouth."
I pulled her by the back of her head and she willingly opened her mouth and engulfed my cock.
She did like to suck dick, she was moaning and slurrping, trying to take it as far down as she could. By the time of the show I will have this pretty little bith well trained and swallowing my cock whole. i thought. I slid my hand down the back of her loose fiting courderoy pants and like a true little hippie girl, she was panty free, passing her puckered little asshole, I felt her very warm, very moist and very engorged pussy lips, this girl i just met sure was a true slut, oh what fun we will have. I fingered her pussy as she was giving me her all, I could feel her spit and my precum dripping all over my balls and onto my ass, making my pants wet, with that and the sweat, I lifted my ass up a bit to slide my pants off further (this is very hard to do while driving, i do not recommend it) as i did i felt my cock slip into her throat and she gagged a little, as i sat back down, she lifted up her teary eyed face for a momnet, and said "I want you to fuck my face, ok?" Right on.
I grabbed her hair and squeezed really tight and began to hump my cock into her mouth, she was moaning and even roared for a moment, I think. "Gulh, gulh, gulh, yeth, giv m mreughhh" It was to hard to hump and drive, so I just used her head as my masturbation device, kind of like how you would use a fleshlight. U
sing her hair as a grasp a pulled her head up and pushed it back down with authority, again and again, both getting carried away and very much into it, I felt my cock get the hardest I've ever felt, and my balls begin to tighten, I rammed her head all the way down my shaft to my sack and let loose with a furious yell and shot my load deep into her belly and relaxing my grip she pulled her mouth up to my mushroom headed tip and just milked my cock, rubbing my slimey balls with one hand and continuosly swallowing each and every mothful i rewarded her with. When I finished cumming, she thanked me again and slurrped up all the juices from my balls and the seat, I felt some goo get sucked out from under my ass as she did this. It was one of the most amazing blowjobs ever, fuck this chick is a keeper. Lifting her head back up, her face and hair were so messy, my cum was smeared around her lips and a drop was hanging from her nose, her face and eyes were red, and teary. her hair had clumps of cum in it. i leaned over and pulled a camera out of my glove box and snapped a picture.
"I think I will title this one, Messy Missy just made me Split Open and Melt."
"Love it," she said and then asked me for a drink, "a rest stop is up here, how about we pull over and clean our selves up", I suggested.
"Sounds wonderful" she smiled.
I can't wait to get home i thought to myself......

to be continued
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