Tammy's parents the swingers, "oh the 70

One night I was home alone with my wife's mother Regina. She had flown out to visit us from back east for a few weeks. On this perticular night Tammy was at a Bikram Yoga class and her mother was alone at our house. I was supposed to be working late at the office preparing for a merger our company was soon to undergo but some complications came to light and things were going to be delayed so I was able to leave early.

Regina thought she was going to have the place to herself, was in our living room, drinking champagne, snorting lines of cocaine, watching porn and preparing to fuck herself with a large dildo. She was not expecting me to come walking through the door and I caught her as she was gliding that thing fast and furiously inside that loose old lady vag of hers. The look on both of our faces must have been priceless. Not knowing what to do, I quickly turned around and said I was going to run to the store quick and would be back in 15. "Ahhhh...ok,ahhhhh...I'm going to clean up my mess and change." She replied.

Wow, I was dumbfounded and speechless, I went to the store and not knowing what to buy decided on some chips and a bottle of bourbon. I needed to wash that image out of my brain. Was that coke she had on our table, I mean Tammy told me that her parents use to party but I didn't think her mom still did, shit I wonder if it's any good.

Returning to the house, Regina was on the porch smoking, shit well i guess we will be dealing with this thing quickly, oh well here goes, I thought to myself. "I'm sor," "No I wan" we both tried speeking at the same time. I let her speek. "I am so sorry and so embarrassed that you saw me in that position, I wasn't expecting you and it's been years since I have been back out here in California, and the other day I drove by this old Shopping center and it brought back memories about Bill(Tammy's father Bill passed away the previous year,) and I back in the 1970's when things were still fun and I just got caught up in Nostalgia." "It's fine, I guess i should have called ahead to say i was coming home." "This is your house, that would be nonsense, I should have been a bit more private about it but had a few drinks with some old friends and did some coke with them and I haven't done that in years, and when i got home I just started drinking more and was going through your dvd's and came across this porno you had, I slipped it on because coke makes me horny, and this stuff is pretty good, would you like a line." "Sure why not, I was curious to taste it once i realised what it really was.." I said.

I poured myself a stiff bourbon and coke and another glass of bubbly for the lady, she cut out a couple of lines for us and i was shocked at the purity of it, but her mom was quite the looker in her day and her parents hung with some high class people who apparently still party like it's 1979."Just promise me, that you will let me explain this to Tammy before you do." "Please do I think that would be best," I laughed "one question though, why did a shopping center make you horny with nostalgia?" "Well why don't we do one more line and I'll tell you, but this story doesn't leave this room and you never tell Tammy, and if you promise and follow through, I will hook you up with my friend who has this coke." "Deal." I agreed to imediatley.

"Well it was the mid 70's and an X-rated theater had just opened in that small shopping center near our old San Jose home. Bill and I were experimenting with the new ideas coming out during the sexual revolution and were trying to widen open our sex life and dabble with sharing, he told me about the movies that were coming out, Deep throat and behind the Green Door(I'd never seen porno before) and about how when he went there, the men were exposing their penis's to each other while masturbating. I was curious to check out this wild scene and asked if I could accompany him to a showing but only if it was very early in the morning on a Saturday before the shopping center was full (Can you imagine if my neighbors saw me going into a nasty men's place like that!} Bill arranged with the owner to let us and a group of people in our scene in at 8am one Saturday in exchange for some killer grass we had and whisperred something else into the guy's ear, and the guy looked at me with a weird grin and agreed, We had been up partying all night and didn't give it much thought because i was pretty wasted. I will never forget the thrilling expectation of visiting that place though. It was so exciting and so taboo back then.

It was a typical hot summer morning and we were only wearing shorts and I also wore a halter top and sandals at my husband's suggestion(I suspected he had plans and he sure did!) The big Italian owner,Rocco showed us to a small room where you could watch the movies on the back of the door. God! It was exciting! The wall was filled with the images of gorgeous people fucking, sucking and doing all kinds of explicit things. I was overwhelmed by my own lust and Bill rubbing my tits and fondling my pussy didn't help.

It was kind of strange, disturbing andyet kind of erotic to hear Regina talk about this, and my cock was beginning to stiffen. I said i was kinda cold and quickly grabbed a blanket off of the back of the couch and put it over my lap. She continued on with the story and I noticed her give a quick look at my lap and grin. Well i guess we've both been seen in awkward circumstances now.

"To my surprise", she continued "and even with me having momentary feelings of fear mixed with an unbelievable strong desire for Bill's beautiful cock, two immense male pricks emerged from round holes that I hadn't noticed had been drilled out in the wall! Bill shocked me by immediately grabbing my hand and placing it on one of the huge male penis and beganhaving me pump it energetically! Then he said he knew how much I loved to suck his cock and how amazing I was, that he always wanted to see me do that with other cocks, different sized and shaped cocks, even colored.

I had never imagined my husband seeing me play with another man's cock, but there I was stroking it for all it was worth. At his urging, I began sucking the other cock(I had to use stretch my mouth very wide because of its size!) Soon, I was milking the giant cock protruding from the wall with my greedy whore mouth, pumping my hubby's prick with the other, Bill had pulled my shorts down around my ankles and my hairy pussy was being finger-fucked by him!

Bill had me sit on his stiff erection as I continued to milk one male weapon after another that would thrust through the wall. I remember one was a huge, pink, thick cock with long foreskin covering a pale pink head and fat, hot, red hair covered balls hung heavily from the base. I came on my husband's prick at the mere site and feel of it in my mouth and the stranger with the cock from heaven shot three spurts of a massive amount of white, thick sperm-cream deep in my throat. He was the first one I let do that, and I loved it! Our Saturday morning adventures continued through the summer and now since Bill's gone and I no longer have a very active sex-life, I masturbate my self occasionally in the morning in bed with the thoughts of all those anonymous cocks I milked during a long, hot summer.

Just then the door opened and in walked Tammy, "hey guy's what's going on, is that coke on that plate on the table?" "Yes it is honey and why don't you do I line and take your man right here into your bedroom and help him take care of a little problem I may have caused to arise with him, while I go to my room for some needed alone time." We both laughed as Tammy looked a bit lost and I said "Don't look at me, you'll have to ask her in the morning."

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3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Ahhh, back in 'the good ol' days'. Great memories.
3 years ago
because we did drugs, and guess what, we had fun, nothing bad happened, we both have jobs we've kept. The only drugs I fear are the ones made by pharmaceutical companies because they are the only ones I've lost friends to. And by the way, alchohol, and coffee are drugs as well, would you have been offended if I had mentioned those drugs, or how about tobacoo, that is also a drug, and tobacoo and alcohol kill way more people than cocaine ever has, but I jnow the gov'ts make a lot of money off the illegality of cocaine so we should fear it. Thanks for the constructive critisism though. Oh yeah and remember reading these words won't get you high, so do not worry.
3 years ago
why did you have to put DRUGS into this story?
3 years ago
3 years ago
Remember those movies very well and some of the blow jobs from wifes and just good cock suckers. thanks