Confessions of Pizza Delivery Guy

I hated delivering to motels. Every motel delivery we made was a guaranteed nut case, and usually didn't tip. I hated going to the Motel 6, because the seediest people always stayed there. If they weren't crack dealers, they were prostitutes. If they weren't prostitutes, they were living in because of some terrible heroin habit. I remember I made one delivery, and this woman opened the door wearing all this black leather, and had a whip in her hand. She invited me in, and on the inside of the room there was this guy hanging from the ceiling in this S&M contraption. Needless to say, I was freaked out. I wonder if that poor dude ever made it out of there alive.

One Thursday, I got a call to make another delivery at the Motel 6...woo hoo. The order was for an extra large pan with pepperoni, meatballs, and extra sausage. Anyway, I put the pizza in the heat sleeve, and got in my car. put on some Ween, and hauled ass toward the Motel 6.

It was pretty far out, and why we delivered there, I have no idea, because there was a Fast Eddie's right across the street. Anyway, I had this pizza with extra sausage, pepperoni, and meatballs that was supposed to go to room 207. I parked, and began walking up the rusty staircase, listening into the rooms. Every now and then, you would hear moaning, or smell the sweet potency of marijuana, or that bad crack smell. Most of the time it was moaning, because Motel 6 was notorious for cheating husbands and wives.

I climbed the stair to room 207, and the 2 was upside down. I heard moaning, and a few giggles. Great, I thought, one of these. I knocked and held my breath hoping a decent looking half naked lady would answer the door. Instead, this ugly old dude answered the door buck naked. The first thing my eyes focused on, of course was his big wet limp dick swinging in the breeze. I was a bit grossed out, to say the least. I looked away and asked if they had ordered the pizza. "Come on in," the guy said, and turned to get his wallet, leaving me with a plain view of his pale ass. Ugh...I thought, this is disgusting. I turned to see this hot blonde milf laying in the bed, pulling the covers over herself. I caught a glimpse of her tits, which had to at least be double D's. "Hi there," she said. I smirked at her, waving, but not saying anything. The guy was still looking for his wallet, and the milf sat up to get a better look at me. Her tits fell and bounced what seemed like forever. They were huge, and the first thought that came to my mind was putting my hard cock between them. "He's cute!" she announced to her boyfriend, who she was clearly using for his dick. I can't lie, it was huge. She was rolling a joint, which kinda turned me on. The dude was still looking for his wallet, and asked me "What do you think? Want to fuck her?" I laughed lightly, and nodded my head yes. My eyes got wide as the slutty milf stood up, letting the covers fall to the floor, revealing her neatly trimmed cougar pussy. She walked over to me and grabbed my cock through my pants, telling me how bad she wanted to suck the delivery man. "What's you're name champ?" she asked. Uhh...John. "I'll call you Poppa John, would you like that?"

I asked for a minute so that I could make a phone call. I went outside and called Jerry, the manager. "What do you want?" he asked, he knew it was me. "My car just broke down, I said, trying to be convincing." "Bullshit," Jerry barked back. After getting my ass chewed and cussed out, I was finally able to convice Jerry my car had overheated and promised him I would get it fixed and be back as soon as possible. I went back inside, and the milf was sitting on the edge of the bed, sucking the guy's dick. She had an amazing tan, and I knew it was fake, because it was the dead of winter. Fucking Italian broads! It made her look great though, because there wasn't one tan line on her body. She was really working his dick, jerking it and milking it just right. It was weird watching another dude get his dick sucked, but kinda fucking hot. I just figured my turn was coming, so what the hell. I took my shirt off, and walked over toward her. "Mmm...Poppa John," she moaned in a sexy milf voice. "I want your sausage." It was a lame line, but I was about to get laid, it was better than delivering pizzas.

She unbuttoned my jeans, and reached it to grab my cock. " feels so thick and warm." She pulled it out and started jerking it slow, gripping my cock tightly. I thrusted toward her, and she got the hint, licking around the tip of my dick. She took it in her mouth, and her mouth was so wet, instantly my cock was soaked in milf spit. She gave such sloppy head, slobbering and spitting all over my crotch, sucking on my balls. I could feel her spit dripping from my nuts. She bobbed her head up and down, and for a second I took it into my own hands, face fucking her. I started slow, driving my dick into her cheek, then harder, burying my cock into her throat. She gagged hard, and grunted. Maybe I should stop, I thought, until she looked up at me, and buried her face into my dick. I could feel the back of her throat opening up, and thought Man, she must have the loosest cunt ever. I felt her swallow the head of my dick, and drove as deep as I could until she couldn't take it anymore. She was kind of looking a little familiar to me, "What's your name baby?" "Oh right, that." "I'm Tony and this here is my wife Lisa." "Holy fuck, I thought, without trying to show shock i realised that these were my friend Scotty Dorenzoni's parents. They hadn't seen me since middle school. That fucker tried to fuck my girlfriend when she had passed out at a party i threw. He ran before I had a chance to beat him down. Then the f****y moved and I had vowed to get him back one day. This got me so hot.

My dick was dripping by this point...literally, and I didn't really want any of it to end to tell the truth. Tony had been whacking off the whole time, and when he saw the look on my face, he asked, "How about giving me a try?" I looked at him with the most disgusting look ever. Dude I'm not a fag, I said, ready to punch him in the nuts. "What, we're the only ones here, and no one would find out, and I guarantee I'll do a better job than this bitch." She looked at him angrily, and I thought what the fuck, I'll take a few pictures with my cell phone and send them to his friends on facebook. I have nothing to lose. I wasn't gay, but this felt right, and getting head from his parents would be better revenge than anything else i could imagine. I took my dick away from his mom, and she pouted, going back to masturbating with a thick black dildo. Tony grabbed my cocked, and I cringed at first, because I was like what the fuck, I'm about to get head from a guy. Then he put my dick in his mouth. I don't know what it was, or why, but his mouth felt so amazing. It was literally just the right sucction, and he was slobbering all over my dick. He was really talented, licking the shaft from bottom to top, and slowly taking it in, circling with his tongue while my cock was in his mouth. "You've had practice I see." He took it deep in his throat, and I felt his tongue licking my balls. He pulled up, sucking the head, and jerking my cock at the same time. I closed my eyes and pretended Cameron Diaz was sucking me off. I guess our Homo Rainblow show turned Lisa on, because she started moaning like a cat in heat.

"Fuck me Poppa John," she said, and then guiding my dick into her dripping wet pussy. It was so loose, and I could hear my cock sloshing around inside her meaty snatch. I fucked her harder and harder, driving deep inside of her, sucking on her huge tits. I took my dick out, and put it between her tits, just like I had thought about when I first got there. They were so soft, and she shook them all over my dick. I was going crazy. "Stuff my ass," she demanded. She laid back and hoisted her ass in the air for direct entry, and I did exactly as she told me to. I was assuming the dude had already been here, because it slid right in. Her ass was pretty tight, and I shoved two, then three fingers in her hungry twat. She moaned and squirmed, and I pounded her, watching her tits bounce. She turned over, and I started ramming her ass from behind, smacking her jiggly jello ass. "Cum in my mouth," she begged, then grabbing my dick while I was fucking her ass. I felt myself about to blow, and put my dick into the chicks mouth. She clamped her mouth on my dick, and jerked me hard and fast until I began dumping a huge load in her mouth. She sucked, trying to drain every last drop, I tried to shoot on her face but she swallowed it all.

The whole drive back, I kept thinking Scotty's parents are freaks. I invited them for a repeat performance but was going to invite some friends to come join.
I called up all the guys I knew from school who remembered Scotty, plus i offered them up on craigslist for a price.
I just found gold in Scotty's parents They both sucked dick, and everyone will get to fuck Scotty's mom. Today was a good day and it looks like my fortune is just going to get better.

91% (25/2)
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4 months ago
Scotty doesn't know!
3 years ago
nice & naughty
3 years ago
Kinda hot story....i thought for sure you were gettinga cock up your ass too....or you were blowing him too....