The real part six of Emma became her f****y's

I came to after being pussy-fucked by my daddy and face-fucked by Carmella's father. And he was a black man with a really big dick! I saw my daddy was bending over Carmella, fondling her big titties and sucking on her nipples. She was moaning and thrashing about while stroking my daddy's cock. He musta had three fingers in her black pussy hole.

I was laying on my side and Bubba Jake was fondling my titties.

"Hey, look what you're daddy is doing to my little girl, Emma."

Carmella was moaning louder than ever as daddy played with her boobs. Daddy's hands were all over them. She was begging for his cock like crazy, and he was mounting her from behind and pushing it into her. The memory of the smell and taste of Carmella's hot pussy hit me and made my pussy flood with panty pudding. Bubba Jake must've noticed something.

"You like watching your daddy fuck my black girl? She's a slut for stiff cock just like you, Emma."

It was so hard to believe, and so wrong! My daddy was fucking another girl. And she was my best friend. And she was black! And she really loved his cock! She was grunting like a pig, pushing back against his cock every time he shoved it into her. The more I watched, the hornier I got. God I loved those big boobs of hers, being squeezed in my daddy's big hands! I never believed that my daddy could be so nasty! White men fucking black girls! Black men fucking white girls! What has the world come to?

"You like what you see, don't cha? I love sluts! Especially pretty white ones!"

Yes, I liked it! I'm ashamed to say that his wicked nasty words went straight to my cunt and made it quiver and boil with lust. He moved his hardon so that the head rested against my sloppy wet pussy lips, and gave me a dozen fast strokes of his nasty black boner. I couldn't help but moan with pleasure and start humping. Bubba Jake pulled out and sat up on his haunches. He motioned me to scrunch down in bed toward him. He grabbed my legs and flipped me over, then pulled me up on my knees. I felt the head of his slimy wet cock press between my hungry pussy lips, and with one giant thrust, Bubba Jake was inside my cunt all the way to the hilt. It drove the air out of my lungs. Then his hands cupped my titties, and he began dog-fucking me fast and deep. God, I could hardly breath!

"Hey, look at this Rob! I got your darling little white girl on her knees, getting fucked by my big black cock! How do you like seeing your daughter fucking a black man?"

Daddy was pounding Carmella really hard and fast, shaking the whole bed. He looked up at me and grinned. I guess he liked what he saw.

Oh! My! God! I felt so dirty and nasty letting a black man fuck me like this right in front of my own father! It shouldn't have felt so good and sexy! It was so wrong of me to want Bubba Jake to flood my cunt with his cum right there in front of daddy, but I couldn't help it! I started humping back as hard and fast as I could, moaning and crying and begging! I was begging for Bubba Jake to make me cum, and begging for daddy to stop him! My white titties were being mauled by Bubba Jake's big hands, and my belly was gonna get bathed in gallons of black cum, and daddy was letting him do it!

And I wanted daddy to watch me!!!

And I came and came and came, just a'wailing and a'moaning at the top of my lungs and my cunt squeezed up tight, and I heard Bubba Jake scream and daddy scream and Carmella hollerin' that she was dying, and my cunt just filled up with hot liquid in a split second, and his cock just a'kept on slammin' deep into me, and thick gooey cum was flowing down my thighs, and I couldn't breath no how no way and I was humpin' and humpin' and humpin'...

- - -

The four of us was sitting on the bed just laughing at what we had done. Daddy got some more sodas and beer and they was all teasing me for all the cum that was drying on my face and titties and thighs down to my knees and all over my crotch and fanny. Shoot, it was even in my hair! But I didn't mind. I was just basking in the after-glow of having my daddy's beautiful dick inside me, and feeling him dump his seed in my belly.

Daddy said, "Emma, I notice you call him Bubba Jake. Don't you know he's your uncle?"

I was stunned. A black man was my uncle? No shit? Carmella was as shocked as I was.

"Yup, Bubba Jake and me are half b*****rs. It seems your grandpa loved black girls a whole lot and he planted several babies in their bellies. Jake was one of them -- his momma was your grandma's and grandpa's maid and cook. She was just s*******n when my father got into her panties and got her pregnant. Jake even grew up with me and my s****rs in your grandpa's house -- that is, until my mother caught him climbing in bed with my s****r Lorrie. Then him and his momma had to move out. Ain't that right, Jake?"

Bubba Jake -- that is, uncle Jake -- started laughing.

"That's a fact, Rob! And I'd a'gotten into her panties too, if you had stood guard like you promised. But you were too busy pluggin' your dick into your s****r Polly, you didn't even notice your momma coming into the house."

I gasped. "Aunt Polly? Daddy? You fucked my aunt Polly?"

"Of course I did, Sweet Muffin. You ought to ask her about it sometime. And then I fucked your aunt Lorrie, too. They were both ready to spread their legs at the drop of a hat. Shoot, I was just lucky I got my dick into them before grandpa decided they should sl**p with him...."

Right then, this man, comes into the room. Daddy and Jake didn't seem to mind that we were all naked. I never seen the man before but Daddy and Jake seemed to know him good and they talked up a storm.

"Did you get the shots of Jake's cock sliding into Emma?"

"How about when Rob shot a really big load in Carmella's mouth and cum just spewed everywhere and poured down over her boobs?"

"Yes, I got 'em. Close ups, too. All the cameras worked just fine, mister Hoarre, from all angles. Shoot, sir, that was really hot! I never saw such fuckin' and suckin' in all my life! I really appreciate this opportunity to work for you, sir, and I'll do my best, you just wait and see!"

Carmella and me just looked at each other. Cameras?

"Daddy? What cameras? What's he taking pictures of?"

"Sweet Muffin, you know I've been doing a lot of rebuilding in this house since Christmas. Mostly in the west end around my bedroom. Well, I turned these storerooms and bedrooms into studios."

"What's a studio?" me and Carmella asked at the same time.

Daddy nodded at the stranger and he turned to me and stammered a bit while his eyes looked up and down my naked body. I don't know why, but I leaned back a bit and spread my legs. His eyes glanced down at my sloppy wet pussy, with cum still bubbling out it. Then he cleared his throat.

"A studio is a room for taking pictures, ahh, Miss Plunkett. All these rooms have new furniture and are fixed up like bedrooms and living rooms and dens, and one of the rooms is where I sit with the control boards. I can see everything going on in any room, and I can move the cameras and zoom them in and take pictures and even movies of what's going on in the rooms!"

"I don't see no cameras."

"Well, ahh, Miss Plunket, lots of them are behind the mirrors! You can't see the cameras, but they can see you! And we got more hid real good in the ceiling and in the bookshelves. And may I tell you that I really loved taking your pictures, Miss Plunkett! You really are sumthin' to look at and real sexy! You got me so horny I can't see straight!"

I could see a bulge in his pants. I didn't like him very much, but the way he was practically drooling at my titties and my pussy, well... I dunno... I kinda felt sorry for him. I leaned over on one elbow and spread my legs wider. I guess I was also kinda touching myself down there, you know?

Daddy said, "Sweet Muffin? You know all those porn rags that you and your b*****rs like so much? Well I sell them at the truck stop to all the truckers passing through. Jake here is in charge of buying, displaying and selling the porn rags in a secret room in the back of the convenience store. They make a lot of money for us. So Jake and me figger we can make a lot more money by making our own porn rags! We was planning on testing the cameras tomorrow, but since you and Carmella were kind enough to drop in, I told mister Brown here to start today. And you and Carmella were our movie stars! We was taking pictures of you, and you're gonna be in our new porn "

I said, "What? You took pictures of me sucking Bubba... er... uncle Jake's black cock?!"

"We sure did, Sweet Muffin. This is Alabama, and nothing gets a white trucker driver hornier than seeing a white girl suck black cock, or a black girl like Carmella here get her pussy reamed with a white cock!"

Carmella turned and we stared at each other in total shock! I mean, like total fucking shock! Our jaws had dropped down to our boobs and our eyes were bugging out! We were going to be in porn magazines where truckers could see us naked having sex!?!?!


Me and Carmella hugged each other and jumped up and down on the bed, our boobs just flying in all directions! Daddy got us to quiet down. Mister Brown was just standing there, watching every move and jiggle our titties made. And his dick was sticking out of his pants.

Daddy said, "Sweet Muffin? It's time for you to do a favor for daddy. I would like you to suck off mister Brown. Can you do that for me, please? You and him are gonna get to be real close friends over the next few months, and he really likes you."

Well, if my daddy wanted it, then that was that. I crawled across the bed and let him put his hard dick in my mouth. And I swallowed his cum.

- - -

It was getting close to bedtime. I had spent an hour in one of daddy's studio bedrooms with Carmella and my b*****r Tommy. We had been working in the studios every day now for a week. First, Carmella and me kissed and sucked titties and then ate each other's pussy. She fisted me. Let me tell you that was just so totally awesome! I wished Tommy hadn't laughed at us. Then we took showers and I returned to another studio, what looked like a living room. I was dressed in a beautiful skirt and blouse with frilly black underwear and they put real lady makeup on me. Tommy and I got comfortable on the couch and started kissing. I felt his erection through his pants and he started fondling my titties. I got hot really quick. He pulled up my blouse and caressed my belly. He was the first man to spew his seed into my womb.

Tommy went on to get naked and take off my blouse and bra. My titties are getting so fucking big that they sag almost two inches. Tommy says he loves 'em like that, and he sure enough loves to touch 'em and suck on 'em! Then I sucked on Tommy's stiff cock until he shot his cum in my mouth and all over my face. Yummy, I love it when he does that!

I wanted to finger fuck myself into a c***, but I had to wait until the "cock doubles" came out. They were some guys daddy had hired. On that day, they were there just for cock close-up shots, and like, creaming into girls' faces. They proceeded to jack off in my face and on my tits, until pearly gobs of semen just oozed down all over my face, neck, tits and belly. It felt so good and nasty. I rubbed some of it into my tits. I heard tell that if a girl rubs cum in her tits, it'll make them grow larger. I hope so.

Finally, "work" was over -- though if'n you ask me, it was more like "play". I said goodbye to all the actors that daddy had hired, as they left the back door. Most of them live local around here. Three of the girls and two boys I know from high school. I took a shower and eagerly headed to daddy's bedroom, next to the studio rooms. As much fun as the sex was with Carmella and my b*****rs, I lived for the time I could spend with my beloved father.

I was wearing baby-doll pajamas, made of thin silk, that daddy had bought me. You could read a newspaper through them. They were so pretty and so very sensual on my skin. I wore no panties, of course. Since the pajamas only came down to my hips, and barely covered my pussy which was visible. And that's the way I wanted it. I wanted my daddy to see my pussy and be able to touch it whenever he wanted. I love my father so much -- can you tell?. He's so strong and wise, and so good-looking, and he knows so much. I feel so safe and secure in his strong arms.

I got to his room and entered without knocking. As I was crawling into his bed, he came out of the shower, totally naked. My eyes went to his beautiful penis. It hung down about six inches and as thick as it was, it couldn't hide his huge, low-slung balls. God, I love my daddy's fuck-flesh. He approached the bed, smiling at me and telling me how much he loved me. A shiver ran up my spine. The anticipation of what he was going to do to me made me quiver all over.

He pulled back the covers just enough so that he could see my big swollen titties. I raised my upper leg, revealing my hairless pussy. He slipped into bed with me and pulled a chain hanging over the bed. The main lights went out, leaving only the three little night lights above the headboard. Daddy reached over and gently fondled my pussy, as he always did. I so loved these moments with my father. I spread my legs real wide, knowing that his fingers would search for my wet, drooling pussy lips and play with them. Maybe it was the same every night, but it never felt the same. It always felt to me like that first time in the hayloft. I felt the same shock and erotic embarassment at his probing eyes examining my nakedness, and the curl of a smile on his lips. I saw his penis begin to swell and harden to its full eight inch length, and I knew it was for me! An electric thrill shot through me, a thrill of shame and excitement at the thought that my very own daddy was about to fuck me.

"Hey, Sweet Muffin! God, you get more beautiful each day, and your baby girl tits getting so full sweetheart. You're my very own sweet little girl, my innocent baby, who loves to have her daddy's fingers in her pussy." I gasped at the sudden thrust of his fingers inside me. And the words from his velvet soft voice were like invisible fingers fucking my soul.

"But daddy's girl isn't a good girl, is she? No. She's a very bad, wicked girl. She lets her b*****rs put their big horny cocks in her mouth and she swallows their sperm. She lets almost anybody feel up her tits and her ass. She sucked Mr. Brown's dick today, didn't she? And I loved watching you do it, Sweet Muffin! Isn't that right? You suck anybody I ask you to, don't you baby?"

"Yes daddy, I do! I'm a filthy slut, daddy. I let strangers touch me down there and shoot their cum on my tits."

"You naughty strumpet! You even let your own father straddle your face and rub his balls and his dick all over your face!"

And I gasped again, as his fuck-flesh plopped heavily in my face and rubbed all over my mouth and my eyes and my nose. And my hand went between my legs and I started friggin myself. Daddy's cock was growing thicker and longer, and with my other hand I stroked it, memorizing all the thick veins and ridges that covered his erection. I licked his balls and kissed his cock, all the while crying and begging.

"Please daddy! Please, I want to be a goo girl. I want to be your goo girl!"

"You do Sweet Muffin. You want to be daddy's whore, don't you? You want daddy to rub his lust swollen balls all over your face and talk nasty at you, don't you? Tell me! Tell daddy!"

"YES, DADDY!! YES, I wanna be your cum slut! I'm your whore, daddy, I swear I am! I'll always be your whore, and be naked for you, and be all hot and wet for your cock! I want you to fuck my pussy and my mouth daddy! I wanna have your baby!"

His cock was super hard, over eight inches long and nearly two inches thick at the head. It was dark red and I knew daddy couldn't hold back much longer. He swung over to crouch beside me, grabbed my hair and brought my head up. His cock head pressed against my lips. But the game that daddy loved most was for me to resist.

"If you were a goo girl, you would wear alot of cum from truck drivers and other random strangers I invite over, wouldn't you muffin?"

"Daddy! I want their spunk all over my breasts and face and in my mouth just thinking about it makes my pussy so dang wet!"

"Goo girls wear cum masks all day. Why don't you wear a cum mask, Sweet Muffin?"

"But oh daddy, you know I want to daddy! I want you to see it and get a hardon for me! Then take your cock up inside me!"

And with that, I surrendered, and opened my lips wide, and daddy inserted his lustful dirty cock into my mouth and made me suck it, and made me swirl my tongue all over his beautiful mushroom cap and made me stroke his shaft with my hand and made me moan, moan with love, moan with a dreadful frightful lust that shook me like a ragdoll.

And then daddy groaned loudly, "Ooooohhhhh, god, you cocksuckin little daddy slut whorrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." and my mouth was full of his hot jism, his seed, and it gushed into my mouth faster than I could swallow and gushed out of my lips and down my cheek. I had to f***e my head back to catch my breath, and the last spurts from his cock went in my eyes and in my open mouth.

I had done it again! I had been face-fucked by my daddy! He had sodomized me! I loved that word, sodomized, from the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah! It sounded so filthy and smutty and sinful! And it was! I was laying there with my mouth just chock full of my daddy's sperm that squirted out of his penis! And it was warm and thick and ever so fucking nasty!

Before I could recover my breath, daddy's face was between my legs. He knocked my friggin fingers away and inserted his big strong daddy tongue! He was licking my cunt and swallowing my panty pudding, sucking my horny clit.

"Oh! My! God! Daddy! Yes! Yes! Make me your dirty whore daddy! Make me your dirty cum slut whore!!!"

And I clutched his head hard into my thighs and humped his face as fast as I could, surrendering myself to my wicked lust, knowing I would go to hell for it one day, but knowing that my daddy would be there too and eat my pussy out forever and ever and ever and... and... and... I... and I... oh! Daddy! Oh! God! Daddy! I...

"AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh... agggggghhhhhh... gggaahhh... gaaahhh..."

Daddy's strong fingers were pinching and twirling my hard nipples as his tongue fucked my cunt and his lips sucked my clit and I came and came and came, squirting huge jets of panty pudding into his mouth and face! Let me tell you, it was heavenly! I must've had five or six hard orgasms, with my nasty pussy chewing on daddy's big tongue. He picked me up in his strong arms and held me tight, kissing me hard. I could taste my pussy juices in his mouth, and it made me horny again. I reached between us, and you're not gonna believe this, but daddy had a hardon again! A really stiff one, like his cock was carved out of a pine four by four. As we kissed, I caressed the head of it against the palm of my hand. I was wondering if he was gonna fuck me again.

Suddenly, he lay me back on the bed, and none too gently either. There was a strange look in his eyes that I never saw before. He grabbed my thighs, and thrust the head of his hard dick in my pussy, which was just sloppy wet with a gallon of thick panty pudding, as you can well imagine. But it wasn't like he was fucking me. I was keen puzzled what he was up to. He was rubbing his cock in my pussy kind of slow, and he was breathing real fast. Then he flipped me over on my knees. Okay, now I understood. Daddy loves to fuck me doggie style. And I love it too! It's so hot and nasty!

The head of his cock, smeared with my panty pudding, pressed against my backside. I braced myself to have his huge daddy cock slam deep into my hungry cunt. Only... only... he was...


"Daddy?! Daddy, what are you doing?! What...?! NO!! Daddy, don't put it in THERE!! Not in my ASS, daddy!! OHGODNO!!! NO!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!..."

Then I felt the head of daddy's cock press tight against my butt hole and suddenly it popped in like a cork! He was stretching my poor butt hole something fierce! My butt muscles were stinging!

"Sorry, Sweet Muffin, but daddy needs to fuck you a new way. Daddy needs to feel his hard dick inside your ass, sweetheart. You tell daddy if it hurts, okay?"

I couldn't say nothing! This was so dirty! It was shit dirty! It was goddam nasty dirty filthy wicked as all hell dirty! My father had put his penis inside my poop hole. I couldn't help it but think of daddy's cock all coated with my soft creamy poop up deep in my ass!

Then he began rocking his hips and pushed his cock in a bit, and then pulled it out a bit. That flange around the base of his cock head, you know what I mean? -- well, it seemed to catch on the inside of my butt muscles. As he pulled back, it pulled my butt muscles out too! I never felt anything like that in my life! Back in and out he went, slowly but firmly, and it made my butt muscles relax, and then open up completely, and he was fucking into me deeper and faster, but it still felt so WRONG what he was doing! My poop hole wasn't for sex! He shouldn't be in there! But he was, and it felt... it felt...


Daddy rammed his hard cock all the way inside my ass! I could feel his cock buried in my guts right up to my stomach! My intestines was trying to push him out, but he kept on sliding it back into me! My daddy was pounding into me so hard! I couldn't breath! I couldn't move! And then he was hammering his cock in and out of my slippery tight ass like a piston! And I... I...


I started moaning and hollering and wailing louder than I ever done before!! Because this was nastier and dirtier and filthier than anything anybody had ever done to me! This was just SMUTTY WRONG!! My daddy was using my poop hole as a tight hole to masturbate in! And I wanted him to do it! I wanted my daddy to use all my holes and pump his daddy-seed into all of them!

And I bucked and humped and begged and cried! I was so horny, I growled and barked and shook and screamed! My fingers clawed into the sheets and shredded them up! I bit down hard on my pillow, and f***ed my whole body back against each of his mighty thrusts! And daddy was groaning and grunting real loud and calling me the most filthy names ever! And I wanted to be every one of them for him!


And I felt a river, no a fucking ocean of hot bubbling steaming thick daddy cum fill up my innards as his trip-hammer cock kept slamming so fucking wonderful so good so lovely so deep inside my body, again and again... and I ... I couldn't... oh god I... I..."

"AAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggghhhhhhh... ."

Daddy fucked me stupid and I musta passed out for a minute.

All I remember after that was daddy helping me into the shower to clean up. My legs were like rubber and I could barely stand, but his strong loving arms held me up. Then he was turning the little lights out and snuggling close up behind me, we was like nestled spoons. He kissed my ear and my neck. And all was quiet in the room, and the crickets outside serenaded us with tender love songs through the window, and I surrendered my body and mind into the arms of the sweetest lover that a girl could ever wish for.

"Goodnight, Sweet Muffin. I love you."

And I tumbled down into a deep velvet sl**p.

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Hi there all. I am the ACTUAL author of this story. :-D The original can be found at, under the name "How I Became the Family Slut". My avatar there is also "buddybear".
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I love the whole story!
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