Rhonda the Gangs new Whore

Rhonda was walking to the bus station from her Husbands house in Fresno, they had just seperated a couple of weeks ago, she had recently picked up an addiction to oxycontin, she had been having hellish cramps from having part of her uterus removed, she most likely would never be able to conceive c***dren, even though her Husband was there for her and doing his best to help her through this, she knew deep inside that he changed, she was never going to live up to the fertility expected from a latino f****y and the machoness surrounding it. She is a pretty little red headed rocker, her parents were chill, how she ended up marrying Carlos, still boggled her mind, she was in love with him at one point, right, she tried reminding herself. She had wanted to be a musician a little girl with a big bass. Now here she was 30 working as a dental assistant, married to a Mexican and in Fresno,...baren. She began to cry. The doctors had given her a small perscription on Oxy until the pain from her surgery went away. The thing with American "medicine" though is the physical pain can be masked until the body heals but what about the mental and emotional pain, they don't handle that for you. there you are on your own. Oh.. but those Oxy's they do a great job helping you forget that pain to for a bit, but when the body is healed and the perscription runs out, the real pain is revealed, exactly at the moment you are going through your opiate withdrawl, she talked the doc into given her a little bit of an extension but when that was out he refused to help, unless he said, if i return the favor, "fucj you you fuckin piece of shit" she stormed home.
"Being a dental assistant, she had access to the Doc's perscription pad didn't it? Her friend Shanda asked. Shanda was her best friend in High School, always crazy fun, she was always the party girl she had quit school and started stripping and they went down two very different paths. Shanda now lived in Oakland and was e****ting with the assistance from her new "boyfriend" Dontell, he was a good lookin guy, but she herself was never into black guys. Rhonda's husband didn't like those types of people around her and said it would just lead to no good, "your just racist, Rhonda would tell him. Yeah and look at Shanda and were she's at, a twacked out crack head, fuckin for cash" "She doesn't smoke crack anymore, just Meth and that's not as bad...she assumed crack heads always looked worse to her, she had never tried either herself, she smoked pot and dabbled with xtc and acid here and there. And she's an e****t through the internet not some street hooker, They both fuck for cash and she still has a pimp." "he's not her pimp, he's her boyfriend." "Whatever you gotta tell yourself but if I see him around here, the dogs will be let out and you know where that leads." "Not wanting to start a war between Bulldogs and Crypts she only had them over when her Husband was out of town. Dontell told Rhonda that she could steal one of those pads and then just forge his signiture and if she sent them to random different pharmacies in different parts of Cali, Oregon and Nevada, no one would ever expect it. Hurting and feeling real depressed and sick from arguing with Carlos the night before, Rhonda went for it, the plan seemed to be working for the first month, little did she know, they new from the start and just were watching to build a case.
The fallout was crushing to what remained of Rhonda's life, her f****y cut her off, her husband moved out and wanted a legal seperation until she got help, she lost her job, it was a felony and so now she couldn't find a job that would pay her anything like what she was used to, she couldn't afford her old house and had to sell her car. Shanda said she could crash at her place if she wanted, Rhonda excepted.
The first night they got thoroughly trashed and Shanda left for a quick trick for 30 minutes ;eaving her and Dontell alone, he immediatley went to work, talking about how beautiful she was and what a shame it was that she wouldn't consider trying out Shanda's line of work, and with him there to help and her being fresh and so pretty wouyld easily pull in 5 grand a week. "You being a tiny little red haired white girl, the b*****rs would pay in gold for a chance to hit that, well I haven't got laid in a bit, but with all the stories I hear about you black boy's and what your packin' I am kinda scared.
"Oh baby, yeah you may hurt at first like when you lost your cherry but that pain soon will turn to pleasure, here let me show you, he pulls out a hefty sized nice black cock, she was like, yep you're as big as Shanda say's, come here just touch it, she knew it was wrong but was tipsy, horny and high, just as she felt it's weight, warmth and girth in her hand and her pussy and mouth began to water, the sound of key's in the door shook them out of the moment.

"Look what this mother fucker gave me yo" She brought in an 8 ball of pure cocaine, Rhonda I know you ain't never tried this but if you were to, this is the stuff you need to try. "Well fuck it why not?, To new beginnings. Wow she never felt so euphoric and full of life. Dontell kept at getting her to work, he said he had a friend who he wanted to chear up, his girl just left him and he hadn't been laid in a few months, he was a big guy, but gentel and would be real nice with you. "You mean Jamarcuss, oh girrrrl, he huge, I seen that monster before, you better honey, cause you don't I will." They all laughed, and with the booze and the insecurity and loneliness, on top of curiosity and cocaine, she went for it. He was gentil to start and when she was gettin into it, shanda and Dontell joined their party and not only did she experience her first black guy and her first trick, Dontell having paid her $200, she experienced her first dp. She was in a cloud and with all that newness around she agreed to work for him for a month and if she didn't like she could just quit he said. Then he said that since she was officially staying with them and working for him she had to kick in for rent and food which was $800 a month for her own room, so he took the 200 back and told her that not to worry because she could just work off the rest starting tomorrow.
The next day her first date came over at noon, she had never been so manhandled before and as he left and she layed in bed wondering what was happening, her next client came in and wanted her to suck his cock, it was like that all day, word was getting around about the fresh little white girl, and at last count be for giving up she was up to number 17m sore, tired, dirty, feeling kind of gross, she said she couldn't do this, Dontell told her she had to at least finish the week to cover all the money he had spent on her, she was confused though because she hadn't received anything from anyone yet, And baby girl you DON'T want to see what happens to tricks who think they's just gonna walk away from me." Rhonda was horrified and kept quiet, after a couple of weeks and her uniqueness had worn off she had stabalized at about 8 clients a day, she told Dontell that she had to go to a meeting with her husband and his lawyer about the divorce and not wanting any heat Dontell let her go and gave her some loot to get clothes and look presentable. She wanted to cry and tell carlos everything but he would cut her throat there and then if he found out, so she just played happy and then it was over and she was walking to the bus stop to go back to this new life, she just wanted to die, what am I doing, how did I get here. Maybe I'll just get a greyhound and go somewhere far away, that's what i'll do" she thought. "it wasn't too far away, probably 10 minutes, so she was willing to take the walk. It was a hot Friday afternoon, and she was dressed in a tight baby blue tee, and a pair of short shorts.
Before she knew what what happening, she felt a cold blade to her throat.

"Move and I'll kill you."

Tears started to form in her eyes, she was being k**napped. What did she do? Did she do nothing and let him take her or did she try and run, and risk her life?

She followed him into his car, She didn't know where She was going. She started to scream but then She remembered the knife.

"The next time we drive, you will pleasure me slut."

Next time? What was he gonna do to me?

The car finally stopped, he blind folded her and carried her off somewhere. When they finally stopped moving, she felt something against her face...something warm...and stiff....dear god please don't let it be his...

He took of her blindfold and her deepest fears were confirmed, his dick was staring her point blank in the face. She knew where She was now, She was in a hotel room, she saw the door, maybe she could escape.

He yanked her by her hair, "Suck slut."

She felt his disgusting shaft in her mouth, her first instinct was to bite, so she did. He jumped back and she ran for the door. Just as she touched the knob he grabbed her leg. Then yanked her off the floor by her hair, "This coulda been done less painfully."

Knife in hand, he cut her shirt to shreds, and snipped right through her bra. "I like your tits. Let's see how they taste."

Before she could stop him, her breast was in his mouth, and he was sucking her nipple. She was starting to become aroused, she felt the moisture in her panties (which made her wonder where her shorts had gone) "You're getting wet off of this you whore?"

He bit hard on her nipple, then yanked her hair and pressed his dick to her lips, "Open your mouth."

She didn't budge so he f***ed it in her mouth, 2 inches...3 inches...4....5...she began gagging. It wasn't even half in, "Take my dick down your throat," 1 more inch, "All of it."

Somehow he had managed to get the last 4 inches down her throat. He started pinching her nipples, her eyes shut tight, she dared not to moan. she almost pulled her mouth off his dick.

"Don't you dare move."

Not only was he humiliating her, but he was forcing her to enjoy it. She hated it, but her body didn't feel that way, not at all. It must have gotten used to being used as a sex toy all day every day by any random guy. In her mind she had 2 choices, resist and possibly die, or just give into what she had allowed herself to become, a lowlife whore who's job it was to provide a moment of pleasure and hopefully happiness into these nameless, faceless, lonely humans lives. At least now i know why i am here and will have nothing left to fear. Own it and live.
Then grabbing her by her head,the man f***ed his dick into the back of her mouth slowly pushing into and stretching her throat muscles, She couldn't breathe. Her eye's teared, her her was pounding as adrenaline coursed through her veins, she pissed her self a bit. Her pussy began to convulse and she was leaking juices down her thighs.

"Your a good little cocksucker. I know you love it don't you, you worthless chickenheaded ho"

He went back to pinching her breasts, "Such nice tits."

She started spreading her legs in response, "Your getting off on this aren't you, your a Nasty white bitch?"

"Pweathe hsop," is all she could whisper, with his cock in her throat.

her panties were seeping through with wetness so she couldn't deny the arousal, she just wanted it to stop.

"I'ma give the dirty little ghost slut what she wants."

She felt him push against her slit, trying to enter her, she was wet and not putting up any resistance just happy to be breathing, so he got the head in pretty easily, her husband (it seemed it was lifetimes ago, but 6 months ago they were happy and humping still with a hunger) always said it was like slipping into a pool. (and now this) she felt him tear through her as he f***ed all of his stiffness into her pussy. He came up to her ear, "Let's see if that pussy's as good as that mouth."

Then he slammed into her,"ughhhhh" her insides weren't used to a cock this huge. She didn't know how much she could take. He was slamming into her faster and harder than she could stand. But once again, it felt soo fucking good because of how wrong it was. He grunted, then picked her up, and bent her over the bed. "Your ass is big and sexy...I want it...but for now, I'm claiming your pussy. Dontell is a dead man, he don't bring some new pussy into my town and don't give me whats mine. He tried being "The Man" "Thought he was making moves, well hopefully he was able to use them to get past the sharks and swim back to shore from the middle of the bay, especially bleeding like he was." He was just pounding away as he continued bitching and moaning, it was such a strange sight to witness, she thought his thrusts fast deep and steady, like a machine, but completely disconnected from the moment. That realisation zapped!!! her, back into it.

She now started to moan, but she'd never admit to her r****t how much she was really starting toenjoy his calculated assault.

"You liken it, i knew you was a freak" he taunted, "Scream for me you slut, cum on my ghetto nigger dick."

"You ready for me to fill your pussy with my nigger cum?"

She wasn't on birth control ,he wasn't wearing a condom, she could get pregnant, and she was wishing he would stop using the word nigger, it was so offensive and crass, she thought.

"No!!" she yelled

"Oh yes....yess you is baby doll."

He pulled out then f***ed her on all fours, he stuck his finger into her ass, "Your ass is tight."

"Oh please not that...please."

"If your ass does the same thing to my dick then I'll give you your cum like a good girl."

He f***ed her face down so she couldn't object, and her ass was now in the air, plain for him to see.

"I want this hole."

She screamed and pleaded to no avail, he smacked her ass, "Shut up and take it, dirty sluts like you should and will learn to like it up the ass. Now I can do it with lube or without it. Your choice." "With please, sir, with." "Now that's more like it, see."

He covered her asshole in something kind of cold, it was so unusual....she was scared...but curious and then she felt the head. She wasn't ready for this...fuck me...she wasn't ready for this...fill my ass with cum... she wasn.......

without warning he started shoving it in. She started to scream in agony.

"Yes...scream slut."

It burned, though in time that burning sensation turned into pleasure. She couldn't breathe, her mind was blank. She felt like she was shitting at first but couldn't release it and it was trying to get back inside. He was just continuosly abusing every part of her body, and taking it anyway he pleased. The humiliation. She was finally relaxing into the sensation and learning how to relax her muscles and take the assault. It changed the feeling completely and she really started to enjoy herself. but of course he is a man and just as she began to feel good. "I'ma bout to cum in your ass, bitch, you ready for me to fill you up for the first time, huh whore?." "Give it to me, now you dirty fucking piece of shit nigger, do it now, fucking give me it, fill my ass, what are you to pussy, I said fill it." The world became very quite and he was utterley confused, and then sploooosh!!! he exploded his hot semen deep inside her bowles.

After feeling him fill her ass with him cum, she was able to relax, but bow was worn. She couldn't move, She was stuck. He turned her onto her stomach and started to run his hands over her body as she started to fade in and out.

"I own your ass little bitch....your body is now mine...and I know my friends will love it."

She was gone, out for the count.

"sl**p, your gonna need it slut." Tomorrow is unemployment check day in Oakland.
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2 years ago
Is there a part 2 to this story?
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Great job!
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very good
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wow, loved it :D
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Great story
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wow... what an amazing story.. luved it