part 6 Emma the f****y's slut

So, it was near the end of the summer of my 16th year. I recently had a pregnancy scare and so Daddy put me on the pill and my tits were growing like mellons. My b*****rs told me that a steady diet of semen, makes tits grow very large and if I wanted big tits I must swallow as much as I could every day. Well, I would have done that regardless because nothing gets my pussy wetter than the feel of a cock, filling my mouth with its reward. My tits were growing though so maybe there was something to that.

I was in the shower early in the morning. I thought about daddy climbing into bed with me the night before and fucking me stupid. And then making me swallow about a quart of his hot salty cum. Oh! My! God! was it ever the most delicious stuff I've ever had in my mouth! I rinsed my hair while thinking of this and then tried to masturbate. But no matter how many fingers I put in my pussy, it just wasn't enough. I needed something else. Something really gross and nasty.

I put on a stretchy white tanktop that did nothing to hide my ever-growing breasts and nipples, and a short pleated skirt with no panties. Daddy didn't want me to wear a bra or panties. And I took the latest two porn rags that daddy had given to me: Lesbian Teen Sluts, and Bi-Sex Orgy Sluts. They were like totally gross and nasty. Just looking at the covers made my pussy all warm and creamy. Then I went out to look for my new friend, Carmella.

Carmella was the youngest of three k**s and her father worked for my daddy, though I wasn't sure what he did. She was about my age and real pretty, but she was several inches taller, and was a whole lot more developed then me. Carmella was about the prettiest black girl in my class, and no matter what she wore on top, she showed a lot of cleavage, more than I would ever have. I kept thinking about her big round tits as I walked through the pasture and into the piney forest. I kept to the main trail and came out half a mile away at Carmella's house.

Carmella and me was good friends because I could tell her anything. Soon after we met, we began talking about sex. I told her that I was fucking my two b*****rs, Ben and Tommy. And she told me that her daddy was fucking her! I got her to tell me all about it, with all the details. It wasn't long after that that my daddy fucked me for the first time. So we had a lot in common. We also liked to look at the porn magazines and masturbate together. She was my best friend.

So, I went to her room and said hello and fell on her bed.

She said, "What's that? New sex pictures?"

Carmella loved looking at my porn rags even more'n I did. They made her pussy really wet.

"Yes, Carmella, but these are different. Look. These pictures are just girls being whores with other girls! Look at 'em!"

And me and her started looking at all the pictures. Naked girls, some of 'em black, and they was finger-fucking each other and eating pussy and using some things that looked like plastic cocks, sticking them in each other's pussy. It was really nasty and hot. And soon, I raised my skirt and spread my legs real wide and put two fingers in my juicy cunt. Carmella looked at what I was doing and she shucked off her jeans and her top, freeing up her titties which were the size of my whole head, (I wonder if she swallows as much spunk as I do"). She put three fingers in her pussy and started frigging. With her other hand, she was pinching and twirling one of her huge nipples.

"Carmella? What if we did like those girls are doing in these pictures? I could finger-fuck you while you did me? How about it?"

Next thing you know, we was masturbating each other's pussy. It felt just fine. Then we was sucking on each other's tits. That felt even better and we were creaming all over our fingers. Carmella agreed with me that this was really wrong and nasty. Then we turned the page. There was this huge picture of a black girl and a white girl doing what they called "sixty-nine", though I could not for the life of me figure out what the number had to do with eating pussy.

I looked at Carmella and she looked at me. We was both breathing real hard. I said that was the nastiest thing I had ever seen. She nodded her head and looked at my pussy. Her fingers was knuckle-deep inside me. I just rolled over on my back and spread my legs as wide as I could. Carmella stradled me and put her face down between my legs. I looked up and her black pussy was right above my face. I grabbed her ass and pulled, and next thing I know, I'm kissing her warm damp pussy lips! And she was kissing mine!

I have got to tell you that I almost passed out! It was just the nastiest, filthiest, dirtiest thing I had ever imagined! I had my tongue inside a black girl's pussy, and was it ever hot! She was drooling panty pudding all over my face. The aroma of her hot juices filled my nose. I could feel her big tongue poking deep into my pussy, and my hips were humping her face. We got to sucking on each other's clits and then we got really wild, just a'moaning and a'humping all over her bed. We each must've come a dozen times.

We broke apart and laughed our asses off. Then Carmella saw the cover of Lesbian Teen Sluts, and told me she wanted to do that. So I spread my legs and Carmella slid three fingers into my pussy. Then four, and got half her hand inside me. It stretched me up just like my daddy's cock. Then she worked her thumb in and slowly pushed her hand in. I got hot and horny all over again. I looked down just as the palm of her hand disappeared and suddenly what was sticking out of my hot cunt was just her wrist! Carmella was fisting me!

It didn't take much trying to find out that it felt best when she really made a fist inside my vagina and pushed and pulled her arm like a piston. It was incredible! I was just moaning and a'groaning and humping and thrashing all over the bed like a catfish on a line! It was like having two or three dicks inside me all at once. My orgasms were turning me every way but loose!

"Oh! God! Carmella! Oh! God! That's so fucking hot! Fuck me! Fuck me with your fist! Don't stop! Fuck me you black fucking whore cunt fist fucking slut bitch! Oh! God!..."

And that's when the door opened. It was Carmella's father. I tried to stop and sit up, but not with Carmella's whole fist up inside my womb. I was laying there sweating and twitching. My cunt had squeezed down tight on Carmella's fist, and she couldn't get it out. Except for my flimsy top, we was both naked, and her father was standing at the foot of the bed looking down at us. His face was so shocked I could see his tonsils.

"Are you alright, Miss Emma?"

"Yes, Bubba Jake, but I'm scared. What if we can't get it out?"

Bubba Jake (that was her father's name) backed up and closed the door and locked it. Then he came over and knelt on the bed. He saw the porn rags and saw where we got the idea from. Carmella was crying and I was tempted to. I was never so embarrased in all my born days! Laying there almost naked in front of a grown black man, and his daughter had gotten her whole hand inside my pussy and couldn't get it out!

Bubba Jake said to breath slowly and relax cause he knew what to do. He got Carmella quiet then helped me take my top off so I was naked.

"You're one hot little sexy white girl, Miss Emma. Did you know that? Can't say I ever met such a hot white girl in my whole life. Does your daddy know you're over here having sex with my girl? And what's this? Damn if you don't! And your tits are popping out like breakfast biscuits! No shit! Have you been swallowing nigra sperm? Cause the only thing that make titties grow like that is a steady diet of grade a american nigra sperm, they say they modified it in our d and a, what ever d and a is, I think maybe dick and ass, well girl, out with it."

And so I started in telling him about me fucking my two b*****rs. And all the while, Bubba Jake was feeling up my titties and squeezing them gentle like. And I couldn't believe this! I had never had a black man nor boy ever touch me ever! And Bubba Jake was a'playing with my titties and it felt so nasty and good, and my nipples were poking up and getting hard. I had to stop talking when he shucked off his coveralls and bent over and started sucking on my titties! Oh! My! God! A naked black man with a hard cock was kissing my naked titties and I couldn't stop cause it felt so fucking good!

He told me to relax and enjoy it and there was really nothing else to do for it, so I relaxed and just surrendered. Let me tell you, I enjoyed it. He could kiss and suck on titties really good! And I was so hot and horny that I was about to come again. And I guess it relaxed my vagina muscles, cause then he reached down, grabbed Carmella's wrist and POP!, her hand squirted out of me like a pumpkin seed!

Bubba Jake replaced Carmella's fist with two of his sausage-thick fingers, and that made me cum like a stick of dynamite! It took me three minutes to stop cumming!

"Okay, Miss Emma, you just lay there and relax and get your breath. Carmella, sit up girl and give daddy some head! Now!"

And just like that, Carmella stretched her big puffy lips over the head of her father's hard black cock and started sucking, and her hand was a stroking up and down the shaft. Bubba Jake reached out one hand and roughly fondled and squeezed one of Carmella's big boobs. That was something to see! Then his other hand shot out and began playing with my titties. Bubba Jake was staring up and down at my body. I guess he hadn't never seen a naked white girl, so I spread my legs further to give him a better view. He grinned real big.

Carmella could really slurp cock. She got maybe four inches of it in her mouth and Bubba Jake was as big as my daddy. And she must've liked it cause she was finger-fucking herself like nobody's business. Then Bubba Jake turned loose of me, flipped Carmella over on her knees and plowed his cock straight into Carmella's hot cunt. And I know it was hot cause I could still smell it!

She moaned, "Yes papa! Yes papa! Fuck me papa! I'm a wicked sinful whore papa! Fuck me! Oh god, fuck my sinful cunt..."

He had grabbed under her body and gotten both her huge titties in his hands. With a loud moan, she began coming and he grunted real loud and I just knew he was shooting her full of his hot cum. It was obvious that Carmella and her father had been doing this for a long, long time. It was so hot just watching them, that I had to stick four fingers in my pussy and knuckle-hump myself blind. I swear I did.

Afterwards, Bubba Jake told Carmella and me to get dressed, he put on his coveralls and stuck the porn rags in his back pocket. Then he marched us outside and we headed back to my house.

"So, Miss Emma, what do you think about me fucking my baby girl, Carmella? Hmm? You thinking bad about me?"

"No, Bubba Jake, I swear I don't think bad toward you. In fact... in fact... I already knew you was fucking Carmella, and I was kinda glad you were doing it."

"Why's that, Miss Emma?"

"Well, it gives me and Carmella a lot in common. We both are being fucked by our daddies. My b*****r said it was called 'i****t', so me and Carmella are both i****t sluts."

"What? No shit? Mister Rob is fucking you? Is you really fuckin your daddy to baby?"

When I got home I told my b*****rs the story and they asked if he was fucking me as well.

"No, but I wish he was." One of my b*****rs knocked me upside the head. "You been fucking both of us since you turned sixteen, so you is ours to use, if he wants to play tell that nigger he better pay. Tomorrow morning you go there and tell him for $50 you will suck his cock if he wants." The next morning at dawn a excitedly ran to his house.

"Lawsa mercy, chile, you're even more of a slut than I figured you for! I'm hoping to get Carmella to do that for me as well. I fill her full of my seed every chance I get, idn't that right Carmella?"

Cheerfully, she said, "That's right, daddy. I want to have your cum inside my belly and learn the ways of making you money. That's why I sl**p naked with you in your bed every night, and let you put your cock in me whenever you want."

"Well don't this beat all." And he was quiet until we got to my house and we were standing in front of my daddy in his bedroom.

Bubba Jake told daddy everything that happened. He even described how he fucked Carmella after he got her hand out of my pussy. Then they laughed and daddy gave him a beer, and gave me and Carmella soda pops. They laughed some more and daddy told Bubba Jake about a new project he was working on and how he was gonna need some girls, lots of girls, and several men. And he said that Carmella and Bubba Jake would be perfect. And they talked some more and shook hands.

Me and Carmella was just sitting on the bed all this time. Daddy came over and asked me to please take my clothes off. I looked at Carmella, then at Bubba Jake who was grinning at me, and then at Daddy. I pulled the thin top over my head, kicked off my shoes, and got to my knees. I pulled the skirt up and over my head. I was naked. I was kinda self-conscious about the bulge in my belly and my tits which had grown so much. Daddy fondled my tits and caressed my bush, then put his fingers between my thighs and touched my pussy, and it was like an electric shock ran through me. I gasped out loud with the intensity of my lust. Instantly, my panty pudding soaked his fingers.

My daddy said, "You see that? Just takes a touch and she's so horny she can't keep her knees together. She loves big cocks, and she loves the taste of cum. She loves the taste of her daddy's hot thick cum, don't cha, Sweet Muffin?"

Daddy cupped my titties in his rough hands, and I blurted out, "Oh god yes, daddy! I love drinking your cum! I'm your cum slut whore!"

Bubba Jake told Carmella to get naked and she shucked off her clothes. Carmella was just a little chunkier than me, but I was skinny. She wasn't fat or nothin, but she had hips and nice thighs and a cute round ass and the two biggest titties on any girl in school. Excuse me, but down here in the South, what I had was titties. What Carmella had was boobs! Anyway, Bubba Jake began playing with them right in front of me and my daddy. Carmella moaned with pleasure. I saw big drools of her panty pudding oozing down her black thighs.

She moaned, "That feel so good, papa! Don't stop! You gettin me all wet!"

Carmella's hand reached behind her and she starting stroking her father's stiff black cock. I got to tell you, that was about the nastiest, most perverted, wrong thing I had ever seen! Bubba Jake was sexing up his own c***d right there in front of me and my daddy! My best friend was stroking her daddy's naked black cock! And it was so fuckin stiff and hard, I knew that Bubba Jake was gonna fuck his own daughter again, especially with the way he was squeezing and mashing her big black boobs.

Daddy made me sit in his lap facing Carmella and her father, and he was fondling my titties and stroking his big fingers in my horny cunt-hole and making me so hot I couldn’t stand it. It was so embarrassing and wrong to do this to me in front of my best girlfriend -- and her father! My daddy was sexing me up in front of a black man and I just knew this was the kind of wicked shit that only really nasty people did -- but it was making my pussy so hot and juicy, I couldn't stand it. I needed to be fucked in the worse way!

Daddy grabbed my arms and pulled me down over his lap and then he was guiding his cock into my pussy. I looked up to see Carmella’s father and his eyes were staring at my crotch. It was so embarrassing, being naked and sexed up in front of them, and him watching my daddy slide his luscious cock up into my hot twitching cunt hole!

Oh! My! God! It felt so fucking nasty and disgusting! It was so degrading to be doing this, but I couldn’t help but spread my legs wider and rock back a little so that they could both see my daddy's huge sinful cock sliding up inside my little body. And his hands was pinchin my nipples, and he was fuckin his wonderful cock up inside my tight pussy, and I was just creamin quarts of panty pudding! And him doing this to me in front of a sexed up naked black man!

Oh! My! God! It was so! Fuckin! Nasty! Horny! Wicked! And daddy’s cock was slammin into me so hard and fast just like I love it, and I started a’screamin and a’moanin something fierce, and I had me an orgasm that damn near stopped my heart! I swear it did!

And I could feel daddy slow down and stop, his cock still hard and filling me up like a five pound sausage in a four pound bag. And I heard him say something to Bubba Jake, and I was trying to catch my breath. And the bed shifted, so I opened my eyes and Bubba Jake was comin toward me on his knees, his big black cock swingin from side to side. Daddy was still holding my arms from behind, but he shifted his lap so I was leaning over forward.

And then I was filled with horror! You won’t believe this! It was just too nasty and wrong! Daddy was gonna make me suck Bubba Jakes’s cock! I was so excited!

Oh! My! God! I begged and pleaded but daddy started fuckin his cock deep inside me again and Bubba Jake’s big black cock, all drooling with Carmella’s spit and just gobs of pre-cum was in my face, pressed against my lips! It smelled so nasty! And daddy’s cock felt so fuckin glorious inside my hot cunt-hole, and it was all so dirty filthy wrong, that I just had to open my mouth and let Bubba Jake’s cock head slide between my lips!

And I was sucking on a black man’s cock! He was shoving it deeper into my mouth and I could hardly breath! My hands stroked his rigid fuck-pole and I felt all the huge veins on his shaft, and all the kinky hair on his balls as he was fuckin my mouth! A black man was fuckin my mouth! While daddy was fucking my cunt!

I came and came and came and somehow everything went dark and the last thing I remember is my mouth and pussy filling up with gallons of hot, nasty cum at the same time!

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Wow. Loved this.
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where is part 1,2,3,5? can't find it.:(
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Lovely. More please
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This is actually part 5
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You'll survive :) 6963
3 years ago
way to taboo for me and i write taboo stories ick